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THESUN AtaINESDAX DECEMBER IS 1901 I d PICK ACTION HEOrtCAXlZATJOX OF HA8KDAL TO TAKE PLACE AT OXCE Oft JLettne to De Formed o- facrt Jro c 4lni and a New Club to Tnti CUy fttrenc Circuit of Twrtv Cities With the Beat PUylna Talent SptldlnccFrredintn case to doterrain tho legality of the former election to Presidency of the National League will argued before Justice Bcott ID Pure I o the Bupreme tomorrow Both fad are an earlr decision An auch a ruling nanJohnion Pro l dint of the American League will probably town pn Friday or Saturdax prepared to take Quick action It U believed that the whole reorganisation plan ni engineered Hpaldlnc tr 4 mottled on Sunday last Jut before Spaldlnz announced that Freedmai would b out of banebell at 430 oclock Mon day afternoon Those who are In touch with the ultuatton say that certain papers drawn up signed end sealed by which I became possible for the American League to gain a wild foothold In York city Ker that matter a man who he know told TBS BUN reporter yesterday bat a new ball dub has been ortanlied to represent this city and that It will be Incorporated- ht Albanr the first week In January that hare been leased term of years and that Edward IlAnlon the Brooklyn man- ager ha been engaged at President to have entire charge of affairs The new club will have unlimited financial backing and will be owned by representative New Yorker men who do not BO Into baseball solely business venture The location of the grounds will be kept a secret for the present so TUB Is In formed but It can be said that be aecreaible and completely equipped Sev- ers months ago Tnc SUN published the fact that the American League would have a In which Timothy D Sullivan Prank Farrell would have an Interest Whether Sullivan and Farrell will have a piece of this new concern remains to bo seen but the tact remaIns the men who have formed It do not political backing now In View of the change In the municipal ad ministration When TUB published this was hinted that grounds either at the toot of West Fiftyninth street or at Madison avenue sad U7th street on the banks of the Harlem River are the only available sites en Island of course the Grounds and Manhattan If the nsw club dON not locate at either of these It can be down ar certain the new grounds will be north of the on of the Third Avenue road which now through from to Fordbam The American League men argue Including all of tho big represented the boat tho New York public win liberal no matter the greunds are located reorganization plan tho foun- dation of which voa summer become plainer everyday That the American League from the start there eeern to b little doubt three con- ference between and Dan Johnson at Atlantic City lost August of vital Im- portance as come to light It was have been ev League Pub bit Koblson la a the organization of a twelve under of a new national agreement hn will be even In th mire move of significance th raid OB the Now O Sslhacb Hlokman and Warner were Induced to sign American League coo tracts This was a severe to the New ixNison was not particularly rtronr Dan Johnson of this new organization there seems to be little Spaldlnit when tho time step out of the limelight having of the name the elimination orrreed said even now that recent play was done merely to Know the public game of reer out was fleece that his election at President of the National whether or gave to him the authority to declare Freed- man iodrn lirunh nut of the ism and to chow the motive for oiioh radical measures With that nocotnplUhed the left It outside organized lw flball which would mean clubs and no National Agreement tram woulr wallowed to saln t I he nuMnw There would l e nothing to Fredman and friends iroiu l vue of their own Increased to eight clUb In membership but under the circum- stance prove to be a ro tly un Ko It nan Mien that the Inr reorganization whether engineered as of the atlonall4Airue- or will rom pretty near ceomnll In II will not Wi Innit final and complete details of the will l e k d about I Instituted a ralnt said yesterday II U quilt true that I wu Invlnr Ihr linlrl- naiKlra lu mr and froii vf ll parkai nil the llb roc troer me I aatuiArdUrr win vun ducumrnu VllU out rraoisr Item I baiiiM la my attorney Mr UC Kiddle 4 QrvWrr wbu HS4 BAM JORNSON lie ardIN Th the be Curt tOM MIA by NeW SIN cub that n BIN sir Tee Hall rune tai tht tf hn A here In a ell bal n tbl fr1 tht with an he decided a In st Louis I ty and 10 by taklnl k WnllO Iotl and nar r from th ult or Yetks a much four on which In vIew of I That wi dOUbt I nr nIU ton 8pa pub- Ic to R ul the nut or the the Arrrrent of pe- at I lot roe I I I were ground for a as- a here line they crack team crusade was begun thee hara evidently been made object to and dropping Milwauk t Louis inept was as these were the beet players the team its sho and s be new oomblna with the objectionable features protected under National could not din with the his C i1 lb hiS when lisa film as about last tytiJnr a peclia iii raerl- w lbs aSc lien the legal hem ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ > l rernl a ra him Ihnn ovtr ab- a lvlie me what u MM all about After Ihr- luiwrsUr Klildlradrlfd tlittpiutrtnt aa ordrr lu show Hun un- Tnursdsr of week aa injunction put Uiu pradmr Slip tleleriDlnallun uf a suIt tulle run IMI I s rr usin4 low MMlcr a Inti- ij iil nxiM ni4i ash IIHHH Ibis cJ roanu aUjr lll an all Itt luult ul luiistlbs- Mr l r Ml Ihtl lt lulvllMi I r iiftr i iwimlllt Mali 4tr- inlxf list I i T Urwi wnaMifraatlr r rtp4- U IU iiiMa- l l ie IU vuwits lir 4dlh HI IU UIU b IMO tf I e- M N IX M- l Mi MlM JIM I M- luf fciT M k aw4 1 I I adln D I vIla I 111 u I a Ib1 j I II u I I p e I I 11- lo 11 t n t f I 11 l f r 1111 11 I I lt I s i t1 I f I t 1 f t r r J j 4 t I I e 1 A in list aba ltd Ia sMells A whItel sin Legally reslJI- est4sS sioia tAhoe li the Iaa sat iiti SI laI 5 If lr 101 I la lw aid all Ice chIt I but MDI Icy all as is141eI 7ta 11 11 I fsaIIliJ act Iia5 Asas laliwe I HlrMleaaJ 4 te SI iaad I sop I eliiee 4 e sJt Pt S eta ie ass I4ICIlI 11 SIS slot ActauA- CIMI4laI at IelI Ia puia clui4- t iiliuai duIi sit a guslgsciJ S IwitL cIIiiia- 5l wv ii 11 5 54 heath Aa I MeI4 She piCa lasi spste I Its IS 437- S ival ea lee C C i Las I 5t 5Sa Ilc- SI 531ieI4 0- 1lie4aI ssjla S pe- 4M1ek jein4tI juaMe hII- I ta i ii I- 11a1341li liii 4 41g jIIS 4i1 5- I Ihal C I ii e3 p d I 54- J I a C 5 h- ici 4 1 I zkC I- 5I I d a a5- M d g 4- I 5 gj 1 4 I i c c m I s a > > > < > ROCKY Schedule of the Amateur InteroollecUl and Intendiolutlo jUeagaei Tho schedule of the Amateur Hoclte I eacua his been rearranged The admls of the Brooklyn Skating Club Into league necessitated a new schedule The season will begin on Jan 2 In Brooklyn am- end on March It Tbe Intercollegiate Interaoholiutlc l eue schedules have ala been arranged and the programme for the hockey follows ptlt Dtv nint Tom v Hockey V A C v 7 Tue vs Crescents kTtiurs NVHockey vsSt Nlcbolaa Creseeat vs jr Y A O Jan sSt Nicholas Jan JlTuw N VSBY A Crescent vs St Nicholas vs Mocker burs N Y N Y V i Wed va Feb at KY NYACvs tNffcbolas- F b li rrt N r Crescent vs N 27 va St Nicholas 4 Tnea N va SI Nicholas Web t We4 v N Y A C Mch K Sat x y crescent va Hockey Sick IS Tburs T llocUey s C tNTscoctioUT noczar LBAQUII Jan la WedN tl sat N Y Columbia vs Harvard Jan a Sat N Y Yale vs Drown Feb 7 N V Columbia va Princeton 12 Y vs Drown Feb 14 Sat N Y Yale vs harvard Feb IX Tue N Y Drown vs Columbia Mch l Sal v Y Princeton vs Harvard Mch a TbursST vs Yale Extra series three tames ivTinacuoLurio iiocur LEIOOI Jan T Tuas ti P U Berkeley vs Cutler Jan 10 Fri nao p M vs Win t t tame Jan 20 rues I4 P U Final game The lint Internatlonsl backer mstches and 2S 27th the Victoria Hockey Club of Montreal will St Skating Club and on Saturday Deo 28 will play the New The Victoria have won the oh mrlonhlp of Canada more times than any othex organiza- tion In the British provinces Sot have they been the of Canada have also won Me famous Stanley cup oii several ocrantoii lAst year won one game and were defeated one the Amerl ran players NASTURTIUM GOES TO EXtiLAflB- Vf r Whitneys SOOO4I Colt to Run In tile Derby Drtghtons Uit of Stake William C Whitney and hi traIners John Itugglna and J W Rogers have selected Nasturtium to run in the English Derby next year Kaaturtlum will bo shipped to Eng- land na the Mlnnehaha on Deo 28 The colt was purchased from A L Ate for 150000 by Mr Whitney lat summer He w prac- tically left at the post In the Futurity through the negligence of Jockey Turner but later he was victorious In the Flatbuth Stake Nasturtium 1 by Watercress Margenque and Uat summer was considered by many to be the best twoyearold colt In training The Brighton Ileaoh Racing Anooclatlon has just Issued Ita annual list of stakes to be run next year the entries to close Dec 31 IWI They are as follows TbreeYearOldJ and Upward Tbe Brigh- ton Handicap added one mile and a quarter the Cup two a Handicap I16OO added one mile and a furlong Slakes eolllng Itoo added one mils and a lbs Test Handicap 11400 added all furiongs Seagate Stakes HOOO added one mils and a the Cove Handi- cap 11600 added ill furlongt Tbe Momsut Stakes 11409 added live lid a hAlt furlongs the Atlantic Slakes selling added the root 61KW added live and a half and Hurdles The Puncheatowa Stakes IIOUO added full course About two a quarters seven tbe Auteull Stakes hurdle yjO one mils and three quarters seven flights Entries for the Produce Stake ofusooo to be run in 1901 at Orlghtou also close on the above date CAPT SYCAMORE HOME Skipper of Sharurook II Will Confer With Sir Thomas Upton as to IlansS- fMcUi VaOtt DiifuU l SUN LONDON Dec 17 Capt Sycamore of Shamrock II arrlvud today on Ui White Star Unur Oooanic Uu waa enthuclanUo over the kindly treatmant ho had ruoeivod in the United Statue Capt Sycamore rexjolvod a telegram on hU arrival from Sir Tbomaji LJjton whom he will vUit at oooe In regard to hli future plans Peter Matter to Meet Tom MiarUej at Fhlladeliihla Nut Month Articles of acreenient clinching a match between Tom Hharkey and Peter tlaber have at last been signed and the two have ujrwil to rotor logitlitr Jhlladeliihla- Iwfore tlie Ontrul AtliHIc Club on Jan 17 The mill U llmltod to nix rounds and will t fur CO ceit of the get receipts which- it I said will be divided on rxiual terms This wltl It Ih wrond nieetlnaT between the l u lilo fcllovm 1 tier fought I A i till ill rar hut th mill wiiB kiiiiiprd lir th iiHiurt training In this lIIV while AUhrr will do Us work ul on the lon aD ur flp Jan N Jan UTe 1 rn Wed A C Tab H N St Nichol Feb Tbur N Y rl N Jan ICI Thurs 13J P Grain La Jan 33 Ttiurse15 P U Win 3d ot the will take bce St lcbolaa skating on and Saturday 37 the AC as 1 teal uroa AIIlcap S a- bort hurdle 00 added one mUe lid three Ins t Ir II th iIlrk I WI 1Ihi a and aocur Lziooa Jan Jan Jan Jan 29 Jai 0 Ten rn is uo u hockey vs iIrooktyn Y Crescent 1 1 V Thuri PrlnCet n 1 Columbia M Cal vs wih vs game at the rink Friday LIce tie Ii fur- long half mIiee the Stakes Ii fl Iwo miles the statias handicap before se auto tic C < > ¬ ¬ ¬ > Varlillng Holes IurAliftJ WntU 4ay A hum Sew York says that Oliver wh i IIM K i II rndli te ikh hu IVilulubUi fur the Al rU a a tflvill all In lit h IT lu l UlM rr- II vaiei d that butt row In lUitUh- Unlrr llVlt kM MII- Il iiiu xlr Jamt Vrir Ji list i 4 irwnl Ittwril llaakrlbal- ll4iwi4jr r lyulli tt1 d A I Ira ui uf So Ymk at bor ala un Monday t r M f I t l Miw4ar I Laiarl- Uaui It flaiiMiM l uu4 b- III IM yiiiv iui l t ii MM 4 uf II- Mt U U f Al 1f lli ii Kb rUlMJr Irftfhl li Mrt a4 J ltel14 lu Ha III MTJ- IMMtjiwIi VMS W a a 4 r M M I I- t4tls tftttl it- h I rt K < riler II II II vI I a built hu lii f 1 all lit III nlllllllf IuldI- I I II ° tt II IT 1 II Qua 11 I I II t I If I II r ttI 1 101 Y- rrlliJ rt- I r J r1o- O w I itJ r r J f- I I If I tJjJ iIt t fd I I I 1 11 J l r I tr t 5E i 1 E r fM f a this a is aIaai 4 suhootuer Iiess drigii hr 5juiIti use caIs iad IbnutIi I Tho- I lies l 4 trt OCf 4 fret asi ii it S4r bands team the lie I 4411 g Ls a leaCh CH J I II a a- U laa seMi aiJihJd iC 4 140b1 5d- I sli a4s4 Na Aul- a l tla i4I p a- I M I SI S l II MUd it l54 P C iaix- Wa d 1444 pm a 5 t fl b a fC uC 4aI- I I4 i4 1p4 54 4d g S t f S ce 4 ak I 1w I < < < > > < > > > > DOGS TRAVKL IX SNOW l dles Kennel AHoelatton Show Dectni- ToKlay at the Garden Snow will not rear In any the open log Jf the flrat annual show nf the lAdle Kennel Association thin morning at Madison Square Garden will be the reigning attraction for the remainder of the week The dogs from distant points Including Canadian entries were all hi their places last night and those owned In tho city and sub- urbs will be benched beforo 9 oclock this morning when the doors will be opened to tho publlo The air was filled with when the express wagons were unloaded at tho Fourth avenue and Twenty seventh street corner of the Garden last night and It whitened tho coats and hats of the drivers and helper but the dogs did not suffer from either the snow or cold for all travelled In comfort within snug warm and vrollventllted crates and boxes Dr Sher- wood veterinarian of the show passed on the dogs and not could be benched until he had granted a clean bill of health About lJOO of the l8 dogs entered were at the Garden before midnight This year of the greater proportion of the smaller ports It has been to all of the dogs on the main floor and there will need of Into the balconies W look over the cud toy classes The log at will be square In tho middle or the which In the evenings will be thrown Into one for tbe per formsnce of a of After j the trained dots from the hunt clubs will be a special feature The manterH and whip will wear tho club bull terriers and wre fox terrier more than usually eventful to dog breeders In nil of the country Among the owners and fanciers harden last night were A Caldwell E Mortimer II Good rrhnm of Toronto Kerri Scum Frank Dole of Now Ilnven Ur C A t and G H Ritchie Jowlp of the usenet Horses Ed OoerB the tinted driver left for the South laat week and will put In the winter there The campaigners of the Village Farm are located at the Memphis track Among the pacer Direct thaI Is to be entered In rich stakes and It predicted that he will be going around 2iMf Inside of a year Among the outside horsen that Geers tins In stable art The Abbot J03 Shadow Chimes zoe The Monk OSJf and Fred H Wedeewood V the two last named owned by Fred Oerken of thin city It Is expected that Goers will have a formidable stable of next season Writing of the crack pacer Pan Patch J04J H T White of Chicago save This horse will bo the sensation of the turf summer up to the time ho aunts and If he continues win races It will not b long before boat all the records over mild by lie lost but one heat lest summer and that he did not try for aa there was a on the turn that caused a that the mile was made only In 2TO hut flan Patch won the next one In I think the mlln was the orrnln heat of rare at Provlrirnm two weoltn later Tbero was no doubt about Pan being sick that day and hn d and finished In what looked better than a jog for He will a new claM this summer And flip will be faster than In 1091 but hn Is still eligible and until he hooks tip with Anaconda Prlnc Alert and that email pacers there Is no blllng Just what ho ran certainly all the IM and there when It on though a mile In 103 would not have stopped hint of whom things srw predicted for next senson It In more nn cite will o lower the record for pactna mares of Jti4 at present of th Manor ett A peculiarity of Edith W Is that thn track When ah Is turned at thin wire itsrtfd hack up stretch cou IJerah1e- patlenoe and are Driver Turner to persuade her to go back Sophomores Make lean Sweep In Co Cane Spree Five hundred visitors crowded thin Columbia University Bymnatlum yesterday to th annual cane tpreen lictwwn tbe ophomnru and freshmen cU no In the college The strtuitlM wrre unusually onr lded and the sophomores carried the day with three straight victories Capt Kolinil P of the Tar lty crew the tlmrkerp escorted K C Vhltln the sophomore representative to the mat tint bout In thc lightweight rl- lrnnd for freshmen lasted thirty c ind when ttn sophomore floored union and wrenched tUe hU Whltln was llftod on the nhmildcru nf hi rlaMinatw and around tin ium Quiet wax not for ties iiiliidletMlght bout They strugtfletl flrrculy Twlew the the hands anti a third time by a Jerk he seemed to have won the 1lnlwr ro from tlm- mliutt and threw hrnetrers M hiall that an effort valrud the vane thus a nilMilei I M CIIII- ITh h vy il hu were A C MrltlfT tu art II W AHxrt Ifr a minute rv iit taut triiuliil II thi IIHII nnd bHna nll l an advaiituKn tlny took I i Mini MililT liitndyrit Ui get heal kill I r in tiou nd lif r fit Hw p i II nf the cane soaking a tn fr tlie wiiiliuiimrrii- li l t folln e t degree the being one on account that two or Judging will perform In afternoon l1li well all the afternoon too the packs and Keene will ho the Judge The of new dOlls from collies r Jam W these I hi 208 tel or horse w be taken back so 24 best et o nln- hfllt little form of goes pacing of this of te aft be IIh dlIIK to thl wrong of Jackson for- th carried retired until FIshier football half F It or took their one sit n II II his I cI I snow- flakes in bull- dogs CL step- per number mud his 204 the so as tact season Thc indiana inecr able go and this b iuiblc sea the hari calm M 14 Pitch atsil hrolzrs extra was cita ti p ii 1 relic lii Ci hail gait ¬ < < < > > > < < > Tli IIWMIII tlilim uwn- y l mr liiH tiiin i f rUhir- li Iwl tf of r I i ili end of UK half ami riulr cuss li v In lu- Iliidiun Iw null Aiif l MirrMs- liurj Slob I liallrncr- M IINH mi thee II h IHW lirr IIf II lludl IKII Ill I lit ll r tiiiiiwl II utf IHt aflmaxMHi lle nHli4 w f- U AliliM4Ul K l Hnlr Ilk i Iti J I MM talk wn H t44sx H UMIM Tlima b- HHWtJy ll Kl4i IL- l l vSMpniulii uf lit ri faUii a uf- a U a4l i iHi 4i Mf AH I- tlri la r w i i l u i- IV l b l wl saw j a1 PMV T IS t- f I M arid I t lito If I I f 111 1 II I u hfIU 1 II J1 A II It lIMo t oI- eu J t I 1 L 4e wl wi 1 till 01 J Ir I e II- It ftal lJ tr T II I f b j- tUf J uI- I too 4 ffI t if a his the Ii tri a slit S s audi 4ce4d Ike letIawiig ucers iua II rii- MV yesr- S C S a1C4ah4 S tie ait sail ha di a ie S I it- ltiglhee4aihe 511 ai J 4 HI4I- sI aH 7INa aSaC ru- A ajaMI I Dill 0 Ia ne Iesibl1 I IaC l4i1 by II i iasia hais 1W 544 a- a 54 i aae4 U i4 aIaIlMld 4 S les wp eSil 9 acid I pat 45- p4 4 eIIl ha ieeIC 1055 I 4 Ia be 44 Jwa I- Ihes 5 ei 1 eiP eJIISJ E C el P 1 j 1 LadtiI jlC C aai- ai a 4a 4 0 PieIlip thauli- I i aN j DwIe De- a i 5 C414 s C 4 i Ie- C D es Is Ce- M 4 5 is 5l5- as Ie ei 54- l a i e Iu S is 4 4 ZkL- L 54- a m C I ci g C- ei4e ae- a444di 5e dS- m ICC 4 a sm- q 4 V W4 h i rj- J lee Te 4- t4Ut 4 4 4 f e Si ij1II CIa eq ag 14 he eal N 5 o ee 4 ties tee vi a7 I i aftrwia < > > < > < < > > < + = AN EASY WIN FOR PIEDERICH ttACKKD EISTRRN hORSE MAKES A SHOW FlELJt Prompt antI Coburut Features of New Orleans Meeting Tw Favorites In Front ilockey Wilson Kuspondrd The llojilcu Wins KEW Ori ANs Dec 17A bright clear day brought out a large crowd to the this afternoon Favorites fared better today than they did yesterday Eastern contingent pulled oIl a good In the fifth raco with Pledcrlch who up at 2 to l and went to theo post at even monoy He made a how of his field by winning up by eight lengths front Farmer Rennet All bets wero declared off on the last race fob linker ran away while being warmed- up and ran into a fence and excused by the Judges The first boost of the meeting occurred after Pledertch won the filth race He was bid up 300 by Harry Robertwn but was retained by hi owner II C Hchullz for The only features attached to the racing today wore the prompt starting by Vita gerald and the riding of Coburn The Stow aids today suspended Jockey 11 WIlson for his rides on King Tetlus In the first race and hi efforts on Siphon In the third They also took exception to thq way he rode the filly Lecnln In the second race yesterday All privileges were denied Wilson by this ruling The Morris stable took down the purse In the tint race with The Hoyden who ran such n disappointing race In the preliminary Derby She was the favorite and was olaved from a to to even money Under Coburnn good handling the managed to Ret homa a nose In front of Clreusafter a desperate battle all down the stretch This was the only race of the afternoon that produced anything like racing Flushed with success In the first tho talent went to 81m In the second made him the choice Hut the bet that hint could do was to finish second to Siren tiotg a 10 to 1 shot who won cleverly on the end by a length Kondelle who was as good at 800 to 1 In come books finished with a utrongrr ride at the finish would have been neooud Frank from the Arthur stable upset the calcu- lations of the wise ones the public by taking tho third In a gallop 10 to i Menace the favorite with a lot of bad Quid have won nn the winner was many pounds the bent and wax at an long Lord CJuex won thus third race after a with who was the favorite The held that finished behind One i wits composed of some of the best juveniles The rare produced a nose Doomerack ter the former securing verdict Hum First Hare Seven furlonta Ttie Hoyden 104 Coburn even and I to won Circus 113 make 10 to I and 4 to second Ooldaca M S Smith third Time IJOM Duke of Con nauibt Trio Way Eliza Plea King Tatluj Max Second Hace SU furtonjfSiren Song 104 Coburn 10 to I and 4 to I won Sim tt KM Coon ran 3 to 1 and even money second liondella lou J Wlltnni third TIn loU Lau Crates Ojlopln Knlinwreath M ma Nu Olekina Bins II I Urn Frost anti Ednn therein also ran Third furIon Lord dues lOT T- WalJh ftlo I and 3 to I won Ollarrn nick 4 Llndiryi third Time hIS Marco KaloMa Lou Woods hose of May Siphon and Cadet i tan Fourth NMeono mite Krank U Wi Dnrmley 10 to t and 4 to I won Rva lure B laMd on 8 to I and 7 to 10 second DjunaSesr U Smllb third Time liZH Uenaco Jena and L Itloil Jr also ran Fifth mile and one eighth Ilrderlch- M Cochrtn even money and I tu I won Farmer Mr Pnlatiy IOU T Watib third Time IA4 Robert Itnnner Elsie llrsmble Jaaowood Jim llrreie and Frank McConneU also ran Sixth llaee Six furlonzs Iloomrrark Wl Otis to I and 7 to 10 wuti Uuter Mariner 109 Uale- iit to and a to a second John Urlr by 107 J lllllfr third Time Weird Sister Kate II Apple of Ur Fort Hoyoti and Tie llu b also ran Following the programme for tomonoiv ratio and 7U yards Mr Pblalzy ito 102 John Urloby EI 101 IVaterbouw 1U7 Arak us Van llooretxke tin Annie Tnompwn w W II lisle Hi Little V- 7Wundcrllrh 104 Oray Dally M Second luce Selltaf fur seven f 0 Jill kite U Kentucky Muddle 7 ICe kt- Hlver Chimes 7 Santa M- Tho Widow 07 Adx nark A7 Third flico Sicepl ch ehallrai Torlllo IU Inmilvtneut iso llrutul Itl liagmar IK- Oiiwle Ill MannHra IW- Jtjuldrn LIck i CbiQun IM Fourth Hare one mile II O Fux tin Anjri PS Henry Ikrt Mtrale s- Scbnell I ufrr IO4 rrrltrhle ii- ntlb Hwe Krlllni one mill and five Suadraau ul- Admetus MllMlma 1ailon H- IDeluralnr Ci sum llace AU ares furlongs If You u 4 l- Hrvirun l 4 Gwiif U4 barney lilt Illllx Inlerwood VI Slertlng l n I4anry hack kl Frank Klnnry luj IVrrbo tu Five pounds iprcullc nJluwturr At Charleston CH4ltlroK tire It Tbr talent broke even on the trriind Uy uf the CU tlf lorj lUrlnf A iKU- llm inrrtln and there wrir Mveial M rvrnu- Ihr weather cut down tim atlendaurr and also m dt II dimeull fur th j cLr in runlrul- llieir rli4f M Allocrlber lb card fair hum wary Hare NU and a half furlong I3IU sun Tuiu Coil III str slip I to I SlutlraiV III T Valkeri lUIrd llne r inclr Ian NrrwHd liar Flr and a half furlong I If 441 y- lrl Uk4ir lilt W Mbltri I Hit son iWalnttrlfhli 1 I MsiiUon- mi illnuii third lime I I MI l dr and Soil WELL 0 Starting hiding The ope nod was 706 6 W and M racing hut It I doubtful whether chin lord twlfn 7 I SIC lie ome tO and Serpent lOG L nut itaceSehltng 1I loAn IW furlong short course I l all U barbara Judge I lIre lint I- Ii I thlcul Iou II all If I t fair- grounds thing eased Mar- iner thus iuaries zara A and Insolence also ran 1tec Six 1 C ton second ale hletmett 110 DaVisSOW 10 to I and a to 1 > C oat ill U Ii Theresa it its sit Sal mild was liar Ii iii I a t ieltitiua Virginia iereqoola hail tie second ¬ ¬ ¬ < < > > < < TUlnl Hate mile T l T iW in rlf fcii- I W I MUU UlllUB Buy I I l t staid W4IW ll 4JU third vl llutal lluil and liwr fcUu IM I ullli Ml f ltMi 4 1 y AliMlr4 IM tt- WfcMr I In I KUI I t l n SWroail I lu I 4 M t Itvllrr IkllU II- iMltviw II hired iMwUiu luUni au4 VrMtifu- aU i lea flflfc lie MM aiwl a IM IM AowUi I In I u- AuaiifUr tl4i u i MCMU I- II iMld I iui Al kail I rnurliiuI- lkM MM Ikll III I M MM fu nitl 10- i tin I l s Ml- M l11f V IIr Hit Mil lOll 1 Mark law 1111 is 1 Uti 1 loalfO 10 el- hfM ii I r1 WI 101 I r fir rta1i i flJ t W II tI J- 1 ne- wt t L rJ T j 1- T CC- t l J1- ft41Jrf j I H- I f- 1IIr I lot I t J tI r I NOh 1 III t r- IF II J 1 4 w Ii III- J wi I I to t gu ii ISII CT ii- I its aiM ei Ift a uri faa teal ski henCe eta Sal Ca VaCias it ij4s 4a4 J a lieS Ie iee ICe sIt74S Si lasSo a4 ci jJc Maces elI leaI4 Iai ai hisa- JflS a isa i I Ti si 15- Sb asis leloles es 5seatp- 554 Isa rise iJkCS li4 ll ilM lash I wyu Unece its sgpou- I I I Nql4 USMS lie Jea4smi- b ILiad s1 ti lull a I iy I i I4Jl54is4 111 lteg at- a i a I fill iIii I u5- I Me j s I 1 ticaib iC liplitwal l tit hiie leaSes I 5 4 MiaMad t- iiri 4 w544ie sul dl- I I 45a I5 4- i W1Zi115 I d- 5a4 S la3e 5 1a4 S tiM CHI 4 ii 1 lsSrIii- s a sm Wll- slrsIi5 ICll- I N55aee e JW 5- I E aa Ti ha faa uN i d4 ce- sk44 tww4ftp Leai1aa M4s IHv 4 sa j- htaeey Ia C Ittie a h g Is 4 > < > < < now LINO- Wbat promises to be the most interesting tour- nament ever held by tbe New York Itoyal Arcanun Bowling League wu begun last night at Starr scores utTtos 1 miar OAMS New York CuunellUay l Warner 184 Young lee Snover 177 18J total 7W- Oolfa Council Meier IM 147 New York CouncllXlay l Warner IU Young 147 Snover 101 Kltohell IW Total 7ii- IM Cllngeu lie Wyinan 181 Total tie naIaD Oilll- Onlfax Council llcier Uli IJormacen Ar fold law bit Harlem Council Unden 190 Cowles 182 Look IW Ulnaen lila Wynian 171 Total J SECTION 2 rlRST OiME- Defendara Council llenrtch 144 Held 117 Peterson I B Caboon IU Warner 148 Total 731 Knickerbocker Council Van Ulabn Uli lione- nI 1liiUlpileln 108 siultb 1 Kraerer in To la SKCOND OiUI- hnlrkerbocker Council Von Olabn 122 Howrn- IKi Iblillptlelo M Smith ito Kraeier 12 To- tal Standard Council Hollows t7 Warner 113- Tlmra 1U8 Jond Ill Green l tDI TitleD QAU- KDcfendam CouncllKenrlch 133 fields 174 Peterson 189 Caboon us Warner 170 Total MO Standard Councllllalloway fed Warner isa- Tltnrn IM Pond III Green IU Total KM Two games were dropped by the Accidents In the United Clubs 1 tournament last nIght The scores rinar oiiix WelcomeIt Dernet 133 Doerr 102 J Derne- tItl Speckart 133 llotiilUbcrr I4 Total 7i IM Wbalely 144 Total 723 CUND OAUI Accident Acker IW Melnter 100 Ilollender 123 Trojan Truclsen 171 Sorfenfrel lee Jantter 123 cbs 138 Schultc I4 Total 747 THIRD OAkS Welcome It Dcrnrt Itw Von 172 J Dernet 207 IOU Itotnllibcrc 126 Total MS Trojan Truclsen IM Sorjenlrrl iiu Januer- Ul clai IW Scbulir 11U Total M4 The Corinthians mixed a chance to tie thy Metro oliinns lu the Amerlran atonal tournament latinr to tile Newburgh Wheelmen last algal 1ne scores whilST OAkS Wbeelroin Sptrllnr IM Drew lMUakerlUOtcll 187 lb Total 6 Freedom Watt lW Gram ito IJrotkcy ivu- Uecbdul 1st Winn 2U3 Tutai Ww- HKCOXD OAM- KFreedomWalt 201 Grant Droskey iri- Decbdol 113 Winn lie Total MB- Conninlan Cltneu liD Smith sgt Holme U7j- Ilolden I7 Scoaeltrr llital DM TIUHUOAU- KNewburrb Wheelmen 221 Drew 172 ikcy 22 Odell 171 Wrttncrr l 2 Totil V- Corlnlhlan Clinch Smltn 177 titAnic 112 Ilolden Scbacfler I6J Total M2 The Hyperions flR t team unexpectedly lost two In the llronx Uoroueb League tournament t night The arorc- ariMr OAU- KHyperion Team No l Mleiel 230 Herrmann 137 In schletl 141 Fecher 123 To- tal 74- 4Umiga Paul IU Ilclw 138 UcNenny 143 173 Carter l 7 Total 7u- HtCOVb OAkS Hyperion Team n I htelefrl Herrraann 134 13V ixbleit 103 107 To- tal 781 oraeeaIaul 133 llelas 148 UcVrnny IM IU Carter 178 Tout M4- IIIIKD OAW- IHyperion Team No I Stirfil If rrmann IU HWiSciUttt lbS lecher 1S4 Total UmrKB Iaul I7u llelas McNeuny lu- Iclser 148 Carter 117 Total 778 At the Droni Alleys yesterday afternoon six more games were rolled by the scnool striving for the trophy cup 1 bf scores riiuT UAU- Inronx SeaoolFucrr 131 Magulre 1C3 Black 137 Smith 172 Demon 14 Total 782 Manhattan School Heed 110 Robert leo thermals m Hurley 147 Total 657- SKOUNb ait Adler School Tboinat 14 Ill Frank 170 Meyer I7u Henry Its Vulal 7UJ School Meek IU Jerome 173 Corey 143 heater IM llrlttun 127 Total 701 I1I1HU GAIJa- Samp on School llrck li Jerome 118 Corlsy 121 heater I3J llrttwu 144 Total 731 Kyles School Fratrr 117 Meehan 134 Suelr III HayUra US lotiU U2 Adler School Tbomas 170 Zeller liD Frank 172 Meyer 148 Henry H7 Total 7M Kimball scnool Uachtel las Sheer 137 Aarona 112 llutke IU Flentrr IW Total l- rirru OAkS Bronx School Fhuer 113 Uacutre laS Black 133 Smith M Denton iu Total 717 Kyles Schndl tinier IK tlctabr IU Sheehan 113 spelr UK HayiUu 118 emi ttlmbsll School linrbtel 147 Sheer ISO Aarona IIS llurkr Fleehter t Total ie Manhattan School hired IM llubort 171 Spence I2J Herman 111 Kurlcy its Total WU The Creicenti captured two garnet uu Moodty night In the Slalin Howling League Ths game from tot lerrl hat a Ii4rdfou lil game nuii takra the l rrliv hub Crt sc TUB riHST flAky Invincible emp Ilk Irlor 132 Kleran- IW tiirin 174 Mrfatie ian TnlaJ 771 riMilsilrrlbtrr 117 Iccbluld 141 Knob lock liv J llelutit 174 MiIuiyre lou Total 7W- 8JCOMI U4U- KIVerlett llrlll 171 141 Brevnler- l l Hi Cvaiu 117 total isO Invlnclblr l em e ill Kleran 171 Curicn Ui UiCabe l Total 781- 1IIIHU 04UK- Crevent SplegHberg 173 Irrhtold 174 W Ueluert I4 J lielnert 118 Mclulyre2iu Total HI- Itertess HrUI IUpiiharen ISA llrewsterI- k7 Utborn l U h 40 Tulal M7 Th Iran ling wax below the mark In the Fire Insurance league luutuainent last night Tin rinor oam Northern Assurance rompany Wild ti neck man lie lluulci Ul IM Sullivan lu Total in- Mrirui lltan Mate Jli44 ln ui nr WugrM Ui NUUII Lalir VI WaIler W Anurr- uli VD total 4JI KIMNII UA- HllveriHjul and oudtui and ilube Fire Insurance Dimi ii Ic7 miih Ul Adams Us- untUNl Walker IM lulal Ill i Flic lu ur e r iin 4ny Frank a FuunilM 4 KntiH IWT NMimao itS Mluu y- Ikl lutJ 7 THIMII U4UK- Llverikiul aiM I Mi4uli H 4 liluW File IniuranrI- ViMMiii ilaldnrr l l MHHH IM A14MM 118 C lIIadsI33 Schroeder ifl Sherwood ng olalM COIf UII harlem CouncUUnlln jostles 1611 Cook Schroeder IsI Sherwood I D T cc IU Mctnler IVII IoJhnder log elm b ItO U3 o ill games lIautlJlolln lie IIAUCDIlo tCllrr I lID lelll ho Spines Sampson McCabe rovitril 01t total OA1 U bUrR pot lea mIA I Iuo II 5 let 1z3 Fatal Kelni 127 hmateIy 141 645 334 ics has ill 144 etl Its Mull 0 IsO su Irs itS 113 > > ¬ > ¬ > < > > < < > > > > uniy ltd IM l i Ill l SuHitsn Ifa- IMMruun lf kWl r IK- tut II Lra HIll T VK f 114 Kl- U4 IM 7e i Hi IMM Hi isf 11 1- 8r ita- w sa e a- Lj K afi jftK f TSsWW r1 I liP Is sill ft at III I l1li- JI hi I k I I II I I loUl 411 I u tIt II1t t n r IM Ins I v t- I j n t6I t 1 r1W tII- r r I- Ix r tr- 1If 711 t7 I 1- tl IIt lZW MIlt J w Z Ie if I I It u- I ifaT w ikiSI ii oilCIN A5ISCC IS heck N tail i 1- 5me hls5SaCl tftai4 by tea usa the Ouetile Jc5fse SisJIeSiieiCt gselat uh5 a ee heel 5115- K AKalleess WI5 lMllI iii Css- iea IJtietsha 555 ttNtl 114- Ti4a1 ult- Mmaah i I Xdaajlla Cal see saml 411- 711ieCC ii4k 5 5 Sri iii iue u- 04ui 14ll- at raai i- isk s a I has joh Sf- Ibe a Jt 5 izw g J P- ZrLerA rr2iii- r e aPt mv eai rie to i Piz- w c etP- I I e i- e IC 41 5 ei esu SW i S i A4i S ul i- r 41i4 aS 0 SJ es ai wo 151 4 ie Wa- a pe ii- a I 3 ess- P g a a NI > JRarinn ttformntira- TUnr PUIW MAXIM CATS UnHKLT Sulto 130 Stewart IJIdg Io Ml Broadway N y Tnona 1S37 FranklIn PUBLIC FORM DOES NOT GET THE MONEY Title fact lies boon dotnonutratoJ at tho Now Orleans ineotliift but at no time has It been moro clearly omplmslzod than In tho victory yiter of 2 LORD QUEX 10 to I WON With the exception of the Jay Co not n turf Information bureau iicwipnper or handicapper In the rountry gave MlllI IJUIX run cu much u a lookin for the money In our advertisement we stated that our track Intel telo from Now Orleans had Information concerning a 10 to 1 shot thnt would bo cut loose In tho third race which voulti win bar accident only Our threehone wire yesterday saltli Plunge for tho lliill on Ionit UtKX across the bnnnl Is our advertised long nhut Take Pest betting WERE YOU WISE ENOUGH TO GET ABOARD- Our threehorse wire also named BOOMEIIACK 8 to C Won Plunge for the limit on BOOMERACK straight was the advice given ANOTHER LONG SHOT PROMISED FOR TODAY- Our track telegraphed from New Orleans tail night that hey tould stirs us one at about I or eo that was real jam Wt trill adrite a plunge thit Our threehome will alto name tuo others at average odds 4 to l- Termi 110 dally a week Out of town orders telezraphed ill rt forman I coJtRrspO DST t 0 yesterday i i i i 7 to one 0 ISO MAXIMGAY CO1nc F s s I J I l j I b- On wire i 6 O4 1l < + + + rtiewlnners last night anil made both teams hustle The scores nnrr OAU- XL4l4jrttcDi1i I40 Dteckmnn IU Iteesel I79 Hocus 203 144 ToteS 694 Friendship of Manhattan Uoroueh Rewes IM- Illgble 172 Jarchow 144 Ilruwn 180 Fbllng 144 Total KCOMD of Manhattan llorough Iew 131 Illgble IM Jarchow 141 Drown IW Stung 204 Tou1 8S- 4PbnenlxUoynahan itt ISO Young Gross 48 IM Total 83 THIRD OAkS Lafayette Davis IM IJlockman 224 Rieael IM 2ln Darrell IW Total 40 Phoenix Monyahan 177 McLean IU Young 184 Gross 11 Uledtrlek I S Tolal Ill With a score of 007 the were defeated tiy two pins In the third North Stile League tournament genie last night riFHT OAkS North New York Kordi IS1 Craemer 123 Premer IS7 Meyer 172 121 Total 707 nronxdale Halt J 5lllera IRS Fitch K3DurU 20 Ferdon 144 Total 8J8 North New YorkRords I4O Craemer IU- Premer lon Mryer Itl IM Total too KnlckerbtKker Leonhardt 203 177 Maltacher lOt Meyer ISO LA Forest 184 Tote 80- 4Tnmo OAM- Knronxdale Palm Ill Illers 1S5 Flub 189- Diiell 210 rerrton 200 Total P0- 8Knlckerboeker Leonhardt IM Fraser ItS Malitacber M Meyer I7 1A Forest t3 Total 807 The Olenmores pas t the 0 mark twice In the Ward lournatrent night and beat the llclmonts two straight games The score rinsr oivR- IlelmontAberle 20S Paul hailer 178 Berg Ito Meyer IM Canute 157 Total 8- 7Clenmore lielf 187 170 Sltldmorr 170 Hatch 204 Holdrn 1BJ Total V03 SECOND OiMK- nelmont Aberle 113 Paul Haller 1S8 lucre tOO Meyer 1M Canute 181 Total 81- 2ilenmore lieU 172 ColIc U9 nddmore 211 hatch Ji Ilolden 224 9 i last rights caraea In IVooiiaa Hall tournament rcauluil u follows rinsT OA- MCalumetJanasen 14J Adclun IM JNIebanlc Lincoln llennlny I TV Ketberger 177 lirrxler 134 Conway 184 12V Total 763- KKOOMU OAU- BUncoIn 3 Hrnnlng Hebberger 5 Prexler hIS Conway 148 F Helming 114 Total 681 Uoylan IU Connolly 131 Kenny 134 Reid IM Worlhly lid Total Til tun OAUX Calumet Jaruurn in Adrlung IM J Nlebank 137 H Mrbtnk Ill Waastrman 144 Total W4 Movlan Conirlly 142 Kenuy 144 iss Wortuly 1 7 Total H07 nlctrhncl lfII COP oawil rle 1711 II tlbnlc I9 Wrmlll1 III Total sS 40 SalK lift 2l oAk The scores Fraser last Itt > < < The Wiwhlngtom iidc good showing In the Hester Sew York tree tournament la t nlgbt The kcoria rtnT ntsix- WashlnttnnA Sblmati M Zcnn IW Jacob 162 lpunitr 13 II Shlman 211 Total Ml erltiVurel ang ill iutmAn I4i Auer 1 UracLold 112 Altxit IM Total 7JS Vortl srig IZ7 iulman IM Auer IC7 ilrncbolil uu Albert 147 Total 77v Carroll Pnrk Wbrelmcn Millman 161 Degen- b rtlt 131 Wjatt 87 Nain 147 WMJen 141 To ui u TlllUIl DAMS WaililnrtnnA Silm n I7 Xrnn IM Jamb 74 4 trariai lInden Ml live frame 1imiilir Iii l Milniax W Tntal M2 Carroll Iark Whreltnen Degrn- hanlt 174 VVyatt I2 14 Watjen I4U To- tal 737 Total Yasntngton 1743 Prosperity 1 45t Carroll Iark Wheelmen 1424 The Alrnri five worn twu amr In the Friendship lournamrnt of llr klyn last night the Mcond was the feature of the irrlri the ItedforJs rating thf lImes out by right plus In a strong Unlit The score rinar OAU- KAlmrx Tlielarn JIlL l 4 Forrrat 21- 4Wllllanu IU 11111 Iii Tutu M- imifiird Comtandt 144 irdun francke 173 Helllas IM ilelip tng Itl Total SMuNII OiW- KIlnlfnrd 4inMamll IM Ocrdon 1 i IOJ Mflneuliif OIl Ilila llullrr 2Ov 7 inri II Itl Hull IU Trueilel Xn M7- TIIIKI iiiUK hitler 111 T bItch ll It Totters 144 Hull fpirllrl lit rt t M- MAlinra ThrUn I7 Wyllr li Furriul I7u- WlllUMii IM 11111 IH Tut at K4- 2Th Islam qulnlel nirt an unrxiKvled defeat lu IV gaiiir of the Flllb Avenue the Mule Hlmr U4U- kIulare Itsnlgiiu IM Curroon 16 l lk tWineS Ill Tidal Ii4j i 4 IM VIKliiuy III Ul Moaiuoo Itf ih4jnfr Q41E I ell ran hugh nil a url aI seelI NASh I rand game lie SIC Total 1 ultra total tithe 4 chIli I ruieslIuit ill hIIou1il N last i4giit lOP lee all SiCi 55111 > > > < < > > lr IMurlaw tin MrKlnney Ill IM t aiiMn l i I klini 11 Tulid lId hank Nu 2 H Msiwluir IU MhHUtor IX- Uiii l i niiri no rwrewi itS lual t 2 HIIHIIU4U- Itank It a 4iuir ii4 ubHuv nI- M Mrr Ui lianiei U Iviian n T tl tuu- Pa 4 IluHlrMi JM IXaMixitr it rmrwun- AI lilMkau ll MrtlM tun fillet tf Tin Uiwairli ami laainal rIch tat Iwi MM to tie IIIMMl l urMaH l- ul t fw r a lai iii iii Mutr lit HI- WiAai I M HalUn IW Fl- HI i4H n I II UMW It ISUlM Mvrll II V HIM IsTfUHM- M n i4- HMUkl U4M- Uu4 4 Kiw bi 1ST Mallei i KHI- IM MM IM M- MH iM t n iT 4 5 t ifs I SM 5 Jaw tu n- I I Fie ill It 1 lufal I WJMW I II I III I Wrn I 4 S IS ikl sass a sOt 444 s aIJe II teee Ji 14d4 54- 1iweIei t laII ill t4SE4UM Nelisi II likeai Pt 55411 stat 55 I I Iheaa 55a I hIIC 0 4 vs I is Is 41iJ UuIM ai 5a I w- i54QEes a I 5114C- Ca 0 pr p7 5 45 5 WI- a4 ul 4 I C 4 4 54M C5 i 4 Nf- I t ll 4saa C- iJ ir ee4p- tbi ie 4 aCM 5 I- a SS- l C ii q j- I 1ULLr- ie ul s- a s e 4 14e 4 C U- es 5 i S C a CS 4 5 5 5 ll 5si 0 ia ii 4- a j 4e- e R 5 I e- eiipp a I 4 tesa c i rn 155 1 I ki C sni 444 ailsC g155 > > > > < j f c U CROaS0- jjj XMAS GIFTS Stiggestloits excCd11g one tllfltIl4lLhI1 III titteful- hthtlCl IlIilO III 011 r VOrk I- 0IILOIS lii Eiighitiitl 1119er seen leloic itilti 1 ghChtt conirott FOR MEN REMEMBER OURHORSE G00113 c- NOVELTIESFOR WOMEN j MarkCrossCoT- h Wor1s Grcast Lea1hr Stores 253 OROADWAY N Y- Opp CIty flail lissay are pass tbedoorj- UOSTO LONDONi 20 Summer St 07 cw lSoedSt W ± TALKING BAR KELEW KENT C VLKI- KINO in vv 1nonncraphsOrapbo phones Zano J Itfcord XtachlnesandSupplleli 36 VOSEY ST Uptown Store IM7 Uroadwar near eiih sU- Caabor Instalment- MW vonK nowiivo ALLEYS ttn t and 4 lllgut new dine well ventIlated open games Sloir HnitlliiK Arailnii 310 Mest IHt- kIrltair Open unit Cluh Allr victor ant n BOii In ll record in the clue II tournainriit of the llruuklyn lloral Arcanum- Lrneue last mrht rddlr Jotter bunched the pint ir Tnncoiri UAU- Kfmitrr Stale C iini itilhaui Itt WHrold- IU rurmin HUeS MI iNitirr III Total S64 Aim Council Vuii IV will 11111 11- 4HlchKr 117 Nlddall Iii Total Aim Council i rook Itl noi UO- JlleHlrr 4S MJUII 171 lots 7M- hioulltii tliuneil liioinpvjii i Uurrar IU- TtUir li1au lit Ilillutjii Iii TulalCMT- HIMII u Mr- llrtK kiln r vncU llminiivjl IM Muirar ttti suit iuwil lrulhau4 7U elgvld- tn I3L Hark Iuiicr ill Total M V Him Hug iames Tunlghl p0rlmtfl toot1 M Ii Larret lalkIng Machine house I cswI Ls phorica C Iic1ju sly total fur 23 in lb Ibid flair lute ito 75- 6IIcIONOIIIMI TaIir 54 lieu 3ll ithlrsr lIe flnij4re it 2511 > > > > New Hiiyal ffa un IxagviTuurnamem- Nrrlloq I Oalwu at IViumll Tram No I IXtlOl Ken Yurti heatS lujiiiamrht Clipper rtdsll- lil irsiul ralral- Amrrk a TuurnaHttnl Uetrupolltaa Oick rd aud Kn i IftfJ 1iurnMrnt lly rlos Au4u bun aitrf Ctan m HI IIIIM- IvulUU f t it luutltainrlil CuftnltUo O- rllr litkyiaa r ix- iaw Nu I 4Hiiir aid f 4ualr So M ReSell Life fumianBu- v Mli awl ruualtr min Tram 4 IWHi sad IMualir umfutf Tease tlr4 Niwli- 7 rv ia ii IMW N I l r a i e- alii lS S t I j i 44- Ml 14 I Verb C414tdi aht oIkeIS uiuall hal oi hart dual a4 I 5 te SIss is iie- SueI leash > Iial F flu h I Its I I liIa a I tea 545 Tease u P sail hqettte Lily 4te15s lusSas ls e SI i dbe s8 sit Iskistam 5114 ltai- IwteeII ia4e Iwaia5sSgihs- 4ai lh Tea Is 1 4414 U5 7 PpiiLwvi 11s- IIIalH S PIs lviSSlSebt 54Nibie- gi IIIaIdA ashes seffvl 5retaUt- t 114e Ices las 41 1 lIvp- a I Isiae- 544 4iI 6uSS ii ae 54145 r4t- Usk I 5 l e a j liii I s a i I d mili ii I- s I ai 154sel 115 as I 1 f- i114i14i 5 Si S- i44ea esut he WW4154aa e4l 3 C a b I se 5 a 5 I d a I 4i iSis iv Ia 4 a H a lpei- 4 Ii 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