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WWTt Y- I 4 I 4rHE SUN WEDNESDAY DECEMBER Ls1oot JEROME ATTACKS RAIKBS LA TELLS ROCHESTER HAYSEE HAVE 1WLFD THE CITY To John Runes Present No Man Hated Thin You Hxeept SItell- IawDrrd Illackmall and Flyniov- Kandwlrhen filve It Enforceable KOCIIBSTKB N Y Dec 17 WUH- aTravors Jerome DUtrlctAttornoyelpct New York cRy epoko at the banquet of Bochoater Chamber of Commerce tonlgh- hi ubjoot being Tho Munlclprl poblo- in New York as Affected by the Liquor Law Many politicians of State renown Indue tog the John heard tlio epoec George Ida brother acted as lou master Judge Jerome sold I am not hero to try and fill your mind with empty representations and unnat theories I am here ray boa if in a certain question I f it vital to the people who have treated m well to whom I am In honor bound to dir charge my obligation Wo have got to hov help and we have got to have help outsld- of the city of Now York There to ono thing which munt strlki everybody that pays any attention to publli affairs and that in the cnormoux vote o the municipalities In this country for uomi years and their growth at too expens of local diatrict thlr growth at the ex penae of the hayseed If you ant while they have grown have by no mean ruled In our city both machlrra we so funda- mentally rotten that there is nothing tc chose between them Highly Important a they are many municipal problems have never been studied Vnlens you them honestly you can never Bolvo then the of New York because no ad- ministration remain long enough In office to with them It will bo at the t nder mercy of Tammany nnd will no which is possible to bo holvod otherwise then took up tho law problem llo sold 13000 aloona In the city of open every Sunday austerity law the Sunday In the year saloon and take one or more They l made to that the offence U a moral one or ono Involving moral tur They cannot be to feel It i a crlmo to by the side door and solicit another to commit a crime by endeavor to enforce that law tho A iftAflv pa rt ntnMft got out at the end of its term But I that thotn who mako no honest effort to enforce the law meet with no rims tio Except John KaJncn there Is no man In the State of New who is morn cordially hated than am I myself sent a woman who had a to support to the penitentiary- for throo nho a of beer on I dont think that question occupied over trn minutes and as tho law courts could said that ho was not seek- ing to have any change made in this law to revenue He looked for a law that would not debauch the party service one that would not to 1170000 a year blackmail to tho Police Department i iii test when there worn thn men tl machinery of New York dore Roosevelt and elf who believed as In the law M did John Ralnen himself The result of this fair test of the taws Kald He wax to raUo tho of from the n on the alnonkeeper during former iidminUtrn- tIons to ItO during ours Thnt pro- duced the worldfamous flyblown wich thAt nil day the India rubber sandwich to the wall that displayed when a drink is ordered anti to snip hack into tho wall when the is flnUhod Wo look for a law that wo can enforce law that will trot dangle blackmail of thousand of dollars the Police n depart i physically and morally above tire average were on th force hut who have deteriorated under the Influence of a than nothing could l o better adnptwl to debauch men of of m in the court of which JimtlMi Jerome wild W seek at iNut hose who think as I do on one slnrl proportion evn If the law dliw all this to i y debt upcountry If you hay and en oow or cow ir I0 debauch I o not iiiAko aver iflnrl that we u for lK tt r lnflunc futile Do not throw u bck Into the nrnw of Tarn many hail wh i wninenH nime Is up on rcffUtriw arid lrafflck i In with lira ch ct ak you in from tin oondillfinn that an our nuhltc life T al Uin out of fflltl- wliern It no inoin than the gror iy or th dry c lnr M Tax us all want dn not give us iU- Uw that low niii ili l ui Chang Inw f ItliiiaUri1 hunday HIM if drinks In l f the 7107 lUtlnci- tLotrUuf lliutiiKlloiiiilu- H want a in dl with moral qui l n l y IIM IM tat In MVn ii l li flni r- ni WM would MIVH lliiin fr m sits I T by nliirion- liv IxiiHi nod no hi irvliiK- lu rio lit llli lliH iHliiilnsI Uw fault Hi Mlili lliH imitl Mtuido nf- Ihw Hty of VirU I A iiiiH lu W 0 U- ouW Xf Wi Hull HUIU II A i M I Mi hut hn4 ii- i M I- Ml 4 IH- M More Law the T lon bus plo Hal the York at lut rut on that you have the city ° York at voter go go to thorn U you that It am Snnda was no far The thA In control- or The amount 5 nd I 1 made of men who I nor n I t I r pI- Nt i I u I u lull hit I ant W fr nUll 01 110 II j I v tll I 1111 I hr A I I a II I hI r 11 I 1 IH h I r 101 fa e I J t a o l N lw- r i I J- j 4 J I 1 1 t t JI 111 A i I- I I H 1 I t y U w t i I f F Oio New wo have sal OTu4 tim eeds have turnl So In kiut 140000 who cannot believe rna selling there it apparently bo ltyo Ralnes had 4 ofT black- mail test a mont were behaIt the revenue nil it not e tai tIre Iris tin tnt lea thIs rap t a lit sty t her Iii line New rum I lo111h14 se te Inc rxutwtb tutu 110 II abC tluulIrar u list i1 aatlsiriltng I rut Ito la tisI rIO lu t II WNIIMI CIII iultiwIlIug H- fldI ij t1lrlklr4u haul II I ridl s Vu sil t 141 fir I44lg luKit Il isii shy uf- pn I a ItIl i I > a rsdst 11 Iaau as ban orl aSusi 4 s iliiI ii mal41lI- l SJ I iI I a- huat I 4- d iL ut re I Md maS 4Iiup uilid- I ll IS1NN 4iWlui 41 IerIP- J a ui- Ma u kd 1p 5 p ddd I- ip IDp u bp 4 d li4- A I N I rt a i e i- S 4 4 I I II Ill 4 lutS Sues l S 4S 111- 4ItH C 1 le- MIt 5- k 4u MS 44 d4- sgl f w r 4 5 I t p k 4- 4L < ¬ ¬ ¬ < > < < ° > > > NEW VttOVBLE IN ALABAMA Pear That Negroes May H Put on Voten After All MONTOOMEFT Ala Deo 17Oov State Auditor Sowell and Commission of Agriculture R Poole cpnstltutli a State hoard are busy now registrar ho are to carry into tttt tho suffrage scheme under tho tempera plan of thj new Constitution There a three regiitrnrs In each county their pt is J a dar for sixty days and there la great scramble for the places and IndorsemcnUi ai handled b tho armful in the Governor office and tho Interested I the matter are the caplto Tie issue Involved In tho appointment U unusual The registrars are specially clothe with Judicial power ro they cannot called to account for acts are required to put on a life list of r all who have served In any war all wh are descended from soldiers and all of good character and undnrctani duties and obligations of ritlzcnshi under a republican of government They are the al required of service or descent and of wha makos up good character and understand- ing Through this judicial power of th registrars It is to carry out tin plnlgfM of the Democratic and o the convention and of all thai no white man shall be disfranchised that the negro shall bn The appointing is in avowed syra pathy with this and it occupies the curious position of seeking out registrars who will administer not the Constitution but tho party pledges No applicant Is considered if it Is surpcctec that ho would turn down a white mar for any cause and the utmost tiai to be used lest pome roan of that slip In by accident During the campaign the charge wa made that In the black bolt all the negroei would bo put on the list under tho good character clause and held there to be voted In the usual old way against the white wmntleM If they should be needed the fear of this very thing was the most potent factor in carrying all the white counties against the Constitution The first test has now come U the negroes should be registered the white counties and the bulk of tho white people In the black counties would be up In arm and nothing could save tho machine which now controls tho party and all the offices If the negroes are shut out the black rountlca will lose their political power and the biggest of them sink to a level the smallest white counties Through tho n gro vote and the use of It at their pleasure the block belt politicians have for many years held their grip on the patty and have filled nearly all the offices They aro loath to give them up and there is a of quiet manoeuvring going n in the block to get egtstram who will at the put negroes on If tho dovclopmcnts should how It a sate thing to do Each member of the Appointing s a candidate for reelection and um down the local machine In any county hey may lone a delegation But if their ippointeen should register the negroes hey would lose the State They are solving the problem by taking larger view and in the registrars al tv dy appointed for twentytwo of the ountles they say there Is not a man who rill refuse a white man or put on a negro micas In exceptional cases of ind taxpaying record In the organization itarted by the antlratlflern Is being per ected a full State Committee 1s elected and everything made ready to ake advantage any by ho machine now In power LIFE OF A M P la III DliadvanUBr a Mr Iowe but li Pleasant Withal Ixjsrov Doc 8 Mr Lowe Mrmber- if Parliament for one of the divisions of llrmlngham iris boon Ills connUlu nts something about the manners and ustoms of the house of Commons sited by painting sofas of tire worrien- if an M P Obfirving that today hn cost of a contested election is roughly 700 to 1000 for a borough conotllu nor and from 1500 to 2000 for a runty division hn remarked that this s by no means tire beginning or tine md of Mimlxr expenditure Uo of course liberally support hn political Association to which h U- ttached and there Is scarcely a church hapel or school a hospital or nsyluin- rrickrt or football rlub or a club ir Institution of any other kind within oiiKtltuency or thln A tadliu of dIre around It which doe not look tu him fiimlirUI surplice at one limn or another lilt time Is Ills own Me IIIUM- M l Imk aud Mil of vrrrynnii Us rUst I prepared to worn dellglil IVH Ul nrloiis annul h mu l ilri Mlf In naillLiM In attend any n wr- iif iiiir cl dinners U f u flower agreullurl lm fool tall iiu 4n- T irfhrr funcllotii of oy or UK wlilnh I0 r I held lu roil UtUM ry sills whiuh b U roijnert M n4 t wl rh lil ifi w ni4i nvsy I ilrrlird willing In an Ar letit- if HIM IH Ow l Wit Am- ML Mer 1 V fur ltu i U M- M 1 f lnj tie R a delegation that be They h- oar for pry And bar men- tor car In- deed with teal cutie the Dar the charter mae from a must Mil for nor I Ill I anti I 11111 tin 1 I I fldral r I I l 1111 1 no I f I I Nt r HI 1 I t I I I w 1 a I sI J o I r w 1 I I- I o 1 4 I f- H t r 1 List Jell The vote telling lit even I I the days hocus stun the lout lue litUel Ie risdy frt a luul greaieI agett- I retest alt Ui1rIartse 4aik asnll4iij rib luibIu3eut It a- buun tuis pusuptehuiitly aitlu city svtiwo ilua lttTt us w 010 lI laln iu i44esir fliie 004444- ItiIfMitOkit h4tutIl IHMy Is- I built a t legal Nsusalle sf 545 114 es jIM 0Ilti II i 0 et04 Win 404444 esisul 41 of it- haa ref IIM pi usit 4 M u5uArl I I4Jk 1ev tess0l- iw4i I S k0454 144 ul u4 g 1 ltse I w3- SSm I ks p4ms til- t Ia44m u Pt l its I o- t usid w tsi I bi us m s 5 bS I S i9 IC4uII- S sus 4s 5 i d WW s- ci ii 1 e 9 40004 a- I u5 C ed i4liu- I pI 4 eil 5 11 1 1 b114 tJrw- o m Su 141 ci l- 0k I 4 4 5 lid 5 v e p l w 5 50 5 aud a uI 5 1- e u4 4- 4diS i55 555f 1 4 IiiiMeii N 4i St s S5 u uk II i- r e t ssgal e- d ip 0 i Ie- S d I I > > > < < < NAGLES SUCCESSOR AHUST- JJT iroonsviiY THE sORT OF TO KEEP KKW YOttK CLEA lie lint Ready to Talk About Plai for the Ntrret Cleaning Iiepartmrn Till Formally Appointed but II Porto Speaks for Dr John McQow Woodbury who wi be Mayor Lows CommltHlonor of Strej Cleaning said last night that he was ready yet to make any statement liis plans for carrying on the work Street Cleaning Department- I cannot feel ho sold that It is prop for mo to say before my appointment to me Officially what my acts that appointment will bo My conceptlo of the duty of a offlcnr In not that I hall begin to talk hL authorlt before that authority to him I realize however that the people at probably as much Interested In the Strw Cleaning Department as In any other Is only natural because the work of tic department lu before their eyes direct If It is not conducted rudy Is apt to be before their noves tot Tins general interest In the work of th department ought to bn of great help shall on newspapers to make It o I hall look to the newspapers a- my boat assistants outride of the depart nwit itself I oak thom to let me know what Is being ucglccted or linproperl done I ask them not to use their ablllt to accumulate facts of that sort as bosf for cavilling at our administration but t let ua know it so that wocon reined that which remedying- Do you mean to conduct the deportmen as Col Waring conducted it asked a Interviewer I only hope that I may merit such comparison Mid Dr Woodbury but U a very long Dont you Improve on the preset of nffairH akod another Wouldnt retorted Dr quickly Then he continued I make mUtnliw The sooner I know of them the sooner I will b able to correc Now as to conditions I d that It would be anything but nrr- fi7 for inn to mako any statement of now eIther to or to make any M to tho future i iiuvt o 1 am profoundly cou ciom of tin fact that I may very worst failnii as a that York eve heard of Are vou to to famillarbv with deportment beforoJiui 1 dei not do no unless 1 am As I understand it York people want In put Nnw York In order to and clear Mid keep it so we all want l that the organization of a fore of as that under tlio control of Cleaning Department depended In o meosuro upon ol- ho man at tho of tin department Io not tell what hlx organization would bo however intil his won put In hbt handri I dont want to b h wild I dont want to mp lf In tine posItion if a subordinate who in general movement before tho commanding orders That wan what our unfortunate friend did Turning to a reporter who Iran a war porre you were here at thn cablo ofllcn wlion he to end out some which hail to I 1 f I t i dont wont In tin anything like Hut then wn are to go ahead and the new U I to Ix- iibln to satisfy public curiosity with a rather account tho we will rv to Though Dr Woodbury Is not to tell or sort an administration hn Btrcnt Cleaning Department may ex- nct under frfcrni that ho- us a record that for Itsrlf on that Dr Woodbury WBM with tine First irmy Corps nt in IMS Ho from with tln First Army as rhiof surgeon of the army in lelil under ten In tine Iorto- tlcan campaign hn gaIned H rrr or great nx under fire lIre hi reat was donn whnn Jen J II Wil- on i t out establish a tnmx rnry civil overnment In tint Island anti especially in once Vllwm Ir Wo Klburv tine ifllcn of Medical Dlnflor Cleneral of 1oncn- mder lint governmrnt and old mimi thnt Iris won r at oncn lUitixl sn incjMc of tire streets markitM it iri x- o ten WlUon that hn thought tlat all if niximl to l e nod lien to b kept rlesn Wllxin tnlil him to go TIn twentyfour- niwt prominent i of tine vere nn i lnfortm lit tliojr Hoard of health They er 10 helirt n Inwldent front mnun- ghlr own nutnlinr- NVit the city was dlvld d mimi four In ilUHlH Tl rt wrrn 110 0 IUIT for lftilnjr M lr Wimlburr who talk 1 1 Major eitiplojiil t M r of III limits niiM lieis In Ihn ill us wuveiiRcrf Th T wi ri n fill n clean lli city HI h mull luilit mill Idtjirr Maliln inlet liotij VfrinT- ms reuiilrrvi lo Mm lian wllliln r f UM pLirn nf MIUIMI- n lhl way wa rl u nixl- ie minim lU steel lltlir wiUout my hum at nil r WootUiry f ml that ri fruvi taul I MM four ii n lln at rupee MM b iil Ulnf Mil Ufairf nf llrft niy llw Iuriii 111 rfi sid fr WotitlMiry ilW nwn fm lUiti- n t o wtK limn MM iliiir M ii i 4 mrr mill NUll fMlur Uliur kluil Hil- Uiusinl li Ilrr- of l tlultt MMlSMI li- tu tm k WM X ilinl Ki VU- MM ratal ti r JIM not abut under abut prop I abut a that hop Woo thor Tat t mlle hut put the moot bUI ooo ury len- A reat cold Issued hi over anti I I un t ton Jai Ink of Ill a tint 1 I f I a1 I If I Musubi o us a f us w- t 1 I 0 0 J I 1 I I Ij a I- I q- a t a I 1 I f I I I J Ill lies Ill I- ncome 1 nn pinion Inc Mould depart on a tab beet that point lien and dlv lie thrice Were wiri peel mutt 4 turn us lies a tie e tie < vt1Iii tire tIt sin lust Let lie ltigq wisurtrry ii nnsslrI art lit u- sSW rw4r usitlunt a ussl paIlIusr lust sin Ins 4db eleoneti I509IUtjqu he Its lleusey jem4s ike- lsqmIeat Iiusy MiussIo1- hiisln iriusd I gui ed liilmy u- sIet > M1t1dii I 4usl- usti 44 5 144 I 4ass i I 1k II A 01411k SaHd I L a n4mIS SiMS dp 4 41 i lIme i- ts4 J ill 4 a NM 1- I a Iui1ffil 5 fle l i4i ttW4 a M s idea 1e ktnus i ak04- H H ttues 1114CI t Ieeie- I Iid14i 1o i g- nsl di a a bid 1 a 14 1 4 n5 5 usj4 la ue- icee4 1 us js o- 51Jus 4 u 40441- I va 0 4 4 5u0- hr 1 4 lao 5- eV Id e g us 5 i4 04 4 4 Ic 44 I 44- ii a- Cpiulb iii- cil tcweC- 14s1 e- ktlgHbftiii 9 r > > < > < > + Front KUten Iiland U Bt You Fremt Got Ixwt They said they wore Ralph Stuart Ji 11 years old and Kenneth Stuart 0 yen old that they had come up from Stat Island with Aunt Mary and had lout Anyway they went to the Imperial Hot for n room The clerk wl didnt know they had between them sent them to A newsboys lodging hoe at Thirtysecond street and Seventh avenu There Ralph began to write a letter whit got as far ns- DEAnPirA We came mere to buy a Xmas present and got lost We don know Mary Is Then lied time come TOttACCO TRUST REACHES Gen Factories In Germany sad Will AI Invade Buula Deo 18A despatch to t Daily Kxpn from Berlin says that American Tobacco Trust nanny H has bought tho factory at Dresden and Kyriazin cigarette concern In Berlin tl transactions were completed some tweel ago but the fact was only Tuesda following Mr Dukos arrival It IH rumored that the trust to absorb the Sullma and I Ferme factori at Dresden Mr Puke is going to continue his acquisitions COCKTAILS OLD AD VJJIT Change In the Reigning Favorites fleece Invention of Power Dry Manhattan cocktail for a lady was tho order the waiter gave to tho bar- tender The bartender smiled an he mixed It It the fashion to order dry cock- tails he said to a customer when he ha handed the cocktail over to the walter yet 05 per cent of those who do orde them dont wont them On the contrary if thy got a dry cocktail theyd thin theyd got a dose of something very nasty A great many peoplo havent any Idea what a dry Manhattan U You make i cocktail dry by putting in French ver- mouth Instead of Italian Lots of ignoran bartenders when to mako a dn cocktail will the gum Non that does no good nt all In a number of daces good places mcnn the mixers are compromising tine fashion by putting halt French half Italian vermouth In the Man nations is a pleasing combination Then are tine bitten by putting in part hull orin o a had Idea either Thn Manhattan is still the relgnln favorite In the East at least After Ii come the Martini vermouth and Plymouth especially cocktails U getting to bo more and moro au essential 01 a good drink You rarely meat a nowadays asking for a donh of absinthe please UartonderH or mixers in are grttlng into the habit of leaving out the unltHS customers for them The Plymouth girt cocktail Is favorite but drunk mainly by people who b called regular Personally I dont think much it as an The Manhattan IH tho regular early morning drink always was The newest of cocktails is Princeton It U said to mayo Invented by a bar- tender at a bar With it ho Invented a Yalo cocktail so is to IM on thn cafe side no matter which sollego Worn in football this fall Curiously rnougli tho Princeton cocktail was tine whlirti tine test to it by drinker although worn the football game l if the old Manhattan tine bittern delhi both French Yale according to tire drink Inventors IBM unfortunate Ih one way that no really bluo drink could bednvlwd to uit its Among tho men it lane l Hti a KtaiuliiiK joke that Harvard non could always find that wax iJ if not trinuionthat Irinceton oulil Ret yellow or drinks if muted but that n or old KHn KOIIA rail Id celebrate their victories in WHOM oolorn wt ro tliono of either collegia- Tu l n them came Unto rome few years ago a bluish cordial called rAine It wan really of vlolitl- vilnr rather train It n cordnl lint It wan welcomed liv Ynlti men A drink familiarly allivl tine KIrxcl- ixklall tine conic Into mono or roKin an n hnnd clearer Itn- riCD ilcntM an KlrHcliwaiwnr ansI blltrM- 4orilo who drink a deal of other hliiC think dial of tine drink outside of th cooklalln on of In the lionanM said to iafi Ixxn first lulled In CalifoniU At the ierl UITM in New York It han become fiivorit ltiRre llent art claret and whit iiMiall California product nxl lxiiit lalf an much brandy i MThon who trlisl lien Uuuinbt Mikl the illwr day tint mvcral of tlwm would uak rich very noon line o Hkki l tlm iiiitnt iri t man VVhr wa ilm reply iifli r you li you tu go riciit up lo Irmil urul il U out your o n Now you know AUOIIOI IOOIt rr Alwalrr l rlnrrt ebbs IIU Iniitilfal- Uns Iv IliislHaiii- lUllllORIi Iwllll Iluf W O- Itn miHtlHi uf Ilio lUMfuld Mi lHnl Hu- twlf U M4 l f lu Mli ri4 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i4us 10041 5i a easts 0MW I sti- d itie I iad Ne54I0S M00iI4p- 4 ISo ik s s- 6i M s st t44 isa s4 4 0 i lad S e iS504 4Yi lsiu u a4 M- 0uS Ira 0 e i 4is dhi4iu- s1 1 to- s B sa- sit i I 4 0 4i I lb S 14404 A 4r- i4 is I t v 0- U eoed i IarI 4 4 S 50 94 M 4 51 4 a 4 5 04k rnt- S 5 SO 4 4 45- p 9 4S 4i lu d l- I5 t Se 4tO suss iso ti 4HJ0a4- S h a i ii4 < ¬ > < > > < > > > = = ATTACKS HIS PASTOR AGA- XEY HATCH OF CHARGES AtiAIXS REV ItR IVDIAtW NOVELIST Urnileyi latett Circular Accuse Mln luster of Cuing Ills Church to Doom HI Hooks of Ignorance of the Hlblr am of Other Thlnn Not Taken Serlonily FaT OIUNOE N J Doo 17 More sever than his fist Individual Initiatory Circu- lar Issued three weeks ago Is the nccom circular attacking the Itov Dr James M Ludlow pastor of tho Munn Avenue Prenby terlan Church which William 8 Wensley- a member of tho church just sent out In tho latest circular Wensloy accuses Dr Ludlow of Ignorance of passages In tin Bible of apologizing for Christ lack of omniscience Ho asks whether Dr Ludlow did not recently offer to bu the controlling interest In a religious news- paper insinuates that Dr Ludlow Ira sought notoriety In various ways in ordei to exploit hooks and icfer to minus Ian guage a that of a political brawler The receipt of tine second circular t shock to tho Munn avenue congregation Wensloy would subside after the reception which lila Initial effusion received But Woridey Is very far front subsiding Yesterdays circular was pretty generally distributed anti quite a condemned Most of tho memben of the church however are inclined to re with charity rather than with anger latest effusion from Mr Hi only comment to reporters today was of thn answer Throughout hits circular does not Dr Ludlow or tho Mum Avenue Church name but ho says that after The Captain of tho books were published a charge of plagiar- ism was Ion and that that undoubtedly advertised both books and good name benefit when ho was criticised truthfully bn left to any one of ordinary Perception Ya shall know there by their Ai to a career did tine or did he not otTer recently to buy tine controlling Interest In religious and was refused Intend- to edit It tlnanclal affairs during vacation II did not deny that irIs frl n l suggested a literary career he h Informed that a majority of the members of the church want a of pastor He adds Why do not more of the avowed friends of Incumbent with a born of true friendship tell him that he own It t an as to the which been friend for fifteen year to mako literary work his occupation as as recre- ation As church exIst preach Gods Word and help send to I a an Individual member should lack I fatted to that a bn engaged who competent constitutionally- and willing to lead In out these ITOWEV SHOT WELL Drrr Ullllnc by Feminine hunters In North- eastern Prnniylvanla The season just past seems to have marked In tho northwestern comer of Pennsylvania hunting grounds by notable exploit by women in the chose Mrs Charles Uoydcn of Susquehanna still hunting with her husband In Shoholo township Pike county shot a fine doe at long range a it was hounding through the SCull oaks Mrs Henry Herman of Philadelphia who was In camp with her in the Most Hope woods brought down a spike neck rifle Sine also killed at first slant a bar that ventured within too yards of tine camp ono day The rifle broke nock at that dls The bear weighed 250 pounds and wan in fur Miss Jenulo McCormick n schoolteacher w w a buck In the edge of tho woods not far from her hchoolhounH after tho pupils had Ixon iliHmlsHotl for tine day and gone home was in Kidgo district Khe hurried to the nearest tinlf a away borrowwl a run and took a rout through woods to approach till buck uRulnsi the wind thn way hunters travel when perking wily gHinn conning from the other dlrec ion had alarmed thn dnr rmviiiwhiln and- t had tied Into tho woods Mis- Mclormlck It UK It catnip bound n along alinot dlri toward arid rid behind a tree HIM buck passed by at sir rifle rouge and Mlwt McCormirk OM- I leaped bush Tho il- t allowing that It had U n hit but sent on MISS McCormlck trail Fifty h ikiin bo deer lying tenth H log The truck hail ind wan of tine largixt kllli d In tine re ion tints ar Churl F nno of Imuvilln one of a m- amplng In Porter Mir a yearling fawn from its U d Iti crub In ought It down lifurn- I liArS gone a huiiilinl tint Mr who Ihn don III Sholiola- tuik kiilnl r iiiunty III ninny I IH lets ir a itiuwayl- w buck loiug lu hick ami run II wfil lurr 24UMiui U has his was It Dr Ludlow declines to to the Wellle Tine two or Dr Ludlows le Whether he exploited the church his own lnr a trtr or manage hImself his tin the Oo purposes been t buck followed his n II arl to all kIll Ins tl rllt of isrgect II a rosin exten- sively reply anti the Its fib deer hunting sneer Tins house nub tunnel and a laurel races pin one tine I a iso lint i sir sleet Lust line I lug 5 ¬ ¬ < < TO vi f imn iv UHW- Amrrlcaii IJiilnrrrt lull Inlrnluce I distill lcm Inr I KUiiu Ijiarlit- ir llipl ll W AdHliwiif IM li l uf AlUiny M if MM IrlMMtml flHH Sufwuf tui III hm M- VSMMllI I W wiwl Uw I w4l Hwk- luit ivi fi4 ili MiMiti Oi MMta- KMWI M wMM Ml t 4 It JI 44 I4M4 TfftCHU I tIt lucre Itt Mild 41 < HIu- lli aua- II ltII IIth1tld- I 1 II too lit rot 101I- t If tot1- a I- tIf fe1Wi- li 1 a r r- t NIfW w- iMe t w 1 J It IjI r I to 1 J I ft J- r I It- fI II I J BROWNS AL- I U tin ii to 1 Its Ptt icier t lets 541 y uuisi fins r hurt e a islisIe us 44 Is pwiNliy Ike kuisegnSi 4wb04l445l I41 144 lUMIC JOlisi IiuN M us Ml4- eu ibii IOS1 Ii 1440 IIO4IM ha- Ii I a- pll4ousO ld Lsgto4i lao S4OO she Mi In4om li 5lSsieusu Out 11is4 l lie snW twt 4 ill hal ioii 501t 4 Ito ci- it ftid lp io 4ii 0 444uri 1 e0iP 40 t O 655 54 0 ais 04- 14041d 4on o1 Ihie 0 tu ba 01 0 sb ohs1 t l i 5 40d 5Issiuia o- w1ird 0 S4 M s Ittoo od ui a I to 0 l5 0 t I 5- Md 0 101 russ Mm4 14 II 5 4 M 4sqSr 1us tSb1- I a s 5 4 1 c tO- II isO d d 5- I 404 co dus4 4 4 4us- I 54 4 M COo 0- I a 0 b S c c 4 p- 0S 0 J i sass 11u9 l4yll 004 r 4 jooiL3 S > > > > > + 1 THIEVES IN jtonoc AdventUre of English Corrwpond Who lentr tea to Hhntiouan Walter B Harris a i the London Time in Morocco has n cently attracted considerable attentlo by picturesque de patche dt cribln the horror of tho prisons In that countr and tho ambition of tho Sultan to reforms Mr Harris now illustrates i hi own person tire evils that may befa any traveller who happens to meet one c tho numerous robber bond of Morocct He despoiled of Iris belonging by road agents of tho Morocco typo The Incident Is all tine more Intcrcntln because Harris Is one of tho leading nu thoritleH on everything relating to Mo roooo Ho ha explored that country li several capacities now dUguliwd a poo Moor anti then In his proper person one an A member of a diplomatic mission Ono of lib exploit In particular wa daredevil achievement that oxhlbltci- Ms nerve to tho best advantage anti re- vraled a district In Morocco that no ex- plorer liad ever seen before It Is tin irony of fate that a man who loins emerge unseathixl from regions where the natlvn would kill him on sight If they knew bin should at last tall a victim to common highway plunderers on a road hat wai supposed to lie reasonably safe In tho summer of 1888 Mr Harris ven- tured into the nif Mountain among tin fanatical Derbera who were certain to kill Any white man they might catch among their wild hilU White mien were rio their only prey A littlb earlier tine Sultan of Morocco had sent them n Govcrnoi whom they killed whereupon tho Sultan drdded to let them alone for a time Harris entered this forbidden ground very poorly equipped to support tho mAle of a Moor Ills acquaintance with Arabic was Imperfect ho could not talk with- out betraying himself ho assumed tint character of a deaf mute and relied a trusty Arab boy only companion a mean of communication with the natives Bo Harris set out in tho garb of a middle class Moor legs arms and face stained brown and bestride a mule that had no prejudices against Christians Tho ex- plorer was bound for Sheshouan a town of 8000 inhabitants which had only re- cently been heard of a fow cartographers having just placed It on their maps where they supposed it to be The town Is sixty miles from the Mediterranean Tho in quisitive natives were informed by tho boy that muter limed In Fez and was travelling to Sheshouan Tills satisfied nearly everybody but two men of the BenlUanaan tribe accused Harris of being a Christian and threatened him with death If ho did not Instantly turn back Ho managed to elude them and learned later that they probably did not suspect his real character but were merely trying to pick a quarrel a pretext for robbing him In the course of a few days tho weary mules brought tho travellers to Sheahouon quito a flourishing town which had proclaimed far and wide that death awaited any Christian who akould attempt to enter gates TIne parents of the Arab boy lived In tine town and the plan to spend the night In their house They discovered very soon that harris wa not what he repre- sented to be and bitterly upbraided their son for asking them to risk their lives by giving shelter to a Christian Finally however they were prevailed upon by the offer of a large reward to entertain the stranger for ono night only Thus annured of a night shelter and reasonably certain to escape notice in the Indistinct light of the evening Harris tallied forth to mingle with the crowd ind see the nights Everybody out if doors Among thousands of bitter ncmles the stranger sauntered unobtru ivtly through the streets the novelty f his position and the unaccustomed sights making the stroll very Interesting He was much surprised lo find a bridge if solId masonry spanning the river aqun- Jucts bringing water nnd distributing t to all tine houses gardens mills grind rig corn their wheel turned by water tho aqueduct srft paved with rough tontM ami bordcrixl by gutters In which fresh water constantly flows rouses with peculiar red tiled roots found lowhew else tine building lieiiig much uperior to thOM In onn moro easily ao- prhlblo Moroccan towns The people lliniwnlvnt HI direct d to Ti loiilM- if Mohaint which probably nwountu for thn fanatical character of heir religion All next day Mr Harris lay IJddni In- n tlm bonn of Iris Arab boy he wa- iiejinrine toward evening to tart lurk o tine i oa i II nutiwd nlwut that n- liriMlNil In town Komn inin had with tlm news lInt ay Imforn limy had Mm a man who iidoilbliillv wlilln and inudi to- xik hIke H Moor He WHH on his w to Hhivhouali and an hilt has ben all a All upon Iris all his as lIre was was SOil from h- ard All ti lot roduc was was sea sri I et stsett lung its was tip ¬ ¬ ¬ umlouble llf In ii town JUnixn- l ui i UUH u limr town shout ilu l- in diiKUlK of u woman sinai lu winl- lu llUlIno out of town l y another Issue II dixMilnl liuwt viir tIt hu l iil niI- lllin In OMHI hue rimiriiiHil w xrownig Oil tu 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Fvranalll rt after rienlne an thotiuh ho intended to scni bUtt tire llulrher lie b caa by nmUme u for a wuUt lock Kriibucd inter around the body and np lrii a hammer Inch put his man doan flllin fftH SH IVrnnalll u- Millnflitl anil uikrd fur another chance M granted lie did runt far any at the nest attempt throwing hln in 2 minute 14 much dlre ed ut tint llnlsh and blwdj from tine no an Kant Side lad bvartr weighed about 131 while Acton only the brim at its pound The match was at Koman Swartr Acton bray Tine latter was however In better and calned n fall In 7 minutes In the afternoon Plenlnt tackled Ottt hess a Dermnn about 200 was strong unit took the Inttlim Pinning titter a few minutes brought unto Ftioulder Just when wan bott to put rival down lies a mon away liming finally forced both shoulders to the mat the time 7 minutes 13 second Oeorgft DaAntni met VonnK Acton send wins defeated In 6 mmutu 13 ceiond with a full Nelmn resultlcg froa a bridge Donald Marnetl Win Magnum for Flnt Sleigh Illne In Ilrooklju Donald of Carlton avenue limit lyn wa the man to take advantage of III snowstorm la t nlitht In tlmo to rapture tbs macnum of wine put up at Dadera Said mouse for tho tint mnn to reach the pl w- In a sleigh drlvrb over snow of ouflleirot quantity to comply with tine conditions tine at Ocean and Island avenue at p oclock at night Hud wax Imtordiutely with th The magnum went the uaual way of uch andthe driver who arrived shortly after Maimil hurl n chance to drink to tins health of winner Mo t of prices at the New York ro dloui p wers on the ocra i in of of snow that did met corn up to tIre re julrsm nti of llrooklyn In a practice game IsInch bilk lie t theta In narutrl defeated f TobU yesterday afternoon In the KtUck bocV r llrooklyn The ncoro- n ruteIrO U a 1 U II 40 J4 a I T uli Web runs Avrrsce it n- Tnblsn 2 10 a o n 9 4 s o ft 4 Totil 64 tinge runs 20 e iterate i II In the evening Darutel best Arthur Town Mud son to 150 Thee second lIam In the 14Inch balk lint tournament for the hlp of IM Crescent Athlrtlc VIM Clued lut nigh The wr I riink ina- N K hchrnrdT InriliiT wa wlcnrr- by a score of lo IM Inn llanrahaii Slit Marvin liszt II Quick Unit lorjaviirr 17 Ii took l s- jilnulci Hud ten M COIII tnt 1111 lUnrtUt u put out Marvin hurt or loin vilic l ort he Southern Athletic tIne nniKht llaiimlian tarl d In witv a Kief- inir lull sad pill Hart n hart onk I hn oounl amid Merit second lull indir in head nil f illrdhund uitiif to tin sdmuoli anil rut inn l tins j Hurt a tx I Tun HurM refereed tIre suet IMiloh TtiuntM Matched llrrr ix 7 iJutrh Thurttnn U- iiriMr IIHI Ilikiuplon find M ttti f e rk r yi ilr l v inst ti 4i- 4u U II N unityround loung fnl l ii iiiw li tirnlinn l A n St V n- VI III Kill III Mt I4S bull tl- ii riii til Lint Uii uudnr t rl i reek rnl MUIIH will Uu IM uiiBfii- ladalo TUMI Unuiltk Out hid llarlHI- ll uc M h u At iviiili- MMfwilirnl liHlUKlit kill liili li krvxIiMl isiS Ilir fc4 I- i h l w lu lull IMVII iti 4 h- 1r IIMM 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