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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 21, 1922, Image 6

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c THEV EVENING WORLD, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1922. , m N Y STATE MEDAL 11 n mT I FOR SERVICE MEN ofAof I SrnriY lAWC soon to be issued ANDREW FREEDWAN HOMETOR THE AGED IS STARTED TO DAY Ground Is Broken Without Ceremony for a S4.000,-00- 0 Philanthropy Without ceremony workmen tolay btean breaking ground for tliti An-dre- w Frtcdman Homo for the Agtxl on tho Grand Concourse a project that UI cost $4,000,900 and bo a monument to Andrew Krctdraan. or- ganizer of tho company that gnvo New Tork Its first subway and the one-Um- o owner of tho New York Giants. Tho erection and maintenance of the homo ma provided for In tho will of ASKP0UCE for boy. say tho Witt tr who In his He eyes, complexion and . in lais. was a estimated at - Tlie ,tockfnM white ueaiu, greatly Increased, will go the of institution, A iiuECFSTEAK\ the share left to nged en Ellzulwth Frcedman. Having re- - Water Commissioner rcrted her death, scleral 6t nronJt exocutlvo mem ntn bcr of Tnckamuclt Democratic feernn.nCthreuBhr6 M and McClXrld to Wal- - captain, Kullman. .. fnim Concourse. Tho night. A of has been designed y will and 11. Friedlander, will bo a four- - story 8tructuro of ana uun-ston- e. It will sit about 125 feet Ui Concourse and be surrounded by a beautiful garden. Frcedman, a grnduato of the College, out for a tfcreer as Ho soon drifted Into the dry business and then tn real estate. In which ho found neat success. In 1S9 ho purchased tut Kaw Ho was ac tive politically and was a confidant of tho Richard It was to Frcedman that John D, McDonald appealed when big financial men down his project for a subway In York. Frcedman at once be came Interested and won Belmont over to the project, whlcn resulted In tho formation or the lnterborough Rapid Con struction Company. Ho one it tho early Investors In Hrunx real but at the time or death had disposed of all of It oxcipt .iv parcel ut Southern Boulevard and Street, which was sold for $118,000. FIRE. IN COAL BINS DRIVES 24 FAMILIES TO STREET INl BRONX Heavr Smoke Fill llut Damaare I A smudgo In tho coal bins In tho fcasemont of tho flvo-Bto- ry brick tene ment at No. 584 129th Street drove tho women and of twenty-fou- r into tho street at 8 Tho flro, which apparently liocn smouldering for hours, became when tho basement door left ' open and choking quickly filled tho house. Mrs. Sarah Roscntlial on the was the first to It. Only partly sho gathered her chil and took them to street, screaming sho David on tho floor, by her screams, came out and her with tho and then ran around the corner to No. which followed to tho by NO. 89. . By (his time the wore crowded with who could not face the on the stairs and In the halls. down Iena and her three children. including five months' old biby. Other were down tho fire es cape The blaze In the collar was extinguished small damage:. THREATS LEAD TO ASYLUM Mas Who Talked of Ilnrdtna Bad Found Insane. TRENTON. N. J.. Nov. :l. V. Hill of Camden, who la alleged to bar threatened the lives of former President Woodron Wilson. President Harding and other Government was committed to tho .'Jer the Insane here Aug. 23 hut. It from depsndable sources bre efforts to maintain aacrecy IIHl was In after THE KEYTO HEALTH ft 2 till 13. L- - CI HIGH SCHOOL BOY MISSING: PARENTS AID. Vincent Ttale Valaa4 an Wa Witt tm Tfm Rea- son to Vtm.ro police trera but nlsht to send out a alarm Vincent Teale, a school o' .No. 1176 Park from hit since lait Wednesday morn Inr. The boy's parent they of no reason why ho should have home, and fear foul play. Vincent left his homo about Wednesday morning to so to De School, where ho U a freshman, and has been seon rlnco Ills their son might have run away, but now aro con- vinced soma misfortune has overtaken htm. The boy Is described as 5 foot 8 Indies tall and weighing ISO pounds. irrHmiin. dlrd apart- - has haiel light 01 dark brown hair. Ho wearing war. estate, $1,000 blsck ie snlrt WO ai (i and collar and tie, entirely toward upkeep the FOB OB310 half his inotncr, ATS, Mrs. ncput. Albert jcara Uebcnnu tho ,, 1... the Club, f\tcak - Street, back district at Hall a tho number borough and bulldlns. which officials attend, enter Joseph granuo back from Andrew City started a lawyer. goods 1 York Giants. tato croxcr. finally Bcreral turned New August Transit was heavy estate, h'.s 148th House, Mliclit. East children families o'clock y. had lively was heavy, smoko second floor obacrvo dressed three dren the as went. Kum- - Insky ground alarmed helped children Engine 83, wu house tiro escapes tenants smoke Firemen carried Mrs. Lubln a helped ladders. with, Killing Wilson Francis officials. State Hospital was learned to-d- desplto arrested Camden B Page V Cllntait Tha general fourteen, high Avenuo, missing- home know left 8 o'clock Clinton High not parents first thought being rwtmivr. ih0es, blue elnco county Truck Hots. talnmcnt will bo furnished from llio vaudevlllo theatres In the Uronx. I 5? V ,js ' 7 STATE SERVICE MEDAL Officer and Unllateil .lien Cntltleil In \Wear Kmblciu, !ny Adjt. Cn. Klncnlil. AdJL Gen. J. LcbIIo Klncnlil Iuih adopted and will Issuo u now medal tn bronze with service clasps, slmlllar to tho Victory medal, known as tho \gen-Ic- e !n Aid of Civil Authorities\ Decoration, which 1h to bo authorized to bo worn by tho officers and enlisted men of tho military and naval forces of New York Stato who .participated In such service with an organization at New of this State. Tho site of tho medal will bo 1 1- -1 Inches In diameter. Application can bo mado direct by addressing tho Adjutant Ocnoral at Albany, and authority will be given to purchase for tho following sorv'co: Flro Island, 1S92: Dutlalo, 1S02: Ton- - awanda, 1S93; Brooklyn, 1896: Croton Dam, WOO: Albany, 1001; Hudson Valley, 1902: Cocymnns, 1900: Cor loth. 1910: South Olens Falls. 1910: Fort Edward, 1910; Now Tork Mills, 1H1- -; uuuaio, ivis; AUDurn, 1913; Syracuse, mis; Dcpcw, ion. RENO DIVORCE MILL RUN BY EAST, SAYS BISHOP Urges Ken Yorker to Settle Du- - mestlo Troubles at Home. PHILADELPHIA. Nov. iU If East erners would stay homo \wo would not havo half the troublo wo havo In Reno,1 said Bishop Gcorgo C. Hunting of tho I'rotcstant Episcopal Dloceso of Nevada beforo tho Clerical Brotherhood In Church House here In discussing the dlvorco situation In Nevada. \Married persons In Now Tork who with to bo separated should eettlo their dimcultlea right In New Tork,\ he as serted. \Ninety per cent, of tho dl vorces granted In Nevada are to those wno come ior me soio purpose of get ting a uiTorco, ana as soon as they get II. leuvo uio state. - COOK IS IN MRS. PIERCE'S WILL Husband, Daughters and Grand- children Share In Katate. The will of the lat Sirs. Esther JIas- - ton I'lerco of Illverdalo was filed In tho Bronx Surrogate's Court It was written last July, n few weeks bo' fore her death. Sho leaves her furo and jewels to her two daughters. Miss Euilora PIcrco und Mrs. Lucille P'trco Kuntz; there Is a $3,009 bequc-s-t to a grandson: S1.000 to a granddaughtpr $300 each to the cook anil laundress, and to her nus-ban- d, Adln O. Pierce, tho testator leaves her library and furniture. Oppenheim.luns&I 34th Street New York Brocade Evening Slippers Imported and Paisley iVew Just Received . Specially Priced 10.00 REMEMBERED Of Gold, Silver Cloth Models Whether the slipper matches ' the shimmer- ing goivrtj or whether it creates a new color-intere- st of its own, it must to be fash- ionable be a thing of gleaming brilliance. Also on Sale in our Brooklyn and Newark Stores OppenheiMllins & 34th Street York Greatly Reduced Wednesday 350 MISSES' DRESSES Taken from the Regular Stock Formerly Sold to 39.75 18.50 Attractive Street and Afternoon Dresses of Canton Crepe. Satin-bac- k Canton Crepe de Chine, Tricotine, and Poiret Twill. Pleated, panelled and draped models, some with flaring: skirts. Sizes J.'f to IS i'rar.\. Also Suitabl\ fn- - Small H'oirni It SG Rust MIbbcb' Dept., 3rd Floor Whatever helps Fifth Avenme helps New York \ Joira the Fifth Aveiramie Association 8. Altmait & Ota 66 pecflal The dharmra of Winter Millimiery rich expression in Fur and Fur-trimnn- ied Hats, now on display in the Salon on TtJao Third Floor. Hera else, ready for ccSeciicr:, are Advamice Mat Modes in smart combinations off felt and straw. A number of this season's fashionable Hats in the regular stock are being offered at unusual price concessions. Special Valines in .Menu's amd Wommemi's Handkerchiefs \' The always-suitab- le gift selection Women's Appenzell Hand-embroid.er- ed Hand- kerchiefs, of sheer linen or shamrock lawn, each in a separate box $1.00, 1.35, 1.50, 2.S0, 2.50, 3.25 to 112.50 Women's Ail-lin- en Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, per dozen $1.95, 2.85, 4.00 Tapebordered' . per dozen 2.70, 5.00 Initialed .' . per dozen 1.80, 4.00 Initialed, vith hand-embroider- ed scalloped edge .... per half-doz- en $2.35 Embroidered . per boj: off six 1.65, 3.25 Solid colors, with black initial per halffdozen 32.85 Men's All-lin- en Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, per dozen ' . $3.85, 5.70, 9.7,5, 12.75 Tape-border- ed . . per dozen 6.00, 9.00 Initialed . . . per dozen 4.70, 5.75 (First Floor) The Department of Catalogue and Folder Merchandise (on the Sixth Floor) affords\ unusual facilities for prehollday shopping. Conveniently assembled in ad- joining sections will be found a pleasing selection off wearing apparel and accessories for Women, Misses and Children, as well as many suitable and useful gift suggestions for Men, also decorative furnishings for the home. All at appealing prices and Announcements for Wednesday , OfffferflMg Umnuisiuiafl Values in Haed Bags Off chiffon velvet with colored moire lining, metal frame, frame pocket, purse and mirror. ' In black, brown and taupe at Off chiffon velvet, vith jeweled clasp, colored silk lining, inside frame pocket and mirror. In black, brown and taupe at $4.25 Off black pin seal, or tan, brown or gray mottled calfskin a square style with colored moire lining .at - $4oS0 (First Floor) Bed Furnishings at price Some white, some colored per pair $111.50 Colored plaids (a limited number) per pair . . ,t . . $7.50 Comfortables Figured mull (cotton filled) . each $5.00 Figured Cambric (wool-filled- ), each 6.50 MmsMdi Sheet's a Hid PS Mow Cases aiso specials y priced (.Fourth Floor\) A Selection New Fabrics for the 'Winter resort season has just been received and is now on display in the Department on the First Floor. Among these smart fabrics are: White Basket Cheviots and Pastel Kashas, Twill Suedes, Flannels, Homespuns and Puvetyns in the fashionable colorings. A thought more striking are the All-ov- er Embroidered Duvetyns and Suede Cloths for the modish blouses and coats,' and White Flannel vith' effectively-embroider- ed .border designs. Also a new assortment of the ever-desira- ble Navy Blue Wool Twills and Tricotines. labfeon afoemic Jftf tij gtoemie, Seto f orfc jjtrtp-fourt- b Street tCljtrtp-fift- lj Street 4aa. ,v. 1

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