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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 21, 1922, Image 18

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18 The Evening World's Kiddie Klub Korner CstvrltM. IMi. (Krw Toll Kmltt TTwM) fc7 ! J\utOAst C. Conducted by Eleanor Schorcr- '- WOODLAND WONDER TALES By Cousin Eleanor 38 THE PREDICTION. Mr. Porky Pig Did Not Answer. !n tho and appear, you'll go back to the Thni'a what, all your sort do.\ Mrs. I'orky was poslllvoly pig. jrlshlv rude. rtr r.rtm u-- Indignant, out Sirs. Pig remained unconflnccd. \If you are not litre to steal our food, why did I see your husband try- ing to mako much of tho Gob- bler yesterday?\ \Don't say 'hateful Mr. Gobbler really isn't that. Ho Is Just, a fatted, fated bird.\ pitied Mrs. Crow. \That's all well enough for you to ay.\ stormed Mrs. I'orky. \You'ro not a barnyard icsldent, and it need jiot make your blood boll to sea tho favoritism thut has been lately shown that vain bird.\ \Yoq must not bo Jealous, Mrs. Torky Pig, when Farmer Crabb feastB ihe Turkey Gobblur, You must feel orry for him,\ preached Mrs, Crow. struts about and gives himself airs: when ie has all but robbod us pips of our family reputation an the big. geat cators on tho farm. We havo cause enough to snub Sir. Gobbler,\ Mrs. PorW grunted. \Poor bird!\ Mrs. 'Crow wallt-d- , 'That Farmer Crabb Is feeding him fat la not a good omen. It means ll(at he Is cither going t6 Uo sold or oaten; perhaps both.\ \Do you really think that?\ Mrs. Crow answered that ulio felt certain of It. f'Thui he does deserve pity. Poor fellow.\ Mrs. POthy's attitude soft. ened Immediately. Then sho grunted Mrs. Crow's prediction to her nelght bor on the left and repeated It to .hot neighbor on tho right. Sho even toW her husband about it when ha finally decided to pay attention. Very soott every one In tho barnyard, knew whst Mrs. Crow thought was about to hap pen to Mr. Turkey Gobbler. And whe thoy all admitted that It Was too bad,\ It . was evident that they were going teVlio immensely disap I CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK i FOR. a light lunch JV4 UA V VIA or rushed. Hie malt- ed milk is nourishing food quickly digest- ed, and the chocolate flavor gives it a de- licious taste. luces swelling, -- Sitrts blood circulating Tho pitns ol ttrttns and ipralni Ut due to eweettions. Juet oleken tht clrculttlon, and the IrJUttmitlon and pln subside -- disappear. Without rubblnf, i penetrates and breaks up the painful congestion. ftetn'i t1lnti rhogu-.M- ' ptlue.focthrtneuralKiii.Mr: rbq tomloiti tired, act; st y vutttlBbt. Kttpltbtad HtMifi Uolmcnt-killspti- KDIE.NT to tho wIbIich ot her husband, Mrs. Crow paid her rcspecta to Mrs. Porky Vis- - Mrs. Porky Plff ocarccly looked uli when tho alossy black bird appeared on the gatepost of the sty. \Good morning,\ said Mrs. Crow choTlly. Mi!.. I'oihy lie did hot anwer. \Oh. don't disturb yourself,\ said Mm. Crow sarcastically. \I don't Intend to,\ grunted Mrs. I'orky PIk truthfully. \Vou'ro a new- comer In the barnyard. I twllevc.\ \My husband and I are to bo hero for a short stay,\ Mrs. Crow Informed her. \That would bo Rood If It were true. Dut you will probobly, change your mind. You'll hang around hero alt winter, rating crumbs that fall from tho tables of barnyard folk. Then, spring, whon fresh buds berries hatefut poor, Elotn' pointed In case tho prophecy did not co mo true. Next Htory: Turkey Oobblcr'H Last Days. Doar Kiddlo Kins: Next Saturday's Kiddlo Klub Kor- - THE EVENING WORLD, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1922. ncr will bo our \Thanksgiving Kura- - bcr.\ If you have a drotrtnir. rwm or story that you would like to have appear In this supplement, nend It to inu This is ne last call. I Hhoiild like to hnvo as many Kiddie Klub contributions as possible In tho Korner that day. Tfocrc aro only two teats that your offerings will havo to pars. Flrct. they must tw original. This means that you must not have token the Idsa from any other pic- ture, etory or poem printed In any other magazine, newspaper or book, and that you must try to get along without help from your ciders. Sec- ond, the work must bo up to Klddls Klub standard. Time Is growing very short. If you nlsh to sec your work In the Kiddle Kluh Saturday Special Feature. It must arrive at the Kiddle Klub office not later than There will If-- , of course, another Korner on the Tuesday o Thanksgiving, wh'-r- ctli'.r Klddlo Klub contributions will appear. Hut if I wero In your place 1 would send mine immediately In order to havo It In the big edition on Saturday. Yourn always, COUSIN ELEAXOIt. HOW TO JOIN THE KLUO. CUT OUT THIS COUPON. whirli you Drclnnlng with tw r.unibir, cut out ii ot thre coupon. I.OtH, 1.011. 1.0. l.o:l. 1.022, 1.023, and tnall to Couttn Rltanor. Kvcnlng World Kldele Klub, No. tZ I'ark Itow, New Votk City. \I ih a rl in rt clvc your NA11H. ACli; nnd AUPftliflH. I'letta te tfcrt.'ul 10 ir.rntlon not cniy liie rlty in unicj roil live. trot tli borouttj aim. All children up to lxtwn )irj of ao lnl7 twcoina mtmlxim. Etch member la pruenud wllh a silver cry KMb Tin ineralwrshlp cullflcatt. COUPON 1,018. 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FANNY.\ Dy HELEN SUOARMAX, Bronx. Fourteen-Yer-Ol- d Class. Honorable Mention. J. Oianlaglla, Bronx: Mary Atkins, New York City; Wtllam Hunt. New York City: Mai-garc- t Doyle, New York City: Mario Llndgrcn, Drooklyn. Thirten-Year-Ol- d Clats. Honorable Mention. Morris Goldstein, Now York City; j Alice Johnwm, Urooklyn; Kuth Kicks. New Yorl; City; Klslo Scherck. Itoie- - rubber heels as between any other quality product and the \run of the market.\ U.S. Spring-StepRubb- er Heels are made to deliver scientific rubber heel service. Made by the United States Rubber Company growers, manufacturers and distributors of rubber and its products the oldest and largest rubber organi- zation in the world. Test theU.S.Spring-Ste- p Rub- ber Heel any way you like; Its appearance its wear its comfort on the foot. It costs you no more than an ordinary rubber heel. ' The difference is in the qual- ity standards of the people who make it. Their scientific knowledge of compounding rubber. 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A nnd CERTIFICATE New No. 03 Park Bow, Now York City. the delightful and fragrance of FORMOSA OOLONG is that it is baked in the sun and a Instead of \roasting\ the deliciousncss machine-method- s, this slower, but process the good qualities in the tea leaves liberated in the cup. will be charmed by the delightful oc FORMOSA OOLONG TEA. sure to ask grocer for if there no THE SHOEMAKER WHO FOUNDED A RELIGION George Fox, 1624-- 9 A man shoemaker's well be proud Founder of Society Friends. nun, according Mr. itrong person- ality, aeuured utterance, \civil beyond all forms of breeding.\ Lite Paul Tarsus, great missionary, visiting Holland, West Indies, the Amtrican colonies, winning universal recognition in his lifc-wo- ti. from cisayu must must help from must each out by Be crtft Tlit Rtpairmsn' Art it all tht TAt tnhictmpany aunlry pin ttitt rubbtr cmidtrgile quantity. members aged inclusive \Christmas Home.\ copied contestants accept parents teachers composition accompany NA.MB. DDftKSS NUMM2K distinctly. Address Cousin Eleanor, York Evening World, For taste TEA cured over slow fire. rush surer, seals until You taste your Peon, respect saying orletnal Skit pntrtttw timt. MAKE R. S OF UNITED STATES R.OYAL COR.D TIR.ES f II I $27 For Holidays and Other Days Has graced American tables for ffly years Always delicious and wholesome. Made after famous recipe the finest ingredients At jot Craccr'j \hodttcm cf Deltctmu R 6-- Boned Cfaefcn United Electric Service is supplied to 125 to 135 East 63rd Street, new nine story modern apartment dwelling of thirty-fo- ur apartments, recently erected in the exclusive section just east of Central Park. The owners and builders are the 125 East 63rd Street Corporation, Louis Cowan, President; the Architects, Sugarman & Hess and A. G. Berger, and the Electrical Contractors, Peet & Powers, Inc. When in ntti Of Electric Ltfht Ptrer Stnict 5(ujvejjnl 4930. Your rtquirtmtnU, thtlhtr larfc mall, rteetve ihc ptempt attention our Commercial Dtpatlmtnl refttttnlalhti. The United Electric Light & Power Company 130 East 13th Street 89th Street and Broadway MGth Street and Broadway 750-75- 2 8'Mve. obtainable. J8i'WrW.fl5V Our Ey Plan 150 Miles New York. We and Homes or ROOM Buffet. China Close, Table and 43 x- - cnairt io matcn wun leatner sup scan., ..4... A v. a. ii.iratart. .it In nit u stertd I n tlon with foot, rest, II. a a r call er trill of on of as Hi Corner 46& St. Payment Applies Everywhere Within Furnish Apartments Weekly Monthly Payments. QUEEN ANNE MAHOGANY DINING SUITE, conslstlna enclosed Strvlno Dining Table, Inches, tnnnCn' tension; genuine YAAMVV ROYAL EASY CHAIR Finished hoganyi leather lustrated from Columbia Q r a 1 o n olae from 50 tip on Our Easy Payment Plan. December Columbia Records on Sale. A complete line of New Home Sewing Machines on Credit Up to $110.00. Motor Truck Deliveries Free Within 1C0 Miles of New York. Open Monday and Satutday Evenings. 46th St.750-75- ! AVL 8th Ave. II r Real Estate Ads. for The Sunday World Real Estate Section MUST BE, IN THE WORLD OFFICE BEFORE FRIDAY Circulation Over 600,000

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