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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, September 22, 1922, Image 8

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CHINAMAN SLAIN HIS BODY STUFFED NTO CANVAS SACK Pong Tom Is Found in East :Side Hallway, His Face Badly i Muti'ated. ', Strangled In true Oriental fashion kith a slender cord, his face and neck repeatedly backed with a hatchet un. til his feature were scarcely recog- nizable, ?ong Tom, chof In the home Of William Shivers of tho \Southern States Oil Corporation at No. 171 West 67th Street, was murdered early this morning somewhere on tho lower east side. Ills body, trussed Into small compass, was found tied In a canvas sack In the hallway of the tenement at No. 61 East Broadway i'jout six hours after death. Pong lived with half a dozen of his countrymen In a flat at No. 86 Division Street. Theso gave tho In- formation which led to thcdlscovery of the Chinaman's place o employ- ment and Mr. Shivers was called up at the oil corporation's ofllco, No. 350 Madison Avenue, to Identify tho hody as that of his sen-ant- . At the Division Street apartment one of the Chinamen said that Tone Tom came home last night about ten o'clock and then, quite contrary to t 9 custom, went out again almost Im- mediately, llo never come back. Tho dead man enmo ffom Canton and hud been In this country about flvo years. Hts friends said ho be- longed to no Tong, did not gamble and \luwl no girl.\ The body was discovered In the Kait Droadway hallway by Mrs. Vln-cen- Arnono, janltrcss of the tene- ment, about 9 o'clock. Her son, Au- gust, opened tho sack, which was one of the kind used by sailors for their duffle, and Pong's body came to light. It was' warm even at that time. Tho murder brings to mind ths on Aug. .7 Ko Low, National President of the Hip Sing Tong, was shot to death In Pell Street. The police are remembering this In tho Investigation they are now making. Also, they know thof killings among the China men of the city occur over women and gambling. But Tong feuds are, per- haps, tho chUf cause of them. YALE DENIES RACIAL BARRIER Scholarship and Character Only Requirements. NEW HAVEN. Sept. 23. Yale offl clals deny that Tale had any entrance restrictions against Jews or Negroes such as those of which Harvard has been accused. Trof. C. D. Tinker pointed out, however, that as Tale and Harvard were private and not State institutions they had every right to choose their student personnel. Prof. It. N. Corwln, Chairman of the Board of Admissions, said: \Our entrance requirements are based strictly on scnoiarsnip ana character. Thero Is no discrimination mads be- cause of race, religion or previous cir- cumstances. One cannot speak of the future, however.\ as see It sold A to at in 6 16 6 19 F be Witness to Dispossess of Fails. Tom, a big black cat, 'describe! by Mrs. of No. 182 Steuben as \her pal and hor \ against her by Mru. Mary who lives In and .ovtu the where Mrs. Petersen Tom Mrs, be-fo- r Justice In tho Dis trlct Municipal Court this when Mrs. Lockhart declared Mrs. Petersen, ,af her three ellnc pets ine mat no burned candles of gas, was \an un- desirable tenant.\ Sho asked Justice to Mrs. to get rid of her cats or move. Upon the defendantjustlce dismissed tho case. \I am Mrs. Petersen said. \Becauso of tho poor goo fix tures In rooms and fear tha when I am out tho day cats may be I have been burning candles.\ or nini, TO DIS IIAXGKH. TUSKBT, N. 8., Sept. North Culde, of the murder of his Flora Orny, on the night of Aug. 28, was to be on Nov. 24, by Chlsholm of tho Nova Scotia Court The Young People's Store FOURTH FLOOR Shopping, where everything isvplanned arranged for greatest convenience to the shopper, is a pleasant adventure. The Young People's is just a with a series of all within a of each where you buy everything in the way ' of clothing accessories for and' wee even brother. You are cordially this new and charming shopping center within the next The 'Boys Section Statures Knickers with these Norfolk Suits 10.50 To provide the utmost in wear, the boy's suit must be all wool have extra knick- ers ; the influence of style demands the cut fit be as authentic as big brother's. All of these details are present accounted for in suit at 10.50. The is mixed in and brown jackets are lined knickers full lined. 8 to. 17 years. Flannel Pajamas, two made ' of striped flannel. Size?; 8 to 18, Qirls and junior girls' Jersey Frocks,special,7.50 For Saturday An exceptional, almost matchless value, you know the moment you this frock. has at a much higher price until now. cleverly designed one-piec- e frock, the kind that is becoming practi- cally every girl, with shirrings the and yoke, slashed pockets, collar and cuffs contrasting Brown, navy, to years. Girls' Coats Smart winter coats for the . young girl junior miss. to 12 12 to 16 sizes. to 29.50 and 39.50 up. Cat a In Suit Effort Aged Woman Because Her Three Pets Matilda Petersen, soventy-nln- o Street, Interpreter, halted eviction proceedings y Lockhart, dwelling reside. accompanied Doughty Second because and tact instead Doughty compel Petersen hearing seventy-nino,- \ my during my asphyxiated, OLAYEIl SUNTEJfCnu ar Roberts, con- victed housekeeper, sentenced hanged Justlco Supreme and the place, shops few steps other, may and girls boys, tots, and big sister and inyitcd to visit few weeks. xtra and that and and this material cheviots grey effects, mohair and pieces, well 1.50 only will hips, edged worsted. beige, henna. and and year Children's Shoes Reduced to Clear ? 'ft4? Children's tan calfskin and smoked elk laced shoes. Sizes 7J0 11. (er jtt Growing girls' shoes in a variety J ' J of styles. Patent leather, patent and grey, or tan and fawn, strap pumps, Also tan lace shoes and black and tan oxfords. Sizes 2 to 7. All sizes arc included in this selection but not in every style. 1 Lord & Taylor FIFTH AVENUE THE EVENING WORLD, illl) A , SEPTEMBER 22, 1922. Eviction Brooklyn, Instituted Peterson morning Doughty tho \ Kemptvllle Store s,uch t .t GERMAN PHYSICIANS NOW CHARGE FEE OF 3 LOAVES OF BREAD WEIMAR, tSormuny, Sept. 23 (ABsoclatcd Press). Barter Is re- placing the use of money In Ger- many as a result of tho deprecia- tion of tho mark. Tho Weimar board governing the agricultural schools at Ttiptls andj Marksuhl has fixed tho tuition for tho winter tarms In rye instead of In money. Tho Saxon Thurlnlan Power Com- pany has announced that It will receive, Instead of cash, ten eggs, thrco pounds of wheat flour or a quarter of a centner \(hundred-wolgh- t) of potatoes for each kilo- watt hour of electricity con- sumed. Naumburg and Braunschweig physicians state that henceforth all rural patients will bo expected to pay for medical attention In produco ut its pro-w- ar cost. In 1914 a physician's call cost about five marks. At that time this would buy ten loaves of bread or three pounds of butter. Tho same quality of bread Is now selling for 100 marks a loaf and butter is, re- tailing at 360 marks a pound. Thus tho pre-w- ar foe In bread would to-d- be the equivalent of 1,000 marks, and la butter, 1,080 marks. SECnETAllY IIUGItES BACK Tho Navy Dcpartmont announced to. day that Secretary of States Hughes Fetching Hats For the Small girl Demure for \very velvet facings silkorduvetyne, long ribbon streamers more bent, for school days for the irrepressible boy-ci- rl are\ duvetyne felt gros-grai- n bands worsted flowers. modestly priced. 10.50 girls 'Boys Golf Stockings Boys Imported wool stockings. brownland grey fasci- nating fancy tops, Girls They imported golf stockings, too. Brown, camels plaid in number of colorings, 1.85 Junior SMisses Corduroy Bath Robes 2.95, 3.95 Wicfe walex corduroy, a collar-les- s style, Copenhagen and rose. Priced according size. warm albatross robe, scalloped neck, sleeves and edge. Copenhagen, rose, light blue, pink. Bath Robes 1.95 For Small Any small boy will like snug- gle into one of these, any chilly morning in the months to They have such sweet little Teddy Bears in white on grounds of pink or blue. 2 6 little hats best\ with of and shy tiny flow- - ers. Hats of a tailored or these or with or Air 2.50 to and In with 1.65 have grey or with tops, a to A bath with 6.95. Tots or girl to come. to years. w Knit Underwear For Cold 'Days Union Suits Medium weight cotton in three styles, 3 to 16 years 1.25 to 1.75, according to size. - Silk and Wool Union suits in three different styles, 3 to 16 years 3.25 to 4.75 will arrive nbonrd ,lho V. H. 8, Mary- land, llagshlp of the Atlantic Meat, to- morrow TI10 Maryland Is expected to reach Ambroso Light at 10 n. in., nnd to anchor In tho North Hirer oft 56th Htrrrt. Iwtwoon noon nnd 2 p. m. Sec- retary Hughes la returning from the Urnzlllan Centennial Exposltoin, I FIRE PREVENTION WEEK IN JERSEY fior. IJiluarili Proclaims Oct. 2 to Oct. O im Date. TflENTON, N. J Sept. 22. In ac M 2M These 919.76 Bags Worth to $5.00 Framed or draw-strin- g pouch styles, as illustrated. Lovely colors to harmonize with any costume. All made by skilled artisans. cordance with President Harding's re- cent proclamation, Gov. Edwards to- day detlguated the period from Oct. 2 to Ocl. 9 as \Flro Prevention Week\ in New Jersey. He called upon munici- palities to with Chambers of Commerce and other clvlo organizations in arranging exercises to Impress the occasion's importance upon the publio mind.- , The Governor asked all residents of the State to participate by removing rubbish and litter nnd other\ fire hazards from about their homes and places of business, and urged that they foster a habit of personal carefulness In elimi- nating possible sources Of fire. N. Y. N. G. PLANS FLIGHT Will Give Exhibition at Miller Field. An exhibition flight will be made by tho 102d Observation Squadron of the New Tork National, Guard. J7th Divi- sion, at Sillier Field, New Dorp, Staten Island, tho home field of the squadron. The 102d Squadron was organized In the fall of 1921 by c. Lawrenco la Touretto Drlggs. It Is now under the command of Major Kenneth West 34th Street Thru to 35th Street I f 1 fTf n'T\\ ftY 'IB1 T Pi niil tJT f PIT Tit st BBTrTTTsBBWsMrsT M sir Iff It rsMl fl s IsHI VTL JKT'Vx'BT St k A -- d & k Coats carefully Values International Of Of Of M Swagger, fleecy-war- m man- nish longer lines revealing trimness that result of unusual precision their tailoring. Sporting big\ pockets, collars, raglan sleeves button Sizes, 40. More Than Ever Priced Very Low For This Event! 28 OBSERVATION SQUADRON and Great Purchase Snappy Mannish TOP-COAT- S Men's Novelty Coatings Double Faced Plaid Backs Desirable English Tweeds mm Ym Ifiilif Exceptionally MM mmw lwi. Attractive Imported Beaded trimmings. Fashionable Long -- Line Two unusual groups of fashionable new tailored afternoon frocks, in infinite variety of individual 6tyles. Presenting types of fascinating simplicity, elaborated beautiful embroi- deries beading, cabochons glinting metal ornaments. Of Satin Crepes, Canton Crepes, Crepe Renee, Crepe Roma, Georgettes, Twills, TricotinesIn Draped and Circular Effects. Black and New Shades. 9k Sale Hats Distinctively Different Fall Modes Incomparable Values at $K.95 18 In Black, Navy, Caramel, Rosewood, Koran, Lanvin, Green, Tile, etc. Including highly individualized hats for sports, tailored dress wear, in shapes both large and small. Embellished with veilings, feathers, Velvet Cheaux, embroidery novel ideas. Of Lyons Panne Velvet, Solcil Cloth Duvetyne. .r; v. uttauer, formerly of the Lafayetts fanv nlltt. M.I aces, Including Capt. George Vaugb and Capt. Defriew Lamer. New fork, State one of tho few States whose militia organizations 'boast of Hylic unit. I KILLS AT WHO XIIRKAT- - await- ing deportation Urldge Harmon, Immigration Droder, started Harmon Tomorrow top-coa- ts Cut and a and is the notch and 16, 18, 36, 38, Crepe Dresses and an by and and and and self and and ( nt !io nrm , Is a IMMIRIt C1S MM IIACn Tw Cnt Broder, fifty, citizen of France, at the here, was shot and to-d- by Hall W. an otnecr. waving club, at and Harmon fired. ' on new fit in 4 new WITH CL.UW. V T . 9 tr- - killed a 0 75 Colors: Browns Greens Tans Heather Oxfords Greys w Anniversary Trimmed

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