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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, September 22, 1922, Image 15

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Ann ft. In Ia) VnAIII UnVI? 4V T AHA uui mils vmi i miuwv nuw iu jluvc, Forget It Alter They've Caught Their Man, Says Barbara Maurel Singer Arraigns, the American Woman to? Manifesting the Tender PaBsion All Too Briefly After Marriage Has Ceased to Be a Noyelty. By Ruth Snyder. \The American woman dooa not know how to lovo. Henco tho divorce .ctourtB.\ Not tho aneerlns statement ot a vleltlner Englishwoman; not the \Jealous challenge of a dark-eye- d French beauty. But tho calm, Judicial Judgment of a true-blu- e, loyal American xyoman, And Barbara Maurel becomes only on more woman gazing at her own rejection In tho mirror ot truth. Barbara Maurel Is a singer has been singing for' the past seven or eight years for tho concert stage and for the records. - 8ho was born In Alsace but Is an, American to her very finger tips. Returning from a recent tour of Europe she flnde America oven moro pleasing aftor her absence. But \Tho American we man does not know how to love,\ eho repeats hor cry. There Is a brief period whon Bho does but It Is all too transient.\ The brown eyes of the spcakor gazed reflectively and almost sorrow- fully across the low-topp- roofs of (ho adjoining apartments near her own cozy bohomlan studio rooms at No. 18 West 69th Street. A soft, 'whlto hand played caressingly with ,l)ie folds of her dlaphonous tea-gow- n. j \When tho American girl Is belm? courted eho Is at her best. Sho Is then trying to please her man. For It Is Isn't it tho aim ofevery girl 9tv- - in ii ii imipm ij to reach the matrimonial fields? Th American man falls In love with her nd puts her on a pedestal of adora tlon. There Is no one Ilko herln tho orlil. While sho is being \llancecd she Is tho American girl supreme Women's Pure Thread Silk Hose 35 i (Values up to $2.25) Lisle garter top Full fashioned High spliced heel COLORS Black Silver Qray Nude Cordovan - White A rare opportunity to Buy all your hosiery for Fall at a very low price AM M E YE ft Sttapcd oa Shoe Mca SuntUrd ( Merit JBb TO 47 West 34th St, New York Brooklyn- -j pulton sr. , Netvarle-- M broad ars ago in NewTfcrk This Little School 'Boy and girl in 1857 started right in on September tst in \the ABC class.\ No Labor Day or kindergar- ten delayed their itudy of the \Three Rs.\ Probably these little folk went to private school where she learned to sew, and he was taught to recite in Latin. Children have greater advantages now than when this store was establishes. Soon wc will want you to celebrate with us the passing of 65 years since that time. 1857 McCreery .ST.jjj THE EVENING WORLD, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1922. Then after marriage tho veil falls and tho suitor finds she Is well Just human, that's all.\ \But I questioned, the A frt r ftrn n av41 wn I in In w m O H ant a A fault:\ 22, fearing \Yes and no.\ tho soft voice of Miss Maurel continued, as she cocked her head to on side In reflective consid eration of the question. \Tho American husband la tho most wonderful In the worjd,\ she ex plained at length. \They have not tho veneer the suavity and polish of the foreigner but thoy aro the moat The Season of the Fur Scarf B9.50 The fur scarf isn't merely a fashion note these days, it is a matter of necessity, with chilly Autumn breezes whistling around your neck. It is really too early for a coat a scarf is the only natural solution. At 39.50 you may choose one of the beautiful collection of fox animal scarves in cdlor-in- g to suit your fancy or your frock; slate, brown, taupe, black or pointed. 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If hq makes one million (tho smooth hands of the speaker clasped and unclasped over an Imaginary lapfut of gold) ho Is not content Un- til ho makes anothor and another and another. But it Is becauso of his wife. This Ifl wliero ho makes a mis 4. take In providing for her materially, he Is forgetting to feed her spiritu- ally and mentally. Tho wlfo feels neglected and Justly so.\ Miss Maurel leaned forward In righteous support of hor nrgumcnt. \Sho looks elsewhere, for amuse- ment and recreation. Then when tho man wakes up ho finds that their beautiful mountain of lovo has been flattened Into a valley of dlscontont. They havo drifted fur apart, In tho largo und yawning spaco looms divorce. Thcro Is TOO much dlvorco everywhere. , \Then tho man looks for his soul- - Hours: 5.30 Open Saturday Frock with Bertha 29.5Q The trod: sketched, centre, exploits the new bertha, long tight sleeves arid a colorful beaded Motif at a low waistline, and is very modestly priced at A frock created to accompany jacquejtes with velvet skirt, gracefully full, and bodice of printed crepe, is exceptionally reasonable at 25 THIRD FLOOR I cut is the in silk a de in to the new by A full of and and the Rita by One of by \A to rank with the of by BOOK SHOT I mato once moro tho American woman Is to htm sho Is onco moro to please.\ \Do you thon, tho man's lovo Is tho American woman's?\ was asked. \No with a slaw, lingering of tho volco. Thon \No moro \I say that. I must not be too hard on the Ameri- can woman for, you see, I am- one But thoro Is ono thing I do tjcllovo and elncorely and that Is, tho American woman should bp tho guldo and to man. 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Inspiration MISSES Coats, polo models, English plaid plain, of marten brown with marten and PEPARTMG and favorite well Your Choice of Autumn Shoes 8.73 When you start out to buy your this season and find you need three pairs instead of one, it will be a satisfaction to find also that you can buy them at so moderate a price and that you can have so wide a choice. One strap pumps with soles and low walking heels in brown, or black kid; Oxfords in black kid, calfskin or tan calfskin; and satin slippers with one strap and baby Louis or full French heel; SECOND FLOOR 3fcv Hats Use Black Spanish Veils 3.95 Among strong- ly Span-is- h drape beguil- ing. flatter- ing quality softness draped over hat, women it Marked at a special price. OROUND Lord & Taylor him la the political and business world. Physically eho does not be- long thero. \alio should be Just ons step In back of tho man, guiding, pushing and holplng him to his plac In tho world. Sho should bo ablo to con-vor- and discuss with him and business questions but only In a way to benefit tho man. A woman's plaoe Is In the home, or else lu somo pursuit murlc, art, 4tc.\ And the door closes, leaving Maurel with her baby-gron- d nnd and hor carocr,. which seems to loom so promising ahead. FOR Smart and tweed 37.50 and 45 TUB shoes welt black style rtotes have back this year, the veil, as a for the hat, is most There is a about the of a veil the which most find hard to resist. FLOOR along political artistic Bar- bara muslo that come t i Fall Sports Hats 5to20 J.\ MOOOOOM ft \Food. Drink\ All Asm Qakk Ldoch at Homt, Office, fcM HoontakM. Ak for H0MJCK3. Wfrkitik laltatiaas 1S1UWN qAtc Easy to Wear Because they roll a brim of stitched vet-v- et softly away from the face -- or flare out more widely at the sides, ending briefly at the back, a becoming line arid one to keep in mind for the high fur collars of winter. Both these are sketched above. Velour makes exeettdit sports hats the kind that adapt themselves oblig- ingly to street wear. And that's a qual- ity of all the hats in our sports section --th- ey may be worn for more formal occasions, with suits, as welL You'll find most charming hats here in colors becoming to every com plexion and styles for every type. Prices Zttosl (Moderate t FOURTH PLOOft Lord & Taylor 1922-192- 3 oAutumn Exposition of Fabrics Trimmings Ornaments Bertha Collar 3.95 its wide flaring line is so becoming, its unusual depth so graceful, we cannot wonder that the Bertha collar has re- turned to such high favor this season. Special Value The one sketched above is made of fine net trimmed with real Irish crochet lace. It is y inches deep and very specially priced. GROUND FLOOR bnl

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