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,m.,immlmm,mmimwi; COL JENS BUQQE DEAD. West Paint CommMdiml Cadet Patte Cot Jem Bugg. retired, died Cadet hopltl West rolnt. yeiterdsy. was born Wis- consin forty-eig- ht ytan ago and appointed military academy 1181. graduating four years later. '. \v.i . ; ! : t KB'lil k ii. .in i- n- I ' -- ii '' \ \ P.-- a- iii ii..'.. n\i mi W .asi i m it.,,. m .m,,,.,, i.,;,,- -. mm .. as- - mm, m iwm.m. a .nil, mils of A or U. B. A., In th at He In waa to the In He V j to Us to IN OUR OP We are to bring our up to the very highest With tbt aim in view we have placed ail our shops on 44-ho- week work basis. Under this the tailor is on and can turn out the very finest work. We can now offer you custom tailor- ing at prices you simply can- not afford to our NEW YORK CITY 1M7 let STfcV aaa M St. 1514 TkM Art., Near St St St E2M Ave Ntar DtJ St. Ml EifkA Bat 434 aad 44 Sta. 2JJ1 Eta Ave 1 143 Wnt M Street, mil the Braaswar, RRONXt Vecea i N$ee Jt Ian utalkni, padpj In fin art taxei. Necm Ltmtn Drops pun can tagar, ntly with lemon. Ntcem ofenamy tugat, fltoortj with ptp. ptrmlnl and Aec Chocolatt and dwcolalt . Tht stal tt buy by was an honor graduate of the army, ichool of tha line. th army ataff col- lege and th army war college. Col. Ilugg aenred In France at the outbreak of the war with tha general staff of tha American expeditionary force, and waa a recognised authority on tactics. Ha returned last luramei1 because of phyilcal dliablllty and wnt retired. Last December ha waa ap- points commandant of tha corpa of Ha will be burled In the Pott cemetery at Weal Point thla afternoon. Willi military nonors. DAY Court AHtrma Alirntao ne Thomas one of th twenty-fou- r murderer sine Sing death house, received word yeaterday from Warden Edward V. llrophy that the Court Appeala haa affirmed hit con- viction and that he mutt die tho eleotrlo chair. He waa convicted Manhattan and aentenced by Judge Mulqueen Feb. HIS. Our Factory Wearer System Enables Offer Men's m Suits to Measure Announcement: Important Strides POLICY improving tailoring. constantly striving tailoring standard. tailoring system concentrated workmanship therefore therefore masterly overlook. STORESi prtJuch. Including tetnltrgrtin. CoMvlollonl Kleclrocntett. Abrurjo, 25.00 XB undersell ready-to-we- ar our business direct with the mills and through our own shops, we eliminate the middleman's profits saving we give to you. KTK also the ready-to-we- ar re-- v where he can show you only few in your slse, we will make up your suit in your favorite style, to fit you perfectly, in any one of the 500 high-grad- e materials you will find in each of our stores. txtE outdistance all ed exclusive tailors be-- v cause we do big business on basis of small profits, operate in big way and in enjoy trade the small man can never get. Clearance at Broadway Store only (37th and 38th Sts.)- - Uncalled-fo- r Suits, Ready-to-We- ar $15 ul Value ; prices as low as Where Ave, -- laWvel2rSt. (Haalajaartan). ik.Nr.sifA THREE HUNDRED ChelalettU flattni StsuthiatttlltlU htatU Bariaum nutfilltngt, cadets. 30.00 , Of EN 4 35,00 40.00 retailers, btcauip manufacturers conducting tallerfor suits general' advan- tages Wonderf ALL SATURDAY Stores Are: STORES IN BROOKLYN 194 FUAsik Are. sS (rSterSwitf.) 1378 Brasctwty, Near Catet At. 7M Rrraawsy, Uack'fraa FhtAai Ave. SMI Fii Art, Car. SOU St (Bay Rtae). Aauwrir, tnJa Hilt 4. .( In of In In on s. ai v a a a a i 1 M Markat , Near Braa4 St 2tJ aWttaSa Ave. Joka St, Candy \Places FL.AVORY No matter where you go, these crisp,\ fresh, flavory caudles will add Joy to the occasion. Stop, at tho next candy place and get a package. In rolls of assorted flavors. Also rolls of alNpeppermlnt, and all -- cinnamon. N c c c o Wafers is but one member of the large family of N e c c o Sweets, which Includes a wide variety of delicious candles. There are rich, creamy chocolate bars, and delight- ful' hard candles, also Necco Chocolates in the finest of gift boxes. All bear tho Necco seal the un- questioned stamp of candy quality. C C , o CtnficlUmry .. Ctmptnr STRONG FORALLES IN WAR, HE SAYS, ANSWERING WIFE Dr. Scott Denies He Showed German Bias Called Kai- ser a Scoundrel. Dr. Georg-- a Dow Siott, No. M Wet 72d atrrct, In an affidavit (lied to-d- before Bapremo Court Justice Donnelly In answer to a suit for separation brought by Jessie Piatt Scott, declared that he was strongly pro-All- y all through the war. Mrs. Scott had con- tended ho showed a atroturiy bias In 'his conversation and had been otherwise cruel to her. Mrs. Scott Is said to be of English birth. \I was never cruel to tha plaintiff,\ says Dr. Boott \I waa kind, thoughtful, considerate, sympathetic and loving to her. I was always strongly pro-Al- ly and antl-Ocrro- during tho war, as to which contention I submit this ex- tract from a letter which I wrote to my brother, Arnold Scott, on October 6, 1914: \My feelings aro bitterly n. I feel that the Emperor Is tho most miserable scoundrel on earth.' , \As to using tho German language, I sometimes spoko It so as not to lose ray knowledge of tho language. I would sometimes address a vraltor in aerman.\ In denial of the allegation that he hod been cruel, Dr. Bcott offered let- ters sent to him by Mrs. Scott after dates on which she charged he had treated her harshly. One of these, dated Westbampton, It. L, July 24, 1917, reads in part: \Dlarest: How sweet of you to wrlto a dear lottor. I love It I think I'd give up all I possessed it you'd .overcome a fow irritating ways. 11... I l 1. - I . T .1-- 1 A uui iiuvu ucuru IUUBQ uiiuaa IU1U they hurt me so much not that there is anything wrong against you. It'a simply that you do ridiculous things that make one rathor Jealous. Now darling, I wonder If you love mo well enough to overcome theso littlo things. Darling, I want to be Vlth' you, and enjoy your company, and to love you. It alt rests with you, whether I can or not. Darling, you don't know how much I wani to lovo you and bo with you, Way dorv't you let me? Lota of love and kisses.\ In a letter from Ocean Point. Me.. dated June 30, 1818. the plaintiff is alleged to have written In' a letter directed to \My Dearest George:\ \I suppose you are glorying Id your freedom. Are you 7 No one toy nag. Don't you lovo me a littler I mis you quite a lot and wish you wera hero. Heaps of lovo, dear.\ ' On July 9 she wrote: \I am quit a little homesick ht and I want to bo with you.\ In his affidavit Dr. Scott said his wife was a nurse before their mar rlage and that there waa anj lnveatl cation of his financial condition and some talk that he \might\ turn over to her 125.000, but this waa not1 paid. Justlco Donnelly granted $!& a week alimony pending trial. Dr. Boott, who waa graduated from the Harvard Medical School In 1900, sets forth that he is a member of the Harvard Medical Society, Society of Medical Jurisprudence. Medical So- ciety of Greater New York. Academy of Medicine, County Medical Society, Herlem Medical Association, former Secretary of the Greater NeW York Medical Society and former Presi- dent of the New York Physician' Association. For ten years ho was Instructor in Infants' and children's diseases at the l'ost uraauaie Hos pital. BRONX TO FIGHT DECISION FIXING GAS COST AT $1 .50 District Attorney, P. S. C. and Others Plan Appeal From Justice Mullan's Ruling. The Bronx la preparing to fight to th flnlnh 11.50 District Attor ney Martin- - gave notice this morning that an appeal win oe iaten rorxn-wit- h from, the decision yesterday of Buprom Court Justice simian. Tim nmni Gas and Electric Com n.mv hnri announced its Intention of raisins the prlco of gaa to fl,S0 per thousand ana naa neen servea wiia tiotic hv District Attorney Martin that it it did all the officials would bo haled beforo tho Grand Jury. Thft Legislature has fixed the maxl mum rate for gaa at U a thousand and the nrosecutlon waa to be baaed urvin iMn law. The sras and eleotrlo company took the matter Into a ooqrt of equity and proposed to raj so it rate pending tho action of the court. In granting an Injunction Justice Mul- - lan leave tho company tree to put its raise Into execution without fear of prosecution. The furnishing of a bona lhA return of the overchars to the consumers should the courts n umlnst the comnanv. brinm but lllttlo comfort to the consumers, prece dent showing that it is an unsausruc-tor- y proceeding, District Attorney Martin said he bad. at,,Boycosl,.tQUpsrtlt' a tho INSF6WA FOfl VETERANS. OF AMERICAN LEGION WILL BE READY SOON ' gsgHHgata 3igfgfBfBK3ftWt VBSBuHSBBr Lapel Button Devised Which In- cludes Service Button lo be Issued by Uncle Sam. The Inalgnla of tha American Legion, the after-wa- r organlaatlon of thoae who served In the army, navy or marine corps at home or abroad during the war, win 40 aaya oa uaygtiore. Long Island, was dts-rea- .for delivery to members of tho Parsed and went Into the newly posts to which chartera of pivialon. was trans' ferrcd to the, Air Service had State In the Union. The Insignia Is a lajfcl button three quarters of an Inch in diameter. In tho centre Is a reduced reproduction of the service button which haa bn deilgned by th War Dcp&rtmnt for tho wear of civilians who are entitled to tho Vic- tory medal or the doable rainbow service ribbon on their uniforms. Thla regula- tion button la a Ave pointed star with the letters \U. S.\ In the centre, rets-in- g on a wreath. In the American Le- gion button, the mlnlaturo reproduction of the service button Is surrounded with a blue enamel rlnx bearing U10 words \American Lesion,\ nnd the whole Ii framed in a brilliant, rayed, ten pointed gald border. opposition to tret together for a con- ference later in the day to determlno what action may be taken pending the appca) from the Injunction. Tho opposition Includes the Attorney General's oOlce, the Public Service Commission, the District Attorney's offlco and the legal representatives of the consumers. The Bronx Gas and Electric Com pany produced figures before Jus- tice MuUan to ahow that the manu facture of its gas and cost of Its amounted to $1.32 a thousand feet, and claimed that It would be confiscatory to compel them to fur- nish its product at $1 a thousand. The same contention la belna made in the court of equity. PASSPORTS PROMISED AT UST TO ROUMANIANS 1,000 Will Be Ready by Next Tues day for-- Aliens Who Have Waited Long for Chance to Go Home. Nearly 4.Q0O Roamanlan gathered about the branch ofllce of the Consulate at No. tiS Lexington Avenue to-d- and demanded passports for return to their nomes, tor wnicn tney aaia they bad applied from a week to two weeks ago. They ware assured that th passports from No. 1 to 120 In' order of applica tion would be ready for them and 1.000 would ba nadir hv Tuesday. Several of the Roumanians said thrlr savings had been used up walling hers for tfte passports ana could hardly raise the tl.CO requlrsd for a passport. 810,000 VI re In the Dronx. In opening a case of matches in his grocery at No. HI East Hth Street yesterday. Max Slater accidentally atarted a fire which deatroyed three frame bualneaa buildings, Nos. 663. Ill and 0I(, and damaged No. 6IS. ThetlOss is estimated at 110,000. LEMON JUICE FOR FRECKLES Girls I Make beauty lotion for a few centsTry Itl Squeesc'tlie juice of two lemons Into a bottle containing; three ounces of orchard white, shake well, and you have a quarter pint of the best freckle and tan lotion and complexion beau-Ufl- er at very, very small cost Your grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will sup ply three ounces or orcnara wiute lor a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each day and see how freckles and blemishes disappear and how clear, soft and rosy white the skin becomes. Yest It IS harm- less and never Irritates. Advt. Dentistry That Lasts too PLATES REQUIRED .GUARANTEED Tho Waterbury plate teeth\ are marvels ot dental skill. They are built around and attached to solitary teeth or protruding roots, which are saved. They the functlona of natural teeth, Serform place. Permanently serviceable and have the \feel\ and appearance of teeth grown In the Jaw. The WATERBURY Way Coma here In the morning, have your old teeth extracted FREE WITHOUT PAIN and return home at night with a. NEW ast. OUARANTBBD to nt per- fectly. Decayed teeth saved loose teeth tightened missing teeth replaced with- out elates. Extraction and Dental Surrery mada PAINLE8S bv the annllmllnn to tha gums of our NEW IUSMEDT. WATEKWJRY DfeKTAL COMPANY EstsM&d 1897 2&W. 34th St,N York 414-1- 6 Fulton St Brooklyn Hounst 0 to Sundays. 0 to 2 1 AIL UKCUACES SPOKEN - FLUSHING YOUTH DIES IN FALL AS HE FLIES UPSIDE DOWN Four Army Recruiting Aviators Forced Down on Trip ' ' North. Sergt. Gordon Oates, of the air ser. vice of the army, of E. II. Gates, of No. 222 Percy Street, Flushing, was killed y falling from a plane at Amerlculv Va., yesterday afternoon, according to a message received by his parents lis was flying upside down In a \flying circus.\ when his llfo-be- lt broke. Tho plane Dew for half a mile before tt dropped to. the ground. Sergt. Gates was for two years In the navy air school at curepca , lew formed the Ho \.b\.fra\te.dbrth and service \no sbn eight months army air training. From valUngton came the report rr I A S If \PRINCESS Stylo 6650. Most popular and modal of he season. White Kid, alto Nubuclc, Long, Slender Vamp, High Arch and Louis' Heels, Our price $5.00. 35 Stores Greater York (hat Lieut Itobert E. Selff, pilot, had hot been heard from since ho left Washington for Langley Vleld, Va., n four o'clock yeaterday ntternoon. The 'Do HnviUuid planes of the recruiting squadron- - leav- ing Washington just beforo noon yea- terday, bad trouble on their trip north. Two machines came down in the fog at Camp Vr.ll, N. J. That of which Limit. Jncob Duke was pilot hit the flagpola of a Hockawtty bung- alow and glanced off to the beach. Lieut. Duko's Jaw was dislocated and I1I9 observer, Lieut Flucgel, suffered a cut lip. The fourth piano of tha squadron,, piloted by .Major John W. Simons, innded at Highland liench, N. J., In tho middle of the afternoon on the wuttr. Tho maohin was wrecked by the effort of tho fishing Doai Aiasna 10 tow 11 10 snore. ROW OVER LUCKlNBACH. Compilislonar llalbert Demands Detraction of Statement to Presa. A long, wordy wrangle occurred at the Sinking Fund Commission yeaterday ever the complaint of tho Luckenbaeh Steamship Company that Its application for a permit for Pier No. Ml, Brooklyn, waa being Ignored by Dock Commlialon-e- r Hulbert. The Commissioner read a statement he said Mr. Luckenbaeh had lven to the newspapers and asserted f t contained Inaccuracies, and demanded retraction. John II. Johnson, for Mr. Lukenbach. tried to tell the Commission er whv the company should havo the pier. Tho lawyer aald he had never seen ECE mm the statement. Mr, lAickenbach, Close knw had clvn statement to press, deny nuthorshlp of It. ha matter day. 11 n Sv in bitts. ;nea very tliv ino iced he tho did not thA will be takwn up again to- - Mae Hnri Ilia; itrar Paris. tPAntB, July.l8 fhfeb soldlera and six civilians were Injured In tha ex plosion. Thursday . Of largo muni- tions dumptj at Le, .Itourgut, seven mile northeast or Paris. Several building and three Sheds were dam- aged by concuolon. \BAYER CROSS\ ON GENUINE ASPIRIN in mi ill and .V 1 J \Oayer of Aspirin\ to be genuine must be marked with the safety \Bayer Cross.\ Always buy an uibroken Dayer package which contains proper directions to safely relieve Headache, Ear- ache, Colds and pain. Handy boxes of 12 tablets cost but a few cents at drug stores larger packages also. Aspirin Is the trade mark of Dayer Manufacture of Monoacetlcscldcster of Sallcyllcacld. Advt. ' ET lilIANY women appear attractive and well dressed on half the money that other women require! Why? They buy from stores that give stylish, quality merchandise at low prices. They come to us, for they know that we have styles and fine quality shoes at wholesale prices. attractive Our rpotto is big volume and small profits. Price Ig-oo- ' Worth More, But No Style Over $5.30 SMART STYLES FOR MEN AND WOMEN Ask for Style Book Illustrating: Latest New York Shoe Fashions ,New rrT7i nTtTnr\ Tablets f1\\- - llllllllllll'lilimni riiiiiiNuiiiiiiimiiniiuma im j III -- n-CaTxr H ;rs 10 how Ii'l. In .a the III tin Mail Order Dept 326 Lafayette SL New York City. Add 15 Cents to PAfl ! I III SU JBsVs) aafSaassssVSW- - MmmMBk m V III M. I aU VTV will See )irectory Telephon ffrr AKU ;c3\jn District, Women of today seem to listen to every call of duty except the supreme one that tells them to guard their health. Home duties, church duties, war activities, and tho bundred-and-on- e calls for oharitable enterprises soon lead women to overdo. Nervousness, headaches, backaches and female troubles are the inevitable result. fjH Toothache, Neuralgia, ' Philadelphia, Pa. \I waa very weak, ai. ways tired, ray back ached, and I felt sickly most of the time. I went to a doctor and he said I had nervous indigestion, which, added to my weak condition, kept me worrying most of the time and he said if I could not stop that, I could not get well. J heard so much about Lydla E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com- pound my husband wanted me to try It I took it fo'r a week and felt a little better. I kept It up for three months, and I feel fine and can eat anything now without' distress or nervousness. Ilealth and happiness? Yes, I have both now.\ Mrs. J. WoKTHMlfK, 2843 North Taylor Street,\ Philadelphia, Pa. The majority of women nowadays overdo, there are so many demands upon their time and strength; the result is invariably a weakened, run-dow- n nervous condition with headachos, back-aoh- e, irritability and depression and soon more serious ailments develop. Avoid them by taking in timo Ludia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound

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