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P.ji,' ' THE WORLD: WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 21 1887: W. TO-MORRO- W. TO-MORRO- W. TO-MORRO- W. TO-MORRO- W., ;.. A. H. KING & CO., i 627 AND 629 BROADWAY, j . UNITED KT' 1 T Xl. ! A Syndicate of American Manufacturers' THREE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND j AMERICAN DOLLARS, WILL POSITIVELY SACRIFICE, WITHOUT RESERVE, TO-MORRO- W. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, FROM 9 I M. UNTIL 10 P. M., Their entire magnificent stock of Clothing including a Special Consignment of $100,000 worth of goods from the great \ WHOLESALE CLOTHIERS' SYNDICATE,\ consisting of superfine Tailor Blade Suits and Overcoats, out in the latest \ Broadway \ style and made from superb imported suitings and overcoatings to sell at $30.00, $40.00 and $50.00. To-morr- ow every garment in the establishment will positively be sold at FIFTEEN DOLLARS. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. THE FINANCIAL STANDING, COMMERCIAL CREDIT and READ I HIS GUARANTEE ! THE REPUTATION OF A. H. KING & CO. FOR ALWAYS ful- - $, BUSINESSS REPUTATION of A. H. KING & CO., the LEADING CLOTHIERS, ARE REPORTED BY ALL COMMERCIAL AGENCIES We guarantee, and stalce our business reputation on the absolute and literal fllllng their advertisements is Ilrmly estahllshed In the minds to be TEN TIMES GREATER and MORE EXTENSIVE than those truth of every word contained in this advertisement. We also guarantee that of the public by their dealings in the past and is UNCHAL- - H of any Arm on the Bowery \ who deal in clothing, and sec- - not a single garment will be taken from our stock or reserved from the general 1 ond to none in New York. \ LENGED EXCEPT BY IRRESPONSIBLE RIVAL CONCERNS. Slaughter.' EVERYTHING GOES.\ TO THE PUBLIC. Wo dosiro to state, injustice to the Manufacturers who are at present associated with US In the great \ WHOLESALE SYNDICATE,\ that they are the four leading concerns of America, that they do not make thojclass of goods sold by Bowery dealers, that they do not sell to Bowery dealers nor desire their patronuge, that there is no concern on the Bowery to whom these manufacturers would' extend credit sufficient to enable them to hamllo the IMMENSE STOCK now displayed on Messrs. A. II. KING & CO.'S COUNTERS, tnat some Bowery concerns who advertise to \ manufacture their owa f goods \ WE KNOW have purchased quantities of REFUSE STOCK, which wo would not permit under our roof, merely to hobble along in our footsteps and feebly imitate our GREAT SACRIFICE SALE. I The Goods we sell To-morro- w will establish our reputation forever We defy our competitors to Equal them I A. H, KING & CO., LEADING AMERICAN CLOTHIERS, 627 & 828 BROADWAY. jr-- r . of every style and Kind CAY' in tbe list of WANTS\ yea find, ion rfn i?jUii ta.- - n . i, U).i!iih'AK3frt;iri'x&!iHai One bottle warranted to cure any Cough or Cold, or your money is returned. PLEASANT, SWIFT AND SURE. If taken u toon as you feel thtt Irritation or drjnou of the tbroat occasioned y a cold, four to (z dnaes will cur. Aa a trial of thia TllULY vomKUFUL medicine COSTS NOTHING, and aa 95 caaea cut of ererr UK) WILL BE CUKKD. It la well worth the while of all from l'ulmnnarr trouble t't AT LEAHT MAKK THE TRIAL. Price per bottle, contalninca half pint (enough to car eight people If taken In time), 60 CENTS. INSIST ON HAVING BIKER'S EXPECTORANT. Do not allow any one to peranade you otherwlae. Sold by aimoat all dealers throughout the United States. Sole Proprietors, DnUOOISTB AN11 MANUKACTUniNU UIIKMI8TR. KSTAULIMIK1) 180, AT3W6TII AVK.. NKW YOIIK. LAHORATOKIES, ST., and B5, 67 and Dl ULAUKSON BT., N. Y. Descriptive Catalogue, and Price List Mailed free on application, LUDWIG BAUMANN & CO., NOS. 51?, oil 8T11 AVK., DIET. 80T11 AND 30TII STS. mtKAT HOLIDAY Mule now la prosr.ss ofFUUNITUKIi mid CAIllUT4. Trrms-CA- bll or C1UHUIT an your own terms. lll'EN EYENlNUS UNTIL O O'CLOCK. WS MEi HEALTH MAKES THE ll.Wlt IIIIOIV, JlllAI.S Al.I, HUAL.1 DISKAHliM, I'retunt. Dindrull and falllmr olthebsir, Wnrrnntrit to irlore youllilul color sndbruuty Ii. ula or Imlcd luilr. A lieSlihful, cleanly dretilna. Prnlerred for purity and oerfame. At druiiista or London HupplrUo ,ai llroadwar. New York. KILL YOUh UUKNb, WAItlU and liuLlia with KlLLLOltNS. lu cents kills 00 corni, Drusfists. PIANOS AND OUGANS. E3TEY PIANOS These fsmoas Instruments oontatn patented Imprors. ments not found in other pianos, and wbloh make them superior In toue and durability to anrother make. Uo. f ore deoldiuff what piano to buy. call at No, D Kut Four, teenth street and see and bear them. Tbe prices are los7 lor cash or ou small monthly payment. A NUMUKnoKOriAND. nprlaht and squsra pianos JL of our make, llzbtly used, almost as good as no. snd tally warrsnied, will be eold at a liberal reduction, from roanlar prices pianos to rent, ffa, Kuabe A Uo.. 1U 6th are,, abure lbih sU TUB \orFJIA\ PIANO, the most popular and Ihs In the market, only flO monthly nntll psldi one quarter's unaloleesons freei rent ouly $ sendfar cauloaue. reek ABoa, Hla Weetilthst..oornettt'way. DKNT1BTKY. A ?,AJlS.PLAtt 'r the painless effraction ol ikKleiante;old nlllnaa moet beauhlully finished from 1,00 up. aillnts from 6Uo. np, Ueanilfullr rienc successors to N, Y. bealsTUo., 30a st!iee..'ia door beltm UU H..opp,Uaflrs, , a. Hoadays,!. OVERCOATS. j OVERCOATS. HIRSHKBND & CO. fllEN'M.UOYH'iVCIllLDnnN'H CLOTHING, 30fl AND 308 DHOADWAY. OPBN BATU&DAY WI01IT3 UNTIL O O'OLO Q&! Spellman's Hats FOll 'III k HOLIDAYS. FINEST QUALITY DEB. UYH. S3. bILK I1ATS. 80 AND 80. A 8 AVISO OF 81.60 TO 2 ON BBOADWAY FttlOBS. FULL LINE OF BILK UMBRKLLAS. lUOV&ND 111 FAUK BOW, COKNKR CHAMDKRS 6TRBBT. ItUAIj ESTATE. TUB IMPORTANT FAOT THAT I AM BULLING LOTS AT East New York, Bath Beach Junction, Woodside Heights, FOtt $150 AND UPWARD, Payable $10 Monthly, 10 PERCENT. DISCOUNT FOUCAHU. On such tcruia and prices who will not HECUKE A HOME AND nil INDEPENDENT OF LANDLORDS HE.1IhnilEIl ALWAYH THAT 1IIY TITLES AltB 1NHUIIED BY TUB TITLE OUAltANTEE AND TilUrJTCOe CAPITAL B800.O0O. At Enet New York, on (hn Ilnpeljo and Hrnt'innn lilrnts, my naenf llvoon tbepropa erlloe, and can always be found ut uiy branch) olllces, corner Liberty and JUontn.uk ares., and corner llroailwitr and Dennett areM to sbaw lho lots. At Ilnth Ileach Junction and Woodsido iltlaht. my aaenu are on hand very afternoon to show the arounds. Maps and Tree pasaes to Uatb Ueach Junction at my oUlcea, 00 Liberty at.. New York, and UU3 Pulton at., Uroohlyn. j: ' mWmTry!SimU YOU WILL HAVE MONBYf KfflfAMnAlWa Time, Pain. Troubl. IHM catarrh LSflsl E,y'8 Cream Ba'm EBsWJjSe! APP bulm 'to eaob nostrils l HaKO3aW BLY BROS.. I PsMFVyvuVAl 2S80reenwIehst.iJf.Y. ,1 INTEHEST AND DIVIDEND NOTICE? TTOTIOR 18 HEREBY OIVKN THAT A OBNBRAJs 'bTot.VhVnHatfN.0w0kB:o?V.,DUWA of JANUARY, 1888, at 1 P. M.. forlhe trans. action ot any business that may come betare th meeUoar, HEfflttT\ PREPARING FOR I1EE DEATH. Mnrderer Crandall'. Wife Still Conscious. but Not Expected to Lire. IPICIiL TO TUI WOnLD. Tbot, Dee. 20. The toplo atBall- - atoa Spa to-d- waa the terrible triple murder of yesterday mornlajr, wlen a 8. Crandell shot and .killed his mother-in-la- .Mrs. Mary E. stone: hit stepdaughter, Miss Julio Bulkier; fatally shot hla V'\4m wife Julia and then ended hli own exUtence il bj sending a bullet through nil heart. The Wr tragedy wai discussed In atorea, on the Jm street corners and aronnd tho firesides. \ crime ta the most brutal that ever took place In the quiet village, llnndreda went to the handsome mansion In whloh repose tho remains ot Mrs. Stone and MUs Bulkier, and moarnfallr (razed npon the pallid laces or the dead. Maur 1', were the worda of sympathy otfered (or Mrs. Cran- - C 3elL Utr condition was inch that no one waa Ky allowed to see or converse with her except her A. phjslclan and a few relatives. She baa remained conscious the entire time since the murder, and Kf baa held long conversation wtlh the physicians m. and undertaker, she sorters but little bodily pain K and bears the terrible ordeal with great fortitude. I The physician discovered that Mrs. Crandell had r been shot three times, Instead ot twice. The third wound la near the right hip, and It la feared the C; , ballet has entered the pelvic cavity. Mrs. Crsu- - dell's condition bt la regarded aa precarious. mfii , This afternoon she began vomiting, which la con- - M-- aadered a dangeroua symptom. The remains of m.V Crandell wero taten directly after the murder to Kl Young's undertaking rooms, where they lay in an R) Icebox nntll this afternoon, in the name condition as when discovered on the floor ot tho cupola. fcp\ Hundreds visited the rooms and looked at the dead Hj- - murderer. Mrs. Crandell directed that a single I lot be purchased In the llalltton Cemetery and that Krf Crandell be buried there. Ilia body waa placed lu a plain coffin by Undertaker Young and taken to ; the cemetery this afternoon. There wero no f ., funeral services, no mournera and only a few B-- curious people who followed the murderer's rc- - f mains to tbe last resting-plac- e. The expense of ;' the burial will be borne uy Mrs. Crandell. Hhe ro- - C fused to allow Crandell to bo burled lu tho family fv.; plot in Oakwood Cemetery, In this city. k Undertaker MllUrd.of fits city, baa oharge of the funeral arrangements of Mrs. Stone snd her graud- - E,'', daughter, Julie Bulkier. It haa been decided to K\ bold the funerals from the family residence batur- - Bt day. morning u 11 o'clock. The pastor of tbe Br Presbyterian Church will officiate. The casketa E nave not yet arrived, alihough they have been ordered. The one for Mrs. tstono will be of a dark ' material, while Mlu Uulkley'a will be ot lluht blue. K, The funeral services will be of a very slmplo b character and there will be no display. The re- - e mains of both parties will be brought to Troy on rJt the noon train Saturday, and will be placed In tho Jr\ vault at Oakwood. In the spring they will be In- - Et \ terred In tbo family plot. K Mrs. Crandell to-d- selected from tho wardrobes p- - of ber mother and daughter the dresses In which mzje she desired them burled. Her every wish haa been K' complied with. .When Mrs. Crandell learned that WSr ber husband had killed himself ber greatest desire ET seemed to be tu o: him out of the house aa soon aa possible. Undertaker Millard had a long conversa- - jv' tlon with her this morning, in which she made k, known ber wishes in regard to ber own funeral In she should not su'vlve. Hhe ordered tho flowers for tbo funeral of her mother and daugh- - E ,er- - ureat syeai atby Is oxprcnod In this city for fe- -, Mrs. Crandell, and tbe one wlab la that sue may re- - cover. A great crowd will meet tho remains at the depot Saturday and accompany them to the bcautl- - fj tnl cemetery. Both Mrs. atone snd Miss Bulkier were well known and highly reapeoted la Troy, and ike funeral cortege will be one ot tbe saddest that Ur ever wended Its way to the silent city ot tbo dead os the bUL CranJeil. the murderer and suicide, was born In . Baiton, Waahinston County, ills fatber was a f farmer and Sylvester wsa a son by a second wife. - The murderer had a Asber crandell, fc who died In Cambridge about fifteen years ago, ana bis widow lives there still. When a young Li man Hylveatrr wanted to go Into tbe mercantile tinilness at bet nad no money. lie induced ' bis fatber to mortgage the farm In order to give E,., blBiastarb Geltlug all the cash hla father could taUe, Crandell went Into business and lost tbe K taosey. When bis fatber sold his farming effects SV be took about 700 worth of notes. These yonng Nk' Craadeu got bold or, and, obtaining tbe money on U tattn, lost that also. UU business career has, M. aivsj bean nnsacoessf oL y MB. HANNINO MUCH BETTEB. - We WnmHr AntborUe tbe Ststement that K? i fle Is Not Seriously 111. K;' fsraout, to ess wob&d.I ' JUUMT, Dee. 80. Manning baa Hstet s4sal all day, and bis ooodWoa temporarily '\'\ IkeimitHf xwt ttwt ttwMjstmrtsr, tho re- - ' port thst be haa had a second psralytlo abook Is aiisolutely without founds! Ion. Tbe fact, how- ever, Is not disguised that there has been for two weeks past a peroeptlble falllngln hla condition and physical powora. ills appetite baa been good and his Intellect perfectly clear. Ilo con- verses with his family and reads tho newspapers, and there Is no Immediate alarm felt at hla condi- tion. The family of the authorize this statement as lo hla condition: \Mr. Manning oameto Albany on Tuesday last from hla New York residence to spend the holldaya with his eldest son, Mr. Joint's II. Manning, whoso residence In tancaaier atroct waa formerly that of the Secretary. Mr. Manning haa not hu i, either lu New York, Albany or cliewiiire, any recurrence of the attack that prostrated him in Washington In 188U, nor Is any expected by hli pnrslolans. In tho nature of tho case they any no such recurrenco la posaliilo. Mr. Manning la somewhat weaker than ixifore making the Journey to Albany, but hla appetite remalna good and his mind Is as clear us at any tlmo in his life. Ills condition, though serious owing to tho physical weakness, la not at prcsont alarming. TLATT'S CABU GOES OVEE. AttorneyUencrnl O'llrlcn Ilnnble to Obtain a Trial nt This Term. Albany, Dec. 20. In the Circuit Court Justice Learned presiding, Attorney - General O'Brien moved the Halt caao for trial, and In an argument contended that there waa no rea- son why tho case should not go on at nnce, as counsel eugaged by Mr. I'lalt, and who were present, were fully acquainted with tbo caso In all Its phases, and were as well able to try it as though Mr. McFarland, Bcnlof counsel, were present. Ilo alto read all the corroipondenco which had taken place between himself and counsel for i'lalt, and contended that all the defendant had been striving for since the ease commenced was delay, lie added mat tho only question Involved was one of fact aa to tbe residence ot tbo defendant. Harris objected to tbo case being forced to trial In tho absence of counsel who hud had It In charge from the outset, and submitted an afflddvlt of Mr. McFarland to the effect that he waa actually engaged In the trial of a cause m the United States Court In New York cltr liud would be detained by It until Friday. Mr. Harris said the main reason urged by the Attorney-Genera- l for trjlng the caae waa that ho waa going out ot ufneo and would not be able to try lb Even so, his deputy, who was coming In, could take It up, und It necessary, employ bis predecessor to try It. There waa no ponuUr domand for the trial at this time, or. If there was, then the Attorney-Gener- was culpable In not having moved In tbo matter three veum ana tntttparl nf nnw Mr. Harris further contended that more than n more question of tact waa Involved. Aa a matter ot fact, there were many very Important questions lnvolted, and they could only be tried ti) counsel who was familiar with the cose. Mr. Harris fur- ther asserted that politics were behind the move- ment to fono the esse to trial now. Jusllco Learned decided that tbe ewe must go over fur tho term. The next circuit convenes on Jan. 0. LEFT ALL HEU MONtY TO HER BON. Tbe Great Commodore l.ntrrence'a Uaughter Ignores Ilor llusbuud. IsrrciAL to Tn woauM NswroRT, II. L, Dec, so. The will of the late Mrs. Mary L. Itedmond, wife of William Hcdmond and granddaughter ot Commodore Lawrence, of Don't give up the ship\ tamo, has just been proved. For years Mrs. Itedmond has occupied the Lawrence cottage on Kay street, bequeathed to ber by tbe Commodore's widow. Her husband resided In New York and rarely came here. They bad bnt one child, a son. Mrs. Itedmond waa regarded as one of the most beautiful married women ever In Newport. From tho beginning to the end of ber will tbe name ot her husband does not appear and not the sllgblest reference is made to him. Tbe will leaves all ot ber property ot every kind and description to ber son, W. I. Itedmond, provided, that the gifts and directions expressed In a memorandum heretofore made by me shall be faithfully carried out and performed.\ Mrs. Ited- mond stipulated that If ber son should die leaving no descendants, the prize silver presented by Con- gress to Commodore Lawrence shall go to tbe next of kin of tbe Lawrence blood, and the portrait of tbe commodore, by Gilbert Stuart, shall go to the New Jersey Historical Society. The will names Sidney Webster, of of State Hamilton Fish, of New York, and Lloyd if. Mayor, of this oltj, m exeeaten. XU latter dm uumied. 'laW'-- l'iliAiViMVitss'li'stssrijBi'jii\'ii'il ME8. CLEVELAND HELPS BUSINE83. 8be Patronizes Washington Merchants and They Appreciate Ilor. SriCtAL TU TU W0RLD.1 WAsniNGTON, Dec Hu, There Is Just now no more Industrious Christmas shopper than Mrs. Cleveland. Hardly a dsy passes that sno Is not seen on the arenas peering with a critical eye Into the store windows, gsy with holidsy goods, or standing at the Counters selecting presouts for tho long list of friends slio Inviiriablj romembers at this festive season. Mrs. Cleveland la beginning to bo regarded by ths milliners and dressmakers oi Washington with the utmost favor. It has long bceu tbu habit or the lames of the torn tun residing In Hie city to go to New York or l'hllidclphia to do all their shopping. Mrs. Cleveland, however, nua set the fashion of patronizing local merchants, whose business has, in consequence, recelieu no Inconsiderable Impetus. Not long ago the first lady of the land \dis- covered a very tasteful milliner on whom alio at onco bestowed her patronage. Tbe \Mrs. Cleve- land bonnet \ was a bewitching uffalr of scarlet Bilk braids, ribbons and flowors, and waa exhibited with much pride by the milliner to her other cus- tomers. As a result there are now scores of similar bonnets to be seen on tho avenue any pleasant day, worn by old, middle-age- d and young ladles, all of whom delight to acknowledge the superior tosto of the mistress of the White House. A bright little shop girl, who uses her snapping black eyes to good purpose, has been making quite a study ot Mrs. Cleveland's shopping manners. Shosald to Tub Would correspondent \Do yon know, I waited ou Mrs. Clovelsnd several times before I knew who sac was ; She waa over so Eleasant and kind when she bought anything of me, of having me send homo every llttlo paper of pins or bit ot laio, as most of our customers do, she would carry it with her. Why, I have seen ber tske quite a big bundle nnder her arm and walk a block or two without even going to ber carriage to leavo the package. I tell you, sir, I am always snro I have found a real lady when she is willing to carry a bnndle on the street. One day Mrs. Cleveland bought quite a lot of thlnga, and when I asked ber wbero I should send them she said, 'to trie White House,' just as quietly aa I wonld aay 'to Capitol Hill,' Why, I nave some lsdy customers who, If they could send their things to tho White House, wonld shout tbe directions loud enough to be heard a mile. I lust think .Mrs. Cleveland Is too nice and modest for an) thing.\ JL BERNHARDT WEDS A TRINCESS. Ills Wife Connected with a Ilrauoh of the lloiiitpnrle Family. Paris, Dec. so. Maurice Bernhardt, the son of the actress Mile. Satan Bernhardt and Princess Theresc Jablonowska wero married at midnight In tho church of bt. llonore, Avenuo d'Ejlau. The Princess Thoreao Jablonowska Is a grand- child of tbe stepdaughter of Prince Luolen Bona- parte, the brother of Napoleon L Prlnoo Luclen's second wife was tho widow of tbo Paris stock- broker, Jouberlhoo, one ot wboso daughters mar-rlc- u a member of the Jablonowskl family. Prmce Charles Jablonowskl, the gtvatuade ot the bride, la a member of the Austrian House of Peers, Grand .Marshal of the Kingdom of Gallcla, a Privy Councillor and a Chamberlain of the Kmperor Francis Joseph. Ihnse of the family, however, who belong to the brunch from which Maurice Bernbardt'swlfe is descended are debarred from holding any conrt appointments on account of the fact that M, Juuberttion waa a mere \ iiourgfli,\ snd for tbe same reason tne bride. Princess Tnurcac Is not hoffahlg.\ inatls, debarred from being presented at ths conns of Vienna or Berlin. Maurice Bernhardt, the son of the actress, Is well known lu New York, having been there on several occasions with hla mother. He la rather more manly than tbe ordinary type of French gommtux\ or dude. It U reported that bis fatnerls the Prince deL., a n Belgian nobleman of ancient peerage. Mr. Iliicklncham'a Public Ilequesu. PoDanxcirsia, Dec. 11. Among the bequests In tho will of tbe Isle Stephen M. Buckingham, ot this city, are the following: Domestic and Foreign Muulonsry Society of tbe Episcopal Church, 10, 000, distributed among Its different depsrtmehts, as fol- lows! Domestic 110,000; Forsign. 13,000; Colored, 13,000: Indlsn, $2,000j New York lllble and Prayer-Boo- k Society, i,ooo: Trustees of the Fund for Aged and Infirm Clergymen of the Knlscopal Chnrcb In tbe Diocese of New York, tl.OoO; New York ISplscopsl Chnrcb Missionary Society for Sea- men. 11,000; Home of the Friendless, Poughkeep-al- e, $,U00; Vaaaar College, ta.000, to found a scholarship in perpetuity, proferincs to be given jll,Lifoe.yk3ltfoiff1TftVr'iiKVH a\.Xffr to daughters of clergymen ot tho Episcopal Chnroh, to be culled the Catharine Morgan Buckingham scholarship; Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 160,000: Ht. Paul's Church, Ponghkcepsle, f 10, COO; lie n on J, Losalng, In token of long friendship, FOREIGN PAUPERS SENT BAOK. An Unusually I.nrgn Number Unturned This , Yenr t'roiu Massachusetts. t si rciiL to tub wonLD.1 Boston, Deo. HL More paupers have been sent back to Europo this year by the Stato of Massa- chusetts than ever before This Is dne to the in- crease of Immigration, which has been about one-thir- d larger than ever before. Forty-fiv- e per cent. of this increase represents Scandinavia. Ireland comes next with an Increase of SO per cent. The groater part of the paupers sent back are taken from the oharUable institutions of ihu State. In somo esses where tbe immigrant becomes a pauper soon afier landing hu Is sent back ut tho aleamaulp companj's expense, but in most cases Ill's burden falls upon the Mate. In a low cases the paupers attempt to return, but they seldom outwit the officers. During the yesr ending Oct. 1 the authorities have returned about two hundred paupers tu foreign countries. About oue hundred and seventy-nr- o of thesu weut to Great Britain atid twenty-fiv- e to Canada. In audition they have returned 600 paupi rs to other btatos, the most of whom were foreign born. About three hundred stowaways were Interviewed by the State officers, and those who were thought to be unable to support thorn-bcIv- were sent back. But as a large proportion of those allowed to land eventually bring up In Kcnal Institutions cf this or other States, It lias decided not lo allow any stowaways to land hereafter uulota friends come forward and show tuelr ability and willingness lo care for them. IT MAKES THEM FEEL QUEER. Mysterious Leak, In n Mcbnoncr Which Makes the (tailors Buperatttlaus. SfSCIAL TO THE WOnLD.1 Fall Kiveii, Mass., Dec. SO. Tbo schooner Hurbcaon, Capu Hickman, whloh was towed hero last week In a leaky condition from Delaware Breakwater, wbor her crew had descrtod her on the voyage from Baltimore, Is the victim of an un- canny sort of leak which haa baffled all attempts at discovery and haa cost the owners a good pile of money. Thevtssel, to ell appearances, Is stanch. When empty, she Is as tight as a drum. Loaded wltn Ice, the uinps only draw a little iresli water, but loadod with coal, she leaks so bsdly that the crow havo to keep at tho pumps all tho time. This makes them weary, and when the leak oiu't bo dis- covered It makes them feel qneer. Sometimes they mutiny and usve ner on tue voyage, as nappeneu on the last trip. Almost ctory known moans bos been lakon to discover the les, bnt without avail, sue lias been aieuuied and smoked, and had a new bottom put in all of which oost sovrral thousand dollars still sno leaks. Sailors are beglunlng tu feel supersti- tious ubout tho ctrsngo leak, and It Is not au cosy matter to get u crew. Capu Hickman was naril at work hunting up a crew to take the vessel to Pblladclohla or Baltimore, wbero she will be docked and filled with water In another effort to discover tbe leak. Will Tbl. He the Telephone Decision r isricuL to Tint woeld.i WASirrsaTON, Dec St. It la said y by the anti-Be- ll telephono people tbat tho Supremo Court will render Its decision In tbo Bell telephone salt 'shortly after the holldaya There will be three opinions rooderod, they say, the effect of them belnc to limit Bell's fifth claim. That claim broadly covers every device tor transmitting articulate speeob by means of electricity, which now sires Bell a monopoly ot the telephone business, it tbe claim Is limited in any way It will open tho Held to the employment of any lorm of transmitter or re- ceiver that does not Infringe on the Bell patent. Engaged In Youth, Married In Age. IsrxciAt, to Tint would.) AoapsTA, as., Deo. IL. -J- udge Brtnson, of Burke Connty, has Just returned from Franklin, Tenn., with bis bride, Miss Uearn. Years sgo tbe Judge was a student In a In Franklin, where he mot and became engaged to Miss nearn, Tbe lady's family, being Methodists, objected to bim beeanse be waa a Baptist, and thus a sever auce look place. Several weeks ago Judge Brtnson accidentally beard thst the lady was still single, when be at once renewed tho romance ot but jouttt, with tbe rtsolt stated. j2,4a fc.HrfJM-VJji- Aifeattia!ft.tfuH fratc'i'iffitil\ GIANTS NEVER LIVED. Homo of tbo Scientific Jokes Flayed Upon tbo Credulous. IProvi th. San Trantiieo Call, Dr. Harvey W. Darkness, President of tbe Acad- emy ot Sciences, was asked by a Call man yester- day what bo thought of tho reported discovery In Arizona of giant skeletons of men. Two such re- ports navo como lately over the wires to San Fran- cisco, In each instance stress being laid upon the enormous tusks, rather than teeth, that were found lu the jaws of each skeleton. In reply to the query tbe doctor laughed and said: 'Tlieso ) urns belong to tho same category as the stories of lizards and snakes cast from the stomach of peo-pl- o, of frogs found Imbedded In coal, and other marvels of like tort that are periodically dished up for tbe benefit ot credulous readers. Tills skeleton romancer, howeier, has spoiled his market by aeuionlng his goods too highly. No human being of eight feet or any other number of feet In lulght could possibly luno teeth tlirto and a half Inches In length. 'Iheso ilnnt stories crop np periodically, tho locality of their finding belu; changed to be Bure, but lu other respects tho same ilavor ot untruth pervading them all. Every one of those tales winds up with the sug- - frrstlon that the traces ot a giant race have at last Now, the fac is that all sclentlllo re- search conclusively proves that there not only has never existed a race of glaats, but that all tne people of the past were, aa a rule, amallcr In their dlineuslons than are the people of tue present day. Tho coats of armor prove this to havo been the case with the men ot the Middle Axes, and In like manner Is It pro cd by relics of Home and Greece. I have measured many Egyptian mum- mies with similar result, and skeletons of tbo pre- historic Irish nice added their quota tu the same effect. And so It has happened In every land wnere ethnologists have had opportunity to study the bones of tho people, lho phjslcn! Im- provement of man nan kept pace with his lucutsl ad once a f act that can be easily understood by him n ho spproclates tbe effect upon the'phrslquo of hygtemo discovery and protective laws. 1 have also noted ot late several accounts Ironi Alaska of u live mammoth, or some suoh animal, that is re- ported to have been seen by Indian huntors in different parts of that Territory. This Is where the modem Munchausen has got In bis work iigaln basing hlB run mice upon the frozen Elcphus primogonus that was found somo years ago on tho usnk of the Lena Itlver, in Northern Siberia. How the aforesaid animal came to bo eucased lu frozen earth and preserved for thousands of years Is u question that has not yet been satisfactorily deter- mined, but we do know that at the time ot Its death it had been subsisting upon deciduous plants be- longing to a very temperate or climate. We also know that such animals could not retain life upon tbe food to bo found In tho Siberia und Alaska of y, and we theruforo know that no such animal Is at present living in Alaska.\ a Colored Men Wlio Oppose Mr. I.ainnr. IsrrciAL to tue would.) Boston, Mass., Dec. St. The National League of Colorod Men, at a meeting held In th Charles Street Church, adopted the following resolutions opposing tho continuation of Secretary Lunar as a Judge of the Suptcme Court ot tbe United States: Whrrrai. H Is tba opinion of the National lAiauethst no man, who, bj his pnbllo utterances snd his conduct both In public and lu pmata lite, bss shown hlmsslf to bo prejudiced against the equal rifbts of moro ihen ovrn millions of Americsn ctllaeM because ot their color. Slid In spite of their loyalty to tbe Union, snd who, msny reirs alter the war, refused to votetlut tbe 'thir- teenth, Fourteenth snd Ftttientn Amendments to tbe Constitution era vslid snd binding, ought to hold the high ofhoe oi Juslloe of the Buprenie Court of the United Steles) thereto. jfof. Tbst L. Q, C. Lamsroasht not to hsye been appointed Justice of tbe fld eouTt, and the Ksth ail LesguS prsys thst the Massachusetts benstors vute against mm and exert tuentselvee to prevent his conttr mston. This resolution baa been forwarded to Senators Hoar and Dawea. Lincoln, Neb. Dec so. Gov. Thayer to-d- sent tbe following letter to Messrs. Paddook ami Mandcraou, the Nebraska members of tue United States Senate: Dim Blast As s oltlsen of the United Btstes and as a Republican, 1 roepcettullj but moet esrncsllr protest against the eunnrrawtion of L Q. O. Liuer as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the united btstes. He was a bold and densnt advocate of the dissolution of tbe Union In 11)00 and IsSI. lie waa et heart ana lu principle Just as much a traitor as Jeff Darts. He bis never recanted bis treasonable sentiments. A man with such a record should never )plaoed upon tbe bench of the Hupreraa Court ot tbe United states by tbe voles of ltepuullcaa Senators, lie la not a Bt person to Interpret the uonatl-tatlo- n of the United States, Very tral soar. t Jobs U. tuitib.

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