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' 4 THE EVENING WORLD? MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1387. 1IAD SECRETLY MAMUED. B BTRAOE DUAL MTE OP A lODNQ MILL- - p lONAIKK OF OHIO. K HI Hreenf Ilrnlli Rerrnl. a Clnnde.llne Hfc, Urdcllni-lI- U llrlite Not Awnrr ot III. Bjf' Wealth Hiirprlee nt III I'nrmt.' llnmn Hff When Ihe Unknown Wife Arnirrt. llur Hv ltllil The Mysteries of the C'nse. m ftrrcut, to Tni woxld.i H.\ SiTTON, U, Nor. 18. A peculiar!; tnttmtlnu H& sITiirbaa come to light since the tecontdrathot P$ Btniuel C. latum, r joor.it millionaire of Aron- - dsls, snstUtocroiloiohurboI Cincinnati. Ilyinsnr B$v Mr. Tstutn was conaldereil very jiccullar. aud by Hnw all hla scqtiilnttnces was rrgarded aa a woman. kL hater. Aa mlgtit be nalnrolly supposed, with tho EjB? ton ot a millionaire, he waa looked upon aa a dctlr. Hra able candidate In a miitilmonlal war, hut he Hjrm icemed entirely Indifferent to auch entanglements Hi& and wss conaldereil a confirmed bachelor lij all hla Bjf& relatlTM and friends. HtT Aa the body lay at tho home a carriage dmro up Ku and an Uczantlr dreacd Inly alighted. Her Mark K-- ' fjes, dart hair and festurcs indicated l'rcnoh dc- - K& (cent. 8bo Imrrleillj walked to the front door and Sjv exclteuijr demanded that alio be permitted to see the remalna of Mr. Tatum. The woman's manner Bir waa ao strongc and her agitation to noticeable tuat this waa refused, bhe Instated that ahe had a rliilit HK to what ahe aiked, nnd In proof took from her K&y pocket a document nnd handed It ocr In the mem- - Bt, berof the houachold who had rcaponded iu tho Hf. tins of tho bell. It protcd lo he n formal ccrtltl- - H(& cato of tho marrlago ot Samuel Tatum, jr., to Mario Frances Emonnln, of thla city. Hff', Tho family were surprised when confronted with H thla cTldence of Vatum's ilouble life, and a con. H& snltatlon waa hurriedly held, ending In the vlidtor'i H being courteously InTllcd In. It waa orldent that Hp the document wai Regular, and that the ldy waa B2, the lawful wife of rinun whom nil had regarded aa Hv single. The attuatlon was accepted by the fuuilly, B$ and the lady has alncc remained at tho maualon, Hl? being treated with all the klndneai and honor to Ejf which her poaltlon entitled her. Hp 11 art o Francoa Eraonnln, thonecret wife of the dead millionaire, waa born and raised In thla city. BJSv Tier parcnta are what might bo termed Tory poor, Kf. but respectable. Thoatory of JIarle'a expcrlcneo HN$ for the past four yeara, up to the dlscorcry that ahe waa the wllo of Mr. Tatum, Is aa rorauntlo aa a ty' norel. Her people here knew Bhe waa married In Hf& 'set, Talnm h ia boen here with hla wife but they Hik knew him only aa Herbert Linton, unlll recently, Bft\ when the daughter wrote her mother a letter ex- - Hfg plaining certain mutters. H, When Fannie, us ahe la familiarly called, left Htv home four years ago last April It was to o to tho BM- - Betta Blrcet Hospital In Cincinnati, aa waa then K thought, to die bhe waa aufTci lug with a tumor or ?, cancer, and her parenta having exhausted thrlr B& little capital In trying to save ibeir daughter, aho KX' Snally determined, uu tiieaurk'e of filenda, tngo Rv' to Cincinnati. When her parents, brother, and Kit listers bid her goo it was with n feeling that K! aha would neTerreinru alive. Hut ahe found relief R and finally wan curnL F. It Wiawulle a putlcnt In the hospital thataho HEtt1 Orst taw Samuel Tatum. How ihey becstnu HP, acquainted, aud how that acquaint nice ripen l Be.y into aomrthlug more cjrncut imno but tlienni'lven B4 knew. When she ugutu rotiirnod homn It waaouly We;. On a visit, for the had becomu tho wife ot Herbert Kr, lanlon, who, aa time has ikveloped, wai Hunuot Elfc U, Tatum, Jr. They wuie married in Cincinnati, f C'oringlon or tome cuutlguuua city, the in irrlago K(H license reading, \ Herbert I.iuton to Famile nil 'i'hrejher. \ Thla marrluuo took placo In Scptembor, Rr 16SX It was kept secret, notwiiimtnniilii the luct Bfy that they kept houie aomiwiiere In cinciunatu K It appears that 1'annic had her dnuiits ai out that ft sort of a marriage und iileudcd with her liege lord D, that they gel married by their right names. 'I his V'., ha pronilsoJ, but refused to havu It tuke placo In f Cincinnati. B.l Twoytsra afterthls marriage, In 18H5, theyitnok B.v a trip through the Kitu They spent'thu 4th of ' July In llufTnlo, and on the next dav Mr. Tatum Jr procured a license there nnd the louiiIo were then K') remarried by their correct nsinen. But Iu aulto of Rl thla fact Faunle'a mother until iUlto reieutiy be- - K,' UeTedherdsugntirM iiuabaml'a name wa Herbert Linton. Hhutvcn now apeiiks ol n m im llirniru K ttno hat their plcturci Iu an album im lliey nppcared KtL seated un u rustle beui.n tog t tier, tukuu the taiuu Ks: day of their flctltloui mairlugc. Hfi After this second mirrlUKu the- - couple returned to jVLi ' Cincinnati, but still UMlnlalneil the iiaino of Lintoik ' Tney lived together on Court troct for a long time K3r SD altcrwarda at 477 Eighth atrcct. 'Ihey wero visited thereby both of r. 'I niiiiii's parents, bin H the mother of the young man, It Is believed, ueicr K.\ admired her daughter-in-la- very much. In fact It Is not known here If she ever considered her ne 1 inch relume until she saw the IJuflaln inrrlage vJ, certificate after her son's death. Mr. Kmnunln, Fannlc'a mother, vliltcd the couple In Cinclnn HI, and aays she had ncanl her uuuuliter cull her fmM husband \bamutl but she never knun- - him or any other mime Hum Herbert uuill she recently re- - cened hir daughtrr'H letter of explanation. i It la also utaerlcd th.it the couple hud a child. BK The daushter spent three weeks in this city with j' her folks dnrlug early xummer, comlughere wlin K her husband, who after a duy'a visit went on to A Colcago, Milwaukee nnd the Nottlin i ft. Tbelit- - ! ten received by Mrs Kmonnln Indicated the alck- - nras of her dmmhter's husband: Ihut she, the Ev daughter and wife, wua his only nnrse, uud thai Ki bo was lying nick at tuelr home on eighth atrceu g- How he came to be taken to his parents' home tan- - Rl sot be discovered here. Mrs. Emonnln had no knowledge of the Kif' Wealth of her tlaughler'a husband, and was frank enough to admit alio often had her doubts uiioiit , him because ot tho sccresy and mysters surround- - .y'1 lng him and his wife. Hhe la also s.itlslled that her jW'ijr' daughter wua In Imiorance ua to hla wculth even KQ, after their genulno marriage In Huff ulo. The case jK.f ia on 'of mystery and baa uioused considerable In- - k, tertrt here. \'- - CONTESTING A Mlli1,I0XAIRF8 WILL. R ,Be Adopted Ilnbic5 nnd I'rutldml I.lbrrnllv B$ for Tbelr Alleged .Mulliers. V' lerrciAL to tux would. I H' FrrrSBCitu, Nov. 18. The trial of a snlt to break HS' the will of Michael McCullough, the deoessed mil- - ft1!? lionalre, which beglua tomorrow, will develop Ki aomo strange conduct on t tie pint of Mr. McCul- - H lough. Three daya after making his will he deeded KjU Minnie Johueon, a notorious woman who lived mi Kf Elm street, a piece of property valued at f 12,000. Kgp The agents Iu the transaction were Mr. Arciwburg and a broker ot the sumu name. Iliu woman claimed to be the mother of u boy whom Mr. Sic Cullough adopted as nU Kin and hud Imptlzul In e?R 'he Ctnollc Church, beatoivlng upon it his own w name In full. He appears to have b;en extremi-l- K- liberal with provlslona of thU kind. It u known he' that several disorderly women with whom he nua. w elated obtained large anms of money from him b Kfi' almilar pretexts. tK Abont three ycara beforo his death McCullough eS' ,00k a wnan named Handle I'erklns from u house K on lm street and sent her Into the oountry. she returned In a fortnight with a bouncing buby bo, KJi. ond lDI! 01 ma gladly hailed It as his own. lie Ep had thla boy, too, baptized In bU own uame at ht. EM? ranl'a Cathedral, and aeltltd u)on the woman JK aomef40,U0O worth of real estate. T'le child d.ed H in a few months und the woman nurrled a will- - Kf known t porting man. The two are now luing E3 upon the income derived Iroui Met. ullouctrs gill. K& Although an habitual drinker all bis life, Mr. McCullough was an unnsually shrewd and far- - Kg seeing man of business. Ills mental facultna were Ukj of remarkable anrewduess until unpaired of lute Kf years by alcohol and the druga he used to overcome Pi Its effects. Ills physical vigor, too, waa utmost ,, wonderful, lie ate but little and for several years Era \red almost entirely upon stimulants. Despite f these hablta he waa never III until some three years ago, when ne waa confined to hla bed tor over PV two months. Ills most Intimate frlenda tar hA never fully recovered from t tils Hulks, but Kj lived tn a broken-dow- n condition until his last III- - HT Hess In January. Duriug nils flcknc.s the iihjbi- - fK, clana treated him for atrophy of the liver, or UK; \whisky liver,\ as It Is generally cal vd. A few K days, too, before death It was dtscovired that he , had suffered for yeara from a large ulctrated sole WC on hla cheat, tho existence or which ho kept a pro- - Kf found secret from hla physicians, nuraca aad most JIJ Intimate friends. Tb0 allegation ot morphine excesses will raise 5, lome Important medical points in the trial. The KT01\1.11. .nPon which the court Is aike I lo set aside jW the will la the alleged Impaired mental condition of W8 decedent at the time It was made. Be, A Town Htrrpt by I'lnmes. & 8t. rrrrjB.illnn., Nov. 13. The largest fire ever JR knownhere.brokeout In the barn of the Northnrst- - k era Hotel last night. 'J he Kind was from the southwest und Jnst right to fire thenottli half of the HE city. Everything was to dry that the names were HL uncontrollable. Thirty bulldlogs are gone, Includ. ft lng two hotels, the First N tlouul Hank, several 1.ir\? 10\ rettauranta, millinery stores, aaloont, the American Express offlce and teveral barna. 'I he S\ r.aIJ ontll It reached a break In the buildings. ?Tloia Is 1100,000. One third ot the business por- - K'tii L r, 7n I iadKb WEI COMING MMB. OERSTBB. A Iinrgn I'nrly \lib a llnuil Alerts Her nt Iliu Ilnr llcr I'lmis. Mme, Ktclka (icritcr, tho famous singer, arrived ycstirdiy on the French ntcumtr I.a Ilourgogne. 8I10 was taken orr thoatcamer outside the bar nnd camoupto the city on the Sam Moan, In which Henry K. Abbey and a largo party went down the buy to meet her. Mine. Ucraier la apparently In the best of health and the auys that alio never felt heller In her life. She did not have much to asy for publication, bnt she told a Wnxi.u reporter that she was t ery glad to get back to Ami rlca. \.My volie Is Justus good now,\ ahe continued, \st It was when I made my first appearance In Now Yoik. 1 havo been very III, but my health Is completely restore L. I have not sung since 1 lefl tills country and my coining concerts will therefore be my tint uppcaraneo In four years. IIuo I given up opera 7 Oh, not For trie present I have triought best to sing In concerts, because It Is lc laborious than singing in opera, but on the rxpl-ralln- n of my present engagement I snail bu readr to return to the operatic tinge If an opportunity offi rs. \ 'I no steamer Ham Hlosn, with bunting flying frnm ctery stanchion and flig-pol- o ami with if bruksbiudon deck, left llcr II North Kuer at 7 oMork yetlcrdny morning. 'I lie parly Included lieu ly V. Abbey, .John II. cliotffi'l, Mnrcui Marer, Adolph Ncundorf, Henry Hofeincr, Itoi.eit linnlop. u munbcriif nrtlxtH nnd several h\wpi)er men. II aseuppostd Hint Hie MI0111 would meet the 1,11 iloiirgognu coming up Ihe lower bay, bnt when stir got down nearly to the lull of the Wont Hank without be ng utile lo sight tho ateaniflilii Miner In tho tiay or in tno oiling, it vas ilicldid In I ut bout und return to fjnaruutino. Juat bel iw the Narrows the steamer Alunzo Cornell was im-- t f.uttigdowu. On board Hi\ Cornell wero John II. Ml arm and Dr. and Mrs. (lender. Ihe two bonis returned together tJ Quur.uitliu. 'IIimo Mr.Huriu und Dr. and Mr, (leirler were transferred lo lh Hl'ian and Ihe Cornell returned to ihe rlty. Iliallli tiflli'cr Hinlth was prevallid upon by Mr. Abbey to cuilmrk 011 the Hlnan and she nnco morn set on In seiinn of l.i lloiirgogne whluii by this time had come to anchor off the bar. When the Hioan ran ulungsldo ot tho big steam- ship rhnrtly alter noon the lea was unusually smooth. Mme. (JerMer, nccoinputiled by her bust. nes manager, J. II. CopleNlon, appeared on tho promenade ikrk of the siniiushliiand exchangril s.ilulallnns with her frlinds. 'I no parly on Ihe bloau, lid by lleHlth Olllecr hmltli, then went on hoirdtho stramer, und Hist official, (Hiding mat the ship had a clean bill of health, iravu permission for .Mine, dernier ana Mr. Coplolou to comu up to the city. When the Hlosn reached tho foot of tVealTwonty-tcroi- street, about .1. '.'.' r. v., Mme. (Icrater drovo at once with her brother 10 the luttcr's e, No. M Ksst 'Jweuty-Uft- h street. Hhe will oceupy apartmctitt ut the lluckliighain Hotel this uricrnootu Mine. (Icrstcr, In company with Mme. llastrclter nnd Messrs. HJorkctcti, lie Anna and ntriern, will appear In conceit nt tre Metropolitan Opera-lloos- under the management of Messrs. Abbey, Hclioelfel and Urau. Nov. U! and SL Arterwnnla she will go to tbistnu, J'lillndelphla and Ilaltlmore. Her tour will Ineimie the principal cities, and extond ub far ua Man Francisco. MADK 1118 KHiATIVtS HAPPY. .Tinny Liberal Ilrqnrsls .Undo by a California nillllnnitlrr. itrxciAL to Tiir wnnLn.I NkvtroitT, Nov. 13. 'lho relutlvetof tholatoK. F. Nortnam, formerly of this city, who died In Han Fraticikco a few weeks since, were made happy yesterday 11111I arc receiving tho congratulations o! their friends. Tho deceased leaves an to estimated to be worth fl, 000,000, which will bo uHlded In uneijiial amounts un.oug about Ofly relatives. Of late years Mr. Norlliuin lealdcdat the I'liluce Hotel In Han Frun-citc- while ho died Oct. Iff. Ho was atuccessful roul estuto operator and rapltallst. llowaaii native of Newport and a sou of the late Hlephcn T. Northani. Mr. Northam was nticr married, and wiut to Culllorn'a iu KVX Ho was In Newport a year ugo this fail for the lust lime, uud when he re- turned to Han Francise olio did so with the Inten- tion of fettling up his business uud returning to Newi ort to suenu the rest of his yeara Iu retirement. lly tho will of his brother William - Northam, of New York City, .lames & N. Ilohlusoii, of Hrooklyn, und Joicph I. Northam, of Ilrooklyn, rccelte 1' 1,000 e ah, auu they will also come In for n share ot the properly. Dr. V. II. Cotton und Mrr. KmllyA. Csrratcn, of Hus- ton, get ubout W,(X)eucli, and Mist Mary Howlaud l0. Mrs. Curolliio M. Ilrnwn, wife of Henry llrnwn, supervisor In tho American auk Note es- tablishment, llosion, a sUtir of Dr. Cotton, gets about $40, OCX) ulso. Kin Ilrooklyn Mrs. Henry H. Fairbanks and her daughter Florence Inherit fuMXX) from Mr. Nurlnam. Tney live at No. 4Wi Henry street. Mis. Fulrbniiki add that she hail arrived frnm hurope lit the bervla with her daughter the other day, and then learned of her uncle's diutli. THE CEVlKAIi UNION. Vollng I Iiirreane the llelruse F11111I for the Accused Walking Drlriialm. The Central Labor Uulou yesterday nftcrnoou waa relieved of Ihe tension between tho Socialists and which prevailed during the re- cent campaign, and u new cauio of dlvltlou waa found In lho presentation of credentials from Hi llrcwery Engineers' Union. Tho stationary represented In the Central Union, are members of tno Kcceutrlo Association nud arc Kulghn of Labor. Uutd recently the brcwiry en- gineers were members of the Ecceutrlo Association, nni alnco lho lagci-be- bnvt ery workmen lelt tho Kiilguta the engineers have also been Induced to leavo uud they organized an open union and affiliated with the Aiucrleati Federation of Labor. Tnclrad-inUslu- n to the Central Laboi Union was objeoied to by the hcuentrlcs and other Knights of Labor ia uml wua advocated by the open trades unionists. Speeches for und ugulust tni Ir admission occupied mucn of the Central Union's lime, thu balile ending In their rejection. A roll-ca- ll was ordered, but there was no time to take the vote jciterdiy, and next bm.day thu decision ofyeater-da- ) will probably be reversed. 'I lie taso of the live walking delegates of tho building trades who are charged wltn conspiracy was also discussed. Multhew llarr, of the I'm and bhict Iron Workera' Union, Introduce I a preamble and resolution to the effect that the utientloii of tue dtlegules nsd beou called to u atutemeut made by Jusllco Gorman, Hiturdiy, that he had received a uewspanur clipping which waa evidently intended Inlniluildato him from doing hit duly In tho case, and that If It was sent him by uuy person col- luded with the case It woul injure the detend-unt- s' mse. 'lho Central Labor Uulon disclaimed till responsibility for the cl.pplug. '1 he body approved the action nf the Ilnlldlng Trades hectlou In appointing a committee to culleu a defense fuud to defend the walking delegates and added ten lo the committee. All unions were uiged lu give whatever assistance they could to tho luni. DIED SUDDE.M.I IN CHURCH. Cnpt. Tlioniiui Fudge hlrlckeu with Heart Uisense In a 1'ew. \This Is a flue building,\ remarked CapU Tnomus Fudge to his wife at lie entered the baud-son- Mctuodlst Kplacopal Church at Fourth avenue and Klghiy-alxt- h street yeatirdav forcuoou. Ihey were the last words bo e er uttered. He had hurried on his way to the church, saying that he hu heard last buuday the greatest preacher he evir heard, aud he wanted to hear dim ugalu. As a matter of fact, however, the Itev. Dr. King, the pastor, did not preach yesterday, the Kev. Mr. Jackson, a returned missionary, taking hla place, so tuut Capt. Fudge would have been disappointed. He had Juat cutered a pew, when lie gave a gatp, foamed at the mouth, und sank back dying. He wa hilped Into the lllble class-roo- wnete he expired, 'lho congregation had Just Dejun to gather, and the fatal event was known to lew until after tho services. 'Ihe boiy was lemoved to I ndertiker Woitrrvelt's, and embalmed last night. Depuii-toron- O'Meagher found that the emits ot death n ere failure of the uiutt and ihrouic kidney dlcui. capt. Fudge was Blxty-lhre- e ) ears of age, a portly, ham'hOuH' man, with hardly a gray hair, lie waa born lu Kniil u.d ami alwaya lohowed the sea, sail- ing aa mate uud captain to Chlua, tho Indies aud otaer iihnuut plates. Ho retired from the sea about eight years ago and was In Hung Harbor five yeara. lie leaves u wife. Don IlleUlnaon Will l'robnbly Accept. IsracuL to tuk would.) Wasiiisoios, Nov. U Mr. Vilas and Mr. Utuar have had several conferences and Mr. Lamar has been explaining to Mr. Vilas the detills of the work of the Interior Department. Mr. VllaN tranafer tn the Inbrlor Department Is rcrar'ed us certain. It is staled In official circles that Don M. Dicklusou, of Michigan, b ia iioimtd tuc President of nit acceptance, of tne l'ostmasur-Clenerulshl- which he has had uuder considera- tion, aud will come on to assume lilt new duties as soon aa he can arrange his rmnuest affairs. Mr, Dickinson U said to have arrauged Willi Llllott o. Stevenson, a prominent Michigan lawyer, to look after his private practice duriug his service la ihe Cabinet, ALL STAINED WITH BLOOD. DUNHAMS CLOTHES FOUND NEAK WIIEKE IIAHIIAHA KANDALE WAS MUUDEUED. Vlllngrrs I'lnil the lllooily (Inrinrntt anil .lira, niiiilinin lilpnllries Tbrni Tvo Nr. ernes Wntcb Diiubnin Wnsh Ills Hlilrt In .lull, but One Ntnln Could Not lln Obllf ruled Menrrblug 1'urtle on the 1'ariu. ISFIOIAL TO TIlIWOHLn.l WoonncBT, N. J., Nov. 18. UeorgeM. C. Dun- ham's old coat and waistcoat, with blood atalnt, were found y In the corn-fiel- d where hit mother-in-la- Ilurhtra Kand.de, was murdered a few ilnya ago. There wi re blood stains also on the lelt wristband of Dunham's checked glnghaia shirt, still clear, although efforts had ben made to wnsh Itiem out. All through the day a crowd of people roamed over the farm, searching every nook ami corner for the mUsIng gun and the clothes which Mrs. Dunham suya her husband wore at work. Karly lu the morning l'roticutor l'erry drove down from Woodbory with City Marshal Hmltb to assist lu the search, and aa present when tho old blue coat and worn gray truusera were dis- covered. On both garments there wero large blood stains, lho trousers showed them more clearly. They wore smeared almost from the waist to the knees. There wai but Utile below tho knees, and the wearer of thu trousers probably wore hlgu boot''. Tho clothes answer Mrs. Hnnhnm'a descrip- tion of the garments tit r husband wore when nt work, l'roseculor l'erry carried them Into the bouse. Mrs. Dunham, who for the first time showed nny Interest in tho proceedings, s.il I Ihey were her husband's clothes. '1 ho oloouy garments were wrapped up uud placed In charge of .Marshal Hmlt'i, and thru the search lor tno 111 sidiig gun was renewed. Tim well ut the I aek of the house, around which blood spols were discovered, wus pumped dry und searched dml the gun was not revealn 1. Kverr inch ol thu old farm was closely examined, for Detec- tive Franklin had offered a reward of til for tho discovery of evidence to spur on the searchers. The crowd was scattered all over thu farm. On the banks 01 a little pond hick of the nam s, ulmoit obliterated, leading down Into the w.uir wire discovered. Ihe pond will be dragged Prosecutor l'erry brought unotner ghastly link lu tho rhalu of cvblenco wltn him to Woodbury when he rolurnod It was the top rail of the fence against which the husked count. ilka wero piled, and It bore the bloodly Impilnt of four flngura. Delec- -t ve Franklin thinks, from the luct that tho stalks Just at this rail were cut and burned by the of 11 gun, that Mrs. Kaudalo waa close bcsldo tho fence when Ihe two shots were fired Into her side; that she raised Iter head uud seized the fence tor tnpport. Then It was that her aisallant beat out her btalns, and afterwards dragged her body to whero it wus found. The l'roseculor has secured the names ol two neighbors who, at 9.30 a. M. last Thursday, heard two shots fired lu quick succession on tho farm. At 11 A. N. (Jeorie Dunham wus seen driving away In an dpen wngou, while the rain was pouring down lu blind- ing sheets. Dunham win compelled thla morning to disrobe himself und don oilier attire. Two negroea con- fined lu the Hame oorrldor of the Jail saw him wash his checkid ginuhsui shirt Friday, 'lhere wero stains upon its neckband, others on the right wrist-lirnn- il urnl ntnera on Ihe left wristband, but they could not be positively Idcnlllled as blood statu. Ouo small spot on tho lelt wristband, however, was beyond riucstioii a blood stain. Dunham waa shown bis bloody garments last night and trembled like a leaf. He refused tu speak, and would not look ut them a second time. O'BRIEN WAS TKICKED. Ills Clotbfx ItrmovrU Ilespltn a Promise I lint Tliry Would Nat Ho Touched. Copyright, 1B87, by Tht lretn PtibttiMn; Company (ATw York irurM). (trXOIAI, CHILI UEIFATC1I TO TUB WOULD. IIL'ULIN, Nov. 111. -i- he miserable trick of the prison officials to compel Mr. O'llrlcn tn dress In convict garb by stealing lilt olothes while he slept was praellicd In lho faoa of a proinlac that his clothing would not be taken from him. In aa Interview with Mr. Kgsu, Mr. O'llrlcn eald a promlao bad been given tuat his clothes would not be removed aud that ho might get ft change of Mm 11 without apprehension. Lulled Into confidence ho trusted and was deceived. It Is Mr. Egnn's opinion that Mr. O'llrlen cannot survive the ordeal to which ho Is being ttihjeclcd. Mr. Doughty, one of tho English delegates by the Hyde Park meeting of working classes three weeks ago to come to Ireland and ex- press sympathy with tho people of thla country, was arretted last night on a charge of Inciting to crime, under the Coercion act, lu a speech which ho delivered recently ut Hlx-M- llrldge, County Clare. Mr. Doughty waa takeu by train to Lim- erick. During Ills stay In Ireland Mr. Doughty hud bein nt Mltchellttown and other places, and bad been auuouneod to addreis n meeting ontildo Tull-amn- prison Thla meeting was pro- claimed last evening by tho Government as a sedi- tious and unlawful assembly. SULLIVAN'S I10UT WITH GREENFIELD. A Friendly Fight Wltnrssrd by a I.nrge Crowd at lllruilngliaui. Copyright, 1887, by Tht Prn FublUhing Company 'Ntu rork irbrM). ISPtCUL OAIILC DESPATCH TO TUK WOULD. 1 Lonuon, Nov. 111. Tho Dally Jrltvi'Wh says to- day: \ On Saturday the American champion made hla first appearaneo In lho provinces at IUngley Hall, lllrmlugliaiii. Hla coming had been awaited with tho greatcat Interest, and he received a most cordial greeting. An excellent programme had been arranged, and the building was crowded by some ten thoiisund spectators. 11 After some capital boxing, Hullivan, who ap- peared on the stage with Alt UroenfJeld, thanked tho public for their flattettng reception of him. He aald that his spar with OreeiKleld would be of a friendly nature, as they woro very old friends. 'Three lively rounds wero Indulged In, Hullivan showing great agility and power, whilst Oreenfleld was at his best. 'Ihe Itostonlan created a very favorablo Impression on a very critical company.\ Americana plaiting the (.mini Tour Copyrliht, 1387, I'll Thf lYru fubltthtng Company (iVnt H'firM), sriCLlL 041ILK DISPATCH TU TUI WOULD. 1 London, Nov. ia Mr. and Mrs. Harry Watrous, of New York, havo arrived In Paris from Munich. They will past the winter here. Lucteti F. Chapman, ot New York, la at the Hotel CholsenL Mr. aud Miss llromon, of New York, leave to- day for Cannes. Mr. nnd Mrs. Turner 1'sttlJon, of Now York, and Miss LMllh I.owry are at the Normandy, Among tnoao who sailed on the City of Chicago Nov. bweieJ. Kdmund Duller, Arthur Klsworth, Dr. C. N. Field, itev. John Glennon, John Colgate Hoyt, H. II. Morlarty, Mme. Hacconl, W. W. Thomaa, Jr., States Minister to Hweden, and IL Wyndhani. On the Haale Nov. 9 were Mr. and Mrs. Endlcott I'eabody, Itobert C. Ogden, lladcltff llsldwlu, Dr. Yv. II. Hopkins, aud W. 11. Holllns ana family. Tuat Tluin In the l'nelflc. irrvcut to tui would. I Oxaiia, Neb., Nov. 13. The fust time to Han Franclico went Into effect y. It was a matter of ucueatity, becauau the travelling public were clamoring for it, and the Union 1'aclne could not Ignore the lucroatlng demands for more tralna aud belter time, and has thus isken the Initial step, It Is thought here that the passenger trafrlo of the road will be largely Increased. l'oiier, of the Uulon Pacific, yesterday received a telegram from the llurllngton beadquarteri, at Chicago, asking him tu defer putting on the new fast train to the l'acirio coast until the llurllngton aid connecting lines west of the Missouri Hiver could revise their lie replied Ihut the uew train must start as sdvertlscd. Ilia stated as coming from Mr. 1'otler that If the llur- llngton reduces its time to compete wllh the fast train on the I nlou l'.clflc the l'oiterrosd win make another rediicilou of trom four to five bouts. The (.Inula lu Texas. Oai.vkston, Tex., Nov. 13. The New York Olants arrived here this morning from New Orleans. During the day Ihty played two exhi- bition games with local clubs before large crowds. They leu thla evening for Austin, The weather here la sumracrlike.. . ' EHE 18 EMMAJULIA KOONEY. And When Hhe la Older Hhe Will Call Tat Iliioiiry \ I'mm.\ There was a christening In tho c'ty yeBtcrdiy. Thla lu itself It not an unusual occurrence, but the principal In this particular event Is of general In- terest. Tho last chrlttmlng of note was that ot Ihe Ilattenberg baby, and while this little one la not a prinetts by birth, alio Is the queen, by common content, of the ltonney family. The child was the ninth which had come to mllven the home of Uardner llooney, or, aa he la better known, \ I'at \ ltoouey, the variety actor. Mr. ltooney la the man to whom the publlo owea the honor of popnlarlrlug the phrart \Let her go, Gallagher.\ lie hat tuug a tong by that uamo all over Ihe country and wncu be found that the lat addition lo nit family was a girl ne was terribly disappointed be- cause he could not call her Gallagher, aud sorrow, fullr sighed, \Well let her go. ' Nevertheless, there would have beea lively times If anyone hai ass ated In her going. Yesierdar waa the date fixed lor ti e christening aud Father llrannagan, ot bi. Aun'a Church, waa noiined. .Mr. Hoouey at 4 o'clock started nut In company wbh hit wile, tev- eral inemoera of his coiunanv and the baby for SI. Ann's Church, James Vincent stood as godfather for the enlM and Mrs. Vincent as godmother. The little one wus named Iviuma Julia Koun.y, the actress Lin in a llowu and Julia Wilson being warm frlenda of tne fuuilly. After the ceremony a quiet little compatif of friends gathered at Mr. ftoonty'a house lu Last Fourteenth street, where the health of tho bauy waa druuk lu flowing bump-er- lCniiiu la very, very young, and jetsl.e was culled before the audience many times, nnd al- though the clitic who writes this article may fall, It Is certainly his endeavor to convey the Impres- sion that sho scored a big success, and will no doubt be popular for many yeara lo conic. Hhe ruled the house last nlgnt, and llko Mr. ltooney's groat friend, Mr. Helllv she waa doing remarka- bly well when t'apa ltooney gave hor his good- night kiss. This Is the ninth little one that has cmne to play nt l'at ltoor.oy's knee, und the come- dian hopes that In davs to como the all over the country will record the fact that tho l'at ltooney family, and uot company, la In town. REV. DR. liTcO.V OUSTED. Unfortunate Words Hpoheu I.nst July Cost 111 in a Fjoiithcrii l'nstorale. HrrriAL to Tnr. would.) Pavannaii, Ua. , Nov. 13. A church fight, with the tectlonal lsaue as Ua principal feature, ended In a rofuial by the Independent l'resbyterlan con- gregation to Invito Itev. Leonard Woolaey llacon, I). I)., eon ot the famous New Ungland clergyman of that name, to become Us permanent pastor. Dr. llacon waa called from Connecticut to Savannah a year ago to serve a year on trial. The congrega- tion embraced many families whose names are prom- inent In Confederate hlatory. Last summer Dr. llacon gavo expressions to sentiments In a Fourth nf July sermon, In which lho namca of Lincoln and Lee fUured, to which a large portion of the mem- bers took such violent exception that they declared he bad preached his funeral sermon. In the tour months that have elapsed since that time the fight lo oust him has beeu vlguruus and bitter. It readied a climax a day or two ago, when the leader of the opposition, a prominent Insurance man pulilUhod a curd asking Dr. llacon If the report waa truo that ho favored mixed schools and would not object to his daughter walking the streets lean- ing on the arm of a negro or to her marrying a negro 111 ahe chose. Dr. llacon personally Ignored the qucrloj, but a number of prominent gentlemen In thechuron published a reply denouncing tho In- sinuations aa falso aud Insulting. Tne pastoral term ends Dec. 1. congregation voted ou making Ue call permanent, and the renutt was a victory for the opposition by a vote of 18a to 111). In the course of uls sermon preceding Ihe ballot-lu- g. Dr. llacon denied holding tne sentiments Im- puted to him and cxpresed surprlso that a news- paper man could be found who would publish such a wanton Insult. While thcro wero a few differ- ences of a doctrinal nature, the rallying cry has teen tho ncro and sectional usuet. Dr. llacon has aa yet no plana for the future, bnt will undoubtedly ba forced lo return North to find a pulpit open to him. HENRY GEORGE SWINDLED. He Advances 8125 to altlan Wliom He Now Considers a (Scoundrel. fSI'ICUL TO TUE WOnLD.I Olins Falls, N. Y., Nov. 13. During the early part of.tbe summer a man giving the numo of H. c. W. Irwin appeared here, and by working npon tho sympathies of the people succeeded In gaining temporary employment upon lho Olens Fulls Tiiita. Hla career, In the capacity ot re- - porter, was soon, lusuug a iniiu over a weca. But duriug that tlmo bo got Into u row with a hotel prcprletor, borrowed money right and lelt, and distinguished himself In other wbjb and then dis- appeared for a few weeks to tarn up again with a long story of bard work and privation in tno North Woods. After another week here ho again dis- appeared. Ho gavo out that hla father was a wealthy resident ot Crawfordtvllle, lud. It was learned that he had been expelled from tho Annapolis Naval Academy nnd also from tno Andover College, In Muisauuusclta, while he told about tweuty different stories and ruther appeared lo enjoy them .simply for the fun of the thlug. Ho Is a tull, rather g man, a smooth talker, and when lost seen wore a suit of navy blue. Last week u letter was received here asking for Information ua to Ills whereabouts, whero he waa .from nnd the address of hla father. Ihe letter waa written on n iStuuaara letter-hea- d and signed with the n signature ot Henry George. The letter wus answered, with tho Information that Iu this section lrwlu was considered a loafer and a beat. To-da-y another letter was received, aa follows : TlIK STANDAI1D, ) New York, tot. 11, 1887.1 DxAnRlRt Thsnks for your Information; tho man, who ! evidently ths aiut. la a thoroug-a-itola- taouudrsl.stid by apiH.sbng to our sympathies on bobalt o( s slok wits fot sjl'ia from us and Immediately Yours IUniiy UKOiiax. THE HOME NOT YET HERS. Why flrn. llanroch's Widow was Called la lelt Washington. (IVECUL TO TOE WOMD.l Wabhinoton, Nov. 18. A writer in tho .Vimrfnl Cnj'fdif y saya: \When Gen. Hancock died, nearly two ycara ago, among the aoveral move- ments generously put ou foot by his frlenda and admirers for the benefit of his most estimable widow, was one In which Mr. Corcoran and other wealthy gentlemen of thla city were concerned, contemplating ihe purchase or a residence for her at tho natloual capital. Indeed, Mrs. Hancock was Invited to come to Washington, in order that she might Inipect and inuke auy suggestions as to her future house. Upon her arrival she was driven to the brown-ston- e row then being constructed on It street, near Twenty-stcon- d streer. Northwest, and showu the corner building, with which, of course, ahe expressed herself aa highly delighted. \This hour-e- , it was understood, would be pur- chased for hr, ana the antique furniture belong- ing to her mother's (Mrs. ltusaeil) elegant home at Longwood, near bt, Louis, many years ago, was snipped to this city and stored, awaiting tne final action ot the donors. Sluue this time noth.ug lurtner has been heard of the mutter. Mrs. Han- cock ha, of course, refrained wllh great delicacy from ineutloulug the subject, even to her most Inti- mate friends, but, aa the latter observe her every movement wltn much Interest, It has been Impos- sible for the facts to escape them, and, In a casual way, they have reached tno writer, who uut voices puulio seutlmeut when ho Inquires, ' What Is tho trouble, gcnilemen J1\ COL. EMMONS CLARK ARRIVES. lie Nays Kuroprnn Officials Thought We Would Not Hare liana the Anarchists. CoL Kmmona Clark, of the Seventh lteglment, arrived ou the Germanic yesterday and waa met on the dock by ' Jor Klpp, Quartermaster Strong, Capt. bmltn and other military uud clvlo friends. The Colonel looks more robust Ihau when he left. To a Would reporter he said they bad had a long and stormy voyago and there lad been a good deal of but he had fared reasonably well. He went over on the Hrltannlo In Auguat and visited London, l'arlt, Berlin, Vienna, Home, many other olt let and Switzerland. In fact ho de- voted the three moutht almost entirely to active travelling, lilt experiences lu hurope have con- vinced nun that America la the best placo under the Bun lo live. He expressed gratification at the execution of the Chicago Anarchism as ho found lu European official circles an almost unanimous impression that they would not be banged In fact that America dare not hang them, lie did not believe auy Knropcau country wonld have dated to bang them under the same circumstance. The Colonel saw the mob In '1 rafalgar Square, and said the New York authorities would have handled It much better than did the London author- ities. Wherever he went m F.urnpe he was re- ceived wllh great respect, all nations seeming anx- ious to honor Americans, but notwithstanding the Honort and the pleasure be bad found tn travel, ho was very glad to be home again. Ha pretided at tne benefit lor the Seamen's Homo, glycn en the utrmanic Mm jigWsWWVawfTffaaHHayK E. J. DEIII & CO., NUCCKHHOIIH TO A. T. STEWART & CO. (P.ETA1L). LARGE REDUCTIONS ALL DEPARTMENTS, They offer 2,000 OHESS PATTERNS, COTTON AND COTTON AND WOOL, from 95c. to $2.50 each. 3,000 EM88 PATTERS, FINE ALL-WO- SERGES, CAMEL'S HAIR, FOULE CLOTHS, CHEVIOTS, &c, From $2.25 to $10.00 each. soo COMBINATION ROBES, From S7.50 each; LESS THAN HALF THEIR VALUE. 150 PIECES Fine Frencb Dress Broai Cloth at $1.00 per yard ; worth $1.50. 300 PIECES COLOBED PLUSHES, All New & Desirable Shades, 19 inches wide, at 85c. per yard.; 22 \ \ at $1 per yard.; Reduced from $1.25 & 1.75. 500 IMPORTED NEWMARKETS&WRAPS. NEWMARKETS, $7.50, $9, $12.50 ; reduced from $14.00, $16.00, $19.00. WRAPS, 1 handsomely $9.00, $12.50, $15,00; reduced from $20.00, $25.00, $35.00. Broadway, 4th Ay 8,, 9th and 10th Sts. JAMES McCREERY & CO. Will continue this week their Sale oi' Real and Imita- tion Laces: Chantilly Lace Flouncing, 42 inches wide, $3.50, 3U.00 and i.OO per yard. Hand-ru- n Spanish Flouncing, $5.00, Marquise Lace Flouncing S7.00 and S8.50; Duchesso Imce Flouncing $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00 per yard. These prices represent not more than fifty per cent, of tho usual market value of tho goods. This sale also includes Point and Duchesse Lace Bridal Veils, Handkerchiefs, Fichus and Collarettes; Point d'Esprit, Russian and Chantilly Lace Nets in all leading shudes for over-drosse- s, and Novel- ties in Ladies', Misses' and Gentlemen's Linen Hand- kerchiefs. Broadway and 11th St. The Ilenr Held the Fort. from on Omaha Spcial, John Smelitcnberger, .chief clerk in Dlcklns n's office, tells a story of bow a Union l'aclflo train happened to go out of Chcyonno late last Saturday oenlng. In the train was a private car of the United States Fish Commission. Its occupants had been preaentcd wltb a large black hear, whlcb waa kept confined in an apartment partitioned off fot that purpoie. When train time arrived a meascnger was sent out by the despatcoer for the row. No train-me- n reported, and the messenger did not return. Two hours dragged their weary length away, nud a second messenger uitt tent out to notify Ihe crew. On his way lo Ihe euglnetr's room bo heard the first metnengcr crying for help, und going In the direction of the uice found him nn top ot a box-c- terribly frightened, and tho hear sitting on the truck close by watching for him. The animal had etoaped from his car, and meeting the tint messenger at- tempted to hug him. The messenger In his fright scaled tho box-c- and stayed tnera until help ar- rived. With the aid of a couple of men the bear was again secured and the train pulled out ot the. Wyoming capital nearly three hours late, A 99-Ge- nt Sale. This being the first season of our furnish- - BO ing department, we take this method of thor- oughly introducing it to the public ; we offer for this week : w 1 300 Dozen Undershirts and Drawers, heavy weight, full regular made, p. at 99 cents, worth $2.00. S K ties flrn as 200 dozen Fowne's best English Walking Gloves jjj at 99 cents, regular price $1.50. S Y lew VOGEL BROTHERS j 8th Ave. and 42d St. I Finest ready-mad- e Clothing in the world en1 at the very lowest possible prices. ' I lia Co I le eni im to Til ale ESTABLISHED 1807. ' B.M. Cowperthwait&Co. Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Stoves, Crockery, Everything for Housekeeping. 153, 155,157, 159, 161, 163, 165,Cttattiam st, 193, 195, 197, 199, 201, 203, 205 Part row, NEW YORK, Betwoen City Hall nr Bridge Kntrance and Chatham e square Elerated Station. Goods sont everywhero every day. Tjlbernl terms or cash discount. Now price lists mailed on application. Fir Twenty-Fif- e Dollars We nre now prepared to take Your measure and make to order a WINTIill OVIIltCOAT or fine IMI'OHTKIi KUlt UKAVlUt, MATIN IJNl'.l) TIIKOUHIIOUT. .welled .earn, Nllk Yelret Collar, eiljren ditched, piped with cloth or tubular bruid, at the option or the buyer, la fact, n Ilrst-cla- .. Overcoat In every reapect, .uch a. will ordlnarllr cost fllty dollars. GEO. A. CASTOR & CO., TAILORS, BKOADWAY AND 18TII ST., AI.0 207 Broadway, Oppotlte City Hall T.rlt. ruWtiflfenS- - ALL.NlENwhoar.ntbu- - j3aJ9Bti.tnBstiBk.It&tta uroadtuntt... ei .iber \.'\ a'v !AU, MS (ll'tnalTH TO tt'BK ot KflMewSRVJP&PElECTIIIC BUT&BUSrlNSOItll Co.llai.ar. HlUl.goolhln.' I mm nt f hi I ItU ITY through A 1. H, .k r.rt. ritorl.i thf m to xiaatth and Vlfforoua StroDfrtn Klectrlo Currt.t rculn.taatir or wt lorrcHSMO C.th r.ir-- mproi,m,ntoT?r.lle!brr ftrlt.. tftorit c..e. rKRIUKIITI Y llhMlnThr.l!o.ln.. Hr.led ratfuMrtZ ecal.l.mp atdrtt, THl SAUDIS ELtCTBIC CO., 022 BROADWAY, NEW Y0II. PIANOS ANIJ ORGANS. -- TlIK KSTEY UI'IUUHT 1'IAKOS. wltb ttanlr A now repu.tlnit action, win tho admiration ol the moat critical: bob tnem bwforfl you buyj aold on monthly paymenta. hsuiy Piano Warerooma. o Kast lath at. A NUMI1KII OF OKANUruprlsht and aquaw planoa iV of our make, ellsbtly uaod. almoat aa good aa new. and fully warranted, will be aold at a liberal redaction fmm regular price. , planoa to ront. win. Knabe a Co., 113Mhae., abore lBthaU AIIUAIN8 INPIAN08 at Undeman 4 Hon', ., HO 5th to., near ltttb at. I largo aaaort-me- of uew and allcbtly used planoa of our own aud other makea at f ery attraitivo pricea. \ OI'KItA \ PIANO.'tbe moat popular and the TlIK In the market, nnly 410 monthly until paid; one quarter'a muaia leaaona freet rent only $fi send for catalogue, l'eek i. Bon, H1B Wett 7tb at. . corner U'way. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Four New Novel, for I A Rents. 4 NEW NOVELS. All complete in the DEOKMIIKR NUMHKIt of the Family Library Monthly. Oulv IAfnt. Of all newsdealers, or THE INtT.ltNATIONAI, WKWS CO., Now York. DENTISTRY. In 3 boura. 31th at. and 3d are. 3HOUn-Se- ts Dr. MOPIiMANN, Dentlat. P. peu until UP, M. 9 Ur, MOUKMANN. Dentist, 31th it. and3dTe. RXTRAOTINO 60o, , without gaa. Mo. Elegant GAS nillnge from il upward, Soft filling Me. up. Hta(ts, , luand tvi. ho charge for gaa extracting when other, are to be made, Hours, 8 A, AI. to M P.M. Kunday. to 1 P. M. N. Y. Dental (Jo., 203 Cth are., aecond door aouth of 14th at., oppuslto Macy'a. with ga, Me..3lth at. and t)U Sdate. l)r MOPIIMANN, Dentlat . CM FULL CJUM HKT- H- Warranted. 31th at. and'ild Db are. Dr. MUPUMANN, Dentist. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. AltAIlB 01IANOK for a reatanrani doing a d.lly of (100, call and see. No. 5 Hleki at., cjr tltoa u.. UrooiJjn, upaUirs, between UA. 11. XL \- - a -- , RBAIi ESTATE. o' - . ' Wt IS NOW JSEM.INO LOTS ON V RAPELJE aud ' HEGEM FA1S, , , 26TH WiBO, EJiST HEW YORIC 1 3 BROOKLYN, 1 f FOR $150 and Upward, I l'AYAIir.15 1 $10 MONTHLY. I Freo collation every ntterncun on nremlsetk I Forirullp.rllcularnand ruapn apply to JEHB. I tc JOII8()N,Jr.. (10 Liberty t., New York.o Bt 3U3 Fulton at., Ilrooklyn. j, ' d' Free Excursions, I FHEE DAILY EXCURSIONS. Bath Beacli JiciD; , JIIBII.Hi: WITH COLLATION. t HATUKDAV AFTERNOON. t Ilnlnnco of property must be sold tbli month. r Lots $150 and Upward, I Payable $5 nnd $10 Monthly. For maps and free paue. apply to 3 JEUE. JOHNSON. Jr.. OO Liberty at., New York, nnd 303 Fulton at,, Brooklyn. . t \!- - EMBRACE THE CtOI.DEN OPPORTUNITY. FREE UAILY EXCIJItMIONS. Woodside Heights. ALL LOTS flIUST HE SOLO THIS MONTH. $100 and Upward. ! $10 MONTHLY PAYMENTS. ORANO GALA. WITH FREE COLLATIONt SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. For map. and free ticket, apply t. JURE. JOHNSON, Jr., OO Liberty t., Nctt Y.rk, 303 Fulton st,, Brooklyn. At Auction. ! \w JERE. JOHNSON, JR. ! EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS, ,j AIJj OP TIIR LOTS UNSOLD AT THIS Groat Auction, Sept. 20, \. OF THK WYGKOFF-KINuSUN- D DM. IN GREENPOINT, , Will b. dlapoaad of at ptliaU aal. on easy termlfaf ( $600 AND UPWARD. . I AgamUaJwayaat branohofflM, oo rmlaoornts m Naaiau and Siumholdt ata., Oreenpoint, toahow thW or apply, to Jare. Johnaou, jr 09 tlbeiiy at.. New int. m twJJfultuattIlrw,klu. j A ltoumutlc .Merlins'. From tht Attanta Coitt'tlulton, Slxtr and more yeara ngu tlie American stago boasted ol two great traKHians, one noted, llko tpanger Harry, the rhal ot Oarrlck, for bit courtlj grace, hla hamltouie person and an eloquent, per- suasive volco that added tenderness to bis schol- arly acting this was Thomas A. Cooper. The other was that phenomenal actor that, with a vigor unaurpatti'd, licwlliicted the playgoers wltb hit in- tense passion, bis wondrous dramiulo power, nit line intellectual face, lit up with ees of super- natural IrliilancT such wus Junius llriitus llootb. Tl.c llrst w.is the orlitlu.il American Virginias, and tho Incarnation of ltomun dignity, cour- age, pride and pathos. The other was the Ideal ltlcbarrtlll, and \every Inoh King Lear.\ Ths daugbter ot Cooper married the son of a I'retldent of the United Mutes. The daugbter of the other married the moat promising und successful of American cornelians. Tho grandchildren and great grandchildren of Cooper will wltneaa the grandson of Booth act Hamlet In thla oily. Thus, alter three score of years the famlllet come cloter together In this city of Atlanta who.e chief magistrate Is the grjndaon ot Cooper, and whose chief dramatio at- traction it the grandson of Dooth.

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