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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, October 28, 1887, Image 4

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I i \ \\ THE EVENING WORLD; FRIDAY; OCTOBER 28, 1887. . I EftHety- - Oft ( Wrni BartyM Sae D? ;V aw, ana1 \There We Treable. Efr ft It to bd oraetloe to irrlifl rnt lettcrt t one them In enelopea anil addrtia ! KP'Hr- - JUinj accident occur. A etntieman who WVAtiaeea'peact (or hit eomapondenee, but natea In Ink, wrota torn tpliUei, HKHrieeored them la enyelopea and laid them Rfta order on Ma desk. To Ijraniraa to Ma K'jweer.ta.air, to aeeond to bta lateatand beat n3 tB lMt to bU UOor ' WacoTcrliij tbal Ink waa abaent In the aland, ha left bta deik PA' far a moment. A clerk in aearohof a ruler took K ..f-M- p top loner tbat la; upon the rnier, and pjat It .below the mlMire Intended for the UUor.. Back H) teame tbe complete letter-write- r. He addreaaed letter orat In tbe row to bit mother-ln-law.t- next k'i' to Maud, and tbe miiplaced epUtle to tbe tailor. RW At a o'clock that afternoon a milliarrlooklnff fa. aM, amine, beside an invalid daughter,- - sot black Hfbrila the face aa aha read on tbe atamped pa-L- per of the Your pet will H be able after aU to set away. Uare aprunBthe Bi taaettkudofaetalionthe Vampire, wfiieh I wUl COf'tell jou about when we meet. Take a cab to Veeer s street, and set there at aharp a with a big appetite forajtoodaupper. Ton aweet tltue toad, ftwtll tin be a Ions daj for yonr old man; but 8 O'clock will & hare to make a Undlnj, and tben hurrabl\ 'That lathe way the Hihtnlngetrucktnonoplace. B?s - Uptown, In a forgeooa Cat, Maad Tricot puttied TerthUmjaterTouieplttlei ' Yon old fraud, that raT ieaartot lathe wont lob tbat erer waa done I Sfj tbosibt the chacU beat the world glTtna: menu, R;v bot Sere 70a are worae than erer. I ahall oer. ttklr bar to try aome one elie, and 1 don't want M& ,to; but joa are oartalnly gattlns infernally care-- K \lea. WUl let yon bare aome money during the jaoaUi, B'.' ; At the moment tbat Hand waa tmaalnlns her t 'sweetheart waa gone completely mad, and an M.'f levfarUted. mlddle-ace- d woman waa tDakins her Eri-- v , toilet to go down-tow- Oeorge'a tailor itudled tbta 'etocsmeat with a daied expreetloa s ' ' Klndeat of 'friend, break to my Utile one tbla onplaaaant Si new 1 Ho Oeorgte Tbe bank baa a meet-K\- V teetfiat WUl no doubt neceaaltate a ran from here K, jioBoatoni wUl wire you In the morning If tbat Ktpl ;oald be tb caae. How aad tbat tbla parting k $ east be arolded, bat bnilneaa la bnalneaa. and It Kf er both rotir dear aakea tbat I mnat attend to tbla matter, with tny lore and a ktia, yonr troubled KpC lad,\ &. At a cab containing a lady atood In Veteyrtreet ,'? waiting for a gentleman, who bounced tbe door open and blotted oat to the drtrer tbe name of a rv Teatanrant ft? m nw, my little gin. tell me aU the new,\ be added, aa he sprang oati and hla blood froxe and and .his hair rote, and hla mother-in-la- w aaldt h TonTUlatn.wOll\ \ l) Joet Oaa for Sample. irrwm tU CM i Btntli. j Ef& \Hat yon a Saber t D 1\ aiked a seedy young Hk' Bianlnalladiaonatreet atore where artut'ama- - V& .terlala are aold. h- - V '\'YeJjalnglBleadoraboxj\ , n 'll me try a lead.\ r The clerk produce tbe coitlteat morable Maek H .ead that la manufactured, the rialtor Inaerta t In $ .hi pencu, acrewa tt ao that tbe lead la clamped, anJtben write, a If to teat.th quality of tbe Mt-.:- - Tabcr. . K t \What do yon get for tbete by the box I\ Kl' \Sixty cent.\ K,' 'How mneb per grout\ s. ' Fourteen dollar and forty eenu. with 18 per K cent off.\ K?' \ Can you bare them ready for me In bemrt\ KV J! Certainly.\ \All rtibt, I'll call for them.\ , ' ' K ' He la ont of hearing before the clerk remember K- - 'that the morable lead which waa Inierted In tbe K; .pencU for a trial went off with the leedy young P, vfaan. Tblala the naweat trick. Hgjl '- - They Haw the Prealdent, K Cat(eaaa BfcUl t jr. O, nwJ)mMnl, B Oar train following the Pretldent' ao oloiely Bft , wm often taken for It, and aome of the boyi took 1 ont on the platform at a UttK'con'ntry atatlon lata that night and Introduced hla aa Erct- - H,t deat Olereland. H There waa tumultou appiaoae. and, a tpeeoh BVMlagTeUsd for, Mr. Wattlni, who look about aa K t, aucfi Ilka the Prealdent aa he recamble 8L Peter, K!l. , \ I am gladitp, meet my Georgia constituent yen). atieVwhan lirun next time I want you to B?-- ,' eleot me for Hie. (We wui, we wUl). And though K& X cant bar the pleasure of atopplng now I will KSi come back and epend a week with you. I am (mere yen) Ter- y- (yelii, yen. Kf ' When Watkini got back in the car from the 9P Slnd-tsaM- nt he bad one aleere of bl coat left Kg aad had parted with a cuff and n, which f! wlu, in the mUty future, , be banded down to a numerou progeny bt oedrglana aa a prloeleu K;!' onrenir of aeraiand' Title H V N Dreaa Rafarm Vot nla. KC Next to man' lore for woman cornea hi admlra-K- f ti for her. AU fuhlon U bat a itriggle to en-H- '. ceapaai the beautiful and aU dreaa reform 1 bat a Kt attnggle of Ttnegary female, who, defpairlngof rer being loved themielTea, try to render U - 'womankind aa hideona and nnlorable aa them-- elTea. Eliminate man' lore for woman and what k , la there left between man and woman but the sroea the Initlneu of the animal. 8hould all the feA women of Wichita adopt the new Sr. arrangement a hundred judge and a thooaand k Mawyera ooaldnt take care of the dlrorce (Ulu, A ' young man would ny from a girl axed up In the hagf a he Would from a walklr pectUenoe, .wMl K , (, a married man, when bedtime came, would (Imply V take to the barn until hla wife had looiened (he Ik tackle and permuted these 'monttrotlUea to col-K- c- Upse. - - - . , Wsmaa With the Taxk Hmnraer. K\ Io (JU tort OmrUr.l HC Thl 1 the aeaaon when people who are moving talo hired houses are in many caae discovering howgreatre the ravages of former tenant in the wsjof driving naUa and tacka. A single feeble .\woman and a tack hammer will work more de-- ;fcementtoabouelnaweekthan a prdfesalonai Rg decorator can pat right In a month. Twow6mtn ptV who dwell alone in an apartment wlU In a Untie 5a ,3to,eP0, eTT mare Inch of the plate; except fgi! .theoelllag. with tack ornau hole, while If there are three lone female in the famly. It I generally fir .easier to tear tbe bouse down than to attempt to ''l? J\ ravages In a leu wholesale manner. KW Surely the waya of a woman with a tack hammer - re past Dndlng out, as many an unlucky honso-K- ,; . holder ha learned to hi cost Street, 19th Street and - \ Sixth Avenue. ;(lithSt. Station Elevated Road.) is? t Men's Furnishings. Fine FarntsIiinRS In Groat EK : Variety, incladiug Allen folly & Go's Highest Grade tTBdertvear and Half-Hos- e. T Brettle's pure-spa- n Silli Undergarments. k r-- , Neckwear, Gloves, Hand-H- $ ,kerohiefe, Mufflers, TJmbrel-K-- v; lai, House Kobe- - Dress ttairtij, &c, &c, at VEJiY MODERATE PRICES, , ' MKDICAIi. B: lii k Ce. Misses' Department. SPECIAL BUMS IN Children's Cloaks, 4 to 10 Years, $4.75 and $5.50. MISSES1 NEWMARKETS, 1 2 to 18 years, $9.50. MISSES' JACKETS, all sizes, 1 2 to 16 years. $375a Sample Lot of Suits, 6 and 14 years, at EXTREMELY LOWPRIGES. Boys' Suits. One special lot of BOYS' SUITS, at $3.75. BOYS' OVERCOATS, 3 io 8 years, FINE DRESS SUITS, I8th Street, 19th Street and Sixth Avenue. (1 8th St. Station Elevated Boad.) 1807 QDUprtlpuait Stoves, Bedding, FURNITURE, Refrigerators, Crockery, CARPETS, Pictures, Curtains. Everything for Housekeeping 153. 155. 157. 159. ii 163, 16S Chatham Street, '9,3. 95. 197. 199. 2 203. 205 Park Row, Bet. City Hall & Chatham Square Eleratcd R. H. Station. NEW YORK. Credit or Cash Discount. CmJj itnt tvtiyuktrt. Prict listt moiled en amplication. C0WPERTHWA1T DENTISTRY. GAS. CA WV EXTRACTING 5U JOJ 6th At., 8etf puirj. utmn (ma liUiti. MlSCELIiANKQUg. SPUPqD SIMPSON. 6th Ave. and 19th St. SHOE DEPARTMENT. Saturday Bargain Sale, We havo made a speoial effort to produce for our Saturday Salo in this Department the greatest values yet offered. Accordingly, we shall present ow morning the fol- lowing lots, inspection of whioh will prove them to be all we represent, i 000 Pair tVadlaa Kid Button Doots, secular width aad alaaa. at $1.59 Pair. Canal b. equalled under 88.20. 1.0SO rlrld Kid Dation Doata, Opera, and Cmmen Hani., all !, warranted equal la nt aad wear to regular Thr.eI)ellar ajradeeiat SI.75 Pair. 00 Falra Ladle Btralcbt Goat Dntt.n Beat. Opera and Common Hen. Goodyear fair allien. extenlon eelea, world 98.70. at $2.48 Pair. 600 Falra Ladlea One French Kid Button BaaU, Opera and Caramon .Hen.r. equal In HI and atTl to Fire-Doll- ar arradr. elsewhere, at $3.90 Pair. 000 Falra Ladle.' \Axo\ Kid Waukon. phaat Button Boot, hanit-.owe- d welt, ext.n. elan aolea. tipped and plain, Opern and Com. men flense, equal to flnr.t 8lx-Dotl- Shoe. $4.49 Pair. r TOO Falra QlU.e.' Pebble wear-r.sl- st In- - Button Boot, eprlna; beelh cap toe, ext.n. .La eoteo. aluea 11 to B, worth 82. at $1.29 Pair. 880 Falra Cu!!drena atralaht Goat spring, he.l Button Ooet, elaee O to 8. worth 81.00. 99c. Pair. OOO Falra Children' Kid noheel Button Boot, worked button bolus, alse 3 to OH, at 49c. Pair. Blankets and Linens, (BAHEA1BNT.) Special Bargains For Saturday. The following values can- not be equalled in the city: BLANKETS. IOtl 11- - Wool. Blankets at $2.08 pair; were 84.08. Lot 212-- 4 \Wool Blaukots at $3.08 pair; worth $5.50. Lot 8 .12.4 Wool Blankets at $4.08 pair; worth $0.50. Lot 4 12.4 Wool Blankets at $0.48 pair; worth $8.75. Fine aisortment of Chintz, Satin, and Silk Elder-dow- n Quilts at $0. 48 up. LINENS. 650 pieces Watson & Armstrong's Bleached Irish double Damask Table Linen, 45o. yard. 1,200 dozen all Linen Iluok Towels, 13 c. each. 450 dozen fine double Damask Towels, knotted fringe, 25c each. Sligson, Gravforu & Simpson, GTH AVE. AND 1DTH ST. P6L1TICAL. HI id Martine. MASS-MEETIN- G of citizens, irrespective or party associa- tion, ibo favor tbe election of DZ .LANflEY NICni.L RAT Dm I I'll a. .Ujflt-TIN- aa Jtid. of Ooon el Oun bMtloni WILL BE. HELC AT COOPER UNION FRIDAY EVENING. OCT. 28. 1MT. at S o'clxk. ' AddrauM wiU b. (UUimwI br rTHKKUIt PhOJCIlaU Hfefe,ilUI0!f' uauL aOUUHZ. JObJCPU PUDTEBB. ttiMlflillliiiiitl \ift'i 'lfaiiifJlit,ir','T'lltfii'l' Think of This. Wc cannot advertise ' cheap clothing, BECAUSE WE HAVE NOT AN INFE- RIOR GARMENT IN OUR STOCK; but our RE- DUCTIONS arc such we POS- ITIVELY f GUARANTEE TO SELLV THE FINEST GRADES 'OF GOODS AT LOWER PRICES THAN THE' POOREST FABRICS CAN BE BOUGHT ELSEWHERE. We propose to make competi- tion impossible by offering the following inducements : ALL-WOO- L CHEVIOT AND CASSIMERE SUITS, $12 this is exactly ONE-HAL- F the usual selling price for these goods. Consequently, with the MONEY SAVED, you can buy one of our $12 KERSEY O VERCOAT S which are alone EXTRAORDINARY BAR- GAINS. We also have SILK-FACE- D OVERCOATS AT $15 nothing finer made; and to make your outfit complete, we will sell you A $3 HAT AT $1.90. nuco, Broadway, Cor. Grand St., 8th Ave., Cor. 40th St. OVERCOATS OUR LATEST SUCCESS. ONLY HIGH-GLA- SS GARMENTS. PRICES GUARAN- TEED 25 TO 38 PER CENT. UNDER ANY COMPETITION, AT $5.00, $7.00, $9.00, $10.50. WK aiVKAaOODBEimOKABLE VUBBEAVEK, OABSIMJfRES, 4e.. AT $12.00, $13.90. $14.85,(15.00. SBAVBR8. OBWOIIILLAS. KKR8KTn AND MELTONS. OUR BKTTBU OBADK8 JHOLUDB EVERT FINE MAKE OF EHOLUn GOODS. OUR FALL COATS \33ETJLStC3rO-- \ 0A68. AND MELTONS. 5.50. tT.tO. OBB.,FINERORA'DE.a.00.ll.S. WHIPCORDS, COHKSORBWH. o.. FINEST OOODS MADE. JIOW AT SI3.001 tU.SO. 15.UO, 116.10. SOUK ABB SILK LINKD TBRODOUODT. Money Refunded if Price are not Sat. Isfnetorv. This department carried on under the same system that hat made oiir creat reputation astheleadlne v \MEN'S FURNISHERS.\ ONLY GOOD OOODS AT LOWEST riticKg. ?im 383 Broadway, wiutbV, 123 Fulton St.,B,\nrdWul- - NOTE.-O- UIt ONLY DUOADWAY UTOltE 18 AfWUlTli ST. WATCHES. Tb.r U nowbar to ba found .ooh a vari.tr and Urg. look of LuIIm' and U.nu Gold 'nd Hiltu Wttcb.a to uil .T.t bodj'. pan. 1 Dm an & VTautM. w uUt a .PMllltlr Of! SOLID SILVER HUNTINO'WATOHFS, OENUINB noraniMil. data or Wltam So. oud silver nuirriNO watcurs. oejcuiwk Ans.riooa morraiwit, blcin or ualthsaii turn-nd.- r, am. ' SOUD GOLD UUNTINO WATCUES. Amtrtoan moram.nt;. hlaln or naltsanv, uw obuod sad ..(r.rodi irstlom.n'a, SIS. LADIES' SOLID OOLD'.nUNTINO WATOIIES. Aaiitiu moT.rn.nt, S30. I ADIES1 SOLID GOLD UUNTINO WATCHES. BOYS' SOLID as. SILVER UUNTINO . CASE A BEAUTIFUL IMPORTED SOLID OOLD STKli. wtodini w.toh. wuriDtod It aaraU, SIS. AOENUINE R. HOWARD A CO. WATC1L WITH li.cml (old csmc (Co TE OIV A WRITTItN' OUARANTBK WITH \ rrw.ublo. tbiMiuriiU not uncmuttd Bon.r HUU rluadl FINEST ORADEL Ol 8PLT1 SEC uf npMttai w.tebM, alM watcbM wltb bndMiulj cnuuM sum an rtuddd altb nnnin. dlunoniU. tor Udlot aad i.otUmon. at ball lb. one. obu-fM- .lMwb.ro. A SOUD OOLD BTOP.WATCU. WITR MINUTR obrooearmpb. boarr rl caaa, rtn Sa. nor-o- l Md iHiiiti tuaot, ate. SOUD GOLD WEDDMO f BIHOS, II aad ISaaraU. CASPERFELD & CLEVELAND, 144 BOWEBY ,144 OPEN KVKNIHOS UNTILSi BATTJKDAT, 10 F. M. E. J. DENNING & CO., 8U0CBSH0UN TO A. T. 8TEWART & CO., (RETAIL.) SPECIAL BARGAINS IN FANS, RIBBONS, UMBRELLAS, HANDKERCHIEFS AND GLOVES. 1,000 GAUZE AND SATIN FANS, PLAIN AND HAND-PAINTE- D, from 50c. to $3.00 each; 40 per cent, less than regular prices, 1,200 PIECES EXTRA QUALITY RIBBONS, AT 17c, 19c, and 25c. PER YARD, all new colors, in rich, plain satin edge and a large variety of fancy styles ; v REDUCED FROM 35c. 40c. & 50c. A special lot of 26-in- ch LADIES' SILK UMBRELLAS, with handsome Imported Chased Silver Handles, at $4.50 each; good value for $8.00. i.xou uozen COLORED SILK AND WHITE POKGEE SILK HANDKERCHIEFS AT 25c. each; REDUCED from 60c. 35c. each; \ \ 65c. 50c. each; \ \ 75c. 1,000 DOZEN FINE QUALITY PARIS-MAD- E REAL KID GLOVES, 4 AND 6 BUTTON, 50c. and 75c. Per Pair; REDUCED FROM $1,25 AND $1.50, 6 and 8 Button MOUSQUETAIRE 75c. & $1.00 per pair; Reduced from $1,25 and $1,75. Broadway, 4th Ave., 9th and 10th Sts, Alii k Co. 300 DOZEN FRENCH CiiB Corseis, ' REDUCED TO 78c. & 90c. each. I8th Street, I9tli Street and Sixth Avenue. (I8lh Strset Station Elevatri Road,) BETHESDA NATURAL UIMKBAL WATER 1 Whilo othor houses woro getting ready wo startod th '4 soason first with a rattling Bait Sale, then a livoly Fall i Overcoat Sale. HavS boon waiting for tho weather to I whot your appetito for a Bargain Salo of Winter Over- - coats Something really anr- - prising. Tho time has como, and thia- - morning vro open firo on sev- - i eral thousand splendid \Winter f Overcoats, of Plain and Fur Beavers, Kerseys, Meltons, Cassimeres, Heavy Diagonals, &o., that tve wish to move . f right out. f Some of theso ' Coats are silk-line- d, most of ! them have silk sleeve linings. t \ ', Of some there are only a few 3 of a kind, but your size is .' here, and that in a ooat worth , ' 1 RaPs-aoBPB- UB. double the price wo ask. , I Among the offering are as fine Overcoats as wo ever make 1 Coats that have sold freely at ' ' v $15, $18, $20, $25, $28, $30, $35 ; your choice oftho lot ; FOR $13.00. , , ; THESE AT PEINOE ST. STORE ONLY. ' . t In each store is a suporb stook of Suits and Overcoats to please the most fastidious. This speoial sale is but an inoident of our trade in Men's and Boys' woar; a trade that has assumod very large proportions. ,j '' , ROGERS, PEET & CO., ! CLOTHES, HATS AND SHOES. J Broadway and Prinoo St. rc Broadway and 82d St. , r . I FURS. JAMES McCREERY & CO. Call Attention to a Select; Stook, of SEALSKIN SACQUES, from SO to 46 inches deep, 885.00 to $300.00. SEALSKIN JACKETS, from $65.00 to $150.00. A few Imported Novelties in SEALSKIN DOLMANS. $75.00, $85.00 to $150.00. SEALSKIN WRAPS. latest styles, 54, 56 and 58 inches deep, $225.00, $250.00, $300 and S350.00. These goods are the finest quality manufactured. Broadway and 11th St. bHJTJ 8UOUBB OHB Ducal BroDswick GoTernment Bond, th. n.xt redemption of wbloh LkM pltc. TIJEBIIAY, NOV.l. Tiaan band, areaharealn a loan, ton Inter. eat of wblou l paid ont In premtnm three lloie. erlT. Krery band la entitled (a Till! UK IIRINtJ ANNUAL.I.T. . rintll tiucb nnd every bond I redarme with or mailer premtnm. Every bond AIJJ8T draw one of be following- - premium., aa there are no IlLANIiN. One Premium nl 220. 0(H) Kelrham.rka. Ine premium at 100,000 Helclninnr (a. Sine Premium at 110,000 Ueleli.mer .. Premium ut (ill, l '00 K.lrh'.Miarha. 12.000, I0.8UO. fl.OOO, 7,600,0,000. 3.UOO NO III AItH, Krerr bond boufht ot cwith (3 on or bfortba 1st ol Noveralxr. luilll 11 P. M., ! entitled to tb wholt premium thai hut b drawn thereon on that data. Outof.trmn order tant In Ksoistkbed Lzttzbs and incloainc 53 will aecoraona of theboDdi for tha neit drawtna;. Oalanoa pajabla In monthly inatalmanU. For ordcra, circuUra or an other information, call on or addrw INTERNATIONAL BANKING CO., 100 1'nlton at., corner liroadrrmy. New Yoru City. MEMORY LECTURES By PROF. LOISETTE. All itrtniw. la town, all ttndrat. ud otbwa raqntr. log a flraV-- mmmort .bosld alttod Prof. LolMtte'. Uctoru to bU oIum. at S P. al. aad IP, U. ..try WMk d.y Mpt Batnrday, or lura hi. \Art of K.tm For anuoc, p iiuu. rro.p.etu pott rra. from Prot A LOtaETTH. 887 Bihar. , HwTork. MEM WhoareD.bn. Mfn9MmbwltateaUninr.Mr.u.. ...uur Wr .rW im. hi utiiaiT ta tcaa MpataBjaafataVL8!1?1'?. buj 8ntTi CwU.mw. U,lMUJi torn.l t aiarralCITf IbtniVlU, VHH!f \\\! f- -\ M Health u4 Vlaorou. atranath !.nMU nr m W fMu Ill mm riaaiauTLi TH! 8AM EUCTIW CO., 833 MAHfAiTWIXr VHt ftDfoDCV TitEATIin VUBg. P..U IIKIlrni t'TeirOttredwItti Teaetablo UeiiiriU... W. an th. only Propju rp.UU.tl Io th. world. Here oarad many thoo. nao uiu. S.ad for tn book of UltUsooJ.U of aliaort fONK. Ml Oaoal .i.. Kirw York. BEEGHIHOB, REILY S GOKWAY. NEW DEY-GOO- STORE, ' I I 809 AND 811 BROADWAY, Between 11th and 12th Bta, j SPECIAL BARGAINS I 'I FOR SATURDAY. I TTehaT. iiuttmrehued aad will offer in LADIES' NFITMABKETS. UUor-mad- e. with beada ', oropw. In rtrlpea, chwk. and plain, worth 813.60, at 87.60. SOFIIfEaT QUALITT SEAL PLUSK BAOQUW,' 43 loehei lone, raal aeal ornament., best- qmltad aaU4 Unlna. WOBTH 8SS. AT 26. , A larsa lot of OHILDItEirS OLOAZS U TO U '\; TEABB), MISSES' NEW1IAEKBT8 (13 TO It ' TEARS), at proportionately low prloM. ', 1 Lot Ladle.' Oaahmere nme, worth COe.. at 85a. 1 Lot Ladlu' Merino Vert, and Drawer., worth TBoJ at Mo. 1 Lot Ladle.' Oaahmere OIotm, worth SSo.. at 9So. , 1 Lot Children'. Ca.hm.ro Hom, alio 5 to &M, worft Soo. to80oat25e. toi3o. EXTERMINATORS Ml,, OoeknaehM,' ,i COBTAB'S Bedbuxa, Roaahea ; InfilllMa reraadlo. J 9 notpounn. .OoBroom a PIANOS AND ORGANS. J WATERS' j new, Unproved, 7)1 ooUt., uprlfht aadt aqnaraarand fl PIANOS areth. beat and moat dorabl. mad.. Warrantwlate i year, to air. entire aattafaotlon, Price, low and eoldoa ' p.ym.nt. of only 810 per month, when oealrM. uoraoa ; V.ter. A Co., lit oth ar... near 18th at. E8TBT HPRIonT PIANOS, with th A-TI- 1B . n.w repeaUna action, win the admiration of too moat eritloal. ae. them before yon buy twld on monthly paym.nta. Hrtey Piano Warerooma. 6 Eaat ltthM. A NDMDER 07 GRAND, nprlcht and'aaaareplaaoa ; 1 of oormake, auhtl nied, almo.t a. topi a. new. t and fully warranud, willbTiold at .liberal nduotioa 5 from ranlar price, i piano, to rent, wm. JanabeAOo. 113 Mb aw., aboT.loth at. i' IN PIANOS at Lladunan A, Bona ware. BAROAINS 6th ar... near lth t.i a Ian. aenrt-m.- nt of new and .llabtly med piaooa of our own aad othor make, at ery attraetlT. prloM.' \QPEIti\ PIANO, th. moat popular and tte TUB In th. market, onjy 810 monthly until paldi on. quarter, muato Jeavmafreei rent only 86teand tea calalomo. pMk ASon.31sW.rt47thrt.,oorMrBwar. BANKING AND FiNANCIAIi. ; SSOOFkr Hat, (u onummera. Mava 83 per eent. IJJJfa B\l. ThneauaUaeth. preerar. at ahdneraaeed Uumlnatum. Inaurlne VWJ&JP5!g nraaa . ' aifaa. L iii- - :Aj ,l

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