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THE EVENING WORLD t FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1887. - - HEj?rvffT PA VX1DAY. OCTOBER 28. r H&nCft - fltiel(tnfr rostmge), K't.SE3t XOSTH. 30c; PER YEAR, $3.00. raft1 ' ' OYER 800,000 A DAY! ? pyER TWO MILLION COPIES A WEEK. HRT Large. Circulation of Any New KP, In the World. Hhf? T&e total nnmber of woelds printed during the K' ifJWMWM 2, 1 83,930, \follow: Rl ..... 205,880 ropte. kV;Meaey... -..- -... 800,000 coplM. Hr,.:Talay... - 300,100 eapleo. n OlH.llO copies. MltiJWIWtrfar. .... 008,000 copies. HyrMay .. 800,480 copies. KfL' Htoy.... - SSS.IOO copies. YW-- Ur Mid n..... 107,010 copies. $iC' Average circulation of Tna Woau per day for HtfeT( week, 31 1,090 Copies. E,-,',- whose signatures are appended, certify to bktts metnesa of Die above statement, H& A O. W. Tueneb, Bustaeas Manager. ' Aesps 8baw, Cashier. .0, Smith, Foreman Wools Press-Roo- $??, ' a e. Brut? KaI Acting Supt. Mali and Delivery Dept, Ri j ICdwaEP n. IUmk IK, Auditor. gi4,OtW dOtmntrofNToTkM.l gH& TssilaiTlj appeared before m Q. w. Ttiamia, nasi-- f Wtmiiri JY Asws 8ii, OMbJm J. O. Smith. . fiiiMin Tinn flj ii Gbablxs H. Htxwabt, Aotlng in til Had I nl \ aft LWirsry Dpivmt, sod B. harei. Auditor, who, belns personal) to aw. 4i sppead their eistarti Via. .taut r mu tad dspoas ana sweat that Is lame & wfflTVork, fkiU11 u,.WSS-5.- f . W,'pf' ADVERTISING RATES. Ki (Agate llunmnl,) ffriOW'lnsrr, 85 easts per Una. No extra pries for a. Ra)MtAlaJpUj. Basbwes or Bpaelal If otiose, eppoelte Mffjlttiial pes. AO eanU par Uaa. Reeding IfoUoM. ! starred araurtad \Adr\i Vint pat, SI. SO par ?e-r- tb paca, 81.89 per lloei Inside paca. 81 H& PHaa. ' ft rtUifr aittnlHtkf ' Bally WOBLD tarutmp. Hpfc -- \' mm. ifor d lJU rata IUI (iim p ;; Kb' It IAKi are 1A Jail fiourt for rtoUUring, .' Hot1 s3tMR0rrou it the but day cfrtgitsration. Hp EEQIBTEBI K J To-da- y before 0 o'clock and be. Ki \n 0 . K, and 0 f.u. are the last hours for EWaftratlon in this oity. 1i! Jfrery eUisen who does not know that his BgAnaaiw toon the list should see that itlsput K; there A man who 'voluntarily disqualifies KtrUfaC for Totins dose esto be robbed by B\'7ifBg: and to suffer from bod Boremment. S9Tal that yon may be able to Toto for K. deeent politics and honest .OTernment in Mo w!' ber, Kt'i ,3b-n7- lt before 9, arUX from 8 A. It. HB; to 9 P.M., ertnlait hour jor registering. I&morrowUthelaetaavofrtoUtrailon. K.Jr' J- 1- lCW 9, And ftMriiui from 6A.U. BB'' V'. t.ftr ''\ ,a'' tT \\ertnff. U Ih last aay of registration. ht oeftiri I, and from 8 A. If. te t P. U. , art the last hours for registering. If vou uouta tote, tee that tou are registered. Register and save vour tote. Register and save vour tote. Register Last chance. If vou would vote, see that vou ai e registered. m m If iou would vote, see that vou are registered. Register Last oftanoe. If vou would vote, see that vou are registered. m m t the last day of registration. HV .At 000PEK mnOH K4 Bomm hT had their turn. To-nl- KtM Pott 'wiH t heard from, BL Tb maae-moeU- ng at Cooper Irntltato thli HB,vaiB2 1 called by the representatiTe bud-K- '( ateat n of Naw York, without respoct to H'.jffty. Honest Democrats 'join it beeanne party lias been Ulahonoxed aid good HjtrarnaaBt i at (take. Potriotio Iiepnbli. bi)M unite becauae they place the welfare Bt' taM city abOTO partiaan odrnnUge. will bo there, bocauao it is their KpoUtioalto \choose eyerywhere and at all R4f,( hi\ Kr'K' oharaoter and numbers, in eloqueneo HKasS athn.djin, the meeting promises to be Boae of the moat notablo held in this oity HKilaeethooTarthiow of tho Twxxd Elng. It H.'fili voioe the People's protest against Doss HPvLei saw old hall ringl . Hb,, OSIiT A POTFET. BEfi-Th- a Evening JPoet of yesterday says : K'h wo ,Ilort jcsrs tali County Democracy, Htulwalca rerplied against Tammany's \despotic K Basrlim \ and \ betrayal of treat for personal ttas prodoced a Boat of Its own, as as tsaorant,and foollih, and &'jl4 ceapt, and rldleolous as any of Tammauj'a. Kn,-tlUa't- e Tery true. Dut let us be fair even HRwJi-'Boss- e. MaubiotJ. Powxa Is but o part ET.Qf Bwchine. He is Boss because the fcBMhine pennies him to boss. HL,-.2B?What- of thodriTintr wheels of the ma. Rpo-ia- f Had Mr. Hswm, representins the Bfetty Democracy, and Mr. Wixitkxt, repre-y,PU- tho National Democracy, opposed Hry'the Bomlnatlon of Fnxowa, would it have H beaapowible? Hrf JBhonldMr, Hzwrrr and Mr. WnmtET de-- H uaad the withdrawal of Fbllows, as both t pfeUq and party interests require, he would Kfflr''b: of the ticke, in twenty .four hours. HeJ The respos-lblU- ty for this unfit nomtna. H\ UesCM d the responsibility for a blunderinii K- 'patfattance whfon means disaster, should be BbJ 'MHea from the shoulders of this one man Bft Pewita and put where it belons. ABosseTenwithabl\Bl B;' puppet. Why do not tho real Democratic K'j laansgew make their puppet bow to.public By M4aAooT APEAID OF THEia HAUt, n j8jPow! e swears that Feixows shall bo ' ' eWeted, if it takes the hair off our heads to dQ it,\ B' \ Xr. Kiooti, has already cropped the hair of and the Boss Briber's Kl:- - lack are growing for fiin 8ln'a barber. HR\' J, ICawosdertherostot the an and thoir kilb and kin are anxious to defeat Btt lMtwaote'r of short hair for ro.uea. f it- - inn WJLTB TOT- O- A miXQB. ;tJaalitUi6aotnto State ticket haye a -f k-'-,'.- , , 7 fht,tlvViMs. Wi open in the P 'tfWtfWJ to th M o Wiooll'b the rest of ' \\ OMuuyatie CwuiyUak.et. Mr. Nioou, s u ! \f \' Jsfesjfetffiltfs?Jl'sM,MJffl lias now three nominations the ltopublican, the Independent Democratio or People's and Zrrin Hall. His election is assured. Col. Fuxows cannot bo deoelred, if his eyes and ears are open. He must know that there Is no possibility of his election. Tho Bosaea who thrust him into this false posi- tion bate nothing to lose by bis sacrifice. The loaders are blind or nerveless. Why should he not look out for himself, and es- cape the humiliation of an overwhelming defeat ? The Democratio State and county tickets aro imperilled by Col. Fcl&owb's candidacy. If the men who havo used him to wreak a porsonal revenge will not give him good ad- vice let him consult his own Judgment and withdraw. Glvo tho State ticket a chance \ A WIOKED MIBTAKE.\ Tho Blaalt.ZeUung, the ablest German pnper in this country, and ucunlly a stanch sup- porter of Domooratlo nominee, \ draws the lino at men of the character of Fellows.\ The Democratio leaders, realizing that this portends the wholesalo rovolt of a largo body of intelligent German voters, have franti- cally endeavornd, by cabling to Mr. OmtN-nonrz- to switch the fitaal back into iline. The response is prompt and unmistakable It condemns tho nomination of Fkllowh a \ a wicked mistake,\ and urges the election of Niooix. The Btaats domands tho withdrawal of Fel- lows. Tho conservative and powerful Ger- man element repudiates a candidate whose \ undisputed dofeota of charaoter would fur. nish no guarantee that the offloo whioh ho seeks would bo honorably admini-terod- .\ Fsxlows's nomination was indcod \ a wicked mistake,\ and all the more wicked because made on purpose BEADY-HAD- E FORTUNES. The wedding gift of 8600,000 with which Mr. Josxrn J. O'DoMonuic gilds the honey- moon of his son lllustratos the liberality of American fathers and the growth In favor here of an Old World marriage custom. Yet it may well be doubted whether nuch n munificent present would not 1 to most young couples a misfortune rather than a blessing. To find ready-mad- e wealth on the threshold deprives the average young man of a most important part of his oxporienoo. It robs him of ono powerful incentive to in- dustry and usefulness. The boys who have started poor, who havo wrested suoocss from adversity, have boon of the greatest servioo to the world and to themselves. A young man of high alms, of exceptionally mind and nat- ural persistence may not bo injured by riches thrust upon him. But for tho majority, whether their parents are rich or poor, the experience of shifting for thomsolves is best. THE PEOPLE HAVE ETE8. Col. Fellows, though the Dlstrict-Atto- r. ney's office is overburdened with important criminal cases awaiting preparation and trial, says without reservation to the comraitteo of Bosses i \ I otTor you my services throughout the campaign.\ Mr, Nicoll has declared that under no will he permit campaign work to interfere with official duties intrustod to his charge. Yesterday Col. Fellows failed to appear before Judge Gildxhslesve when tho caso of the alleged murderer Potman was called for trial. Ho had forgotten the cuse entiroly. Yesterday Mr. Nicoll wm at hit post of duty in Albany, arguing against the appeal of BtLUlF. Fellows hobnobs with politicians and tho publlo service is neglocted. Nicoll places bis official duty above his politics. Can there be any doubt as to which is mak- ing the successful campaign ? It is ridiculous to cay that the lawyer who simply sums up a case \ handles the trial.\ This is like claiming that tho spouting bo'swain handles the ship. Tho people know who managed tho Boodle trials. The hatred of the Boodlers and their friends would point to Mabttoe and Nicoll, Jf the facts were not patent. The clauses of the new deed of gift for the America Cup, discriminating against g yachts, should be strioken out or modified in the Interest of fair play. Tho cup is safe enough without any more restric- tions. A little gathering in behalf of Col. Fellows at Washington Hel.hu last evening closed with the strains of \ Should Auld Acquaint, anoe be Forgot?\ It would be exceedingly fortunate for Fellows if this could bo done, Honest government will get a boom at the Cooper Institute in the people's in- dorsement of Nicoll and Mahtine, tho men who \ made New York too hot for Boodlors.' It is a pity that tho \wicked inlstako\ of the bosses in nominating Nicoll deprives tho people of Now York of an opportunity to listen to a speech from Gov, Hill. \ We are with tho people this year,\ says on Irving Hall leader. Stay thero and you'll bo \all right.\ To-da- y boforo 0 o'clock and tn 8 a. u. and 0 r. m. ore the lost hours of registration. It is to be hoped that there are no more Jaoksordans in the Jt'saboom for Nicoll end a boomerang for Boss Powkb. Mrs. Fees Gbuix la making a brilllaai 'campaign. , LONG DISTANCE RACING. LORD DWARD SOMERSETS CARLTON WINS TilE JOOKEI CLUB CUP. lie Having Won the Cheater, ter and Doacnater Cape, lb tloodw eed Bt-- ke nod ihe Qneen'e Guineas at Aeeot and Sborkbrldxe, and Tbtt After Falllac a n. Two nnd ThreoTeaMMd Forelsn News. rZCIAL CABLC TO THE BTIXIHO WOULD,! Londom, Oct. 38. This wm the last day of thoNowmarket Houghton meeting and lost day of racing at \headquarters\ uutil the Craven mooting in April next yrnr. The rnr of tho day was that for tho .Tockoy Club Cup of tho value of 800, added to a Hweepstakesof 20 each, half for- feit, run over the Ccsaiewitch course (2 miles, 3 furlongs and 28 yards), threo.ycar-olcl- s to carry 110 pounds: s, 124 pounds; five, 12C pounds, and six and upward 128 pounds, with an allow, ance of 3jonnds for mures and geldings. Lord Edward Somerset's four-year-o- ld colt Carlton was tho favorite and winner, he having ran third two weeks ago for the GexArewltch at 128 pounds. Ho Is well bred, boing by Pell Moll out of Bonnie Hpeo, and up to Oct. 1, this year, he had in turn won the Choster Cup, worth 967, tho Manchester Cup 2,881, walked over for tho Queen's Plato of 800 guineas at Ascot, won the Queen's Plato of the same valuo at Btockbridge, won tho Goodwood Stakes of 633 and tho Doncnster Cup of 21)0, all of whioh wore at long distances. As a threo-year-o- Carlton was not suooessfnl, but as a he won tho Palatine Nursery Handirap at Liverpool and tho Lan- cashire Nursery Handicap. e HIS HOLINESS DISAPPOINTED. The I'ope anil Mr, Gladetone Agree on the IrUh Queetlon Mr. Feralroe Failure. (irrCIAL CABLX TO TOE XTimNO WOBLD. Home, Oct. 28. Tho Vatican is greatly dis- appointed over the result of Mgr. Persico's mission to Iroland. Tho Fopo has modo no secret of his displeasure. Mgr. Persioo sig- nally failed, having returned with mere vague declarations. Tho Popo's views on tho Irish question coincide almost com- pletely with those of Mr. Gladstone. The Pope hoped that a favorable result of Mgr. Persico's mission would have contributed much towards rendering easy the negotia. tlons for a renewul of diulomutlo intercourse with England. WILSON WANTS TO TAY HIS POSTAGE. Hold to Have Sent Money for That Purpose to the MlnUtrr of Finance. (rZCIAL CABLE TO Till XTMIXQ W0OLD.) London, Oct. 28 The journals Voltaire and Etenemenl y publish a paragraph to the effect that M. Wilson lias forwarded to the Minister of Finance the sum of 40,000 francs to covor tho postago of all lottors which ho may havo fraukod with President Grovy's stamp during his residence at tho Elysco. Germany and the Argentine Republic. lirXOIAL OABLB TO TUB BVCNIMO WOBLD. Behlin, Oct. 28. With reference to tho proposed establishment of a Gorman bonk at ltlo do Janeiro, it is stated y that tho negotiations about a frosh investment of German capital in the Argentine ltepublio have been undertaken. A German bunk has entered into a contract with the Argentine Government for making railways in that couutry. The Argentina Government gives a guarantee for twenty years. Subscriptions will bo opened shortly. Yesterday in the large ball of the Exohaugo on exhibition of Argentine products was oponed. It com- prises wool, com, fruits and skins. Reported Ilnn.lug of Nur Mahomed. (riCIAL CABLE TO TBS STEH1HO WOBLD.) Bomdat, Oct. 28. Intelligence bos boen received that Nur Maliomed, tho General who fled with Ayoub Khan from Teheran, and was recently captured near Herat, has boen publicly hanged at the latter place. The Times, of India, publishes a telegram reporting Ayoub Kahn to bo in the Kuimoni country, Ui the south oflHerat. The Plonitr, of Allahabad, asserts, fiowevor, that he has sought refugo in Eastern Persia, but that his exact whereabouts Is not known. Gladstone's Triumphal Journey. irCCIAL CABLE TO THE ETZHUia WOBLD. London, Oct. 28. Ml. Gladstone left Stud-le- y Itoyal, the seal of the Marquis of Itipou, this morning, foi Hanardon. His progress through the oountry is ono continued tri- umph. All the stations on tho routo are crowded with people anxious to boo and choor him. He makes few speeches, but ex- cites tho greatest enthusiasm wherever ho shows himself. Churchill Not for Cnnada. SrECIAL CABLE TO TUX XTXHIMO WORLD. London, Oct. 28. A report has been in cir- culation that the Government intonded to ap. BointLord ltandolph Chnrohill Viceroy of succeed Lord Lansdowne. Lord Churchill gives the report a prompt denial this morning. The Oxar May Cnll on the Emperor. (rXOIAL CABLX TO TUX XVXXINO WOBLD. ) London, Oot. 28. It is now more than likely that tho Czar will pass through Ber- lin, and after an hour or two with the Ger- man Emperor will resamo his journey to St. Petersburg. To and From the French Capital. Taris, Oct. S3. The following passengers sailed on the Bretagnei M. Uradairect, Bam Cuppler, Gen. A. V. Oreelev, Antonu Oallauo, Hint Bcbaleht, Mrs. A. I'adelitoro anc Hear; Banger. Among the recent arrivals Is Pan arei Mrs. Fannj Held, sUter of lira Paran Stevens, Hi. and Mr. Wtlllau B. Mou, tin. T. A. Greer ana II. McLean, of New York, and Mrs. Bradford Allen, of St. Louis. - Orator Puff's Two Tones. rr l Jl.ratd. Oel. 28. (IY U. llirmld. O.L 1. That whioh happened At this precise moment fla Wednesday to the Bal- - there la only one fsct to tlmor Nicoll combine U look at namely, that to not calculated to improve the natural order of pro-th- e temper of their breth- - motion Mr. Da Lanoey ren here, of course. HUH, Nicoll would get the wo do hope everybody nomination for the va-w- ilt bo good-natur- cant District - Attornej. from now to election da j, ship, but certain potlti-I- f the Itepubllcaus are iaiis taw Otterminrd entirely sore thai tbey that hi shall not have it did u shrewd stroke of because he has done his business In nominating duty to tiie peopUt with. Mr. Nicoll they need not out fear or favor. They K'ct excited As to the are hostile to an official Democrats, the no ml- - who u not afraid of them, listed Mi Fellows, who, a roan who would Just as us ereryhodv knows, con. lie' hsve s dishonest Al. vlcted the only fonrbood' derm so oonvtcteo and lers who have been con- - sent to prison as a more vlcted, ond the Demo, common criminal, lie is crats need not b e no in with the crated,1' ashamed of him, Tbey butt tnwith the people, liavt only to stsnd to- - and therefore lie must be gether sad vote solidly kntftd. for him to carry their man In. 1 Voting for tho Best Man. (vm ! l'rt nM, Mr. De Lanoey Nicoll Is reported as saying that he is In the contest for the DUtrtct-Attor- j's offloe ''to win,\ sua that \voters are becoming more J dependent every year. \ Apparently they are. !Vl $ fe! .a ft\ TIIE ROW IN THE KNIOHTS. The \Journal of United Labor\ Says It la tho lExplrtn. Gasp of Anarchy. (trXCIAL TO THE XVXKIXO WOBLD.) Philadelphia, Oct. 28. Commenting on tho manifesto issued by the Provisional Com. mittee of the Enlghts of Labor from Chicago, tho Journal of United Labor says to-da- y in a saroastio vein i \ It is unnecessary at this time to dlgDify the mattor further than to state that it is the last expiring gasp of the Anarchlstio element whioh sought to disrupt the General Assembly. Thirty.flve representatives are stated to havo been present at the meeting at which this manifesto was adopted. The test vote in the General Assembly on carrying the rod flag of Anarchy in processions of Ihe Knights of Labor was 112 to 29. It seems, therefore, that the twenty-nin- e sympathizers with An- archy who voted for the red flag in the Gen- eral Assembly were able to rapture six more for the purpose of carrying out, after the General Assembly adjourned\ what they were powerless to accomplish while it was In ses- sion. . \ If this movemont will only be persisted in to the extent of taking from the order every vestige of Anarony, and every person who sympathizes with Anarchy, it will be the greatest boon that ever couio to tho This editorial is understood to emanato from tho pen of John W. Hayes, the Secre tary of the General Exeoutive Board. Phil- adelphia delegates who were supposed to be included in the thirty-fiv- e were shown tho editorial and expressed their disapproval of it. Edward Moore, Master Workman of Distriot Assembly 1, voiced their sentiments thus: \ Calling pcoplo hard names is no argument, and to cry 'Anarchists I' at pcoplo does not niako them Anarchists. Ami, besides, I think that people who handled nearly half a million dollars of the order's money in a year and woro unable to present an itemized nt of it aro not in o position to call any- body else names.\ BRAVE CAPT. GIBBS BURNED AUTE. Fate of a Well-Kno- Boatman who Tried to dare tho Dooka of a Biasing Hteamer. (SrXCIAL TO THE XTXKIXO WOBLD.l MEirpnus, Oct. 28. Nowsof the destruction by fire of tho stern-whe- steamer Alberta No. 8 was received in tho city The accident ocourrod at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, near Indian Bay, Ark., on Whito Itiver, seventy-fou- r miles from tlo mouth and 2S2 miles, by tho river, from this port. The steamer was on her way from Newport to Memphis, and hod on board 672 bales of cotton nnd many tons of cotton-see- all of which were consigned to tho merchants and oil mills in this city. The fire, tho origin of which is unknown, was discovered on the lower deck among the cotton bales. The alarm was sounded. Tho crew responded promptly and j soon had sev- eral streams playing on the flames. But it was useless. The fire had already gained a good headway and evermoment the flro grew in intensity, and though the officers had fought hard they were finally forced to abandon the steamer. All reached shore safely save Capt. William Gibbs. the chief clerk, who was caught in the cabin, while striving to save the Dooks and was unable to escape. Capt. Gibbs was about sixty years of age and bad been a steamboat man nearly all his life. He was well known on the upper White and Black llivers, where he had many friends. STARS AND STRIPES ABOVE ALL. Jefferson Davis and Thousands of n. federate at tbe Macon Reunion. (SrXOIAL TO TBE EVXMIMO WOBLD.) Macon, Ga., Oct 28. The city is alive with soldiery, thousands of whom are here attending the State fair and reunion of Confederate veterans. The presence of the of the Confederacy has added muoh to the exoitement of tho occa- sion, whioh sinco Wednesday has been un- bounded. It is a fact, however, that while the recep- tion of Jefferson Daris has been enthusiastic, nothing in the shape of disloyal sentiment has been heard anywhere amoug the people. Every building has used tho Stars and Stripes in its decorations. Mr. Davis and family will probably return to Beauvolr to. night. FICS AND THISTLES. Frank Luddlngton, of Bridgeport, Conn. , has Invented a machine thst will manufacture 80,ooo cigarettes a day. The friends of President Diaz, of Mexico, pro. pose to present him with a massive library table of solid silver on his approaching birthday. Mrs. Emma Lokey, who bad been summoned as a witness In a suit at Agusta, Ga. , fell dead In tho court-roo- Just as she bad risen to give her testi- mony. It cost an even $1,000 for the city of St. Joseph, Mo. , to entertain President and Mrs. Cleveland, during the hour und ten minutes tbat they spent lu the any. The Osage Indians, In addition to owning a fine reservation, have an annual Incomo from the Gov- ernment of f uo.aoo. This Is f 164 a year for eery brave, sqnaw and pappoose, One of Charles Adair's hens at Danville, III., died mysteriously the other day, and It was found that a wad of chewing-gu- had lodged In Its wind- pipe and caused suffocation. A big watchman's rattlo, tbe Identical one wltb which the flrsi constable of Plymouth, Mass. , ter lined the small boy in the days of the Pilgrim Fathers, It a highly prized rello In the possession ot a Providence policeman. There Is a curious chain of prarle-do- g towns along the line of the Texas and Paclflc ltallroad, beginning west of Abilene and extending nearly to Big bprtnga, a distance of loo miles. Some ot tbe villages cover tire acres of ground. Tbe richest woman In the country, next to Mrs. nettle Oreen. is the wife of Trot . Bell, the elec uiclsu- - bhe owns W,ooo,oOG of Bell Telephone stock, and, with her father, who owns as much more, controls the slock of the company. The widow Jenkins's young son, of Murtreesboro, Tenn. , thought be saw a coon in a tree In the yard the other evening, and flred at It from his rlflo. It was a \coon\ named John Brown, and young Jenkins Is now on trial for murdering him. Tho young society men of the City ot Mexico re- cently got up a bull-rig- In bonor of Scnorltal-ttld- e Montoya, tke first lady In Mexico who bas bad the courage to oppose the established tradi- tions of tbe country and become a physician. A farmer In Fallon County, Illinois, planted 100 acres ot low ground In potatoes Isst spring and bas Just dug op a crop of nearly 11,000 bushels, lie winks very knowingly when he resds reports in the newspapers of the faliuro of the potato crop. - At the Garden Gate. (l\ron IA Btttit CVmWot, \Don't you think It's getting pretty late, George t\ \ Yes, dear, It Is, a little for one to be out, but not so very late for two. A Winning lighter. (iYe (A. Mmt Tori lYtenM. Mr. Nicoll Is used to fighting against roguery sndbosslsm. And he hu always fought to wis. JAY GOULD'S TRIP ABROAD. e SOME BROKER'S RELIEVED, BCT MORB ABOUT IT. Rumoro Flenty on tho Htreet About What He la Golug to Europe For To See Illnlne, for the Good of Ills Owa Health and to List Western Union, Home of Them Rough Weather and an Unhappy Time Ahead. S W jrORE lively interest I 3 ?1 would have beon yfi J'yJw I \roused in financial itftwVnT I 'rc'es 0Ter the on-- ry4jfMfcs5rMnT, nouncement of the jXgQl-- speedy departure of jS8S88 Mr. Jay Gould for V Enrope for ftn \ &.. c 3 -- tended tour had It not zHttcBnaj Lirm been for the fact that \fi?i nfe) nC Pectc'l' Now, how- - liC t ever, that the date of ffjVf! bk departure has been uf5 Bot And there is no -- LJCJ ltf I J longer any doubt about IJLTrl u's intentions, the - event has called forth no end of comment among the brokers, and this morning it was tho principal topio of conversation in the street. As Mr. Gould has given no official infor- mation as to his intentions to the public, it was natural that all sorts of guesses and queries should be hazarded as to the real significance of- -' tho great stock operator's latest move, and a few wore dis. posed to believe that he had some ulterior object to accomplish by his trip abroad than to obtain recreation ana benefit his health. The general sentiment, however, seemed to be that Mr. Gould, feel- ing that he needed rest from his almost con- tinuous labors of tho past few years, had de- termined to take the vacation whioh ho has ofton said that he needed. To a reporter of Tna Evzntno World Commodore A. E. Bateman, one of the most prominent operators in tho Street, and known as an opponent of Mr. Gould in tho market, said this morning : \ The announcement was not a snrpriso to tho street. I for ono have known that Gould has been gotting his house in order for some time past, two years at least, in order to got away. Ho has transferred the control of tho large corporations in which he is interested to his son or his friends, and now has a finely organized crowd. His intention has been to arrange his affairs in such a manner so that ho could enjor tho great fortune which he has accumu- lated for the r ualnder of his life.\ \Do you think he is going out of the market altogether ?\ \ I think that is tho general opinion of the street. Ho would take a supervisory inter- est in his properties, and he can do that in Europe as well as he can here, possessing all the cable facilities necessary, but as for spec ulating, I believo be is out of it.\ \ Then you donotboliovo bis trip has any special significance, eithor financial or other- wise ?\ \ Not the slightest: and as for his going to see Blaino, I cannot see what he could ac- complish by that in a political way. It may bo laid down as pretty certain that his will not have a great influence on the market one way or the other.\ In the opinion of Henry Clews Mr. Gould's absence will be a benefit to speculative inter- ests, for he believes that as the former does not intend to engage in any important deals while abroad, his absenco will be tho elimination of a very dangerous element of disturbance from the local market, and that the course of speculation during the next few months will in consequence favor operators on the bull side of tbe market. Another well-know- n authority on Wall street matters, asserted that Mr. Gould was going abroad principally for his health, he thought he was going to try and list his Western Union on tho London Stock Exohange, but this view was strongly combated by another, who said that Mr. Gould would be tho lost man to personally undertake a matter of this kind, for II any representations were to bo mado about his telegraphio proper- ties he would prefer to havo it done by others than himself. It was suggested that per-ha- he might be intending to make soma political combination with the Maine statesman who is now wandering on the Continent, but this was pooh, poohed as improbable as when Mr. Gould had any dealings with the politicians they were the ones who usually ran after him. President Charles G. Wilson, of the Petroleum and Stock Exchange, and Georgo It. Gibson, a prominent dealer, both thought that Mr. Gould would retain his interest in tho market suf- ficient to kocp an oye on his specialties, but that his movements abroad were a matter of indifference to the public. As the representative of a prominent firm said this morning, tho real reason of Mr. Gould's departure is to secure rest. Ever since the Woerishoffer and Smith warfare ngainst him he has been in hot water, and tho tremendous pressure both of debt and responsibility which has been upon him in the interval, of which the pub-li- o has known but little, has shattered bis nervous system, and ho is actually afraid of tuontal prostration. Soveral recent attacks hate frightened him, and actually havo hastened on his departure, which he has boen contemplating for two years. It is said that somo of the younger brokors in the \stroot\ are jubilant over Mr, Gould's departure, which they regard as a godsend to tho markot that they have chartered three German bands of full-te- wiud-pow- to be present at the wharf. North Kiver, of the TJrubria afternoon at the hour of sailing to give the great financier an appropriate ana cheerful scud-of- f. Great rejoicings are also in progress over the reports of rougr. weather ahead for the Uuibrito and if statements are authentic Mr. Gould Is also in receipt of a choice and as- sorted variet) of remedies for his prospective attacks of mat tie ner. Met by a Drtrctlve. A detective arrested Philip llolden the moment that he stepped off tho Albany express at tbe Grand Central station this afternoon. Holden is a clerk for John Perry, fruit dealer, Genesee street, Syracuse. Yesterday ho went Into a neighbor's store, knocked down s little girl who was there at the time, robbed the till of $100 and started for Now York. An officer will take him back. Suing Jersey City for Taxes. Hngh Dugan, Collector of Hudson County.began suit before u Supreme Court Commissioner In Jer- sey City this morning against Jersey City for more than f loo.ooo. claimed br the former to be dut the county for back taxes from 1878 to 1834. The city claims that the law requires It to pay taxes only as they are collected, while the county holds that tbey must be paid from tho first money received. Must Apply to tho General Term. Judgo Donohue, sitting in Supreme Court, Cham- bers, declined to-d- to hear the argument In the fifth election inspectorship matter, holding tbat application should be made to tbe General Term. Presiding Justice Van Brunt Is not expected at the Court llousi until Monday, and tho other General Term Judges are out of town. 40's Meeting for the Anarchists. District Assembly No. 4, of the Knights of Labor, bas completed arrangements for tbe g to be held In Unlor. Square evening for the benefit of thi condemned An- archists at Chicago. All the leading. Knights of the city and several members of tho General Board are expected to speak. His Name Used Without Authority. Cornelius Vsndcrblit authorizes a denial that be his or ever had any Interest whatever In the Mlt. klewlc Chinese National Bank, and any use of his name in that conneotlon has been without bis knowledge or authority. TLLEGRAPn RATES TO GO UP. Wostera Union and It Rlmls to Stop ed Competition for Awhile. Telegraphio rate competition is at an end. The United Lines and postal companies havo agroed to conform practically to the rates of the Western Union. The agreement was reached yesterday at a conference between Jay Gould, Manager Brown, of the Mutual Union, and President A. B. Chandler, of tho United Lines. To an Evening World reporter President Chandler said y i \It is true that ar- rangements were concluded yesterday, de- signed to put an end to the wasteful competi- tion that has hitherto existed between the telegraph interests. It provides for equal rates up to twenty-fiv- e cents and somewhat lower rates by competing companies between .distant points.whcrotho rates aro higher than twentv-flv- e cents. \ There bas been no sale or lease or merg- ing of properties in any form. Nor is there, so far as I know, any Intention or desire on tbe part of the owners jt managers of either of the properties looking in that direction. The Postal and United Lines companies are nbbolutely Independent. Tbey have never approved of tho excessively low rates forced upon them by the fiorce competition between the Baltimore and Ohio and the Western era Union. They now expect to receive their full share of Bnblio patronage at rates which will enable maintain and operate their property by pursuing a just and considerate course towards all their patrons. The new rates take effect Nov. 1. \The advance does away with the adop- tion of ruinous rates only. It does not do away with general telegraph competition.\ SAW nER FATHER'S SPIRIT BECKON. Esther Margollno Obeys a Summons to An. other World br Means of Parle Green. Coroner Levy was y called upon to hold an inquest in the case of Esther Margo-lin- o, of No. 177 Clinton street, who poisoned herself with Paris green lost night, Sho left the following lotter to her husbondi Mt Dear Mter: I hope you will forgive me for wbat I have done, as to live for me Is suoh misery It Is simply Impossible. I wish to God I would have taken your advice, I would not have come to this. I cannot tell anybody how I feel. I hope yon will bury me In tbe same place with all the relatives, and I hope you wintry and make yourself happy and pray for me. I am suffering now eight weeks and I cannot stand It longer. May God bless you that you may never have any vouble more In your life, as I know you have had plenty with me lately, as you have been a good husband to me. Give my love to all and may God bless you; sogood-b- y and think ot me. I am your unfortunate wife. Esther. It is thought that the woman was demented. Sho had the delusion that her father, who has been dead some years, used to oppoor to her and beckon her to follow him. Recently she attended the funeral of a friend and at tho she Imagined that she again saw her ?:rave and he commanded her to givo up this life and Join him in the other world. m m TEMPORARILY IN NEW YORK. S. H. Reynolds, a prominent lawyer of Lancaster, Pa., Is at the Albemarle. Judge Esek Cowen, of Troy, Is one of tho recent arrivals at the Windsor Hotel. Commander William Boinbridge-Hof- f, U. S. N., is at the Everett House. Gov. P. 0. Lounsbury, of Connecticut, qreakfasted at the Murray Hill this morning. Ex-Go- Galusha A. Grow, of Pennsyl. vania, is among arrivals at the Vic- toria. Senator 0. P. Ingersoll. of Westfleld, N. Y., is a morning arrival at the Morton House. John W. Vrooman, of Herkimer, clerk of the New York Senate, is registered at tho Morton House. Gov. Henry Howard, of the sovereign Stato of Rhode Island, is among tho Fifth Avenue's guests. Denmark's Minister at wasnington, ju. de Lovenom, displays his signature on the Albe- marle's register. The dlplomatio representative of Sweden at Washington, M. de. Reuterskjold, is at the Clarendon for a short period. With other arrivals at the Victoria are the wife of Edward S.Esty, of Ithaca, and Mrs. H. L. Wilgus, of the same place. At the Fifth Avonuei R. E. Denmon, of Boston ; James P. Wilherow. of Pittsburg, and Mrs. Geo. W. Childs, of Philadelphia. Waith other guests at the Bartholdl are : Charles Miller and family, of Franklin, Pa.; W. J. Blaydon, of Kontucky, and A. J. Phil-lip- s, of Philadelphia. Apologizing for Col. Fellows-Ex-Senat- Ecclcstne, counsel for Samuel Will lam Plttman, the murderer, walked Into Fart L of the Court of General Sessions this morning and made an unnecessary apology for Col. Fellows's failure to appear and try the case before Judge GUdersleeve yesterday. He said that he was to blame, having missed a train. This wss an excuse for the but hardly one tor the Colonel, whom he attempted to exculpate. As the term will close next Wednesday, the Plttman case will not be tried before the November term, which begins a week from next Monday. Heavy Registration To-D- This morning the third dsy of registration began. Iteports received at the office ot tbe Chief of the Bureau of Elections show .that there Is every pros, pect of a heavy list of names. The political fac tlons are exerting themselves to bring out a full vote, and John J. O'Brlet thinks tbat It will be made heavier than when Uewltt, George and Roosevelt rar. for Mayor, and may reach the totals of the Presidential year. There were a few vacancies among Inspectors ot Election, due to sickness or absence from duty, which were filled promptly. - Dinner With a Suggestion of Soup. Col, WUUam Uarry Beard, tbe Republican leader In the Twentieth Ward in Brooklyn, will give a dinner at hut residence, 1S4 Clinton avenue, evening to Senator Frank HUcock, Warner Miller, Col. Frederick D. Grant, Eugene F. O'Connor, candldste for State Senator In the Third District, and some other Republicans of cote In tbe City of Churches. Col. Beard Is very rich, as are Mr. O'Connor and several others of the expected guests, and tbe machine In Brooklyn needs money. Treasurer Birkett. of the Campaign Committee, may have more funds after this little dinner. Against People Who Don't Pay. Newsdealers' and Stationers' Union, No. 8, has called a meeting to take place next Tuesday even IngatNo. S31T Third avenue to ratify the \ami. dead-be- platform.\ to elect a committee to work for the abolition of Illegal newstands In tho ele- vated railroad stations and to devise plans to bring oppressive publishers to terms. The \ platform\ oomes out strong against publlo office-holde- and contractors who do not pay their Just debts, Tbe City of Alexandria All Right. The agents In this city of the Havana stesmer City of Alexandria, which was doe last Wednes- day, say there Is no oause for anxiety for her safely, On account of the oholera soars here the health officers of Cuba ordered all vessels touch- ing at the Cuban ports tc be quarantined. This is why the City of Alexandra Is overdue. She left Havana yesterdsy afternoon for this city, and la expected to arrive on Monday, From Boston to a Subterranean Cell. Elmer E. Mount, a real estate dealer, accused ot having collected also for Mr. Edward r. Brown. Ing, tbs wholesale olothlnj manufacture! . was arrested vesterday in Boston by Detectives and Crowley, acting under Instructions from Inspector Byrnes. Thla morning the prisoner was landed' safely in a subterranean eu at Police Headquarters. U jM UUyyMMHHAUKli-- r luf SOCIETY AFFAIRS OF NOTE. , e ANNUAL BALL OF THE ESSEX COUNTY HUNT CLUB AT ORANGE. Muslo Hall to be Decorated with Yellow C Chrysanthemums on a Blue Background People Who aro Expected to' be Present ' (Secretary Bayard's Reported Engage. , meat to Mis Maxkoo Considered a. Joke '? HE society event of this evening will bi the Hunt Ball of the Essex County Country Club, which will b given at tho Musii Hall, Orange Forth first timo the auditor!. um will bo floored over. Tho hall will be ,, iy iyv decorated with yellow iJJsffihfcJh vffl chrysanthomums on a Ii v?3lZiyfo\4 hlue background, ii 7?i sWTsBr oronB id hluo being' I PN Tn-- i. W na clul 00,or8, Tho H' II stogowiUbeBptitbra ,Jl\il I pretty soene, and a large painting of a fox's head will hang on the opposite side. Thero will be twenty attendants in pink. Mr. A. Pennington Whitehead, Mr. Charles A. Munn, Mr. William1 Clark, Mr. W. D. Baldwin, Mr. Frederick Frolinghuysen and Mr. Robert Sedgwick are tho committee, Mrs. John Burke. Mrs. Paul L.- - Thebaud, Miss Whitehead, Mrs. H. Mortimer Brooks, Mrs. Edward H. Wright, Mrs. T. H. Powers Forr, Mrs. William Clark, Mrs. Robert Sedgwick, Mrs. Samuel Campbell and Mrs. W. D. Baldwin are the patronesses. The ball will open at 8.80 o'clock. A quad, rille led by Mr. Henry Pago will bo the first dance Among thoso expected to attend aro Mr. and Mrs. Brockholst Cutting, Miss Annie Cutting, Miss Alice Ashmoro, Mr. G. J. Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Frolinghuy- sen, Mr. Valentino Martin,' Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Kobbc\ Mrs. Clarence Carey, tho Misses Byron, Mr. E. Doyer, Mr. Charles Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Spalding, Mr. Philip Lydig, Baron Schnabel, Major Charles Button, Mrs. Del Vallo, Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Thebaud, Mr. and Mrs. Mc-Cnr- dy, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Colgate, Mr. James Pratt, Mr. W. Johnson, Mr. C. Wel-denfo- Mrs. H. McK. Twombley, Miss Romaine Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton Hall, Miss Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. John P. GillU, Mr. and Mrs. Eugono Kelly, Mr. ana Mrs. Charles T. Mlnton, Mr. Charles Hcok-she- r, Mr. Richard Pancoast, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dyer, Mr. H. L. Her- bert, Mr. Elliott Grogory, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Harriman, Mrs. Tillinghast, Mr. Charles Marston, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. John Bnrko, Misa Grace Pot- ter, Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Holmes. Mrs. Kirt-lon- d, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sedgwick, Mrs. Burke Roche, Col. and Mrs. Edward H. Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Porriah, Mr. Henry A. Page, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Van Rensselaer, Mr. John P. Kings! ord and Mr. Daniel Kingsford. A smaller dance will also bo given this evening at the little club-hous- e near Hemp- stead by the Meadow-Broo- k Hunt. Mrs. Benoni Lockwood, of 111 East Eight, eenth street, who is a sister of Secretary Bayard, laughed at the latest specials from Washington announcing his approaching marriage to Miss Sophie Markoe, of the Stato Department. They ore, it seems, the stand, ing joke of the family, Miss Markoe is a relative. Mrs. Lockwood will give somo dinners soon in honor of Miss Ellen Terry. No date or even vear has been fixed for the marriage of Mr. L. Mortimer Thom, jr., and f, Miss Lillian Gwynn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gwynn, as Miss Gwynn, who has beon out only for a few months, wishes to enjoy society as a young lady for a year or ' two previous to her marriage. ; Mrs. Josephine May, of 259 Fifth avenue, who entertained so lavishly last winter, has , changed her plans and will return to this oity , probably on the Werro, whioh is expected on ' Monday. She has been rccontly travelling in Spain. v i Mr. and Mrs. B. Bt. John Beosley, of 87 n Fifth avenue, gave a small dinner on Tuesday ,\ evening. - Sir John Swinburne and Miss Waterlow, 5 daughter of Sir Sidney Waterlow, are visit. ft ing Mr. and Mrs. John Bigelow, at their , country seat at Highland Falls, where they \ will remain for two or threo weeks longer. A large dinner will be given on Tuesday' evening at Delmonico's bj Mr. Melville 0. ,. Day in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fremenherre 4 ntfe Van Auken. v Cards are out for tho marriage of Lieut. Price, U. 8. A., ond Miss Alice Hargous, 5 which will take place at the Cathedral on 3 .Nov. 9. A small reception will follow tho 'ceremony at the home of the brido'g parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Hargouj, 205 West Fifty-Beven- th street. Tho marriage of Mr. C. H. Eagle and Miss Lizzie M. Ketcham will take place next Wednesday at the borne of the bride's pa- rents, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Ketcham, 1 East Thirty.fifth street. There will be a reoeptlon. Latest Local Nominations. United Democracy Alderman, Twenty-thir- d Ward, James J. Mooney. The Republican nominee tor Alderman in tho Fifth District Is Frederick Von Oerrlcbten. Tammany Hall and the \ Counties \ bave named Henry Von Mlnden for Alderman In the Tenth Bis. trlct. William C. Rlnkhoff Is tbe Union Democratio candldato for Alderman In the Seventeenth Dl trlct. Republican Assembly Nominations: Fifth Dlsy trlct, Henry I Joyce; Thirteenth, George W.i Poucher. John J. Martin has been nominated for Alder, man of tbe Twenty-fourt- h Ward by the United Democracy. Civil Justices Ninth District, Robert W.I Bonynge; Eleventh, Edward It. Thompson bota Republicans. Tammany Hall bas renominated Charles Clancy for Civil Justice and part ot the County DeBao-crao- y machine bas nominated Denis Burns. Tbe following Assembly nominations were mada by Tammany Hall and the County Democracy t First Distriot, Daniel E. Finn: Twenty-firs- t, Abra. ham L. Jacobs; Seventeenth, William Dal tout Nineteenth, John Connelly; Twenty-fourt- h, John B. Shea. The following nominations for the Stato Senate were made last night 1 Edward V. Uellly, United Democracy. Sixth District: George J. Krauss and Frederick P. Doer, by the Republicans In the Seventh District, John J. O'Brien supports Ztrauss and Police Justice Patterson Doer. Ninth District, Charles A. Stadler, United Democraoy. Tbe United Labor party bas nominated for Alder men: First District, Cornelius Flynni Second, Thomas Maher: Third, Thomas Morrowt Fourth, D. B. Hart: Fifth, Walter J. Elliott! SUtb. Fran-c- ls Schofield: Seventh, Joseph T. Johnson) Eighth, Frederick w. Mayer: Ninth, John Lawi Tenth, August W. Frazer; Eleventh, T. 8. P. Mullet (colored): Tweltb, Max Altemanni Thirteenth, Lewis J. Muller; Fourteenth, Peter 0. Bamberger Fifteenth, John T. Coughlln; Sixteenth. Charles J. Coope; Seventeenth. John J, Murphy: Eigh- teenth, William J, Boyhan; Nineteenth, Willises C. Anderson: Twenty-firs- t, John Kelly: Twenty-thir- d, James K. V, aarrison; Twenty-fonn- a. James S. Scery. Coming Brents. The annual benefit of the Benevolent FrptecUw Order of Elks will take; place at the Academy t Music on Thursday, Nov. IT. ' The grand snnual ball of the Valley ForwAsso-clatlo-n will be held at Nllsson Ball on .Saturday evening, Oct. , ihe muslo for the oocwbob belBsT furnished by Prof, A. M. Levy. A spoclai meenngot the Young Men's lnPM dent blub of New York will bo held at cl room, in the Lexington Avenue Opera-Hous- e thM evening at o'clook to Indorse a .fall city ana county ticket, and also Senatorial, Assembly ana Aldermanlo. nominations. A grand moss-meeti- of United Labor party will beheld at Kim Park Pl\onswlnJ street and Nlntk avenue, on nnd!J,,5S322?4 Oct. to, at o'clook. Thi speakers renrf George, William MeCabe. J. 7SIftKfi elni tao songs pi the United Ubw party,, AafctJJ

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