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MT. KISCO, N. Y., SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 1964 Page 1�.:', .. , PATENT TRADER PINKIE THE PUPPET: Young Robert Cole of Brewster, a ped­ Jatric patient at Northern West· chester Ilospital during the holl- Fund Names Leaders For Heart Drive days, reaches for Pinkie The Puppet held by I\1rs. Wllliam Tull or Pleasantville, a memo ber of the hospital's Volunteer Service League. Every child who was a pediatric paticnt at the time receIved one of the puppets, made by civic and socIal groups from materials suppUed by the Volunteer Ser· vice League. - StaH photo by Litchfield PURCHASE - The Westchest­ er Heart Association, Inc., has announced the community chair­ men for the 1964 Heart Fund drive to be conducted February 1·29. They arc Bedford, Mrs Neil Kelly of Middle Patent Road and Mrs David P McNamara of Loop Road; BedCord Hills. Mrs. Sam­ uel Aspinall of Springhurst Road; Chappaqua. Mrs. A. T. neeu­ han of 31 Roaring Brook Road. or the Pound Ridge office; Hawthorne. Mrs Albert Kraus of 90 Atlantic Avenue. Katonah, Mrs. Herman F. Jacobs of Quicks Lane: Lewisboro. Mrs. John J. Mucl· ler of l\1t. Holly Road; Mt. Kisco, Mrs. C. J. Dlyeso of 63 Washburn Road; North Salem. Mrs. Robert Field, State Road, Purdy Sta­ tion; Peekskill. Mrs. John W. Banks of 945 Parkway Place; Pleasantville, Mrs Raymond Nathe of 6i9 Bedford Road: Pound Ridge, Mrs. Donald V. Turnbull, South Bedford Road, R.F.D. 1; Somers. �'Ir. Webster W. Keefe. Central School District I, and Joseph J Hager, Box 337, R.F.D. 2. Katonah: Thornwood, Mrs Joseph T. irs Nannyhagen Road: Yorktown Heights, Mrs. Louis A. Mediatore, Granite Springs Road. HELPING HANDS: Merri cs­ vallo, 14. left.and Winifred Burrell. 14. work in the John C. Hart Memorial Library in Yorktown. arranging books in the newly painted library. A new citizens' grouP. Friends of the Library, hopes to improve the library system still more. Temporary chairmen named arc Peter Klemehuk program­ ming; !\frs. Fred Brand. mem­ bership; and Perry Luntz, pub­ licity. -staff photo by LiteltIield One For Every Child At The Hospital Thinking It Thru The Saturation Point Yorktown Library Aides NonStoppers By GIL S. JOEL provided by the lanes. Women ways been conscious or its Fi ned $30 \1m afraid that bowling In still enjoy daytime bowling, responsiblility to those less Westchester lias reached its but not willi thc enthusiasm physically fortunate. A con- I n Armonk saturation point.\ says Alberta they showed In tile past. They tinning project of ours is at Lock, president of the West- have either taken up other in- ·;Uontrose Hospital In Peekskill. Ad t L · I f P chester Women's Bowling As· terests or been absorbed by We make a regular practice ARMONK - Six drivers were Op eg I s a I ve reg ra m soclation. \The sanctioned the leagues of taking women patients who cfioDuerdt T$5unSedaaCyh ninl'''hNt °frotrh f:�lsutrlee I . leagues arc holding their peak, \The Westchester Women's enjoy bowling to local lanes .. b ... but open bowling seems to be Bowling Association 110W has where we play right along with �o make �ull stops at the flash- WIIlTE PLAINS - Eleven rec- perty tax, the state should Iul-past three years and which ad- falling off.\ more than 10,600 members. them. We wnjoy this every bit Rmg red22hght at Route 120 and ommendations for state legisla- fill its constitutional obligation versely affect the more than SOO.- We asked the attractive, trim The only way a woman can as much as they do.\ Mrs. ou.te . tive action were adopted Wed· to furnish education for each 000 Westchester citizens living lil president the reason for thc join a sanctioned league and Lock concludes. J Fmed �y EJdUdgl e JGeorbgle Af ue25r nesday night by the Westches· child by assuming at least 50 per the 85,000 rent-controlled units of slump In non-league play. be eligible to enter tournaments Alberta Lock has some pointed r. were. w naco 0 tel' Democratic Executive Com- cent of the aggregate s c h 0 0 I the county. the largest number \I really don't know,\ shc is by joining thc Association. comments to make regarding Mllela�oWJbrlookA Ro�d, . P!easant. mlttee, according to Democratic costs. The state, paying Its pro- of units in any county outside admitted. \Maybe with near- bowling's failure to meet the vf eN' olRn h '11 ClanHelmblDo Jcr., Committee Chairman William F. per share. will enable Westches- of New York City. ly an alley on every corner, \TilE ASSOCIATION par- needs of our older teenagers. • a ow oc e e: er ert L dd t hId tl tlcularily enjoys taking art I '.- , .•• ' J 3 dry k' M H' u y. er sc 00 s an 0 ier areas to \Specifically: Changes In the the public may have been over- .. p n Sh d tl lit � � ones r 0 on ers: ary t th I I iti . � .. t t '\ til e oes· I s n our nex '. r-.r ,�. 1\\ , II f B 'RI'd R d' The recommendations are: mee e r eg mate educatlon- laws should be exposed to public sold on bowling. It seems to ournamen s. ve ge a spec a column. ..t1 \ • • iaxwe 0 yram ge oan, \I R I tI E t H d al needs . me that there arc just too lift from the one which starts , . : .,-� .. � \'J'd<>\�t···� Armonk; Hildegard Schneider of P k' ePAeatl I�t Aast u slon \5 A'f II f II vlew.in ample time for public t bU I f I today (January 12) for the North Lake Road, Armonk; and ar way u iori y c and n- . u our-year co ege or exammatlon and not left for the :�beres:f ���f:r� ;:OU:I�� benefit of the. United Cerebral Av,·at,·on Anthony A. Lopez of Ossining. eorporats the Westchester park- un!verslly In this �ountr as a final minutes of the closing ses- Many Westchester bowlers Palsy Association of West· Fined for other traCClc viola. ways mto the state-supported urut of the state untverstty now, slon as has been done in recent have moved out of the area chester County. Last Monday D d ltions Tuesday were: Jay B. sy.�tcm Of. toll-free parkways. Inc�udlng in �ddition to .£ull edu- times. and all changes should be we began signing up sanctioned epI·cte FIRST GRADER Richard Har- Scheuer of Mt. Vernon, $20 for This Will enable our outmod- cational faclhties. Provislon for directed at upholding the basIc \ALSO. I believe that open league men and women for the rlman displays reply his class speeding in a 40.mlle.per.hour ed and. dangerous pa�kways to continuing adult education at both concept of protecting tenants from bowling has actually been dis. Tri-County Hi-Pin Tournament at Brookside School received zone; Norman T Olsen of HII. !>e rebuilt and modernized with- undergraduate lev�ls and grad- unwarranted rent increases. couraged lI>y the fabulous which is sponsored by the BEDFORD - \The Fledgling from President Johnson. The landale Drive, Armonk, $10 for I� a reasonable time u�d�r the uate le:els �o satisfy the needs \10. Our growing suburban gllOwth of league bowling. The Bowling Proprietors Assoela- Years,\ a poster exhibit trac- class wrote to the president driving without an inspection cer- direct and �ole respoasiblllty of?f our m�ivldual citizens an� of area would benefit from the crea- average Joo or Joan who tion ing the history of aviation from expressing their prayers and tificate; Leo V. RothbaUer of �he state, With the state assum· mdustrr In improving the mmd.s tion oC a temporary state com· simply wanted to bowl \Thc Tournament offers Leonardo Da VincI's 16th cen· support after President Ken· Rye, $5 for driving a truck with. JD� the cost. land skills of our peopl�, a medl· mission, established on a bi·par. a game once In a while found valuable prizes, trips to Miami tury sketches to photographs nedy's assassination. out splash guards; Jane R. Stll. It wlll allow the state to plan cal school and a nursmg school lisan basis to prepare a com· that getting an alley in the Beach, for example. but we of the latest rockets. is now on I--.:....-----------:son of Miller Circle. W hit e directly. for ne�ded e�panslon of to pr?vlde for our constantly In· plete and coordinated program evening was practically im. feel lhat the truly important display In the commons room Honor Students I Plains, $10 for driving without connec-tJo�s With eXisting and ereaslDg needs for more doctors lor child welfare Such a pro· possible because they were all reason for entering this compe· at Fox Lane School. . an inspection certificate; Rob. planne? Ingl�ways and road�vays. and nurses and a desire for e.ver gram would provide the neces· taken WiUl league bowler� titian is that so many The poster panels were pre· CROSS RIVER - Five namcs ert M. Cusack of 121 Manhat. and Will .reheve the motorist ?f1hlgher standards. of medical sary direction for all of the sin· \Daytime is a difCerent story handicapped people arc helped 'Pared by International Business were Inadvertently omitted from tan Avenue Hawthorne $5 Cor the discriminatory tolls. It Will care. A local medical schOol can cere but uncoordinated eCCorts I was Ule first noman in West- by the Tournament. We are Machines Corp. and the Na· the Junior High honors list Is· a stop si� violation; 'Paul J. allow Westchester to !>e treated also supply. the needs for con.tinu- now in existence in the battlc chester to man a desk in a hopeful that 15.000 men and tional Air Museum. The exhibit sued last week by John Jay Roach of Brewster, $3 for <lriv. on the parkway questJon in the Ing ��ucation of our pracliclng against juvenile delinquency and bowling establishment. and 10 \\on1('n Will enroll by the time is sponsored by Fox Lane's High School. They arc. Thomas ing without tall lights; and Ger. same manner as Long Island physle.lans and surgeons, and ereorts to maintain proper care teach bowling to women. For the Tournamcnt ends next Unified Arts department. I t Nevins, high honors and Ray aIdlne F. Kerslake. $10 for driv. and other areas that have many provision. for graduate traln- and guidance for needy chUdren, a while, women flocked to the Saturday will be open to the public duro Fowler. Diane Fuld. Thomas Ing without an inspection certici. toll-free state parkways. Ing and Ingher degrees. \11. Recognizing the need for alleys. bringing their small \The Westchester Womcn's ing school hours this week and Huppuch and Frederick Boss. cate. \2. Provide for a share oC the \6. Add two additional days of possible emergency action in the ,children to sp�cial nurseries Bo\\ling Association has al- next. honors. state pari-mutuel �ax of Yonkers registration In October. 1964, to case of commuter railroads duro ______ . ----------------------------- R Raceway to be �aJd to Westches· the current 18·hour period. ing the long period when the esignation ter . County TillS wo�ld not be \7. Simplify the literacy test state legislature is in recess. it settm� a precedent as It has been requirements for new New YOrk/iS recommended that the gover. 5 b ·tt d done ID the .past • New York,State voters by making manda· nor be given power by the legis· U m I e City has received a share of the tory the giving of the test, when lature to act at such time and part-mutuel tax. Further. t h e,required, at the registrationlin such manner as will mandate IBy Teach·er S�ate has �ecn fit In the past to'boards. thus eliminating the dim· the continued operation of com· give a parl·mutuel tax rebate to' culty of traveling to certain I muter railroads\ I the tracks themselves t.o rebulld!sehools at certain times. i Mr. Luddy said. \The progl'am BEDFORD - Elizabeth Alns- their plush plants for prIVate pro·, \8. Voting residence require' is basically the same as those Iworth, first grade teacher &tlfit. . Iments for all elections should belwe have proposed in the past. Bcdford Hills Elementary School \3. ReapportIOnment oC t h elreduced to six months in thelWe are always hopeCul that the for 36 years, will not return IOlst.ate leg�slative districts t.o pro·istate. 30 days In the county and1aOP·controlled legislature. par· Iller classcs Ihi� year. Vide eqUitable representation .bY'30 days in the elcction district. ticularly the Westchester repre· III for somcllme and now on population. The unrepresentative \9. Major revisions in the resl· sentatives. will some day wake leave of abse�ce, �liss Ainsworth method. of apportionment which dential rent control laws to elim· up to the fact that we are In the sent her reslgnatJon to Bedford now eXIsts results In favored u�· ina Ie the many loopholes which 20th century. in fact, but 36 ,Central School Board this week. state rural areas to the detr!' have crept into them over the years from the 21st century.\ • 'explaining she will not be able ment of suburban and melropo]J· __. _ • ,to resume her duties. A grad· tan areas whcre the bulk oE our ;::====:..:.....;_..:.---�...::...--...::.:..:�;:;;;;;:;;;;-==:::::;;;;;;;, uate of Potsdam State College. state population resides. I J' she- has taught in Bedford Hills \4 In view of the educational! )4<'.\'\,\.�'c\\O': ,Sl'IlOoi �ince September of 1927. necds oC our county and the grow'l Th!' board aece-pted Miss Ains·, ing inability of our already over· I worth'� dC'cision With regret and burdened taxpayers to provide ; inslructed Dr Charles O. Rich· additional revenue from real pro., 'ter. superllltendent 10 write a - -- ------ --- Iletter expressing the apprccia· I I tion of the school system Cor 1 I ,h!'r many years of service to dis· I trirt children I ' I Dr W Henry Russell who holds I the board scat for the Bedford ; Hills area, praised Miss Ains·! worth and said his gratitude and; : the gratitude- oC all Bedford Hills 'residents will go wilh her I Democrats In Westchester .. SERYIC£ -FURNITURE -INTERIORS ·DECORATOR SERVICE • I 'GOOD FURNITURE LASTS FOREVER\ at 6 p.m. on lIIaln Street In ------ , Bedford Hills. Ptl. Charles liIii--R-E'lIO-pIlJlllE-N-'-N-G-.--:'; Lundy scts up danger markers Aftcr Long IIIncss • -- - - -_- - I on the Icy curve ncar the top C of C Urges Conversion For Libra ry I' of the hill. The A·l Ambulance took Mrs. Harvcy to the North· VALl lALLA _ Valhalla Cham· It is IUl'ated at Clevel�nd Street. tow.n recreation. commission hasl ern Westchester Hospital. b I' of Commerce this week urged I Hesidcllts hav!' sometimes term· I mamtamed a Little League base· -Starf photo by Litchfield' il\ft. Pleasant town lboard to con'lcd facilities thcre inadequate ball fi�ld across. the parkway =====';\====:;;;;;;;';=:' sider CQC1v!'rting part of the Val· !\ir \I(')lIgan's letter noted and railroad tracks ,for years. I � llalla railroad station in�o quart· j �urth Tarrytown uses the Phillips • ers for the Valhalla Library l:llanUr station of the New York Rezoning Request In a letter by chamber of com· Central lIarl!'m Oivis�on as a Ii· I\IT. KISCO - A request Cor I merce secretary Gilbert J. Nelll'lbral'Y branch. lIe Said such Ca- a rezoning to allow construction 1 gao, th� group said \there is alcilitieS are less likely. to fall of a shopping center on North, . � large part of lhe station that Is prey to vandals and Will make Bedford Road will be discussed unused and shouldbeeasilyadapt- the station \more receptive. to by Mt. Kisco Planning Board at BWBI.'RTiEIE-LE\·C\'-RI\.r. able for library purposes.\ Ithe ncc�s .�f the people uSlOg an open meeting Thursday at AC.. \\ Mt. Pleasant Supervisor Earle the slatlon. 18:15 p.m. The area in question W. Parsons, when told of the� Mr. Nelligan �aid he realizes leonslsts oC about 22 acres on suggestion, said he had not secn some persons \\ 111 obje-ct walk., the east side of North Bedford the letter. It was dated January ing across the Taconl!: StatejROad bctween Barkcr Street and 7. Mr. Parsons said, however.'Parkway to a library at the sta· Brookside Avenue. that such a plan may be difficultl tlUn The parkway runs between to achlevc because the town I the station and the Valhalla bus· Com'llerclal applc growers pro· does not own the station. !iness area. Mr. Nelligan said two duced 21 million bushels In this The 'Valhalla Library Is a traffic lights on the parkway State In 1963. The peach crop I branch of Pleasanlvllle Library. Ulcre 'Would llelp. He said the totaled 540.000 bushels. BEDFORD POLICE SGT. WIl· lIam J. Judge assist 1\1r. and Mrs. Karl Simon of Linden Hurst after their car was In· volved in a head-on collision with one drivcn by Mrs. Nancy n. lIarvey of Bedford Center Road in Bedfocd 1I111s. The accident occured Tuesday , I - � I-- jr� � On An Icy Curve At Top Of A Hill SALE FREE MONEY ORDERS 10 to 50% OFF RIDING HABITS English & Western BOOTS from Stock or Custom Maciel All you want whenever you need them. 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