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- Tel. 289a. WE HAVE OPENED A TAX REGISTRATION BUREAU FOR “ THE P A Y Nl E N T O F YOUR TAXES. j WRITE US FOR PARTICULARS. Westchester 6c Brotix Title & Mortgage Guaranty Co. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. MAX SCHIRMER'S BAKERY POST OFFICE BUILDING, ; 12 SPRING STREET Offers its High Grade Goods made from the Best Materials in a most cleanly, kept shop : : : : Orders for Weddings and Parties on short notice. Satisfaction Guaranteed. MAX SCHIRMER, Prop. Jacob Holpp, Successor to Wm. Hanson, No. 117 Railroad Avenue • . W hite P lains , N. Y. Choice Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Etc. W edding C akes a S pecialty . UP - TO - DATE P lumber , ' White Plains, N. Y.., Jan. 2, 1906. Under the regulations now In force goveringvthe issuing of -Teachers ’ Certificates, no moreThird Grade Certificates will be issued; no examina ­ tion for Second Grade Cer ­ tificates will he held after April 190S, and no examina ­ tion for First Grade Certifi cates will be held af ter April, 1907. Teachers examina ­ tions for Uniform, Elemen- atry and Academic Certifi ­ cates will be held in. this Commissioner District as fol- lowS:- Augnst 9, 10, at High School, North Tarrytown, N. J., November 8-9, at High School Ossining, N. Y. Pi-ograme of Examlaatiotis. Thursday, A. M. — ^Arith ­ metic, Geography, Drawing, Philosophy and History of Education. P. M. — English Composition, Grammar, Phy ­ siology and Hygiene, Current Topics. . Friday, A. M. — American History, Algebra, Bookeep- ingi Orthography. P. M. — Civil Government, School Law, Physics, Methods and School Management, Read ­ ing. In addition to the above, Regent ’ s Examination for Uniform, Elementary and Academic Certificates will be held in aR Academic Schools as follows: June 11 to 15. Both dates inclusive. C harles H. C heney , School Commissioner, Second Dis ­ trict, Westchester County, N. Y. 157 R ailroad A ve ., W hite P lado , N. Y. S how R oom O pen E venings THE PEOPLE OP THE STATE OP I N ew Y ork — B y the Grace of God free and independent. To Thomas Rogers, Mary J. Westerfield. Flora E. Rogers, Jason Rogers, William 0. Rogers, J. S. Rogers. Ida Tvloiler, Emily Holler. Robert Wiieon Rogers, Mary Ann Rogers ’ ’ -frbpmas Rogers, Jr., William R. Westerfield. Jason R. ‘ ''Westerfield, John Westerfield and 1 J. S. Rogers, as trnstee, tinder a certain deed of timet made by . Thomas vRogers fb William Canldwell, dated January. 23rd, 1882, and to the creditors, nest of kin, and all other persona interested in the estate of Jason Rogers, late of the town of Morrisania. in the Connty oi Westchester, and' State aforesaid, de ­ ceased — Stnd Greeting. Yon, and - each of yon, are hereby cited to appear before bar Surrogate of the Connty of Westchester, at his office, in the Village of White Plains, bn the 29th day of October, 1906, at TO . o ’ clock in the forenoon of that day. 'then and there to attend a jndieial settlement of the accoont of William Sbillaber, Jr , as substituted trostee under the Last , Will at) d Testament of Jason Rogers, deceased, and to show cause why the prayer of the petition of the said William Shjllaher. Jr., tiled herein on ihe 30th day of August, 1900, should not be granted. - And sncii of yon as are hereby cited as are under the age of twenty-one years are required to appear by yont znardian; if you have one. or if yon . have none, to appear and apply for one to be appointed, or in the event of your heglect or failure to do so, a gnardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for you in the proceeding. In teetimony whereof, the seal of the '. Surrogate ’ s Court of onr said. Connty of . Westchester has been hereonfb affixed. WITNESS: Hon. fheodore H. Silkman, Surrogate of onr said Connty, at ttie Town of (L s.) White Plains, the liOth day of August, in the 1 year of onr Lord ose thousand nine hundred and six. THEO. H. SILKMAN, Surrogate. O dell & O dell ,' Attorneys for Petitioner, ’ ' • ,*60 Wall Street, New York City. ' Walter A. Hauver P lain and - O rnamental S late R oofer . / SHOP AND YARD: NO. 15 DAVIS AVENUE W hite P lains , N. Y. WORK DONE IN ANY \PART OP THE COUNTRY ; .y.r. J5 year}) ’ -experience. MaH orders.promptly attended to. ROCCO BRIANTI, Mason, Contractor and Builder Brick Work,Plastering and ' all kinds of Masonry Work.. 5 N. LEXINGTON AVE* White Plains, N. Y. Telephone 418-L. William Haaek Formerly wltli A. H. Davenport Co., No. 331 Btli Ave., N. Y. City, Interior Painter ... and Decorator .......... House Paiutiug...... .......... Paper Hanging.. ----- White Plains, - N. Y. ' TONY LAMONICA, Acphalt Walkaand Driveways. Asphalt ing Foundation Walls. Artificial Stone Walks. Cement Foundations Built : : : ~ :• : V : ESTIMATES GIVEN.' ^aJ'Send Postal Card.: CREENBURGH AND BATTLE AYES. White Plains, N. Y. ONE PLUMBER AFTER ANOTEER may have tinkered with the pipes and failed to restore them to perfect condition. Send ns . the order when there is another ** PLUMBING*? job to he done. We dont “ tinker. ” “Know how ” work- men put the job through from start to finish: No guessing or experimental-work. Satisfaction is certain. Onr employees take no chances. Neither are onr customers charged high prices. FRANK McGUIRE, BROOKFILD ST:, WHITE PLAINS. Telephone Connection. Anton 6c Will© (Formerly Lechncr ’ s) Delicatessen Store, Railroad Ave., White Plains Bolognas, Pork & Hams . IN season . Prices Reasonable. : Telephone call NOBLE P. TYSON, iliSON and HASTEREtt, Concrete Work a Specialty.... ■ SOBBING PROMPTLY ATTENDED' TO. Estimates Cheerfully Given. HARLEM RAILROAD. WHITE PLAINS TO NEW YORK Leave A. M. — 4.45,:.5.30, 6.00, 0.15. *0 30, *0.40, *6,50, *5.00, *7.10, 7.20, *7.30, *7.45, 7.50, *8.00,, *8.05, *8.20. 8.80, *8.40, 9.00, *9.40, *9.50, 10.00, *10.55, 11. CO, *11.80, *12 00. P. M. — *12.55, *1.00. *1.45, 2.00. 3.00, *3 53, 4.00, -4.30, 5.00, *5.20. *5 40, *5.52. 6.00, *0 30, *6 55, 1 *7.00. 7.30, 8.<W, *3.30, 9.00, 10.00, ll.OO; 12.00 A. M. VEW XORK TO WHITE PLAINS A. M.— *12.35, *1.35, (except - Mon- lays), 547, *6 08., 7.45; -*8 10; 8.35, *9.05, *9.35, 10 85,'*11.25, *11.40 13.06 P, M.. p. M. — *12.'35, *1.08. (Saturdays only) *1.32, T.36, *2.01. *2l08, *2.55. *3 01, 3.86, *4.10. *4.19. *4.35. *4 40, *4.50. *5 03, 5.12, *5.20. *5.22, *5.34, 5.47. *5 55, 3.07, *6.12. *6.15. 6 25, *(6.36, *6.45. *6.50. 7 15, *7.45. 8.34, *9.03, 9 35, IP 35, *11.35, *11.30. Sunday trains.to New York, A M. — T.OO 8 00, t9.00, t9.35, 10.00. fU 00, 12.00, P. M.. 4100, 2, Op, 3 00, t4 00, 1450,14.55.'+5.00. to.55;4! 00,7.00, +7 18, [7.30, 8 00. 8.49, 9.00, +p.47, 10.00,11.00. Sunday trains from New York A.M. — tl2 35. tl-35. 7.30, 8 36. +9 05, +9 20. 9.86, +9 87, 10.86, +11.36. +11.50, 12.48. P. M.. +1.36, +2.00, 2.86. +3.36. +4 30, +520, 5.30, +5.37, .0 38, 7 36, +8.36, 9.36, 10.35, 11.36. • ! ; . | *Week day express, j ■ +Snnday express. - JOHN BTHALLOH - & SON, BAGGAGE EXPRESS ; : No. 51,;Nailroai 0BD3BS PB0MPT1Y ATTBNDED TO- Telephone, 643. TERMS OF THE COUNT^ COURT, COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER, 1906. T erms of the county court of West: h-ater Connty are hereby appointed to be held at the Connty Court , House, at White Plains, New York, during 1906,' as; follows: For the Trial of issues at which a Petit Jury will be required! to attend, on the Second Tuesday of January . For the Trial of issues at which a Grand and-Petit-Jnry will be required to attend, on the third Monday of March, First Monday of May,' First Tuesday of September, . First Monday of October. For the Trial of issues without a jury, and the argument of appeals, demurrers, ' 'motions and proceedings in both civil and criijlinal cases on Saturday of each week (except during the month of August and the first ^Saturday in Sep ­ tember).' : * Dated Dec. 7, 1905. WILLIAM P. PLATT, Reward A rawraref of Two Hundred and Fifty DoStnn nrlli bapuld fop tho arrest anti conviction of izny lank etoatep op other parson gaBty, umler tho provisions of Saction SSO of tho Pohal Codo of tho: State of \ Mew York, of. criminally receiving any HEW YORK TELEPHONE CO. IB Dey St., Haw York JOHV H. CAHILl,, May 1, 1002. sa VIBe-Frealaent THE JUDICIARY THE INTERESTS OE THE PEOPLE IMPERATIVE ­ LY BEMAHD HONEST, CAPABLE AND EXPERI ­ ENCED JUDGES UPON THE BENCH OE THE SU ­ PREME COURT. .Every person is vitally interested in this matter. The maintenance of his rights, both of property and person, depeiids tipon the integrity and ability of the judiciary. . At the coming election thfee justices of the supreme court are to be elected in and for the Ninth judicial district. The judges elected this fall will hold office for fourteen years from Jari. i, 1907. The people of this county ’ are personally inter ­ ested in the selection of these three judges, who, rwjth Mr.. Jus ­ tice Hirschberg and Mr., Justice Eeogh, will constitute- the bench of the Ninth judicial district. The I three candidates nominated by the Republican party are: ~ HON. ISAAC N. : MILLS of thej city of Mount Vernon, .Westchester county. .. . . | • 'I/. . - . HON; ARTHUR S. TOMPKINS of the village of Nyack, Rockland county. ' ^ HON. JOSEPH MORSCHAUSER of the city of Pough ­ keepsie, Dutchess connty. I , : EACH ONE OE THEM IS WELL -KNOWN AS A CITIZEN AND-LAWYER OF THE HIGHEST INTEG ­ RITY. Each has lived for many years as a lawyer in active pyacticfe in his locality; each one of the three is universally commended' as a man of ABSOLUTE HONESTY in the broadest sense of the term. EACH ONE OE THE THREE IS A MAN OF THOR ­ OUGH EDUCATION, ; LEGAL AND GENERAL, AND HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN AND RECOGNIZED AS A VERY! CAPABLE LAWYER. If would he impossible to find ini tie entire Ninth judicial district Three other lawyers who : during the last ten years have either separately or collec ­ tively actually tried . more cases in the supreme ' court than Judges MILLS, TOMPKINS and MORSCHAUSER. - IN JUDICIAL. EXPERIENCE THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES ESPECIALLY EXCEL. In fact, no one of the Democratic candidates has had any; judicial experience whatever. Upon the other hand, each of the three Republican candidates has been a judge of a lower court for many years ’ ■and as such acquitted himself most creditably,'demonstratmg That he possesses very strongly the judicial faculty. IN ELECTING THEM THE PEOPLE WILL' BE MAKING NO EXPERIMENT, WILL BE TAKING NO CHANCES. fUE PEOPLE HAVE TRIED THEM; FOUND THEM TO BE GOOD JUDGES AND KNOW THAT THEY WILL CONTINUE TO BE GOOD JUDGES. - Judge Mills was county judge of Westchester county for twelve years. Every .one who came befori? him in that court declares\'that he was a most excellent, able and impartial judge. Judge Tompkins for five years was county judge and surro- o-ate of Rockland-county and as such gave, entire satisfaction and is now being supported by all the lawyers of Rockland county, Democrats and Republicans alike. For five years Judge Morschanser has- been and still is judge of the city court of Poughkeepsie, a tribunal having both civil and; criminal jurisdiction. During the previous four years he was file, recorder of- said city, a judicial officer. ■ In those positions lie won the.approval of all. LET EVERY CITIZEN OF WESTCHESTER COUN ­ TY VOTE FOR . THE THREE JUDGES, MILLS, TOMP ­ KINS AND MORSCHAUSER. They have been tried and found to be honest, able and broad minded judges. M , Bojarding He Tells White Plains Audience Why the Farmers Will Vote the Republican Ticket. .Congressman James 9. Sherman In his speech at White Plains said: ' “ Outtin the rural parts of Indiana the people need no, speeches to induce them to vote the Republican ticket. A story which is going the rounds Is bet ­ ter tfian all speeches. A farmer df Mis ­ souri came into Lincoln, Bryan'S city, to buy a buggy, and the dealer told him the price of the buggy was ?62. •That is a little high? he said. ‘ About a dozen years ago I bought a buggy of you just like this one for $55. ’ ‘ Well, let ’ s see. ’ And he goes hack to get his book. ‘ Yes? he said, ‘ that is so. I did sell' you that buggy for $55, but you did not pay mo in cash. Yon hauled into my place 500 bushels of com to pay for that buggy. Now, I will tell you what I will do. If you will haul me in 500 bushels of corn to ­ day I will give you the sixty-two dol ­ lar buggy, a $125 reaper, a thirty-five dollar scale, plow, a twelve dollar beam plow and $16 in money. ’ The 500 bush ­ els of com have not been brought. ” ’ Norwegian Butter Exports. Norwegian butter is rapidly grow ­ ing in popular ’ favor, especially iu England. In IS-Qo the amount ex ­ ported from Stavanger was 600.000 pounds, an Increase of nearly 200,- 000 pounds over 1904 and 325,000 pounds over 1903. . z JOSEPH R. GORDON. Prop. HIGH glass outfits of all ' KINDS AT ALL HOURS . .- . A GOOD CLASS OF SALE HORSES ALWAYS ON HAND! . . • - - • Hu. S2 Railroad Ave. . White Plains, M. Y . THU °RTISTIC~ Is Always Appreciated'Attd EspacipUy So Whoa Applied, to the Decoration of the Home. has the necessary facilities to warrant satisfaction . . . Paper Hanging and House Painting Specialties Allyii E. Watrous, PAINTER and DECORATOR, Opposite Court House 131 1-2 Railroad Ave., White Plains, N. Y. FERE ALARM BOXES First Warfl £ 12 — Bronx street. . ^ — Washington avenue and School street , a — Fountain-Square, Central ave: ie — Bronx Bridge, Central ave. 17 — Madison ave.. Forte ’ s HotiS. 19 — John and Mott street. . SecondiWard 22 — Fisher and Lexington avenues. 24 — Fisher avenue,vandLafayette St. 2Q — Congregational church and Midland avf 27 — Lexington and Cambridge aves. 28 — N. Y. Post Road and Sterling, ave. Third Ward 33 — Creenridge and Rutherford aves. 35 — Post Road and Grove street. 37 — Court And Quarroppas streets. Fonrth Ward 42-Old Spring and Church streets, 44 — Church street and Hamilton are. 48 — Spring street and gas house. . Fifth Ward 52 — Lake street and Kehslco ave. 53 — Spnth Broadway and:Post Road 54 — Broadway and Railroad are. 55 — Westchester ave, and North st. 56 — Lake street and Broadway.; 58 — Judge Dylunan ’ s, No. Broadway ' Railroad Avenue District,' 81 — Union Hotel. Railroad-avenue. 8 3_Spring street and Railroad ave. 85 — Railroad and Mamaroneck ave. Specials. 62 — Court House. 72 — Good Counsel Farm, North Broad way White Plains Hardware Co., HO. 5 SPEIHG ST., WHITE PLAINS, H. TV BUII a DBJRS ’ HARDWARE!. T; Tin and Sheet Metal Work. ALL WOSK-PROMPTLY DOME. ESTIMATES ; CHEERFULLY GIVES. HOT-AIR . HEATING A SPECIALTY. GEORGE H. CRAWFORD, - . - • j- Manager. 'rKIvBH ’ HOlSB QOKKBOTTOK. FRANK CESTONE, Ooiitraotor ana Stone Mason kesid : LIVERY AND ’ 1 boarding S tables . Gentle driving horses for ladies. First-class coaches for weddings and funerals can be had. ! Calls promptly attended. Bigs meet all trains. Telephone 96-L. ; No. eWilliam St., JOSEPH SCOLPINI, . ’ SUPPLIER OF BUILDING STONE . OF ALL Kin ds : Greentrargh Avenue, Opp. Old Tannery. White Plains J. J. H A N I l ¥, BAGGAGE EXPRESS. X Splendid Qualifications of the Republican Nominee For Sheriff. /JS For sheriff of Westchester connty where could. a.better man be found than Ctmrles'V Lane, the Kepublican nominee for 'this office? His reeor is clean and honorable, Ire is a re ­ spected and honored citizen of hi? ome town- As a member and chairman of the board of supervisors bejeeeived a thorough training in the management of county affairs. As imdershenff for the past four years he has become per ­ fectly familiar! with the work o e, sheriff ’ s office. ; He has helped to e- velop the system which has ma e e sheriff ’ s office [of Westchester county one of the most economical and best managed InjUie, state. ‘ . In the old days of Democratic ex ­ travagance the Item of feeding the prfshners in ike jail of Westchester county amouojted to $ 45,000 a y ( ‘ ar - Under Bepuhiican management this has been reduced to less than $4,000 a year. It may be remembered that dur ­ ing the Democratic regime in thejsher- iffs office gambling, cock fighting and other vicious forms of amusement were openly countenanced and carried bn in. the county. | Since the Republicans have been in control this form of vice has been driven out of. Westchester and there is not a cleaner- county in the state. i, _ A vote for Charles .\f- Lane is a vote for clean, decent and economical man ­ agement of the sherifFs office. He has The ability to enforce the law,; and his honesty has never bee n quest ioned. WiU Makeitn Exceflent Coronen Dr. Amos Oi Squire, one of the lead ­ ing young, physicians of the’ town of Ossining, has [been nominated for cor ­ oner on the Bepuhiican ticket. Dr. Squire is a young man of high charac ­ ter, active and-experienced. If be is elected the people of the county may rest assured that the office will be conducted honestly and eunselentlous- ly- ' All things being equal. It Is better that a physician should be elected to this office. Therefore a vote for Dr. Squire will be an indorsement of the * ----- , tan b* -chosen for uLLt-J Grading, Flagging, Curb* ing, Excavating and ail Kinds of Road Work. . . Landscape Gardening. ESTIMATES FURNISHED SILVER LAKE PARK gasiho ; — ; White Plains, - - N. Y., IS NOW OPEN OR ENGAGEMENTS. VAUDEVILLE NIGHTLY. SACRED CONCERT EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING : i — — : — f > ■ ' Meals served at all hours, European Plan. .• w BOWLING ALLEYB. ; j Tel; 277-R. TWs'place will remain open all tlie year round. Sanitary Plumbing, Steam' Heat.. For further particu ­ lars address ' ’ * JOSEPH HENRY, Prop. 1 HAMILTON AVENUE, Indorsed Brennan, For Twenty Years Counsel For the Liquor Interest j The Prohibition party of the Ninth judicial'district has aroused the amuse ­ ment of thousands of people through ­ out this county by Indorsing for su ­ preme court justice John F. Brennan of Yonkers. Mr. Breupan is one of the legal lights of Yonkers and has been for twenty years counsel for the Liquor Dealers ’ association of that city. The firm of Brennan & Curra£, of which Mr. Brennan is the senior mem ­ ber, still represents the liquor dealers. The indorsement of Mr. Brennan, it is said, was worked by Thomas W. Or- „ an , a leading Prohibitionist of Yon ­ kers and a personal friend of Mr. Breu- nan Mr. Organ is trying to set him ­ self straight with his Prohibition friends by sending out/letters denying that Hr. Brennan has been counsel for the liquor dealers. He is doing this despite the fact that the court records of W'estchestef connty show that as re- cittly as Oct. 16, 1906, ’ the firm of jfrennan & Curran were still represent ­ ing liquor interests. Beally, there is-no reason m tne world why Mr. Brennan should not take every case that comes to his office. Defending the liquor dealers is legitimate legal business,, but why is if necessary for Mr. Organ or any other man to lie about this matter? It is havdly possible that/Mr. Brennan , has turned the cold shoulder _to clients of twenty years ’ , standing merely to capture, a few Prohibition Vo tes. White Plains H. Y. Walter T. Smith, PAINTER AND... . DECORATOR 14 Kensico Avo. Look Box 375 Shop 45 Hamilton Ave. Telephone Cottneetloa. I book wW be shown on, aptflioatton. St residence with samples on notice m on nil flawy* of-.won. \r .. . COWEH A CO What, then, is the supreme is ­ sue of this campaign? It is not an issue of the Republican rec ­ ord. It is not an Issue of Re ­ publican principles or of Demo ­ cratic principles. It is not a oartisan issue at all. It is the vital issue of decent govern- ment. It is a* Jssue which should array on one side afl lovers of truth, of sobriety and of honest reform, be -they Re ­ publicans, Democrats or inde ­ pendents. In this ,campa.gn we stand for'the honor of the state. — Charles nughes. HWMIMMWMM ilice and con LUMBER : COAL : FEED and Building Material Telephone 150 18 Railroad. Avenue WHITE PLAINS., N. Y. TONY AIELLO Ho. 11 Railroad Avenue, BUTCHER MARKET. GOOD QUALITY MEATS AT ; PRICES REAS ONABL E. . iU The patronage of the public solicited. Atrial will make yon a permanent customer. My meats are'all right and my prices are-the same. „ TONY AIELLO Andrew D. O ’ Rourke Walter W. HoWj O ’ Rourke & Hobby CARPENTERS and BUILDERS )H |yi»^-Jphhmg -\AB R ADDRESS 51 Westchester Ave. TeL 40W. . - r J YOUNG & BROS. CO. Lumber Coal & Wood, GRAIN : FEED : ,HAY : STRAW Teleplione 576-577 i ^ 1, 3 and 5 CENTRAL; AYE; ' Y Near Depot Indian Motorcycle For Bale. Xu. fine condition New tires. Perfect running order. rT To Rent by Hour, Day or Week. REPAIRING !: DONE.. , , RAILROAD AVEKUE, 5 Opp. Young Bros. Tel 589-J J. A. are not synony- “ ‘ “ 'Fh. Thompson & Alexander - 58 SOUTH BROADWAY and 35 MAMABONBCK AVENUE, White Flaios, N. Y. Jobbing and Repel rteg A S pecialty. , v_ . Y Bsltaatas glrtn oa neu irork. WB3 sal gy eBj jhopW B e rt s l e wd i .. MNNBiSNil ; NEWPORT MARKET HAS ALt THE LATEST THE MARKET AFFORDS AT REASONABLE PRICES | n[1| - - ^ £ Z CtC.\ V> r I p .

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