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‘ Dfev.ote/l to the. Interests of \White Plains ahds Westchester. County. VOL. I. NO. I. V;;;;.:' WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8( 189(>. ' PRICE THREE CENTS. THE EAST BLACK FLAG. BX CHARLES R. LEWIS. ' P. ar \ . The last sailiug ship to make the run from London to Aufltrnlia as' i -pHSBQiiger paclcet AVfl^the Ttluby Castle, hud you may call it a curious coinoi- deuce when ,1'tell you, that she was the. , biflt ship, so.far as is known, to bo at- taokod by pirates'in the South Atlan ­ tic. ( Thu adventure created R' good deal of talk .at the time, ’ but has ofi been woven into ’ story, but, as ! one of the apprentice .boys on the packet and saw and heard i \ y \ — : r?hi n ^ I can,give-you many . now “ \^icularB. , . , It was advertised that thefltuby Cas- ■ . tie was making a last trip* ami,tas she 1 had. always b.cop a fayorite ; eraft^and f ; , \hs:t^^traait^d i tAoiTey^ka^ljeeii'' Eouled down considerably, she- had a list of Hoyenty,cabin. passongeTs and about ' two hundred . emigyahts. . B[Cr crow consietecTpT\som©cajxty ; men, autl....EUe was armed ' to' ^pretCCr'^horBelf from ^ auythihg but aVmhn-of-wpr. Aa_ ho craft on the line Had bsen interfered* ‘ iwith.foy several' y'eays.t .nhd' as -.the . cruiser's boasted of having swept the .... • seas of pirate cruft,' there was [talk ; pf 'disarming Ilie Castle before she Bailed,: BuHor the prolestutions of s6mo. r opf ‘ ..tlicbabmVpaj^h , ng^r9- l tljiH ‘ .f ; --w ! Qiild have, be^n dope and her fate would - Havo^ somethino' for all Lncland beeh soihething for all England ’ /tor :|HUdder oyerif * J-).. v v' - \ ^ Thingp^ npver- went-bettpr with any of the big liners pntil^we wef^ • south d* Ojf jl 1 U £ 7 Lq £ ; ^nr'trbuUfe^^hs;a vbrig f : whiph stqpdj.out to us from thb ‘ Afrr^ ' ...ciiiVco.ujit. AKvVje, :**• ofqlock of a firutrim^rumg,/ and • though > h ^ 1 • J J l ^yp^]|A8sHV^erh ' tilsied\ i iipbu ,r h e r '■ ^ sh^' expiwd ;\mtdltilbw5pj|^\ i % *\ Oaptiun Wfleo'n say' elle- was s «o.: \• cdftid dort . all k was ■ ■* “ Wfiil ’ witH.^SK 1 ’ : , cbm&ej^Xf-m^UeA' wHch; •• fh§>7 ^ jiro^ached'w.ithiiAt^p m'ifea qf iupyand --^bwo d< tf;sigti a 1 ‘ Ofdrt f res s^pd p^4oked- .Vhor ’ pyay.-; }The yira9.;-«Wi / the%ihp f iapd calm, ^fhe two crafts w/fre leEt a. mile ,npa^pAd h-b^ftt^aajwVlered \from \t&Jlwy fl^ffe toVpull across the and ^jyeJjepdYo ' the ap ­ peal. '^fi^inetts-wenaiii ipmliug into; Ire- . Hod been carefully obsoayltfg the stranger through the glasa. Qftl)od^apttun ‘ Wil-.. son ’ s attention';to ‘ , *the^fa(St jthaf'sho carried guris a mb'uTut patt i> f ,• per creW Had bdpfa s^it 'bor^v.' CfHer, •glosses soon revealed'other suspicious tilings and while no one took . the etranger Jfo^a pirate,ttboro,wii;a>Iear that she inigld be a cruft ni pHs^o^u of cou'- .vidtrOr^'miHinoos drew. ; ^he^d^ud mate who Hud 'charge* of {t hV bo at - ova s iDstruOte<l jhot to'bogtd.but to ask and \answer qffSjlipns frdpr'a ^iifo. distance and then •' return'' and ' tephTt. His crew pulled -away, and ^after ,is. .few minutes was close enough to - the stranger for,conversStioti. Her . cap* • tain of whoso nationality they were not piear, . reported . her the French brig .Celeste, bpnad from the Mauri ­ tius to Brest. A . week previous ho b$d beep drived to the east by a gale and his craft had sprung a leak, and ho had lost four of his crew, “ The leak had been ntdpped, but ho was short of water and provisions, and wanted both Jfrom the packet Ho was too short -hamled to come for them, but would pay well if they were •ent aboard. When the mate returned and re ­ ported hu added to the above that the brig was certainly armed and evident ­ ly a new and fast cruft, There was no s}g.ii.,j)f .. hetL. -having boon through a gnle, and, , taken altogether, the im ­ pression was that tllp Puptaili Was\ lying.'' Captain Wilson ’ s humanity prompted him to offer every assistance, and yet .ate ’ s report determined him to niakelno move until the Colqsto should send a boat uboitrd uud iuake further explahatipuH. She certainly had bouts, and two men Quuld .easily row Her cap ­ tain nbqnrd us. I do not think the Castle would have been putin a state of defence-but:.foiv ’ tho paosehgora. Many of them became nervous, aud to quiet them and at-the .same timo^x- erciso the crew the gnus were cast loose, .email arms served': but aud thb peaceful packet was soon turned into a man-of-war. : There was a Provi ­ dence in it. When the stranger ..saw that he was suspected he threw off.all' disguise. . Of a sudden-his,docks vvere alive \vdtk - men-running about, •and. .ter on four, boats were lowered and filled .with. urmecV. ,men. They were ,iug to; attack the Ruby Castle.' Theysmpst have l^iiown that she v1 wg8 _ arm'bd\nd hakj^a strong crew ■ aboard, is'; 'vvere-l.men to take long chances. When the four boats were ready'to Isa ve tho brig's side-Iiooimted fifty-two men in all, And it seemed as -if SB many more were loft behind/., Thp signal of distress was hai^l^Milown and. the black flag tii'tiTupp' -aaclyibcre. was no longer a qUbstion of the strangoris identity-aud'object, '•You will 7 w^ohdmVhbwf to to tfff Aabqard*'l;bb-packet. ‘ ' Of the thirty- of more male oabia; pagaohgere. Hye. or six showed the wliitft feathor, lah ’ d.v of. course/ mosKp'fvthC women were-great ­ ly . frigh to u.e d.\ ., n g .the . ; em'ife.nuts W^fe.abpUt' fifty ^ura^iml;!Half ^giiqjvtn bo^s. To/tr ,|eerb,tl to., help th.o ..-briB^T«:Hmd * m uskefa- Au^vpiBtolB- trbVp- Jtd 'some. 'gooh t o? burseflye^uA/th^ bSats ,approup]je|f anjl-V ftsHSg0rdi$ 'tUc/ifejy.' ^k'n llrbr B WCi ba xl ?hq d hufit / Of * bpnt^ag: — il>& ' course, ana should sot astern as we headed, c no one supposed that Oyes on him again. .' That night all the dead aboard, of us wore buried and thb'ship pht to rights as far as could be, and only* the women and children slept. jTho wbiiuded spara ‘ were : repln'Qed/ '^kbt holes plugged Up, and there was ; no reason why wo ohonld not safely ly'ftko the Cape. When daylight , oamo wo congratulateli euoU ‘ other over mur viotoryi and the Captain had. jUst.de- - bided to make a sort of holiday .in honor.of the,event, when u thmuler storm came racing Up behind us, and in the midst of the black cloudylvns the pirate brig. Instead of saiiing away in searoh of a haven or of ^|Her prey, when she hud repaired danuiges she had picked up our trail und wus going to give us another brush, fifuoh grim porsistenoy at first brought • a feeling of fright, but'this soon gave place to one of grim determination to fight her.to; the 'deatH and show her ho mercy. When we had her crippled the night before wa could huve/de- stroyeH her, biit Captai n Wilso n simply sailed .away.,. , He now promlsed/^Ho crew to sink ’ her if he could, and tHorq wau cheering as the men went .to/ tHh. guns. -.'Down came the black cloud,and with if down came the pirate witHtbis. black flag flying, and as he ranged up por t, quar ter at half rifle shot Five Meet Death in House in New York. CHARRED BODIES FOUND, Probably Started From a Defective Flue and Gained) Rapid Head- way — The Father Heroically . • Sought Help. iiiid when Iwlf tins distMietfiS^ilrwn ’ ' Otff flrM. pKil^fr.ojn, tRaoipf-' -gUUB ‘ cqijid- , .' riot.' . UhvekberfS bel'teredb ^h'6'8oi^^ot:'Biiifil^l£ : <)JJJ/of.-tha fs b^af8; ;fiyf Tp'^e^font 9plit ? h,oi\opehrfqHi lengte, qt .©fft-* '. .qjgh't . ; twy^/or., ’ three ' •' 'dhe'erji: the tbyoo rbo^tB .'dashed.lit:Hs, and/U'oi'e' soon so clbAb that.fko i.big^jguns were o ’ f 'nofur- .... wifh^^rr)- .. arms, and wo boats ns thcyjthooked^on, and[i^r/gang. 5)1^ pir/aieB ’ eV'er g^t^Hard'or dfulibing/ ^l|houg^^o^rt : > tw^). H^ijlmb and ’ - 'sev- aral youn^od,, ivqtva jhan of/tjhem.got aboard, ttnd ; oiiiy\t>fa < Ho^{ 84 nd'^i^it- ;aeii men ±e£afiiod'1o the-GelpHte, jtjffiqf'' know they 'would hotr^inAtiei anblii^'r bq^t'rtttujjlci njidjt wo 9 . generaily/bo- lieyed tliat wheh the •broezb oam.e'tbe pirate woujd ‘ sail nwav. ‘ _ ft was four b ’ cloOk >«.. the afternoon ■ before t.h'o calm, wftfbroken, hifd ’ to ouf stirprise • ami apxiety thg, Cei.e&lp djd not show liwheelsi Ou-ihe 'Coulrjtry/shiq^be-. gan. working dowa toward: iis^ ah'd us sdoh aS'^lthin caunon Bhot HHe qpendll' fife. She had •fonrgunB.in broadside, the flamo /( g8 the Ruby Castle^ and for au hour-we bad a square light of *it. Her oHjeoT was to cripple us aloft — ours todamago her wherever wo could. She sailed much better thau.we did, and was moire easily handled, bat in spite of'nil he^ tricks wo gave her thp worst of it, and finally drove her out of range.* You can judge how hot is/when'I tell you that in the run ­ ning fight, which lasted for' about seventy minute*, wo wore , hit in hull nud rigging forty-four times. We had nine men killed aud twelve wounded among tUo-' , .fighterB and four killed slid nine wounded among pas ­ sengers and emigrants. What the loss of the stranger was wo could not tell, but wo battered him below and aloft -until he hud to draw off* We left Him he opened lire.', Hia first shot struck a gun and' killed threei'bien, and' his second wounded five men. Thou/tho Storm brokei the sea.. ’ increased, and although: the ■firing continued no ’ gypat dam agojgaBi-*. d quo Jou ‘ either side. *]&iiylight A/ft^.iurbefi into ovening : by tho storm. • Tboro was heavy , fain, with gustB ot, wind.and the keoheat of lightning and the Joudest of thunder*; Our .decks werd ank le- deep, but every man stood to his gun and^ continuod the fight. As the darkness inerensod the brig, o^pt clqker to us, and , fiiirf. . ing the last,.tehrm inn tea. of jiho ^[ht bn^S Hohld ^v^Heave'd-a sToue ■.u'Uourd pI'lietvT> /ui.;\ r — / : ' v ;.;«'iOnc:aaw- beri-in.! tHe/play of the f^'t':'au- iaBtAnt cbnl4 almpsilSok i^tp^e^eyes) o 1 :thp, rqen- aboiird, aHd*t:bck' ‘ fpr' n Mewj sbdonda “ H in ' ‘ Jiio^aarkpeps. rYou .feifc*> : the.. owncusfiioh r. n»°nfi' ’ ?He ’ deck, but t&H' •waa^tfiki 'tiro war;of .'^H^.oip^eqt^V.Js*^- Lbadihg and 'fitii iig cveSy giiH wEfislf wojijd ^ssjhle^ the . wpr«I on. hpr,_ “ .q^te^ likp i r HKifdpg;t^^i^ CtdeSle# ObiiS eud^en theije ^b^b^fiHf4^^;^^do\vh^ca|^o|/oe^- ftiijT • ..TUh .'rnen : wftt^;Callqd'from th^.guhs to clear : 'i5)e, % ro^kftr^A », wasy [ n cfo^ger \offibi«.(fohing>^io <ia>bd ,' being ' %^ t >yUeu t^efe ’ ibauib^BticfU a flafl|i A despatch frojnTorry, N.Y. , saya — An entire family, including three helpless children aud an invulictjjnotlior, wore nil d»str.,yud in tly flames/iv^ibkoonflumed their-homo on the farm oI-Iryhig^Thompaon, fovir 'miles north of this vlllngo,.nt 7 o ’ clock Buiiijay ^raorn.nir The details of the foarfui holoonuafc Tiavo arousodthe sympathy and horror of every Inhabitant.of the village. ■ The names oMho dead are: Luther Groonmnn, ' his wife and three small children, Annie, aged 0;.' Lottie, aged 3, and baby Arthur. (iredaman has .boon .in the employ 'of Thompson for several years. 'Greonman re-- sided with his family in ono of the farm ten<K, -raents. Ho was rogardeu .ns an .exoeilent workman and was lu a fair way to soon be ­ come an Independent sirtall farmer. Mr. Thompson was urou mil at 0.45 o ’ olook by the cries of his wife, who ' told him that the'ontiro Jowor portion of tho Groonmnn tenement-was in flames. Mr. Thompson rushed from thp house and hurried to warn the family. At this time tho flro had-prob-. ably been burning for n quarter of an hour. When he; nonrod the house ho grasped a piece of cord wood, nfld/ ’ burst in, tho ; front door. Whoa tho door, w»s opened the smoke and flumes rushed out, makfng it. irtf- poBsiblo and ciiingorous for him to ont r. The odes of the ohlldrou could , Btlll , bo hendl on thp upper floor., but it'was iaipos-. Bible for Mi^ i hompson tp render them as- sistnnee, and r In a few minutes the jcrios cease A Mr.Thompson called .' two ’ of .'his hired men to his usslstonoo, and with their Aid seaurCd a ladder and attempted to 'oathr tho house through the bodroom - wii(ciow.'ja. Whioh the entire dfoonmau fnm'iy waa iii thq' habit of sleeping. .' J When the wlndbw Was opened Mr/Thompy. son-saw t^a body pf , .<treonhia^-..j^ing poar- tho window, as if-,.the unfd/tunuto t«to 'IWU' made.oqo laAt effort tp^'calffor•Jjb^pll'an^'iifti stnbkH'jind . flames- had ‘ : ovbr^vbfJd, I ’ ho flames, fanned by the drafts .thaopeSiad dbdr^ii'd- wiadp^ftgqln/di^^] Mr. yhopipsonaway/* ^ i ’ /. * tHf? tfmo jgpjjp'of thq iLclghHoVa^dhfd', CURRENT fiVENTS. hurried' to the-spot, but they %0 Wer^b'/ ‘ *uyum» . A rwy.tn omengo, r^ttbo >86^10 ; i T?h ° \ 8 T 0te r; P ,f “ v 6 “ T?\ ^ .... 11 ’ i . . V*. .Ho Library as a Tiritiufn ntv iHemorlnl. oo m pel led to stand passive until tl^d ’ dWAjti- jn^ He^mo A uTnsa.' of bmbqra.^; Am nftb ’ mjn,' dirffentsaji*. fc5ipio,.a K,il . sbatw-f 'v'utnr In O^fral Fr,, lP A: l^mnsS.b^deiliV wns WuSd'HiA: ^ B °°^ Uy tot - BcoU, \ “ l ,^nd arms .' were - dtofl&uted Vbdtfbnd vreopgr. piyph, Hut .the olorfolurdv flHt'iinflionto'Q^tob P^fiijy; thl) awf jil, ftg(my-,w,hleH^Hm pm>r'nVdn w iroused'by! the sm ; oko/ uHil ^^uo- bf t^e ohlitlroH luy a few leet Away, vvi B^dp. SO^ TXS'r T ESTSX^'l' ) w». ? .%ibf^Be'naatI6n And' Is-AbtS^Sev , A-jorib6-£oiiiALOhJe^,^-^^^^ Thjs /^aq.^dRavJe^^ ya 1 JJ An experiment-to/; dot idf* i^r^iLusti tit*.' ,At. '••• ? '' I \.i n » < iidiug i thihWliidtd-eec wSBar*niffityj JamWd^hard' Gooke/o£ l^jpt(^iTa^ ®lw QPt ol/tfe g^pfs 6J .^ea'tfftw^ d 'gt'd.AtJ ’ spout ol fiL^Q^ahoot.^pio^.of ,^ 0^611 j In the .mlfist pf^ho-flaSio wer®yar^s •ftn<^BipJa v gn|^yi ujg c ^ j jqpt8. t, jTHO brig? ’ h&jl 'bHen^Uui^gjjr (i^htningj abet her mnga^ in^ ’ tind ^ 66 hvW- a puff, .a bg$ra, *a;gu ‘ qt rqcl flame, .AWd 4ba1?iVilt<<i»tlie - Sho was blowq. ■;fH^'^ ’ tol|jygofiK wRtf fit ' HJuck flag whipping^u tlie gtjlo und r - hqr ’ crow working at ‘ thb ••guns, onUtllek lastpir- ,ate crpR.-tb-S)ow„tbe. , £) 0 .u]£i Atlantia '.was'nQ'iiiore.^New York l^hld. >. 1 Wjjlls j O ww .C oin. -J. . - Patient (Hyrathfully) — Yon spi^ yonv . . Dentist-f S.o r I do,,, ..I••never, ioel tho loast-bitor^nh/ :^ / ’ ;'* /. | Putient--6ii ! Hul.lia{XGbyd joke. Good flay. , V /v*'.^ ” l-kpowu .bHad Binco birth, When the olbotrlo ' oiirrent. w ’ aa { turnr^*ij|i^ Dr. Gobke sald: !*Ab,»I get sometjiibgi Utorof * Is ' bertllin 1 ya-vsen»oWon/ It is Indesorlba- vWw.lt AJg&tg; ^asas^oiL A .-. | v l l d< .not kn wjiat light is, ’ ! ropfieU.I)/,. , Cooke; “ I.never, saw. it/' v . r ,■ * ’ ‘ 4 % .- V' C number of . 4§0tp^w^-J«^|fl/jviAfci^)bj^tai , ; being pressed.bejdVe'tho light, and imeyery.. base Dri Cbdffii .was-* able to^ ‘ dilsbribe . them .With' |6mo degree! \ iff acHtfraoy/Df .. Cooke said that the was vibratory, ; like a gbawai /cef^brarso^'\ and almost^ lke-thd p ero optlon of S pqpg; *'* v9j TEXAS^URlTjtaUSE DfirfTliOYEi) Dentist — But you haven,t paid mo, ; Patient 1 -?! .said I ’ d . pay who A through, didn ’ t T? Doutistr-rYes, Patiofil-^Well, Pm not through yet, By-by. — Oloveland Lender. Ouo Hnving Authorlly. Voice at thp Telephone — Major, will you pleaso bring your family and lake supper with'us next Sunday? . Servant Girl, (teplips back through telephone) — Master and mistress arc not in at present, but they can ’ t comb to supper as its mySjiuibiy ajut. — Bos ­ ton Globe. , 'iy'fiup ’ -'f I Daniel Campbell and hia wife; of Walton, County, Fin*, are ea id to be respeotivuly 117 and 112 vearu old. Records Rud.Opnt«nt8^of, thp Y^it^Thoiigkt ./,•..;, ; . t \. ■ ■: Safe..; , • ... ’ >»' . The, court bouse ; aud all. furnituro'burhod . Sunday morning at EastlabdJ jrpx.^. TH^re*. cblrds and contantH ot tho' vaults aVq tliptigtlr to bo'flafe: The law library and- other,prop... ^erty of .many attorneys who had ' ofllees iu tiip pourthouso were destroyp^*. ; /• * , * ,.• The Masons, Knights of Pythips, and Odd' TeirowB occupied rooms in tho builtfingliafaff lost theil-* ontlrA' paraphernalia, furniture records, <ko. ‘ Cost'bf:.'building, 1185,000; Jp- Bbranee, ^lO/OQO./,: 1 f v , , • ” • No individual or lodge insurance. Tho flro Is supposed to have-oi lgiuntod from a 'dofectivo stove. ■ ' ■ ■, OYOLUNE WIPiiS UUT A TU WN. Ralston, in tho Osage Indian Natiou, Loses Its ‘ Two . , Hundred Housea. A very destructive cyolpno s truc k the town of Ralston, on tho^' Arkansas Stiver, fifty miles northe'ft't of Porry/Oklo., oni Thursday night/at 12 o ’ clock' and nearly wiped out the town of about 200 houses. Nearly every house in town wa* blown down,' and aovoral people were ! injured, but no names can be obtained. Ralston is in the Osage Indian nation, and fifty miles from \ a telegraph offlo* i Tlfq Vermont Legislature has . passed n bill-prohibiting Sunday oxcursibn trains. Arizona oonvlcts have bSon recently leased fbr ton years at 70 bents pelr head a dliy. Tour hundred and fifty largo caliber.guns \\mro built last year by the/oovornfnont. . — a A? i qld-fnshiqiied ice pmaoo will be one n( tho nttrnetions of St. Paula ’ s groat Winter icurnlvnl. v Tlie demand for Id w-hooiod footwear Is ini'rcnsing evory^4dy, according to tho ro- ports of Shoo dealers. . .......... Tiioro aro in tho Hutto (Mont) mining^ district 4U00 patented claims, 3000 'of which are silver and 1000 copper, i Oakland, Cal., which formerly, paid $5 0 • a-month to got fid Of. jts garbage'/now' re ­ ceives a revenue from-its disposal. Oho of tho Duke of • Wellington ’ s post- boys 1ms Just died at tho ago of 80 yours. Sixty-four thousand tons of sugar boots were grown in' two counties in Bouthorn California this j ; oar. . ‘ .'*> . It Is said that n,/argor number of successes than iiHiirtl aro credited to this season ’ s pro- dtfctlons. ; • ■ A cable about 130) miles long 1 is to bo laid in tho Amazon ' River, it will connect Para and Manaos, and will have sixteen stations. A virulent disease has broken out among the rabbits dn the southwestern districts qf Queensland; und they are dying .bx thou ­ sands. r-- ’ There Is a ho I iouiu un foot to furnlslr eloc- trio power to tho City orAToWb^rom .peat, bods nine miles distant, qwutM by Boston Jh- , After the fly .season was over, flshormou- on the Coos Riyor, in Oregon, caught largo numbers of troutby using salmon eggs for bait. Maryland has fallen into lino with several other Btatos in the mutter of institutes for the,education of the farmers. Tho work is to begin this Winter with a legislative ap- prppriation of $3000, which is regarded as puflicient to provide for the holding of one or , more institutes in each county in the State. ' • ...... . • Sugar boots-have thrived so this year near Grand Tslnnd, Nob., that ; farmers have clehred on their crops twice the. amount no<Klod to pay for the land qn Avhich they , wore grown. ^ ............ •* A J couKorvatlvo estimate plnoos the num- begjpf door killedjn tho violnlty of Juniper Mountain, Routt County/Cor/tblB Pall, nr eonsldornbly -over ,1000. This was all the\ work of white pob-huntors. ABOUT KO'fSD PSOPI j E,. * Stephen Ornub's “ Rod Bridge of Oarage 11 hup HUen translated into ’ Fronob. &* 1 ; TH^c. Anthoqy Hope ha^ almost finished, the seqtmi to “ Thu Prisoner of Zenda. ’ ’ It is noC likely to Ho-.out. until nqnt yoarr' — MlsS 'VicH)rTap-Thomas -Arte,; of Chicago, jlic Library as a Lqhgfellow. flmitiorlai. ('THe health of the Ozutyltoh BTrvq so ft^r'lni /jjroVcd that hid pliyulclnns haVo dobided that Bee reality 'n iffimhiitteo; to inquire into tho aUeged^fe-' - vcflenoe'of shoop^atealiijg in certain parts of / ’ flbbtiand/\' - , \RfeJ. OnmtUingB Bihith,' pastor, of' the; hnaAccoptod a cajl to tho Tahernaole Prqs- byterla.n,. Churo.lr, Indianapolis. ./,. • •HauiRleiiter, tho ’ , groat .Viennese orobeaq trnl ooi^duotor^' .Wilbgivq aiif ofehestral oon- erVin^ParlBJn April. It will be the first tlttio^heljiia appeared pnbHeiy In tlifil oity.,:? Qan'ornl Bboth has an'nouucod thatjho Bai- Viitldn Army Is to oxtond fis oporptlohs over IheiJvboIoi^E the Jlajnjrarehifplilugo. The .movoj^^Eiif^-n'd;'^^ 'the- 'fifroy ’ iT ■ii^nd^dafters ia Austrnila. * 1 T\ie.Bryon rovivul Is ‘ .getting along f»m- .onsi y.in' E hglaud.' The long period of iiegloot rip wlitdhjlla poetry has been subjected will' ho.more ade Up if tho prosout renew ­ ed interest lij^li'o. gro.it poet oonilnues. « '.'/jCho Schlllbn prtee; awarded . oy.^y three yertrs for-tho ’ best play, acted on tfie German- eta§0, hiu»'ju»t bqeirpresented to Herr Ernst vop-.WIldoufiruch' for 'fils . tragedy, “ Henry^ n^'hls IIousb/ ’ Hind' tlip'tfbcRslon of the Jury has boon.''.qouflrraed 'by the Emperor, in Iw^go ^(ids there - 18 power to veto. PRESIDENT-DIAZ. ■•He®eglDB His Fourth 7 Ooii3ebntlvp T<)rm and'Will'. 'A . • Adhere to fhp Bilvpr fliandard. General Diaz took the oath of ofllco President of ' the republic of Mexico for th^ foilrth-ConRooiitivo term , making, flye, terras In tli') olllef imiglntincy. .The enromony wan witnessed by a brilliant assembly.of forelgq 1 diplomats and distinguished people. He i^ ^robust- iiyalth. The , President's* pro- ^ramnV^fbrtinr-eUB&ing Jont years (oHows CABLE SPARKS. Fire in Ottawa, :Ont., destroyed business property valued nt-.-$350, 000. It is raportod that tho King of Korea is noting entirely under the Influence of three Americans. . ' , Max Alvory, tho tohor singer, who was ro- portod ill irrGornmuyrhnsrbeon-oured'by-ft — surgical .operation. ^ a ■ ■' The dock Btlke - at Bremen, Gormnny, is over. Tho Hamburg dockers resolved to do- - olnre a general Btrikq. — It iB onielaUy announced that a smaU band of insurgents attacked Guanabaooa, near Havana, and burned ; a JhQUso. Jrat wore re ­ pulsed. .... - c The Italian.Chamber.qf Deputies adopted a vote of ooufldohoo la the governmontyin leonhoafion .with the government ’ s qolonlal polioy. J France and Italy have agreed upon n con ­ vention respecting Tunis whioh Is sahy to ' aim at the ultlmate excluslon^of -^nglaud from Egypt ’ The trial of fouxjmH'fmllsts , charged with llboilug high Gorupm officials; was begun at Berlin. Royefafiohs concerning a court clique aro expected, A slight flro.ocourred inBlonhoim Castle,. England, the homo of tho-Duko, and Duchess of Marlborough. The Duchess w ” i\s formerly Miss Consuolo Vanderbilt. Tho insurgent attaolc on Guauabaeoa, on the outskirts of Havana, was more serious than at first reported. ~Th\e garrlson Cif the fort was'nmbuBoadod and all killed hy the insurgonts. !. ’ Dr. Loamler B. Jamcsoi^waa released from Holloway ■jail, . In London, where ho Was oon- fhied under a-soutoneo of fifteen monthd fot his part in tho Transvaal raid. His release was ordered on medical grounds. The Court of Appeal# ,nt Alexandria has decided that the Egyptian government must repay £2,000, b\0l) advanced by the commis ­ sion of the Egyptian, debt to-meet .the ex ­ penses of the Brltlsh-Egytian expedition .to ‘ Dougola. ' DISASTERS AND. CASUALTIES. The Jacques Auditorium, jn Waterbury, • Caqncotlcut, Was burned. Loss, $25,000. A Pierre, South Dakoth; dospafcfr'sayS that _ at least two thousand sheep on tho ranges perl8hodr darlng the teooiit blizzard. Joseph Smith and Joseph JnWwHki, labor- 1 Crs, Wore killed by the fall of a bucket In tHo -■ Wheel pit extension of the power tiinnol at Niagara Falls. Luther Greonman,' his wife and throe children Wore burned to death in Perry,'New York. ' Tho H oubo was sot on flro by a defeo- UvO fltqvoplj^u Two thousand pounds of dyim'mlto have boen-Ufld^ on tho loe gorge at Ojilppewa Falla Wisconalttj^vith but Ilttlooiledt. Tho people are panlp-strickon. The East play,toa Brioicmaking Company ’ s plant at NolsoHvilie, Ohio; was destroyed by flro. Lass,y $100,000. One huaUred mon wore tbrayrn uut of work; ‘ _ T^fq 10-yoar-old twin daughters of Riley Taitworo killod und.uosfie Grool was fatalty injured by belugstruck, by, a train at a grads ‘ crossing near- Lyons, Mich. . . A pawdOf.oxpiqBiqratookplace in themlueflU;- of the Hooking Valluy Oonl (lonipany, In Nel flonYilleir.OHib^iyWff-naoh^w^med Malqno aiidBholdpn/welb fathlly injured.. While crossing fire * traoks Of the Ntokol / Plato'Road.noar Palnesvillo, Ohio. Charles Do Baugh nud Walter Hatha way. wore struck by a fast mall train and Instantly killod. At Everett, Mass., a/flfo ong^q W(i| Struck - by a IpComptiVe on . the fioston -and'-Moine Railroad, anil Boardman. Bennett, engineer of tho steamer, was killed, ami Walter Slav... onRj tho driver, .was fatally injured. Two snow ploughs on tho Northern Paoiflc . collided near Fargo, % D. Hans Hanson of Muploton, was InstanUy killed and tvi -ilremommdtW(ri5eofixyiriireu;s0rlouBiy “ If: fataliy injured. ; . r,., ^ FARMER KILLS HIS.WIFB. teubstantlally-HW® policy during, this' term, wltH'epobiftyompbaBlrt to that giving popular edupatipn.y Ho will, if ho lives,; shotv at the endr'of Ids terra, which concludes tho cen ­ tury, sovferal railways crossing Mexico- from seijfto soli, gjgantio port'wofkB andHuudrcds of njrw-fActql-'ieh. The goWnraont will stick to tho silver standard mrbqlng in the opinion of tho ad-, ministration t^ ono — best, adapted to this country, arid us affording It at tho present rate of exchange an Immense protection to homo Ihdustrlos, wjdle nt tho samo time ho - curlng for its export gold premium, which, operates os_a bounty to tropical.planters. It is believed'that General Dluz may go, •around tho world during the coming year, q » the affairs of Mexico are in a prosperous condition. M. Balut-Baeus, the' French composer, about to star^ on one of his long Journeys Ihot he so froquently hikes, being often Vib lent from Paris Montlis ut a time, leaving his friends entirely in the dark as to where he Sad Escaped from the Aiylnm and .Was Allowed tp .. . .... y/y: ^. Rpinxin^tljWgo. f : W Henry Powers,:; a , firmer, residing five miles north of- Marion;-Ohio, bscftped frocq/j| the insane asylum, at Colurtibus, October 30, /\ The ftSylam was notified by Sheriff ShaWig and was told to allow Powers,his Hbprty.flrfflJ await developments. This, wivs found to have boon a serloua error. 'Sun ‘ b*ymornl;ig about G o ’ clock, while the .'family were at breakfast, Powers wont t'> ‘ the burn, secured an old ■ musket, .ar.a placing the barrel close to hia, ' wl.fe!s bead. blew, the top of her.heaioiflr.^y^t , Thr<-o of the children escapod to a nplgh* ■ bor'o houso. loaviiur nn iuunt of fourteen Months In bed. After killing his wife, Pow- ers reloaded the musket, .went, into a potato patch ‘ 80 ( 1 / yttrds;./ftway, and shot hlmsslt p jion flooing her father. leafC thq h ous e tho eldest ohlld, ft girl of -15, rb&itered the house, apd (flirried off the bi'i^//A.fter shooting . hiiU^lf the inaniao walked'back to the house ana fell beside his wife's body. . T/ASHIHGTOS BKE7ITIES. Clill'/ J.DKlnbor Smith hns heou detMhnil Iron] 1118 Iluroru) ot Btom EnutoilBrlLK nml placi-I on the retired list. Nitilbhal banknotes 'received- tor rodecnp*' tion, ^301,412; government receipts from in\ tern a l revenues $215,344; oustoms, $545,722» rnlimollftueuus, $25,121)., Two more places were'determined upon . Tuesday for making the ^experiment of free mail delivery In rnrifi procimvte, and they are Brunswick,.in Cumberland county; Me , and Small villages in Wostmorcland county; Pm The statement of tho director of: tho mint shows that during tho month of November, 181IG, tho total coinage of tho United States was $7,458,722; of wfilqb Sf),0(lf,700 was gold, $2,!lflM22 : HllveiVand 180,000 minor oolus. The- eoinago of standard silver dollarfl'durlug the month was §1.914.000. . J iiiiiiii £

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