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White Plains daily argus. (White Plains, Westchester County, N.Y.) 1908-1919, November 21, 1908, Image 4

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BRIDAL ALTAR 225 th anniversary i L' v ILI/L ’ i. Di • • ’ * ’ (Cfentinned frrim Ist page.) JUfar Young Wnttc * marGhlrrg away to ’ north and Peoolte Wed I W(i8t - avoiding atreets going to th ■V _____ _ east, until they have cronsed Itall- W ON TI.K.K IIONKVMOON AT | jy|j| \gi % (■ % j ■«i i o a ton* at Mir%tr | ovuujiu, j^iTiaiuH will turn north OtT A TmTVT C AN ^Vplrooltflcld Htreet. from tho Post Hoad to Railroad avenue, through Railroad avenuo to Spring stre 6 t, the Wedding bcllB have ^den ringing j organization^ disbanding on Spring past week add with their chimes f street and contiguous streets, except- hcnHR hnvrt he on hound in ties ing the schools, which, when they •It will tinlfo them unlH silvery i reach Martino avenue, on^u rook field „, yR to ton,,., remin,. .horn o, » nil three ~ ukir couples have uppronchud mvimoh wOl turn south through Brookfield street, but halt at Railroad ilv C miwo and disband. VIRxntAM AT. Tim MRMOulJU M. K. CHUKOH. Village J»i Brown neb ’ s altftt imi'i: - roi i i v. V quiet ^wedding took place nt St. Cftthoiic Church on Tuesday Jtornoou, November 17th. at 3; 31) i ctock, when Mr., Charles Hope, tho • son of Mr* Peter Hope, of tbo York Root Hoad, was married Mary P. Coffey, oldest • of .Mrs . Mary Tt . Coffey, of bool street. Tho ceremony was forlrted by the Rev. Dr. R. J. pile. The bride wore a travelling lit of brown silk broad cloth. Frank CdfCey, brother of tho bride, was totla&n, and Elizabeth Hope, sister Hie groom, was bridesmaid. Miss ivas. given away by her brota- Mr. William J. Coffey. Tho ddlng couple Wont to tho church t a earrlngo, which, wlvon dismJ'vpretV 1 a nnmber of friends i decomt- ! with Tin cans, sftor^, ctr. Mr. and bunt Vernon and from there wont V i Niagara Fall;;. Fiion (heir r. iuni wlli start houackeejdng at' Nip . Davis avonue. The young couple minibfcr'of friends who Wish cm happiness in their married life OCTMKTT — MATTfl IKS. . Was a pretty home wedding h Sook place on Wednesday. No- nber*18th k at 7:30 in the evening, gn Miss Elsa Matthipl, daughter Mr. and Mrs, Chjcvnes Mcftthlos, Brook field streety was married to r ’ Elio Oufthetf, alno of White Tbo ecrpfnony was performed der an arelFof palms and chrysan- ns by tho Rev. II. O. Hold- pastor of thp German Duth- idi- at ■ t b o bride'o-pnrcn to' best man was Arthur lu other of the groom, am! bridesmaid waS Elsie Eberlo Rochelle, cousin of the bride, i bride, who was given away by father, W ’ ore a dress of Cham- Bfftrgrtttrre silk, tri mme d with mmii l d v . ilh drosaod in. blue erepe-do-chlne . Mrs. mother of the bride, wore i of black duchess satin, with Dint lace. The Lohengrin wed- aroh was-played by Professor ORDER OF FORMATION. Chief of Police John Harmon. . ' . . l*olJce. Floy D. Hopkins, Captain Eire Fatrol. Eire* Putrul Colice. White IMains 5lHt;iry Hand. Grnmt Mnrslial Major Merritt If. ' Smith. Henry !>. Iliickhout, Chief of Stuff. Alflcn- — C. U. Agnew, Warren Hwcet- %*r, A^niluin M. Swift, John M. FaHey, C. I*. Young, lioxiis Genung. ^ FIRST DIVISION William Mjilduoii, Chief of First V Dlvfsfon. . Dr. R. R. Morrison, CfUef of Stuff. A Idea — A. M. Dl< kel, Rudolph Appel, ^ I 1 **- F. O. WrtgiiU J. it. Sellars, Hope left the churcifr^y-^ko Rurv»-y llusted. thereby fooling their fliondsi\^ j rM | HuftaBom Tenth Kegiimnit, N. Iwh) they look an antomoWU-t® N . v j,,,,,, Kli-ln, /tiommandlng. r..«ii|i, ( iy c, 7,|sl Regiment, N. (*. Captain John F. Jenkins, Commanding. id Army of the Repuhlle — ^-Colonel Edward R. liODg/Coiiiniunding. lUmcvolent FrotocUve Order of Elks. Kuiglits of Cidiimbus. SoooRd Ward Civic Cluh. Fbreatprs of America. Royal ArraniMii. Junior Order of United American Mechanics. SECOND DIVISION. Boys ’ Rand. Dr. II. Ernest Schmid, Cldef of Sec ­ ond Division. ^ M. Met ’ nHnniflr, Chief of Staff. Aides — -Erwin Ingersoll, ( ’ lenient Me- Cutlough, Harry Hitchcock, I' ’ rank La ml). O. A. Woodruff. Piiblic Setnmls, Ibirocldnl Srlmol aad Westchester Academy, J. W. Luipimrd, (, ’ oinniamling. liubor Orgulii/atioiiH. _ Fife n'ud iVriiiii Corps. Excelsior Club No. 2, U. R. K. of I*. J. A. Walker Lodge No. 1(1, K. of 1\ THIRD DIVISION. hoUBO wns vor y lirot - !oeo,go 1 ‘ imly. Olih'f of Tlllr,! Division dpioiiiti'd 4»-yellow ami wUlto. | T- fnirf of Htirtf. hie tho olaborato FStwonU ro-] Ahtai — C. 11. Cirlffon, C'lmrles Wnrren, wore Itohomlan Klmm, cut j will Vnn Klcoclt, A. H. Moillnr, i-nro bric-a-brac and ailvor- | I,avid WillluniH. , 'ifly tbo XkteOvos of tho fain -1 t-. nytimm. t hief of tho litre I pri sent, of whom there word : fl,fi y from Mount Kloeo, Mount IrbonTNew TnudJelle And aVblto Amid a shower of rice Mr. Mrs. Oulmett left In an nutonio- on a weddlnK trip tliroiiKh tho EBBlnnd Stales and upon their rn will reside at No. S 8 Hallroad , O't ’ ONNOU — MARA. The\ wedding of Mr. Owen O'Con ­ or Grove street, to Mlsa Mary Mara, daughter q I Mrs.-Margaret of Piue Plains, N. Y., took at the bride's home Wodiics- rniuh'. Itev. Patht^ 0 'IUmrke, '.Toiin's CKiircli, olllcluted al ceremony. HJIss .Franees O'Connor, sister of f-the groom, was the maid of honor, whilo Mr. Luwronoe Mara acted as best nian.' A'fter a wedding trip through Flor ­ ida, they will reside on Hallroad ave- uue In aparlim'iilH of U jc lilliH huilt- fWng . Mr. O'Connor Is very well known .along the Harlem Valley, being chief dltpntehCT of the Harlem Division in White Plains- lie le popular as a KpypfomrKT of-C . and ktndred organitalloua. Tho Argos extende congralulatlona. . Hun-or — DKMAJtKST. ' Rev. Falhtf O ltourke united In marriage In St. John's-Church on r Thoruila.v evening last WHs Clard A. 1 , emu rest, daughter of Mr. and Mrs:--William H. p aa ia r aal, of South J.exlngtqn avenue,, lo Mr. Joseph H. ih-ilou. of saybyook, Compnnlc Dcpactnicnt. i of llio Fir© Dopartn itlcrrt; John I'rcsldiflg. S(nr SpdngifHl flnnner. Clioral Society. Prayer — Rev. (icorgo K. into, D. !>. Hh*t«»rlcnl Aildfossi's — IVtli Contnry y^Adtl ro asi^w M r. Ai-tliur O. she • \f tf.V'*,* “ Tho i a it from the Indian*. •• Mr. Ailimr JC. Parke Cliiof and State Arc hai-ologist of A loo ny, .o n “ The Inflttenco of tlie tied Man in M m - lOmly A iiiiu I m ol White PlaliiiK. “ JHth Century — Mr. Itoliort K. Far- Icy, lion. Wm. poplinm Platt. Mimic by (-horal Soc icty-r- “ Re Not Afr.ddr' from Oratorio of Elijah lOtll OeAtwry — TT1 ‘ . II. E. Schmid Mr. V. M. IlodgMou. Music oy Choral Society — “ Halle ­ lujah Choiim ” iioffi Hnndri'H “ MeHBlali. ” 20th Century — Mr. Ambrose F. Mc- Calx*. >I iik I c liy FlujrJil Sciciety — “ kly 4 timtVHry ‘ T in of TI m *©.\ Heiicdlftioh — liy Venerable Arch ­ deacon t*\ R. V/m KiCerk, D. i*. Ottf^ER OF 'EXEIR^JSKS IN ST. JOHN ’ S HALL. Corporation CotntHel Himry R. Rnr- •tt, PreNidtiiK Officer. Columbia — Ry Mcrtz Heed Rund. Prayer — Rev. Williani Dana Street, d . n. Mon;': — “ Tlie Red, White and Rlue ’ ’ AddreKS — ;\mi»rose F. McCabe, “ The Twentieth Century. ’ Muvlc — ( ’ ornet Solo . ■ AddreHs — Arthur Outram Sliernmn, Esq., “ Tlie Seventeenth Century. ” Music —Mortis Reed Rand. idtiiTNjT — Mr. Arthur C. Parker, (Gowasuwanoli) by adoption a S e ne c a Chief nnd State Archaeol ­ ogist. Subject: “ 'file Infiitence of the Red Man In the Early Annals of White Plains. ” Song — America. Rei ’ e^lctlon— Rev. Richard J. Keeffe. ILLUMINATE TO-NIOHT. Tbo Illumination of houacB is naked for to-nignk. PRESHYTEitl \\ CHl'RCH. At the regular 11 o ’ clock service ►-morrow mowi ng Rev , — J o e opk-Hv Roblnapu \vill hold a patriotic ser- > il l', and his subject Willi i ” ' \ 1 ' i, ‘ ' in Hie Village. ’ Special music will be rendered. Copyright 1908 hy Hait . ‘ ichalrncr tc M The local Bank Pve»ldebts will ido 4n U h >- 4kH»d — ami - fo il rth — atrtog In tbo automobilu parade. I. KASENETZ Not (ini'worn,'in ill a I iiiik I ioi I can di!- cide Uni imd'ita of a pair of h I iocb by liiBDm'lfuir. tMm. rBiif hme aro two words that stand Mr lier protection — “ Q u $ kn Q uality . ” , (Wo ask you to try one pair. Dealer in AU JilmtH of WINDOW, PICTURE, PLATE AND LOOKING GLASS k Mirrors Reveled nnd Sllven'd*. Piilnters' Supplies ami Picture Frames. Jobbing Trade a Speeialty. 14 Ceutl-al Av\, WHITlj PI.AINR Telephone 128 THE NEWELI* THEATRE REAL VAUDEVILLE - S. A N. System, Managers. Week Grand Opening of November 23, 1908. All Acts Booked From Keith A Proctor Circuit. #ho brido was attended by her Mk w — Auua — DcnmiVriL i JIIu! . 'j Mr. ^kines Joyce wks beat man. ■ Following tlie edremony n i.'ii'ii Yloi ifekfi 40513 at tffc homo of tbe bride • Mr. 11114 Mrs. Heflon on returning from their wedding trip will reside in teonxvllle. Tlie Famous Hanlons and Go., late stars of Fantasina and Snp e r tta: --------- Tlie Holton ’ s, Colored Singers and Acrobatic Dancers. J. K. tiutchinaou and Rolinda Ha'mbridne in Edmund .Day ’ sTlay, “ Out All Night. ” Frank Richards and Louise Montrose, “ The College Boy * ' T__’ And tire Athletic Hit!. ” Tho Morto n-Jewel l-Tro upe, World ’ s Gjo at est C lub.' Manipulators. VILLAOK TAXES. The White Plains Clothier A CLOTHING SALE! That ’ ll Reuse the Greatest Enthusiasm Among Men Wanting STYLISH Clothing at LOW Prices. Hart, Schaffner & Marx Suits . and Overcoats, $15.00 to $28.00. The kind of clothing you ’ d -expect your tailor to make for you — the perfection of fit and the acme of style — in short, the best, when you consider the low prices prevailing READ THESE REMARKABLE VALUES : Mew ’ s $15 and $18 Suits and Overcoats Black and Fancy Designs; Hand Tailored and Modeled after the Latest Fashion ._x __ „ $11,95 ^htff Frt-Wfasrt iHhern Fnit.' $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 Women ’ s 52-inch Long Coats We announce .a SPECIAL SALE FOR SATURDAY, / presenting the most electrifying Bargains to ,any economically inclined — and every ­ body is more or less of th at vein no w-a-days. Featuring W omkjc ’ s II andsommly T ailorkd C oa 'JB [elsewhere ,^10] S pecial S atukbay ....... $5.50 Made from a good quality of Kersey, half lined. EARLY WHITE PLAINS _Qjie studqpj; ,4 g d f the first settled by the Incoming Euro ­ opinion that' white settlers had ven- l>oatt 8 , but for an Inlhifff Village, „„„„ tUn x*rK«» White Plains^ranks among the few lurccMipon^the Quaifopas or White of the state of New York. We Flarhs tracf, — which also includ«?H' are inclined to look upon cities like* Srnrsdale, — as curly as 1080. How- Philadelphia as older than our- or, it wns not until November 22, selves; yet, It was not until October, ■1683, that tbe WequaesqueekB, a 1908 f that Philadelphia could cele- clan of -the Mohican nation, of the brat© Its 225111 anniversary, making Hudson and Connecticut River val- it but a few weeks older than Joys, sold this tract to the Puritans White Plains. Of.the adjacent village of Uye. They According to the deed of tho Quar- Immedlately occupied their now pos- ropas tract, not much attention was sessions, thus giving White Plains paid to spelling, grammar or tho ground for basing Its 225th annivor- use of capital letters where they are sary on the date, Novcmber33, ncotFoclT In the archlven of Albany Places along the Hudson and Long a copy of that paper has made Island Sound were, quite naturally, foy us. It reads as follows: \To all Christian peopell to hom these presence shall come greeting. Know yee that we Shapham, Cockenseco, Orewaupuni, Kewetoahan, Koawhnoh, Paatck, Shlphatlnsh, KorehcvuvouB, panawok, memfshott, pesekaupli, ororrmhgah, patthunk, holiorcis, sotonge, wonawaklng, ow:. ho raw off, noBband.— liavo Tor a valuabeie sum \i 1 money to us in hand paid by the town of Rye that are Iphabltance bargained covinanted, ailnated and soullrt junto thp Inhabitance of the above said town of Ry, A sartain tract df land Lying within the tojvn bounds of Rye •Bounded as followeth on tlie north oast with Mamarlncck River, and on_,the south ­ west with a branch of tho said River and niarl:' “ l trees till it Comes to tho bead of the whit plaines soe called, and by the marked trees .from thence till it.comes to the uppermost branch of mat in peck River, which trackt of Land trommonly cbHfcd by* tho English the whit plaines and called by the Indians ‘ Quhroppas which said tract of Land wee the above said shapham, CocklnnuLko. orewaupuni, kowetoahan. kouw.anoh, moahalico. and the Rest of the above said Indlanrf have souliod as above said un ­ to tho Inhabitance of the said town of Rye them their helreg execatars administrators or asignes ’ for ever and Doe hereby bind ourselves our hoirea Exectara Adminlstratar© and assigns unto the inhabitance of the above said town of Rye them their helros ExeCatifrs administratars or asignes that they may at all times from and after the date hereof peas- ably and quiektly poses oepupy and enjoy the above said tract of land free from all former bargainee salles murgages or other incombrancea whatsoever and all soe to warrant and make good the above said salle against ahy/pacson or lUrfaims whatsoever that shall or » ni tnfck e or lay any clalme or clahnes thearemto and'Tn testimony tbeareof wee have caukerl this bill of salle to be made, and here unto have sett our bands and soalles this |two and twohtieth of Novembe r 6 ae th ousand ttx-tnmrtrn d a nd ntyl i ty Hiree. are maijkUr-thnpce up the stream pf Bronxos River to a ash Tree about seventeen Chains above AnthoTiy'i'jRTcr's' ‘ fuiVr3g mill thence by markt Trees to a WMtc Oak marked near Long Meadow Brook then down the stream of the said brook to the land laid out for Daniell Brondlge then along hts line to ” the said Lohjf Meadow Brook then down thifStream of tbo said Brook to the place where it falls into Moraaroneck River and down the stream of the said River to the land granted to Christopher Bridge then along his Line and the Lines of the Land laid out for Samuel Huht to Momaroneck River then*dqwn the stream of the said River to the place where the west branch falls into the said River and up the Stream of the said West -Branch to the place where It begun Containing Four Th^sand Four Hundred and Thirty Five Acres with Allowance for Highways ” — &c . n — “ Rendering annual rent of two Shillings and sixpence for every hun ­ dred acres thereof. ” patentees or their heirs, to more thoroughly and justly secure their claims, made the following conveyance Joseph Budd, Elisha Budd, John Hoit, Caleb Ifoit, Underhill Budd, Joseph Purdy, George Lane, Daniel LanO, Moses Knapp, John Horton, r David- Horton, -Jonathan Lynch, “ Peter Hetfleld, James Traviss, Isaac Covert, Benjamin Brown, John Turner, David Ogden, and , William Yeoriians — all of Rye in ye County Westchester, Province of New York, of the one part and Joseph Horton Sr., Jos; Horton, Jr., John Travis, James Travis Jr., Solomon Yeomans, John Haight, Theodore Travis, Jonathan Purdy, Monmouth Hkfrt, Abraham Smith, Robert Traviss son of Philip, Jona ­ than llorton, Anthony Miller, Daniel Horton son of Jonathan Horton, Nathaniel Boyle, Caleb HoVton, Joseph Rockwell, Samuel Merritt and John Purdy of the other part ” — - Recites the foregoin g pate nt and- Special Added Attraction, Billie Pirfk ’ fl OTea t Ma y , 1 ' T tie- fcto — ■DriihaHV UlH'iwLaHH Kvwr — wtt.U XL Girl*. Stainacii-NowelWope. Vaudeville ’ s Greatest Fad. 12 . K looks aa though village taxes jy-wUt^no©-be-twtflected this year. The opposition of Colcrtoi- Mahony ban selected a successor Jo be chosen iu January . COLLECTOR MAHONY. on^ changes are numerous ' t ! . but tho man ’ ‘ higher caught yet. Under nity a -m Performances Every Evening. PRICES, - 10, 20, 30 and 50 CENTS. Ladies ’ and Children ’ s Matinee Everv Dav, 10 and' 20 Cents. \Sealed signed and delivered In the presents of us “ CornellaBS Jpibuu Knapp — «f' \Motepcntohom •John Odi.ll •his raarke the marhe of . ^iftphura Cokunaeko ^ Kcwetdham KnUvriii ’ oh ,«?. • Moahpodioh Patthunk Hohornis \Thin bill of salle is acVfiowledffed by the grantemr to be.their onkt and ‘ deed before rue in Ryo tire day and yero above written . \Joseph Horton. Commissionor. ” King George H ^ to Joseph Budd, John Holt, Humphrey Undferhill, Joseph Purdy, George Lane, . Daniel Lane, Moses Knap, John Horton, Dttvld Horton, Jona ­ than Lynch, Peter Hetfield. James Traviss, Isaac Covert. Beaj n nff u hrowtt. John TuHier. David Ogden, and Wllliatn Yeomans. Confirms — \unto them their heirs and of !««d I which in ootrrmonfjr-known i. at a largo White iJak Tree Marked^ witb ^ Leters patent for Claims and Purchase. Dated March 13, 17-1. Recorded In tho office of the Secretary of State at Al ­ bany in Book of Patents. Quit Claim Deed. Dated Jan ­ uary 18, 1722. Acknowledged before Safhuel Purdy, Judge. Consideration, 79 Pounds. Re ­ corded in* Westchester County Register ’ s office in Liber G of Deeds, page 393; 'demised released and quit-claimed g, patf ff righk^ltieiIsSTafe 1 nterest tfnd demand unto tbe land by virtue of tbe pat ­ ent whichjhave at any time or time? heretofore been laid out wlniln ye Whil& Plains purchase either to yo said Jos. Horton Sr., Joa. Horton Jr., &c. &c., or unto such original proprietors as they the said Jos. TTortori Sr, Jos. Horton Jr.. &c. A.c., or any Of thein, claim • under, whether ye said claims aj>d claims be made either as heirs-at-law to, or Sotonge purchasers of and from such, original proprietors who bought ye natives ’ '*: ow bora waa or Indians ’ title by such layers out of ye said purchase as such proprle- ^ramapfitni** trmr or-yt? Haimer© LH»deF-G*aiu l*ai« from time to..UlUfi chosj, nominated. _ and- appointed to lay-out ye same, and also their propwtlona'ble aJHM , ik : “ of such lands kb I k , confalked wltbln .fmld patent and not as yet divided. Covenants of BuJure; >qti!ct jmgjbsion ; against encumbrances, except quit-font to lii»: Mnjei ’ sty; and of . wawrfanty. ” 1633] 325th Anniversary of White Plains |1908 NOVEMBER 21 & 22 Parade ktartB at 1 Fbirlty, , mo rial Nf/Ti.r Citizens are requested to lovember 21. Indor ceremoniea in the Me- tpreb at 3 \Pr nl. the same day. [©cerate bonnes and business buildings at tbo time. Old Home Week — Former residents of 'y^hite Plains are invited to re- . turg Jftr the celebration. Trust Company ol White Plains Will Receive Apatite of any Sum Towards Defraying-Expeiwes ot Celebration.

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