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Published Weekly at (Xiappaqu*. Town of New Castle. Weitchenter Go Publication and Printing Office, No. 1 King's End. Cha: aaqua- \. i *ubttcriptt»n» per year *1 .Q0. 8lnf lo copies t\- 'Cut». feawin Bedell. Publisher and ^ w Pedel'- Proprietor at above addreeo. Entered at Che Chapp&qua Poat Off toe aa'oecocd olaas mad siatter. Ghappaqua, N. Y., Friday, February 25. 1921 \OUT Country! In her interc ourse^ifc foreign nations, may she always be right, but our country, right or wrong\—Stephen Decatur. RICH ASIA MINOR PROVINCE Smyrna. Blessed With a Ferti'e Soil and Temperate Climate, Is Pleas­ ant Dwelling Place-. t The modern, province of -Siu\,'i;\ Is the mo ^v favored of all the p.'vinces \qf .Asia Elinor, tt cob tains ti.iee of 'we pjost considerable rivers of thv fcountr^'^incjudfiag tile Meander, whose ^t> euti ^'^tirse, h'as given tlve Kn„'- fts)i )a1)^fcil\'ftn^expressive verb. For­ th© ,p #lsi ^ion Of a port anot clty -Mlie •city 'o^S^^a^tinequWd b^- any otiv 'er .iu v A^la^\i^Itaqr has^ontrlbuted an- •' other'^li^eafuraijly important asset. Thmf^/'l^erfjlctly titled during its Control. \b &'S ^gey, t^e. province of \Sroy^n^fras ''nevertheless been noted t «r4 ^.'n^e&tts. For a long Ume it liris.^fui^n^^jabie best figs and rai- •sin^ whtcfc 'the,nmVkets of Eu­ rope. '.- Poets aa^ travelers &eve sung and told of the beauttes tf the city of Smyrna throughout the ages. The nu­ cleus nestle m t&e lowlands about its vharbor, and heihfnd, the city rises tier aboye tier against the neighboring high- ' tends. tJuftke many cities that have survived for long ages, Smyrna has retained .the / saine name from the dawn- V>f. .Msto'^.' \EbJsclty should be dear to the lieart of the modern feminist, for it to6& ltd njune from an Arafczdn K#ho' reputed h> .have played' an im- ; g9rtoht part lit its early life';—-Nation­ al ue ( qg^hlc'S()Ctety Bulletin. 'r^^0KmMi^« ONES Prospecting- for -Radium- in Madagas- >~y&* is'Late^t/Lure.He.Id Out to quarried or'transported in the United States or anywhere else on earth is going to be hewn and brought to Washington for the monumental Theo­ dore Roosevelt national memorial. The memorial is to tike the form of a Mi .n, some 3G by 40 feet In dimensions, ard it is to be carved by Chrl Ethan Alceley out of a solid block of rock. Where the stone is to come from ap­ pears not yet to be determined. One ••nthoritv suggests ft niav hp neces* -.try to build a special railroad and equipment to bring ii to Washington. The memorial will be the biggest job in stone, it Is said, since the sphinxes were set up on the plains of Egypt.— Philadelphia Public Ledger. READY F«WORK NOW ttiVinterpn'sina. Floats for Boats. S. E. Van Horn of Manhasset, N. Y., is the Inventor of a scheme for making boats unsinkable. The safety boat is provided with a couple of um­ brellas of rubberized fabric, one on the port and\ the other on the star- \Hoard side, attached to the gunwale by a sort \of outrigger. \vhen not In use the umbrellas are collapsed and take up little room, the outriggers heing swung alongside of the ctetft, out of the way. But in case of danger the outriggefs are hastily^ swung' outward into p'ositifcn, the um­ brella^, spreading automatically. Harrowing Experience. \What's the trouble?\ asked the seft» ond assistant sporting editor. \I've just had a call frpnV a woman, f who had written some 'free .venie,' *\; said the Sunday editor, who .was shaking all by^j, ' \^a't oiigjit not to dgset you.\ \Ah gVooned' the' Sunday 4 editor^ \But she read it\ to\ me anci threw fn\ a: lot of gestdfe ^'^Bltmlbihaiia; Age> &ernld. * * ; -! ^mmwM ... l ^ad.luii-heari'ng' deposits thert GENUINE DURHAM tobacco makes SO lood cigarettes for 10c %i$ last Vame.7fts1i|^j the ^epuwlpan paity: fcatldn toga and siairfnfe' IQut fourteen days \•'efiOfs President.Hi' 1 :. [ . v ( '>n i Mien has struck at a tempting &| TJ sourhArn m n's rays ha.Jfe. '^r/ the 'w<> »>-i >cutJves *ho ihis * VP«>K P?J « icing up r he ,U0f Wu. '\Timnn <vher^ in rfed into nn«'H '.'oper oic- n t catch Lovt-M- jtoture is lj|Se basking ><» ,ie sun at .; iin- .1 du 'VN , inis pic , .n tl..- «of a U'tter addr» . . ! i;> in one II ' K. Snu' '! 1 \ - Smith, fini 1 ! h y n i. ; ' i n i had hpon «• N; « «• :fntr 'hi> ; l.ir letter and sc\e\;il times dnii.u' th e I course of his i\n\\ \\oil% li<» ^'.anctM l \airily in the * , S\ h<>\ <if '!,.- niail stand. About four day* • ' tie- letter had been delivered to IN- \i>i;tlifid mail clerk i t came v to the hands o f Smith through a fellow euiphe. ee named Erickson, x\ho found it in the \E\ cubby hole The letter had i..'(>;i ad ­ dressed to \Henri K. Sniiih, 'Osq.,\ aod the clerk ha d filed it under \E.\ —New York Sun and Herald. WHY DRUGGISTS ARE'. , Seemingly Their D «» «• ^ ^ • If The> Would batitfy h« Various \Custc neis\ D LIGHTNING MADE A Picture of Railroad 'Viirdl' Wlndovv^ExpIarfatloH' by'Pho*ogra|ihferi JBSbp % tWB$$ atpries of .$m $ wreath 'tfeat appeared AatfejUj, £ .thiiuinhua^^lc ^UcS-giass ; experts* '^ronou fug niore than a defect* fel ^nicT^at -bfe'en '%m ^fife^a \-Heavy rnunaerstorra wuu ui- le^lely v-i'qtd lightning. Nesst morn- pg ^W .hen the, cleaning crew began ^a^ng ( the car there was found on tte!of e the window'panes a very good ^^e.\^ the' yards*' that l'aiy directly 'Xfmt* of it. It was ''just ifke a S^^^'\'well*developed x photographic aixu'/there' c6uld bene question p ^jat .the scene in the picture was ^yards 'before it. Gf ' M. 'iLaOrobc.says, that millions pr<?h- iably ar§ there aiTva^tlng to reward the t ^atle ^tSfarohers who are able to start j Wl. with the^p^erhialt'sho^trlrig a .S \i fat a*snnatoces1^e cotfeerjt^ofbut it hV ' recQmnten'ded i@at intSiding ^ Ipros? Rectors -take^al^ng a ^ew cajnera dry ^rates>.de^elp ^nj^- outfits. 'If pos- iible^ a .Jpld, \<e^ct^oscbpe. al? though, the latte^is 1 *iiot absblntefy es- senJif^!l»^P': C W t . * $ ...^he'princliiaT radioactive mineral in .Madagascar. known as betaphlte and 'Is , Drownwh -black fn color with irregular radium content. But e\;eri if only one milligram ,1s obtained fi^om /each ton of mineral examined, it will mean 200 francs to the prospector, while certain deposits are so rich as to assay as high as 15,000 francs a ton. Patching the Czar's Trousers. , [ T;i liK recent I j published memoirs ( r.'iint Witte, a luemher of the old ltus- J M.-.II lejrime, ie!utes that Alexander i III'-* prudence In government c\pendi- f Imi' \\n.> ibtitihed by liis per .NOiiul \ thrift\ \Alexander III extremely ; p- enoinii-.i 1 w 111 1 his ^oaiini,' apparej. '> I had a ciuinus proof uf tin 1 - when T nc eompanied the emperor on on e of hlb r.ilh\.i\ iripx Since 1 found ft Piipi'-^iUc e n a< < m111 1 of lay le^ponsi- tdlits ti' p .-if iiL-li faxe Star's a ^l SbIpes.-> The Yh auxiliaty 'in the same peripd obL. 27 new Units, enlarging Its list td|| Four new units, joined, by tlfe. t'brk depar|>m 'eB ;V;pTac»d tpat df menj^;lb th^ Wd for the jft'e^lj^ eign pnsts adf'ed recently aKB*^^ quleamata, Chile, and Guatemala Guateinala. in m New Street-Car Idea. The objections t o the so-called '.'safety ears,\ whicli were Introduced during the last few jeurs, have heen tnet in Seattle by th e mvention of what is called a one-mnti-two-man Itreet ca r The design of this oir per­ mits of, it< l>elnK operated In the slack hours h\ ou t mitu, while in the busy hours, with a ifitle rearrange­ ment of the interior, it N changed to make provision fin* the addition of a conductor. This K «aid fo meet the great criticism of the \>nfety\ tn that so much time \\a< lost in the stops when the single attendant was compelled t o take the fares answer thy questions an d attend to the va­ rious other matters, with the entrance of a group of iiassengei* The Seventeenth ecu tun according' to historians, was the banner for blue laws. Legislators vied with one an? other to win either the plaudits of the people or to provoke the wrath of t|je mobs by thinking up new measures' [,$or the statute books. One blue law In partlcular^cvhlch coincides somewhat Vlth spaie of, the legislation rumored .'to be contemplated in this country is interesting; This was in the form *of j an oraifiauce In*a Swiss city, and; t i.t. virtually jmt such stage- folk as family., itmmS^ ^beels^ivlding^ef rnt lag untlef-atl ^fn® jJ&iStrong^mbeo liMe. •> It is* a T T p3$eft'.1n. tft s the <• gives it a vp: -, •i. ht : ich Ml .oot re v naa neen a' d^at ^^^P dence, recalls, to a prp>^^^^ penitentiary a similar cafclflBa^f^ to his attention when Ve.'wa ^SSi^n ployed by the Pennsylvania, M at Alroona, Pn. W was tracV4 vQ^w'| other though equally scientific c.^we^ <)ne rdght tire private.„caV ^bif CW§C deni Roberts of tht^ TS^6a.<tJ ^lmnf .'d ohto - n siding in nie^yara^ \l; \•n.i and before -morning. fJS^P$ - - — • n • . • irf ^hiii film of oil o*i ftie Window, ^lltc^ ipt- some way hecre «son*-tive ^j|in.tense light andm n.^h ot i ^iiad Imprinted tire « SM»IP I.. \ow dh 4he pane. — c •' • cb. »t- i c as '\Esq.\ V f \il you w .Mit „*^9l\ reach • ayed His Mail. l>e sure >our left'er -M .'ation without 'de- •'MI ' after tlw.' name MEIR CUE I I'fll Clli.' Tn. i> Ihu I'.I f , < . i - t ^ 11n <!':'. M. . .1 .. • 'V .I 1 v i V\ \ he Hi. \ nii't |i't ' . ! - ' 1 I• i\. I( H il e ..]<ei \ 1 a ^ i i- .il.i »-f> .i ' ; M,» I i • 'Id i at ti- r t • eo I'M' li.. n - - i , ltd . ill' w I l Huge fitoci' British Soldiers and New Roads. Some seven and a half million dol­ lars' worth of new road construct ion hrts boeu taken In hand l»> \arloifs t-«. I would often TJiitish cities to provide Work'for tlfe - niaje-t\'s vatet ;'Tjrie^mployed. According to a report of • - ToiMT^ On , {He British Information sen ice of the Bankers' Trust company, the mmistn ot transportation contributes one-haff of tlie i ost—-prohahlj out of funds ac­ cumulated for that purpose fo i mat > .M'nrs l)^\ the de\elojiment comtii.^^'\\ — and lend* to the mfmicip.ili'U - th. otlu-r half M'i five \>'ars, repavai u- ; aiilntnl In^t'i'liue.ijv \- hen it i n i , if't^i dil' 1 ' i . i-tr, I • ' T,t il l.'iho: C^ • hnn re. T'li'i \,\{ ,i .»iee niuoiijf wh\ he p i 1 r l n - v.,i . .f•. p • i t 11. . ' , ii -K-n \' <• 11 Pi; I- III. l...ots ' Roosevc t's Honor i 11 1 K ' ' I •111111' ' \ i DOER! AUCTION Every MONDAY CARROLL s THURSDAY i X'.ofrt Every With OflferiDgs I Ut<-<) Fresh Western ^ v and City-Used Money Back If Not as Wajj ajited 155 East 24th Street — New York City 0 BANNER \ELUE LA*V\ CENTURY. Seventeenth Saw -si o Rules Made for the Government of Manners and Morals. \Now what io \mi Tliin'. c\\ '\ baifl tin' dr '.ip '^'i 't s « U M 1 • •'. to know- w Ii .it Tii.-.iii- -i \ Sonic peoi le thiiiK a tli .i_ >m < MI infoi niaticn bin i an. *\ ' The ot he' das a w • l . i > • . • H i mid w anted to . \ ho d • t to ei MI A iin 1 1 a. SIi» x, 1 • I »ln' li.it! ..li 1 1 1 tneiit with a fiie ..i' ahoiit it 'id , de. nletl I n.u-t hf the refeire lie had pi I't hi'ti 1 1!iTi — • f on op of ix; ladder and w.i- tr \ii. t > p.--' 1 • t' \•e| or four l -.o i', at ti i n- when . uo .'a: i .1.1.'' ill .It 'll .\!'«! >»,!!• a mimitrj 1 o hi- \^ n 111 .' e i t, . • 1 1 on t hi i ouri- ter. 'I want a two-tutt M.unii in a h .• . »\,\ ->he -aid He p .axe tin 1 1 B• - <ta .j and ni, on i ' .i , • '' gi/ ;• s \i '-ill. \W m.l.i 1 1 ; • • < 1 .!• the sai'ii kind of i ! ^ > i o :. i iiK'ther tin- Jast l : ,.ii' !• i. t ',i.' she said. \Who i^ >our mother?\ I « \You know my mother that always buys a hotJie ot ery night.\ • •I i la ev- War Memorial on Mount-nr-. The furious bat lies, lnughi dm the war on the Hartmannsv.ilerl- o. in Alsace, will bf commemorated in. the erection upejn It's apex of a * u'< cross which .will be .visible from-ahe Rhine valley. The monument witHi** erected on a portion of the summit: of the mountain .which will be considered as sacred ground. J Afterglow Farm, lit ^rg.. u. itta- Anandal© Fj,ru^..J8fi ^eB .iayio.: I Apple Hill, Bflrs. Jiorgas i »u Beech Hill, SeldoD Bawu Connie Brke, \William'%».. Maxtae^t Boulders, (The), Jacob Br!:*.* . Brae-Burpie, J>r. Archibald d«jK »iJ ItJ©a'*f JKabll, PLnea Sridg«? > » [ChiMiburst, Victor;G «iE ?ab : ^rj. f lm ;GwmT&rfav&*t>v! L^B^mnt' * vergreen Far^.^L Fly. fflenfido,.,^^ %^--.' ; r'Wr ; -; GrSro6f ;;%a 2 fol r .7|'''- v \' Hemlock ^lmansl: ? H^y*Bea.Fj,r^|^r ^,'4 ( Eeier^ \ T'CW \|^T|oatixe ofJj^Wng'/o ^Tjrying to 're- tl'ucer drinking t:b a mminmnt dn SaT^-.; tirday afternoons so that wors might attend evening services wlth- full. possession of their faculties. SECOND B &tti FOR JAPANESE 1 •feurial o^ Nwla, Teeth and Hair, and Change of Via me Made Official Another Person. a oat- •ia«_r S ^'F'TJ*\« '^S*- &i>-1&6dat&tf' • The following it<>m from the Japan Advertiser reveals one of the Inter* •esUng peculiarities of national ideas •and customs which continue to lend vni'iety an d interest to world civlldza- 'tto.-i. \Burjlng them->el\es to escape defcth, and then being horn again b y th* simple jirocess of changing their names. Baron an d Raroness Ban held 'full funeral services fo r themselves at Hie (iyokurinsai teiuple in Nagoya recently, erorting a fullj engraved totahstoiie over their nails, teeth anfl ha'v Thf- h^tron now calls himself Mi Koyngureno OtoU. 7* \When Huron Ha n was 'first' born] ^ Os8Ulitv> he x n< far from healthy, and 40 >e»rs 1 * oonaec «on witn IK... U was predicted as the extreme limit of hh life. However, he recently cele­ brated his tjixtv-sixth birthday, which biou-ht to his mind that his father had died at that age, aDd that he could prubajdj he>-t avoid his fate rtt an t.trlv death h\ howing to that date and otheially 'huiving' a s ranch o? hiniN it as possible without interfe> Ing with an y of the vital processes.\ e •o Clark WarrSa, Wktte Plftuis Jeweler, 26 M W St.. at l*>n. Ar«.f at -the sign of th« t)ig « Gifts for all oocasioni. FIRE INSURANCE. Edwin Bedell, No. 1 Kings' KIM. C'ontmeatal; Glem Falls &mi Other Good Companies. FUXNJTUKB nit »r« nOecti0B their ^ Jttow Store * Shop with SWaeti for Repaid Wagoned Gave to \Unworthy Poor.\ A Missouri ma n ha s left a will e s ti'hli-ddng a fund fo r the ai d of *he pom- of his town, Eldorado Springs. Mn everv ('liri^-tmas It is espccialij ^n^-^e^tei! that the >:ifts b e distributed to unfortunate persons \whether they :Mf uorth.v or unworthj according to •he •standijfds of society.\ 'I hose in n \jiosition to give iimiii'j to fellow heiuKs in misfortune s o lonj; have insisted that the poor to he aided i« must he ''worthy\ that it is a great re­ lief to find on e man who does not at­ tach the obnoxious string to his/act of generosity. The ne'er-do-well with an empty stomach probably feels just as hungry* as the pious person whose HA&PWAKE l )am«i Mi ratio, Pleasant \ file. Hardware, House Furnhjhlng Go <id8. S-toves and Kangea. Wheeler Ave, oe&r Station Telephone Couuecwuu \XlVERT AND TKUCK|LN». K ' l ?* n !. Donah \e Chappaqua. Board.ug and Soles Stable* ( .. P r;^es nveet train*. A Ji Unda or bucking. King (Main) St. T el MONUMENTS. n P. Staples. Kensico <>IW» I P«- MoniiDsentg of Speifa' r>*<.i*. Sketcbes and Ratimate^ q ,i, m H ted Works ht Lm Crossing «»A |LRC FRONTAGf R»iir»»<» frr > )ge on »witoh, a m& fl»nm steed i<t&i of gronnd. «u»tikb^ »-%reho»f.| « T busin«f«. InouliW fortunes have fallen.—Detroit Free PHv in Bed«' 7 , fyappaqii^. (83^'k Press. * '

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