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CAST OF \TWELFTH NIGHT\ ANNOUNCED SHAKESPEARE COMEDY TO BE PERFOR~D IN OCTOBER ' BY LEANNE I<INNEY CO-ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR The SUNY Masquers ofCo11land would like to announce the cast for their first production of the season. 'fhe_play will be Wtlliam.Shakespeare 's famous comedy ''TwelM Night'O. direc~ by iames c: PaJmer. This romantic comedy will be perfonned in the main theatre of the Dowd Fine arts Building on October 24 through the 27th. \'IwelfthNight\tellsthestory of ashipwreckedrnaiden. Viola,playedby Janette.Martinez,inmythicallllyria Shedisguises herself as a servant to the DukeOrsino,played by Andrew Whelan. The Duke se11ds Viola to woo the lovely Olivia, played · by Elizabeth Stone. To Viola 'sd.ismay, Olivia falls forh.er, notknowingslleisactuall ydisguised. Complications arise when Olivia'ssuitorSir Andrew (Lee.Barrett), her Uncle Toby Belch (Scott Koenig) ami herstewardMalvolio(SalvatoreCecere) become involved. Other characters in the play are Violas twin brother, played by Theodore Mancini;the meddling setvant played by Sara Corica; and the mirthful clown Peste, played by Georgeanne Strakosch. Completing the cast are Robert Paredes, Bruce Delaney,Gordie Marsh II,Laurie Thomas,Jared Case and Jason Heuerman. Tickets go on sale October 15th. Don't miss this one. WHATISBOTH SIDES? . Hi! This is Joe and Leanne and we \tethecolunm'•BothSides\which butedlastweek. ••BolhSides''isan vice colUI11Il, Something like Ann dersor Dear Abby (or Dr. Ruth). e're here oo answer or assist you \th any problems you may have onceming relationships and their wrounding problems. However. advice columns give you only FACULTY ART DISPLAYED SPECIAL TO THE DRAGON CHRONICLE \1991 Biennale: Art Faculty Works'' is an exllibition featuring cwrent works byeiglltArtandArtHistOJy DepartmentFaculty MembersofS.U.N.Y. Cortland. Thise\llibitwiUbeondisplayintheDowdFineArtsGallerynowthroughOctober 5th.GruleryhoursareThesdaythroughSatu.rdayftorn I 1:00am to 4:00pm. The displa' is free and everyone i:s welcome to attend. People always push both buttons outside the elevator when they're really only going one way. -Leanne Kinney J Two actors make \Greater Tuna\ a sucCess By Keri McKay Staff Writer On September 7th and 8th, the De- Finn to the dictionary, because of the partmentofTheatrepresented\Greater corrupt ideas and words written in the Tuna,\ a play by Jason Williams, Joe • books. Two main characters, Thurston Sears, and Ed Howard. The play was WheelisandArlesStruvie,runthelocal shown in Dowd Fine Arts Center. radiostation,OKKK,throughwilichthc \Greater Tuna .. is a slapstick comedy trivial town communication is rna~ which starred only twoactors,JosephR. possible and through which the story is McFate and Lee A. Barrett, ooth of · brought full circle. whom played ten roles. This story is This year, there will be many per· centered ina small town in Texas called formances in Dowd Fine Arts Center, Tuna In the town live residents who both plays and concerts. The prices 1111.1 thrive on local hearsay. Town residents reasonable and the shows are put on for wanttodoawaywilhbo9ks''unsuilable\ you by aspiring actors and actresses. for schoolchildren. from Hucklebeny Next time check it 011t person's opimon. \Both Sides .. ·ves you an objective non-biased iewofthesintationfrom both a male d a female perspecQve. Thus the e- Both Sides. Musician pleases Cortland crowd Please drop off your letters ad- essed to Joe and Leanne at The gon Chronicle by Thes. Letters ay be anonymous. BY LEANNE KINNEY AND JOEDIMELLA STAFF W RfTERS Dear Joe and Leanne. How should I put this without making myself soundlikeafooi?Iam madly in love with this guy I shall call ohn. John and I nave been seeing h otherforfourmonthson and off. ohn is well aware of how I feel for him. The problem is lie doesn't love e, and says he thillks he never wilL lhesaysisthathecaresformealot We aren't even committed to each tbe-r. He shows me no affection in pllblicandcomestoseemewhenit's venient for him. I know I SOWld like a fool butllovehimsomuch and he 'swonderfulrorne.Ikeepthinking tltat with some moo-e time and pa- . ence he 'II change. By the way. this is an on campus relationship. Will he ver change? Is there hope? Signed In Love ~In Love: Joe: There 'salwaysllope but will :he ver change? It depends on how he · troly feels about you. ( Leanne: But the way he acts obvi- usly shows he doesn 'tcare. He said it outright that he doesn't love you. Wfiy waste your time? I say forget abOut it Joe: If he's not willing to change you're probably better off with someone else. . Leaime:Idon'tlikehowherefuses to show you affection. That would make me wonder how many other '\friends\ like. you he haS. · , joe: Good p(>int. You might be llappierwithsomeonewhocan show ·. you affection both in front of people By Alison We5tover Stqf{Writer . Jamie Notarthomas from Syracuse, entertained the Cortland College com· municy vn Mon. night, and those who were f()ttunate enough tQ get into the Tannerytoseehim,wouldagreethathe ~a<;ahit.Even thougbtherewereafew minor technical difficulties with the sound «Juipment in the beginning, the crowd was well rewarded for the wait with N[)tarthomas' fantastic perfonn- ance. He played most of his own music, as well as a few songs from such artists as Cat Srevens, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, U2, ~d Peter Gabriel. He thrilled the crowd withperfonnancesof\Midnight Hour,\iUld \Brown-eyed Girl.\ among other hits of the pasL .. Not:arthomasalsoperfonnedmanyof llis own songs, which were tenific. The audiences 'resportsemadethatclear. His work includes, •·On My Own,\'\The Dead End,\ and· \Goodbye\ among ()!hers. On some of the songs he petfotrned he played a harmonica as well as a guitar, and hisabilitytomasterboth ofthemled one to believe there was more than one person on stage. For a few songs , Notarthomas was accompanied by his brother Jon, and base player, Scott Schimpff. Both of . them added finishing touches to the en- . ergetic and wonderful perfonnance. Overall it wasa~showandlhope we are fortunate enough· to have Jamie Notartltomas come back and entertairt . again. . ~ and behind closed doors. . ·-· ~q ,.,.,.,. -- \' . r -··~·- < Leanne:Sonyhun,ljustdon'ttrust ~~..t-t< ... .. , ~~~·~~~} t~~:!:.r_ ;.~:· ;. ; tt\· J/\:; {.:n:; ·~~~ · .. ~, t. .. ,, ~·: :: .~. ; theguy.lfl wereyou.I'druntheother b \Yot1 said q~ sits;orr,n,ls thfug,eC.ttY 'ftiommg air<f:ktys··(!:ggs:TillS· .. · · wli.' r . . .. doesn·qook like egg~.'' ~ : •• -,~.-~; ......... - ..... ~~ ., .,.. ,.· •.; ..... ,~ ........ !·\\'·.>-\>- .•• •' ··;'\#\!• •. ~:t.-.•-: ,.,,/!' ...... \1\'. Jamie Notarthomas wowed 'em a1 the Tannery Monday night. Photo by Tom Walsh. \lntemaiAtfaifs\: a B+ Gere - CorrUpt to the core By Dave Parrish Staf!Writer , 'Ibis, This week's SAB movie,'\lntemal Affairs'~starsRichardGereasaCOirupt­ to-the-core cop,and Andy Garcia as ·a copouttostop him. This movie steadily gains momentum and intensity oo pro- vide a nail-biting conclusion. Gere is coming back strong this year and he is EVIL .in this film (unlike he role in \PrettyWoman\).Alsofeaturedissome . ~~ ., . .. great cinematography,outstanding moody music, and good supporting perfonnances by th~ l;;tdies, Nancy Travis and Laurie Metcalf .. Final Grade: B+ SAB will show· \Internal Affairs .. Fridayat7 &9:30pmintheCoreyUnion Function Room. For Only $1 with stu- dent LD.? What a bargain! WENEEDYOURPOETRY Once again The Dragon Chronicle is accepting poetry from anyone who ., wishes to1iaye it pl!blished. . Shaw yo~ creatiVitY! Express you emotions! Drop off poetry at The Dragon Chronicle office In the envelope outside our . door. · ... ; ; Lt~>l.. ; ' ; F.k .. ~~~~jj·-·· H• ·We need your jokes,stories.anecdotes,campus gripes, aud personals. - .... · . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . .. . .... J i ,, c ( s [ a I. y h a n l 1 n 0

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