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\ 1~ ·, .,.. · ;~~-~.;.. I , : ....... ;.. ! • .• S . b. . -. L•ttl M· ~ ts . . artng I > e . . Ol.tteD · , By Enno Johanns Staff Wri~er To\ Share Little Moments\ is going consciencefromwithoutandhnplanted · ~pen'f~ to all the C()untless and face- innards that are seen knifed open it tries to be a new weekly column devoted to- the knowledge, within and this made less brothers and sisters ~d they do so toclingandcling,butthenexhaustedshe the conscientious reader. Howissu~of their society complete. When their:sto- with morse and more ~motion at each lets go, gently making a last gust. She today, yesterday or even tomorrow af- ries broke down so did the society and new day. . yearns to be free and reconciled to tb,e feet you, and how you affect the rest of they knew it . · The ~oveof spring soo buries a vim so greatness of the omnipotent Visilmf; society. Thingsdon 'tmake sense anymore do that the recent detonations of the large Afterlhe bed is truKki she, The Sweet We all have our uniquenesses and they?Thefin<floveintlleageofdivorce grey toiso may agree to the expansion Maple, waits patiently for that other multiformities and these comprise the ~nearlyimpdssible,tofindcompassion of the whole .Thelnistfrolli the umbrae moment when the shifts are made and bases of our society. but wh€m stripped and understanding in a world of indi-· oft)leclouds penneates the canopy and the curtain passesandAct I of the drama away. what is leftisauniversalequality vi~tyis iQ.'ational an:dtodidhuman- amicroscopica~telagoontakesform plays .a~ that binds us to each other. Whatl speak ityin a worldOfcomputers,fastcarsand and rides a lanan aand breaks the viel to A jumble of words? Maybe. A story? of is emotional equality; tbe univefsal consumerism is resignation. perculateandfalland blazon all the way Hardly. This is a message of prose to inbomteflexestotheextemalactionsof In the coming weeks f'll share true down.lbeluckyprofusionofmrecrown show the reader exactly how I perceive ourworld.Thesearethesarnereactions personal stories ofpoople under ex- jewels patter ~utifully. Then with the world. that secure us in our own family when traordinary circumstan~ and impos- sobriety and sensitivity they go. Like a The sun represents where our energy we encounter suffering or joy. The bUe sibleconditions and for ..all their defects shot. they are quickly absorbed by the is derived from. the wind sets us to ac- emotionalequalitywhenrealizedasan and limitations they somehow find a partched naked soil who must sakly tion, and the rain is new experience integral part ()f'the human condition way.theexhibitionof~liveswillshow pilfer all the clauses. for although em- flowingdq:!feednewlifebomfrom teaches us that dismissal or the that they are no different than you and barrasses from being so clean it must us. • trivialization of how others live denies I. claim the ornateness to feed simple but With thefamili · ty of seasons comes Note From the . ' ' Editors ByL~A~andLeanneEanney Entertainment Editors · us the wakening oftheinnerworldofolir To try to connect you to the nature of desperate causes so that inanimate knowledge andageandalthoughaches The Press is going through many changes. If you haven 'tnoticedalready,, we going to have a new name! As your new Entertainment Editors, we'll try to liveuptothereputationthatMaryamleft uswith.she'llbegreatlymissedbutwe'll try to fill her shoeS:---Otn: own way! . Some new sections we'd like to add to the Entertainment pages are: -Laugh- in, -Campus Gripes, -soaps Review. 7t souls Without a personal appreciation the story I'll usemytb, IJre1ryandprose gennsmighthavea fairshotattheirtitle become frequent, to therestoftheworld ofemotionalequalitycompassion,love as metaphors to possiblly give a deeper climb. we truely are the m()re beautiful. and understanding simply and ulti- meaning and understanding. BSo to The wind passively pressess to sway . Theconcludetillnextweekandanew mately fail. Americans are fond of the begin I'll start with the simple yearly thelegendandwiththatthelanguageof story I'd like to say that altho!lgb the notion that weare rodiverse and differ- cycle of Maple. fauna rises to a free verse and choral appendagesareinextricablylinked to the ent that a connectioo to each other that ..... And in the beginning there is an dance. The magic of the bows bend earth and depend on their matriarch for ourancestorssllared hasslowlyslipped inception. They swad<lle very cJose aroundtheearthfrornthesynthesisofthe existance.<the prayers that evoke reli- away and been forgotten. webbed out on a loom welkin and make a vivication. The ex- gionsrecognizesomeifldividualityinall How did our ancestors make it? Well The progenator suddenly awakes in pressionsof alJcolorsshoutadisplaythat of God's creations. So she and all parts simply put. they looked at themselves alacritytomilitateatranscendencefrom shadows a compassion and needed that make her up have ~orne kind of then they looked at their world and be- cesation. With dignity and self glorifi- humantiy. It 'sail a souls moving courtly inherent right to seek, grow and trails- came afraid. Then in confusion and cationreigningfromwiltllinthescopeof gesture that says .. 1 love you!!\ form to fulfillment aS the monarch and anarchy they began to tell each other a the verfure she,plantslhe complextion Later, witheredandaged, seekinggod, grizzly do in hibernation and m~tamor­ story and when the story was told the at the top of an extremity happy and nature makes her presence known. For phpses. She lives for life and sees into houses could be buih the seeds planted exposed, it's valueisincaculable to life. alongtheendisaweloomecoldness,and life. She is life. and the gods prayed to. They found a lnhalingandexhaltingthe babes flicker sobs are felt from .the bleeding of the If you have any jokes.comics, things that \bug\ you about the campus or would like to write some soap reviews (and }Xlssibly get credit for it!) then please stop by the Press office or drop them off in the envelope on <Jur door. We're also bringing back the popular Poetry Section, so please get that crea- tivity going- whatever you 'vegot. we'd lovetoprintit!Thanks,hopetohearfrom you soon! 'Tve heard all of the excuses,.~ . . Now let's get to the fat of the Problem.\ Fall Term Student Special $105.00 Membership Entire Fall Semester Other Memberships Available WE CROWN CITY FITNESS 64MainSt. Marketpla_ee Mall THE RESULT • Personalized Professional instruction The desire, Head to toe . ' - • Eagle Conditioning Programs thne .and • Body Tone .• FREE WEIGHTS •AEROBICS ambition • Flexibility • E~~1ve d~diovas~S:f EqUipMent to look and •Coordination •-Stainna..~~rs fe~l glaeat. • End~M.c~ . , CaJI756-401a fur'Jliare illfgrfPatiO:n ~d :W.sclwdhle a :free trial workout. Open Mon~-: .. Thl:rr$. ·.e:.ao:··a.m.-9:So p.m. ·Fri~6:~Q a.ni.-8:30 p.m., Sa~.9-5, ~un~.lo-a . CROWN C,iTY FTJJNESS 64 Main~St~ Marketplace Mall Cortland,_• 75.6-4013 \ ' ··•>' -·-' •• :.:_ ,-,y~f'.•-- •. · .• .•. _, -~ -.~ ...... ·, .• ,_,,.)t>· •• /, _,_ •. . ..,,,,~.----~· •• -~ • -~ ... ~·· .. ~~ ·-<t. _..,,..,..:.. .• ,'!!< .... ·~-·).. ...... ~-<~ .• --.,·~-'- ·-· ' .. .. . ' .. ~· I .I '\ / I '\'~\ . ' \ ·Q ''

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