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BEYOND 'lHE GRAVE \GHOST\ AND \FLATLINERS\ I first came up with theconceptforthe Cinema Report Card at another school and the pmposeofit is to inform you of my opinions of the movies that are playing nearby. Rightoffthe bat. I'd like to say that I am not trying to force my opinionsonyouasalaw becauseyoucan see whatever you want. After all, it is your money. With thatoutofthe way, let me give you a brief rundown of how I rate the movie. Given the collegiate environ- ment we are all in, the most obvi()us system to use is the letter grade. For example:. A+: Outstanding-both in level of entertainment and technique. A-/B+:Excellent-with a few minor flaws. B: Good-usually entertaining with some major flaws B-/C+: O.K.-you know, not bad but not great either C: Average-just sort of there C-/D+: Below Average-not too l>ad but teetering on the edge D/0-:The'.LameZone.,-runandhide . ' CINEMA REPORT CARD The Coveted F: Real Bad- you want to walk out but you feel guilty t:Jecause you spent $6 on it already. Got it? Good, let's move on to new stuff by asking the question, \What really happens to us after wedie?''1\vo movies out now explore some of the possibilities, ••Ghost\ and \Fiatliners\. .. Ghost'' is so many good things, that it's hard to know where to start It's a romantic/comedy/thriller/fantasy/ sleeperhitthat'salsoacomebackmovie for three main stars, Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and ,Whoopi Goldberg. The story foll()WS the upwardly-mo- bile Sam Wheat (Swayze) who accidently discovets a money scam at work. This turns out to be a bad career move because he ends llpdyingoverit Intum,thisl~veshisadoringgirlfriend Molly{Moore)inhopelessdespairAND in danger. Sam decides to hold off his march through thepearly gatesootty and help Molly and hopefully contact her one last time. But ooing a ghost ain't easy. So , he enlists the help of Oda Mae Brown .By David Parrish Staff Writer (Goldberg), a phony psychic who ends up being Sam's liaison witll Molly. But OdaMaealoneisn'tenoug~sohetakes \ghost lessons\ from a crazy spirit who rides the subways(thesadly under-used Vincent Schiavelli). Somehow, \Ghost\ maaages 1:0 pull all of its elements together inoo one en- tertaining picture. The petformances were touching and strong throughout with a special tip of the hat!loing out to WhoopieGoldberg inherftmniestforrn yet onscreen and her best work since '1'he Color Purple\. On the technical side, one can't over- look the outstanding special effects. Three separate effects teams were used well. I was convinced by the movie's visuals from start to finish. If there is a weakness in this movie, it has to be theoveruseofviol~nce. Where is it written that Patrick Swayze has to beat up people in every m<Jvie he's in? But after a lot of c~ing around. the ending comes inanditisveeytouching. Being a hopeless romantk myself. I fuundrny~lfgettingrnis~~Y~~reft the t1teatre wholny satisfied ''Ghost\ isamoviethatwillmake you believe in love md life, as well as llaunt your heart for a l.ong time afterwards. FINAL GRADE: A-. On the other side of the dimension. when five brilli1111t Chicago med-stu- dents explore the-afterlife by killingand then reviving eac:h other, they get much m()re than they bargain for in \Flatliners\. The movie features some of H<llly- wood's hottest ycJUng talents in Keifer St1therland who JPiays Nelson, the mad doctor who collltlS up with the bizane and macabre i<lea, and Ju~ia Roberts woosecllaracter,Rachel is fascinated by what awaits us i11 the \great bey()lld\. R<lunding out the group is a resurgent Kevin Bacon as the un-believer Dave. Oliver Platt as tile willy-nilly Randy Steck.le, and Alec's little brother and spitting image, 'William Baldwin as the womanizing Joe.. lntheirseparate:joumeys beyond,tlley discoverthattheil'pastsinshaveafunny way of catching! up to them and that repelltanceisthekeytosalvation.It'san interestingvisionandit'saccenUJatedby thesllJlll1ing visualstylecreatedthrough the director. Joel Schumacher. Like his previ()US film, \Lost Boys\ the style is slick. otherwordly, and effective. Unfortunately, this s~le is present thro11ghoutthe (ilm. not just in the post- mortemseqllences.And that makes for a very ••btah\ environment to play off due oo over kill. I hate to use the tenn ••styJeoversubstance''butthetoetagfits here. An.cthermisplay is~ ••happy\ end- ing. I! would have ~n much more in- teresting if the last ··natliner\ hadn't come back and the others had to deal withthecircumstances.Butthepowers- that·be in Hollywood obviously think that we. the paying audience can •t han- dle anything intense. What a pity Overall, this movie is nice to look at andy()llmightleamalessonfromitlike, ··Doll'tllythisathomekids\.Buteven- tuall;y you won't get a pulse and even CPR won't be able to help \Flatliners\. FINAL GRADE: B-. ~--·j····················~---~---~ • • • • • • You Kn()wYou're Back at Cortland When .•. : ~ SONYA'S STARCAST : GREATER TUNA: BACK FORAN ENCORE • • Good Luck! : By Sonya Leach : By Lizz Aviles Co-E1llertainment Editor PRESENTATION By Janice Lochansky StaffWtriter : Staf!Writer : • 1-AriesSo,youthinkhe'sgoocilooking?andyouthinkshe'sfine?Iquarantee I :you in about three months. you'll be wondering if you were blincl : • • I 2- Taurus Lot's of money and plenty of meal points. Don't get too carried I :away hon. we·ve got four more months until we blow this joint : • • • 3- Gemini Go jogging, join aerobics, lift some weights ! exercise. e\ercise • :lose some weighL Pro.crastination will only result in futre disgrace iiS you fail : Picture this, a playthatcallsfortwenty Ito hide the inches that have accumulated arOLmd your waste. I roles and only tw<l actors to play these 1 1 roles. Sound impossible? If it does then : 4 ~ Cancer No mama, no P.apa, no brothers or sisters ?Thank God you said : you must see this play for yourself. The 1? Come on. call your family. they're concerned and they miss ya~ I play is called Greater Ttma and it is di- 1 • rectedby JamesC.Palmer.ltfocuseson : 5 - Leo Pep~ psyched ready for school? If not do something and quick C ·you walk into a small cubicle that is SUJ>POsed to be Y'OUf room ·¥f>U wake upon a bed that feels like lumpy oatmeal ·you move in1111dyourroommate(s) have left you wilh the top blink -yourdinnerc()nsists of murder burg- ers. mushy fries. and grilled cheese -you promise to keep in touch with friends you kno~ you will never write to -the person yoll call your roommate wakes up every morning at 6:00 and goes to bed eve!)' night at I 0:00 ·the oQly statiomyouget on yollftel- evision are 4 and 7 -yoor phone bill exceeds $200 be- cause you're constantly calling your boyfrie11d or girlfriend at home -yourneighbors play music you don't like -y()U spend $200-$300 on books you'll most likely never read again -thetanyou'veworkedonallsummer suddenly fades due to the cold Cortland weather -youhavetodialtwentynurnbersjust to make a phone call -the only phrase in your vocabulary for~firstweekis\Whereareyouliv­ ing1'\ a small townthatgoesbythenameTUila. lor else you 'II end up spending a whole semester singing the blues. Ill Texas. ThenarneTuna, is not the only 1 M .------ ..... --- ...... ------------- ..... bizarre thing about this town. The peo- : 6- Vrrgo The w<ll'k forward is a special word to keep in thought tllis week. C _ , BOTH SJD ES pleandanimals who live in thetown,are ~It signifies a new beginning, accomplishments and numerous po!iSibilities. ~, also rather unique. The play introduces 11111 \\ twentycharacters,includingonedog.It • 7 L. 'braDo h 1 t' rod ?Are h · loads ffun?Jn ..... ~ ·dst • , DearJoe &Leanne. • --•-, .you1.aveo s o. yo.u.av.mg o .~ 'UK:'mt j( lsawaguvfG>rtwomonthsthissummerandwegotprettyclose.Wehada features t\vo days in the life of eaeh 1o1 fallth take 1 f • becau the 1.. 1 ~ 1111 ..., :o at s gomgon. contro o ypur .. eJSure nme sse sc •• oo wo.A : Jt>tof great tillle!S together and Tlllink if I was always with him. maybe things character, presented in a humomus .Cwill still be due and Monday will surely come. ;. wottldhavewoll'kedoutHowever,l'mherem:l he'shome,Nowthatl'mback fashion. One(){ the best aspects of this 1 · th h hara h h' • . • . . . . . • in futland, I n€ed tQ spend my time concelltrating on my school v:ork. But ~Z~~~: ~n=ru:~~;~ : . 8- ~cowo;t J~new begmn=F wtth ~~~=~le en!e Be :rc·:~y C h~calls me everydayandgetsangy when Idon'treturn his calls. I don 'twant tionthatmakesthetownwhatitis. •mce your u es.r?ucan ~ureyou n eanon m ore as M rohurthim,butlreallyneedmyspace.Arn Ibeingselfish? •semeter has corne to tt send. M -COnfused & Concerned Anotherenjoyableaspectofthis play • M is the talent of the two and only actors : 9- Sagittarius~ugh a little, sigh alittle,shooatearortwo. Youneed-ot<lpenly : . . Dear c &C in the play, who are Joseph R. McFate fi 1 - beca h all h be 1 t ~~A~t\ · · · ' ~exp11. ess Y. our ee. JllgS usse W en ope see~ to OS at~ ,our ! . ~-· . ' ;J~S()U .. il. ds. like.vou have a typical problem that a lot of people expe- and_ Lee A. Ba.rretL McFate is on the 11111 11 be th \' · \ theatrestaffatCortlandCollegeand was •sanity wt wt you. • rience when they go away to scltool. I think you. should be honest with him. • · · M , iethimknowyrounee<l your space. You never know, maybe he'll be grateful also seen in .\Sile Stoops to Conq~er\ · • 10 -Capricorn Dwell on this, .. God never gives you a dream withootgiving • . 'for your honestlY · Among actmg, McFate. als~ de.stgns ~you the stregth tcany it out•• Arsenio Hall . ~· Joe·TiueTellihhnwhenyou'rellomeyouwanttobewithhimbutwhenyou're costumes. Lee Barrett ts a JUmor at 11111 \\ • • · • • • CortlandCoUeceandhasbeeninman • · . . I at school you n~ your tune wttlt your friends. ·~ . . Y I II - Aqyanus Open up you bolted heart and actively express some appre- • Leanne: Trn!t may work.but what if he says forget the whole thing? plays. One of his most prommentrotes •ciation to oomeoe who has tried earnestly to get vou to pay -attention. • J .. 111 · · • rth th · . - be · . 'th , was his role in \BiloxfBlues•• • . • \ 111 oe. en It wrasn two . e mne to · gill WI • ! Sincethisplavwaspe· rfonnedinJuly • . · . • . . . fMi' • '\\ Ill Leanne: Any relationship is W<lrth the time. I still say honesty is yo nly . \ _ . __ . . . . • 12~0ne gtrl. twogtrls,.threegrrls,four?Contain yoursel ster. 10ur Ill ch.oice an? brought back by (J(>pu~ ~emand. Cheactt:cts~~ht.tothedoctorsofficeforsoem infonnationonpamthciod,STD, = Joe: ~re 's0.tll~ fish in the sea. You can fmd someone who is more nder- lhtghlyrecornrnend~at,thtswtllprove 11fHosp 1 talization and more. .._ d' :need~ to be an enjoyable play f~r all students. • · • . stan mg ~ yolEI' ~ . There will be perlhnnances on Sep- • * ~ . . , · • . ~· Yem, I guess that s true. You need oo decide for yourself whether be 7 & 8 · h . · ·th Main • . ~mr s , ' · . . . . . . • this gtlyis actually worth the etf()rt . tern r _ ate1g ~P·~·•n e . ,.· .. lt'$tilfieforyoutofucusonresponstbthtymeveryaspect'oftheword. •· '\:\'--:---~---~~-.-------:-~--~-- Theatre at theDt>wdfine,Arts Center •. , ··~~pafitiifity rm:r alsO entiijl ~~rity. Othets may ~ ovei}Ybe~ ~ • We.encourag~ an~Qne ~ wn~ to u~ (an~llyrnousl)'.•~ you ~ike).,\'tth yo~ Tickets are threedo11arseaclt and_~y. •pemap$ even anxtous to hem' about the adventures you baveenco~ntered 1ti = , que~~~s.orC<lmm1s ;tefe,~~ .tOi relationships ~dtbetr as~tated problems'! be purc~ased at tbe door. There' are no ;yotirlife time._ . . · . . · • . • ' AnYl~uersca~rbe~~OffiilourenveloJle onthedoqrofllief're$sotmce resetVattons. . . ~••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••••••·il! ,_, \' . -- · · 7t tO I th~ to< fe< S()( ' IDl bal aw th2 of int OUJ tlul we em im tea n;, · ust SOl Of€ an< Irul no1 ent OUI aw l sin the cru aru sto hOI all( ., '' ''

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