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one sweet when• we'll a month it is, tl amp Chaffee, t•dit ion of the o. It certainly Cortland since l was in I know. My Where an• Marda Hoi· good ulunini ga~olirw sup- to go over- ]Uill', '41 ,'fl I college, ion with the my junior diploma for a n hardly wait Landman, let on, I to live with now? o know that husband i~ third grade r intt•r'Pst in ' mdt•t •. \JI of d, I spt·nt an I hopt• to school, t•vt•nt- nts of \aviga- h1•n• al It's not a war from I he much to do l're..., im· ·nwrit•>< nf t lw of all tlw I){' humming. ma kt•,; nw in t lw i-~m· of I Ill' n•rtainh· was freshriH•il had pagc n and women, It makes up the paper bout men and hing like that aren't rc· bile. I'm sun• a \tie\ fort ht• desirt• to rc· Tom. raits\ 2449 CASH) •. With . ~. .. Remember Carols Thu,rs. IIILILTUIP IR_IESS ''Our Town\ To11ight 8:i5 . 2463 VOLurdE 1 CORTLAND STATE TEACH]j;RS COLLEGE, CORTLAND, N.Y., DECEMBER 8, 1944 NUMBER 8 Jun-ior Prom Scores Success Pat Broun Crowned Junior Queen The Junior Prom, held last Saturday evening, December 2 from 9 to 12 in the eollege gym, was deemed a smashing suc- cess. Approximately 100 juniors and :;eniors with their escorts enjoyed an even- ing pf dancing to the music of none other than \Spiegle\ Willcox and his orchestra. Dr. Smith \Drafte~'' · Inducted into Army, Discharged Next Day Educators Play-act Roles of Doughboys Of1944 ·_Hilltop Masquers Present · Our Town Tonight At 8:15 Long Awaited Production First Masquer Presentation of 1944·-4·5 Season Annual Christmas Carol Service Next Thursday Tonight at 8:15 the curtain will ri~:;c uu the long awaited production of Thornton Wilder's Ottr Town in the otatc college auditorium. Despite the bad weather and the tardi- ness of the decorations in arriving from Syracuse, the committees met the situ- ation well and overcame all difficulties. Bobbie Gere deserves special praise for the splendid job she and her committee did on the transforming of the gym into a sur- prisingly beautiful ballroom. Blue drapes, on which appropriate winter scenes were appliqued, covered all four walls. Differ- l.!llt colored lights shining through the drapes, along with a lighted star hanging from the center of the gym ceiling, fur- nished the entire lighting for the gym. The orchestra was set up, as usual, on the west end of the gym, and the throne for the queen dominated the place of honor on the east end of the gym. In New York City on November 14, Dr. Donnal V. Smith was \inducted\ into the United· States Army. The \induc- tion\ of Dr. Smith was part of a move- ment to evaluate the present induction program. It was the duty of Dr. Smith and others with him to determine the merits and flaws in the army induction set up. In order to obtain a first hand view of the situation, Dr. Smith \re- ported\ to Grand Central Palace, one of New York city's large induction centers. Dr. Smith then became involved in the fA:.C.ULOJLp:..u Alfred Kleiber '45 Killed in Crash One of the most enjoyable and in~piring events of the eollcge year is the annual Christmas Carol service, falling tradition- ally on the evening before the last tlay of classes before vacation. Bet'ausc of th~: shortened time for preparation, it may not be possible to present the program as planned in its entirety, nor will it have its usual degree of \finish\; but the spirit of the Christmas season will permeate it, and the participation by all students in the singing of these beautiful c-arols will bu an appropriate beginning of the holidays. Glee club and Dance dub members will put in extra hours of prepa-ration in order to have their contributions n•acly for the advanced date. The Hilltop Masqucrh an: trying an e:>.· periment this year, with the aim of en- couraging member:; of the general student body to develop poise and assurance be· fore an audience. The production of Our Town is called a laboratory experiment beeause the Ma:;quero wish to gain the cooperation and at·tive participation of the audience in the \play.\ The audienl'e ao well a~ the a~tors arc \playing.\ Those in front of the foot· lights as well as those on the stage are enjoying together the ideas and dialogue of the dtaraC'ters whieh the author ha~ created. For in:-;tanee, the audience sees the dtaractcr of Emily through the physi- cal make-up, the voice, and the actions of Phoebe Story. They \play\ that PhoeL~: iii Emily and she herself \plays\ that she is \Emily.\ \Emily\ is a person that Thornton \Vildcr has created, but PhocLe ha:; recreated Emily fort he audience. The same is true of Miss Millen and Theresa Nellenbat·k. They have, in the past few months k·arnl!ll to understand Thornton Wilder's mothers. They know what thesl! women did all their lives, how they re- aeted to life ami how their personalities affected others. In their months of work they have tried to bring these characters to life. routine which greets all inductees-physi- cal and psychological examinations, one after another. Having thoroughly ex- E · A f G I amined and explored the first phase of the nsrgn 1 red · (Ieiber, USNR, stu- dent pilot, attached tO the Sanford Naval army's \entrance tests,\ Dr. Smith then ·Air Station lost his life in an airplane proceeded to Fort Dix, New Jersey. Here, crash whieh occurred on November 4, as an \inductee\, he observed the parcel- 1944, near Titusville, Florida. The climax of the evening orrurrccl when Jane MacDonald, last year's junior class queen, crowned the class of 1944 Junior Prom Queen. An aisle leading to the throne was formed IJy the entire throng. Through this aisle ramc the queen's attendants and their cseorts. The members of the queen's court were June Deppen, Barbara Flanigan, Barbara Tar- bell, and Betty Lukens. Then at long last appeared the queen herself, charming Patricia Broun. After being crowned, the queen and her escort led the grand march. ing out of G. I. clothing and equipment Ensign Kleiber, son of Mr. and Mrs. by the quartermaster department. This Paul G. Kleiber of \'alley Cottage, New distribution of clothing, according to Dr. York, attended Cortland State Teachers Smith, was done with utmost care--each college before entering the service. He individual being carefully measured from was also employed by thl· civil service in head to foot. Next in line for Dr. Smith, Camp Shanke, New York, prior to his now Privatc Smith, was evening mess fol- enHstment. lowed by a movie; then surceeded by He received flight training at the Naval retirement to previously assigned bar- Air Station, Olathe, Kansa 6 , and the raeks. It is planned to open t lw st•rvkl· with the traditional candlelight procession by the Glee club. Thill sets the tone for the remainder of tlw program·. In addition to well-known carols sung by the entin• stu- dent body and audience, theri• will he spcdal numbers by the sixty memhl•rs of the Women's Glee club under the dire('· tion of Miss Meyer. The familiar and favorite \Cantique de Noel\ in a special arrangement for womcn's voices will he sung by request. Two new numhers in preparation are: \The Cuckoo Carol\ which is a Czeeh folksong, and a special arrangement of the great chorus from Handel's \Judas Ma(·cnbeaus\ \Hallelu- jah, Amen.\ The vocal ensemble working with Miss Dowd plans three carols: \I Wonder As I Wander\ a Kentuc-ky Moun- Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas The following day, November 15, \Pvt. before his assignment to the Sanford Smith\ was \honorably\ diseharged from Naval Air Station. He ret·eivcd his eom- Fort Dix, and from there proceeded to mission July 22, 1944, at Corpus Christi. Bellemcde, New jersey to inspect the largest supply depot in the United States. The Bellemede depot consisted of 1,100 acres of land. To cover the acreage in his inspection tour, it was necessary for Dr. Smith to travel through the ware· houses by car. The entire 1,100 acres were jam-packed with every conceivable Another high spot oft he evening wast he Conga line led by Edith Lang. A little bit later in the evening \Toni\ Michaud, chairman of the Prom, and 1 ter escort served the refreshments in the foyer. Faculty members and their wives who attended the prom were Mr. and Mrs. Francis Moench, Mr. and . Mrs. E. E. Lowry, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton A. McWil- liams, Dr. and Mrs. Donna! V. Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Thurber, and Mr. and Mrs. George F. Budd. Shirley Leffingwell and Isabelle Marigo checked the wraps in the auditorium. The junior class wishes to express their appreciation to the 1uembers of the Junior class who turned up the next afternoon to clean up, and to the freshmen who pitched in to help. type of equipment-most impressive of which were the endless rows of jeeps- thousands of them packed six and seven high. From ihc Bellcmede deput, Dr. Smith traveled to an Italian prison camp. Here he mingled with the inmates-conversing and eating with them. From an Italian captain he learned that these Italian men were receiving more and better food than they had had evun in days of peace in Italy. The Italians there were compara· tivcly satisfied with the treatment they received from thl• United States. The visit to the Italian camp termi- nated Dr. Smith's three day stay in New Alpha Beta Elects Officers Yor~ .. city. The Alpha Beta, scholastic honor SO· Coin.encement of New dety.of C.S.T.C., elec.ted officers at ~~eir Quartet Brings Changes meetrng, Monday, November 27. L1lhan · Stafford, senior G.E., of Virgil, New York, In Cadet Teachel'S who has been serving as temporary prcsi· dent, was elected president. Virginia Russell of Massapequa, and Elsa Putman of Gloversville, both P.E. juniors, were elected vice-president and secretary, re· spectively, while Shirley Young of Cort- land, G. E. junior, was elected treasurer. These officers are now working with Miss Minnie Pearl Carr, and Miss Dor- othy Shenk preparing the necessary pe· titions to enable Cortland State to install a chapter of the National organization Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in edu- cation News Briefs A surprise birthday party was given on Thursday evening for Stacey Smith by Bertie Siebold, Penny Noller, and Betty Grosfent. Those invited were: Miss White, Norma Steve, Helen Palotta, Joyce Nor- to:n, Iris Stedner, Phoebe Story, Pauline Kohl, Marion Holmes, Sue Fallot and Muriel Sloatman. A buffet supper was followed by some games, the climax of which was the winning of two goldfish by Marion Holmes. Teaching assignments for second ten weeks period are as followll: Margaret Bmnd, Patricia Brandis, Shirley Brown, Patricia Burke, June Dep· pen, Alice Green, jean Harrington, Ann Haughey, Catherine Kelley, Eva Nevel, Eleanor Walker, Shirley Young have all been assigned to teach in the college labor- atory school. Those teaching in the Cortland city schools are: Marjorie Crandall, Jean Crossgrove, Jeanne Hadel, Barbara Min- nis, Chal'lottc Smith, Eleanor Witteman. Edythe Arlasky, Roberta Baker, Helen Bawol, Anne Gardiner, Jeanne King, Alice Muller, Mildred Robards, Marilyn Turnbull are, during this ten weeks, cadet teaching in the Binghamton schools. Teaching at Whitney Point ar:e jean Cross, Eleanor Gordon and Carmella Ri- naldo. Those who are cadet teaching in Tully arc: Shirley Doust, Frances Hyde, and Patricia Ryan. Jane Kraft and Louise Hoffman are teaching in the Groton schools. $225,000 Libl'ary For Post-war C. S. T. C. Construction of a new library building rain carol, \The Virgin's Slumber Song\ at Cortland State Teachers college has by Max Reger, and \Sleep Holy Child\ been approved by the Postwar Publie a French folksong. Members of this en- Works Planning Commission. This an- semble arc Lee Rec.>ves, Eleanor Hewitt, nouncement was made November 25 by Nancy Mangam, Antoinette Michaud, Dr. Hermann Cooper, the assistant com· · Myrtie lves and Virginia Hollenhcc·k. missioner of education in charge of teacher The climax of the program will t'OIIll' education. with the numbers bv the Dance dub .. \ The estimated cost of the new lihrary Christmas Carol s~rvire, with choreo· building is $225,000. The library will be graphy by Miss Ball, will have a C'horal located just north of the prcwnt college acrompanimenl by the Glee Club. New entrance on the corner lot of Graham ave· costumes have been purchased for this nue. It will face south completing the number which promises to be exception- quadrangle oft he present college building, ally beautiful. If the t iml' available per- the planned Health and Physical Edm·n· mits sufficient rehearsal, they will inter· tion building and the new residence huild- pret also Handel's \Largo\ as it is sung ings. The approval of the library 1:\0111· by the Glee club. The fourteen members pletes the approvals of requests made l>y of the Dance Group arc Genevieve Vetter, Dr. Smith last fall. Marilyn Maltby, Joyce Ruff, Eleanor The library building will include a large Thompson, Beth Woodcock, Virginia Rus· general reading room, a reserve book room, sell, Louise Thissc.>, Dorothy Wolfe, Mary a browsing room, and a number of semi- Wright, Gwen Davis, Barbara McGowan, nars to be available for special studies. Dorothy Morley, Joan Robinson, and Additional space will be provided for Claire Miller. 75,000 volumes. It is planned to have the Christmas story read by Mitehell Kraft, who partici- pated in the Armistice Day program, Christmas Vacation \Why I Fight.\ The whole-hearted singing of tht• carols Changed from Dec. 20 to by the entirt' audiencc will be an import- f · ant part of the program. Student ,·on- Noon 0 Dec. 16 clm·tors will wield the baton for most of t ht•se numbers. At the t irne this paper All Students Urged to goes to press, the invitation to eon duct Cooperate with Plan has been an·epted by Eva Nevel, Mar- Classes to Resume Jan. 3 garet Brand, and Shirll'y Young, all of them juniors now teaC'hing in the rampus At 12:00 noon on Saturday, Dcrernber training school. 16, Cortland State begins its Christmas vacation. This has been mpved from the Friunds of the colll•gl• arc invited to at- tend this program, and to participate in previous date of December 20 for sev- eral reasons: the need for additional em- the singing. So bring your mothers and ployees in horite•town post-offices and fathers, uncles and aunts, girl-friends and IJoy friends, house-mot hers and land- stores; the chance to ·earn anywhere from $50.00 on up during an extended period of ladies. And be there promptly! time; the including of another week-end at home (making a total of three instead of two); the elimination of congestion on Newman Club Meeting the transportation facilities of the state. These plus any personal reasons make the Held in St. Mary's Gym change a satisfactory one for the majority There arc hut three leading players who are Masquer's members in the cast of 011r Towtz. Twenty-four of the cast have had little or no experience in creating imagi· nary t\haracters. They have had to ex- pand their understanding of people, their realization of the job of t'he actor. They have had to subordinate themselves, to turn their natural egotism into creative channels and to think only of the best possible ways to make the l·haracters eome aliVI' for t!1e audience. Thi10 expan- sion through \play\ is a means of living and learning. The aim of their entire effort is to have the audience enjoy with t ht•m the dclightful c-haracters of Our Tow11. The direC'tors have kept that aim in mind. Two members of the Nationill Honorary Dramatk fraternity, Delta Psi Omega, Helky Ylinen and Joy Spaulding, got the plan in motion and Babs Lowerre and Yrsa Kolding put it into practice in their tlirection of the cast. Mary Baker has aided materially in the job of script assistant. In the cast are: Don Matthews, Phoebe Storey, Mary \Vright, Babs Overend, Betty Millen, Theresa Ndlenback, Jaek Miller, Mitchell Kraft, Henry Wampsganz, Dick Bruno, Ed Smith, Tom Morrell, Roger Russell, Johnny Davis (Coar.h Davis' son, a seventh grader), Joo Pa-d- dork, Larrv Lennard, Aileen Roda, Mar- jorie l.owr~an, :\nn Haller, Carol Conway, Jane Bea('ham, Ann Werder, Ann Cannon, Patrida Broun, Mary Stuart, Marilyn Kellam, and Nyla Wallace. The hack stage work is under the dirce- tion of joy Spaulding, Norma McNitt ,Betty Fowler, Mary Arslanian, Hazel Reynolds;, Roberta Gere, Hita Rosenman, Sissie Parks, Eileen McCord, Dorothy Waite, Marjorie Lowman, Betty Lukens, Virginia Hollenbeck, Pearl Curtis and Joan Englert. The people of Our Tmvtt will act as u~hers. It is hoped t lwt the audience will enjoy 011r Towtz as mueh as the cast directors and tcrhnkal staff have enjoyed it. Tommy Williford, hospital attendant 2·c of class of '47 on leave from San Diego Naval hospital, came into Cortland Tues- d;ly afternoon, Novembur 28 with another \goon from fhe Schroon, \ (as the song goes}, Garf Harris, who was back for the last time in a civics\ as he is also one of UnCle Sam's boys now. Those teaching in the McGraw schools arc Patricia Patterson and Ella Strange. Marguerite Pedrone, Marion Roberts and Helen Szancilo are at present cadet teaching in Endicott. String Players Organize of those concerned. The Newman club held its usual meet- In endorsing this move, Dr. Smith is ing in St. Mary's school gym on \\-''ednes- looking forward to the whole-hearted co- day night, November 29 at 8:00. Fat her operation of thc·entire student body. This Bolgur opened the meeting with a short refers mainly to the problem of mass cut- prayer and the president took over with a ting. Those who are deficient in any sub· short business meetiQg. Aftur diseussing . ject are not the only ones to whom this a permanent meeting place for all•future '\\'\\'\\n'~- but even more so are those who meetings, it was decided that they would The 11ewly organized string ensemble are leading scholastically, for it is the re- be held in the college. A committee was met for the first time oil Monday evening. sponsibility of these leaders to set an ex-· selected to draw up a slate of new officers November 27 at the home of Miss Meyer. ample for the rest of t:he school. which will be elected at the next meeting, An Ensemble CALENDAR December 8, Friday-8:15 p. m. l'lay Our Town-College audi- torium December 9, Saturday-7 p.m. Rasket hall game vs. Cornell :\av\· at Cortland December 12, Tuesday, 8:00p.m. Girls Enjoying Vocal Ensemble It is planned to make this a reguladeature The college governing board personally December 13 • A group of six girls are meeting regu• of the musical life at Cortland pledges the support of the entire student Pamphlet!! entitled,. \The Reforma- larly eauh week for work in a vocal en- Teach~rs college. All string players body and also seeks the full cooperation tion\ by Rev. John l\, O'Brien wure dis- semble group with Miss Do\vd. _ This is had Indicated that they were interested in of one in school. It has already tributed to the students. These patnph- the group which sang the \Pledge playing in such an organization were in- QUt that the change of the lets offer excellent reading material, and Allegiance\ from the balcony during the vit~d, but it is possible that others might date has been moved so it \Viii ·give some very startling facts about the Armil~tice Day program. The .followifig like·to join, who.forsomueason hadfailed include three week•ertds instead of two at tppic under discussion. Father Bolger he- are regular members: Lee Reeves and to recuivean invitation. If so, they should .home. With this irt mind, it should n6t gan a Very informal discussion, and bdorc Eleanor Hewitt, first ~oprano; Antoinette Meyer. .be necessary to urge students to remain he finished he had the students eager with Mioliaud and. Nancy Mangarn, second so·· the following students were present:. for their Saturday ct!lsses nor to return to many questions. and explanations. prano; Virginia Hollenbeck and Myrtie bora Everts Swart, Norma Turnbull, school on Januar;y· 3. This should be · The attendance nuJnbered thirty-two, Ives; alto. Anna Evancho, Cleone Crossgrove, Shit- a:cceptedbyallasaresponsibilityevolviug and it is hoped that the future meetings Supplementary singers On call are Anne Icy Sheffield' and. jean11c Mills, violin; from extendl!d favor. Stude11ts are ex- will again range in the sixties, as it was Haller, soprano, and Barbara Tarbell, Norma Steve, viola: Marion Stryker, to regard College as well. as Christ- in the first live or six meetings• ·alto. cello. mas spirit in this situation. . The meeting came to a close at 9:30. i/;- •• J>r. Smith speaks to members of .\.A.H.P.E.R. in music.- room December 14, Thursday 7:45- 9:00 p. m. Christmas program-auditorium. 9:00-12:00 Christmas dance, gym 12 :45-permisBion December 15, Friday-7:00p.m. Basketball game vs. Syracuse l'niversity at Cortland. 12:00-Sorority Christmas par- ties December 16, Saturday 12:00 noon-Christtnas vaca- tion January 3, 1945, Wednesday 8:00 a. m.-College re-qpens. ~;· . '. ·l l ·'

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