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of t• of and I rgiu n-\ had th·· to v OVt·r deht As I c!H·.I si-: but too ftr•t usual a · the Mark Rl'd }\l'S• of its this chap· gn•nt ln•· homt•, · and thr and otht·r as edut·a· id, nU· is mom·y man· RS 775 ~· ¥ W.A.A.C. On Page Two IILILT()IP IRIESS :14113 VOLUME II CORTLAND STATE T~ACHERS COLLEGE, CORTLAND, N.Y., FEBRUARY 26, 1943 Students Urged -Cor.tlandites Called To Contribute By Many B~auches Charles M. Dale Aquatic Mermaids Outlines Sy· stem To Present Annual T . R d C Of Armed Services 0 . e rOSS Approximately 280 Students of Of S. . p. . .} All-Water Pageant . .ki . atro HAiict~ in WaterhUld\ ton .. Chapel Program Will Initiate Sc.•hool Drive . For Student Pledges Students! Give to the R<'d Cross Fund. Every student in Cortland State Tt•arht·rs college will have a chance to do his shan· on Monday, March 1, 194.3. This is a worthy cause to which all should subseriht• Make a Pletlge On this date a chapel program will lw given following which lltudcn~s will lw cxpccted to make a pledge to tlw Rt•d Cross. Cortland County's quota last yt>ar was $22,000. This was toppt•d as tht· rounty subscribed, $29,000. This Yt\<tr tlw amount requested by the RPd Cross is $34,300 from Cortland County. This is a large quota, but it can be mt•t. Red Cross Work Typical of the Red Cross work this yl'ar is their slogan, \You can't go to your boy, the Red Cross can.\ This tells the work that this organization is doing. Over 70 per cent of all the Red Cross funds an· used for the men in scrvicr. Thr Rt·d Cross has a field director in t'Vl'ry ramp in the United States. It is the only organi- zation permitted to have such an official within the camp itself. When the ml'n arc sent overseas, a Red Cross n·pn•st•nta- tive goes with them. Especially worthy of notkl• is Red Cross work such as the entertainment provided for Britain's soldiers which was pictured in a recent Life magazine. The R~·d Cross also aids in verification of soldier's furloughs, obtaining ronvak·s· n·nt lcavt· at home for wounded solcli~·rs. Other Services Bccausr of the lack of modc.rn madt in- ~·ry,. the Red Cross needs to roll 70 p~·r· n•nt of all th\ surgical dressings used. Many women throughout the rountry roll bandag!.'s along with studrnts and others from tht• community who do this work at the local chapter. Knitting and sewing arc two other phases of th\ work carried on by such groups. Besides this war relief work, the Red Cross also car- ries on its charter responsibiliti<•s of rar- ing for people caught in disaster, and in tlw field of education. Needs Support Tht• Red Cross needs tht• support of t•vrry stud\nt in Cortland Stat<· Trarhers rollege. The returns from drivt•s in for- mer years havl' been good; this year th<' rrsponsl' must top all previous records. Dr. Ethel Little New Physician Takes over Duties of Dr. Wheeler March I Dr. Ethel E. Littl<', physician and director of health at Eastern Illinois Stat{' TPachers college, has been nanwd physi- dan at Cortland State Teachers colleg-e. She succeeds Dr. Roxie WebL•r who re- signed last fall. Dt. Little is expected to begin her du- ties at the college on Monday, March 1. Varying Ranks and Posi Lions to Be :Found at Home and Abroud Today somt• of th,. lllt•n that nn· tlw soldit·rs, sailors. and marint•s, who an· taking part in warfan• 011 fon·ign soil or ht•n• at honw 1\'l'rt' one .. fril'rHis and stu· dt•nts of this collt•gt•, Th!' hranclws of tlw st•rvit·t· that ha\'t· lweu ehost•n hy ·approximatl'ly two hun· dn•d t•ighty of tlwst· salllt• studt•nts have ht•t•n thl' army, navy, coast guard, nmrint•s and air rorps. On { ·. S. A. soil I ht•r\ an· ninPI ~·-four, who nn· privatt•s, l'nlistt•d nwn, cadt•ts and rPSt•rvt·s; t•ightt•t•n stuff and lt·<·hnical cor· porals, St'Vt•nlt·t•n staff and lt•ehnical st•r: f.l!'ants, t ht· S<·c·orHI lit•Ut.<•natHs count It'll, tlw first lii'Uit•na!!IS tw .. nty-two, <Ill<' cap- tain, lt•n spl'cialists, tlw Pnsigns count thn•t•, and tlw navy and cnast guard C. P. O's count t W!'lvt·. Th!' l'nih'tl Stalt•s, hmwvt•r, dot•sn't havt• all tlw nwn that a~•· from Cortland l'OI!Pgt• on lwr own soil, for som•· thirty- t.,\'0 of tlwm an• abroad. Tlwn· an· dt•\'1'11 privatt·s and Pnlistc-tl st•anwn, livt· t'orpo- rais, four st•rt.:t•ant.s, two Sl't'nnd lic•ult•mtnts thr!'t' lirst lit·ult·nants, tlm·t· raptains, nnt· Spt•dalist' Ont· c·nsi~:n and I wo c·. I'. O.'s. Although thl'rt' an·n't as many womt•n from Cortlan<l rollt•gt• lakin~: part in this typt• of SPrvin•, tlwrt• an· Pight who havt• rhost•n tlw \\'AAC's, nursing ami phar- maq·. Nutr. Suztistics abm•e Juwc cluwged even si11ce article 111as 1uritte11. Colgate Survey Shows Study Habits Unmixed Group!i for Best Results Is Recommendution Collt•gps <H'<'t•lt•rat ing tlwir programs might do Wt•ll to havt• tlwir nu•n and wonr- eu studt•nts stud~· in umllixt•d groups to avoid timl'·Wasling. That. is till' opinion of I >r. F. Kl·nnt·th Bt•rrit·n of Col~-:att· l'niVI'rsit y, who draws his conrlusion from a psychology dt•part- ml'nt r<•port on \How (juil'kly Do Stu· dNtts Start Stwlying?\ as rrnnpan·cl with a similar survt•y mnclm·t!'ll by l>. C. Troth of the lfniwrsity of Illinois. Studying tlw h1·havior of 100 studt•nts, SO nwn anti SO wonwn, during tlw tirst tl'll minutt·s aftt.·r tht•\' had sPatt·d t ht•m!wlws in the l 1 niwrsity ~f Illinois lihrary rt·ading room, Mr. Troth il'arnl'd I ht•y SJWnt 40 p{•r rt•nt of t lw t inw t•onvl'rsing, aimh•ssly leafing hooks, using vanity c:ast•s, writing or reading lettl•rs and \just looking around.\ Nonl' of tlw 100 sturl1•nts, hl' discovt·red, spl'llt tlw t•ntin· t!'ll minutt•s in study. Mon•ov!'r, tlw wompn in thP group wen• mon• givt•n to non-amdt·mir activities in tlw t<•n-minutl' pt·riod than the ml'n. The Colgatt· study, hast·d on ohst•rva- tion of 75 mt•n undt•r conditions as similar as possibll' to thost• at th!' Univl'rsity of lllinois, show{'() that only II pt•rcl'llt of tht• studt•nts b1•gan roncPntrat.ing on tht•ir studies as soon as tlwy wt•rt• Sl'lltl'!l in tlw library. . National Chairman Gives Procedure for Mountain Troops E\'l•n though a qut•st inn nair .. is approvt•d, thl'rt' !'an lrP no guarantt·1· that th!' n·r·onmwndat ion will lrt• acn•pt<·d h1· till' adjutant gt•rwral's ollin·. If aftt•r assignnwnt to tilt' mountain forn·s an in- dividual provps unlit, lw will hP n·assigtll'd to anot·ht·r army unit. Procedure for Volunteers l\h:n not nf draft agt•, and ot ht·rs who prdl'r to t•nlist at a n·t-ruit ing otlin· rat ht•r than hl' indurtt·d t !trough thc·ir draft hoards, should submit t lwir quPs- tinnnain·s to tlw !'\ational Ski l'atrol oflin· lwfon· t•nlisting. Earh applit·ant will ht• notilit•d if his qut•stionnain· is at'· n•ptablt·, and tlw qw·stionnain• will Ill' st•nt to tlw mountain training n·ntt'r as advalll'l' information. Tlw adjutant gt·rwral's oflin· will notify t•m:h appron·d applicant to n·port at a partin!lar n•tTUiting oflit·t· whirh will ha\'1· bt•t•n instrm·t!'d to atTt·pt hi:; t·nlistnu·nt SJwl\ilically for a mountain unit. Tht• 1'\a- tional Ski l'atrol o!lii·t· is n<Hiftl'd when t lwst· instrut'l ions are issUl'tl. Procedure for Inductees and Volun- tary Inductees l\lt•n about to lH' inductt·d, thost• who intt•nd to ht•ronw voluntt•pr olrit·t·r ntmli- datt•s, and ntht·rs of draft agt· who in onll'r to join tht· mountain fm't'l'o wish to ask tlwir draft boards for immPrliatt· indue- lion (hy wai\·ing ddt·rnwnts, I'll\.) should submit tlwir <jUl'stionnain·s to tht• Na· tiona! Ski l'atrol oflin· itS long in advall<'l' as possihlt·. Each applimnt will lw noti- ftNI if his qttt•stinnnain· is atTt•ptablt·. Tlw qm·st ionnain· will ht· sc•nt to thl' nwuntain !ruining ct·ntt·r as aclnmc·t• information. \Yht·n t lw imhu·t ion datl' of an approvt•d applkant is known, thl' adjutant gt·m·ral's ollin· will issut• an ordt•r assignint.: him to the mountain forn·s. This orcll'r will n·arh tlw authuritit•s al tlw n·t·l'ptinn t'!'ll- !l·r to whirh tlw imlul'lt•t• is st·nt; his draft board will not ut• notilit•tl. A t'OJl) of tht• orrlt•r is sl'nt to tlw applkant, and anotlwr to till' :'\atiunal Ski Patrol otlin•. Tlw assoriation mav IH' ahlt• to lu·Ip t'SJll'l\ially qualilil't.l mr:n aln·atly in bask training t•amps to st•t·un· assi~:nnwnt to tlw mountain furn·s, if tht•\' havt· not al· r!'at!y ht•t·n assig;H't·l to ut h;·r units. Such lllt'll should submit qucstionnnin·s to I hl· :\ational Ski Patrol oflin· as t·arly in tlwir basir training as pnssibh·. Enlistl'CI nu·n who an· aln·atly assigrwd to otlwr units must mak1· tlwir own n•- qUt·sts for transft'r, through rt>gular mili· tnry chamlt'ls. \.\'1· can <In not hirig to lwlp nwn st•t'Urt· su<'h transft·rs, bt·yond st·nding approvt•d qut•stionnain·s to tlw l'ommand· ing offiet'r of tlw mountain training t'<'llll·r, for his information m1 tht• applicant's qualilimt ions. General Information Choiet• of prot'1•dun·: For a man who has not ht•l'fl <'alll'd for indue! ion, it is a pt•r· sonal mattt·r wlwt lwr lw t·nlists at a n·· c·ruiting oflin· or got's in through his draft hoard as a voluntary indw·t1•t•. His dtallCl'S of lu•ing a<'I'Pph•rl art• tlw sanw, as is tlw h•rm of sc·rvit·t· (duration, plus six months). Given March 26; Eutirt• Cluh Participates in Evt•nt Tlw \\'onwn's Aqu.tt it· dnlr h.ts hrn~.: ht•t•n hard at work on tlu·ir annu.d \l.t!l·r pa~:•·anl. Th\ pa~-: .. ant is to bt· pn·,..•·rltt·d March 26 at l:l:OO p. Ill. in tlw \·honl pool. Part of tlu· sl orv is aln·;uh told in ib in triguing titlt': \.\lie<· in \\'.tll·rland.\ TIH· ston h ... th,· lo\'l·h :\lin· fnllm1ing th<· whitt· r.tbbit intn il 11<'1\ .rnd :;tr.lltg•· watl'rland. I h•n· sht• llll'<'lli tll.lll\ hi r.tllg•· and Pi'l't'lllric char.tl\!<·rs ,..udt ,,, tiH· llt.td hutlt•r. tht· dul'lws~. t ht· qn .. •·tl, .tud tll.tll~ oth .. rs. ;...;,.,, hights IIHTI ht·r ,., ,.,.. as 1·aril'd .tquat j,· .ll!imals froli< .tloout iu tlri,.. llt'W \\at .. rland. Much of tiH· ,..tun i:, tnld in ln•autiful form.llion,.., ;uul intri<.ll<' div ing M't'll<'li. I·I.·n· for I ht· ltr:,l t inw :\lin· lil'!'S till· gollllt' of 1\,ltt·r noqlll'! pl<tl I'd J,,. twt·t·n tht· qtwt·n's .wd tht· dul'ht·s,..' lt·.ulJ:;. ·This pagt·unl \lots IITitll'll In ,t Sl't.tior of last \\<'<tr Fratl<'I'S T.tppatl. It is und1·r I h•· dirt•t'! ion of I loris l'op•·, pn·,..irll·r.Jl of Aquatil' l'lub, and i\·liss ll.trril'! R1nlg•·r,.., fal'ulty advis<·r. Amr.l!lg tlw lll<'tlllll\r t.tkiHg p.trt in 1 h,. pagt·;tnt arP: I )oi\!Jt In Arthur, :\I.trg.llt·l Biggs. (;laths llillin~-:s. I .twill<· ( ·.tn. Elt•anor l'olt•, Eh·anor I >an.t, fkt.t 1 I h1 1 ,., , Barbara Ft•ucht, .lt-s8it• llrllm.tn, I lori,.. Juhuson, l>orot h1· Jorgl'ltson, I lor otln Kin~:. :VIarjorit· J..:insm;tn, < ·.trol l-\ irk pal. rick, Vrsa 1-<:olrling, \\irginia 1.1'( 'lair, ].ttl!· Md\:t•nnan, Caml :\louin, ~Ia!\) l.ou l't!IPo, Elsa l'utm.w, Ja·n•· s, hruidt, Bfandtt• Sny_tlt·r .111rl Ruth \\'t·tg..t. Airplane Company Seeks 250 Women Curtiss Wright Corporation To Train Ft!malc Eugitwc•rs Tht' Pngirwt·ring proft·ssion b nn lcm~:t·r rt'S!'rVt•d \for 1111'11 only\ it i,; t•mph.tsit<~l hy C. \-\'. \'aughan, pn•,;idt·rH of Curtiss- Wright Corporation, in ,, statt·m•·nt ,.,. plaining how I his or~:ani..:at ion i, nnw ,.. ... k ing appro~imatt·h 800 t\nwrit·,tn r·ollt·gt· wunwn for spr·l\ial Lrai.uing its t•ngint·<·rs in l'ight univ!'rsitit·s. This projt·r·t i~ Pspc·t·i· ally signilirant, hc· said, sitwr· lt·s,.. 1 han 20 wonwn throughout tht· l:nitt·d St•ltt·s n·· rdved t•ngint·t·ring <lr·gn·t·s in t l11· past yt·ar. At·t·cmling to plans umdt• b~ Curt iss- Wright Corporation, Anll'rir a's largt'l;t producpr of warplatws, Pngirws and prt!· pdlers, till' WOllll'll t·;uu lirlat ''\• to Ill' known as \Cadt•l t!'s\ Wt·rt· l'lll'ollt·d h·(,. ruary I, 11)43 as t·n~:inl'l'ring slll!ll'nt t·m- ployt·t·s of tlw compilll}' in t'Ustom-lruilt aviation t'ottrsl's of HlmontiH;. In llt•t •·m· lwr, 1943 tht· \Carlt·lti'S\ wiiiPiltl'r variou!> plants of t hi' corporal ion in 1 ht· East and Middle· \.\'est t.o takt· ovt·r •·ngiru·•·ring po sitions, tlwn·by n·lt·,tsing aln·.11h ovt'r· loadt·tl t•ngint•t•rs for mort• t·rt·at i1 ,. dut it·s. Tlw corporal inn ;mnounc·l'll 1 hat \Ca- dt•t tl's\ will rt·•·civt· tuition, room and hoard fn·t·, plus a salarr of tt·n dollars pt·r wt•!'k. Tlwr will lu· n·gistt·n·tl as spt·•·ial studt•nts living iu SJwl\ial st·•·t ions of col- lt•gt• n·sitlt•nt·t· buildings and will n·n·ivl' all lwtwlits aud pri\'il<'gt·s givt·n n·gular studl'nts. NUMBER 12 Dr. D. V. S1nith New Head of Cortland State Fornwr 1). E. Tt•adu·r \Viii Takt· Offic·t~ On NPxt St•ph•mher I lit. (lonn.tl \or•· '>lltitlt \I :\ll,,t<l\ \\,1, rt.lltit·d 111\11 pr•·-idt·nt ol (\ »ldlt lv.ulu·~-o '\\'\'-!•· l•1 tltt· »l.ll< ].,,,ud 11I 11 c:•·nh lll<'t'lllt<: 111 :\II •.Ill\ hid 1\. 1·, lrru.tt 1 l ,, . :\t th•· tt·gul.u ntt..-1111<: ol tl11 lu>.ud ol li,..itor», .f.liiU..tll !7, llotlllr '-,rnillt ''·'' llltanimoush ~..t•·t!t·d l•1 tl11· ln1 .tl loo.trd \\ tlr•· .tppli<.ml 111 tnlltllnH·rrd tor th•· <lllllllll»,iorH·t of 1·dw .ot io11 .urd tIt, llo.ud of l{l·g•·lll• \' th•·• h.,j,,. ol ilu· Jo,,d l•o.tf!l lor pt<·,..idt·nt. I Ia· 'llllltlli,,imwr \[ 1'd11 I .t!i1111 h.t» .dtl·,t<h .I(>Jllll\1\(( I f11• Hllllllllol t in11 ol I hu tot Srnllh. · At·tin• in :\hm) Fit·h.ls I lo, 1 \' Smith is .U 1 ... ,r~ ol •-:•·. \\\..11 krHI\111 tl!lou~-:hout \•·11 \\•or!. St.tlt· \\ .1 ,.., \\'·\. I(\ lwt .• lilt lwr o!lld \I\ .tkl'l. Ill· i» t h.1i1 lllolllnf ( h•· loo,u d ol d11• 1 I orr» of 1 ht :\111.111\ \\. :\1. <\ .. \., ·\'\ '\ filii' ll[ t h.· lit\\fCJtt'lllo~l \\uil...tl:\t 111 l~t·tl ( ro~:-.,tnd \\\.or ( 'lr•·,..t .11 I i1 it ic». I J.. 1> .t nu·rnlwr of tlw Fir »I l'~<·,.,lr\ t •·r·i,m l\h lll • h ol .-\IJ,.un .uul i, •·•lw.ttion,d llirt·ttor ul tilt· •hun h \<\ houl. B,·,..id~·- 1..-in~-: 1 h.l!rtll.llt ol tlt•· ltu.u d of din·•·tnr>- of tilt· :\llt.m\ \\. \1 (. :\., llr. Sruit h .i' .11 I i\· ,. in ltt.lll\ nt h•·r ·\ 111 it j,., of I h.tt <it 1. !It· 1:. .1111 hor ol .t inu11lwr of pultln.tt ion' .md h,,,.. t\oll.tloorat1·d with < 'h.nl1·-. :\. Bt·o~rd. .md .f.trnt:\ I l.tt \ ,., R olrin,mt, h i .. tori.tn~. Teadter and Cnul'h l>r. Smith ],..gall hi .. t,llt·l·t in prof,.,. ,..ion.d .. dw at ion in th•· lie· It I .,[ ph)\'' .d .. du<ation, h.11 ing t.wghl for lilt· '''•\\ in tlw st.tl t · of t Ht io. For t h ~'\' · 1 1 ·,t rs h t· l.llt!!h I ,rud <II\ I t•<l as nmd1 i1,1 I h1· Blonntd.lit·, < lhio. puJ,Ii< schook !It· h.os had a<tual 1'\jll'ri .. ru t' in t<·.whing in tlu· ··h·mt·nl<tr) ~-:r.r<h·s; and, [or l 110 1·t.·nrs, IH· \\as prirt· 1 ipal of t ht· l>t·lta (( >hio J ht~:h ,dtool. From !IJ27 to 1 1 J2'J, (lr. Srrtilh 11.1~ i\11 instructor .11 l ht· I nil ''\il\ of Tt'\l\. lit· tr.tnsft·n,.d from t ht·n· In Allr.tn\ s!.tt<· to·.u·lu·rs colh·gt·. Ht· .uh·.mn·rl from a:.,.is· t.U!I (ll'Oft·~slll\ to proft·SHIII o( hiHIIIr\ and !war! of sori.tl st udir·)., ,, po,!lton lu· HI ill holds. In (IH(J ·lu· \\as~:ilt·n .r l<.tl\t· of alrsi'IHI' at t h .. n·qUt·ht of t.ht· Stall\ EdUt .11 ion I >t·· (l.lrtlll<'llt to r arry on .t rt·s~·.trLh projt·t·t pn·limin.tr\ 111 tht·organi/atimr of th .. Ill'\\ sorial ~tudit·~ I'Urril'ulum. Dr. and Mrs. Smith from West llr. Smith ,.,tudit·d pi\ ~i< ,tl t·thJr\ ion .11 I h .. ('nil •·r,..it \ o[ I llirwi,., .mel 1 <'I t·i\ c·d his nt.tsll'r and ;lo1 tor d<·gn..-,. in histon at tlu·l'niH·r,itl of l'hi<,tgo. llo· \loll lht· $1500 llt·nn i\l:ilton Wolft \holarship in J!Jl'J. Ht· 11as pr<HHHIII< t·d IIIII' nf tlw mo:sl hrilli.mt studc·nts in ,, dt·t o!rlt· oil t IH· l'ni Vl'rsil y of Chicago at that t inw. II is\\ i[,. 11a,.. gr.orlu.tlt·d from< lhiu w,.,.. It·\ all l niv .. r,..il\ .tlld \1·\1\ .t !•··\ lu·r o~nd •li~ .. l\!<ll. of pl11 ,i,·.tl t·dU< at ion pr tor 111 lu·r marriage·. l\lu· Smil h,.. hal,. tlut·t· )<rllllg sum, I lonn.tl Jr.. Ch.trl<·H, oilld l'hilip. She is a graduate from thl' University of Illinois, and was a member of the faculty of that institution for several y<'ars. She Dr. Stubc Addresses School Dr. Stubt• spokt• during Bill of Rights Wl•t•k for an asst·mhly program at tlw Cortland High Srhool, point in!! out to th1• youngl'r studt•nts of this rity how a B~ll of Rights guarantt•t•s pt•rsonal fn·Nlom m England and tht• United Stall's. Physil'al r!'IJ uin·nwnt s: Tlwst· an· nwrdy thost• of 1 ht· rt•gular army physkal 1':\am- inatiuns. Mt•n class('() as \limitt·d s!'r· vin•\ may bt• aet't•ptahlt•, if tlwy hav!' I'X· f{pcognizing it:; inahilit y t.o H<\nd n·prl·· S!'l!lat i\'I'S to all t ht· sdwuls for in I t·rvit'l\ · ing prospt•<·tivt· \C:ult·ttt·:;\, th•· organ· it.al ion has !!1'1 up I t•mpnrary district oflit·t·s. Stml<'nls on this c;unpus who an.: intt·n·st.ed in tlw program an· urgt·d t\ contact by II'! t er, I t·lt·grarn or tPlt·phoru·, I >r. Smith strtTI'<·ds I lr. I!. l>t·\\'itl I h· Croat, 11hoh<· n·,ign.rtion t.tk<·:o. ,.rr .. ~ I at tlw dost· of I hr· ,.,, hool 1 t·,tr. \I lu· 111·\\ pn·sitlt·nt is t\\(W<Ir·rl to t.rk<· \' t·r St•)llt·!ll· lwr I. Spelling Study Will Interest G. C.'s 'Eft had charge of health service at Minot State Teachers college, North Dakota. Srnce the resignation of Dr. Weber, Dr. Edith Flower Wheeler of Cortland, has been substituting. CALENDAR Mareh 2- Tuesday: Hilltop Press-3:20 Newman club Aquatic club-4:15 Recreation committec-3 :20 March 3-Wednesday: Assembly-Movie: \Cannons on Wheels\ Dance dub~3:20 Sketch club-7:15 Mareh 5 and 6-Friday and SatUrday: Two in att Island March 9- Tuesday: Hilltop Pre.~s-3:20 A. C. E. evening Aquatic club-4:15 Recreation committee-3:20 March tO-Wednesday: Assembly: Music council program Next issue of Iiilltop Press will be March 11, 1943. Answer The answer.s to th~ gas rationing problem of the January 20 issue follows: Cost .per mile o£ driving $ .056 Cost of Syracuse trip $1.79 Continued on Page 4, Col. 1 Continued on Page 4, Col. 2 Linnehan Continues Story of Christmas -Army Style; His Account of Visit to Mexico Is Vividly Described Editor's Note. This letter was receit•ed Mr. Limteha11 during examitzatio11 ~oeek. It 1!Jill be cmttit.ltted i11 the next iss11e of tlte Press. I h urriNI to put hospi t a I l'(li'IJ!'rs on my blankets whilt• \SiiPnt Night\ madt• a shambles of my t•motional ddt•nst·. For a moment or two I thought I would haw to call on the corporal to fashion me sonw stockings and a fireplaC't'. I fJUil'kly tight· ened the blankrt over my pillow, dust('{( off my she-lf and tlw window sill, stolt• an admiring look at the .polish on my shot•s and set out to salute my way to the office. The air was electric with t'ollgPniality, conviviality and fratl'rnity-with, of course, a pleasant touch of sorority. Betty invited me over to the PX for coffee doughnuts (rolled in nut meats). Her father and mother recently gave me an opportunity to enjoy a Texan's ~dea _of hospitality in an atmosphen• of qu.~etdl¥· nity and simple elegance. We dmcd m characteristically Mexican style - cn- chilades, tortillas, f rijolcs, guacamoll•s and Mexican rice. It is all no substitute for chicken a Ia Maryland, angel food a Ia Voorus or corn fritters, but it was an ex- perience. But here I am acting like an officer-wandering off-and . on a.. co~­ poral's pay! Betty, by the way, persom- lit•s tht• S.O.s.· (swt•(•tlwart of tlw st•rvkt· ). Betty, Bt•tty jl'an, Flnr<'lll't' and I put the• fmal toudws on the {.J. M. trt•t• in lw· t\Vl'ell shipping tkkt•ts, n·quisitiuns, gas abstracts, wart·house calls, and rl'f<·rt·nn· to tht- strwk c·atalogm•. V.'t· gavt· away the pro1wrty of tlw governnwnl with a prodigal hand. I ft·lt like• a Tc•xas t·nn· gn•ssman, an arm of the WPA, a Town· senditt·-a spirit inducPd in anticipation of t lw good Captain Brandon's X mas party, no doubt. You know- I actually followed tlw tahlt· of allowann·s; usually I cut it in half. I n•ally l(•t myst·rf go! I am not nonnally a satdlitt· of supply Sl\r- t,Wants, hut for tlw day I tt't•att•d tlwm as if they w(·n· human LH'ings. Thnt is realty having spirit! Figuratively t lw offin~rs took off their bars, pressed out t lll'ir creases in their $14.SO military shirts and loosetwd the straps on thdr low-cut shot•s. An officer is a human being a long way from homt•, too. The young \Louie\ who has chargt· of salvage would lw a tough man in a fo\holc; you should haw secon him under th<' mistlcto<'. Captahi Holley, a pt>rf<'et Santa Claus, provPd to tlw girls that whill' tlwre is snow on the t'oof, there tnay still he fir(• in tlw lwart. Tlw life of t•he party was ordinarily qui<'t Lt. Batley, laundry officer, whose gift from Santa was a line of dotlws whkh ht· won· all lhrou~:h tht· f!'stivitit·s as <t \lllla.'' Till' nwss hall !><'Ill us cakt• and sandwklws; Captain B. lrought 7-up and tlw dvilian pt·rsonm·l pmvhh·d all tlw t·xt ras. For an hour or so war wns an n<Tasion for lu·aring gift.s not guns. On tlw hot·•lr·r u \Tt'x\ X mas is bound to hl' a \Mt•x\ Xmas lou. So lht· schcl!ll ltmC'h£•r froni :\Jebraska and tlw sehool ll·aclwr from ;>.;t·w York S!'l nut for 1'\u<'vo Lun·do to st•t· F<'lil I'\ a vi dad \Soul h of t lw l~ordl'r\ st vlt·. T ht.· M. I'., t ht· ft•r !twa! inspt;ctor aiul tlw l\itstorns ollil\ial \J.(<ttlwrl'd tlwir favoritr· statistics aht•r wt• had stoppt•<l to !il't' Pancho at tlw liiOIIt'Y t•x· dtangl'. Otw ft·l'ls so Wt·althy wlwn 0111• has Mexican eurrency. Ordinarily a two dollar hill is an itt·m for dust· s<rutin\; in thesl' parts it is !Itt· only form uf ,;ript•r money that can I)(' l'arril'tJ OV!'t' tht· I ntl'r- national Bridgt·. Anu·rintn l'oins offPr no prohk•m, hut I do n·mt·mbt·r that Ill} small MPxit-an frit·nd at thl' t·antly stort· about eight yt•ars of agt· ·wouldn't giw me pt·nny fur rwunyworth of candy. lit· is a sharp littk· nwtThant whmw t·yt·s an.- as blat'k as ~:iant marhlt·s and who1w mind is as kct•ll iiS his I'):I.'S. f n•caJJt.tJ hoW h1• had poppt'll. up from lwhind high cant!~ cast•s likt· a puppl'l in lUI Itnlian iuarion· Continued on Page 4, Col. 4 Culifornia Survey l\st•s l~yt• Camera to Tt•Ht Efli.·iency Bt·rkt'h·y, Calif. C A(')') \itll'lling likt- ot h<·r subjt·<·t; in r·lr·nH·nt;tn •·•hH·atiou, has nmu· a long 1\,l\ from ih•· littlt· n-<1 r.ch•tolhou~r·. A Hc·it•ntilu o,(Uth nf r·u· 11111\t'llll\llls iu training for S)ll'l'd .tll!l.tt < ur.11 1 in ,p..Jliug, madt· Ill llr. l.ut h•·1 C. ( ;illwrt, (II ,,f,·s~or of l'rltlf·;ttion in tht· l\nivt·rsitl of Ltlifor· nia, and his \\if<·, I loris \\\il< \' C;illtert, has bt·Pn publislwrl by tlw t·niVI'rsit) Pn·ss. Tlw stud> indit at<'~ that l•·arnirrg hfl!'l'd can lw in•·n·a1wd, at lt·aBt iii fourth, lift h and si~th grath• pupils, J,:, dr·lt·rmining t lw opl imu111 stttd) ralt· of st udt·nl ~ an.d limiting un·ordin~:ly tht· t inw !>p<·rrt in visual t•xamination of tlw 1\tll'rl. \Tlw practit·t· of assigning words to lw studied for an unlimit<\d pc•riod is not only· unpr<ilitablt· but urulesiraJ.lr·,\ I ht· inVl'S· tig-ators writ-<·. T<·al'hing of gnorl pctT<·plual habits is t ht· most t·flirit·nt nwthod of ~:niniug t lw maslt·ry of words. By IP<tl'hing nl tlw \optimum st.udy ralt'\ tht• pupils inr't'PIIS<' l hl'ir ratt• and l'llit-i1·ncy of lt•arning and nm improV1· Jll'rt·c·pt ual habits. An aid in tlw study was tlw ust· of an t') t·-nww·mPnt t·<rnwra. Eyt· mnvt·nwnts wt·n· photographl'<l as tht·y st u<lit·d a group of words in a givr:n Jll'rincl of tinw, ami tlwi~ dlidt·ru·y was L<•stt•d at the l'nd of the period. I J

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