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The Hilltop press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1942-1971, January 20, 1943, Image 1

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I' School 'Party Saturday \. ll463 VOLUME II IIILILTOIP IRIESS CORTLAND STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CORTLAND, N.Y., JANUARY 20, 1943 Next lst:'ue February . :~---. IJ NUMBER 10 ===:===---==· --- ·- ------ ..c.;.·,t·=...:==.:.==========r===========·=;======-,==-~ Mrs. LowrY -;~d! Francis J. Moench A pao~LE-:.; · Ski Club EnjoY~ ~~ Office Publishes Miss Meyer Givei,P-, resents. N,,av!_ and pt·:·~~~;.~·~o~~~;of~7.stlf~;\·;.'ll(;~~~~; Cross Country Trip Mid-Setnester l(eep Fit Films gas. Assunw tlu1t tlwn· will ht· no L st Two Weeke d Ch . ·.. ·IM· . . . I I . . . . . . changt• for tht· lll'Xt 52 Wt•Pks and a . . . n . 8 G. c. Schedule .ap- e .. USICa e I Interview Stresses Role of that gas rosts 22 rl'nts pt•r gallon. r Urge Others to Jlnrtidpute; I I If your light t·ar awrag<·s I 6 mih·s F ,.,. p f' N ~du<·ation in National 1 11 · 1 1 ~~OJte Lost Run\ Ty.f)t'f'te\ · lJ'Sf rogrillll () .(~W I to t W ga on, hn< Ill' <'OS( pt•r milt• ... \' Selllc '\'fer Ft•.~tt·UI'..,.~!-'-' Bt)flll l)hysi<•nl Fitness Program . / for driving during tlw y<·ar wlwn Exhilt·rating Winter ~port \' • '\\' tlw rosts arP as follows: lntrodw·t·d b~· Mr. Francis j. Mot>nrh, In kt•t•ping with till' thought tha-t tlw Piano and ·vo(•al usit• fornll·rh- din•t'lor nf Cortland's physit-al Lirt•nst•platt• Sl-l.OO skit·rs won't \\ ahh· to trawl for tlll·ir t•<ltwat ion dt•part nwnt, t ht• War Coundl / Ft•tlt·ral stamp 5 · 00 skiing this wintt•r and with t ht· g-m·t·rn· Tht· As;wrnbl~ t·ommin•·•· haH arrang!'d a muskalt· for I lw lin;t program of t lw sl·cond st•nwstl'r on \\'1·drw~da\', F .. hruan 3. At that tinw sluth·nts wi.ll ha\'t' th~· opportunily of !waring :\liss l'.ntlint· :VIt•\'t'r and !\'Irs. l\lan· l .. nui~·· l.o\IT\ in a program of -~ongs amt' piano t'tHIIposit ions. Mrs. Lowry, Artist in Music and Art Fields 1\lrs. Lmvr\' is tht· \lift· of :\Jr. E. E. Lowry, !wad. of tlw Art dq>.lrtnll•nt at Cortland, Although slw is kr'(l IJttsl \\a honwmalwr and motlwr of 111\ sm;dl childn·n. sill' linds timt· to t·ontinut· ;wti1· .. 11ork in tht• lil'lcls nf musi,. and art. Sill' wa's an honor st udt•nt at 1 h•· ( ;1·orgia Stah• mll•·g\ for \l·nnwn at :\lillt·dg•·l·ilh•, (;a., and upon gradual ion was rt•tairu•d as an instnwtor of musi1·, art aud English at that institution. l.att·r slw la•canll· sup<·r· visor of musil' and art at Columbia, South Carolina and lwfon· lwr marriagt· 11 as m1 tlw facult1· at Cnnwrs<• collt·gl', Spartans· hurg, Sot; I h Carolina, wht·n· sht· ditl a gn·at th•al uf 'organ work. For lu·r p.u·t nf t lw program sht· will pia) I hn·t· pi.uw •·ompositions hy modt•rn <'<JillpnM·r~. and tlwnll's from two famous piano t'nnn•rlos b~- <\Oillpnst·rs of thl' J<Jth •·•·ntury. M-iss Meyer Interested in Both Fields ;\II iss Mt·n·r tll'!'ds no int rodurt ion to st udt•nts at .Cortland. sinn· slu· is lu·ad of tlw Musk tlt·partm<·nl. Slw n·n·ilt·d ht·r training at Canwgit· lnst it ut .. of Tl·t·h- nulogy in !'it tsburgh. :\t•\1 York univ<'l'· sit\' atlll Tt·;whc·rs 1·o-lh·gl' of Columbia uni\'t•rsitv in :\t•\\ \'ork. ll..Cor•· nuniug tn. Corthind sht· has la·t·n sup•·n isor of musk in st·\'t·ral :'\t·\\ England <'tJIIIIIIUni- li<'s and din•ctor of music at tht• Stall· T•·adwrs c·ollt·~~· in ~t'\\' Britain, Conn. Slw is also iutt·n·stt·d in <trl. hut. unlik•· :\Irs. Lowr\', has purstll•rl II onl~ as a hohb1. Miss :VIt•\t·r \\ill fumish tht· \'ocal part -nf th<' program. liN tirst ofl'•·ring 1\ill bt· a misn·llaneous group uf songs in Spanish and English. For lll'r st·c·ond group, slw 11ill sin!( I>~ spt·t·ial n·qul'st, st•vt•ral son).rs set to tlu· \'l'l'st·~ of A. A. :\lilnt• in his hook, lrill'lt ll'r ll'l:'re loitll J!. Tht•St' art• !lt•lightful \'Jln•ssions of ehiltl lift• and thou!(ht. and hm·t· ht·t·n ~-:h·t•n t·qttally <h·lig-ht ful sl'tl in!-:s !11 E. II. Slwp- anl. Patriotic Song Written by Mrs. Lowry As a tinull', :\liss :\l1·1 l'l\ and ;\lrs. Lowry will pn•sl'n-t a pat rintit· song t'<>ln· post·tl h~· Mrs. LmH) on .lui) 4. 1 1 J•I2 a:. ill! t•xpn·ssion nf lwr faith in tlw futun· of Anwrka. Kappas Plan to Maintain Skeleton Organization; No· New Members Aecepted Aftt•r sonw months of dist·ussinn, t lw rt·nmining nll'mlwrs of t lw l>t·lta K.1ppa fratt·rnit y haVt· d!'cidt·d on an :u·rangt·· llh'nt wh.it·h will providt· fur tlw continued ,.... \istt·nn· of tlwir or~o:ani?.atinn. Officers' Posts Fllled of All>an~· pn•st•ntt·d two films. Thisrhapt•l Insuram·t· 31. 70* nwnt's l'IWouragt·na·nt for a \k<'ep lit\ program for januarr 13, 1943 was ar- Filling oil program, tlw Ski cluh of Cortland Stat<· rangt•d by tht· asst•mbly committt·<·. 5 qt. oil I. 50 has t unwd out for 11<'\\' advt•nt un·s in Cortland's Students Featured Grt•asing I. 00 \trail blazing\ around tlw C'it 1· of Cort- In tlw tirst \Fit tn Fight on All Fronts,\ ? gal gas at 22rl'nts land. mam· of Cortland's 1'. E. majors took (No dmrgP for n•pairs or dt•pn·- part. hwludt•d \\'1'1'1.' camping pirtun•s dation.) from Tanagt•r, grmnasium tumbling, What would bP thl' eost of a trip ho~ing and marching tact irs. to Syracust• and rl'turn if tlw polirl' Tlw pkt un· was compilt•d for various pt•rmittt·d (.l2 milt•s)? programs of physit-al litm•ss taking plm·p \lncludt•s propt•rty <lalll<t.gt·, p<'r- throughout tht· stall· in high sehools and sonalliahility. lin· and tiH·ft. coll•·!ws. b) \IOilll'll in war industry and Studt·nts mav submit answl·rs to llll·n in honw guard training. \\\'t• as a tht• box outsi·cl~· tlw llilltop Press nat ion must keep physkally tit.\ room. No ht•lp must lw obtaint·d Navy Films Shown from outsidt• sourcl's.Corn•rtans\\'t•r Tlu· st·t·ond tilm introrlnrt·d was thr and names of students submitting :\a\'1 pn·-flight t·ourst• at Chap!'! Hill, sul'l1 will ht• publislwd in tlw Ft•h- :\on h Carolina. Ht·r·t· t lw st udt·nt pilots ruary II issut·. Proof must lw fur- tought·n up lu•fnn• going on to tht'ir class- nisl!l'd that no outsidP lwlp was room studil's of sudt things as math<•- giwn or n·<·eivt•d. matks, nal'igation and wt•atht•r 1 ·on· Answt•r will bt· printt•d rwxt wt•t•k. dit ions. Tht· a \'C'r:t!(t• cost for training on!' of t ht·st· bo)s is $40,000. Tlw physkal lrainin).! giV<·n tlwm is, of tlt'r!'ssity, tlw mohl rigorous of any in tlw arnwd !ll'rvic·t•s. Mr. Moench lnteniewed Following tlw dtapt•l program, Mr. Mm·rwh. 11011 rl<·put y din•ctor of tlw ollict• of ph)sical litrwss, ;-,;,.\\' York Stat<• War Counril. hPld a 111PI'ting with tlw majors. To tlu·m lw t•xpn•sst'd his vit•.w that lw did not f1·t·l t lu· wom•·n should ht• ft'arful of handling ho) s' programs. H\ also st.n·ssl'!l llu• llSI' of Olti·Of ·door fadlit iPS. \If I'C]Ut'a- 1 ion dnt·s not takt· t·an· of physkal •·dura- tion th .. n it will L,,. takt·n out of t1w hands of t•dumtion. It will ht· takt•n ovt•r by a not lwr organization that will st•t• to it.\ Tlw follm1 ing intt·rvit•w was ~rant I'd tlw I fill/of> Pn·\· It should lw n·a<l hy t'Vt'r}' studt·nt of C'rll'tland. \:\n~ pl11 sit-a! !itrll'ss program whir·h can In· rldt•rull'rl now tnust show, first, ddrnit .. r·rmtrihut ions toward tlw pral'tkal ami <·ark solut-ion of tlw tl<'t•ds of this war, and. st·r·ontl, pl'rnuuH·nt lastin~ t•ontrihu· tions. \\\'r· an· in tlw midst of total industrial npl'rat ion. Our arnu·d fore.·•·• nn· pyramid- ing mpidl~ toward tlw l'ight million mark. Our annual war hudgt•l has n•adwd tht· 100 billion mark. t 'nusualnnd almost im- possihl•· rlt•mands an· !wing maciP of all l'ivilians, as \l't•ll as of 1 he pt•rsonm•l of tIll' arnwd forn·s. Tlw h•ngth of tinll' that it will \\ nt•<'<•ssarv to takt· to win this war . anrl it won't. h•· a short on<' ... plan·s a gra\'1' rt·sponsihility on tht· shouldt•rs of ewry dtbwn-- tlw n·sponsihility of bt'ing lit fort ht• task. School Party Offers Students Relaxation At Exam Weekend Spiegle to PJay for Both Round and SlJUare Daneing To n·li<·vt• tlw strain caust·tl hv <\ram- ming, black t't>ITt•t• and lal!· hou~s or all night st•ssions nf t•xam Wt•l'k, t ht· R··~·n·­ ation t'onuuit t<•t• has plantwd a ~whool party for Saturday t•wning, january 23. Students to Lead Nov.elty Dances Tlw atmosplwn• will ht• jolly and infor· mal with gay rt•laxat ion as tht· snit• thl'lnt· of tlw tlanct•. Dt•l'nrations willlw omittt•d and dotlws may ranv;t• from ovPralls to skirts and sweatt•rs. Spit•glt• Wilkox has bt•t•n Pngng<·rl to play for hot h tIll' round and squan• clanr!'s with ph•llly of jittl·r- bugging nnd Pt•nnsylvania polkas. Ct•rtain promint·nt mt•mht•rs of tlw stu· d<•nt hody willlw calh·d.upon to lead tht• t•vt•ning's activitit•s. Doug Brown will comnwnct· tht· gait•ty hr l'allinv; a \john Brown.\ and ll'ading a \Paul Jon•·s.\ It is hopt•d that John Pratt will show tts how tlu·y \swing tiwir hnm•ys\ in tlw Adiron- cla<'ks and that Tom YukiP and l't•tl' Con•y will lw among tlu• lt•aclt•rs. Guests Welcome before 9:30 p. m. Mon• than t•v<•r, sturl<'nts an· urgNI to comr and t•njoy an t•vt•ning's fun. Gtwst eards will not lw issUt·rl in advanl't•, but gut•sts willl){' welcomed if hrough 1 lwfort· 9:30 p. m. Tlw party should st•rvt• as an t'XC'!'Ill'nt n•fn•shvr and stimulator in tlw 111idst of a busy wec•k, Clios Hold House Dance For Naval Aviation Cadets Stationed at Cortland Cross-Country Skiing It's thrills nnd spills, and a lot of fun in cross-ctmntry skiing. Tlw duh has had two t'l't•ntful Sunday trips. Tlw lirst trip was Ollt' of linding rww lllll'~plon·d trails on th•·mountain south of tlw cit1. l\lan1 of Cortland's skit•rs willn·nu·mh;•r Slalor;, trails al \'irgil. Tht·s•· eould not rompart· with tlw natural trail found on this trip. As for dimhing this is a \kt'I'P Ill\ pro- gram in itst•lf. llow man~ of you t•ottld rlimh a St'\'t•nt y-li\'1' d!'grt•t• angh· moun lain using sidt•, stt·p, ki<-k turn and hal'k slt·ps around trt•t•s that grO\\ only tivt• fP<'I ap.u-1, all tht• way up a thn·t·-huruln•d foot t'll· hanknwnt? All of \'ou could and it would lw gn•at sport, too: The \One More Run\ Tlwn t·ornt·s that \Ont· Mort' i{un\ at thl' dust• of thp duy, that could go likt· this: Tlw lwst run is that \mw mun· run\ at t hP da\''s <•nd As t ht· shadows lt·ngtlwn And tlw world turns cold 11i1h tlw \\t·ol<·rn sun, You rPSt a monwnt, and look down on tlw floor of t lw vallt·y Or upon tlH.· rang\ bt•ynnd. Ewn as yot!'wateh tlw light changPs. You tiglrtt•n your binding swiftly And with a thrust of your slmulrlt•rs st;rrt on dow 11. Tlw nir is coldt·r nm\ and your t')'I'S an· wt·t·ping And vour l'lw1•ks adw as thl' hiss Of tltt· dry flakt·s ht·nt•ath your skiis grm\s loudPr. You S\\'l't•p anoss 1 ht· silO\\, trailing a plunw Of powdt•r in your \akt· plunw· dm\ n t ht· Stl'upPiting slop!', And in a ft•\\' short monwnts it is over. Down in tlw vallt•y you lt•an on ynur polt·s, Gasping for breath, ktwt•s shaking. And wish th<•rt• WPrt• tinw for \still anotlwr run\ with tlw thrills of tht· £ornwr run.u \\'ith tht· thrills nf tlw fornu·r ndwntun· in mimi tlw mt·mln·rs uf tlw Ski duh start('!( out again last Sull<ht). This tinu· tlw duh had mon· than Mr. Hollowa\''s helpful hints and sounrl ski atlvin·. This tinw tlw duh had mon· than a IIUI•st. Fay \Vl'it'h m·t·ds no- introduetion to tlw phys t•d majors. Yt•s, WI' could huild a lin· with ont· matdt and how good l host• sandwidws tastt·, toastt·d OVl'r an OJll'll fin•.\ More Trips Planned No Studt~nl Is lo I .. eavp Bt•fort• Organizing lliH Next S(•JUt'!-!lt•r Pt•og-r·am \\',. n·cogni/1· th,,t tl11·r, •-.\ II.IIUL.I ,j,._ sin· for studt·nr,., 111 tak•· .l•l,,nr.,,•, ol tl.,· lrn·ak l~t·t II l\l'll Vllll'SII'I' to I .1 It ll~l ht'lli d wt•t•kt•nd at honu·. Oftr·n '\\'' lin' h.•~ t·mhrrrasst·d th1· .ulmiru•tr.tr \\· ,, c:••·,rt d<·al bt·t·,tust· I h.ll ln·t· t 1111• '' \\ d hn 1 hr· nrganit.at ion uf th(,• \\oJ k f.,r 11~~ .... c,nd s•·ni!·Stt·r. That thl' m.r\'\\l\ ·\!' IIIL~>'•· ma\ (H·takt·n of .rll fn·1• ti1111. 1 h. 1 .. 1-1\\ '\• sd1;·duk is~ilt'll ~~~ th.tt .din'\' l.n\\1 hull to plan Sdwdult.• Gin•n l·:,arnin.tt i11n\ will <'11•1 \\,,Ill'\'\\ 1, j.lltUal'\ 27. (;r.tdt·k 111111..- It .11.h lor dis 1 ribut i.tlll at <> .,·, lot');, I \\·' \ n11111li11~. Januan 2·!J, m I Jr. llru11 \ .. ollt< , .. lntllH· dia t I'll ;1ft t·r t ht · • h ... t ribut 11111 • d t lu· ~,,,,(,.,, studl';lts 11ill h,l\1' tlu· \l'l\'rtllllll\ to lllt·Pt t h1· ~· holar,.,hip • <lllllllltl t .-. :\11 ~I u tlt•nt ... tumid t.1k1· .1111 • h .. ut• ,., 11 il h a!t :-ot·nt ing himsPII on 1-'r id.11 tl r t,,.,,. I!> l ht· :;)ighlt·>H doulrt .t~ to t lu· ll•···d lor nH·t·l in~ ( ht• ht'ho(,lrhhip t !illllllll(t'l' 11>~1 'lflrll)d IIIII' iiSSllllll' (hat lw< oil!,.,<' hi\ n1.111-.~ .tl ,. not loll h•· sh11uld not 1111'1'1 t h1· • \llllllltt ,., Tlu· I\ huh· purpos•· of this 1'11111<-1• \' ,. '\to .ul· l'ist• and ht•lp thi-;- sititl<'nt .111d Ill llla!l\ Ill· staru·t·s I his nmft'l\l'lll'l' h.t' I\\' nl ht·lpful to studt·nls 11ho utht·rlli,..,· lll.t\ h.tl<' di~ mis:wd thi'IIIS<'l\'t'h from tlw\ hool. :\lond.l\, h·hnl.tr\ Ill 't, \\ rll In· for l'l').!iS(I'i\lion ,!lid pa\ nH·nl of ft't'h, :\t tlllh tilllt' tlw ullll'ial program • ,11d lor tlu· ).!t'll t•ml 1 our·,.,,. studt•fll s should I\ ol>t.llllt·d from I >r. Brown'~ ollit 1·. 'llw,..<l.ll, h·hru- ar~ ht•cund. rt·g,ular cl.t~src JUIU tll..,t rue t iuu will ln-1-!in. G. C. Met.'tin!ls To f.wilitatt· tlu· m.1king of iwlil'idu.d programs, l ht· following lllt't't ing\ for g1·11· •·ml c·ours•· :-;t ud•·nt !->an·' .rllt-< I: Fn·shmt·n: Tu•·sda1, jamt.tr\ lC1, IO:Otl ruorn 231. Sn)lllllmnn•s: Tut·sda). Januan 26, .UHI room 231. juniors: Tm·s<la). j.u1uar) 26. 2·00 1011111 .BI. St·niors: Tu .. sda\, jarlUal'l 26, 1·00 room 231. St·ninrs (no\\ ll'ill'hing I: Frida), Januan 1 1 J, !Hill rooru 2.{ I. Tlw phvskal !'ducat ion hi u<J.·nl!i will follow t (w program olllll<llllll'<•d I>\ I Itt• Ph\'skal Edm·ilt ion dl'p.trlmt·nl. In all l'as;·h a sPiond 1111'1'1 ing 1\ ill pnrJ.ably havt· to lw eallt·d and no on1· i\ to !1-a\·•· town uutil lw is n·rtain t lwt lu i\ no longl'r lll'l'lh·d for organil'ing tl1•· progr,lln. Masquers Plan Party For Feb. 4·; Will Cast Major Play J?eb. I \\'it h t 1\o of tlu·ir o\1 11 gr <>liP prodding tlw spt•<•clws for th•· on.1sion. l h<· llilltup Masqtwrs lwl<l tlwir n·gul.11 Jilt 'I'! ing orr Thurs<ia). januar~ J.l, 1 1 >1 { Members Spt'ak t•ndt·r thP prt'SPill plan, till' (lt't·s•·nt •n•·rnbt·rship ant! four tlll'll!lll'rs of t hi' r. ... ulty will fill th<· oflin•rs' pilsls itl'ting as the org-• .lllizational nudPus, alumt whil'h a Ill'\\' f;'llt't•rnit\' 111:1\' !JuiJd WIH'Il l'tlllcli· Irons havt· as~unwd smm· dt·gn·t· of nor· maky. All t h<· dub's n·cords and doni· nwnts will br• hanc!IPd h\' I >r. Brown 11!10 will be aNing as eo-im•sid1•nt with Jn~cph Latino. \!'It imatt· Sli!Tt•ss and vktory dt•pt•nd on sustaim·d l'flkit·nl'y of manpowt•r, It is a simplt· hut oftt·n forgottl'n ck·dut·tion that tlw l'ffil'it·m·y of manpmVI'r, in any t•n· dPa\·or, is in clin·<·t prt>(mrtion to th<• status of thl' physkal qualitiPs of tht· man. A mad1int· is no mor<' t·fficic·nt than thl' man or woman who controls it.. Tht• war train· ing physical fitnt•ss program must dcwlop and t·nns1·n·•· t hl'st· physkal qualities of man, to guaranh·l' till' lasting power for sustairwrl ac·tivity in order to product•, to light, all! I to sr•rl't• in any t·apadty on the hnmt· front. This is a primary and funda- nwntal prng-rum for victory in war and Sllt'!'PSS in fli'HI'I'. \Physkallitrwss is tlw ability to accom• Last Saturday night, January 16, tht· Clios \VI'rt' hostt·sst•s to a group of Naval Cad<•ts, our coll<•gt• stuclt•nt s, of t lu· War Training St·rvi<'<', at an informal party held from 8-11:.10 at tht· Clio Hotis<·- Tlw rugs wt•re pullt•cl up, th<· houst· was brightly lightt~d. Goodman and Dorst·r issued forth from the vir, and a huge bowl Tlw duh is planning mon• and di!Tt•n·nt trips. Many will say, \I 'tl likt· to go on <'ross-country trips ami I likP skiing hut I'm no t'X(ll'rt. \ Tlw onl} \\a)' tu lw an ('Xp~rt in hy prat'tin· and hy tlw right t<'at·hing. Through Mr. I (QU(~way o1w can't go wrong. \\'ht'thl•r om· is a phys t•d major or a g. c.; a f rt·shrnan, sophornon·, junior or st•nior; a non·proft•ssional, pro- t•ssional or a \zitsmarkN lno.t'illt't ·go wrong. An invitation is issuNI to \conw out and join th<· fun of tlw Ski dub.\ Aftt·r linals till' plans of th1· duh will go on. Nott• thP !owN hulh·tin hoard for I loris johnson, duh lustori.111. ·h~··us>wd 1 ht.• •h•signing, const.ru .. trn~ .mol •·n·t·t Ill!-( of S!'t•twr~. Barbara llunll'~. lt·<·hni('al tlirN'tor, spukt· to tlw nw11rlwr~ on tht• tlin•<·ting of tlw pia) £ro111 '.1~1 ing~ through rl'llt•arsal. Pnd<•r this uniqu\ arrangt•nwnt tlw 1luh will eontinut' its m<•mht•rship in tlw ~;rand chaptt·r and n•assumt• its position ;HHI tilll· wlwn d<•t•nwd advisahlt•. No New Members :'\o nNv nwinllt'rs an• bPing ph•dgt•tl M initiatt•tl at this time, it was dl'drll'd last ~~'<'<'k. Though tlwn• ha1l bl't~n an t•tlt hu· ~iastic rNJUPst on Llw part of studt•nts for n•·organization now, t•onditinns art• such that this will lw impossihh•. PROGRESS ON THE DID It's rwws to manv that in spilt• of all hinclt·ring cir<·urnstam·•·s Cort- land is- r...-rlly going to haw a )'l'<tr- book this war. ThP 1943 D-itlas· calein11 is \VPlJ in progn•ss although stifl a gr<·at distanrt• from tlw hook ' as it will lw st•t·n on Honor· Day. Senior pictun•s an• eo1rtpl<•tt> and a grC'at effort is !wing madt• to .gt•t as many group pictur<\s as possiblt> finislwd ht'fOrl\ many of tliP mt•n ! go into tlw st'rvict•. About 55 or- . ~ rganilmtion pictun·s haw· bt•t•n takl'n 1 to datt' and about 85 pic.turt's ha vt• I heen eollectl:'d of our r<'<'<'llt Cort· i land students in tlw s!'rvi<·t·. Tht' I HilltofJ 1'-ress will kN•p students ! posted from time to timt' on thr I Did progrc$5. <:untinul'd on Page 3, Col. 4 Continued on Page 3, Col. 5 Continued on Page 4, Col. 2 ·,-:--=,---- ---·--- ··--- Bloomers and Middies Were Shoc/eing in 1912! Dr. DeGroat Writes Reminiscences of Thirty Years Ago I haVI' lwt•n ask<·d to writ<• 50111(' remin· isr·t·m·t·s oft lw sehool as it t•xisti'Cl 30 years ago wlwn I first canw to it as its third principal. As n•minisct•lll'<'S iuvolv(~ per· sonal t·xr)('ri<·m·t•s, om· who write's tht'm will he pardorwd if ht• ('lllploys now and management persomwl. Till' larg<•st movit' houst• was where tht• S<'ars Roc•buck ston• now stands. Tht• silent movit•s Wl'r<' tht•n in procl'SS of d<·vl'lopnwnt and did not makt• a strong app<•al to studt·nt patronagt·. tlwn tlw pronoun of tlw first pPrson. Tht• statt• roads gavt· no l'asy approach s<'hool that ont' day wlwn hi' was shO\ving a visitor through hi~ building, t ht·y num· to tht• door of th<· gymnasium. Thi· host opt•m•d it slightly (and wry cardully) to st•t• what was going on within. HP turn .. <) to his v.isitor ami said i11 a huslwd voin·, \I'm sorry, wt• can't go in. Tht• young ladit•san·at their t•xt•rdst•.\ I wondl'r what this Vl•ry lint· l'xamplt• of tlw' old school would say if hl• could ht' suddt•nly thrust into our swimming pool room wlwn tlw girls ar<· \at th<·ir swimming.\ l>ouhth·ss somP of tht• girls might tw mllt•d on to n·s- l'U<• him from tlw pool or to earry him out in a dt·ad faint! If one of our 1942 students rould bt' put to Syrncust', Binghamton or Ithaca sinct• clown today in Cortland as it was in 1912, only short strutches of surfaet• highways lw would find a good many changes on existNI. A trip to Syrncus<• as taken by Main Strt•<'L Tht• pn•s<•nt post offict• had car niight well rt'quir(' thl• grl'ater part of not h<•Pn built, an old landmark known as a day. Most p<•oplt' prcf<.•rrt'd to make the Mcsst•ng<'r Houst· stood wht•re that the trip by train. Gl'tting up Virgil in Pi!~!J,Wlt• filling station at Main and Port s<•cond \Vas considt•rNJ a prt'tty fair 11!'- W.Mson strt•t't invites patronage rrom tht• complishllll'lll but tht•rt> WCr<' ft•w t'ars in Jntssina· motorist. Montgomery Ward's town that could m:lkt·lt on high. I rt•mt·m· placl' of busitll'ss had not yt•t bc<•n creatt'd ut'r an aula trip to Albany in 1917. Tht• Shortly aftt·r I mnw to Cortland l'lwrt• and tlw old Randall t•statt· was inhabitt'd start was madt' early in the morning and desn•ndt•d on tht• community thP vogu<· and intat•t, tempting tht• passer-by to t'll· tht' arrival in Albany carried into the city of tht' \slit skirt.\ This was lookNI on as tet' tht• tall iron gah•.s that gaVt' access to a thoroughly weary and dispirited crowd. Vt'ry daring and just a hit naughty. Ont•of tlw shadC'd grounds brl!ind the high stone Wt' had six punctures on tht' way, evt'ry our studt•nts, on a <'l'rtain day in t•arly wall. Till' Savings Bank and the Second one of which had to bt' fixed on. tht' spot. autumn, cn•atl'd a s1•nsation and m·arly :\ationnl Bank buildings wcre primitiVe No such thing as a spare wlwd in those scat!daHzt•d thl• town hy appearing qn and !orated farth~:>r down Main street .. days was carried. Main stre<•t wearittg.a slit skirt. Tlw afore· But far grcatt'r than all these changes arc said skirt was t<•ported to be somewhat tlw names that appNir above the stores Those wert• the days when the approved narrow and ankll' length -with onl' sid<· of today. I rN·all on Main street between gym costUIIIC for girls was uloomersand tht~ skirt showing a sidt' st•ntn uns<'Wt•d Clinton t~V<>iiU<' and Port Watson streets middies. Even th(•n this eosttlmt' was about half way to th(• knee! I>oubtll·Ss only nine names that appeared in 191~, t'Oilsldcrrd quite extreme. Jt is told of a. that same skirt ifst•rn on Main strl't't -to· arul s(•wral of tht•s(• an• in different loca· foriller tt'ach-er of science 'at Cortland who clay would neatc It far gt't•atcr spnsation tiorts today, some with t•hangcs in -the became the principal of another normal t.hat it did back in the prc-twcntit•s. At th•· husirwss lllt'l'llll!-: .1 '\' ral lll<'l'l· ing was planrwd, tlw dat<·. f•·hruary ·I, 1943. Tlw dub also disnts~· d joining t ht· national dramat k fratt·mit' Action \\ill )I(' tak<·n on t ht• matt<·r In tlu· >'\l't'Ul iv<· council. P.lay to Be Ca..t It is annoUtH 1•d that tl•• :\l.t~qut•r spring produc·tion, T7,•o ou <II· f,foml \\ill lw east on FPhruar~ I, I'l-l; llu·tnouts un• opt•n to all. Curu! rou, Jack Dalton .md 'J'Iu· l'ot Bt~iler arc now in n•lwar~.d ·\'\ \\ill Ill' pn·st•nlt·<.l at an t·Mly a~h'''\''\ d.•l•· III'Xt S!'lll!'S(I'I', CAI,ENDAH January 20, Wednesday: As:wmhly Om· .1• t J,Hrl<·s'fU•· r·onw<lv hv t lw llillt \P \la~<qtu·rs, Shofltlite A 111/tors. II illlofJ l'ri'H · 3:20 January 21, Thursday to January 27, Wednesday: Ex ami nat ions-- Sr·t· pag<· I wo fM sclwdult.•. January 29, l;riday: j:u n ior -S<·nior Ball. First st'nwst·t·l· <•mls. January 30, Saturday: Basketball· ·St. l.a\Ht·n<T. Nt•xt isstJ(• cif tlw Hilltop !'res.~ will bt• publ.isll('d Fcunmry II, 1943.

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