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The Hilltop press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1942-1971, November 25, 1942, Image 1

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or ma- to is one s in the e. tion ken the !!ta- and are her on or city of far is be- look open artly pers, is a e our all sure drop burs- c.\ -.~ Happy Thanksgiving! liiLILT{)IP IRJESS Rese1·ve a N<~w BoQk! . 2\\ VOLUME I ====-'·· .c =-o- \-~ ==-\= CORTLAND STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CORTLAND, N.Y., NOVEMBER 25,1942 ·-='--\-- ·-=~==== NUMBER 6 --·~·---- ----- .. --·- ---==-· Cortland State PersianTextileHu~g C . •b For Social Studies · ·ontri• utes to R· b• D s· t ;b· TURKEY ON A PLATFORM? Tlll' Ot1in• of Dt•fl•nst• Transpor- tation this 1\'t•Pk st•nt out. u Sl'I'OIHI wurning ~o :;tutlimts against flot·king home for Thunksgiving. In thost• sdwols wlwn tlw ehokl' is lt•ft up to tht• st.udent, tlw ODT warns that travt•l atTOtntnodations will ht> smrn·. l'lt•nty of studl·nts who -dt•c dd1• t ht•y just ran't gin· up tlwir honll··t\ooked turkt·y this yt•ar may sp1~nd a good part of t ht• holiday \not•kt·nd waiting on a station plat- form. Main Library of Armed Services · College Observes • . . . . . . . • oom. . y r. . u · e w~arChestDrtve Mr. Lowry Contrasts Textiles, NationalBookWeek Gtve Plans For Faculty, Office Stuff, ·Janitors Exceed Quota; Other Clubs Contribute This year in answer to a pl!•a .for funds for the Cortland County War Chest drive, the teachers, office workers and janitors ·of Cortland State Teachers colkge have ~one all-out in contributions for this causl·. Many Funds United 'The goal was increased 52 pl·r n·nL Lo the amount of $.79,050 in this county bt·· cause several organi:..ations \l't•rt• unitl'd together for mutual aid. Tlw following organizations are includt•d in tlw War Chest: British War Relief, Cortland County Soldiers' Fund, Grct•k War 1\l·- lief, Russian War Relief, llnitt•d China Relief, United Service Organizations and War Prisoners' Aid. Cortland State's quota for 1942 W!ls · increased only 11 per Cl•nt ht·caUSl' t hl· active personnel gave $677.50, whkh was more than the goal set for. 1941. Quot~ Exceeded by 33 Per Cent On thl~ last dRy of this Nov~mhl'r 9-20 drive, the contributions had l'XCt'l'ded tlw quota by 33 per cent. A total.of $~018.50 was received, $606 had b1~en g1ven m rash with the remainder to lw paid acronling to the method desired by t.lw subst·ri!JL•r. Under the direction of Miss Elizabt·th Srnith contributions wt·n· made to tIll' fund by the sororiti('s and othl•r orgRn- izations of the school. Som<' of t lw soror- ity houses gave to the Chest by individual contributions of the ntembcrs. Chest Well Supported Oriental Art, with Ocddental Art of Woodland Painting Dr. Charlt•s F. Stul>t· is giving tht· school a chann· to lt·arn by oust·rvation sonw contrasts hi•t\\'t•t·n Ori1;ntal ancl Oc,·i- dt·ntal Art. In thl' history laboratory lw has plan·d a hug<· l't•rsinn tt·xt ile. On the oppositt• wall, lt·ss cnnspiruous, hangs a woodland .painting hy an artist of thl' W£·stcrn World. For thl' aid of thos(• who wish to apprl'· riatC' this art, Mr. E. E. Lowry of tht• Art <IPpm·tnwnt, has givl'll the following vit•\\', Oriental Art Characteristics The Oriental artist usrs subjt>ct matt(•r that is only a nwans to an l'nd; tht·lwauty of tlw dt•sign of lhw form, and rolor is thl' paramount ohjPct ivP. Tlw tt·xt ilt• t<•lls a ston·, in a mamwr unlikt• tlw Ordtk·ntal would t•mploy. This mn Ill' shown hy tlw lal'k of sha<lnws,lack of P•'rspt•t·tiw, and in t.lw st.\'lilmtion of fan•. Not to ht• owr- lookt•tl is t lw t•Xt't•l!t·m· .. of hloek print inv; using u numll!'r of l'olors. Sonw of tlw charm of this text ilt• lil·s in th1• tl'xt un·. Contrast to Western Art Wt•Sll'l'n art gc1H'rally t•mploys dt·sign as a nwans to an t•nd: lwrein !it•s tlw ron~ trast to Uril'ntal art. Tlw painting in tht· laboratory is a woodland srt'lll~· a nun- bination of photographil· rl'alism and im- pn·ssionism. Its mood is sonwwhnt som- bl:'r and subdut·d, hut pll'asing. Tlw land- smpt• paintt•rs of Gainshorough's school havt• eonsidt·rahly inflUPil!'NI stl!'h Anwri- can paintt•rs. World Geography Class to Review War Freshmen Initiate School Career with Annual Assembly Tlw dnss of • 46 may not b!' a group of gt•niust•s, hut t.hl'}' showt·d their unusual initiativt· and pl·rst•vt•l'alll\t· in t lw asst•lll bly prop·am pn•st•ntt'cl Novl'lllhl·l' JB, 1942. Int roduce1l hy Bah Lowt•rn•, Aye Fl'ita Thi lmus1• was tlw st't'IW of a purty of taiPntNl frosh boys and ~:iris. (sn·m·s, rourtt·sy of Yrsa Kolding). From tilt' monwnt that tlw two \pni<ll·s\ of t lw sorot'it y hous1·, Ruth Millt•r and )l·amw Hadl'!, dash in to announe1• a foolhall \'it·tory to rapid l'Xit of till' nwn of tlw party upon th!· t•ntram·t· of t lw !must• mnt.lwr, t lu· st udt·nt s of t lw !'Ollt•gt• Wt'J'l• provi1h·d with -15 minutt·s of varit'(l t•ntt•rtainnwnt. l'<'l'haps om• of tlw high spots of t lw program was t lw Adagio dant·t• JWrfornwd hv Kt•IUH'th I{Pynolcls and Fn·cl Harding. J{<·rnolds prowd to ht• a gawky Joos!•- 21 New Books I•ur(:har:~t~d by Student ApJnoprintion; Borrowers to Ueservt.• These; I luring t ht• past Wl'l'k, :\ovt•tllbPr 15-2 I, Book wt•t•k 11m; ohst'l'vt•d throug-hmu t h1· lliltion. This is an annualt·ffort t.o ;u·oust• puhlk intt·n·st in mort· and !J!'ltt·r bookH. This widt•·sprl'ttd campaign was lll'gun in 1 1 >I!J undPr tht• sponsorship of tht· An1t·ri· ran B<mk::wllt•rs' assul'iation. !ht·r t ht· Yl'ilrs largt· strides han· ht·t•ll madt· tm1ard tlw goal Twenty-one New Uooks At Cortland tht• Wt•t•k was n·h·brafl•d with t ht· pun· hast• of 21 11!'\\' hooks. Tlwsl' an• to bt· arhlit-ions to tlw main library. Tlw funds to pllt'dmst• t ht•Sl' !Jooks was appropriatNI bv till' Stud,·nt round!. Uhst·n·ann ·of tht· \H•t•k was lwld throughout tlw training ~:~!'honl Followin~ May Uc Reserved In tlw lihrnry <'llll be found nmls o11 wJrirh }'OU 11111} Sign tO 1'\'Sl'I'Vl' <Ill) of tftl'Ht' hooks you ma1· wish to n·<HI. Tlw list in- dud1·s tht•st· tfth•s: A.~s-ignmen/ to /3erlin by H. Flamwry; /}ri!,iu' J.l'onum h) Cht·valiN; The l'nitr· t•ited lw R. Fil·hl; Tlll'y Were E.rjJt•wlrtblt• by W. L Whitt•; The RmjJerar',, Snu.ff Ba,,· by j. D. Carr; Queru aj tire Plat Tof>.l by L. Johnston; The Cuf' am/ tire St\ort! b~ A. T. llolll'rt; The Mmm Is l>u1£'11 hy J. Stt·inlwrk; Sabotage h) La~ •·rs and Kilhn; Our Fightiug_Sitijl.\ h~ Kav. Lt·l' and Lt·v~ ; C'ont inUt·d on Pngt· 4 C'ol. 1 jointt•d, nmn-nazr girl eompll•te with n·cl ~- ' D ·f~ \ hair which had a tl•nci!'III'Y to fall otT. \ t 8 . I Ierent, Harding mrril·cl his part sutTt•ssfully as lhl' lllltlt·r-si;wd. brow-bt·alen partm·r of Says Miss Sanborn Clnrahelll·. , Alba \I'P:UlUts\ l'alnwr gaw a mcwk- Hills Look Inviting to New st•rious oration,at whieh t•wn the members Lihrariall, Hiking Enthusiast of tlw east, aftl•r l~t·aring it many tinu•s in Reserve Exams All Men Attend l\Hiita•·y (~onft•rt'Df't• of Nov. I H~ Ft•w Art~ to Ht· A('('t'J)lf•d R!•pn·~t·nt.lli\ •·~ nl !1 .. \,\ .. \l.oo111t·~ aud :\nu~ ~l'f\ j, n\ \ .... t. : till • u;:( ~' 1•11 Thur_,d.ll, :\o1 •·111l>t·1 ,.,, :•1 I' I 1 .. I\\. JlOSl' of tht 4 \i~il \\d~ I• • .1:1~.! loHlt ill 1l.11 rt•S!'r\'t'. Candidat •·~ 1\ •·rt· iu., , , ·· \ I .11od ~, 1, n ph~sical 1Hld llll'llttJI I' oil Jl!.lf llt)J'-\ lit lt~Jt• !.Ping at • c·ptt·d in tl,. · · \1' 1\.,ukuo~ oflin•r, (',q>tain Sc h ... I'· • .,J 1iu \l.u ow·'· was in d1.1r ~;t·. Strh·t Examination Ciwn Tht· t'\amin.\tion\ \' 1, ',\ ''I\ t 1 ... \'1\US\' tfu· IIH•II dlOht·Jl .t: • '\ l•t 1 tJill< Clltl n·rs. Th1· ~tri< I , .... ,,\ .,,,,,, .. l~t·ll\ kn·p thvM' llll'll from !win~ · .. \h.-.1 out\ l.ott·r at ollin·n;' r;llldid,!l•· \J.. ~t>llll· nu·u Wt•l'l• n·jv.-tt·tl l>t·• au~• ••I ! .• ,, \' hof.n,.lup!<, ot lwrs lll't\Hiw of i>,ul 1 1 • \· \' 111 h,., pl11 ,j. cui th·f•·•·rs. Thost· t:ho~t·N 1\ill h.11 • In ~-:n to ~~ 1.1· !'U~1· nr -.;,.,, \'ork In • • ·liti'l•lt· tl11·ir •·II· liHtm••nt in tlw Arn11 .·\,, t \'I'\· 'llu· m•·n st·f<·,·tt·d 11 •·n· .-ounst·l• d 1\ l.tk•· tlu· • our\''\ as far as t hl'\. liNt· .tl•lt 1 h,,, might ~;i\'t' tlwlll tlw maft·rial II~< 1 \lout.! H•·•·d in tt·<·hnicul lit·lds. Few Men Enllstl'd \\'lu·n till' rt'(lll'ht·IJI.tll\n. ft.lt, ,,fl of tlwm stutt·d t!H·ir t·ntu .. '·'''\!·\ t1un 1111h I ht· fa .. ifit it·~ pro\itft·d .md tlu· t·,fgt'rlll'!\S or till' ntt•n ~nulc·nt \· .dtltou~-:h uot lllilll\ uf tht·lll Wl'l'l' Wkt•ll. It was stalt'cl that tlu·\· t·\atnin.llions· IHrvt· hl'l'll gil·•·n for qmtt- ,, 1wri\'l of 1 inw at otht•r I'Oii!·~t·s and unh 12 llll·n havt• IH•l'll Sl'(l'!'l(•rltllll~ {at Dr. Sueltz to Fulluw Cnrccrs lt is a matter of dl'ep gratifimtion to students as wdl as faculty to note how well they subscribed to this National duty It shows that pe.ople throughout thl' country havt• becomc much mon· awan•of the need for all-out pt'rsonal Sl'rvic<> and sacrifice. Dec. 2 Chapel Program to De Given by Students in Course 'rhc n·~::ular asst•mbly program for n•ht•arsal, laught·d hl'artily. Pahm•r's If you should Ill' looking for sonwonr to spontmu-ous ad-Jibbing lu·lpl'd to kt•t•p tht· go hiking wi(h, just st•t•k till' n>mpilll} of show moving at a fast pal\l'. Miss Ruth Sanborn, thl' Ill'\\' lilm1rinn. It Tlw Armt·•l Forn·\ •o-t•\·~•·ntilti\ •·. I lr. jl•anrttt• L<'Pgt•, as an I'XIWrt hatoil st•t•ns that wlwn sht· 1\oft Wlwawn eollt•gt•, BPu A. Sul'ltz, has lu·• n instru• tt·d to (ul- twirlt•r, kt·pt tlw audi1•nn· wall'hing nm·- Mass., slw WU8 pn•st•ntt'd with u ht•<tUtiful lm\ tht· •·an•t·rs ol thm• ~.-~,., ll·d ,wd W!' fully tiH~ rapid mov1·mt·nts of lwr baton. m·w hiking bag \\ hkh hus su far lain idl(>. that l'ada liws up to 1 iJ,. npt·cl•·d ~land· F'r('(ttll'nl bursts of upplnust• l'am<• forth To Miss Sanlmm, t lw C ort.lnnd hills look ards or ia imnwdiatt·h md w ll·d into ;H·t in' wlwn ]!!ant•tl.t• t'Xl·rutt·d ll partkulurly ('X· inviting-· n good pltKt' for au outing, and st·rvin·. Fot this year the horizons of tlw War Chest subscriptions are not only for Cort- land County but are nation-widl' ant1 ex- tend to every front whl•re Anwrican boys are fighting. Wc•cfnpscJay aftt·rnoon, Dt•c·pmh<•r 2, 1942, will I){• takt•n ovl·r l1v studPnts of tlw <•lt•r· tiVl' rourst• in World War gt•ography. Tlw class of ·l'ight seniors and om· junior is taught by Miss Gran· Muse·. Sl•wral rcvit·ws, illustralt~d with slides and maps, will bt• givl!n from an up·to- datl~ book on till' war situation. This hook is America at War by Van \'alk<·nhurg, a promim•nt 1-(t•ograplwr of our I inw. pert manuJicction. \ good ehunn· to us<· tht· lit'\\ hiking hag. A robust squan· dance was pprfornwcl Librarian from New England M• D d I f) 1 l l hy Barbara Stt·v•ms, Alba Pahnt·r, :-.ionna It was in IIJ.H that Miss Sanborn grad- ISS OW ~ 4' ega 4! 0 Erm•, K£•nnl'th Rl,}'liOlds, Dorothy Todd, UUtl'll fron.r tilt: <'oll~·~t· of Lil!l'ral A~ts nt . State Assodation M(~4·1ino·; F'rt•d Harding, Barham Lmn·rn· and Rnh- Boston ttntV(•rslty. llll·n at ( olumlua shl' e P.E. Students Give Dance and Lecture At Virgil School <'rt Andt•rson with Charlt•s Button as r<'n•ivNilwr M. A. d\gn•t• from tlw 'f',·ueh- AJ)})t~arf>l as Gm•st Soloist \ and a rt·al old fashiom·£1 ordwstra t·rs rolll'J.:!' ami also hl•r B. :'). in lihrnry with Kay Kt•lly, jo!.' K•·lly and lgnazio sl'il•nn· from tlu· library sdwol. She Giarov!.'lli~. taught in t lw puhlk srhools of N<'W J lmllfJ· To the Central school at Virgil on Fri- Those taking part will h1• Ht•l!'ll Cash, Mary A. Collins, Elizalwth Illml'r, Muri· lyn joinPr, Shirl<·y Pt•rkins, Margar(•t Montgonwry, Norma Sammis, Ruth Sehwoln·l ancl FlorPIIl'<' Ta)·lor. day, November 19, 19?2 wl•nt a group of Scrap Drive Collects Zinc phys ed students to grvc a dan:c-~ecturc demonstration. The group was mv1ted to And Copper of Old Plates; present this program by Miss Shirley Nets$7.3.91 lO''Did\Fund Semelisky Cortland graduate in the class Of '42. Miss M. W. Ball and Mis.s Doris· The rcadl•rs of the llilltop Press will Robie accompanied the group. remt•mber that the puhlimtion staff in From their audience at thc Virgil complianct• with gowrnnwnt regulations school Martha Galloway, Carol Monin, lcd a driw to colll·ct thl' nwtal from un- Virginia Jones, Alice Thit•ssP, RosC>mary usl'd \plattcs\ usl'll in pn•vious Didas.- Williams and Mary Blim: Tommy Waye, caleio11s. Fritz Muller, Merrill A~chard, Tony Ko- With tht.• aiel of the frt•shmrn and the walski, Harry Bantham and Thelma eonscnt of the Studl'tlt council this drive Douglas received an exceptional responst•. was made possihll'. The total nwtal col-. )t•anlll' King as thl· glamour ~irl of thv shin· bdort· going into Library work. sorority gaVl' an amusing monologtu· of a At Kcan 1 • Tt•arhNs t•oflt·~t·, Miss Sun- little girl and a quart£•ttl· gavt• a uniqul' hnrn ill'ranw substitnt<' librarian. From pn•st•ntation of \Tav1•rn in th<· Town.\ this position sh£• \Vl'llt to \\'lwaton t·ol- J{uth Mill!·r and ]t•:mm• Harle•! pn•spntt•d leg£•, Norton, Mass .• wlwn· sht· lwadt•d Llw tht• only Sl•rious part of tlw shaw. The Currit·ulum d<·partnwnL for two .and a half duo-piano tl•am playc•d Radtnmninoff's yl'ars. Aftc•r Wheaton t·am<· Cortland. \Prelud<' in C- Shnrp Minor.\ Mnry Cortland Is Different Wright 1,'1\Vt' a fk·xiblc, nimble down's What about Cortland: \It's cliffert·nt,\ dann· that kept tlw nudil•nce luughing and says Miss Sanborn. l'rohablv this is rlul' holding their breath in turn. William to tlw fact that slw pn•vioush· had IR•I'n O'Sullivan provided good eonwcly in his to an all girls' st·hool. In this sd10nl it rt'rounting of the adVl'nlurt•s of a draft!'l' was th<• stuch•nts who ask(•d tlw librarian in th<• war. Jealwlle LPl·ge and Doris Lo be quid., not tiH' lihrarimi wlto askNI Pierce as jittt·rbugs and John Pratt's n•n- the studt·nts. Silenn· rl'ignt·d. Couldn't dition of \1 Had but Fifty Cents\ gavr this apply to Cortland? good cnt<•rtainment. Wlwn Bob White Nt•w Hampshir<• is tlw honw of Miss sang \White Christmas\ not a sound could Sanborn. Aln•mly Cortlandl•rs hav 1 · lw heard other than his mellow tenor voict•. wanwd lll'r that uucluubtt•dly sill· will lw Virginia Russl'l, Elsa Jan<' Putman and .unahle to makl· till' Christmas journl'Y Barba.ra Stt'vcns told tht• sag<> of \A Dis- hl·caust• of tht' arnnunt of snow around carded Bottle of Beverwyl'k B!•<•r.\ Murh lwr<'. Continued on Page 4, Col. 1 She sc·rms to think som!' om· is kidding. The dance lecture dmuonstra.tion was Jccted amounted to 946 pounds of copper the same as the one presented in chapl'l and 148 pounds of zinc. Th(• sal<' nt>ttcd by this same group earlier in tl~e fall. $7 3.1JI. Part of this sum Will probably be Again the characters of Boston Fancy, added to th<• fund for this ypar's \Did\. Abigail and Abner, Ezra and Ella, Com- ==~~'-'-=· ===\=~··:..· -,...;-::;..;=-=--=~-=-============= fort and Catherine and Big Brother and IJl•lt•gnl£'5 dwst·n !tom tlw !':t·l\ York Tt•;\l'hl·rs as~ol'iation lu I• I t ho·it annual m<•t•ting this yt•ar 111 ,,.,, York Ci1v. Tlw IW<•kt•nd 1 unf..11·n• ,. 1 ontimu•d through l'vlmuln~, lu·lll;: • lim;p,,·ol b:'< a hanqut•l at till' llutt·l Comllll>dnn·. l\'lisH Ruth llowd, d!'lt-~:at•· from Cortl.llld St,llt· 'I\·adwrs t·ollq.:•·· app• .u ,.t! \~ gu•·~l sokllsl. Dr. Lynn Brown .1111 \\··d 1 ht· Mmulav I'V1•ning hanqu<•l, as I\' ... i,ft·nt of tlw St;llt• T!!adwrs t·olh•g(• fanilt1• .. ll~ews~Briefs Students, Note! Little Sister came to life and the .rest. of the program under the capable d1rect1on of Miss Ball. St.urlt•.nt arlidl's \Hil' • \ f \' pub! il'a t ion in tlw MurC'h issm· of • J, \ r:.- rurk Slclll' E(lllcalirm Jour11al .n• du• I\,, tmlwr I. 1942. ThPs1· art.kl•·~ ·· ··· ·'· .t! 11ith tlw thl'IIW, \Th1• T1•adtt·r '\ rt,. \-\.IT Crisis.\ All Stat!• Tl·adu·r~o ' .. p. ,.. ·ludt;lll!< nn· invited to suhmit art; t, · I h .. • nmpo- sition should ill' h1·1\ · . ,, \'fl and ·lOll words in lt·nglh. Tlu. •·· ., 1~·· ~hl'lr ln ''E·ar.iy lXI'.z•nter'' R ... e·z·d. ·ns Supreme .a· t Sop.h Soiree,· Dr. Maxwdl Park OJ •••. '•I ,., nwmltt·r YY i t) of tlw Education rll'l'·\ • •\ '\ \Tiny' Bernard Sings Popular nWhite Christmal, CALENDAR f 1 · 1 facultv adviser of the c.l ass, Dr. and.Mrs .. · Finrh and Roger Cox, Shitll•y Brilihanc Against tlw setting o l'ar Y.' wm.t<•r t 1l' ' · B M f'l' J t> We .·dneed. ay, Nov. ember 25: 1 s J>aul Hig..,ins, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davrs and Doug · rown, ary > 1m anc . on · sophomort's lwld their annua mn·c on ., 1 I' l M' · 1 F 't M I 'l'ha .. nksgiving Holiday at noon 1 20 1942 and Miss Doris Rob it·. · Matt H'Ws, >ar mra tnnts anc •rt z u - Saturday l'Vening, N.owm ~er. • • ler, 'Mary \Frazer and Charli(• May, Giliny 'Monday; November 30: Snowllakt•s, am•stc•d m thCJr JO~rn<'y to Lurillc Cary and Shirlt•y Doust pre- V<'t!t•r and Bill O'Sullivan. Assembly the ground, stood pattcrri~·d agamst dark. sided at the punl'h bowl where cider and Tuesday, December 1: bltil' in all their b£•autlful symnwtry. cookies were served. Tlw popular wuplcs Importing their men w<•n• Norma Mor- Recreation cotnmittec--3:20 Light<·d archways, pint' bough. hangings such as Jay Spauld·ing and Leland Stedgc, ris who invitt•d Luk(• Slanion, Cia in· Noll£•r Newtnan cluh-8~30 and whit<' pkket snow fcncPs s<~rv(•d to cut Dorothy Jorgensen and Marshall Shar- and Gll·nn Willis; Carol Stn,Je and OliVl'r Wednesday, December 2: off the danr.l' floor from those who w~re rt>tts, Mippic Rickel and Mark Whittlcto~, Rilt'Y; Dorothy Clark and Tommy Fn·l•r, Sketc·h club-,.-7:00 p.m. •isitting this one out.\ 'Elves and brow111es Tiny Bernard and Joyce R~ff, <?.ladys l~tl~ Lou f{nnnouk and Bill Fl'iar. Assembly dnnced across one wall and ran playfully lings and Ed Puve(•ll, Louise h.Jrkpatrtck Jane MacDonald was ('S<'Ort<•d by Paul Dance club-3:20 away frofn tlw large six-pointed snow- and Paul Coombs, Ginny jones and Osborn (Ozzie), junv Dippcn by Lur.ky Hilltop Press-3:~0 flakes. h 1 Maurice Page, Rosemary Williams and Harding, Beth 'Breen hy Die:k Woodrock, Thursday, December 3: Surrouncl(•d by this n,tmosp. er.e,. JUt Johtmy Nostrant, Ricky Muth atld li:loist• Wathcrston by Larry MiChaud, Masquers meeting 7:30 . not chilled (becaust• of 1ts arllfic1altty), Eug<!ne Michaud, Doris Pope and. B~b Beatrice Emer.idt by j 01 • Latino, Eik•<•n Glee club 3:20 the sophomores and theirg~ests tlanc-t:d to Kimball at1d Betty Lil1dS<'Y and Mt•rrtll Shannon by TQny Kowalski, Leta Ncwilis Monday, December 7: the wcll•reml'mbcrcd. strams of Spwgle Archard, Elaine Weimer and Jack Han- by jack Kuckens, Betty Wlll'elcr by Hob Assertibly Willcox's orchestra. Waltzes, fox trots, non were found among those present. Mt•ad, Elynor thompson Ly Tommy Meet These \'hitura Sr•vt•ral visitors (,,,. • '' 1,••1 i\ d in tlw l'nrridors anti • (.,. .\•··••IIJ.: tlwm was Mrs. Edward M·\ ·' lo \\' tIt, \\ ''\' Coast who fornwrl~ · ,,,1.: .• : '\, hr.·r,k.t univ<•rsity. Sht· is aft .... ·· .,f \1 ~I'''\\~··· Alway. M.rs. Mt·tu·l··· '\ \-IIIH 1.-.r 111 tlw Di!'S£•1 sdmol at £ • • ,.. ll ·\\'' ,.,,,' Pn·sirlent Horn of f.•,lf,,', \' tt•· r.·.uh· (•rs collq~<· wns gu• '' ,• 1'o II. I~. \\ill I >1·Groat during tlw : ,., ,, ,., k Mr. E. E. J,owr) llunort>d Mr. E. F.. Lowrv of rlt•· :irt •kpartmn11 has h(•f•!l honon·d ·(,~ <·In ti .. n ro nwmlwr- ship in Assnriat r·tl Art .-h nf ~~ lit• UHf', •• proft•ssional s<wi .. t) of .u·t \'\ 111 S} r.u il\\ 11ntl vidnit y. Carol rehearsal · jam sessions and the polka Joined in mak- As taffeta, net, and velvet blended in Waye, Barbara Feucht by Lee Strong, Tues!lay, December 8: ing dancing· Cl1joyablc for, all. \T. , . ,. va· rt'ous hues other couples wt•re found on Ann Haughey liy Bill Claudill, Hetty · 11 S cak A C E . m· cett'Jtg~NO ·H'trthl·.·lght o·f t··hc· ev\n·.m·g· wa: s. m.y . L d L k b. D ·FI t. ·t J> I Curtt's· IJy Miss Alway, Mr. Ho. oway, p · • · • · · '· ., ~ .. the floor inchtding: Sylvra ar.sch an uc ens · y · on • c. ·ncr, car · · · R . ecreat. ionpommittee...-3:20 ·Bern· ard's·.rend1 'tionof\WhiteCbrlstmas. 1 1 W H M • 1 G f 1 G'll AJ s •t•J 1 ·<' A .. A .. I'I.I'.I·~.n. lwld n rm·••t.ing Harry Sindair, Janice Matt am BoJ . ag- Jerry aase, . une ra JY t · ram., . d Wednesday, ~ecember 9: · Tiny has bN•n promising to sing for some oncr, Edith Cobanc and Charlie Schwartz, Ruth J{il(• by r~d Kasalt'r, Mary Collins by Thursday night at 7,.1~. :vli-;H Alway an Assembly-Frqsh play timc. The spotlight was turn(.\d 011 thc. Hazel Shannon and Sid Graybeal, Fran Dick Shevalirr, Vicky Front<>ra by Doir Mr. Holloway talk!'rl on tlw. cunft·;~nce Carol ·rehearsal-afternoon band when Spicgle's ne~hew., on}~my Gtoun and Bill Childs, Edith Lux and Yazak. they attendc1d in Nt•\v Ytwk {'lt_Y· . I bt•y • bance dulr-3:20 • furlough, gave out with ,'Stardust m a Harry Bantham, Jane Maci<enmrn and. And so t•nds the Soph Soiree until spokc pnrtkularly about tlw \l'hgh SdtOQl Hilltop Press....-3:20 . ·. trombone solo. Both teccJVecl the hearty Bob Long, Elli!n Q\Grady and . Lloyd another yt•arandanotherSopbomorc dass .. Victory Corps\ ami phyHintl litne9S P!'O· Thuraday, December 10.; :applnuse of _th~se present~ . . Tobin, Faith Fuller and Harry Hunter, It was n very successful dance and now grams in tlw high schools. FoUowmg C . arol· rchea. rsa.l;_,.aftcrnoon ·Foun. d el'lJoymg themselves as rrtuch as d 1 I' 11 · 1 k 1 £ 1 1 · this, a discussion was lu·ld hy members of h d Virginia. l.<c. tir.i.o ail . ~eo . '~.o. en ~ec... uou cait . ook · orwm·< to your umor A •. A. H. p, E. R. meeting-7:30 · the sophomores were t e P~trons an. k d B b A s h ' t.he group. ' · .. M' M w ·t 11 gton Ball Carol Ktrkpatrrc an o . nms, op •c ,Prom. ·IJ.;;;.:o;:;i;;;;;.;;·.·;;.;;.;:o· ;· !\;;;ii:;i;i;;;;;;;=;;;;;;;;;; patronesses- · 1ss · ary . as u . · · • l. ·.•·

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