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The Ray. (Troy, N.Y.) 1887-1887, December 17, 1887, Image 4

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Knight* oJ L*l>or, ODwnrd ever! Cheer j o n r conirute* a t ;oti go; Show the world i>y brtve endewTOr, T h a t we ll iriumph o'er each foe. Kolght\ c f Labor, fear no danrer! Shield the weak from every wrong. Help th e poor, awiet the s ranger, In your Leal for right be atrong. K n ighia of Labor, f.tlter never! Boldly take a temperaai’e stand ; L e t our watchword be forever ■‘God aLd h ome a nd native laud.” Knights And the Triump*! o’er the ngl Lat%r, couirage ever! IT brethreo^wliei Knights of Lilior, see the morning! Beams of l i ^ l dispel the gloom ; And we hall with joy tho dawning T h a t shall seal oppreemon’s doom. —Salem (Or.) Lance. LIFE IN THE WERT. A Comity I o n iiior W h o llai* uii Ev*-r- \Vilt«‘hlu l Eyo for A foau who had justm o v id to Nebraska with his family was called on hefere breakfaft the other morning by a tall ■■Homin', stranger,” said the Nebraaka man. “Jes’ movin' in [ -ce « I unnerstand one o' yonr sods waa mjsteriooaly k illed a few m o n tbt ago?” \Ko air; you're m iaU k ea ’’ “ Am t W ell, lhat'a cur ua. B u t your wife tried to drown herself last spring f “ No, sir, she didn’t,” ■■But one of the gals took pfzen an’ died 'bout that t i n e ?” . “ Xh, w rong againi I understood she did. Yonr whole fam’ly is subject to faltin' sickness .in’ such, I 'm tolit.” “ You've bren wrongly infunneil—my family Is p e rfectly healthy.” ‘■Goah. l h a t s fanny! B a t, say, u n 'i there been a good many viOient ai.d un- x pect<ri deaths in tbe fam’ly som ew betr?'' ■■Never one-” “ Well, you abot a man ’bout 1 ^ 0 —I got that straight?” TH AT O F F IC IA L CIRCL’I,AIL T h e IKut t h a t M o r rU iI t h e C a t I n th e nouK f D a n a B o ilt. A eotTPspondent senda na the followii'g , circular, as it appeared in a number o f tbe daily papers: To the members of our Order wherever found—Greeiiug: A t a conference of ail D istrict As>em- tdies, through their repres^nt.tivea, in the State of New York, h e ld at StephenR’ Hall, Troy, N- w York, on February 2-i, 1887, the following reHolutionn were adopted; W h ereia, T h e capitaliatic press of Nc» York baa for the p>st sevrn weeks need all its infliienee to destroy tb e homes of the coal handlers and their Rui>oorters while they were manfully struggliog for ••zisti'nce. and at the same time resiiitliiu the combined power of despotic mon­ opoly; and W h en as. T h e New York Sun baa been le miist cowardly aud viiulent in its at­ tacks, its solo oiijoct being break np ir organization ; therefore, Iw it Resolved, T h a t we pledge ourselves to abatam in future, and reqaeat all organ­ ized labor throughout the country to ali- staln friim purchasing or having sny d>-al- ings with the person or persons wLo p u r­ chase the New Y'ork 3un; and b e l t fur- Bcaolved. That a copy of these leaolu- tion> be Bent to every organised Asst m- bly of tbe K. of L. and every known or- gunlzaiion of w o rkiugm enin ttn- country; and lie i t still turti Resolved, T h a t i 5 t>—I got tbi ‘■Nil, air, I never did!” “ W ell, well, I must have struck the wrong bouse aomebow—there's such a fam'iy ja<' moved in 'round here some where. You lee I 'm county coroner, '.is I’m very unxiuna to make their acquain­ tance un’ tell ’em that they’re welcome, an’ if they core to indulge in tbeir apecialty I ’ll see th a t they have just slick a u ’ iuqueat as was ever held i . Nt bra-key! Good-bye, itn u g e r .—Chicago Tribune. T H E NEW HOUSt- Rome O u t* Iti'xpoulluie th e Ix>wer Brnn<‘h o f C.'oiiirnitM. Some interesting data lu respect to the poli’ical complexion of tbe new Eou>e have b een compiled at tbe capltoL Of the 108 regular Dem ocrats it set-ms that 104 are old members re-elecied and (14 are new members. O u t of the 104 old members, t>9 have been returned from the South and 33 from tbe N o rth, while 3S of tbe new memticrs arc from Southern Sta es a n d 91 from Northern States. Al- togetht-r the Sonthern States have 102 Democratic representutivee, and the N o itbem Slatea 66. On the Repnblican side of the House there are 94 old mem­ bers and 59 new members, making 15z id all. The Nurtberc Slates seud back 89 Ilf tbe old members who are le-electrd, while ■ ' ' mbers have been however, ra urn 11 pnblieans, making 16 Repahlie .sentativea from th e whole K-.uti \K House 0^197 loentrate our ef- ved. T h a t we cone forta ou the New York Sun. D. A. 147, 162, 73, 49. 128, 46, 65. 104, W e will now conclude by saying that when wc h ad (Uily 15 ( 0 0 organised meu in this State e very similar resolution was sffectiie. To-day, with lti0,()00 organized lucn a n d women in this St.te. if these resolutions are not effective in a few moDiba it is beciuse you have s o t done your duty. Remember th a t t‘ ey who would be tree themselves m u st strik e tbe blow! W e request that these reeoliuions be read at e very meeting. COMMON CO I'N C lL PROCEEDINGS Rc-urular Meetlnw. T eursday , Dec. 15. 1887, 7:30 f M. Memb.-rs present—President M.-ad. Aid. Cridge. Gary, Clue t, Curtis. UalUgan, H ilw el], Maloney, R-i.-rke, Seboeider, Sm ith—11 A quorum not being preaent, A'd. Cridge xuveil that the 45tb lu l e b e e . [Carried. T h e President directed Officer Looby to endeavor to find tbe ahs mee mem- b e n of tbe ta-ard and bring them to t< c Connell Chamber. After a |>rolonged abaence the officer reluraaRl and repoiteil that be-waa u n a b le to find tbe abaen a\ cte- men. W hereupon tbe! board adjoarm-d. J , J . M c C om uck , City Clerk. D elaxs have daDgernua < ik I-.—Shika N kxt to f lith in U'Hi is faith in labor — 8 tk i « ino maDDerii are bad iiianm-i.>.. Rober. Hall. sorviveM I,is No m n ’s roliglo luralA —South. ( ers.—Sophocles. P atikncs if bitter, sw.-i L—KobSt-ai). R bmoubk la tlie <<:ho of a Im t virtu e. — Bulwei Lyi'on. 101 gii\ is tbe w o n t part of a l>ad :.—Juveral. avis U be whom pavhKin T ub worst of s lORTII ll It s ^. q I h , u always to be tiegets in bsae minds e uv ; in emulation. —Fieluiiig. acid n e x t to Uo.t i cbtelly I im not —Saadi. I FXAB God. ■ fear him who f. 'i'HocoHT is the wind, knowledge)be sail, and m nkind the voasel.—H re. A DK 81 BB to resist uppresaiim pLnte-t in the nature u l man.—Tavitu-. P bivate iipsniOB ia weak, but puMic opinion ia alnoat om n ipotent.- Berchei. L abor rid* us of three great evils— irksomeut-BS, vice and poverty.—Vobaire. T brbb is not BO mnuh dsi -isted the teats of b’s m o ther.— (5rrpoiei'i T rcth is im|/oa outward toocn aa 'p SIT* □rver le: fur Ignorance T h e lesa a man thinks his virtue th e belter < Bmerson. like him who AutoniiiE K ivn be-rts a-c m and simple faith than Tentyron. tbe Buiibeam.—M .iio u .; ,irupi.icg the ato is rare, and a wise m u w « -uaw ay; b a n it go by him .—Bayard I * h eie i e ^ e^altack lie unborn than untaiigbt is the root of niisfiirtuue.— lioKR .WFD tlioiigiif*, Ilk* b(>ri\\vd mo • only ^Imw Ihe povrrla i.| r i l>.>ir<)Wtr.—L i o j B W -iiigiin Givx instnictieu to a w ae man, and I e will he ;e i wi^er : teach a jii-t n i,n unU he aiM incri-Bse In I arning. — ilini , .Nil ra-tily ra.m w 11 fe-1 him thing of siii-rne in loi kiiie btu-k i<> oarlv siru^-gles wiib adverae circiiiU'Uoces, and no man fi ei> .1 woriUier pnde than «heu he liss conqneied ti.eo ta-u ilesto bis progri.«a.— K Itsbt You A re! lu coDvirs itii.n with a r-p rl*r ibe other dnv eoaectning tbe kickers, Mr Powd rly Vt-ry truly ‘aid: ■‘Eiiemi s c f trade* nnion* a n d of tbe K \ighls <■( La b r are well pleased to ree tne evidi-nce of troub’i-betwe en the different orguoizi- tiDiiH. They fan the b'Hze, he it ever so soiall, with ihp. hope that i: will burn uo bo'h sides; and in the ranks a re m -n a h -, > wiiile a Q -ciiug to be fricnd'y lo both nr {gAiiiLatioDs, are in reality d-iing all that in their power lu s t<i ruin organized la bar. They stop at notbiug Slaud-r, Llsoli'iod and perjury are resoned lo to gain their ei.d^ ” In the same intervi-w Sir. P.iwderly furti e r a a id: “ T he mtiwioD of the K'jigbi* of L -bor i-> beiug fully ac- I'omplis e-1 s u J neither malice i.o- igno- ram e cuu stay our sui.idj pio,re-s. VV.- are h-re. and we are here in stay. T o ­ morrow a new line of attack may h e r e - sorted to »nd a new ret of cbirge->iaHued to ti<e world in tbe hope th a t by tx>n-t*ni atone of patience will be inaiter irom wbom or _ j ti e attac k may come we will aU I wavs be stroug enoiigt strou g enoug h to maet and repel lurt of reteLgi- is i o did tho ihjnry. itap ld T r a n s it In B r o o k lvu. ' kn-waaiM intj probable effects of rapid I Ilk-- him .— tran-it in Brooklvn will be tbe lowering , in value of residence property in New t to lie t York C ity. U»at e state owner* a te closely watciiing cv. ntR Those in aotliam are ^ apprehensive of a drereaae in their hold- lus and those in B n oklyn are expr-cting i>oom in all th* unimproved lot* of tbe CitT of Ohuiohee. A nother result that is likely to otime from Brooklyn’s elevated ausual dev'-lop II b who can at all times sacrlSoe j liketv to o<i olea-ure to duty approaches s u b li m ity .- | roads is an T he way tn gain a good reputation is to endeavor lo be w b it yon desire to a p - , pear —Socratna. I woDU) desire for a ftiei.d Ibe son who —The b oycott, i-y dtifeiis ge-ieial'y, ipoD Ine American T a b e and Ir»n Works it YoDDgau.wD, Ohio, kss brought tl lompaoy to term s with its employts. I’rcsident J- o'are.l lh<- piantat e wboii making 16 Repuhiii N o -th-rn Stales have elected 48 Republican representafives, total represoutiition in the 1 Republican members. W h o W o re t h e P a s t e r A tali, heavv, led.faced woman ing a pink gingham son bonnet came in ­ to a clothing store in Brsttleboro, Vt., one duy last week, followed by a weak, harmlct.-t-looking lillle mau wearing a pair of coDspicnously shabby old ttouseia of faded bnU ernnt jean*. “ We Want to g it a p a ir of panta,” said the w> man. Tbe clerk, tlirough force of liablt, wan abc'Ut to ask; “ F or yourself?” when ho checked himself, and turniog to tbe little old mao, said : “ F o r you air r” ■■YeA sir.\ piped out th - l i t t l e man tim idly,” and I ’d like a real nice—” but the n-d-fneed giantess interrupted him \N o , you dou’t w in t no ‘real nice' ones. N o rich thieg. Yonr’e th.- Iwst inett man to w ear out panta I ever re anyhow. Y'on a in’t bad them breeches youv’e g u t on but three years, and look at 'em . They won’t last six m o uths lunger. A man that can’t take better keep of bia panta tL . n tb a t o r ta ’t to have any at a'l, but I ’ve ’greed to give you a pair f e r Sun- dayA ao :f you'll show m e some good, cheap one*, mister, I ’ll take ’em m*bbe.” “ I ’d like ’em with stripes in ’em,” said the vain, litt'e edd fellow, glancing ^ oealingly tow a rd his wife. \N o yon don’t,” she said, decideuly; “striped breeches come high, a n ' I know - T hen Fd like ’em with black a n ’ white checks m .” “ Yee. yon w onld,” was the scornful re­ tort. “ And it won d b 't be two y e a n till you’d have 'em so dirty they wouldn't be tit to be seen. No, sir, I want aomething that won’t show dirt—srmi-thing in a yaib-risb brown or a greeniab gray ; jeans is ibe thing.” ■‘I'd like »imetbing in casrimare or ” “ Vnu’U wear w h at 1 b u y . Amasy BagjS an ' you know i t ” And be did. Krazllllan slaves. There hua been an insurrection of slavoa in Bniztl. About sixty on two intatioiiB revolted and made off for the Ten policemen who were *- at after ih e n w -re disarmed and sent home Then twenty monoted police were seni after them, but the strikers having been joined by a number of others deleuted them, the runaways, with those who bsd joined thtm . to th e number of four buedred, have made good their escape and h ve ji^oed a numtier of o'her run­ away slaves in the nrianiiuoi. T ie autbonties c a do n o thing, as tbe milicli refuse to lie turned iuto slave bunti-rs. W e fully expect tbe law and order preaa to call upon the authoriuea to use all tbe resources of cisilizatiun to pu t do-an these sntsgoDixers of the law o.' their country. Now, gentlemen, all togetier, ‘-It is the du 'y of all good citizens to obey the law ------ Why don't y o u keep r'Rl t on? Any of your old editorial*, m which you denouncr tbe ioaurrections otherwise called -trike*, of wage slaves, will do. w ith very s li /h t changCA T h o O n ly U n fhIr P a p e r . T h e 'Troy Timee is the only unfair paper in the city. Oiganized labor, it la for your iDierest that t be remaved. See h tt tbi.a stigm a ahouM It th a t it is reiroved. r boofs, lluelness N o tion. F or bargaius go to the Boston Shoe Store, 202 River street. In d ies’ rub­ bers, twenty five cents; Ldiee’ fleeced lined rubbers, forty ceniA m« n ’s robber*, fsrty-flve cent-; m \u’s arctics, ninety- live centA men’s rubber boots, o tar a u d ninety cent*; boya’ rubb er one d o llar and fifty cenia. O w iss to my removal in *bo it seeks I will ofier my entire stock, wi ich comprises fine W inter and Spring Ovw- coa'ing*, Drees and Business Sui'ingssnd evrry variety of Pauls goods. Also a fine stock of Uenta’ Furniabing Goods at a great reduction, aa the entire at ick must be sold witbih that tim e. William W at- tcnliurg, 85 Congrci* £St. S amta C u v s run* at sight of the Holi­ day Barga na at S. B. Thing A Clo.'*, Cnildren's warm fleece-iined Rubber BootA $1 ptr pair. Children’s Red Tup Bouts, 75 c ents per pair. C b ildrtn'- Warm Slippers 95 cunts, worth 75 cents. Gent*’ Holiday Slippers, at 3U and 75 centa per p u r , nauady sold at double the price. B -jotce and purchas\ your C'liriatmai preseuts a t S. 6. Thing A O o . ’ a 328 a n d 880 River street. Be Sure and Attend T H E Grand Dissolution Sale Johnston & Reilly 59 AND G1 NORTH PEARL ST., ALBANY, Now ill Proiress Onfler llie Folloiiiig “ TERMS - FIEST—On all cash purchases of JIO and upwards a Deduction of 10 per cent will be allowed on the following articles; Silks, Plushes. Velvets, Black and Colored Dress Goods, Ladies' and Gents’ Hosiery, Knit Dnder- wear, Gloves; Laces, Costumes, Wraps, Shawls, Up­ holstery, Curtains, Ribbons, Notions, Umbrellas, Cloak­ ings, Cloths and Blankets. SECOND—On all cash pu'■chases of $ 5 and upwards, on Domestic Goods 5 per cent will be allowed. These com­ prise Linens, Sheetings, Cambrics, Ginghams, Bleached and Unb.eaohed Muslins and Flannels, THIRD—All customers coming from Troy, Lansingburgh Waterford, Cohoes, West Troy, Castleton or distances ranging fr.'m 7 to iO miles and purchasing goods to the extent of $5 or over fare will be allowed. FOURTH—All customers coming from distances of 10 miles or over, not exceeding 50 miles, on purchasing $10 worth or more fare will be allowed. G u a r a n t e e d in E v e r y D e p a r t m e n t . N. B.—W h ile we shall absolutely decline giving Sam p les during this Sale, and positively no goods sent out on approba­ tion, we shall in all c a s e s exchange goods and cheerfully refui m o n ey w h e re goodsoods arere notot s aatisfac tisfadtory. paid on all goiods g a n s E x p ressag e will be l within a radius of 50 miles. By order of R O B E R T JO H N S T O N . OYSTER AND CHOP HOUSE i T o . 5 ^ ’r a a a . ^ l i n S q . ’o . a r e . TROY, N. Y. ()iiac](fifil]usli & Go. E\Tlil»!{DL\lilY mRlIlIK Dress L e n g ths Holiday Gifts. 2 , 0 0 0 F u ll Dress Lengths, a ll - ■wool Fabrics Choice Designs and Colorings. 10yards drmbte f> Id Diagonal for tl.5 0 . lU yards donble told CbvCK8 fi r 62.50 10 yards double fuid M ixinres uLd '■ecks tor $2.90 lo yards d ouble f-Id luviaiblu Oliecks 10 yards double fold Strip, a and Plain Chocks for $4.90. 6 yards .‘>4 inch Ladies’ Clutb (ii»w sliHdes) for $3 8 yards extra doable fold Cht cks for 8 y a 'd s extra dunble fold CLe k* i-nd i!a n for $8.12. 8 yards ex 'r a d >iible (old plaids and mixtu «s for $3 90 8 y a r d 'e x tra duhble fold Piaia S.Tije- for $3.90 8 yards rxira doable fold Zauilla Gluth for $5 50. 8 y s r la double fold L a p iu’s best Cast • lere for $.5 85. 8 'ar-isexira d onble fold Lupin's Fau c ; 'laid- for $6 90. TWO SPECIAL VALUES; 8 yards 4 4 i\ch *11 w ol K ^ rs-.'s f'-i $8.-14; goiKl V 1 le Hi $C.OO 9 yariis 45 lo.-lt flue all w>-ol Oamel’* Hair for $1 72; have ueen iwld ib a season Our priceA quality aud • yies of the abuve D risi L*-ngCUB caonot be surpastied lo this c ity or elaewlitre- Mnke yiiur seioi-iiuiis . ally liefors tbe assortment is i roktn. (i.l.S.(|llillli.\l)lSil&Cfl., COB. BR0ADWAY4 THIRDST., TROY N. Y. ___ E . E L L I S , -MERCHANT TAILOR,- AND CLOTHIER, Offers for the next six weeks a {jrent reilQCtiuu in prices which uauuo; be s n t- passed by any clotbier in this city. 166 R iver S tr e e t, T roy, N. Y. \V H ,U .\M R lU,:GHKS.8*l«.in*o. W u. M ulhulla ND, J acob H. E llih , SPECIAL NOTICES. In Sciecuag—yonr pietures see our oil paintioKS for $3. Those e u u r vinga (or $‘2caon o t be beaten in T r o y . We are selliug our slock of c abiuet* beluw com eleffaDt o nes for SUcents. Tw enty cent buys a French brans fram e —somethin! uew. See F. W, Ssolsbary AiCo.’a stock. CODErees ntrneL BEST 50c. TEA IN TROY. .kmhrOKe Kelly, 299 River Street. Try z T x v t t H a ^ D E A L E R IN Boots, Slioes and Slippers CUSTOM W ORK TO O R D E R . Repairing promptly done. 7 3 C o n g r e s s S t . . T r o y . WM. B. S tapleton , 'teaier in ail kinds of C ' O . V T . . D. A H C. Co.’a Rail C<>al a specialty. fT A D T i a -tld m id *1\ Second St. X i l i l U O ” ” M o n roe a n d R lv^rSta^ __ C. D. PACKARD i SON, D E A L E R S IN Boots, Shoes end Rubbers. A com plete stock of J . & T. COUSINS’ fine shoes coustsDllv oi' b in d . W aukeuphast sboea a specialty Prices as low as tbe lowest. 69 Congress Street. U n d er B a u d ’s Opera H o use. $ai) 9 ed (joods Free from poisoi), awchuno. o r o a n iz e d L a b o r . You will find *ii tbe Leteet Nu/eltie* in Fall and Winter Millinery AT J a m e s -B. H a l l ’s 322 RIV E R ST—N ext D oor to S aul ’a. Open e v eoingt during tbe season. S.p & L f. G-e2a.-u.i11e MARK-DOWN IN T H E PRIC K S OP DRY 600 DS! O u r ainek is too laige a n d must be r e ­ duced 0 m ke room for Holiday G'-ods. Wi- mealiO'i a few cronoUDceil redu' tions t lit prove wl.ai we sav. and when we ad- Vi-rii*e a I'daetioD or pricen we mi-au it. D r e a O o 'd s Deparimeol—A D o n b le- foM Fancy S t r i icd Suiting, very desira­ ble,^(nll line of color*, ;i2>^ c ents per VOL. THE ' i Notion D> p a n m e m —19-iiicbftilk Plush 86 eent* 1 er vs*d. I.eona.d’8 100 yard Stiool Silk 8 cents. C -atsSi-ool Co Ion 50 cents per dog. Pine Metal Butt n» 13 cents p»r di>z. Glove D e p -rtm e n i—L adies' Mousqne- t'lre Gloves 98 cent'-. D, A P. PE T E R S , QrocerA Best oods a t reaaonAble priM s. R n e Bnttw • speeialty. Ladi. 8’ A l!-«ool Mitti-ns a t 12},,' cents. Blanket DepBrinient— A 104 White led Bia' ket a t 09 ceut*. Calico Departtneni—Best q uality Com- br able Caffeo 3 c ents y a r t. Good Calie ' for dre— 0 cents yard, Lsdirs’ He slery Deparmiei.t—Chil- Ireo's All-wool Hose, Ribbed, full regu- ar m ide, all eisp*. from 5 to 8}(, 25 Ladies’ Vests--8ilk Embroidered Pe>rl Bmton*, winter weight, 36 cent*, wutth 49 '•'■nta. O n**’ Purnishlng D epartment— G -nts' N*tur*l Wool Shirt* and Drawers $1; w orth $1 48. G ents’ CanU'l’H H a ir f ho e 25 cents. Skirt IN-panment—Lidips’ Jersey Kmt Skir‘s 50 ''ent*. L die ’ Flannel Skir s 75 rents. Cloak* *nd Jacke'*—Ladle*' la-indon Dy d Plnsh Cloak*. Satin Q lilted linings Lsdiee’ Muslin Underwear Department —Ladies’ DrawerA made of fruit of tbe loom mosljn, 8 tiickA Ilam borg rnfflee, alt sizeA 48 centa. Ribbon D e p a rim e o t-G lare Ribbon,all Hb.ide* DO a ll pure i-ilk 26 cent-. Millinery Departmeot—Fine Wool Felt Hats, f i-ed with Asiracbnn, all colors, 75 Cnriatii D epartm ent—L'lirtain D raper- 'M, 40 inches wide, 12j c»nta per y a rd. Few and desirable patterns Juat received. Lace D e p a rtm ent—Ladies’ Spaniah Scarfs 50 cents. Ladii-s' Spanish Fischus 69 cent*. Ladies’ Mall Ties, embroidered ends, Knit G o o ’s D epartm ent—Children’s W hite Drawers Lagging* 48 cents. One lot of Cbildr> n’s Hoods, all sizeA 19 c ruls; worth 60 ci nta. Linen* a d Cottons—Loom Dice Table linen. 56 inches wide, 2.5 rents per vard. Lon*<Ule and Fru it of tbeLoom Muslin 9 C' Dts pwr varJ. SMITH, DONNELLY & LEE. 12 Broadwav 37 Third St.. TROY. N. Y. __ W. E. KEBIS & CO, W HOLESALE DEALERS IN P O R K . Also B U T T E R . EG G and C H E I S E HOUSE, G r o c e r i b s a n d P r o v i s i o n s , io8 C o n g ress St., Troy, N. Y. CYRUS L T l ^ DEALER IN P r o v i s i o n s , BUTTER AND CHEESE No U.0 Gongress^t. SEWEK A.\D DKlirFfPE, D. J. Whelan, Cor. Fifth and Jefferson Sts. EVERT S&TURDAT every purchaser a t o ur Store will get An Extra Special Present lity a t unlirard- are tbe largeist to see yon, DNION PACIFIC TEA CO., »« C-ongreen 81., T r o y , N. Y. Headquarter*. 79 W ,.tir S t and 80 Front street. New York, N . B.—Bvwaru of the Frauds who claim to be branebea of nur roncern. ' W i l l i a m L l a t t , T e ’^ e l e r . WATCHES and DIAMONDS 268 R iver St., Troy, N. Y. W ATCHES and JEW E L R Y REP IB F D M A X G i l I M M , IIEA I.ER IX hehigb and Lackawana Goal Also dealer m bE W E R andLiZ-^tN Office—Cor. CONGRESS and RIV E R STREETS. Y a r d - F o o t of Congrrss street. Telepiione. CR E A k E R Y A lT D D A I B Y ^ T T E B , finest made. Send trial order. D . A P FX X S R 8 S c M s d ik will make you smile nnt lend. W e sell TeM and Coffeee of the finact if low price*. htcau*e T ea JmiHirtei ID the world ir> c t with tbe couBumer. Como a n d a e us, we’ll be awfully glad we are tb e large T ea Jmixirters and Coffee Roaster* io th e w dealing early part 1 neigbboijM Fourth abi large M i l McLeod, 1 upon iDM “UiugA” f ed), were ■ cupatuiu t city d'-p a Some o f ll men llvi«| •omewbat places of • tbeir i ^ n think of d the girl* m those f t o f gro w l! 1 mantle flk a t ihi* sl« job that k w orkiogfl sail IlM r would I k writer’*-fft iisc outsido a average 4 until ite a But U i* this 0 MA of Troy « o u t(b e o thing* ha) will qini ChiDe»e ' working I than the wOaflS a couut* arbiir i j j “ intel'ivi tellectu d o f their f thoughM devi.tit^ sooal tut botii in I popiila^ they wbt of p u b li value o f N e w M aa they g dollars. ] t a c ^ j ^ Westi'ffii

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