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The Ray. (Troy, N.Y.) 1887-1887, December 17, 1887, Image 3

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i LOCAL M ATTERS. I ’ s . I! :SUp- If f o r i and 25 • ^50 . a V. *• | l \ f e n , and Tro7 I t ilir it f e P E S r |ro. P. p p S78 —Tl>e faoerat of I>r. Charles Q. Clarl |«tindi«<l suddiol; oo Wedoeed4]r, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. This season neither time, money DO^ troutile has bC'n spared to m <ke Freer’s stock of Albiiuis oompb'te in the trux sense of the vrord. For immease assort ment and low pric-'s it is not >siirpa>Bed br the largest motrop'iiitau houses, Mr. Freer imports his floods dir>-ct and there­ by controls many stile* not shown by anr Other Louaa. To get iboee thioga that are newest and mo*T deairab'e in Ibis line yon s>ionld not fail to eisii Fre>r’t I d Pine Albums Hr. Frear ii sbowi a a msgnlQeejt line in Ru*eia Leather, Seal, 'T' ie* Morocco, Olive Wood, Piiiah, etc., at prices from Sli to 811 . which is at least f'Tty i>«r cent. lo«er than that charged by o'ber bouses for the tsme goods if. indeed, ib-’y bav«- th m at a ll. Frear < Ser< a Lands m<- Plush Album, with ailk flower on cover, for 81 19. This Album ii worth fully 81 75 Frear oSeea otner grid<^ at 81.3$. $1.50 $1 75, 81 89. At 89 Frear nffera a regular gem, sir.ed handsome Silk Plush, wit word ••Portrait.” or “ Album” in nirke) Ipttera, with several in Me designs. This would he a bargain at 88. AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS: Frear has An>ograph Albums from 5c to 82 e.ch. Vou cannot fail to find just what Tou want in this line at s most eatls factory price. Card Albums Are shown by Frear in fall ranely at a remarkably low price. ALBUM Easels. At 50e, 09c, 75c, 85o and upward. pl.ee ytsU-rday afterno n from the Fifth Avenue Bapti--t Church. The funeral W-.R l. rgely atteode.1. — The saloon of £<lward M c E colb at e foot of Slate rtreer, was badly wrecked by fiie early Friday morning, v.loable colltcilou of crayon portraits as destroyed. Loss, $9,000. —T. V. Powderly, General Master Workman of the Eoigbta of Labor, will leciure at Rand’s Opera House, Dec. 19, 1887. and it is hopi-d lha' every Eofglit ihu city will be present to bear him. —Mr*. Leonora M. Birry, general inves­ tigator of women’s work of the Knights of Latx», will addresn the workingwomen of Troy at the Ciiv Hall, on fbnrsday evening. Dec. 22 1887. The lecture will inblic and all are inTited to be present. 'Kz-4^cer Wihiam McOartby, who shot and kilird Richoid Doriug in West Troy by mistake, sod who was convicted \f manslaughter and sentenced to foor yea'S iQiprisonment, but later granted ' s been admitted to tail in tl 8 iQipru w t'lal, has be n of 80,000. —Mill street and DeFreest avenue were in total daraness on Wedueslay evening andcauBid much danger thereby amoo( pedestrians and bUMness wsgons. Tw< of the latter came very near being wrecked. The darkness was caused by the wires of the Electric Lii;ht Company being in bad order. The company ahonld be crefol and not have any aocidi eanaed hy their negligence. T. e commission appointed two yean U> inquire as to a more bumtne metbotl of capital pnniahmeut, eapects to complete its report lor the new letrislature early in January. The commission con­ sists of Elbridge T. 0< rry of Ilew York, M.tibew Rale of Albany and Dr, Sooth- wick of Biiflalo. It is snthoiiiatirely lireotiog, stated that all agree on a sy-tem of eLc trical appliance to produce death instead of banging, and they will so report. —Three burglars had pried open the money drawer in John Edllngton’s store at the corner of Division and Second streets, early yesterd-y morning, and found the key to the safe. They bad also ;elber a nnmber of diickeos and lerters of lamb, and were latent on their plunder when one who was on goard caoght sight of Officer Dirao approi ing, and all three jumped out of the < and rail like mad. —The store of James B Ball, dry ;ooda dealer at 322 River street, is now n the hands of Merritt & Ryan. Chattel mortyagea to the amount of 89,788.58 held by pertiet in this cily were f< recloaed Wedneudsy. The mortgages were In favor of the M. T. Kane estat^ Collins, Converse A Merrill, George Kir IC. C. V. Collins.oilina. Tb«he and V. C T amount of the one held by the Kane estate was the largest. 86,462.42. Mr Hall formerly kep^t T H E NEW BOOT AND SHOE HOUSE. No. 5 Hall Building. H en ' s , L adies ', M isses C hildran ’ s FIN E SHOES. ,1 ohn McCrraw, FoBMERLr OF THE BoSTON S h OE S t OBR. RUBBERS SSc. .rii* Dignity of Labor. W hit a cojcurent testimony U given by the entire nniver.*8 to the dignity of loiL Things inanimate and things irra- tloiial combine with m-n and angeia to proclaim tbs law i f Rim aho mtdc them all. The restless atm'»-p!<erc, the ro'liug rivers and the heaving ocean, nature’s Vast laboratory, i.evcrut rest. 0ountle-<8 agencies in the heavens above, la the earth beneath and io thu waters under the esrtb ; the unwearied sun, coming foith from his chamber and rr J >icii^ ta a strong to run a race; the cbaageful moon, whose nevrr-sliiinberiDg influence the never-resting tides obey; the planets, never pau^ug in the mighty sweep of their majesiio march ; the sparkling stars, never cessing to show forth the handiwork of Him who bade them shine; the busy swarms of insect life; the ant providing her meat in tne sommer and gathered her too 1 in the harvest; the birds, exuberant in their flight, pouring loith their melody of song; th(i besets of the forest, n‘j ilcing the gladness of f'eedom and activity; Dfimeval mao among the bowers of Eten; Piradise anlainied by ain ; fallen man, with labor s'iil permitted him alleviation of b u woe aud ao earnest of his recovery; redeemed man, dinnely in- -truoted, a-sisled, encouraged and honor­ ed in bis toil; the innumerable company of angels, never resting in their service, never wearied in their worship; the glo- rions Creaior of the universe, who neithm slnmbereth Dorsleepeth ; sU, all bear tes­ timony to the dignity ot labor. Wwk- ingmen! walk worthy of yonr vocation; you have a noble escotebeon, disgrace it not' There is nothing low and mean bat sin; step not dawn from yourloftj ptideslal to dedle yourselves itaminatioD with iutemperam i*ness or any form of eviL Lab< I'lied with virtue may look up to liMvi md not blush, while all wMdIy d'gniui prostituted to vice, will leave their own­ ers not a o»nier of the universe in which to hide their shame. You will most si cessfnliv Drove the honor ot toil by illus­ trating in your persons its allianoa with a sober, godly and rigbteoua life. If. white ihos laboring on eartn, you anticipate of heaven, and can say as a pour ice did, who, when pitied because bumble lot. said, taking off hat, “Sir, I am the son ot a king, I am the chil I of Ood, and when I die angels will o>rry me from this union workhonse direct to the conrti of bvaren.'' Oh I when I have shown you such a ipeotaole, I will ask, is there not a dignity in labor? ’■ \ (wman Hall, I irdividnal 'useful for moiiopolisilc croakers to know thit within ten years every depaitiu- nt of icted upon co-i m y t a o n . tei know tUil tlioae wt» Z T Hellcs or the Stune A«a. Ti.ere liav> rerently been discovered in t'le bixh Alps, u. ar the sumnut of the great b t Beruard, five large granite altars lod t number of other relics of the stone age, SQch as axes, knives, etc., used in tbs pagan epochs for sacrifioea. Bwiss writ- era rmpbas’ze the hisioncal importance of this discovery, in that it is a proof that St. Bernard was a place of sacrifice la pagan times, and also th at as far back as the sge ot stone the Canton Yaldis was inhabited by human beings.—Pobbe Opinion. A Prodlsy. Proud Father—I believe, my dear, that 'bnt baby knows as much Mother (gazing at the infant}-Yos, >or Htile fellow, ii, .irSSi.d Vandenburgh & Seaman’s, man once of his bi e cornel of Broadway and Tl Labor Notes. 'Chicago coachmen have formed Every printing office in Omaha is uniun and businese there is first class. Tet lie l4)Ve(l Her. Man finds any amount of fault with woman, yet works tooth and nail to get her. He calls her extrayagant, yet yearns to pay her bills. She's hearUen. yet be devotes months to findiniz the spot where that heart should be. She’s fickle, yet stmgRies for a place in her affeciions ic’s timid, but he, noble creature, has urage for tw a Bbe’a a fraud, bnt rling. She's s goose, bnt s dock. Kie’s •nippy, and sweet. In fact, she’s chame­ leon, in tbe very latest style ol spots and An effort is being made to organize •he reversleversl hundredundred uf Boaion. r h female compositors • eiper-, ai K E E L E R ' t s s Qyster House & Restauant, 26 and 28 Maiden Lane, (One door west of Broodway) ALBANY', N. Y .\ Ladies' Bestanr mt up stairs. Hotel att-ebed. yanAlstjne& Harmgtflu, INSURANCE AGENTS, 257 River S t , Troy. Upposlte Frear'*. B. H. Van Al-tyno. A. W. Harri' pton. Jr. B U 'r YOUK FLOUR At the Flour a n d Grain btoren ot P, CONNOLLY & SON, 141 Rtvor dt 368 .Tacknon 8ts. Theirs is the largest family Flour Bt> re hi M Filler OpBDiDg at M i ' . s . J J . M . HICKEY’S, Full L ine of F rench Bonnets and Round H a ts a t very low prices. , ...id .pot,.,.- 55 CONGRESS STREET, —The Knights of Labor C i-operaiive .asoclalioo is —The city government of Frovidenee basincreasd 'he p<y of laborers ia its employ to 81.75 a d»y. —Tbe Baldwin Locomotive Works are making fifteen locomotive engines a week ana emt^oy 2,706 —Tbe boycott is s'ill on the Champion and tbe company still continues '^anized labor. —Bokirs have Sixty onioni and 22,000 me bere, and tbe uuioa 1 bel is put upon all bread baked by nniin bakers. —Dennis Eearut y says he has actual Ctaiuese lepers making c'gsrs in tatiforuU for eastern comsumption. Tbe Knight of Lub<>r* Uitei will pioiect yon against ca'ching tbe contagion. —There is a movement on foot to or~ ganize a printing trades assembly o ' tbe Knights ot Labor at Leavenworvb, Ean- —District A'-sembly 24 Knights Libor of Ghirago has pot iiselt on lecoid 'dminUtration opporing auarcbism. mated that 36.670,000 yards of sIlkiibboD, equivalent to about 22,700 miles have been made in Patterson, N. J., during 'he past year. —The convention of brass-workers of the United States at present members of tbe Knights of Labor is shout to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, for tbe purpoee of forming » • btional district. —1 be Oanadian Federal Labor Com­ mittee IS making an extended iuve-tiga- tion into the condition of persons employ- e I iu Canida in the ngrlculiuial, mining, lumber and fishing industries. —A boycott decided upon by tbe Beading employes on Lehigb coal is be­ ing enforced. Tbe North Pennsylvania R.ilroed was compelled cool, owing to tbe crews oi ing refused to take out tbe trains from Bdiblebem. ' —Tbe Knights of Labor Aa*embly at WinebentoD, Mass., has been so closely watched and blacklisted that they ba l to make their meeting hour at 10 o'clock at to avoid spotters- They have feathers sod fixings. She’s lithe and graceful and dainty nnd dear—'ind changeable as tbe wind, Yet she’s a most desirable article of honsebold furnishing, md there are mighty few men, who want get along without her, ch>melioo—ia a bustle—though she be.—Km Fnmeu Fruits of Co-ooeratlon. The moment a oo-operativ,i enterprise is spoken of, every cro>ker and monopo-i listic thief predicts fmlurc. it may en­ courage co-operstois to know (bat ten oo-opetaiive associations succeed to rate ■pris''; and it may lolisilc cmaker* to ki I years every depaitiu- c d d sinbntiou will be coo- operat'VP principles and to wageworKert to first eugige in co­ will D« tbe flret emancipated.— —-^IOOAU.ST - ToeuTBUit F S DISPLST OF hat they have just received fur tbe Rul iday trade. Their prices are always right. Please rememoer tbe num- tier, 386 River S k. Troy, N. Y. H o liday Presents. Ladies’ Fnr Sets and Fur Trimmuiga. Children's Fancy Furs. Men's Fur Caps, Gloves and Adjustable Seal Plush Garments- Men's Fur Coats. Elegant Silk Umbrellas. Men's Dress Glovea Holiday Styles in Hats. Handsome Christmas Cards Given Away W ith Eveyr Sale. D U a i N , ____ 2 0 S a n d . 2 1 0 lai'^T’e r S t r e e t - T. V, POWDERLY, C O Y L E ’S H O U S E , 90 TH IRD STREET. All Oysters opened in the House. Cooked ;n all styles. W . & M , G ROSSp K iiigw o f O l o t h i e r s , -AND- GENTS’ FURNISHERS, 119,119 1-2, 121 and 123 Congress St., cor Fifth Aye., Troy, N. Y. LARGEST GL0THIN6 HOUSE IN TROT. General Master Workman of the K. of L., U O I S T ’O ’ F O i e O - E T T I Z B n S T I T l S y l B E I S . N o t e a Few ol'Oiir i3ara:aiiis; 86.G0 Men’s Suits for • - - - 12 9b 81U.00 Caasimsre Suits for • • - - 86 98 00 Boys' Corduroy Suits fw .... 88.69 00 Boys' Cas-imere Suits for - - $196 Men’s Red Fiatinel Uned Pea Jackets, [double breaMedj only 83.98 Worth 85.00. W ill d eliver a lecture in this city, u n d er the auspices of D. A. 68, on December 19. Gillies & Buchanan^ T A I L O K S , 1 4 = T n i i t u S T S E E r r . I ’T s o t r , i t . - z -. GRISWOLD OPERA HOUSE,, FALL OPENING OF ^ aijid Cai-i>ets -AT- M. Doyle’s Sons. Lowest Prices, Largest Stock and Better Goods. EXAMINE OUR STOCK AND SA T ISFY YOURSELF M. DOYLE’S SONS, 176, 178 and 180 River Street._____ 1887 ---- FALL C P E N IN G -----1887. Mrs. M. P. Acker Having just returned from making her selection of a large and elegant assortment of the latest designs in imported BONNETS, HATS and FHENCH NOVELTIES ■will be pleased to show them on TUESDAY, WEDNES­ DAY and THURSDAY, Oct. 4, 5 and 6. is r o . I S n n e s r o - s i ' . , r e n o - z ' Colored Dress Goods Greater Bargains than Ever. yard, Dress Goods a t 3c p e r yard. Children’s Bright ^ l a i d at a t 6 cents per 60 pieces double w idth Tricot and plain and mixed Gashffieres. all wool weft, ■will he sold a t the ridiculously low p rice of 6 1-2 cents p er yard. 16 pieces of double fold a ll wool Cheek Suitings, w o rth 50 cents per yard, ■will be sold o u t a t 29 c e n ts p e r yard. Tie M rewl, CtarcICo. Ltl MAMMOTH STORES, THIRD AND CONGRESS STS. ■fROY, N. Y. A Fine Christmas Present. If you w a n t to make a handsome present to your Husband or Sons have a good, heavy Chinchilla Beaver Overcoat made to order, corded edge, for $25 to $35; or a good. Stylish Suit for $25, or a handsome pair of Pantaloons from $5 to $10, and yon please them best Yon w ill find a large assortment at low prices, hut good work, a t the Popular American House Ttulor, Charles A. Spenard, 30Y Fulton St. (FORMER SECRETARY TklLORS’ UNIuN. TROY > __________ JOHN HICKEY, Stepltens Hall, Troy, N. Y. AG E N T FC R BARTCN’S I OF L, BLOl SEftL CIGIIO, Galatea, Star, Harvest, El Merito, Crescent, And many otners.

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