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The Ray. (Troy, N.Y.) 1887-1887, December 17, 1887, Image 2

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T H E E ^ Y . PU B L ISH E D W E E K L Y ^olidanty Pulilubii]^ Assoaitioo, Sleohens Hall, 134 River Street, TROT, N. Y. JAMES J. REILLT ^uiACer Sl'bi'llENS CALL. TROT. N. Y. TKOY, SATURDAY, DBC. lt>, 1887. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. An X on th e wrapper of tUis p a p er aigmfles that tbe sabecription baa ex­ pired, and unlew renewed T h i R ay will be diacontinned. TO OUB BSADEBS. I Le editorial and bnaioeea m auage- luent of T eb K ay will be under the '' • I anperriHon and contrCM of the c.:. arity PablU b ing Ajaocialiou of I'r N . Y-, and will be conducted X >ioly in tba Intereits of the Kuigbts oi I. ,Dor. Oorreepondence Is solicited, but tJC management of T b i R at is not |<ouible for the new s expressed bj I -.xyninbaton. Jam es J . Reilly, bum- ncas m anager of T b j R at , is the onb person antborised to collect moniee tor th is paper. T bb largest re a il store in 'I.c L'niUd States h a s just been opened in Brooklyn. It is stocked in a curious way. A Poitou street oacdy man eelh the candy, a Bro-<d- way (New Y o rk) J.ipaneso coucetn eellh the bric-a-hric, a New York shoe hou>e sells the abocA and so it go a. The owners o f the sV re sell notliiug Imt the dry goods, and the r e - t of the c<.'Oceru is made np of two score separs'e establish ments, which pay a oommiraion or rental to the owners T hbbs is quite a fuss made about the tariff those d>jA and while k II agree (to diaagrie) that there ebonld l>e aometbinc doue to rednee the sorplua in ibetrrasnry by resrrauging the tariff on im p o rts, or reducing the internal rercnaA none ao far ban offered a good plan by w hich to redoee the tax on our own people with, ont eetablUbitig some system w h ’cb will in the end w ork to our detrimt-nt. The etatesmea of the two great political par­ ties hare all, or nearly all, bad th e n say on the matier, and yet none of them seem to have bit upon a plan tbai strikes the public forcibly as the proper remedy. Some of the members of th e Democratic p a rtrfiiT o r a moderate reduction of the tariff • n lom g n go da coming into this oountry a n d S' me a redne ion on internal taxation, while some of them favor the total a b olition of the tariff. The Re­ publican party leaders favorlhe reduction of the iuiernal U x atiou, but all agree th a t there should not be any reduction oi the tax on Importatiooa from forei,;u countries. Now before off-ring w h at 1 ooosider a good plan l<y which to reduce th e revenue, s n l a t the aame time red ice the furplus in the treasory, I wish to call your atleotioo and also the a ttention ol yonr readers to the very peculiar p-ople that are firiiuiD g every nerve to f-rmu late some judicious tariff regiilatioas for the b n ietit Ot the people (i. e., tbem - aeltee). A. B . H ew itt wants the tariff doubled OD ucSnisbed iroo, and lo would 1 if I was an iron manufacturer, but I do not think It fair for him to aek th a t all tariff b e taken off ores a nd pig Iron becan<e be wiahee to get itobeeper, and regard- lees o f the inuresta of oar miners a n d all others in blast furnaoew and other branebee of the raw iron industry. Tha sugar growers and refiners want h igh tar­ iff on their goods, and they ere ouly as a drop in the bucket'as compared with the rest o f th e population, who will have to pay the freight by buying bigb-prioed sugar just to eniicb the few who own plautmioDS a nd refineries. T h ere is one other parly I w ill call yemr a tieutm n to, wbo is a t pn a e n i whimog alioul ibe great injury that is being done the peop’e of our own c ity by tb e im portation into this coontiy o f foreign-m sde collars. I mean Mr. E . A. H artshorn. W h at is tbe motive w hich moves this large-hearli^d philan­ thropist ? I t It a love for humanity in general, tod tbe collar em p loy-r and ployesin particnlar, oc la it tor E. A. H artshorn in general a n d E A . Hartshorn in particular 1 B-iieve m a be is lik>* moat of the taiiff tinkers; his m otto is shin fane, shin f-<nA Hold! shouts £ , A H. You m ust put a high tariff on tbe German co II nts and cuffs o r tbe girls of Troy will all be thrown out of work, (»nd he oannot sell h is linen at a high prioe), b u t he does not scream ao loud for a heavy taiiff on fiix, for then he would pay more for i t than be a t p resent pays, and thus u d ibe poor people of Belfast. Bat enough of him and bis ilk, what we would advocate is a sliding taiiff, th a t is, a tariff that w i u d always protect and allow all goods that we m ust have each day enter duty free; declare off all Aix tobacco; double th e tax on whiskey ; protect our loretli bv aam it ling free lum­ ber, a n d , in fact, all goods th a t are used by the people in general, such as sugar, etc., a n d tbrae goods that will, by adm it­ ting tbrm . itijnie our people all <>v> r tbe eonutry, ebnuld be kept out altogether, iff o r no'sriff, W h at d o you *ay, c.ti- xens? adm it free all we want v«ry bad, bar wbat we d o LOt w a n ', and if any nation attem n ts iokeepauything from -.. a use up the surplus by building a Htron>t business 111 th a t p arlicular n aliou’s wareA aud it It be CliiuA start into tbe tea trade ourrelvi s then. T b e N - w Y v rk S un ttill keefW iibiiaiog tbe members of ibe E . o ' Ii.and e s p e - eiali> the g -neral officer!', and devocea an article each day 'o the aeo dera from tbe OMer. Poor D . d a W e requei-t all l-<lior p apers this week lo c o ,y the reaoln tions adopted at the conference in T io j in Febiuiry luet, ami lo make the shoe pinch- Duns’s foot more tighter. lA»t ttei k It was aided by the W eekly Fake of this c itv. but they have enougii t.> do to look after their own iniere>t a u d if they d o n 't it is th e ir own look o u t xf-v' M.BrU.' U,- ^ A n s B tbe well st'eated stories o l tbe stoppage of railway trains by grasshoppers in the Western btates, the Ameiiuau reader n eed not be unduly surprise d to read of tbe halting of the Algerian d ili- geoce by a great swarm cd locustA These L'lant insects infeau portions of Northern AbicA moving m dense c l o u ^ that obscure the s n n ; and they are aa much dreaded on Ibe roads aa brigands. T bb iron and steel-making c a p a d ty of iherouniry is said to be fully employed for produring rail®, rail fastening-', loco­ motives, ears snd equ'pracnt* of every character- H uk . S awckl j . R akcall i Kdicl- that w ithin leas .than a genersnon the B iutb will be the ricueat h d f of tbe U dmo . uTri MdriS.; lou i ^ M M M a « ' w '• t F o .r u “ Jam^MekklW.'K'Vw'ioe hoate. > CiiuY ^ and hOQ ^-BC-WSV ” ” J'oda.«:i<>tii\«d boui. .•.inV;,: \ * - R -vkBjtao ko«ui wi 1 11 r - laS ho.M « 13r«- A N a r r o w Escape. “Bpeakiog of mushrooms and toad­ stools, gentlemen,” chimed in Dumley, “ a friend of mioe nut tong ago gathered a q'lantity of »bat he supposed were mus'i roomA and look 'em home. Ills wife cooked ’em, and tb e whole fam i'y ate heartilv <N’ ’em.” “ A nd did they a’l die!” inquired tbe crowil, very m a ch shocked. “ No. they happered to be mn-brooms yon see,” replied Dutniey, with a away 1o< k i n bis eyeA “ o u t i t was a ow^eaenpo.” L iooklngfor h U nav. H usband (to wife)—Do you believe io the theory that the greainees of s father often proves a stum bling block to the ad- vaacement o f hiv son io life! Wife—I certainly d i. Thank beavei), John, onr b oy will n ever be haedicarped io tb a tW 'y . Bnt what a re yon looking for, mv dearT Husband—My hat. A F a lse Im p t-esslou. Young Mr. Sissy (on board tbe Fleet- wing)—Te®h, Mies Maude, this is a (bic) centrebos'd yacht. D idn't yon (hio) know tba t Mis< Mande—No, I was nnd-'r tl preswon that i t w m a aidebcard yac A Request Granted. Long-haired Man (to bartenderj—Can I leave a few tr-icks in here, my friend ? B irtender—Ye>, you cun leave a few t acks in h>-re and 1 w ant tbe toes to p o int toward the door. A P o i n t 'O f E tiq u e tte . Boeton Mam <—T o n m o sn't apieak of your legA Flusale, when we have < C ity T e x fo r 1887. !LIC NOTICE is hepeby given rolls and warr arrants that the as'essm ent rolls an d w directing the collectiim ol the c ity taxes ol tbe City o f T ioy for th e year lBb7, iu clnding tbe property taxeA tbe a s ter rrnta a n d tbe n n ^ d aaaesaments for lo- c<l improvemeptA with tbe percentage added thereto, have been completed and receivtol by the Cbamberiain of the Citv of Troy. AH pers -os named in Said roll are required to pay their taxes as therein s-t forth at my offiCA Room S4. Ciiy H ill, on or before the 5tb day of Febru­ ary, 1888. I;f f payn ber 15tn, 1887, no perceoitage added. A fter October Ifith, 1887, one ecLt. 'ill be e added. paym ent is made on or before Oo'o< r IfitD, 1887, no percen will be will b adde> A tt-r November 15lh, 1887, tw o per cent, will be a d ded. 'ter December 15th, 1887, three per e*n'. will be A lter Ja m a r v 15ib, 1688, four per . will be adde '*. m u will be a dd ed A f'er Fdbruary 5th, 1888, five per cen will be adde'l. Bank checks m u st be certiQ<'(i. Offi'-e hours for fcelv lng taxes si from 10 A. tt b> <S e. u J . F. BRIDOEMAN, Chamberlfun. T r jy, October 1, 1887. g R e d e m p t i o n f u r C i ty T ax S a le . :;)‘' 0 VEE 15,000 POUNDS Hi? . FIRIT DItrftICT. w'lNlam U. Bork-, lot»»nilkoa«a« I'nfoii * Blohar! BTeii hein.'lct irs'tao hoaHwi ** ** HuMVktctier, kn c 'u S kOMe w I'hfUi ** *^ Ju *H farni:. I«t xii’aM k'jiua c i ThirS * ** Itn'ofllld; ' I m i l“ Vi^MMotMVtocIWM kclw*'wtTtatl. ■ *;k.:a'l kaowM Mt\k; u i ' M w ii M. M B^*ea a b-Uoi>D«i; lot 47 and' bun.a '. '. Ninth iig iis ™ J& a k RMa'r.'tot'MUd to.'.. ..'i'dv Pirk s£» 's * ;» o a . a M'r t ' M A vse..'W . V.ll C,m“ W ‘r,i,oY WH Ui»« iiu i i M i cVi;n“ AiM ..B«i«i«0'«V ‘ho«^ piilci.' -wilii.: -Hi i'li)' 'ind • U' ■.\Ninh j'-k. w.. « d 'k.;;'.' •« 'i' 'Nirik .Voa RniJmt- ImeerportUed CompaiUn . ‘l ™ f » anjOSDDISIRlCT. ‘i l l s H i i s s s i i l r ' E W f t ' M s 'M k i i ^ n . w 'a i ; : wW'.\MV..'tb :Haadk'lv;^ w'a\llii't'k * : W H^don'tet'Mi'i ' H M ' ^ ' i l t • cbL F HeVrut;;^ U i'i » d b o .'M ';n d '^ ' I p - M E ____ ____ _ \r»™ \fi'iad • i obBth at.' i w «ur Form sad Ra.* w'r kr'^u.'Ma.\.M:Md ll£T 's«W ;M '*'U 4 h o .».iFo;Y u « k 'U ‘ riu ;;iix r .k i tY a a d a i: n w id 'j THtBD DIS >iCI. « d ko.w W .N u d i ‘ nirid BrtitoU'i'tMuid bo.«« w't Bl.vasih w'num BrWii;iD' 'US»dbotde 'i ''. 'Eigbth . nilim BrowbiirbtoD, loctS obd ard Aov.a « • 'd'dW.Yi..k oilrcBW-.'wr-ioW'i'Md'a i.cik't'i'.OM ASa'col'.iiii.M'iS7ud koaw w > TMtli DMaUCoBW we*tk4li'!cl'Bsndko.M'a. W??l‘i;i.tlSlm iiiko'kM i'.'North Tkird o'.or«. p»:,'i6t'»'udboa.Wi'.'Kbrtn'Tb-rd X ,4 Toitat iiV 'u 'v M u t . ;\i'i.kb'u> 'i'UTor'M M Caibi-itna Ourcus,' lot « sod h.n.e v i . BWH‘ d*or'b,';'i;iidu'f'iawin'd'i«;.w *** !lis “ V s s s ; e ~ B HIFklD'.Jn:'Wt'MM bokw’; . Tek'u Miekwl u .rl'V llt'iM 'M k 'uw'w 'Klil'u ; ; 'riub'..«'iwi ' g « .id.suiji ^ ot;i>'.d^oiW>';'i\f»''k ' Incorporaled Companw. CANDY.\ Jackson’ Great Gandy Sale. Grandest Display Ever Shown WHAT SOMB o r OCB BABOllNS ABA ' t H a n ' M a d eTo'S. So--. A 'o r-ed C»ndy, binidy flivorcd, 10 ■ <HI) Pur-- Mixed, l i pnnn <s. S-'m ■ m Chocolate l>>upA 19c .dll Gum u ’“ tt— Bnpr-nor We BOiil. m Chocolate l>>upA I ■ G DmpA lUc. E x ’ra Criam Mixeti, 19c r French Mix d, 24c. Id call yonr att'-niiiio to oi ‘•Strictly Pure Mixed” Can'iv which v rant to l>e made fruio the heat Q rat roDtaiDS no OInc ise, Or»pe sdnlieratinn wbaieve-, aud fiere'itflavo's. flavo'; CBody to be i Sugar or a i . composed of eigb' difiere -d Re­ member i ' i s “ the” CBody to be s-lected for cbildrea. for you will know you are gettian au article “ a s pure as pure can t» .” I'be pn e e for ibis splendid c sni'y will he 1 ^ ' i ounda for 25c. Bee “ B -g Sample” di'ptayed in show window—-of tbU favor­ ite candy for children. H ike no mistake, but before you bu« yeur candies alt'Dd th is eraod sale and see the ton-* o f candy on e xhibition at nbroid $1.00 ()cr p>ir worth $1.00, $1 $2 00. Cold feet knock d i _ CBS'8 Men’s Felt Sol • .Slij.pcrs a t , t p er p air; w » u 'd b - a tiargt 1.2o. Holiday Blippers for il JACKSON'S. “Tlie Leading” & “Largest” Confectionery Deal­ er in Tioy. • 2 7 ‘2 X i i v e r S t r e e t X a e a .A lx ig ' S l x o e a.3^d I B t i 'b 'b e r H o t i s e . 328 and 330 River St.. Troy. N. Y. C r r e a t d e d u c t i o n Overcoats The No. a S-- O The N ew No. IB W LATELY ■ ^ Manufacturing , R ., 4 T R Y I T J ^ ■ “ b r e a d w i n n e r s . T i . ^ j > w a V;:? Button holei 1 i Sewing Machine,; L S 0J h ni du s uu p p li io eo s . Tbe Latest: g ; Attachments and best - lb [ a i o p u i . 454 A 4S6 Fulton 9t., Troy. Wheeler & Wilson Manuf^ Oompanv. UNDERWEAR SALE bpt’C'ial bargains in Men’s, Ladies' aud CbiU irn's K n i t T J a a . d . e r - w e a r . K C o s i e r s T a n d . O - l o v e s . iiiirtu 60c. A splendid quality knit s Scarlet all wool shirt, 50c. Ladies’ vesA excelleat qua'ity, 50c. M utenaiQ all sizes and colorA 2 2 a D d 25 ceniA All wool hosiery, 25c. Z S I a n d - ^ e r c l i i e f a . L .rge Variety of these goods. Silk handkerobirfA 15o, Coloted border, bem stitch linen, 12c, C 'llor.d bo.der, h im stitch, 10c. AU linen, cok»ed border. 3 (or 25c, M en's all linen baoakerebi-t's, 12c. OAKLEY & BENSON, OPPOSITE THE MANSION HODSE. _____ Holiday Goods Now is the time to make your selections. H A NGING LAMPS, STA N D LA M P S , TEA SE I'S , D IN N E R SETS, CHAM B E R HET8. FANCY V A 3 F A LEM ONADE SETS. An elegant display of ROGERS’ SILV E R PLA T E D WARE. Our sa es are larse a n d profits small. Come and see ua (SAUNDERS’ OLD PLACE.) C h i n a D e p o t , 3 3 5 <Ss 3 3 7 K i - v e r S t . Brackmafl & Levy Oor. River & Congress^ts^ irg'-si line of W o rkingSbirts, U nder­ wear, U.i.rieri, Gloves, Neekweir, Collars, Cuffs, cto., lu tbe city a t lowest prices at i, F, Gaief's, •206 l i i v e r S t . Shroder’s PHOTOfiRlPIl STL DIO, 3 0 8 R i v e r S t . (FORM E R STAND BEFORE F I R E .) Furniture Line and examioe my large S h x ^ b-fors tbssiDg. I ran and will ecll 10 p<-r iea|i«rea|i«r thanhan ca-Dt cb t any detli My expenses afford me to do so, u my lower than other levs. Give m* s call sni Yon will save money by doing J a m e s Y o r k , 170 & 172 Broadway • ^ X T e s t T r o y . I have ]QSt received my £ill stock of tbe laieat p .tterns of Suiting and Pantaloons. G. GALIGENSTEiN, FASHIONABLE TAILOR, 1 6 T h i r d S t . GOOD FIT GUARANTEED. BUDGF.T BUILDING. 5LO ° rH ^ * 'o order a bC IC OF ERCOAT by call. laiiricB Isaalieril MERCHANT TAILOR, Cor. Congress and First Sts N. B.—Pricea correct. BOOTS AND SHOES. Christmas and New Tears. F 'lr the coming bolidiys I deaire lo call a ttention to my large stock o f Felt Shoea. U p p e r s fur Ladies’, Cbildren'a and M m ’a wear. A lull and Isree axwort D o r d G -odA Fine Em- ars. etc., all suitable for firoideree 81li>t**r». e tc ., all suitable HOLIDAY G IF r e , all to be aold G reatly Reduced Prices. Adam Wachtel, TBOJAN SHOK 8TOKE, 2 S e c o z i d . S t . , MAN910W H o b fC B loce . Ctiristmas S. B. Thill 5 Co’s. HOLIDAY BARGAINS! 6,000 pairs Gents’ Alligator Slip- isual pr.ee, $1.50; our i.riee for pers, usual pr.ee, $1.( the Holidayn, 75 cen s per pair, immense va iety i f G e n t-’ Holi-t y Embroidered Slii.pera at 50, 75 and >rth $1.00, $1.50 and uillion at S. B. TMDg & Co’S GRE. it REDimO.Y SILE Carpets NOW IN P R O G R E S S A tfrand opy.->ituiiity to purchase a beantifol Moqnette, ’ Wilton, Body BruBsel-., Tapestry Brussels, Three- p'y o r in ira in Carpet a t cost for the next; two weeks only at tw o weeks only at M c C u s k e i - ’M, 261 A 263 RIVER ST., _______ Troy. M i s . s NORA O'HEARN S Millinery Estahlishment, 26 K IN G ST. A Full Line of Fall Styles. THOMAS H. ARCHER, K. of L. Cigars, E n iehik of Labor, you will find at .rebel’s 154 River sf., cor. CoogresA K. of li, cinars of the finest brand and with ihe geon-ne label- O.ysters in profusion, in couui-ctioo wiih one iif the finest Art O slleri.s in N'-rrhern New York. HA R R Y SNYDER, O O J k l ^ . 205 to 211 First St, Troy Tbe D. A H. U. Co. Ail Bail Coal a speciai'y. WM. WATTENBERG. MercliaDl Tailor And Gent’s furnisher, ^OPPO S ITE SEM IN iKY PARK. 35 Congress St., Troy, N. Y. $5.75 — WASHB0RN F lock — $5.76 A t Ambrose Kelly’s 299 River dtreet cor Fulton 3 C i T i a - 3 I T S . I f y o n wish the vslne of y o u r money bny BOOTS AND SHOES O l i v e r - L a F l a m ’s 333 SECOND ST. Two doors below Madison Street. £ 3 ’© w T e \ y o v [ r c H a 5 t o s e l e c t fioasci t i n l a r g : e s t a s e o r t - c a e x L t o f Holiday Slippers IN T H E CITY AT H. Doringtfe Bro. J _72 RIVER STREET.^. C- li KKAP'I K A K F I, Or, cer, Uummisaion lercbant.erchant, endnd d<'alsr in Tesa, Coff L i K M e - SpiceA Butler, Cheese and Eggs. River St , Troy, N. Y. PH 5 ” r- IW 5 .1 At 98 A1 Ga t BOO N( S t a r t J tr b : Qys tl 2 P. ( Fal H Boi Hal prii 55

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