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Volume 1, Number 15 November 21,1989 Newsstand price: 35 Cents COYOTE IN WAYNE COUNTY? C The animal of lonesome western folklore has 'arrived in WaJ'ne ~ist Monday morning on my way down Route 31, an accident ahead caught my attention. According to \ Macedon police chief, John Ellis, the accident was the indirect result of a coyote. It seems this hapless coyote happened, by some reports, to have been chasing a deer across Route 31 near the Mobil Chemical complex just west of the Village of Macedon. -WHAM! Deer makes the crossing and coyote buys the farm. This incident, in itself, was not the cause of the auto accident. Sometime after the demise of the coyote, curious passers-by would stop and gawk at the strange remains of the dog-like , creature. One onlooker would even use the occasion for a photo ' opportunity. Rubber-neckers and slow moving motorists precipitated an acci- - dent that resulted in one woman (who + did not slow up) from ramming the back of a ~adillac and loosing several front --. teeth.. Talk of. \coy-dogs\ and coyotes filled corners of Macedon and parts of Wayne County. Yes, some people had heard rumors of the animals and a few . people claimed to have heard their nightly howls in the distance. Even fewer claimed to have actually caught - glimpses of the elusive animal. In Wayne County? 1; Macedon and Walworth? ' .. . Surely this must be a fluke of nature. an isolated incident at best. Tales of coy-dog/ coyotes abounded. My fascin- ajion grew and my curiosity peaked. After hours of phone interviews and detailed research, I found that the -Eastern Coyote, is quite common -in Wayne County and definitely a part of our invisible everyday life. ' The term \coy-dog\ refers to *.? inter-breeding of coyotes and dogs. S. :: Hauber, a biologist with the Department of ~nvironmental Conservation, said ) that this term is probably a misnomer; , . one that people have fashioned. \I would say that this type of breeding would be extremely rare.\ Robert Cooper as- , - sociate curator of zoology .at the -Rochester Museum and Science Center, County ... to stay! agrees. Coopet says that biologically this would be indeed the exception. Many people see dog packs or wild dogs and immediately apply the blame to the coyote. , In fact, thecoyote pop;lation in Wayne County, as in other parts of the state, has probably reached a saturation point. According to Cooper, one of the reasons the coyote. proliferated and spread so quickly throughout New York State, is their 'adaptability' to the environment. \The coyote out of the West coast has in some cases evefi in- filtrated suburbs and cities, rummaging through garbage cans,\ said Cooper. \Because of the terrain we have of wood lots and fields, it is possible for the coyote to find a lot of natural foods such as fox, mice, grapes, small rodents, rabbits and woodchucks, \ he added. -- John,Rau\ber concurs that the diet of the eastern coyote will range from grass to gooser- :'The -~oyotekis- a \more oportunist animal preferring to feed on qoad-kills 'and rodents and the oc- casional domestic cat. Asked about their effect on local liyestock, Hauber did not feel they had a major effect. According to -a 1989 article in \National Wildlife\ entitled 'A Yankee Coat Fits the Coyote Well, by Richard and Joyce Wolkomir, Vermont biologist David Person was quoted as saying: \If coyotes aren't killing your sheep, they're your best friends.\ Coyotes that stake out a farm as their territory, he says, will vigilantly drive away other coyotes, including livestock killers. Both Cooper and Hauber agree that the eastern coyote is instinctively a wlitary animal and quite leary of man. Aough local ,farmers and Kunters -: pr-ofessed to seeing coyotes for a brief mo&'ent, it is usually only *$.;le tail end. . Coyotes are natural migrators and ::.re routinely dispersing to stake out new territory. They normally mate for life. An article by Johnathon Fisher in \National Wildlife\ entitled The Plains bog Moves East\ said that 'partly Co'ntinued on Page 7 P.O. Box 406 walworth, New York 14568- __ ,.. - The elusive Eastern Coyote often heqd but rarely seen is actually q,uite common in Wayne County. Gananda Playground Committee Unveils Model, Kicks Off Fundraiser The Gananda playground Com- mittee kicked'aff w'hat-they hope will be their most successful fundraiser to date. ~a~d~d~if~s&cctiensdr6~ke'~enm. .~> h Fund Raising Company will be sold by school children throughout the area. No ' d money will be collected until the products are delivered, and all the items are of the highest quality with a money back guarantee. Joanne ilki ins and Bobbie Camp, co-chairpersons of the fundraiser are hoping to raise $10,000 from the catalog drive. In addition to the funds raised for the playground committee, children can earn prizes based on the number of items sold and delivered. The initial plans for the new play- ground were revealed this week for the children to observe. The projekt, with a total cost of $50,000, will be funded by $35,000 of stategrant money in addition to local funds being raised by the play- ground committee. The Richard Mann School will be the location of the 7. handicapped.-accessible playground. The architect will select a suitable placement at the school for the project. he- g&q@-,<rLqr?d ;.i$8dfT dl be-supplied _--- by \Big TO~~@\ a leading manufacturer of community playgrounds, and will be done in two sections - one for the younger children and one for older - - children. \Jeff Olson, president of Big Toys, has done a superb job of incorporating everything we need, including handicap- accessible participation,\ said Bobbie Camp. \We're anticipating that all fund- raising will be completed by no later than June 1, 1990./Presently the play- ground committee has raised $6,000 for the project,\ added Bobbie. The play- ground material carries a 12 year guarantee and \will be installed by , members of the community. \We'll need 50 volunteers to build the playground when the material arrives,\ said Camp. ' ' The playground will hopefully be completely by mid summer of next year. Shown above is a model of the propased Gananda Neighborhood Playground which should be built sometime next year by community members with supplies from Big Toys, a leading manufacturer of playgro und equipment.

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