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The bee (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1921-1950, November 22, 1921, Image 4

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BE E Bee Lines You can’t judge a book by its cover or a CO-ED’s age by hers. A successful liar need not have a good memory unless his friends have. A pin has a head, but has a nee­ dle an eye for business? A man often finds it hard to fill another man’s shoes but the aver­ age CO-ED finds it painful to fill her own. Volstead put thirst in war, thirst in peace, and thirst in the hearts of his countrymen. For modesty’s sake, some CO­ EDS need a coat of paint. There should be a law against some CO-EDS wearing short skirts. This may be a cruel world but we all hate to leave it. The Iri.sh are having a hai'd struggle over home-rule but nearly every married man has had a sim- ilai fight. If “Satan finds work for idle hands,” it’s time we sent some stu­ dents to the Devil. A man who truly understands women is one who will admit it is impossible for a man to under.stand them--for they don’t even under­ stand themselves. Some say our country is not dry, but many of our countrymen are. It is said a woman’s reason is because. It is. Before she gets her man, he will give in to this reason; afterwards, he has to. They say that prohibition doesn’t prohibit, but it makes it dam in­ convenient. Many a man has been caught by a hair net. Boost Boost and the world boosts with you. Knock and you’re on the shelf. For the world gets sick of the one who’ll kick. And wishes he’d kick himself. Boost when the sun is shining. Boost when it stai’ts to rain. If you happen to fall, don’t lie there and bawl. But get up and boost again. Boost for your own advancement. Boost for the things sublime. For the chap that’s found on the top­ most round. Is the booster every time. THETA CHI A new sorority has been formed within the past two weeks, with a lim­ ited membership of twelve. At a meet­ ing held Wednesday night, officers for the ensuing year were elected. The girls intend to petition one of the strongest and most popular sororities in the country. For the present, the meetings will be held every Monday evening, at 7:30 o’clock, at Townseno Hall. MYSELF I have to live with myself and so I want to be fit for myself to know. I want to be able, as days go by. Always to look myself straight in the eye. I don’t want to stand with the set­ ting sun And hate myself for the things I ’ve done. I don’t want to keep on a closet shelf A lot of secrets about myself. And fool myself as I come and go. Into Ihinking that nobody else will know The kind of a man I really am; I don’t want to dress myself up in sham. I want to go out with my head erect, 1 want to deserve all men’s respect; But, here in the struggle for fame and pelf I want to be able to like myself. I don’t want to look at myself and know. That I’m bluster and bluff and empty show. I never can hide myself from me; I .see what others may never see; I know what others may never know; I never can fool myself, and so. Whatever happens, I want to be Self-iespecting and conscience-fi-ee. —Edgar A. Guest. A BARE FACT “Two ladies gay met a boy one day, His legs were brier-scratched. His clothes wei'e blue, but a nutbrown hue Marked the place where his pants were patched. They bubbled with joy at the blue- clad boy With his spot of nut-brown hue. Why did’nt you patch with a color to match ? They chuckled, “Why not in blue?” “Come don’t be coy, my blue-brown l>oy. Speak out,” and they laughed with glee; And he blushed rose-red, while he ba.shfully said: “That ain’t no patch: that’s me.” The Debating Club One of the “coming” activities of the University, is the Debating Club. The Townsend Auditorium has been secured for the metings, which are held the first and third Thursdays of each month. At the first regular meeting, the following officers were elected :- Milton E. Spraker, Law Department President. Edward Gilroy, Law Department, Vice President. Mr. Beckley, Pharmacy, Secretary. Iva Hovey, Law Department, Treas- liier. Joseph Kolassa, Law Department, Marshall, The first discussion was, “Is war profitable?” At the following meet­ ing, which was held Nov. 17th, mem­ bers debated on the topic, “Resolved, that the closed shop should receive the support of public opinion.” The Club members feel that their next debate, which will take place on December 1st, will attract a large aud­ ience. The subject will be, ’’Resolved, that the University of Buffalo shall abolish the co-educational system.” Co-eds are invited to attend and sup­ port the negative. A majority of the present members are Law Students. The Art School has made a poor showing thus far. The members feel that the club should be a more representative body and urge each college to contribute students in order that inter-department debates may be had. A mixed membership will insure greater rivalry for places on the University Debating Team, which is expected to bring great honors to the U. of B. The debaters have asked the “Bee” to emphasize the fact that girls are eligible for membership and will be welcomed at the meetings. THE CO-EDS They’re saucy and they’re fickle and They’re mighty hard to please; We have to cater to them all Upon our bended knees. They’re flighty and inquisitive. Exasperatin’, too; And every man must find it out Somehow, before he’s through. They reason with a suddenness That makes a fellow jump; -And they don’t find it hard at all. To make him look a chump. They cannot give a reason for A .single thing they do; They jump at a conclusion with No valid cause in view. They're fussy and they’re frivolous; Sometimes it .seems that way, Thev're tender and they’re heartless. They’re mournful and they’re gay. They’re pnidish and they’re reckless. And in faults they all abound. They cost a lot of money, but— They’re nice to have ai'ound.

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