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Vol 18®, No.-2 Thursday; October §, 1997 Newsstand price 50# Face of Main Street to Undergo Changes % R t y a m . m y r j ^ CC f HR TOWN - W ith the fate of Newberry's a recent and atocM&covsed rtefiiv the new* of two more shop d osing oit Mam ^tra b producingsmsjwiscunwi^Kiftametig ths._t who live ai dl work «t Coopwratown Bo h Mel wan .> Ifartiw tw at nutnher*4 ami The Walker Galley |om acrosvfhesirea at number feS wilt soon shot ifteif dooisfer the fa t time Mehwan's, a longtime family gifofpRse will go entirety out of business an apparent tictim of changing times and embed tbit crropeiiiion Services offered by the% ilkcr Gultcry will fee integrated into the oprrdltm of The National Pastime another \M ter owned prepem And those who have dovtlopr d in appetite fnr the specmtties sold at Baimy s Market will have to satisfy their craving e! rwhere when the Mtop closes for a winter inm s \Us irthiognew to tooperstownf said village tn tvr rtAendellTtipp when interviewed afeuut thi re crm t<> *. 1 h -ft yr to» . i> fcr j lim g ti m e / . ‘■■v;-. HMtito a mmcutar specialty store ctoes temporarily.\the mayor continued,“that con reflect a temporary ch mge is demand and the local pattern of the economy. But when a store (ike McEwan’s, which had been in business for so long closes its part of o basic change .0 “Part of it is the eompetiiien.Tsipp added. ‘‘Stores like tC-mofi’ar Watmart can cany such m enormous variety at the lowest possible Th^h'Avor ***** rsprwiwt'fik dmihlkfHoi (W u iiia^ t, would fee- urna a’uast baseball emporium. “I can only p fey my i®pression.’'be said.“and that is that, when. there were eufy a few tasfncffieMhal catered to o baseball oriented clientele, they could do all right. As the number increased the ability t® fee profitable become more tenuous. But 1 suppose that anything is possiTsto.*’ On a brighter notp. the mayor suggested’ that Danny's closing ter the winter could be a sign of the economic vitality ofihe village. \Of one thing but. when ftteratettoeferiJeoiile course Danny's Market dosing for the winter could be an indisatiaft that they do well enough for the rest of the year to be able to ^Gmpetitian aside. Tripp addressed a . close,'’ ho said. “It could fee a sign af their situation that plagues tocal merehaiUS.MVe know thit, fetreause of tourtem. parking ora Mfttn Street is o problem in the summer months during tourist season. There realty m I a great deaf we can do about that beyond what has already been done.\he said “They hate the parking difflcBlty.'Tlripp said of Mc£wan*s,“wWch their competitors, notably Ate Hardware, do not.\ Tripp also envisions a continuation of the conviviality of community life in the village. “1 don't think it’s ever going to be tost here.*he said “in o community like Coeperstown, you Tea ten go to the pesl sofflce or too the shops, or just walk down Mata Street and see and greet your neighbors* DA Waives Death Penalty in Murder Case ii> M r nof p s r e w Cibfeen^ announu <f test fnd&y that the Mate will not tecfc the dv*th peiMlty against John B Henson 4 r Ik vf <R* MJboom who has been charged w «tU the murder of Springfield c impgr imd r to« r I sl« R Barth U W Tin i> A mi th t th tHrntibnt ay- the tl IU.J. i j j nt r irnnmilr< *, r4 tndihjr nt tfih ui < it i If whi hht i|tdn»it divulg htJ j l i y d if i r t m i t a i l u i o n IP nil tiliMi iltv hudt k tinif rgraJintid in Jane from Ch* ny Yalt< y-Spnnyti* Id High f ch^tl wh* u- ht: w.t. a ' tar ha* k* UmII player. He it.id dickim d la > h»<f«, > *‘>{ y f!un>\ ihu h larin e i ijlung vuth .i nuiiihs r nf hi, h lt.*w gr.iduateA Henson who had done odd fobs far the murdered mam at Us Ringwood Fauns aft charges contained m *& lengthy indictment read fry Otsego County Court Judge Michael V Coccoma in « Ojoperstowiicourtroom However, a?, part of the felony compl unt agawM Henson, a statepohce vmor mvestigator smd that the th fend ml did limit th t ht alto 4 th BartI ti r idtnc t t dyr j r> nJ hil ir t? Ik did ink th H I m tk li J Aha I tvl ill I t ihtrt. iff rfli inf w I if t jy tty t tk nfr mtiu r< id n Tic teenager wa tm.ii dtti .n K»ii i n» .tatfGne nusdemeani r «b c g< im lnJmg u< * i> i hr t degree*nMr4<i,thrM h*r •* ml h*,ri. mad* r, . lwotorf«>f tl» r»»'hJr^in.fbiti i*r •< «l degree four*.! y an*! < )it fi {* l>* Itr * us charges saving that dffferent aspects o flffiH w' apply and tfiai the iuiy woul ftase the opportunity to consideh them each in furo* Ahhougfi Jtn could ha?piakftt«^ tOU® fefcfltfrs to atinrum t a dsdsfpa fin tig death pena%. fee «4 tl t |f <- n no re. « n to f * f^mted out U t } ! j i —In — m v - *. A thj > 4 f'H i nm *Hr ■» if tint ) feiJ* I no Ijtcfi n Ife r,vi h I Hfn n A H ilt' t*r> iximym uh it * fftf in ft/ nwill Ut tV fv - of I V 1 t ! } C u t I N II I d < h u * t ( H U ni II r r* m \ nf. r^rrr t ,t f i i rt\j t lb il t tarn t vrt * n In 1 i f t rJiii r ’ < 4 Argho inng Seven Days Upstate 'FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3RD. • ¥ g « t t a f HAHTWICK —■ TVvo 14-year olds were arrested and charged with juvenile delinquency for allegedly causing damage to a vehicle and criminal tampering last August. The arrests and charges .grew out of a complaint filed by two Cherry Valley contractors, on August 14 while they were building a house on Route 71. According to the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, rocks and gravel were found in the gas kid oil tanks of the contractors’ machinery. The repair hill for damagq to a tractor was more than $500. Dirt and debris in the hydraulics of a front loader and sand and dirt in the oil of a bulldozer cost an additional $ 1,000 plus fo remedy. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4TH Homecoming Weekend COOBERSTOWN - Cooperstown High School seniors 5 Sarah Parsons and €1® Coleman were named queen and king at Cooperstown High School’s annua! homecoming weekend, ffie Gooperstown Redskins clobbered New York Mills, then* league rivals* fey a hefty erne point to win the action packed game 7 to 6 . The score did hot dampen the enthusiasm of the assembled fans, nor did ft spoil the beautiful autumn day for the new! SUNDAY OCTOBER 5TH Sarah Parsons and Cliff Coleman Wontim Issaiiitfd in Laundry Boom COOEEfSTOWN — A woman was grabbed from behind in the laundry room of a Ham Slrt it building where she lived about 2 20 a m She reported that her assailant attempted to force her to her apartment but fled when she kicked him Thewoman described her attacker os a white man with fo'ng hair or a beard, weanmga blue plaid shirt and jeans and a feather or rope bracelet on bis right wn V She also sold that he smelled strongly of alcohol and'cigarette smoke % llagepol ce requested that anyone with information about the incident call 5432500 HAKTWlCh » Jeff Kalka was pinned beneath his tractor and died on Bunn Hill Road, o narrow seasonal rood connecting Rome 48 and Route 265 The him when he was fat© % a family ptfeermS-. Deputy Hank Sheldon of the steep hill on the reughgravslfGati felertfeglsst.centre! cad went, off the road as 9 sharp tore. H e traaor.reltedfhffifeg'^&a beneath its weight Hffwos pronounced dead at the strene. Koltet was Ihe fire chief and proprietor of TiHey’s Garage in neighfeorlhg MfcVlsicm Jcdis Bush, Hamvieh fire chief who responded te a call t® Ihe stenef desm 1 jed htoa 5 “agood fire chief, a very goad mechanic and a helhrea^BOi( friend who would do anythmg for anybody \ MONDAY. OCTOBER 6 Hf Nurse Midwiv*$ Celebrate atFtnimoreHouse COOPERSTOWN — In celebration of Nitree-Midwifeiy Week, aurec*mSdwifes from Bassett Healthcare, physicians and professional colleagues, along with patients and at least two babes-in-arms attended an esfisftg teeeptten at Fenteore House. The gathering enjoyed a movie to whfflh fho of a midwife in the late i 8 ih «mta*y and early Itoft was portrayed dta^*s^le The evening vrasslso the occtislon for the presetitatian ef atheek to Dr. William V— Diroiiry 1*leotudow40,ofJordanvffle,wassentot®dto served l i l t o l years instate pmon for a break in af Snippers 2 hair salon on t.ake Street ^Richfield Spmgs last December 13 Polite said that tosidrnv and another inanho^e intaiheMiOjptosmokea marijuana cigarette. Although 1 LeonMow shared the m*f)ju*iwfcfrte of charge, a jmy convicted hitoof sslteg it irt addition to finding him guiftv m the feut^aiy. He was scstcttned as a seeond-jclony offender TUESDAY, GGTOBER 7 m Bnwr-lm-ha InMllford MILFORD -Thank, to the efitcls of o lightning holt, a cOnn-tvu. Ty |o;r Water supply v .d(.co\creci m the ul! \qc of Milfv r4 u c T ul 4 j\ After lightning struck an am.e»rui atop :K ?llf»-r4\ A* rstc~’ge,,n t * .'fly Sunday morning, fcigmtl > weren’t r tn tp a p .r ly to a computci th 4 controls the wUFs pump After tiupectien Sunday evemn,, the v.uter holding tank supply wrs found to fuvefe. .than half the gaBons in the tank. Duo to-th* hw w..ttcr ypplv thCMlla* *' hq v a cts.'- MUfordCentral School and the nearly Coop r-tu \n C r«m g Co -^wore notified, Ihe.schuoh'. a , Uo ^.ufrrthv i t of tin ’u / . ond Cooperstown Brtweiy’ wu, o. ked to ttop hrov.mg JH-j - $tr««t tiw film i u<*il f* i . vh C i .'.'I. r 6.,‘a*'. M tin ^ to * l mdv.,iH> i f . i Ij u y m g f tt *ti hi iim j • * 4 * > < to in < 4 JlU 1} Jjfo.t- )•! *)> 1 . C d { tv, if y m Uxi*. ' t ! 4 ,»' Jm >-b -If 1 * 1 »t f ' . *K£ * i I th ho.ttlo'ftoiietliojHfi lit:, x s > i ) jt uh«ih»-y ioio fli .t nf.Hle ilh 1 n J*fi4- fii'fl \II W n r fr ■■vtiTgrrnf, }JrW hfrrf-y- - C h a n g i n g 0 o y r i l lt\ the rnd of etttnw r and p >Uf /uxhraf* ju- vuul’t r, 414.x r,uuJ g-.t 1 - kv'j'C Chef J A ■ Pixel 1<'Ok;.4cvme way; t HusrH'fb pr.'Jiiic prr-dLKi'wdh.Urintd r*-ap* u h 1 v. 41 pot ft. .. r.M f ir -a-.tntobcd . ^ P«g«12

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