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->.r Trv.-Bf I P f'-i | ' ¥ ‘ I '-x'c-.- J ^ 1 £ j , ’m m m x m m m E m i m # : . p w I'- ii' I Around the Towns TOE FEEEMAN’S JOURNAL | pi *\ , , P :P b 4 II ■ i , * r , / ^ « i R o seboom Celebrates It was standing riKim only at the Roseboom Hisforiral Society 's recent Make a Difference Awards cere t^: ■ . . ' 1 monies. The special occasion was held at the hamlefs old Baptist Church on Route 165, which is being •* ‘ head :ir IJ resto r ^ for use as a community center and head quarters for the society Hie handsome flrame structure was built in 1843 and served a congregation until 1966. Under private ownership, the unused church was stripped of its stained glass windows, fixtures and bell. It was pur­ chased in the early ‘80s by a local woman. Ella Mae Murdoch, who left it to the historical sodety. Vivian Langan, the group's president, cites Grace l^ompson as the church's longest and mo^ enthusi­ a s t s chmnpion — so mncli so that the churdi is aff^^onately know as “G rade's place.\ Thbmpson was honored as the redpient of the first I Have a Dream Award at the ceremonies. Membership m the Roseboom Historical Society is open to all individual membership (over 16) is S5; Junior Membership.Sl: li^titutional membership. SIO, Life membership. SlSO. payable in installments over three years Checks should be made nut to the ■ Roseboom Hisi'-ncal Society and sent to Helen Allen. HCR 75 Box .t.l. Westford. NY 1348R (lilt tofigM} Kitt* Botfdman, Associate Director of Programs «t The Fartners' Museum, and Barbara 6 M,<^anbw of tho mumum't first annual hors# diow, p r o f it a check to Bob Wi^cs, president of ^ Su«|uehaniia Si^faSy for lj»* Preimntlon o f Cruelty to Animals. \flvian langan ftadl) and award winner Grace thompson \ et Roseboom HIsDsrical Society ceremony. A n n u a l A u c tion B e n e fits W o rk o f H y d e Park S h e lter , ^ ■ J Animal lovers and t jrgam huntersi alike pined forces in a good cause at the annual t>enefu auiii<>n for the SusqSehanna Simets f<>r the P'<»v. -.' k - o .if cruelty to Anlmat^ held at the St Marv s hall in C ooperst'iwn The evening began with the anriourHemerii of expansion plans fur the shelter, recent!\ uverbur dened by the need to care for a number of animals taught up in a court case Tb.en the fundraising gof ’ off to a good start with the presentation of a t he< k to the sooetv from the pro. * t' .if te,- i tmni Hand.s C lass at the reter.' ■•» - .t.u'* Auctioneer Kar' Ba»- .- . ,i vir-e t . b-; ^ pate in ’he h.dC , j. r c , ■. • s<>« lefv s u p p o r e - j - . i .... n u '. t . i r v s hi.'ti'-- departed after 1 • t ;ng .c mh - proud p o s s e s ,1 • •( rtiS ir.anv < ( »h;i h not surti'- sire . ,c ired .irnrr.a: mriti's 11 H C athy L Hommedieu i» all set for this weekend's pumpkin pickir q at the L Hommedieu Farm Stand located on Rt 20. Jessica Wust (center) was awarded the F. Ambrose Clark Uvestoefc Cup by Jane Forbes Clark and Senamr James Seward at The Harvest Festival. Richfield Stand Plans Pumpkin Picking V isitors K ijBy E v e n ts and Fun at H a r v e s t Festival ; Hommedieu farm stand on Route 2<i w s t ol !t.« . iiiage of Ri( nfietd Spring, will host a pumpKin pi. K.r.g this wrt-kend < H.lober 4 and 5 The propriet ors of the popular roadside proluce n .ir ket felt the effe<i of the dry summer <>n a number of their crops but promise a good .seieinon of pumpkito Rainy weather and cool temperatures did not dampen or chill the spirits at The Farmers’Muse­ um Harvest festival, an annual highlight on the local calendar of special events A record crowd enjoyed music, wagon ndes. demonstrations, exhibitions and food at the two- readv fur picking Visitors will h a.e the opportunity i gi into the fields and selecs the perfect specimen for heir Halloween jack-o-laniem or holiday pumpkin pie Pumpkin picking has become a favored fall outing for nany area families and se!«Tion can be a time-consum- ng process when children are allowed to apply their particular cniena to the crop Those with less time to day event Highlights included a parade of cham- spend can take their choice from the stiKk on disD^^ at \vaneTy ?silifrmts the stand along withjT of other farm fresia and vegetables pions and awards ceremony for the winners o f the summens Junior Livestock Show, the yearis finale performance o f the Hartwich 4-H equestnan team and a town ball game Prizes m the competition to guess the weight of an enormous pumpkin were won by four-year old Jack Blciom of Oneonta. who earned a copy o f \Calico and Tin Homs” by Candace Christiansen, and Leslie Partmerter. also of Oneonta. winner of a household membership to the museum Both vemured winning j e s s e s of 106 pounds, the exact Nancy &way Is h i ^ oBforing • waimwi^sm* iS Mtm- ortos on Main Straat In Otarry Valley. Tha counttr in tha '$ 0 s ityla cBfkw and @aam shop is ^ «xual fimnt ai^ctfaidiitaj^CadlQao. Uura K a ra^ on hb West WinftakI studio balosny prepares for his upcoming exhibition In Philadelphia. C h e r ry V a lley B o o s ter B a c k t o W ork A g a in C e leb r a tion Set For C o o p e r s tow n L ibrarian W est W infield A r tist P lans For E x h ibition Nancy Erway, presideRt Hhcrry Vaflpy C lia m t e o f Cteffirne^t anti p ropjtefcr e# Miro®- Fies a s S . N a s ^ s Old and Mew in the village, h as sufficiently hora a broken hip she m f- late gct'tefe- to w o r k . - comfflunify ociivisi is row buoy iho CfesiWftcf’S'annual d inner to t e t e i i ' 0 »^©fl 0 her 0 at ten ia ChoiH? V ,^ y . TjcTtr. f;T are per pc-Tcoa for the buffet .capper, ■.. b j 'fiddi&r P i ^ - Stiilierg aiiif an caitlllcd cappHipriately p r m The oiiitrteaUoa of Librariaij Joan Tripp of the Mi­ lage Library of Cooperslcr.vn will be celebrated at a patiy In honor to be held on C^her Laurence Karasrh is preoccupied wnfj plans for an exhibition of his w. rk tu be held in Philadelphia In BfraaStoTpjh. storied her eervis® os a Iterary volunteer o ^ t ifte f i ego. DiMiig her leniiro as IKbiaii* an..Qld*la 5 lifescd pfogranuateg tmeh 6s eiiMytoaing ahilSi®»gSlBS teeii ai tft© same ftee. ssnAms «la-lli8 Ksor Cmuiiy l i b i ^ Sytlcm here expanded ffic ovoflobiUry of titles. And, . ■ ceii?'€gspfley esrida^ espcdti© bmh resder vlsoand rcEsrd feecpiag ’;-r'v ■ fripp coTOis eohmlcering. reia>iiition iiiid forffog “ \ ' : 1' ■ tiisisng her rcMraneni ptona. Eec^-ono to lieftei f© ' ■ wtolj hm Gedlisaod. — ■\ the accomplished arttsi-designer has tcni® l l En^and, New aland and the United Sl6tS3, Le£aiS he was an adjunct profetKor ai H o n M idsI^ # to Oneonta where he lau^i drawing ojid patelttg. ' Kflfasek's work m b s found to otstiittSfiBS private collc^o^ bath hero im 4 Sfe-Bow ilvea and maintains a studio on North Street teVife! 'fte opceiaing eahibittai will te^Kde o s d e ^ a of Kai’ac^h's rci-cnrpaintinjja uitd dfawifigs whica ' are feased € b the cyctei of ecaeme gnd laMsiSpd foT^ ho has eKportenKil white hv^g fa Ihb fcgiss. • L - H -

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