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CARDINAL COURIER • C ardinal C ourier O nline . com A.PRIIL 8, 2009 Felton will use grant to benefit adoptable youth ST A F F W R I T E R MARIA ZAHID Cecil Felton, m e d ia coordinator for t h e Com m u n ication/Journalism D e p a r tm e n t at St. John Fisher, w a s recently awarded a LeC h a s e C o m ­ m unity Engagem e n t Fellowship. H e plans to use the $4000 grant to help produce 10 to 12 profile v i d ­ eos for children w h o can be adopted throughout upstate N e w York. Referring to the them e of Fisher's p r o m otion a l cam p a ign, \Discover the W o rld Within,” Felton said that, \in th e spirit of self-discovery, the goal of this project is to transform yo u n g lives” Felton explained that m o r e than 9,000 ofthe 129,000 children w h o are legally available for adoption in the U.S. reside in New York State. Outside o f N e w York City, Monroe C o u n ty has the highest n u m ber of child protection cases. Felton is n o stranger to this issue. Before h e g o t m a rried, h e foster- paren ted a teenager through high school. The teen has since gone on to earn two m a ster’s degrees. Felton also worked at Hillside Chil­ dren’s Center; first at a residential treatment facility and later for thera­ peutic foster care. \It w a s t h e type of j o b y o u leave m entally drained a n d physically worn out, but at the end ofth e day y o u have a good feeling in your heart because you know y o u ’ve m a d e a difference in t h e lives o f the people y o u served,\ Felton said. W hile em p loyed at Hillside, Felton volunteered to produce two adoption video profiles. H e felt this w o u ld be a good alter­ native to the photo listings kn o w n as Blue Books w h ich sim p ly docu m e n t biographical information and are dif­ ficult and c o s tly to update. V id e o s give prospective parents a glim p se into a child's personality be­ fore the initial contact and allow chil­ dren to advocate for them selves and express their likes, dislikes and w h a t they're looking for in a fam ily. A video Felton produced for a girl nam e d Am b e r captures her playin g at a playground an d talking ab o u t herself. \Lizzie McGuire is m y favorite T V show,\ she says before stating that she likes to eat junk food. The vid e o s are short bu t fun and focus on the children. “We didn't w a n t to m a k e a m o v ie about them ,” joked Felton. (iWI We do! Fo llo w us a t tw itter.com / C a r d inalC o u r ier CARDINAL COURIER C overing fisher like NO ONE ELSE The vid e o s w ill b e on H illside an d other ad o p t io n agen c ies' w e b s ites. Security m e a sures su c h as password protection w ill ensure that on ly pro­ spective parents w ho have participat­ ed in foster care training w ill b e able to view them . In ad d itio n to H illsid e Fam ily o f A g e n c ie s an d the D a v e Thom a s F o u n d a tio n , F e lto n w ill com plete h is pro ject th r o u g h a collaboration o f co m m u n i t y partners, in c lud ing Fisher organizations such as PRIM A C o n n e c tio n s , C a r d inal Television (C T V ) and various Com m unication/ Journalism classes. T h e p r o ject w ill kick o f f in June 2009, w h e n the funding is r e leased at the start o f the fiscal year. In t h e m e a n tim e , Felton is working w ith H illside t o identify children and m a k e sure th e y w a n t to take p a r t in th e project. He explain e d that he d o e s n 't show u p w ith a cam e r a ; in s tead he meets clien ts, g e t s to kn o w them , and d e ­ term in e s w h a t t h e y w a n t before g o ­ in g forward. The p r o c e s s in v o lves m a k ing ar­ r a n g e m e n t s w i t h va r io u s social w o rkers, sch e d u lin g interviews, and sh o o tin g an d editing footage o f chil­ dren d o in g things that th e y enjoy. Som e o f Felton's du ties at Fisher in c lu d e m a n a g ing equipm e n t and fa­ cilities for the C/J departm ent, over­ see in g a bu d g e t, t e a c h in g Television P r a c ticum , an d advising T V Club. Felton is also the ow ner o f a vid ­ e o p r o d u c tio n com p a n y , an online C h r istian bookstore, an d the direc­ tor/producer o f a w e e k ly T V program that airs o n com m e r cial television in Atlanta, Ga.. S o m e o f M s future goals in c lude earning an M B A from Fisher, launch­ in g an Internet-based Christian tele­ v i s io n netw o rk, an d w r iting a ch il­ dren’s b o o k series. mzO02O4@sjfc.edu P C C b e n e f it s s c h o o ls in c it y C O P Y E D I T O R ALYSA STRYKER St. John Fisher students and staff cam e together to participate in th e College’s fourth annual Project C o m ­ m unity Convergence (PCC) event, held on M arch 28 a n d April 4. Approximately80 volunteers signed up for each weekend, visiting four high needs schools— School 2, 25, 36, an d John Marshall H igli School— in an ef­ fort to help renovate and restore city school districts in the Rochester area. The project has always b e e n about providing for city school’s the neces­ sary upkeep and renewal that they do not always have the funding for. “Its not a secret h o w m uch o f a struggle it is in the city schools,\ senior Michael Cannon said. Cannon, a volunteer at School 36, enjoyed the chance to w o r k w ith a great group o f people, while being able to do som ething different. \The school we w e r e at w a s built in 1898, and it didn't look like much had been upd a ted since then,\ Cannon said. \To be able to help in any w a y , small or big, I think is a big benefit.” In order to remain cognizant of e a c h school’s particular needs, team le a d ­ ers from the College visit w ith princi­ pals from chosen city districts to dis­ cern w hat suppiie-s w ill be necessary to purchase, and w h a t work needs to be done. \In the p a s t couple years we've re­ ally been focusing on painting and re­ ally cleaning up, w h ether it's garbage outside o r scraping things off the walls,\ said Cristina V a u g h n , president of service group Stu- dents W ith A Vision (SWAV), w hich heLps organize the event. \And w e p a y for all the su p p lies and paint w h ich is hard on a lot o f schools.” P a r ticipants h_ad positive reactions- \It’s ju s t such an in c r e d ib le experi- ence,\ V a u g h n said. “You ca n physically see the difference w hen y o u leave t h e school.” Katherine MalLery, a freshman and a recent n e w m e m ber o f SWAV, e n ­ joyed \m e e ting mew people, helping ou t the schools, an d seeing m o r e of Rochester\ d u r in g h e r w eekend visit to sch o o l 36. \It’s d e f in itely som e thing 1 want \It's fust such an incred­ ible experience. You can physically see the change when you leave the school. Cristina Vaugn, SWAV prssktont to d o for t h e rest o f mjr tim e here at Fisher,” M a llery said. People were very nice, and i t w a s a l o t of fun.'” Freshm a n Greg Sam e k o f SWAV, has always enjoyed volunteering. \It's a great t i l i n g to dto, to do g o o d work for other people,'\ Samek said. “It s e e m e d like a f a n thing t o do, and a fun w a y to spend a Saturday.” In ad d itio n to d onatting tim e and emerg-y, P C C can b»e great fo r resum e bnildizngand future jobs. ■\Sonne kids wilL ju s t g o to co l le g e fo r th«e typical, col­ le g e experience,\ so p h o m o r e voh in - teer Brittany A lcx- a_ndersaicL B u t future em­ ployees w ill w ant tc» see well-rounded jo eople involved ir» their com m unities, said Alexander, \If y o u can g o o u t an d make a dif­ ference anywlaere you are, anyw here y o u ’re living, I t ’s a l w a y s nice to do,”* she said. ajs4I3M39@sijfc.edu Writer visits campus Dan WPitkowski Detective fiction novelist Megan A bbott reads from her work the evening o f Thursday, A ptB l 2 im the Golisano Mid-Level Gateway. Students from several English classes attended the reading B e c o m e a g lo b a in ace. New Program Fall 2009* M a s t e r in In t e r n a t io n a l B u s in e s s W H A T Y O U ' L L S T U D r : • Fundamentals of International Business • Global Logistics • Doing Business in the European Union • Trade Mission and International Entrepreneurship Basics of Exporting Global Supply Chain Management International Marketing International Firance D o n ' t j u s t l e a r n a b o u t t h « g l o b a l e t o n o m y - b e a p a r t o f i t l fo r mote information, call 716-888-2140, t d fret 1-900-543-7906, E-m*il ur at gradubusOcanisius.edu &t visit us on our W e b she at www.canisius.edu/mbs_ •ptndingNtw York StaU approval __ _________________________________________________ 2 0 0 1 M a i n S t r e e t | B u f f a l o , N Y 1 4 2 0 8 | w w w .c a n i s i u s .e d u / t n b a tradition quality leadership value t Qmisius C 0 E L E <5 E Wtiere leaders are made

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