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APRIL 8, 2009 C ardinal C ourier O nline . com • CARDINAL COURIER VIEWPOINT Cam p u s Chatter W h a t w a s y o u r w o r s t d a t e ? THOSE’ VOLUNTEERS ARE SO DEDICATED, y ' k n on? . . SO TRUE. SWAV, RELAY FOR LIFE, PCC... I JUS T DON'T SEE WHERE THEY FIND ALL THE TIME/ 7 had to go on a blind date for 98PXY, where I interned. We had nothing in common and he ended up being a dweeb.\ M b (tarratM O Senior Communication/Journalism Greece, N.Y. 7 try to forget things like that!’’ SUphMfc M m c k Junior Nursing Avon, N.Y. 7 hadn't met my date for the senior ball until the day before. Halfway through ball she ditched me to hang out with her ex because he was having a party .\ Senior Corporate Finance Webster, N.Y. \I went to a boy's house I u rn crazy about and wore shorts. We went outside and I got SO mosquito bites. He had to get calamine lotion and it was really embarrassing’' Senior ' ‘ ‘ .* rnryirh tngMsn Syracuse.NY *It was a blind date and she asked me to pay for her movie. She got mad because m y phone rang and she wasn’t even my girlfriend.’' W H AT’ S N EW * « 0 Can’t make it to the game? We have you covered. We will be covering the Fisher/ Naz men’s lacrosse game. A big change may be coming to the Senate. Check out our update after the meeting. Need more A Broad Jrt Abroad? Sarah Jones »* will be checking in U ” _ J with us from Italy. P l e a s e r e f r a i n f r o m d r i n k i n g a n d d r i v i n g 1 A r a i i a t a r t Courier Advertising Director Freshman Business Rochester, N.Y. was a t a Vietnamese resteraunt with my first boyfriend, I got a big bowl o f soup and I spilled it dU. over myself. I walked bade to his house looking Idee I peed my pants.\ Freshman Anthropology Rochester, N.Y. *It was a blind date and she was ugly, her breath smelled and her hair was messed up. We got into an argument because I wouldn’t pay for her.\ Freshman Business Rochester, N.Y. ‘I ’m n o t sure. I n a t t y d o n t know\ Sophmore Cdmmunication/JournaKsm Fairport, N.Y. Compiled by Casey Salamaca As the semester com es to a close, last m inute parties are planned, bar drink specials are posted an d senior w e e k is in sight. Drinking in college is com m o n across the nation, at c o l­ leges across Rochester an d at S t John Fisher. Fisher stu ­ dents pack cars to capacity, from W ednesday through Sat­ urday nights, t o head to bars a n d clubs around town where their drinking drivers gam b le that their precious cargo will m a k e it back safely to campus. The college did, at one point, join w ith other schools to provide a bus that unfortunately acquired the nicknam e \the drunk bus\ to get in and o u t of Rochester. That service, unfortunately, is no longer offered. Perhaps some w e ll-m e a n ing official felt that providing the bus enabled excessive drinking. That’s arguable. But the unalterable fact is that removing the bus enabled drunken driving. Now, I do not understand why it w a s taken away. Was it because there w ere too many drunk students walking across campus? No, that can't be, they w o u ld of g o n e any­ w a y but behind a wheel. Does is go against Catholic tra­ dition? N o , that c a n 't be it either... w h a t tradition? W a s it because itencouraged drinking? L o o k if someone wants to drink they are going to find a way. Then what w a s it? Some 2.1 million college students drive under the i n ­ fluence o f alcohol each year. St. John Fisher is not obliged to protect its small segment o f those foolish, people, but it does have the opportunity to assist. Repetitive problem drinking is a problem, separate from problem driving. It's ateachablem o m entfor which the c o l­ lege can offer counseling and peer mentoring. It's difficult to consider counseling or peer mentoring w h ile one is u s ­ ing the Jaws of Life to pry a drunk driver from a car wreck. Let's parse this problem carefully. Let'sprotect precious lives first. Then, w e can work on the self-destructive behav­ ior o f som e students. brw0ll62@ sjfc.edu Commuters should be sure to get involved HMD n p u v t Courier Staff Writer I o f i f i i i i i * h f » n i * f f l l l a d j H i l l V I f I lit# I f I S 11 I S M l w i i .m l mmn w flW r ir O m JW T T n G tnflr O flGWS I*)!, iflm T O f ig trifajirleL o r m rrtonnni or k i t to *haw v o ir ttKXtfhU. I remember b a ck to m y first semester of college w hen a professor of mine warned us o f what she called the “car to car” syndrome. This is when students do exactly that, get out of their cars to go to class and get right back in them to leave. This was Monroe Com m u n ity College (M CC), so m ost students were commuters. However for students like m y ­ self that are still com muting, the principle remains the same. Ifyou only come to school to attend class you aren't going t o get m u ch out of it other than that. Current freshmen will hear it a lot, a n d for all others it is merely repetition. You only g e t out of college what y o u put into it. I'm sure all of our parents have run statements like that by us at one point or another. This is a g o o d lesson t o learn as it applies to most areas of life. Sorry if it sounds like I am preaching, but the “car to car\ syndrome really does transfer o ver into other areas of life. If you are not involved now, y o u will likely regret it. Not to mention outside of college chances o f getting in­ volved are not as prominent and likely more expensive. This i s not to say that resident students cannot use the same advice, but they are already more involved just by living o n campus. B e ing a commuter, it takes extra effort to hear of news that might b e hearsay for residents of the campus. Joining a club or activity also takes that extra effort of p lanning your time accordingly and making that neces­ sary trip back to campus. Fisher offers so m a n y ways to get involved with over 70 clubs an d organizations, all listed on the Fisher website. As I was browsing them I noticed some I’v e never heard of before, ranging from equestrian dub t o martial arts club. \Writing for the Courier has offered ime m y first real chance to get involved on campus, an d it h a s been a great experience. N o t to mention, how many o f these activities will look good on a resume com e time to j ob hunt. Even if it is taking advantage o f the weight/fitness rooms in the Student Life Center (SLC), or the m a n y resources that the library offers to get a leg up o n your school work, finding a w ay to make the most o f y o u r college experience is crucial. After all, w h y spend so m u c h money o n an education and not take advantage of a s many features that are offered as possible.? Remember, ifyou're not careful, the commuter syndrome will becom e a w a y of life. tjpOB292@sjfc.edu _ VJI aii w iti T i e Ik ire e i p«ositi< t e r . The Twc signec Lett sngnec rfight t c=onsti T a t CSneol you_ have \WOicui a p l a i n c ta s t e ant R o m ; crucial t F o r t h serwer i r I n nr m a m y d i tha_t beii whnlew< D e s p i in g ; o n t m ig h t n h a w e to ! W i t h - everyw l of S t . I h a t i J t is Courie injfotm i pltease to j HU eitu, Et m-nbOC nalcou Mis The St. nev Nol invi SO' We The me the fee Co aru

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