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SPECIAL EVENTS As previously announced several programming ideas have been accepted by Activities Commission as a result of suggestions from v a r i o u s organization representatives. HOM ECOM ING W E E K E N D September 21, 22, 23 Theme - F a ll Carnival or some sim ilar idea, Concert Saturday night, C a r n i v a l w i t h rid e s and booths (sponsorship of booths by organizations, fund raising, etc.) on Saturday and Sunday. Circus on Sunday. Volunteers for committees needed - contact Ellen Christy Homecoming Chairperson. W E L C O M E W E E K E N D Activities related to welcoming freshmen and transfers to campus. Social functions, and organizations day, evening, etc. for promoting individual clubs. Ideas and suggestions needed. No cnairperson yet designated. 0 LYM P IAD October 5 ,6 , 7 All types of athletic events ranging from track and field to Beer Drinking Contests. Clubs, dorms, Greeks, small groups, town organizations, etc. will be invited to form nations and enter individuals and teams. Dedication of new Health and Physical Education Building, Marathon, etc. Contact Bill James, Chairman. DOWN HOME W E E K To replace Winter Weekend and Folk Festival in February. Groups like Earl Scruggs, etc., plus folk arts and crafts, etc. No chairperson selected. I N T E R N A T I O N A L W E E K Possibly combine International Relations Club displays with Inter-Faith Center Dinner, bring in international groups to perform, etc. No chairperson selected. HU MAN L I B E R A T I O N W E E K Series of programs aimed at evaluating and discussing the various forms of human liberation, i.e. women, gay, black, native American, etc. Ideas for speakers, film s, etc. are needed. Contact Chuck Feiner, Chairman of Lecture Council. S E X U A L I T Y W E E K Study problems related to sexuality, i.e. Playboy Pholosophy, feminism. Programs planned in conjunction with annual Shakespeare Festival, involving music, jousting, theatre and other associated events. O C C U L T Series of events planned to study mysticism, w itchcraft, ESP and the whole realm of the supernatural. No chairperson selected. M E D IA W E E K Media su c h as G S T V , W GBC, and other communication organizations could present D J's fo r a Day, Star in Your Own T V Show, etc. Activities Commission needs your help and your ideas to make these programs a reality. We encourage you to contact either the Chairmen of the program for which you are interested in working, to contact Dan Bock - Activities Commission Chairman, or to leave your name at the Activities Center. In planning your organization's events for next year, please consider how you might contribute to or tie in with some of these program ide-as. The benefits of coordinated planning and publicity should not be disregarded. From Ellsberg to Womans9 Lib Contemporary Forum is an o rganization that provides a s p e a k e r s and d e m o n s t r a t i o n s on various su b j e c t s of interest to the student body. In the past, C o n t e m p o r a r y Form m has presented Daniel Ellsberg, who spoke on the Pentagon Papers, a Women's Liberation debate, a Revolutionary Road Company, and other notable presentations. Contemporary Forum is an ideal organization to participate in for it requires a minimal of time and offers an opportunity to meet outstanding people. W e h o p e t o have the o p p o r t u n i t y to have you working with our council in the fall. See your then. Chuck Feiner COLUMBIA BANKING, SAVING AND LOAN ^ ASSOCIATION E S T A B L I S H E D I M 4 Lakeville Rd G e n e s e o PAGE 7— Geneseo Lamron, Summer 1973 E O C . K t o n c e f y r s , * > * * < * ■ s , <• q u e s t s , t w r t r t n w r B e m t J b c i ' a / C o u n c i l f y + n s o r s c c t l S o c t o l f v c n t s J Welcome to Social Council! We a r e a part of Activities Commission and coordinate the campus' major weekends, such as Homecoming, our B IG G E S T ! Since Homecoming is soon after school opens, we need lots of help right away. W e r i o t o u s meetings, lots of parties, and fun in g e n e r a l . S o c i a l Council sponsors rock concerts, dances, sock hops, and entertainment as long as our budget holds out. Since we are funded by students, why not have a say in how your money is spent. Last year, we sponsored a male Homecoming Queen(?), brought Godspeli which outsold the seating capacity of the gym, had a sock hop at 2 a.m ., and c o o r d i n a t e d Kampus Kapers with Recreation Council. Give a little or a lot of time. (W e ' l l take anything.) Get involved and enjoy campus life! L I M E L I G H T L I M E L I G H T ; - - i s a eager, enthusiastic students interested in bringing \Lincoln Center\ to Geneseo. -has previously, as Council on the A rts, brought to campus Marcel Marceau, \H a ir \ , the Rochester Philharmonic, Carlos Montoya, the Ballet Repertory C o m p a n y , and many other excellent programs. -n e x t year is planning to b r i n g G e n t l e m e n of V e rona\ the International Choral Festival, the Paul W inter Consort, and William Windom as Thurber, as wel I as many other varied events. - involves the five student m u s i c o r g a n i z a t i o n s - - C a r o l Choristers, Concert Band and E n s e m b l e , C h a m b e r Orchestra, Chamber Singers, and t h e A s s o c i a t i o n - - i n providing a balanced musical program to the campus and community. -provides season tickets to These events at reduced rates, if you buy before the first event. 4look for more information of series--it's available!) -wants to bring art exhibits to campus and to work with talen t e d stu d e n t artists to exhibit one-man shows. -has an experienced chairman by the name of J im Scott. He'll be living in Onondaga in the fall and w ill be glad to talk with you. -needs good workers. If your major is not one of the fine arts-greatl A ll the more time for IBS. Harry Chapin drove his \Taxi\ into Geneseo State's Col legs Union Ballroom. Ha was just one of many top performers who appeared last ytax on campus. C o n c e r t C o u n c i l M ay I take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all the n e w s t u d e n t s here at Geneseo from the members of Concert Council. Th is year we expect to have an extrem ely good program of concerts for the students of Geneseo but we need your help. All our concerts w i l l be held in t h e n e w gymnasium which is a lot larger than the old gym where we held the concerts last year. Because of this we w ill need more students to help on the council. Anyone that has an interest in music and would like to help, please get in touch with me as soon as possible so that we can d i s c u s s your membership in Concert Council. O u r office is in the A c t i v i t i e s C o m m issio n O ffice, room 306 in the College Union so feel free to drop by. Remember, if your interests lie in the field of music, Concert Council can use you. Enjoy the rest of the summer. ■ T i m , ■ .1 , • f S ' i * - ' ■i W\.'= ,v.i : ' ,' r *. * ' ) ' ' i ' i ■ ' '■ » •' \ 1 J V I if ' • , ‘ V t < ,7 rv- v ;-U': \ M ' 7 v r,* 7-r v1 y.'V ? tv* '7 ).• ‘ i '.'v. '}■ i '■ i, ' t* ' * »'*,»V i) * / v ; \ i t .» , * (a r,: ■ *■: ? I. ;■!> - v , ■ ■ . K I * 'J' i • , i ' < O y - 1. *•), ; * i ‘-L .• * . ■ • '/■ . ■ t ■*•> , , • I »•* !•. ... ■', -i ■.‘rTV f* ■** I ' 1 ' \ v ■. * ‘ , V ■:ii \ v ■ : ' . » • .. ' * ' ' f,i * ' *>/'• -%1 yj v. *-'!1 ft , f .t; . ••?,•<* -'\I • > ** f '• .U -• • V-r * | % ^ V • »,V ,s. “ s < >?X 11. V 11 >]■ ) > .. .*■ ;«•.*. , *' '• J 'T *« ' ‘*r\ 4. V. \ • < i < ■ 1 ' ■.V.Y ' \ k, ,1k -' :■ -'a iu'-y ' '■ ,■ .v ' -v ; rV/’/.'V * \ (•' - . ^ V'k* .',..'7 ■■.(It ’■ , *, I* '» , ; 'v'-\i * iviV A . V . $

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