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PAGE 4— Geneseo Lamron, Summer 1973 s t u d e n t g o v e r n m e n t This is Geneseo State's Inter Residence Council (IRC) executive board, as elected last Spring by the students. Left to right are: Nancy Hallock, vice-president; Gail Penly, secretary; Nancy Kasprzak, president; and Mary Benjamin, treasurer. IRC: Your Best Friend on Campus k/ I H r~\ D i i L- I **4- \hl - - I- j- - * by John Busekist Treasurer, IRC, 1972-73 I (IRC) is the governing body for all the dorms on this campus. We are made up of an executive board and representatives from residence hall. The the vice-presidents of tne respective dorm councils. We meet once each week throughout the yeai to discuss problems in the residence halls, possible changes in campus policies and to disti money foi dorm activities, IRC, which has a budget of about $3000, provides money for the dorms to sponsor movies, speakers, coffee hours, and other activities. We also operate an office en the College Union (Room 307). Anyone who has a problem or an idea can come into the office between 12 and 4 Monday through Friday and we will see what we can do to help them. IRC has been very active this past year in making some very necessary changes or* the campus, and this next year's council already has a few ideas to succeeded, after several years of getting freshmen women's hours abolished. Until this time, frosh women bad to be back in the dorm by midnight Monday - Thursday, 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and I a.m. on our efforts and those of so me of the school's administrators, you will not have to worry about it this year. We also, together with refrigerators in the students' rooms. This will make it much easier to keep your beer cold. We also worked on getting a dorm coed by alternate suites. As of the present time, h-alf of Allegany Hall will be coed by alternate suites this next year. e o bt ai ne d s ome im p o rtant changes in Food Service. Through our efforts, the menus were changed and the food was improved. After you've eaten in the dining halls for a few probably wonder how the food could ever have been any worse than it is, but believe me, it was. We also worked on getting permanent keys for all the dorm residents, but as of this publication we haven't received anY answer on that project. For the intellectual portion of the campus community, we annually sponsor the IRC All College Bowl during the second semester. This is one of the few that something besides or drinking prowess. This is also one of the ways for uniting members of the campus for art event. We all enjoy putting the College Bowl on, and we hope the contestants enjoy being in it. If you would like to get involved in the work of you can either run for the vice-presidency of your dorm or just stop in the IR C office and volunteer a little of your time. We are always looking for a few good people to help us on some of our major projects. Stop in and meet some of oui people, you'll very friendly. Our officers (Nancy President; Naricy FI a Vice-President; Gail Benjamin, Treasurer; and the rest of the council) will make every effort to give you the help you need. At the beginning of each year, the dorms here have a “no visitation\ policy. Since this is obviously not what the residents usually desire, something must take this policy's place. Usually within a day or two of your arrival, your assistant dean will call a dorm-wide meedntj. At this meeting he or she will explain the visitation policies and other pertinent information (such as election of dorm officers, dorm rules, etc,). After this meeting, the dorm will have visitation from 12 to 2 daily until a permanent policy is written. This policy will be written by the interim board of the dorm and voted on by all the residents. The policy is then sent to the Executive Board of I.R.C. and then on to the hill. Upon the approval of Dr. Salters, the permanent policy will go into immediate effect. This whole process usually takes only about two or three weeks. All dorms here last year had 24-hour visitation, and this will probably continue in the future. D K e n ’s B i c y c l e S h o p SCHW I N N B I C Y C L E M O T O R C Y C L E S HI.VI, 1-716 - 9 2 6 - 2 7 8 9 5 3 C E N E S E E ST. A V O N . N.Y HARI.EY D A V I D S O N M O T O R C Y C L E S A N I ) SN O W M O B I L E S C entral C o u n c il Throughout your stay here at Geneseo, a lot of people are going to be talking about something called Central Council. What is it? Well, Central Council is your student government. The Council is a seven member board which is elected by the students in the spring of every year to serve a term of one year. The duties of Central Council are to 1) distribute, as they see fit, the student activity fees (budget allotment figures appear elsewhere in the paper); 2)initiate legislative and executive policy in the name of the student; 3) act as a liason between students and the college administration. In the past, besides its function as the student government, Central Council has organized and managed programs benefificial to the entire campus community. One such program was the ED-U '73 educational marathon conducted here in the spring for a three-day period. Hundreds of lectures, demonstrations and panel discussions as well as visual displays were presented during the three days. While the whole progra, was poorly attended, the idea of the concept of the program was heartening. The Central Council organization also showed its interest in the ecological environment of the Geneseo campus by organizing a recycling project which accounted for disposal of tons of glass, paper and aluminum. The Freshman Register which most of you will be receiving is also a project of Central Council. It is responsible for the compilation and publication of the booklet. Throughout the academic year, the Council involves itself in many projects and is often in need of student aid and support. Feel free to stop up to the Central Council offices in the College Union, Room 315, for it is Y O U R student government. Legislative Council meetings w;ll be conducted Thursdays at 7 p.m. in College Union Rooms 322-323 throughout the 1973-74 academic year. Attend if you want to find out what your student government is all about. PRESI DENT--IVIark Regan (Senior) M E M B E R S O F TH E CO U N C I L Jeff Brent (Senior) Diane Procopio (Senior) Mike Rosati (Senior) Frank IVIcEwen (Junior) Nancy Zahler (Junior) Paul Curtin (Junior) Remember, Central Council represents YO U and they don't know your opinions unless you tell them. As you can see, IRC isn't just a few people. Here is the 197, Inter Residence Council-left to right, (front row): John Busekis treasurer; Althea Kenner, secretary; and Heather Booth, presiden (second row): Barb Mortensen, Barb Larkin, Judy DeNova, Phyl Tryon and Cindy Felice; (third row ): Gary Hicks, Lynn Hermai Kathy Michalak; (fourth row ): V ic Gartner, Val McCue and Mil Rosati. IR C is a group of students concerned with the state o campus life at Geneseo. Let them know how you feel.

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