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ngs ilcorne you to i»t our parish f \the Newman i anyone who our full time il (celebrations, sis religious cr time chaplain iliester.We are )U s and willing ;eo happy anc se for all our : 41:30 Sat. anc tmrgies are n ot io urs, clothing eeana course, of five officers h, Dr, Vincent Al ong with its at ives to the d for Campus p articipation ir>eg which wii, aa rish council id memorable ’arish Counci1 tion >n the campus in tat ives from nt groups on aplains at the cte) 243-0707 se) 926-8974 )h-aplains are ..studies...the are there to change., foi to work with iOPLE! h Center on i -expressions it in today's p Sundays at or s, students, =B! /v o r k ing m ... PE! it as wide an ..Ecumenical st on County tee... Genesee , the Church Inter-V a r sity FOOD FO R TH O U G H T by Robert Johnson Oncetherewas a university and everybody came: upper class, lower class, 17-year-olds and graduate students; blacks, whites, and Orientals; students from the adjacent county and some countries as “far away as Taiw a n and South Africa. There were agnostics, Jews, atheists, followers of the occult, some with Christian backgrounds...and a few who believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Those few, believing Mat. 28.19, and wanting to obey Christ's command to \make disciples of all men-..,\ looked around for a way to do just that. And some of them came to Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and found it helped them to grow In their relationships with Christ and in obedience to Him, and to share their faith with non-Christian friends. This is what Inter-Varsity is all about. But behind this is much more. I.V . C . F . at Geneseo meets for Bible Studies, prayer meetings, group activities and good times. This fall, we hope to see you at the first meeting. Look for posters to find more details or cal I B o b or Paul at 7328. HE IS M O R E by Wendy M. Langton I cannot explain my faith in the manner of the intellectual or in terminology of the theologian, for my faith is basically a simple thing arising from the yearning of a young girl's heart for something better something more than the disappointment of continually missing the mark the frustration of wanting to be best but not knowing how to go about it and the resultant burden of discontent. When I heard of One who understood my heart's distress who really cared that I suffered so, I ran to him with swift eagerness of youth. Bewildered, my loved ones said, \She will grow out of it.'' But one does not grow out of Christ one only grows up into Him. \It won't last/' they predicted, but it has and he is more precious today than when I first believed. You ask, ''Is he then all he claims to be?'' He is more! He is more! In joy he has been the light of the morning introublethe clear shining after rain in sorrow morning without clouds. He has .plumbed depths I never knew existed. He has set goals for me that I never dreamed possible. He has put such meaning into life- how can I help but believe? I nter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is made up of peo pie who also believe this Come and learn and grow with them. Be looking for signs announcing the first meeting or call Bob or Paul at 7328. Ecumenical Fellowship E S F , or Ecumenical as it is commonly called, is a grouf of Geneseo students of all religious denominations who meet for Christian Fellow- ' ship and activities on Sunday nignts at 6 p.m. at the Intexfaith Center on Franklin Street. Ecumenical's advisor is Harold Sabb of the Methodist Church in Geneseo. In the past. Ecumenical has gone on retreats, heard the Rochester Oratorio Society at the Eastman Theatre, gone to a hockey game, met with the SCM group from for several activities and invited guest - speakers. Sometimes the group just meets for a game nigiht or one of the members will prepare the program. These are just a few of the things we have done and we can do much more if there is the i nterest. There is an evening meal at the small cost of S . 50 or $.25, depending on the meal. Any student at Geneseo is invited to Ecumenical Student Fellowship. It is a great way to meet other Christians on campus and provides a sometimes much-needed Sunday night study break. Why don't you try it? I'm sure the group will be glad to meet you in the Fall^lf you are a little afraid of coming by yourself, bring afriend. PAGE 21— Geneseo Lamron, Summer 1973 Around SUCG With USD By Harvey S. Dingleberry While you have been studying your navel, have you let some of the finer things in life pass you by? The world is a game of follow the leader, and to keep your place, prestige is the key. Everything is A-Okay with you if: ’ Doc Redden calls to ask your opinion on some student activity. *When your water pipe gets clogged, and instead of cleaning it you throw it away and buy a new one. ’ When you take a new chick o u t and she insists to pay, because guys have been stuck w ith paying for too long. ’ Walter Cronkite calls you fo r advice as to h o w to pronounce a word. Now on the other side of the picture. It is definitely time to start worrying if: ’ Your chick wants to go see the Osmonds, and you \give in.'' ’ Campus Security knows you well enough to call you by a nickname. ’ You drop a dollar in the offering plate at church service, and the usher stops and gives you back $.90 in change. department keeps hinting for y o u to t r a n s f e r or change majors. B r id g e Club! by Brad Swimmer Action in the Geneseo Bridge Club can be hot and Neavy. So heavy that it has caused many a player to be confused a s to what is actually the final contract. Witness this week's t»ar»d, where Bambi, partnered by the Fox, reached a seven no trump contract in a most unusual w a y , due to a psychic bid by Bazil. South deals Morth S A K 6 H QJ3 West D A843 East S 9 7 4 C K65 S 10852 H 105 h 97642 D J 1 0 9 7 D 6 2 C J 1 0 9 2 South c 83 S QJ3 H AK8 D KQ5 C AQ74 The Bidding N(Fox) S(Bambi) Double 2 M r 7 N T 5S pass W (Bazil) 3H E( Vi ktor) 5H pass opening Head: 10H pass pass B a n b i th o u g h t that his partner bid 7S, not 7N T , hence concluding that he would be down 1 , due to only having six trumps between them. So, after winning the first trick with the ace of hearts, he played three rounds of spades. Then, hoping not to p' trumped, he played his lasd wo hearts. He was relieved when Bazil didn't trwmp, Little,did he know what had h a p p e n e d . B a z i l w a s squeezed. On the last heart he had to play either a club or a diamond. So he played a club, leaving him w ith only three. That made the fourth one in Bambi's hand good. So he made thirteen tricks. Four in clubs, and thiree in all the others. Bam b ihad done it again. If y o u are interested in pl-aying bridge or learning how to play, come to the College Uliion every Tuesday at 7 p.m. (The Bridge Club is very active here eir campus. Each week in the coming year, the LAM R O N W ILL carry a bridge column.) Chess Club Problem \Today's Verse'' Man plans his journey by his own wit, but it is the Lord who guides his steps. Proverbs 16:9 'Notable Ouotes'': \Never let chooling interfere with your iducation.\ Mark Twain P L U G ! PLUG: Working on the L^amron pro­ vides a unique opportunity to become bet- ter acquainted the campus and to obtain valuabLe experience in all fields of journalism. W H ITE ro M A T E IN T H R E E M O V E S . Chess Club is active on campus. Each week in the l-ast year, the LAM R ON carried a Chess Club Problem. This was one of the last to appear. See if you can solve it. The answer appears elsewNere in the paper it'll be a challenge to find the answer too.) L I O N E S S A - L I N E S H A G F E A T H E R L A Y E R

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