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Sometime before Thanksgiving vacation, I heard someone make the comment that Lamron was beginning to look like the National Enquirer with flash exposes o f everything from the bookstore to whatever. Whether that's a compliment or a criticism I can't say, but at times there does exist a serious lack of communication between the administration and all the other factions that make up this college. I've seen examples of this throughout my career at Geneseo, for instance the expulsion of several blacks in 1970-71, the release of certain faculty, and controversies over Food Services, to mention a few. There is, at present, another o f those questionable manuevers on the part of the administration to be dealt with. An investigation concerning itself with the present situation, intent and future of radio broadcasting at Geneseo is now under way. Before I begin, and before anyone screams bias, I 'II explain my connections with the broadcasting facilities here. I have been involved with WGBC, the campus carrier current station. WGBC is funded by the Student Association through the fees we all pay every semester. I also work with WGSU, the. educational FM station here. WGSU is owned and maintained by this college, its budget is drawn from the monies allocated S.U.C. Geneseo by the State of New York. But, above all, I am a student who thinks both stations are valuable assets to this college, and someone who thinks ALL should be informed of anything concerning aspects of this institution that affects them, as I believe these stations do. The information provided here stems from talking with Dr, John Paul, of the Speech Audiology and Pathology Dept., who chairs the committee to investigate broadcasting at Geneseo. Dr, Paul was most cordial, and answered my questions seemingly without reservation. Dr. Paul, when asked what the purpose of the committee was, replied that the duty of the group was to get an appraisal of the situation in the two stations, in terms of cost, personnel, programming, etc. Secondarily, he said they would attempt to discern the efficacy of the operations on the campus and in the c o m m u n . t y , and look forward to future plans, perhaps establishing what areas need development, and what the operations may require in terms of budget, material and personnel in the future. These findings will be reported to Dr. MacVittie, who called the committee into existence. Dr. Paul stressed that the committee was solely a fact-finding body, to advise the President of the facts as they are. In fact, he stressed this point in almost every answer to every question. The members of the committee, Dr, Scruggs from the Education Dept., Miss Donnelly from the CollegeUnion,Dr. Small of the Mathematics Dept., and Alan Shank from Political Science met several times before Dec. 12 to determine their method of operation. This will be done with the aid of the consultants named to the committee, Fred Ambrose of Instructional Page T wo Geneseo Lamron Does the Student Friday, December 8, Resources, Mr. Hale, the college legal advisor, John Davlin, station manager of WGSU FM, Mr. Bill Berry, WGBC faculty advisor, and for the time being. Bud Hughes, student station manager o f WGBC. Dr. Paul continued that he knew nothing of the operation, facilities of programming of either station, and he has had no connection with either organization for several years, although he had been closely connected with both facilities when they began operations several years ago. He does, however, feel there are definite benefits related to the existence of broadcast stations here. Both station are inherently beneficial as experiential training programs, and serve to inform the campus and community. While commenting on the benefits derived from the facilities, he again stressed that the committee was only advisory and fact finding. The committee itself is only now determining how well will function, and after Christmas recess, the committee will begin its job of gathering data._ If. anyone feels that they have anything to contribute to the investigator, Dr. Paul suggested that one should contact John Davlin at WGSU-FM or Bud Hughes at WGBC-AM (both in Blake B) and they will arrange to present the testimony. Now I have a few comments. None of them are t o o favorable and I have some serious doubts as to the real purpose of the committee. My one main gripe is that ther are no students on the committee. Why? Both WGBC and WGSU are completely staffed by students, with the exception of John Davlin, and at least WGBC is aimed solely at the campus student community. W GSU's stated target audience is the 18-27 age group, undoubtedly including students to a great degree, It would seem then, that student opinion and needs should be a prime concern of the committee. Since students are involved at all levels at both stations and since the recommendations of this committee will affect the future of one or both stations, student representation would seem appropriate, and even necessary. The way to insure student interests being heard and served is to include students on the committee itself. There is every reason for the inclusion of students and yet there is NO student representation. It is also true that any recommendations made can only be applicable to WGSU as WGBC is funded solely by student monies, and cannot be affected by the will of the administration. That brings up one plausible reason for the investigation, a monetary concern on the part of the college. Perhaps it is felt that the twelve to thirteen thousand dollars it costs to maintain WGSU annually might be better used elsewhere, for instance t o staff and open our new athletic palace. There seems to me to be little need for that structure, and I would rather have seen money earmarked for that project diverted to upgrading other facilities already extant. It would seem to me more reasonable to continue to fund WGSU in view o f itsknowneducational value. Witch hunt,whitewash, kangaroo court are all labels that have been laid on the investigation. First it was an all university committee, now it's either advisory of fact finding, depending on HOW you interpret which answer. It started a year ago, its function has been confined to about eight weeks. I have many questions as do others, as to the committee's intent or pu rpo'-\ '\ to who s telling the truth about what and as to whaf 1 in the end. As it develops, I'll try to keep up ; of all individuals. And that's most of us.

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