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Page T wo Geneseo Lamron T h e F o u n d a t i o n o f L a w from t o C C Y O U November 10, 1972 Those students who have lately become Ihe victims of society's m y o p ic persecution of marijuana users may have than I to a d m in istratio n 's participation in that blindness, yet I feel a somewhat belated reply to Dr. column concerning college policy as it relates to grass, when it appeared in the Oct. 20 issue o f the Compass. The statement itself stands as a classic example of society's present willingness to pay homage to the great god Law, while forgetting that this g o d is a servant of the people, and not their master. T h e regarding marijuana makes the leap from particulars to universals. For them, anyone who ignores a particular such as that which protects society from foundation of the universal concept of Surely, they argue, no individual should be what constitutes conduct.\ The college administration accepts the view that society must be the final judge, as if society were some entity apart from the individuals who make it up. It may very well be an estranged from its members, but if so it is only because its individulas have foresworn their responsibility as by allowing their personal ethics to be molded by the instead of their values determining the content of the laws. They by Steve Lambert have forgotten that it is their individual respect for the law, as long as it reflects reality, the foundation. Instead, they have allowed the laws to create replaced individual self-respect derived from sheer obedience. If one believes that a law is just, it is because it is to the individual's The substance of law arises out of the respect a person has for it, but such respect is real only insofar as the law is real. When a law outlives its time, or when it arises out of fear, ignorance, and apathy, it becomes unreal, and is held in contempt by those who are aware of its divergence from reality. But those who allow tiie law to replace their o w n responsibility see no conflict, as a law to them is sanctified merely by coming under the heading \L a w \ . Once they accord the right of judgement over the merits of law to \society\, they are no longer members of that society; they have alienated themselves from it by ceasing to participate as individual, thinking members. overwhelmed by they no longer possess the element to which society must relate if it is ever to be a servant, not master, of the individuality and sense of personal integrity of each citizen. Their respect for law arises not out of their individual recognition of its validity, but rather from their aquiescence to its divinity. subvert their R e - c y c l i n g A re-cycling of bottles, cans and paper has been institued in ten of the fourteen dorms on campus. T h e organized and runs smoothly. usually a student from the Biology 280 class, and a representative on each are collected on the floors and then a pick-up is arranged by the dorm captain. however, support has been so that soon they will probably be made everyday. T h e has been very helpful and there is a re-cycling set up in the Erwin building. (Mr. Pete Least is further helping the project by checking for other places on campus where can be started. The most active dorm on campus is Suffolk. They have Education Committee to help show students the importance o f ’beginning programs of films, and lectures and the first one will be on Thursday, 9th in Suffolk. The four dorm s that do not have a recycling program going are W yom ing, Monroe, Wayne, and Niagra. If anyone is interested in heading a program in one of they should contact Peggy Fabic at 5878 or 7591. This is a good program and deserves the support of everyone on campus. D W Y E R ’ S F o r t h o the role soceity offers them, they to fulfill their function under the law, and thus the master has become the servant. If I ignore a law, it is not because I hold no respect for the of law, but because I am aware that this respect arises out of the law's ability to mirror reality. I am such a concept to become tarnished by laws based on lies and ignorance. If a law is to be obeyed, it is not because it is the law, but because it is necessary. I sanction a law only if I can relate to it. T o set the law above m y ow n sense of the real and accord it the right to structure my existence is to mitigate and undermine the real foundation o f the individuals sense of personal ethics. A law, if it is to be valid, must merely set the individual may develop him self into \all he is capable of as himself, without harming others. When it no longer fulfills this function, it can no longer be called a law. To obey the law merely is \th e makes a m o ckery out o f the real foundation of law; it responsibility to their lives and makes them to an artificial reality. When this happens, the cease their true within which a person may develop himself, and the masters of reality, not the reflection. To the Student Body: falling after Thanksgiving, I'd to throw out an idea that you may have heard before, but never considered seriously. I hope that you'll now give it some thought. A s you know, there are some faculty members who are being ineffective at their job, and as you also know, there are not many means by which you can do anything about them. But there is a way and it is a very effective way. This semester, when it comes time to register for course x from professor y, who you know is a poor teacher, refuse to register for his and get other students who you know w h o are intending to register to do the same thing. If no one registers for the course, tnere is no course and therefore no teacner. Thus, by a simple refusal, you could show that sometning was wrong. Seeing that you are paying tuition, you have the right to refuse to register for a course, so why not start exercising a few of your rights. A l l it takes is a little com m u n ication with others. So w h y don't some o f you people who know w h a t you have to look forward to in term s o f faculty fo r next semester, get together and do something about it. \W ithout students, there are no w ith o u t courses, there is no need for a teacher!'' Think about it. Dave Sargent C e n t r a l C o u n c i l N e w s By Dru Haines was the major topic of discussion for the Central Council meeting held on November 6, at 7:00, in the Ballroom Lounge. This weekend, Nov. 11-12, Mark Regan and Mathew Baynes will be held in Oswego. T h e topics of the workshops will be the Board o f Trustees and the health for S.A.S.U. delegate is welcom e d at attend the meeting. Another topic discussed at the meeting was concerned with the Pass-Fail Option for Health and Physical Education classes. Dr. Mullen said ne would recommend the option to the faculty of the Physical department. A n action committee has sprouted from this w h ich will investigate the overall grading policy on cam p u s for the next four weeks. The Food Co-O p , headed by Dan M c C o m b , reported on progress. Their group n o w has supporting the Co-O p . Dan concerning the project. Dr. Quaal recommended that Mr. M c C o m b present the plan to D r. President MacVittie. He also suggested the basement of Blake A as a for the Co-Op. pleasure with the progress of the recycling program. Ten of the fourteen dorms, Courtside Apartm e n ts and the dining programs. It was reported that as of Monday, Nov. 6, that there were three pick-ups per week. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TH E G R E A T G E O R G E 'S CAN D Y CO N T E S T the p r iz e s ............. A two pound box o f ‘Whitman Sampler’ candy A one pound box o f ‘Whitman Sampler’ candy A one pound box o f delicious candy KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS SPOT FOR TH E WINNERS * * * * ♦ * * * * * ♦ * * » ^ \rt (Carved Rings 3 T h e y sa y everything yo u feel She makes you happy! Life is alive and intense, calm and intimate. You love her! Give her the diamond love ring that says everything you feel, ArtCarved. A - CARITA B - GOLDEN EPOQUE SET FO L T ’s JEW E L R Y STORE Mount Morris, N’.Y’. N EW S ^ a ^ f a v ^ J isse ^ News you m a y have missed if you are the typical Geneseo apathetic student: by Helene Siskind re-election Tuesday by an m a jority of 62%. N ix o n 's landslide victory the predictions of the polls arid restated the country's belief in the present administration. television program which has been on the air for fourteen years, has been cancelled due to low ratings and will be off the air at the end of the present season. Diahann Carroll and David engaged in London last week. They plan to be wed at Easter time. Sim o n and James m a rried I ast week C O V E R A G E IN T U E S D A Y 'S IS S U E O F T H E LAM R O N ...

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