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Page Six Geneseo Lamron Friday, November 3,1972 F r o m M a r k 1 7 7 6 L o v e I n n T h i s W e e k e n d w i t h R e g a r d s This will be a short review, for there isn 't much to say about 1776. It w a s a good show, executed with vitality and a masterful grasp of the actor's craft, though I will admit to fears of this being 'just another musical' before I saw it, no such following the snow. I am not a fan of the musical an d still have my intellectual disagreeements with the form, I cannot deny that the entertaining. All of the cast, without exception, played well, Especially noteworthy probably because they spent more time on stage than anyone were Rom ito, Joe Krygier and John respectively, M c D o n a ld's Franklin was a good portrayal of that egocentric malcontent who helped (probably in more ways than one) to father our country. Hancock's non-verbal intensities of thought were done with great justice and Jefferson's demeanor could not sensatively. On the whole, the musical numbers were done very well. Virginia'(with Adams, Franklin, and John Slom a n as Richard and 'But, Mr. Adam s’ with Collier as New York's Robert Livingston. Technically, the show was done with the same excellence that the actors performed with. T h e oichestra performed merit and the set was fantastic. This show, less could easily nave died on the remained responsive throughout the show, even to the most subtle humor, My congratulations go to all who production. T h e G r e a t P u m p k i n Those who walked Sturges Quad Monday and probably noticed the campus radio station, W G B C has initiated, For t w o broadcast from a booth covered with a facade of a Ir» conjunction with this, the station sold pumpkins for carving jack-o-lanterns. The promotion terminated in a jack-o-lantern carving contest. The judge was Geneseo's beloved Scondras. The judging festivities were also marked by over 75 dozen free incredible amount of apple cider provided and activities commission. T h e o-lantern contest recieved by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young...prizes that totalled $ 3 0 0 . The album s were awarded at a bonfire held at the baseball diamond Tuesday night. Danny Taylor & The Love Inn Com p any will appear in locations in Geneseo on the weekend of November 3, 4, and 5. T h e Inn Com p any consists of Lynn Nochole on Terry Anderson ondrums and Bill Yance on bass guitar. Danny will sing songs, many written by himself and share with those present some of his personal experiences. Danny was born in Brewarton, Washington adn graduated from high school in Tuscon, Arizona. He then became drummer for a rock group that made its way to contract with a major label. Hollywood, Danny became disenchanted with t.,e bright lights and madness he there and through a friend, who is now his wife, Danny found new hope and for his life in the teachings and style of Jesus Christ. Several weeks later a drug bust broke up the group, causing the loss of the record contract and putting his new found faith to die test. Danny was cleared uf the drug charges. He spent the nest year playing club dates and reading the Bible. Then the old rock group reformed in New York and during the next tw o w o r k e d a R e c o r d If Blood, Sweat and Tears hasn't molded a new personality here, they've at least taken a step in the right direction; away from the top 40 form a t of their fourth album, towards a more open, free atmosphere. still problems. 'Alone' and 'I Can't Move No Mountains' seem more suited to the departed David Clayton Thomas, than to new lead Jerry singer than David Clayton, without any of the forced, gutsy sound that made the latter's work so irritating at 'N o Mountains' build layer on layer until they sound well..., Chicago. I had always felt that BS & T was musically ahead of Chicago, but regressing for success is allowed, if in small doses. For the first time, a majority of the songs aren't written by BS & T. Bob Dylan's 'D o w n In the Flood' opens Side 1, Side 2 includes the current single from the Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil hit machine, 'So Long Dixie.' The highlight of the album is tne closing tne second side. It starts with 'Snow Queen', an old Carole King song, usually fine King-Goffin sound and lyrics: 'Y o u may think you're a winner, But with her you will soon bite the dust, A n d discover you are a beginner.' (Obviously, she's a very cold person.) the finish of 'Snow Queen', Lou Marini takes his best tenor solo, the horns ring tight for a chorus, then Dave Bargeron completes a stomping outing on trombone. B o b b y Colom b y drum network T.V. contract, recorded for another major label and did college and club dates on the East coast. A t this point, Danny bought a guitar and worked at learning to sing. In 1967, he started to write songs about Jesus-songs that were too religious for the world and too hip for the chrch. In March of 1969 he left the gr^up and developed a contemporary witness to Christ that has been well received on campus and in communities in many parts of the U.S. arid Canada. The Ballroom of the Student Union will be the scene of the November 3 at 8 p.m. A free will offering will be collected. The Saturday night concert will Geneseo Central School at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Danny will put in the Central Presbyterian Church at 9 p.m., Geneseo Methodist Church at 10:30 a.m. and at the Geneseo Baptist at 11 p.m. A com m u n ity and areawide concert will be in the Geneseo Baptist Church at 7:30 p.m. D a n n y 's return to Geneseo is the result of a tremendous response to his appearance on campus and in the com m u n ity last February in the m idst of a snow storm. R e v i e w 'M a iden Voyage', which is George W adenius' tune all the way. He does a very effective vocals, m atching his voice to his guitar lines, creating some interesting m e lodic and effects. A pretty, swirling, electric piano, by Larry Willis, closes tilings. 'Velvet', by Steve Katz, has a arrangement. The idea is 'Indian summer, turning colors on me', and everything fits perfectly to illustrate that feeling. W h y more of Katz's solo work is never included on B S & T s albums always puzzles me. He never seems to miss, here his vocal is as touching as 'Sometimes In Winter', from tne second album. 'Over T h e H ill' could be described as a funky (Wah-Wah guitar et al) circus. produces a happy, good times feeling; '29 years and it's over the hill, They got your wheel chair ready, A n d your hiking boots are not even dirty.' an over forced vocal by Jerry Fisher lessens Wadenius does get into a jazzy sounding slightly Coryellish, ripping tnrough some clean, undistorted lines. Overall, N E W B L O O D is a definite improvement over their releases. Altnough uneven in spots, 'Snow Queen', 'Maiden Voyage', 'Velvet', and 'Over The H ill' are excellent, and they constitute a good portion o f th e earthshaking or revolutionary here, but a move towards a bright future, tnanks to new blood (Fisher, Willis, Wadenius, and Marini) on N E W B L O O D . Dear Ms. Greer and Molod; I very letters to the editor concerning my reviews of t h e H o m e c o m in g week. A s always, the of criticism is a view from tw o sides. A llo w me, if you reply to your views, You both seem to think that I am in outlook and I contend that it is you w h o limit your view of art. Please take this not as a personal jibe, but rather as a sad the background society has provide you and I alike. A s for you, Ms. Greer, let me thank you for the constructive nature of your letter. I beg to differ, though, with your charge that I dow n in disgust and disbelief. I don't look dow n , I sat in the audience just like you did. I believed what I saw, I just d id n o t aside, differ in t\/vo aspects, taste (some definition of art. First of all, when I wish to watching a performance, I want to see, hear, realize things that I w o n 't see.hear, sense or realize every For someone to tell me religion is joyous and not always somber, they would I don't know these things. On the contrary, I do. T h e insight is n o t old as man himself, The substance of art, at comes with new insight, for creativity is nothing more than a fresh look at some of the things about us. I think I can separates Godspell from that which I can art. Godspell qualifies as entertainment, and I am not adverse to being entertained, but I realize that my job is to write about the fine arts and I found no art to th a t performance. Yes, musical theatre can be art, but this play did nothing more than to mimic the artisitc form o f the art, and it added no substance. M y taste, therefore, is rooted in definition and I could do the review I did. A e r o s m r t h C o m e s N o v . 7 On Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 8:15 Concert Council will present the mini-concerts. The group will be Aerosmith and the admission is to fee paying students. A e r o s m i t h 's sound has been described as the style of rock and roll made fam o u s by th^ Stones and Rod Stewart. They will soon release an album on Colum b ia records so this is not just another bar band. T h e mini-concert series is to provide exposure o f relatively unknown groups that we believe have good big. A n y w a y you look at it, you have nothing to lose, so make a point to be there, the C.U. Ballroom on Nov. 7. In regard to your letter, Ms. I w o u ld like to thank you for your re-contructivity. I h a d a a stylistic criticism of a criticism of the articles themselves. If it is stylistic, I do not purport to be a a com m u n icator of ideas, If it is criticism, then you are guilty of the same failings that take the the criticisms w ith the same words at the very least, that the criticism was valid. But, in the same sense, you then deprive of the opportunity to respond. Y o u added just as nothing to their music. When I saw them for the first time, last April, they did exactly the same show and for that matter sound exactly the same as they did on their first album. T o hear that I can sit in the com fort of my room; to read what you said, I could hayje read m y ow n article. Overall, let me again state my ste m m in g from m y own tastes and concepts. In m y own mind, som e thing our whole generation, because of television accept as an artistic endeavor. I am n o t an intellectual type w h o considers himself far above his peers. On the contrary, I'd hate to m atch I.Q. scores with either of you. I believe my attitude is positive, in terms of a of the things I see about me, something I helpful but painfully absent in the world today. Sincerely, M a rk F. Sem m e lm a y e r Make it official with a love ring. GOLDENPROMISE i\r t ( j a .T \ v e c i the Lore Ring[TM p60pft« Because you love her, she's worthy of a Love Ring. For love is what engagements are all about. And Love Rings from ArtCarved is what we’re all about. When you see the excite­ ment of cut. The richness of clarity. 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