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Page Thrrteen October 27, 1972 Rock Gien Presents by Curt Sm ith Determined to create the most incisive and colorful sports coverage ever aired in the L A M R O N , we're proud this week to announce the addition of Lynn Gleason to our sports staff. By all odds, Lynn Gleason stands as one of the most sportswriters in all of W y o m ing C o u n t y , just southwest of Geneseo, and comes off a con troversial and checkered career with the Rock Glen Sun-Times. A ol'pro, Lynn continues to wield a deft axe while calling the shots, and when character-assassination, snorted, “W h y , I resemble that charge. Let me tell you this: Fans are going to get tne low-down from me, and the lower, the better. N o w I may be sleazy, but I am not dishonest.\ no-holds-barred. Knocked by some, and hated by more, the Gleason presence has already been felt, with a dram atic expose' last year of the oP Catbird Seat, and a continuing no-nonsense series on the '72 L A M R O N Pro Football Poll. A n d now, fans, Gleason goes after some more inviting sports idols, like these heroes of the I972 W o rld Series. Here are some classic Gleason quotes: Dick Williams, Manager of the Oakland A 's : \D i c k reminds me of an over-stuffed panda bear in white A 's satin shoes...a guy so overweight his stomach looks like a keg, and his face a rumpled-up squash.\ Clay Caroll, Cincinnati relief pitcher: \ A drunken giraffe on roller skates.\ Charlie Finley, owner of the A 's : \Charlie the Cheap Skate, Charlie the Chinzt, O a k land's bald eagle, a baseball bum... The only owner in Am e rica so beloved that fans all over the co u n t r y were hoping some batter w o u ld belt a foul ball off Charlies' fat skull.\ T h e \Pow d e r-puff punks. Chum p s, not cham p s ... Baltim o re could have w h o m p e d 'em, Boston's Red Flops could have killed them, why, my R o c k Glen Little League team could have given 'em a rough go .\ There they are, fans. Phrases that stand as vintage Gleason, forerunners of coverage to come, highlights of the rock-em' style you'll be seeing more of from here on in. F R f f Once student ■or l Pra( (Xiode^ _ v-,v \NorKvng w n o tM ^ yniorL) naiety those 'o£of0tS o steamer onavamp , s e \U ^ 0 now 9°ne lo Eoiope Ju 0, out tirsl 3 wavyouf 0r; vout D ra w e r s U n lim ited 102 Main Street \Next to Buzzos\ Pants • Shirts • Belts The College Union is pleased to announce that Geneseo will once again send teams to the Region II in A lban y this February. We will participate in Pool, Bowling, Table Tennis, Bridge and Chess. All teams are open to both men and women. The winners of the state tournament will win all to the National A C U Tournaments. It is im p o rtant that you let us know right away if you are interested in com p e ting in these tournaments. Y o u may indicate your interest by signing up in the Recreation Area of the College Union. Y o u should also watch the newspapers for more about activities leading up to these tournaments. We hope to see you in the Recreation Area. S.U .N .Y . Geneseo October 27, 1972 Vol. 72 N o .8 One of the low lights of any visit to Geneseo by a widely travelled celebrity is the dubious pleasure of arriving in Rochester airport and being confronted with a bunch of lights, cameras, and reporters, all of whom attempt to cram said celebrity into five minutes worth of video-tape and an hours worth of questions. Reporters have a m addening knack for repeating precisely the same questions to the celebrity that their colleagues in another city asked the day before, and the celebrity has little to do but crank out the same answers in order to achieve some degree of m e diocrity out of the whole affair. Daniel Ellberg's arrival on October 24 percipitated a sligh tly different scene at the inevitable press conference, for instead of carrying through with the usual question- answer routine, Ellsberg at one point started hasseling a bewildered channel 13 reporter over the question of whether or not a citizen has the right to reveal \top-secret\ inform a tion, as Ellsberg did when he exposed the Pentagon Papers all over the front pages of the New Y o r k Times. In answer to the usual \ I f the world were conducted according to the rules of Daniel Ellsberg; that is, if people were m o rally allowed, in fact obligated, to reveal top-secret information, what would happen to internal dom e stic security...\ Ellsberg replied “I've never said this to a man from the press before, but I've become increasingly aware - do you realize the position you're in? Y o u are a journalist, and you're spending you're time right now pressing me whether we don't need top secrets, or perhaps there are too many secrets out, and what if everybody did what I did, which I put to you frankly, is a funny position for the press to be in.\ \It 's a legitimate question,\ answered the reporter. \ I t ' s a legitimate question, but what I have not seen on any television program ever is an official of the U S government asked an equally legitimate question: 'D o you have a right to lie to tne Am e rican public?' 'D o you have a right to conceal your boss's lies even if he's the President?' I haven't heard Rusk asked that, I haven't heard Laird or Rogers asked that - and those are people who disagree with the President's policy.\ Ellsberg went on to clarify this by pointing out that both Laird and Rogers advised Nixon very strongly against the Cam b o d ian and Loatian invasions, terming such incursions \disasterous.\ \ I put it to y o u , \ he put to the by Steve Lam bert This story com p leted on Page 7

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