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Geneseo Lamron SUC Geneseo, N.Y. 9 Friday; Sept. 22, 1972 Page * E d i t o r i a l _ ~ ~ r r r r : --------------- News Notes As you might easily guess, this editorial shall devote its space to the recent Monroe drug bust, as well as to campus drug busts in general. Let's face it, on all levels, it is simply stupid to get caught smoking on this campus. There are too many places located away from ajiysortof population, where one could, if he or she so desired, literally smoke as much as one desired, without attracting the slightest bit of attention. In case you don't realize it, clouds of smoke billowing from under a door are dead giveaways and lend themselves nicely as in­ vitations to that ever feared knock on the door. The old towel in the area between floor and door is hardly protection. Smoking grass in the dorms invites busts, and more busts mean un­ dercover agents, which means more busts. This is not an unrealistic paranoic fantasy when you consider what happened at Stony Brook a few years ago. Why cause trouble for yourself? It is so incredibly easy to avoid this sort of trouble, especially in a place as big as Geneseo. Besides putting the staff of your residence hall in an incredibly bad position, (which is a rather selfish action) the thought of using your college life as a learn­ ing experience in this rashion is also rather stupid. You can learn about all sorts of things if you get caught. Like a Sixth Degree Possession charge to keep you out of work. Essentially what we are trying to say, is simply —- \DON'T SMOKE IN YOUR DORM — IT'S NOT FAIR TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE.\ Record Review SAIL AWAY by Randy Newman (R E P R ISE 2064) by Chuck Ingersoll Randy Newman presents a very difficult character to figure out. While he has produced emotional mush (\Living Without You\) TOP 40 hits (\Mama Told Me Not To Come\) and oddly racist overtures (\Yellow Man\) he seems to be best at the short, subtle characterizations, like those on this new album. Never one to waste words, he continues to be short, bitter sweet, and sharply to the point. \Political Science\ proposes dropping \the bomb\ for the sake of a good time, \Old Man\ is a much meaner version than Neil Young's tune of the same name. Two older Newman's, \Simon Smith\ and the cynical \Lonely At The Top\ are redone here, while \Burn On, Big River,\ and \You Can Leave Your Hat On\ exist tor the sake of their punch lines. Newman never ceases to amaze me with his flair for making the strangest things seem normal (like \Sail Away's\ slave trading), this and his presentation of contradictory view s, usually with a quaint tying twist, provide much of the irrationality, enigma, and sometimes demention that makes this music so en­ joyable. The composer's arrange­ ments are generally fine, and the accompaniment first rate all the way. Newman's singing has improved from his earlier ventures, he's now comfortable on up tempo, or slower turtes. The popularity of Randy Newman appears to be increasing steadily, at least sales-wise, and its en­ couraging to see an artist who can maintain his in­ dividuality and in this case his droll singularity) as superbly as Randy Newman has in the face of success. D U S T I N H O F F M A N LITTLE BIG MAN NEWTON 202 7:15 & 9:45 50c w F.C. & ID The Geneseo Women's Lib e r a t io n w e lcom e s students, faculty, and community participation. We are working on several projects including establish­ ment of a day care center, a study of the recruitment and relative positions of women as students and as faculty members, the encourage­ ment of the active political participation by women. The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sep­ tember 20 at 8 p.m. at 40 Oak Street in Geneseo. For further information, contact Susan Bailey, at 243-0629. The Young Socialist Educational Committee will meet again on September 25. This reorganizationaI meeting, during which plans for the year shall be discussed, will be held on Monday, September 25 at 8 p.m. in College- Union Conference Room 325. All members were present at the third Central Council meeting held on Monday, September 18. Items brought up in the Chairman's report include the SASU (Student Association of the State U n iversity) Executive Committee Conference to be held Sept. 22 & 23; SASU Membership Conference to be held Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 in Binghamton; Dr. Mac- Vittie's reply to Matt Baynes memo on student re­ presentation on College Council indicates that it may be possible to have a recent graduate of Geneseo on the Council. Committee reports in­ cluded announcement of an interview to be taped with Dr. MacVittie, Dave Sargent and Mark Regan Sept. 19 on tenure policy; a pilot recycling project lias begun in Jones and Erwin as a way to determine frequency of collection and volume of col lection for a campus-wide program to begin later in the year; a parking violation appeals board has been set up consisting of Alan Shank, Joan Reeves and Terry Tette and will meet on Tuesdays at 4:00 in Blake Alumni Lounge. The Temporary Screening Board will begin interviews of students interested in serving on Faculty Senate, C a m p u s C o m m u n ity Council, etc. on Wednesday Sept. 20. The deadline for applications has been ex­ tended to Sept. 22. These are available in the Central Council office. Drug Conference Letter to the Editor A one day drug con­ ference was held in Newton Hall on Saturday, Sep­ tember 9, 1972, sponsored by the Dean of Students Office and developed as a result of College participation as a member of the Rochester Area Drug Council. The morning speaker was Mr. Robert E. Michaels, special consultant to the state Narcotic Addiction Control Com m ission (NACC) and his topic was The Legal Aspects of Drug Abuse. The afternoon presenter was Dr. Harold H. Borgstedt, also a special consultant to the NACC and assistant professor of pharmacology at the University of Rochester, who spoke on The Phar­ macology of Drug Abuse. Both men were highly in­ formative as well as en­ tertaining and discussion periods were lively. The conference was at­ tended by approximately 160 campus community members including the residence hall staff (student and professional), 30 members of Hotline, students from related academic courses, several members of the faculty, and two village members of the campus Mental Health Advisory Council. The main purpose of the meeting was to provide student staff es­ pecially (voluntary and paid) with the most current and accurate drug in­ formation for integration into campus educational efforts Clowns Wanted Clowns needed for the Homecoming parade, Oc tober 14. We will provide the candy to hand out and you provide the costumes, j Please contact Linda b y L October 7, 243-9927. Dear Editor: In January, 1972, I became a student at Geneseo. I was a first semester freshman at the age of twenty. I ha d chosen not to go to college directly after high school. For a year and a half I was completely independent and self-sufficient. You caugtit my concern when I learned about the freshman curfew. Fortunately, those rules were not applied to me, for there were only fwo first semester freshmen (in­ cluding myself) in the dorm. I am also concerned about how impersonal the housing office is. My roommate was 18, never had been away from home, and was c o m p le t e ly |>arent- dependent. W« were alphabetically, our last names both end (sic) in B. I no longer live in the dorm (illegally, I migfit add, for I am still a fresh­ man) and have vowed never to live on campus again. If any action is taker against the visitation pol icy, you have my support. If any help is needed please contact me. Name withheld upon request P.S. I still have a bottle of Tequila that my roommate left wi th me at the end of the semester, as she was unable to take it home — because of mom and dad. ■ - The Geneseo Lamron Editors-in-chief Judy Cooperman Howie Blumenthal News Editor Helene Sisk ind Feature Editor Steve Lambert Fine Arts Editor Mark Semmelma^er Production Manager Joe Chakalis Sandy Hofer Sports Editor Curt Smith Photo Editor Sal D ’Arco Published weekly by Brador Publications, In c ., Livonia, N.Y. 14487

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