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Page 4 Friday, Sept. 15, 1972 Geneseo Lamron SUC Geneseo, N.Y, Genese Blake Decision Dissatisfies Baynes by Helene Siskind Matthew E. Baynes,I relations are concerned, chairman of Central Council, Many students have MacVittie Speaks is dissatisfied with the decision to limit the use of the Blake Dining Room to a cash only basis. Realizing that the financial status of the Faculty Student Association remarked to him that it was a fine idea to have the Blake Room operate on a cash- coupon basis. He personally feels that of all the in­ novations and programs instituted last year to help is poor and that the status of cam p u s com m u n ity the Food Service operation is relations, the Blake Room even worse, Baynes feels was the most beneficial to all that steps must be taken to concerned. Furthermore, to alleviate this situation and revert to a parochial facility that this decision may have as it was before the room sound financial value to it. opened up to students with However, he feels that this meal coupons would be a decision can only have an gaint and unforgiveable step adverse effect on campus backward, community relations. By limiting the Blake Room to a cash only ex­ change, he feels that a parochial if not exclusive faculty-exclusive to faculty and staff will be created. He feels that the effects of such a situation will be far reaching and hard felt. The Board of Directors already requires each on- campus resident to purchase Legal Counsel This year, for. the first time at Geneseo, students have available to them free legal aid counseling. Central Council has hired the serv­ ices of attorney Thomas Fink, of Houghton, Pappas and Funk, 17 Main St. E., Rochester. Mr. Fink has a full meal plan consisting of been working for students at $262.00 worth of meal Brockport State for the past coupons. A large majority of three years and has ihose students will feel represented student groups compelled to make the most at the University of use of $262.00 by eating only Rochester 8rS' y in those facilities which 0ne day each week Mr accept meal coupons. Fink will be here at Geneseo Therefore students will to answer questions and give hesitate if not refuse to eat in ,ega, advice Durj fhe the Blake Room. Baines remainder of September questions why the Blake appointments may ^ set Room which features a for Sept 20 beiween 2 5 restaurant atmosphere with and Sepf 27 jn fhe e v . vra.tresses serving tables hours Appointment shou,3 and a decorative decor ,s the be made +h h fhe Cenfra| only facility on campus Council office (245-5878). For operating on a cash only basis. Matthew Baines feels that this whole matter will be a step backward as far as cam p u s co m m u n ity Last week we began our one hundred and first academic year as an in­ stitution of higher education. It signals the beginning of a second century. While we cannot improve upon the past, nor undo what was done should we wish to do so, we can look ahead to the continued growth of Geneseo. We can shape our future! It is not likely that we will grow extensively in enrollment, but it is possible for us, through careful scrutiny of our curricular programs and our college services, to improve the quality of our curricula and our services. There are strong indications that the SUMY Colleges of Arts and Science will be required to examine the strength of commitment to un­ dergraduate education. This is not to imply that we will not have graduate study opportunities. It does suggest that graduate study may not grow and, in fact, may become less broad in its encompassmenf. I hope that during the course of this present academic year we can develop opportunities for students and faculty which will utilize the interim period between semesters. It ap­ pears to me that the interim period or \mini-semester\ as some call it, has a rich potential for permitting meaningful study, both on- and off-campus. I hope that we can reconsider the type of continuing education that our College car provide to serve the broader con­ stituency who may not be inclined to undertake formal degree study. What can we do for lawyers' in-service education? Can we provide opportunities for fjermitting the editors of small, weekly newspapers to become better informed and perhaps more up to date on general problems of journalism? What can we do to s how our interest in assisting the surrounding community, off- campus, with the develop­ ment of a viable recreational program for elementary and high school students? Is international study op­ portunity fading? One of our ma[ or tasks this year must be to develop a Master Pla n fcr G e ­ neseo ... a plan which- rela.tes the growth and development of our College to the SUNY Master Plan of 1972. What shall be our role at Geneseo in the im ­ plementation of the SUMY Master Plan of 1972? Should we indicate our keen interest in having our degree programs all on a three-year time base? Shall we provide for a Leave of Absence tor students who are in good academic standing., but who wish to leave for a while? How shall we develop an Institute for Rural and Mig rant Education, which is suggested for Geneseo i n the Master Plan of 1972? Once we obtain sufficient\ copies of the Summary of the SUNY Master Plan of W72, v/e can anticipate a series of any urgent questions or problems the number of the firm in Rochester is 232-1292. Due to the Board of Trustee guidelines it is necessary to know that Mr. Gamma Chi Weekend has Fmk ca^not 9 0 to court for arrived! Featured during anX J udent without being * privately contracted by that student. The program is to be educational with Central Council ANSWERS TO CROSS-WORD PUZZLE this three-day madness is a dance tonight in the Ball­ room at 9:00 with a group ... .. named \Cigar.\ Tomorrow pubhcatl0ns Periodically. is a Keg at the V.l. (naturally) at 2:00 p.m. and on Sunday night there will be Charlie Chan and Road Runner films in the Ball­ room at 8:15. See you there! Services for Yom Kippur will be held on Sunday night, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. and on Monday, Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. at the University of Rochester Interfaith Chapel. For students who find it easier to attend services in Brockport, services will be held on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. and on Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. at the Brockport Newman Center. E E E O B E Do you ever get the im­ pression that decisions are being made on this campus without conference with students? Do you feel that rules and regulations are be­ ing made without student opinion? If you answer yes to these questions we wish to set you straight Believe it or not students on this campus are included onalmost all importantdeci­ sion making boards, ranging from departmental repre­ sentation to Campus Community Council to Faculty Senate and so on. Then why does it seem that decisions often tend to result in anti-student policies? Simple. In the past these positions have not been filled with able bodied and minded students. The students have failed to show up when votes on important decisions were made or else pooped out when it actually came to doing something they complained about. Th is year Central Council wishes to al leviate this problem. Central Council must make appointments for 6 seats to Faculty Senate, 5 seats to Campus Community Council, 1 to Administrative Council, 3 to Studeirt Court, 2 to Campus Community Re­ lations Board and 2 to Long Term Campus Planning Board. This year tho Council wishes to make more than token appointments. If you feel that it is time for you to stop complaining and take some constructive action to work toeli ruinating what you don't like, we extend to you an invitation to come into the Central Council Office, Room 315 in the College Union and get an application to be considered for appointment. You must do this by September 18. Upon completion of your meetings to discuss the implications for Geneseo. How can we help some students through Empire State College? We need to tune in to the future! Our College has, over the years, developed policies that place a tremendous amount of responsibility on the individual student, the kind of responsibility that requires developing more independence. College class attendance is not required, but those who abuse this right pay the consequences. College students may visit each other's residence hall rooms; those who fail to exercise good j udgment and appropriate social behavior find that the college op­ portunities and privileges can be removed. The development of coedu­ cational residence halls, which began this fall, is another step along the way in providing evidence that Geneseo has a strong belief in treating students as human beings. It Is known that one who, is given responsibility for his own behavior and learning should do well. We are fortunate to have college personnel and college serv- ives available to support growth toward developing more mature behavior, as well as developing a high sense of responsibility to others. It makes little sense to talk about becoming responsible, unless in­ dividuals have this op­ portunity to understand what it really means. A/e have opened our hundred and first academic year well. My thanks to all who shared in the hard work to provide for ease in beginning a new year. What can we do better? My very best wishes for successful months ahead! Robert W. MacVittie President application you will be inter­ viewed by the Temporary Central Council Screening Board. They in turn will make recommendations to Central Council for ap­ proval. At least stop in and inquire about the positions, it may be just what you and WE need! LAMRON PUBLICATION All material submitted for publication in the Lamron must be typed, double spaced, with margins totaling 60 spaces per line. Publication decision rests in the powers of the editorial board. l- To b music largel relatic person and v< the kne is and Any i musica capacii based technic that of comma musica to v phenon interpr admin te restir judged its best living t crucial The AAonti enrapti audien Audito eveninc to his t stage, prograr audienc familia the pe soon 1 AAontoy auditoi with tf hurriei capacit m icroj Monto> clarity i al i wi distorts The I guitar i: images the seei tasti ng c

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