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The lamron (Geneseo, N.Y.) 1922-1952, March 01, 1922, Image 5

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L i f e ’s D a r k e s t M o m e n t s OIL K n o ' v r Y f o w I o j k t ! ^ 'no Joktt!) J { r e . yovL, gc I I I X i-rv b be c o w p avi_y qf- o th « > -3? ft £» (2, Orr*'j'* H f w i- ' * F & c j j J i ^ C o r r e t i r l j ' ’ „ motx . «7 con3^te.-u.«»-«.s _ j 3 . . t ^ A a 7 3 a 7/ _ J D » d . -u o u i t j t I f Vrite t vl(!!jjAh»wU M.T- dL u. e. t t e. 1 TU •fLr liftvK\- Q“r ? c rp.'r.4 ■*■ j * ,- * U 4 .n ± < L ! yoi*. Hiss Seger Defines the Active Teacher The ultimate, aim of games and athletics is fail* play. Wo k n o w that in correlation with the rest of the work of tin* school, when the time comes for us to graduate from hero, e v e n oppor­ tunity for developing that essen­ tial quality will have been given us. None of us upon graduation, care 1o he considered narrow- gauge teachers. If, in addition to our ability to switch a ear in En-1 glish, oi' a oar in Arithmetic, or a car in any of the regular teaching subjects, we art* able to switch a car in base ball or hookey or ten­ nis onto the main trunk line, wo will feel wo arc traveling on a broad gauge track. Wo want besides the knowledge, tlie ability to play base hall,' hookov, etc. And as teachers' « 1 w h e n we are asked to play te n n i s 1 or go horse back riding wo can ac­ cept. In so many instances, whein teachers are asked to participate in various athletic activities the reply is: “ I c a n ’t— ” “ I d o n ’t j k n o w how— ” and upon being H-sked \ w h a t can you d o ? ” have to reply ‘ k I t each sc h o o l !’ 1 We want to In* so equipped that we can teach children how to play and carrv on athletic meets, con- tests, etc. We want our backyard a really truly playground with real usable tennis courts, playground appara­ tus, jum p i n g pit, base ball dia­ mond, etc. We want Kelsey kield to In* n o t only a hast*, ball Imt a foot ball Held as well. We want every student who graduates from this school to be able to pass “ grade A ” in sw i m ­ ming. We want our school to stand for tin* very highest and best that can be had in a t h l e t i c s ! !! Sickness Compels Play Postponement Owing to the pressure of other events and to tin* continued pre­ valence of illness among the stu­ dent body, the plan of the English ; department of presenting “ Alio.e- Kit-By-Tlie-Kire\ has been tem p ­ orarily abandoned. S c h o o l Y e l l s G E N E S E O (spelled four times) Geneseo Boom-a-la! Boom-a-la! Rix! Rah! R e e ! We are Normals, don’t you see. We play basketball you must know Hell-a-garoo! Hell-a-garoo! Wahoo, Bazoo Hika Pika, Dominiku Sis Boom Bali Geneseo Norm a l • Rah! Rah! Rah! (41 Boom-laka! Boom-a-laka! Bow wow wow Ching-alaka, cliinga-a-laka Chow, chow, chow Boom-a-laka, ching-alaka, Li, Hung ( 1 hang, Let ’em go Normal, Bang! Bang! Bang! A vevo and a vivo and vevo, vivo vum Its just as plain as plain can be! That w e ’ve got our opponents up a tree With a vevo and a vivo and a vevo, vivo, v u m ! (More Next Month) response had indicated keen in­ terest in the plan. Special scenery had been secured and some of it broilglit here from Rochester to be in readiness for the production. Although this advanced stage of preparation made it difficult to give nj) the plan, it was deemed wiser in the face of existing con­ ditions at least to postpone it un­ til a more favorable opportunity presents itself. More definite an­ nouncement of this will be made later. An original play depicting the life of Abraham Lincoln was pre­ sented to students of the Normal Preliminary trials had already Kc.liool by pupils of the eighth been held and a most gratifying oTa<i(> on KVbruarv 20. ri-mtr QU E S T I O N—May a motion be discussed before it is seconded? AN S W E R — T h e motion should first be seconded. The chairm a n re ­ peats the substance of the motion and asks, “Are you ready for the question?” He then pauses for the motion to be debated and after de­ bate puts the question to vote of t h e assembly. QUESTION—Is it necessary for nom i n a t i o n s to be seconded? AN S W E R — It is .customary, but by no means necessary. QUESTION— If the speaker can not be heard, is it in order to state that fact and, if so, how should it be done? A N S W E R — I n a s much as it is the right of every m e m b e r to hear every word which is spoken, it is always in order to interrupt any speaker, address the chair, and say, “ I rise to a point of personal priv­ ilege.” On being asked by the chairman to state the point and doing so, the chairm a n m u s t request tlie speaker to m a k e himself heard. F r e q u e n t ­ ly the chairman will ask him to come f o r w a r d and face t h e assembly. S t u d e n t s ’ D i r e c t o r y S tall G E N E S E O , N. Y. Student 'Dormitory ELBERT FOLAND, Proprietor S A M S H O U S E MRS. E. O. SAMS 31 Wadsworth St. Geneseo Vulcanizing Works B a t t e r y an d T i r e R e p a i r i n g E. A. STRAIGHT, Proprietor COMING ATTRACTIONS at the REX MARCH 8th and 9th “ Rip VanWinkle\ and a two reel Toonerville Comedy Benefit for Court Street Milk Fund MARCH 10th and 11th “O’Mally of Mounted\ MARCH 17th and 18th “Witching Hour\ Always a good show at The Newest Styles in Sport Oxfords Low heels with two buckles, and Hosiery in the new shade. Call and see them at C. H. WEBB’S Geneseo, N. Y.

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