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The lamron (Geneseo, N.Y.) 1922-1952, February 01, 1922, Image 5

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itics in X J )!*)1 ( 1 j . T i n y !* In I’ii 11 of ]><In1 1*0111 ill-' | mil 11 n* 1111 (1 yi»‘t The Open Forum fContinued from Page Emir) a b o u t it.' ’ ‘ () i* p e r i i a ps y o u don d i * o n Let’s Particinate r D a n c i n g Do’s and D o n ’ts “ Dance in the way i n w h i c h you should like to have little children imitate y o u , ” sum m a r i z e d Miss Garretta Seger, head of the health education is, artment, when asked her opinion of mod­ ern. danc’ng. Other members of the faculty uphold this and similar standards of the dance. Their opinions follow. Out this out and paste it in your mirror. “ Make dancing an artistic expres­ sion of your better self, with dig­ nity, grace, and rhythm , individual­ ity should he shown.” — MISS HLAKK. \Dancing should ho of th e kind that requires the development of skill and reflects artistic sense. All types of dancing can’t hi* learn­ ed in one short evening. “The modern tendency should be not to destroy, hut to refine danc­ ing.” DR. B I TCKK. “There should 1)'* grace rather than aw k w a r d n e s s in the dance. It should he i’mautiful and rhythm i ­ cal.” —MISS RKTIARDSON. “Let the high ideals which govern your life govern your dancing.” —MISS HOLLAND. “ D ance for tile pleasure there is in it.” — MISS CULLIS. D O N ’T 1 —D o n ’t permit vulgar ‘jazz’ mu si/* to he played. 2 —D o n ’t perm i t young men to hold partners tiglitlv. .‘I—D o n ’t perm i t partners to dance with elieeks close or touching. 4— D o n ’t permit ‘neck holds’. a—D o n ’t tolerate so-called ‘shim­ my’ or ‘toddle’ dancing. 6 —D o n ’t perm i t dancers to take either exceptionally long or excep­ tionally\ short steps. 7—D o n ’t dance from t h e w a i s t up; dance from the waist down. X— D o n ’t permit suggestive move­ ment s. 0 - - D o n ’t perm i t dancers to .copy the extrem e dancing now used on the modern stage. —MISS SEGER. —TH E FACULTY. “D o n ’t dance in any- place where they play ‘jazz’ music. “D o n ’t feel that your lack of op­ portunity\ to learn how to dance should keep you from trying.” —MISS CULLIS. English Department Will Produce Plays New E x p e r im e n t Affords Opportunity for Every Student to Try Out for P laces in Cast. d u e s i * i ie Emerson l^all Student 'Dormitory E L B E R T F O L A N D , Proprietor SAMS HOUSE M R S . E. 0. S A M S 31 W a d s worth St. KNOX HOUSE Rooms For Students MRS. K N O X , Proprietor WESTLAND HOUSE Always a Good Show at the “REX” Geneseo Gas Light Company :y* vA'i.V \t* A u ; u y : ,V ■*’ i \dm U m A A KwdvW ■ A y ' V L u.yy.:,y g'.i'O- 'A. f. ** s 'h i * * H ■ » ¥ * *4 * ' sv - V,\Y -,V„' Avy-A.' t'A y F - . .,“! < • • 7-VM kb w y a i - ' t - I,-.\ .c I I* t) i •' ’.vAv *■I : .. \ lS ■>.* y

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