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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY27,2009 7 Arts and Entertainment Dear Dr. Blackwell, I’ve been watching TV and whenever there are ads for different medicines, some of the warnings include sexual side effects. What are sexual side effects? Does that mean if I take Advil for a hangover, I won’t be able to get it up? From, Sexually Side Effected D e a r Mr. effected/, Mo, yow w o n t receive/ a n y zexuaF zide> effects from/ taking/ AdviF! Have/no fear, i t wiFF m erely clear up y o u r h eadache/and/any other body zorenezy th a t yow m igh t he/ experiencing! SeruaFzide/effectyarofow nd/inm edicinesthatdeaLwith/depreszion, lowering/cholesteroFlevely, lowering/hFoodprezzure/, orpzychotioiFlneszes- notover-the/ -counter m edicationsU ke/AdvFor c o ld medicines. There/are/ warning/ labels a y welFontheze/ m edicines m aking/yow a w a re/of the/zide/ effecty, w h ich/are/notJustU m ited/to zesaaF.ones. SexaaF side/effects c a n enccm p a w a /range/of a ctivitieszuch/ay a/decrease/CnlCbido, difficulties inbecom ing/oirowzed and/erect, and/ a/ disruption/ i n ejaculation. I f yow are/ experiencing/ a n y oftheze/zide/ effecty due/ to new m edicines, telFyour doctor. Many zexaaFside/effecty d o n crtget reported/due/toembarrazzment, h u t ready w h a tz embarrazzing/ a b o u t zexF! Consider y o u rzelf lucky to he/ getting/laid! O n a/ related/ note/, birth/ control/ p ids loze/ th e ir effectivenezy i f the/ w o m a n takirg-the/pids is o n antibiotics, zohe/ extra/ carefuFladiey w h en yow are/sick! „ Hope/thisheFpzl from/, Vr. ft M C V I E T I n E I E N E V A M O V I E P L E 371 HAMILTON ST 789-1653 TOWN & COUNTRY PLAZA Ki DISCOUNT A V A ILABLE I W/VALID COLLEGE ID! \ STADIUM SEATING STADIUM I _ SEATING] IN D I G I T A L 3 D & D O L B Y D I G I T A L • 1 ; 0 0 » 3 : 0 0 - 5 : 0 0 - 7 : O Q A 9 : 0 0 ____________ I ACADEM Y AWARD WINNER - BEST A C T R E S S I T h e R e a d e r k a t e w i n s l e t i I # 2 :1 0 -4 :4 0 -7 :1 0 A 9 : 4 0 D O I B Y Rl JONAS BROTHERS T H E 3 D C O N C E R T E X P E R I E THE WRESTLER • 2 :3 0 -4 :4 5 -7 :4 0 A 9 : 5 5 MICKEY ROURKEl D O I B Y Rl STADIUM SEATING #1 MOVIE! T Y L E R P E R R Y ’S M A D E A G O E S T O J A I L • 1 2 : 3 5 » 2 : 5 5 - 5 : 0 5 - 7 : 2 0 A 9 : 3 5 IP T l l PG-13| T A K E N STADIUM SEATING • 1 : 5 0 » 3 : 5 0 - 5 : 5 0 - 7 : 5 0 A 9 : 5 0 I P T l l PG-13| PAUL BLART • 1 2 : 4 0 « 2 :4 0 -4 :5 0 - 6 :5 0 PG O U B T MERYL STREEP . • 1 2 :5 0 -6 :0 0 PG-131 WINNER OF 3 ACADEM Y A WARDS . C U R I O U S C A S E O F B E N J A M I N B U T T O N 1*2:5Q :8 :0 0 __________ BRAD PITT ___________ PG-13| F R 1 P A Y T H E 1 3 ™ I HE’S JU S T W077HAT INTO YOU 5;25A1Q;QQ B| • 2 :4 5 -7 :3 0 PG-131 THE IN T E R N A T I O N A L A 8 : 5 0 TH E P I N K P A N T H E R 2 S A T - S U N 1 2 :45 PG IFREE POPCORN MONDAYS! FR1B SMALL POPCORN W ITH EVERV ADMISSION • M A T I N E E S S A T - S U N A L A T E S H O W S F R I - S A T NON 3D EVENING ADMISSION W/COLLEGE ID $6.50 $5 .50 A L L N O N 3 D S H O W S B E F O R E 6:00 SEHUA COMMUNITY PiAYtRS DWARD A l BEE'S W h o i s S i l r i i ? W m k M P i i f Feb. 2 7 , 2 8 , March, l 6 . 7 Frida/ Saturday 8pm • Sunday 2pm Beta Theatre, $10 in advance/$12 at the door/$S students rd<ets avalatte at VitomanMads Prcdjcts {Seneca Falla). Area Reoads &Muac Pens'/E!! End w w «.SenecCcKTTruiii1yPl^e(sag Ttie G o a t has adult them e s , sexual situations, and strong language. It m a y not be suitable for all audiences. Interested in Fashion? Music? Art? Movies? We’re Looking for More A&E Writers! Email us at herald@hws.edu Review: Friday the 13th By Ethan Guralnick ’11 Herald Contributor watch Jason flicks for the acting, dialogue, or cinematography. The series is known for having ridiculous deaths. A famous one being in \Jason Takes Manhattan” when he decapitates a victim, then throws the head behind his back into a basketball hoop. Well, I was disappointed as this movie went for the more realistic kills. Death in itself is a horrifying thing, so to say I was bored by the lack of creativity of the kills seems insensitive. But for a Jason movie, it was pretty bad. There were a few interesting things about the movie though. As this movie is a reboot for the series, it felt like they were reintroducing the character of Jason. In this movie, we see him find and put on the famous hockey mask. Another thing was that the movie on the overall scale of horror movies had a more realistic feel to it. The rest of the series has been very cheesy, but this one had a more gritty, realistic feel and look to it It seems most horror movies these days have been adapting this approach. I guess it scares people more when it feels like someone in your neighborhood could do this. Overall, the movie itself was boring, with bad acting as expected and poor action sequences. Not my cup of tea. Butifyou’reajasonfanl’d say wait for the DVD. 3/10. Jfm http://w w w .dnem a isdope.com /new s/film s /H d a y thel3th-2009/fridaythel3lh.2009_l.jpg I have to say, I’m not a fan of horror movies, or of the Friday the 13u‘ series. I understand this series has a huge following, but it is just not my thing. The new Friday the 13lh is like the 20th in the series, but it is more of a remake for our generation, as was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film back in 2003. It’s not like Hollywood wants to make more money out of the series or anything. The film opens with a group of teens camping by Crystal Lake, with the legend of Jason being retold to the audience. Of course, Jason appears, and everyone dies; and so the carnage begins. Months later, the brother of one of the murdered campers is looking for his sister in the area. Along the way, he bumps into a group of college kids partying at a cabin along the lake, who engage in terrible activities such as fornication and the use of illegal substances. Those darned college kids causing trouble; they deserve to die. Well, no worries, that’s Jason’s job. And basically that’s the plot, you can’t really expect much from a Jason flick. Now, let’s be straight, people don’t exactly Garfield Minus Garfield Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of ah isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness in a quiet American suburb. ' 1 I ' * t - u r • '1 | | : ' ' , '• ’ ' .j ilJ5SK.hlp»jll . 3 5 ' 2 6 8 7 6 4 1 9 1 6 8 7 5 1 - 3 8 6 5 6 7 8 3 4 ; 2 8 9

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