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October 1, 1942 Little Theatre Prepares Show By Bayard Hancock Rehearsals are already under way for the first of two productions to be presented by the Little Theater _ this semester. The play, The Male Animal, co-authored bv James Thurber and James Nugent, will be presented the weekend of the C. C. N. Y. football game, October 28-29. The first per t formance will be for the college stu dents and the second for the towns people. Recently popular on Broadway, the play portrays the trials and tribu lations of a college professor. Boyle Directs Show Directed by Walden Boyle, Eng­ lish professor and little theater director, the production will feature Scotty Keith, senior, in the masculine lead as Tommy. Scotty played in sev­ eral of last year’s majors and did some directing at the summer session this past summer. Carol Taylor, sopho­ more, has been selected to play oppo­ site Scotty in the feminine lead. Al­ though this will be her first major production, she has participated in several of the studio ‘One Acts’. The two leads will be supported by Miss Margaret Dean, Miss Edith Odell, Eugene Carpenter, Duncan McCoy, W. Tornow, Miss Hannah Diegle, Howard Buckley and Loyd Jonnes. An intricate, fast developing plot and clever dialogue, plus a particularly funny drunk scene give the play ex­ cellent possibilities. Musical Organizations Arrange Annual Schedule Plans for the coming year of activi­ ty on the part of the Schola Cantor- um have not yet been completed, but a number of interesting and locally im­ portant events have already been set. On November 8 a musical service will be given in St. John’s Chapel at which time Handel’s Blessed Are They will be sung. Soloists will be Miss Ruth Amidon and Miss Althea Karr, while Duncan Me Coy will serve as cantor. Late in December, the annual Christ­ mas service will be sung in Trinity Church under the direction of Lewis H. Niven, head of the Music Depart­ ment. The various fine arts departments will combine for a gala presentation of Handel’s pastoral opera, Acts and Galatea, on March 9th. Cooperating will be the Hobart l i t t l e t h e a t r e under the direction of Walden P. Boyle, the William Smith Dance Club headed by Miss Janet Seeley, the Art Department under the leadership of Norman Kent and the Music groups led by Mr. Niven. OUTING CLUBS SPONSOR ROAST Memberi of All Cleeses Gather Around Fire at Lewis’ Estate as Annual Marshmallow Roast ’For Freshmen’ is Staged Amid Song and Conviviality. Due to Local Shortage, ‘Piece de Resistence’ was ‘Imported’—from Phelps. Photo, Ollis. THEATERS SCHINE’S GENEVA Today-Saturday, Oct. 3 Eagle Squadron with Robert Stack and Diana Barrymore. Also: Lucky Legs, with Jinx Falkenburg. Sun.-Wed., Oct. 4-7 Pride of the Yankees, with Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Teresa Wright. Midnight preview: Saturday night. Thurs.-Sat., Oct. 8-10 O r c he s t r a Wives, with George Montgomery, Lynn Barri, Carol Lan­ dis, Glenn Miller & Band. SCHINE’S REGENT Fri.-Sat., Oct. 2-3 The Corpse Vanishes, with Bela Lu­ gosi, Luana Walters; Plus: Romance On The Range, with Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes. Sun.-Tues., Oct. 4-6 Apache Trail, with Lloyd Nolan, Donna Reed, Wm. Lundigan; Plus: Youth On Parade, with John Hubbard and Martha O’Driscoll. Wed.-Thurs., Oct. 7-8 Beyond The Blue Horizon, with Dorothy Lamour, Jack Haley and Richard Denning; Plus: Ghost of Frankenstein, with Sir Cedric Hard- wicke, Bela Lugosi, and Lon Chaney. Buy 'War Sayings Bonds PATRONIZE Our ADVERTISERS! it They make the publication of the HERALD possible. it They are friends of the colleges, it They will treat you squarely. — T h e Editors THE CLIPPER BAR Students Welcome Leo's Press Shop PHONE 2272 NEAREST THE CAMPTJS on Seneca Street Agents: Doc Jonnes A Win Bailey BOLIN MUSIC HOUSE Everything Mtuicel Compliments of Harman's Sport Shop 41 Seneca St. Phone 6306 Compliments of HOWARD'S Central New Yorks Largest LIQUOR STORE Compliments of Home Dairy Cafeteria College Headquarters for Food Senses Street Large Gathering Attends Roast By Alice Brandt The annual Marshmallow Roast of the combined Hobart and William Smith Outing Clubs was held Friday evening, September 25, at the Lewis estate. An enthusiastic crowd, under the chaperonage of Miss Marcia Winn and Dr. Clarence Klapper, gathered at eight o’clock in Miller House for the brisk hike out to the Lewis domain where HOC prexy George Beckett had laid a big fire in the outdoor fire­ place. Immediate toasting and con­ sumption of marshmallows began. A search was made for a song leader with Duncan McCoy finally serving in that capacity. Under his leadership, a large group of students serenaded the Lewis family from the front lawn. WSOC President Barbara Hequem- bourg estimates that the 450 marsh­ mallows on hand were completely an­ nihilated by a crowd of at least 250. Incidentally, the marshmallows came from Phelps when there were none to be had in Geneva. At about 10:15 the crowd began to drift back to town. All were agreed that the evening had served admirably as a mixer. The Outing Club will meet in Coxe Hall tonight for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year and dis­ cussing projects that might be under­ taken during the present club season. The Notional Bank of Geneva Complete Booking Facilities Geneva Trust Co. DEPOSITORY FOR KOBART and WILLIAM SMITH COLLEGES Member of Federal Deposit Iaa. Corp. HOTEL SENECA FEATURING Excellent foods and beverages BOOKS & STATIONERY LOUIS & KARL KLOPFER 23 SENECA ST. Terms 'Mallow Roast' Solid Affair Scorns Practices of Hill Inmates Who Interrupt Colleagues in 'Amorous Expulsions of Devotion’ ----------------- By VIC MAITLAND* The freshman marshmallow roast which was taken over, operated, con­ trolled and attended by upper-classmen proved to be a Choice affair. The only complaint voiced by the boisterops c^owd was the long walk out to the Lewis plantation and the chilled voyage home. However, the gripe is as bad as the picnic lover who yipped over finding ants in the lunch. The show\ never-the-less was chalked up as a. huge success and flie suggestion for a return engagement strikes this reporter, as-a solid idea. About 250 students gathered to chaw 450 marshmallows as Dune .McCoy led the crowd in singing. Miss Winn and D r. Klapper acted as chaperons while Barbara Hequembourg and George Beckett took over the job of organizing the affair as Willy Smith and Hobart outing club prexys, respectively. / H 4 - Bruce Bertsch almost went into a belch when he tooled into the Union last Monday about 3:30 P.K. accompanied by choice bit Lois Mart, The two were bombarded with a barrage o f “Hey, Lois, when’s George cornin’ to town?” All’s fun however, but George Walsh (the N . Y. PXJGuilist) and no. 1 fan in the Hart album does return to the home grounds this week-end for his last stay before helping Uncle Sam fly his new war hirda. The “Bronx Cheer” may be remembered as ‘Yummy’ the Indian — the lad who had all but a one-inch atrip of hair shaved from his pate just for the glory o f fifteen bucks. H -- Add Lillias MacGregor — kid sister of pretty sophomore Mac — to your neat gal list. Residing at Comstock — the home of the brave and land W HO DARE —the Miss is one darn nice apple. Elly Harrison flashing around Bill Achilles Theta Delta Chi pin. Benny Banta .wrapped his neat convert around a local telly pole t o the tune of about 400 pins last Saturday. All occupants are alive, well and sober! -H- Doris Ward good looking Hill junior has returned her fraternity pin to Senator Widebottam of New York. News of the RETURN ENGAGEMENT was delivered at a press conference just before the Senator sailed for Notre Dame where he will make entangling alli­ ances with Frank Knox on how to make the Navy a more enticing institution. Said the Senator, and we qnote — “ I feel my present war duties will require all of my spare time. Besides, I can’t be tied down with outside socialtivities during these National crisea.” Unquote. Jes’ ’tween you n’ me, however, I’ll betcha’ two ta’ one — t’was the Navy that got dumped by the HILL cruiser rather than vice versa as originally foretold. Anyway, Doris’s duties as understudy to Kath­ erine Cornell leaves little time for extra curricular activities! H --------- Miller House cuties have developed a new indoor sport called gotcha covered! The flames drape around a favorite curtain about eleven P.X. and try t o catch their colleagues in the midst of amorous expulsions of devotion — in short — NECKING! Poor Bill Mack became so conscious of the third parties that he now heralds his approach and invites the viewers to view his eloquent admiration over his damsal in joining. Whatcha’ doin’ gals — training for Guerilla Warfare? Bud ( Indian ) Harter— the Miller house 10 second man — reports great difficulties under the observing peepers play. Solution: Either get more trees or obtain blackout curtains from your local 5 and 10 cent store. H — Congratulations t o Bud Lish who was just put in the distinctive, selective service group five-F. Bud now comes after wimmin’ and small children! Said Lish — “ Hell, they don’t even want me if the country’s invaded.” Housemaid’s knee was the cause of Bud’s re­ jection . . . T ’ was heard J. Edgar Serven, our two fisted G-Man, ran out of firewood the other A.M. and lit the College furnace with the notes obtained from the College Union’s suggestion box. Ya’ ain’t stealin’ the Frosh’s supply of ammunition to start the Rochester bon­ fire with—are ye, Ralph? > H --------- Henry Hallenstein — the Vienna Walts — got the third degree (American style) at yee olde Union last Tuesday. Dave Davis acted as prosecuting-at- torney; and questions regarding Holly’s marital viewpoints were considered. Said Henry : “Veil I could not say hexactly, but personally I am saying to you — I ’ tink the hill gals stink!” Abashed and startled by that astonishing remark, D. A . Davis immediately set to work to correct the Walts’s viewpoint. Much debate ensued and Henry finally reaffirmed his conclusion — “ They Still Stink!\ ____ GOTCHA, Vic ___________________________________RULED FORMS - PROGRAMS ------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKKEEPING SUPPLIES - INVITATIONS HUMPHREY PRESS INC. INS C 300 Pulteney St. * Geneva, N. Y. ---------------------- Since 1 8 M ------------------------------------------------------------ — ----- ROGAN & JOHNSON Clothes f o r Young Men McGREGOR SPORT WEAR 16 Seneca Street Compliments of Dr. A. D. Hubbs WELCH'S Clothing - Furnishings 494 Bxchange T H E J. W. SMITH DR Y GOODS CO. GENEVA’S GREATEST DEPARTMENT STORE H. F. FOX PIPE SHOP Around this old store of ours you will find every­ thing worthwhile for the discriminating smoker. SMOKE FOX’S SPECIAL or KING’S 476 VISIT OVR UNIQUE GIFT SHOE Compliments of GENEVA SAVINGS BANK GENEVA, N. Y. . to Ae

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