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The Catholic Journal. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1889-1929, October 05, 1880, Image 18

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wmmw»*m§ •- H . . ' •> Tit* eongtt^dtfon-grew raoWty, a *W# X «\>4 Prgp«f«(ioti» weife made to ~ WW » fMnjr'churth. The pwsaint •difice w»« built »t « co«t of ISO,- I* 000, Its cornerstone waa law If Juty 30* lfi7<k A Imye procession B£.-«f church aocietiea preceded the II ceremonies at the elte of the || ohurck || Bishop McQu«U and other X noted members of (be clergy were g II ftJNTY I TIK»CAS V. SLAlGrTT >tLLU*l A, WHEELER ^ffiK^tjATlfOjn'oN JJrbigiton County Father Oberbolser labored a alone aa paator of Ink) church /or J twaaty jriaufit and then th« R«v, Jacob F, StauH Wat made assist- ant paator in 1889, remaining un- til 1894. In the meantime a rec- tory Mi hmn constructed, and a convent waa built in 1890, Attar completing apiandid H btiildlnw for the pariah, Father f* Ob#boW 4kA faim hia iff* » m Work rich fit accomplishments. Father: Stanb resumed totfoly V Redeemer aa pastor, for year* , O carrying on anccwafuJly ita many H X Th* Rer, F. William Stauder, jft-MR,, the present paator, waa If named aa hii successor. Assistant || paator* ara the Rev, A. l.'Schncid- JS er and t«# Rev. Waller. Carron. ||_-^aateiMi*«Mit-0!i3Or^ II 9:45 and 11 o'clock throughout CATHOLIC COURIER 000000000000000 a u o' Q © o to o o o » o o p Strombarg-Carlton' g to O to to 0 New 1940 Models! JVote thimtand* morm man $ay, \I own a No. 420L Large Walnut Console\ l?inch Speaker. Sever JJ Tube*, including Recti to flcr and Bi-focal Indig eator. Electric Flaaljj Tuning Buttons. Stand a ard and Short WavtO Ranges. Phonograplj? Connection. v v to .00 g Per Week § o o v 0 0 o JJOOR. MADf * FsUmtLW, Opp. last Am — 8T0NI 93g ft- i ^ : : o v HICKSONS ||'the year. II ' U IMMACULATK CpNCKWW || Immaculate Conception Church- % ji.pf'Kocheater came into existence u If In.ApifUt .1845, with * cont(re«a^ H lion which wa* 6omp«j#ed of for- || -mer p*ri«hiorie» of SU Patrick's Ju Cathedral. Ita firat paator Was the *J Rev, John FltxpatTlck, If But the first fhursH-*' imall *| frame *tr«cture—» burned to the o -i jjrpyjid mam afcawurd, and an- » 0E0. W, WIBSTKR Cvmmiuiomrof Public Highwmyi Llvlngaton County JAMIS J. .WADSWORTir Member of dtstmbfy Lhlngston County «tt0awoewotfW0(iovjiitfooo»uuuauou«iuuuuouwttOQ Utttf0VVUttV0UU0WU0U»0QiVUUW0WVtfVUUUU0U0U0O o o (I o o o a- o o o » PERDUE & COMPANY, Inc. . . FBRaUS PERDUE Engineers \Contractors Heating * Ventilating - Plumbing 85 Broad Itreet BocheaUr, N. Y. Main 4894 fitY»ft«*t0000i0*0ai««««aiaf ,The prt»ent church was built in 00000*U000000»V000»O00000O»o«O000U0«U00 :\•'-.\..- g Plyntottth Avenue, fadna; Plyin*- § « T otom or HIIIRNIANS | m p^.fw ***™j^«tch | CROUCH & BEAHAN CO. 1 g Because of the steady growth of § g the p»ri*h, the ichoolhouae Was o AUXILIART TH6 CATHOLIC COURlfiK on Its C0LD6N JUBILEE txtrtA J. 6'H»n» Inhrt j. Cravvl.-/ f'.M 0> ' ttt-k CtKi • £>•• ' County P««v Udies* Auxiliary Mr*, H»lcn Wcmel Pr»S n.s( No t l. A. M«. Paul Sh.innon : * « 0 J. to 2 L. A. MCT J. AikJaii • i* Pres. I . A. *l V«» • \*ut JVOO\! Si' C>^ iW •*» Chemical Go, itO^KWOOD PLACt 41 enlarged and Teniodeled, o Early pastors included Father « Bradley, tfce Rev. Thomas ^ 0 Brirn* the Rew F, McKijotf, the H m% William Stephens, the Re», » Peter Bed<s»the Rev. Michael M. *Me*fher, Tile Rev, Patricio o Byrnes also admihiiteted affair* uuuoouooOflOV of the pariahjfe Ulme. v—--In Ap'rfl, ISm ihtf Rev. James tt F, O'Hatti, Da> <4 bfcatue* paatot. ** During a career of dSstin«»o« he was s rnado Hfifow General, fle died In 1896. A few weeka after his death* JBlshori McQuaid appointed the Jte* Au|(u*tiiie M, D'Nelll paator, and during hia adminia- lonroe istov- »H Rochastan f|< Y» :«jr 8\ V « * 0 0 •y »u u«y»o«n;»uoouu«O0t»w«0tt0»»»ai CongwiiufoittfnS la « The CAfflQLIG COtJRt)^ , «> ON ITS SOtti.-ANMIVERSARY'-' : .'\ || ^ IT | T»t« JN ITS Fttcirr Est. 1855 LUMBER PRODUCTS — PAINT — FUEL OIL — COAL A. Complete Service To Institutions and Churches o V 0 0 tr 0 o w o & 9 O o DQ»VIOHUItUUUUflO0OUOOBV««OUO«OOV0«UttUUUO - - - • w Glanwo«d 350 99 DEWEY AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS from THE QUAKER MAID CO., INC Brockport, N. Y. o o <a o to « o to o o to o to a o o 9 i to o e » to Admirtl OewV taktaT'iWa^ilf*; -to Charg* of Sun Juan JHlilK •900OOO000OO0ttW00O00U0tfUOto00OU0ttOO0O00O fa S, S..MWH« surtk 1A ittie> ploaioh in UaWna Harbor, Witht Vm of twet oictr* and &»4 iwenl , Wat with Spain begins. ^ryeW*»T9««* dj«lroy*d,. » , Slah* E Hapj lurrchdera/ > . , A«d the «i „ treaty of p**c* is signedit %*»« * « relinquishing all claim to Cuba S SINCERE GOOD WISHES H. C. COHN & CO. Suptrba Cravats _ RochasMr, N« Y. to' to to to o to to , to to to to to « to to -^ _ v •4«<l««««l*»««ft0w0Va>«to0eoa@ 1^ ^ n t *o j«8 WjS. Puerto «>««»o«to00«9000a0U00OUOU00000Oto0000a0uuu * «aniae4 T » * Women »dwrt«aing f S writers appearing. »•,, Nudity la Z « advertisement. gotUng »• little 5 »aeandaloiM. • ' « § Pa<^<)frood«rn civilisation said S to be making m a nation of nerv B Otis Wftcka* » . * tittering II, W » log cat to «SS cent* in some stores. jt*. IWslBa;«itcalar» o«of Ul i leow finds favor as an adrertis- 2 ^ u lM'»£P» . - . N«W^»w4u«t Jf (^Meter's SsrpoMceoa* Dearina. tration a dtsV of 125,000 'waa ifftt««*«to«9O0«o»«va0»09000O0O0«000OOto00 ttions -«,f • « 9 t»- 0 to. » to » s CONORATmATlONS R S. ELAM SHOE CO. 1500 Clinton Avt. N. ROCHESTtR, N. Y.

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