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s>mT': . <-si^^j^M^i»Mwwi^-^^^n , s*\ v s; ' «a i-7- **v /.<• A i ' i * '. -tS3B«t flit 1 iftiaifi&dia^iwiiuifljs.ia fts*^<.»2#&££<&!-3r (tf> \•\iS^ii T\3 „\«£* -\; •;*> •m <&W3BR, TOUB#AY^J^|?II#X jMj».,lWI.\ Columbus Mirwtr el t Revive >le*ome Form of Entertainment \*•* ^^^^^^^a^^ ]mm - * w ***** rt * * op * an<i num SJIHiliSiig IwbH Monday MM?* Opesl Mr-the most pleasing part of which waa sung in German. The Melody four attired m clerical garb were heard In » negro spiritual and were catted bank.tor several encores. They ares Wilfred Haww, John Costelto, Arthur. «*ren. and Watter Maryl. Following\ the regular minstrel part,, Ray Fagah «nd his stage band gjiiw^ tea>dju aeveraj novel musical * te '*** fc r8ji*f. «Ijtgf»%:|tt,«!nttinbeM. Bjiigji'mwii.taney danced |;%#hj*r/touj»# ;je«Jnfc.| .. J*i».| m^tmwi^iM. -.audi-. i*?no^J '*iJ^^e&mAQh- *t«> ts 'U- p§f 18$fe^tepalt;©;**. stag* uiiflt Jigs. Little *Hw Jean Stark «ang and Daurice Sohnorr danced. Throughout the show, John Bo- gaski served -an • acconipaniat tit tola • - •* - • manner. besides Mr. Fredmore, Walter Har« >'iy>;i«^l^^ - Jaines m#h» la a grbta»ciu« wato* 1 ,»\=^**dTmueh..applaua> tor' Ma The Catholic Paughtera of Amer- ica.. Court Repeater, IWJ, wjii hold m tuptiktmua mmm nmm*t evening, January .19,. at 8 p. m. In (jolumbua Civic Canted The study group* will meet at 7 p. m. In the regular assigned places. ,;,,,,. ,0,1 u ~ fe^^ii^gio9 p $|icrieii Heart Scout* • ••'?>:• Plan Cam Party Troop if, BoyScout* pf .Sj&red Heart Church, wilt hold a card party! In thf $h/fpMfch hilt, Flower City Park,*' Catholic Men'g ' Federation Lecture Course St Joseph's Hall Jan 13. — \Catholic Evidence Guild,\ Rev. Leo C. Mooriey. Jan. 27—\Bishop von Kettler,\ Bernard Shleslnger. -- Feb. AO—\Obrlatlan Education,\ Rev. -John M. Duffy. Feb. 24 — \Frederick Oaanam,\ Rev. Theodore Winterrotb. March 10— \Mexican Qneatlon,\ K«T. Frederick J. Zwlerlein. March 24—\On the Condition of Labor,\ (Pope Leo XIII), Rev. Howard O. Geek. AprH 7—\Th«t North Aaaeriean Martyrs,\ Charles A. Tucker. April 21—\On the Reconstruction of the Social Order,\ (Pope ' Pitt* XI), Rev; Benedict Bh- i niann. • _ _.. Admiaiaon' Jhre^^BvtrjMdr Welconw * SPORT-O-GRAPHS By Intider The signing of George \Specs\ Topoxcer by the Rochester Red Wings was no surprlae. When \Specs\ re- Ueve4 Billy Southworth as manager of the Wings last season he imbued a llatlegs group of athletes 'with his own hustle and aggressiveness and the Wing* cloaed the schedule only four game* be'htnd the Buffalo Bisons, Toporcer's toughest Job will be to pacify- what we believe will be a disgruntled batch of Individuals wji.afe sure.to suffer salary cuts. The depression has bit baseball harder than any branch of sport and the high salary days of 1928-29 are now in the dim and distant past. Even the mighty Bahe Ruth is due to have bis pay check whittled down. • Bid yotr-knowinat Br. Walter B. O'Neill. Grand Knight of the lo- cal council, 178, waa once an urn- £lre In the old Catholic Baseball eagiie? Loaele Stone was another arbiter lit the same circuit. . The St Louie Carda, ownera of the Red Wings,; were the first to come out flatly with the statement that In view of the economic conditions baue- rarlshJonera of Our Lady of Vlc-lball players, as a whole, were to have tory pariah will present a variety TJfpne figure* ijf-ftretr contracts pruned. 0. U ofV. Parish Presents Variety Program, Sunday entertainment in the pariah hall, 10 Pleasant street, Sunday afternoon, January 15 at 5 o'clock. Three, comedies, minstrels, and several other musical numbers and sang numbers will be 'given. The program is being arranged to ptytse all. The committee In charge consists of the Rev. Leopold W. Jeurisaen, Theophlle VanDevelre, August Ctisse, Jules DeVoldre, Miaa Marguerite VariLoo and Raymond Meyvla. . L J C#'limeV -f torn -Hbly K*- ^^^S^SiiiPM^D i «*sto«' Qu|rm Announce* team the flrsvTndthlrd rames, loi-l ' . T if« HiirinA nassae Qfawt Qat team the'nrsV and third gi games, loa- the we«k Classes Start Saturday The Columbus Civic Center, under --»*«« the dlrecUoh of Wilbur B. Quinn. ikl, '•«»:* Greilak, pnyaldal director, will itarf its llrat of eight weeks, during which time the student is given instruction in the fundamentals of Life Saving. jt/ lit a»d class of the year in Junior and Seji-iAiiy member who completes eight ~ »rie.-'SafteT,-'2*frt,Btoeaaeri US; l*. > . mZ'l&Mi, tll-j Bnrmantrbttt,^ The club oKers two couraes a year J}J jft&BlsMhe*^-JJerV-MO,- aad to live the young men and boys a im«l, JI0> and «W! ,ch»nce to workfor ons of tfie htg^ ^...i-_^< i .. i .^,iii 'eat honors the American Red Croaa aft. . Ram: |t;:;aj.ii. f;W»!' • .V.. > XlTTr'W'~...i ••,] IJ .\ j , T • : 'i«rr-T\ V '.rjttmiip - ~- i ,-TOdi - -mint a m->viy,TH --3W tehiei» v i-^i^i-i-i- 14' , „t*eiij« i :^ii--4iJjL«*.«. *f /.' ^vaaa;afc.'Ww*.«.i4*,«»*^«-»*,**. -** . a»l Commehttn»\oa\.:Jthe« e6urse, Mr. 935 Quinn aaid, this week: SJB \Throttfhout^ the-year, =« |lnd tj| tn€t swimming is one of the most . , j enjoyable and popular sports, but in • - ' the main we find that a great/num- /yx; her bf,'o.urswlmmira-ar,e overlooking *;« the one big duty of every'swimmer Jlj: aad that Ja to anoetate themsejvea M*.with the fundamentals 6t*At:8ii- , Ml \The^knowledg^ of Life having **s<give» the swimmer such aelf-csn- •*J* H«ence tftat he vllt stand out.among *22 W* friends and be honored for his ;\! efficiency in the work/' *58 Theae elaaaes will h* conducted on M* each Saturday from ?:00 p. m. to «| tVdO p.'m. ' *:2* The course of work covers a period m-\' ——— . -151:1 hours of work is eligible for the final test. • The Senior Lite* Guards of the club will conduct this work through- out the course. They are as followa: John Whalen, James Werner. Rob- ert Small, Joseph Fromen, David Hall and Captain James Ehmann. All who wiah to take the coura* will sign up with Mr. Quinn not later [than January 31. *f. Weddings Obituary ' Ehrmaniront: Jin? •rtttris. IK i->i.si * JRATMOND J. UXtm The; funeral of Raymond J. Hyde, [3l r head of the stock auditing de- partment of the Eastman Kodak Company,,, who died Wednesdsy of last week was conducted Saturday morning at his home, 210 Glenwood Avenue, and at Lady Chapel, St. Patrick's Cathedral. Solemn requiem Mass was cele- brated by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles F. Shay, assisted by the Rev. Lawr- ence E. Ryan as deacon and the Rev. Benedict Ehmann as subdeaebn. ' Honorary bearers were A>thtfr P. * Bartholomew. James Wright, R. I*. Stelrna, Jack W. tfewton, R. ^^ Kwm, Xj^tattestehr. Active beavers war* \George E, Suddelf, J. & Van 8am Bredon. owner of the Cards, aaya that few men- in the pastime wilt re- ceive more than $ 10,000 this season. All of which ueana that International League stipends will be reduced ac- cordingly. Rochester players will probably procrastinate sending In their sighed 'papers, but when the spring training camp opens they'll He on hand. \No player in bis sane mind Is going to'remain Idle, even though he may not be entirely BatlB- fled. Which ' leads ua te wonder whether the'game itself will suffer It the men ate disgruntled. Topor- cer's jobs won't be a bed of roseB. 1 .1IM , I , ,« .1 Paul Brescia, one of the organizers of tha Catholic Indoor Baseball League, haa been named President of the Catholic Basketball League. The appointment of Mr. Brescia to suc- ceed BUI McCarthy who resigned the presidency a week after the League opened last November. In order to de- vote all his time, to coaching the champion Holy Apostles quint, will be received with high favor. Bres- cia's administrative ability was the prime factor In the huge success that the Catholic Indoor League enjoyed last summer. • Paul couldn't be any- thing else but fair In his Judgment of any difficulty that confronts him and the League)la to be congratulated upon his appointment. . , v . • One Of Mr.,Brescia's first moves after taking-the-chalr waa to stipu- late Sunday afternoons. Instead of evenlngsv as «ho time tor future Catholic basketball games. The cir- cuit has «r»e»lmsnted more or less In the- time ef stagings (Is games, part of the -schedule during the first half being played afternoons. The flnai games of the league were played »Vent»gs. Beginning Sun- day, and- continuing for the rest of the year, all games will be played in the after&tfM, with the first game starting promptly at 2 o'clock. rules stipulate a team in first or sec- ond place cannot draw players from the weaker clubs of the circuit, strings were pulled to have Rowan released by St. Mary's in order that Cathedral might sign him. Holy Apostles was the only team in the league not to sign up a man or two. The first half champs will travel along with the same eight players who waded through the r«wt of the clubs during the first halt without losing a game. Holy Apostles, by the way. Is to play the Centrals. Terms have been agreed upon by the respective manage- ments and tentative dates set for the games. According to present plans, the Centrals are to play Holy Apostles at the K. of-C. on Sun- day, February 12. Laymen's Participation in Catholic Education Outlined by Cha». A. Tucker in K. C Addrew , McORATH—HEHIR The inarriage pfi Miss Mary B. *t*^mlr7^Un«hter^ m . „„„ Y ». «. ..„ W\~1»T JSM\^imu*r oTiRo?^^ »-TWO.- ». L. Thomst; *_—*,.,,*,£* s 3M.-Hft4 Christopher J, JtfcQrktb of_Nevr ji. B. ^an Duese'ti, F. Hf. Page. Burial was In Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, *Hi.*** ;, '-i':;.'- ? ?^-'>- ''-'-•- •?-'. :-. •• :v ^'ij%;..ii^ij^»i^al&ltte»''. ••»**' . Hedte* * Hoffman TL7i;,York 1 CH3f» sbn of Mjr;aTtd Mra v . Tith<r- Ttl.mt McGTath of Caatletbwiihere. tr*-. land, took place Wednesday morning, January 4, ia CerpB! Chjiitf Church. *:The ceremony was;.,.petfbtmedl. by* toe Rev. T.X ilclOirath of Auoura. brothsr of the bridegroom, who.also- oafebrated the nuptial Hats. &m.\ Alice 15. Realitt of N«w Vork Mp\ cousin of the bridegroom, wa# maid; of honor. — On the-altar and in the sanctuiry wars red poln'sotu and white chrya- anthemuma. John .Tt Hehir, bfotHer of %* brlda, was best .ttrfjfe The Ushe)* Weret Atigustlne*W:. Hehlr, brother of. the bride: Ralph J. Towns, and Npt- \$*k fc^|httrrl*r ~^ flurlnf th*|e*tiaqiay '*m\ The Rivv Margrett^ and the Itevrnaooert-*^ ^ „.^ t^Celeher. I Mra. Hermle waa a member of the MLNKIK WAHL HERMI^ Minnie Wahl Hermle, wife of Ray- mond Hermle, died Tuesday mocning of l|St week at «t. Mary's- Hospital, aged 61.- Surviving are her huaband; irix sons, Edwin, William and Andrew Wahl, Henry, Raymond and John Hsrmte; three daughters, Utt. Har- old Knapp, Hiss Margaret and Ruth Hermle; three grandchildren; two brothers, Rev. George Retnschmidt of Witchita, Knsas, tad Herbert Rein- schmiat; eight sisters, Mrs. Herman Senier, Mrs. Rose ..._. . .. Whitney, Mrs. ... „.«„««,—, . - - _ JE»Wt.Stoker, Miss Marie Rein m«l; Mrs. Herbert Sehelble, Mrs. Jo- seph Afferdlck \of Syracuse, and Mrs. The contests for Sunday will bring Cathedral and St, Mary's together at t- o'clock. At 3H5 St. Boniface will -play St. Peter and Paul's, while the ulfthleap at 4 fSO'finds Holy Apoatles locking'horse wHh the strengtUaned St. Joseph's quint. St. Joe's last week aJlrfecT u*p Prtt* Kuhn and trbrdy Wett. I6?years niembers of the G. Y. M. A. Ramblers, one of R'oches- »<sr>s best aemi-pro fives. Kuhn and Welt will do much to make St. Joe's one of the most feared outfits In the loop. • \ \«•.- Mir..',,;., - MeySr games. .^Tbitowlng .th«'carriage e»ren>p;to fhrTakfast was senreo at Ridgemoht her marriage by Mrs. J. A. Haas;, Agnes JEckt* lll!«.''»6>beTt.'-Sh1iTH^gi' IMrll. aKa%:.-,*ryv. Iftss- .m*tim' ,SmltKj;Mfs;m-';eIiagifMrs,. OS'\ ' Joel, and Mlaa Maude, Early. .iAttefeaaoUthe'rii ttfp Mr, and T Mc^j»miritt4Mtafcioaeat a« Es Udlee Sodality and Ladles Auxiliary, Knights of St. George. -|#~F!uaeraI services were held Tkur1«air '.ttofftln* olt last, week /at 1:40 from the residence; 23 Selliager llreefe ***'•• o'clock *t at. Michael's Columbua KnigbU Will ^Conferred |!^mil«i«»tijnr m-Oik second' ffrij «ree of tbe 'totofrtiM Columhua J \ ClM«-Of ,fittyj^aj fates wl Cathedral, which finished in a tot itcOnd place With St. Boniface in the first Half 6!\the race, haa gone Toco signing- up'players In in effort'* . ... te win Honors'front Holy Apostles^ecaeneteln's during the second half. The Frank Streeters hive garnered Tommy and Eddie Rewln,' the latter from the terle Social- Glu*} Jimmy Potter from toe Hit Camel <julnt; Myles Rowan, one of the- leading scorers of the Catholic League; and \Little Red\ Mason from St, -Charles. Rowan 'fayed with St. .Mary's during the rst half- Hand- though the ' League Frank Carldeo, Notre Dame's con- tribution to All American honors for two consecutive seasons, was a visi- tor In town this week. He addressed the student assembly at John Mar- hall High School. Carldeo, now coach at Missouri University, didn't call on the K. of C. o— , / John McCormack Will Sing New Songs at Eastman During the course of a recent in- terview with John McCormack. the celebrated Irish tenor who will be heard In recital at the Eastman Theatre next Friday night, January 20, his first Rochester visit in five years, a reporter ventured the re- mark, \The highbrows often wonder why a great artist like yourself Btngs ao many songs they are pleased to call 'unworthy' of your talents.\ \Well this Is how I feel about It.\ waB the reply. \The man that's pay- ing the piper has the right to call some of the tunes, and If by singing one or two popular songs I can send somebody away happy, I'd rather do that than sing a hundred highbrow songs that bored him. You must sing what the people want you to sing— all the people—and It is only by sing- ing the popular things first that you are likely to engage TBelrlnteTest for the other things gradually. Every- body to his taste. I can understand people not liking quite a lot of classical mualc — the Beethoven Quartets bore me to distraction, and some of the popular music Is good. Take the 'Londonderry Air'— beau- tiful tune, one of the most beautiful in\*he world.\ Some of the words that have been set to It are not all they might be. M the reporter remarked. I made up my own set of, words, and you probably will think they are worse.\ was McCormack's retort. Mr. McCormack'8 program for next Friday night Includes a gToup of Trlsh- Tolk-JiongB anS threo. numbers that will be heard here for the first time. One is \O. Mary Dear,\ using the Londonderry air with Mr. Mc- Cormack's own words and the others are \Vespers\ and \Bless This House.\ -o Holy Redeemer A. A. Bowling Results Some close scores are noted In the results of the Holy Redeemer A. A. Bowling League, received this week. Two hundred, bowlers included: Hoderlein's Pets, F. Bacher, 204; Seheueh, 212; Fleckenatein's Boost- ers, E. Schneider. 213; Yaniaki'a Market, Emler, 306. Hoderlein's Pets took two games frem Weber's Dairy. Vaniakl's M*r- et team defeated McBrlde's Plumb- ers v in all three games. A J. s Shoes proved better than Boosters by two Basing bis remarks upon the Holy Father's Encyclical \On the Chris- tian Education of Youth,\ Chancellor Charles A, Tucker, A.B., of Roches- ter Council, Knights of Columbus, on Thursday evening of last week in Columbus Center spoke to the mem- bers ef the K. of C. of the responsi- bility that rests upon Catholics in furthering Catholic schools and pointed out methods for participating in the progress of Catholic educa- tion as a part of the program of Catholic Action. \Man forma an Integral unit,\ Mr. Tucker said, \composed of bis intel- lectual, physical and moral or spir- itual sides and these, together form the composite man. Any method of education that alms to develop only one of these three'is not producing the complete man. The Catholic church seeks to educate all three phases of man's nature.\ In the matter of responsibility of educating the child. Mr. Tucker showed that It was the sole right of the parents and he urged opposition to legislation that seeks to violate that right. The Church's right to teach he said comeB from Almighty God with the words At CbrtHt \Go ye forth, therefore and teach all na- tions.\ After drawing a clear distinction between piety and religion. Mr. Tucker advocated the following methods for Catholic men\3 participa- tion in Catholic education as a part of their religion: 1—Understanding and acceptance of the principles and purposes of Catholic education; 2— Observance, absolute and complete, of the law of the Church; 3— Knowledge of the administration and organization, of the Catholic schools: 4—Thorough acquaintance with the parish school; S—Upholding of the Americanism of Catholic schools; 6—Appreciation of the need and value of Catholic higher education; 7—Vigilant opposition to dangerous school legislation; 8—Obtaining greater financial support for the Catholic schools; 9—Participation in the actual work of education. Elaborating on the last, Mr. Tucker t emphasized the need for proper home atmosphere and for good example. He urged the teach- ing of the child by the parents at borne, especially of religion. He ad- vocated furnishing good reading to the children and the fostering of vo- cations. He emphasised the Im- portance of joining study clubs whose purpose was to study Catholic educa- tion and other Important problems of the Church. Mr. Tucker concluded his talk with a citation, of the value to Cath- olic children of their Catholic educa- tion not only as a preparation tor a truly Catholic life, but as a means of advancing after graduation, in the busineb.H, industrial and profes- sional world. Programs, Banquet and Wedding Announcements Printed or Engraved The SIMONDS PRESS Main 3408 49 South Ave. Cast Is Announced For St. Francis Play On January 15, 17 \The Man of Yesterday,\ a comedy-drama In three acts will be presented by the St. Francis Players In St. Francis Xavler Hall. Sunday and Tuesday evenings, January 16 and 17. The play is under the per- sonal direction of Claude Roosevelt, assisted by the following ladles and gentlemen: Madelerie ', Roosevelt, Flossie Hockeborn. Doris Roosevelt. Lanette Hockeborn, Laura Sorensen. Leo Hogan, Sylvoster Englert, Guldo Palma, Ralph Bittner and Ray Eng- lert. The admission price Is 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for the children at the matinee which will be held Sunday afternoon. o St. Mary's Hall To Have Friday Parties Mrs. Albert Do Forest end Mrs. Anna Short will be hostesses this week at the regular Friday evening card party, a series of which are be- ing conducted In St. Mary's Church Half beginning at 8 o'clock. Bridge, pinochle and pedro will be played and lunch will be served each Friday evening. A valuable prize fs awarded at each card party. WUNG Alleys open for individual bowliiiR or team re«jr>*- tions C OLUMBUS IVIC ENTER 60 CHESTNUT ST. Bowling Entrance Lawn Street p1,IUIIHIMMnMMI,l»,,IIHM»WIII„MI,IB»l,»WW,,HM,WWW-f.| {EASTMAN! I Friday Evening, Jan. 20 i ! 8:20 o'clock I The Distinguished Irish Tenor I Making His First Rochester | Visit in More Than Five Years IHear McCormack sing \O Mary | Dear,\ his newest bit; \Vespera\ | and \Bless This House.\ I SEATS NOW, SL50 to S8.O0 \ EFORMAN GDI /, CLINTON AVENITE SOUTH i \An BxeeUeBt Ceterm* Service 1 * HOLTHUS CATERERS TEAROOM BTJNDAY DINNERS *1 ^ DAILY LUNCHEONS OOe 1#5 WEST AVBNTJK Gen. BOl4 chairman of the CouncU'a eeremonlal .committee - will be la charge. The M tl«*4»»tat«rJ|-sistll Welcomed tm M»pHgK tke Mam^t grant* ttnlgfcfc • • J06SPH M. BCTLRR Funeral aervlces for Joseph M. Birtlvry-*?*! -veteran printer who died Weqiesdav tif last week, were co;' ducted Saturday mornThf aTTW Ms roe Afen'ue and atRlessed Sacrameht qh^hKltts« ; *a§ celebrated bf i4i - ,^ttaAS£»%-4w'-*liWB»-' I tot V. Hdly JBeputchre Cemetery* vThebeatsl «rs were Jeremiah -Malryan, Walter 1 S . Jarrii, William Ballsy,. George, nglert, William .Curtis and Albert! Ben»on r all members, -:oT Rceneiw riPblcaV ..Union * 1**. M . iiklsb ;tttlsr..:-wM^ohe. of- the :#tdeit: wirvT\-.-\' '\' ' ''\ '\ J. BUCKLEY '«')'' Vlt ihfSK&mtSSfi mm & m i Jt, ; - j£.* J .t4f*r&*$.~( •^k'<-- t \^4€;^--^ SSS- ; z_ AtJSt, Mich»el HmH You Seen the «••!• \ ^d1»N^j^e«i^yi'l^'iMi«di by WalUr JBL wi^parlhj, tfuWe pt 0*. Boy Itatigera ef America, -* -\— -•^loetal«b%* j4!i '' •• »anv ana i , ^__ t «^iev»i»iai;*Jantf- i slslr'cirrrman, Mrs. Lawrsnee Kay} tlw/ (&*lrman, Mrs. Winfcm J. Our New Radio Department, Main Floor, Gas and Electric Building, is displaying the New Philcos, You are invited to come in and meet ^K l^soiii !«*\ one of his nien, w)io wiH demonstrate them. Also see the Stroraberg- Carkon and the famous Telecktor .... •^>^i *¥•* • ¥•• \•'. \ W\ hestexi lectric Corporation as-riirt,ia,.a.s;s •SB \ FORMAN'S NEW 4i -a n |T|BMiaii^!R the pietUrei She's I\the famous magazine girl! A C real outdoor Amelia Earhart type, complexion «lowingr, eyes srjarkUng, all set for a snappy\ early morning hike. . . . And Forman's has the .vejey hat sjke's Wearing! A hat to ito credit to yoto newest manhifeh m*t- eriai Spring suit, (flat Shop, Street Wfi(9®i«»« 1 <SBWBS (ray uid beice .. . -J*5 »«,*- - ,_ mm ••z&Si ^y^^:j^9^mf^^Si^^M^t ?iQ!}ty&\ivf!^& i ** i *ilWi l ! t,-;ft'iS-.,,:| , ^«5*(^-f<W'**'*a5Wfi*j<'''-*-- i

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