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-y Wft «\* \ \^•IV* t^ '••! 1 ft*' B **4*j, M I*-,- Mrs. Hof schneider, Mother of Dansville Pastor, And Faithful Thir^ Order Member, Dies Here Mrs Marie Duteurtre Hofschneider, mother of the Rev. Leo O. Hofschnei- der of Dansville, died at the family home at 109 Thorn-dale Terrace. Rochester. Monday., January 2, fol- lowing' a brief iiluess. Although in delicate health since her stroke of two year? ago. she had b*>en unusual- ly well during the . Yuletied, but Thursday following Christmas she had n.noiher stroke which resulted In death. Mrs. Hofschneider was bom in Oissfl, Franco (a short distance from the homp of the Little Flower), Sept. CATHQUC COURIER, THURSDAY, JAPJART 1$ J938 tjp&y& $* Patron Sairifr Honored clergy of Rochester diocese were represented\ by the following priests from Rochester, Pittsford? Daasvillp and other places: the Rev. Louis Edelinafl, RPV.- Leo €-.- Monney.-- ftey, Leo V. Smith. Rev. John Smith, Rev. William P. Stauder. Rev'. Sebastian Eng'ertli, He\. Adelbert Schneider. R*v. Peter Erras. Rev. William J. Cannan, Rev. George W. Eckl. Rev. I Francis Knnz. Rev. Walter Foerv, Rev. Edt^ard M. Seheld, Rev. Joseph Otte, RevvHghn Baier, Rev. George Weinman. ^^ At the burial services in Holy 15. 18-! <? a dauKhttr of Hyacinth i Sepulchre Cemptery. final cpramlt- anJ I'laricu Duicurirc. March 16,!ment prayers were intoned by Rt. 1869, she was married to Joseph Hof-| Rev. Mssr. William Hart. The re- schneider. and to\ them wore bom|sponsitorles were suns by Rt. Rev. nim> children H\en of whom are Hv-jMsgr J,. F Ooggln. rector of St. lug. Mr. Hoft,chn.ider died Jan. n.| Bernard** Seminary, the Rev. I.eo G. 1920 Mrs. H'jfschnclder had been a ; Hofschneider (son of deceased). *hc resldont of Rocbtstit the most of herjRev-. Paschal Romano, the Rev. married life, coming to the city In John A. Smith and the Rev. J. II. the sprint: of 1872. and for the past J Rauber twenty-two years 103 Tharndale Ter> The pallbearers were Dr. Frederick race had been the family home. She!J- Hofschneider.. Eugene W. Hof- was a faithful member of the Third schneider. John W. Hofschneider I,- Order Secular of St. Francis of As slsl and FYanclscan ideals domiuated her life. She lived them in her thoughts, words and deeds and their exquisite fragrance permeated her home and social activities. Most tend- erly did she cherish the Third Order as her spiritual home and her para- dise on earth, and to her was given unusually privilege at her life's close namely, just a few moments before the angel of death summoned her. her priest son whom she had given to the service ofthe Lamb of Ood, and who Is also a member of. the third Order, imparted to her the Order's General Absolution, a rare favor granted few mothers to receive from a priest son. During \the days Mrs Hofschnelder's remains lay in state at nor home a hugo spiritual boquot — Innumerable mass cards — and beautiful set pieces and other rare flowers manteled her casket and were massed around it—loving trib- utes of relatives and friends. The morning of her funeral Fa- ther Hofschneider offered a requiem Mass for his mother then, escorted tho funeral cortege from the home to St Augustine's church where o solemn high Mass of requiem was offered by the Rev John H O'Brter (Mrs. Hofschneider'a pastor). Other officers of the Mass were Rev Thomas J. Quinn and Rev. Leonard A. Kelly, asslstnnt priests at St, Au- gustine's Church and the Revi.J. R Rauber. assistant priest at St. Mary's Church. Dansville. The Rev. Leo 0 Hofschneider knelt on a prleu dleu in tho Sanctuary during the services and with him were leading dlgni tarles of the diocese, purple cloth representatives of the Most Rev. lilshop John Francis OHern, DD. the chancery and consnttatory—The Rt Rev. Msgr. William M. Hart vicar general: The Rt. Rev. Msgr John Boppel. chancellor. The Rt Rev. Msgr. Joseph S. Cameron. The CharlPH E. Albert. Arthur Houlihan and Henry Massett. Mrs. Hofschneider is survived by these sdns and daughters: The Rev. I/eo O. Hofschneider. rector of St. Mary's Church. Dansville; Mr. John Hofschneider of Rochester. Mr. Frank Hofschneider of Buffalo. Mr. Valentine Hofse-bnelder of Detroit. Mrs. Walter 1'ratt of Buffalo and the Misses Marie and Nenette Hof- schneider, Rochester. Also by\\eleven grandchildren and twelve great- grandchildren; two sisters In Olssel. France. Mrs. Virginia Blondel and Mrs. Eugenie Bachelet. o Bishop Desmond Is Consecrated In Boston Cathedral (Continued from Page One* Tablet in honor of St. Ivos, patron, satnt ;of the lega* profession; which was recently placed in the old cAUiodMi of T reguier, In Drft- tnny. where the saint ia buried. The plaque is the gift of the dele- gates of tho American Bar association, who\ visited TregiUer, after the International Congress of Comparative^Law hold^atJRieJJaguo* Col. John H. Wigmore made tho presentation, the tablet bear* the arms of the family of St. Ives, who lived in the town. 600 year* ago, •- f \' ' \\'!•'• ' -f\ ••\ v\ '\' •'•:»\ -'•'- \; Victor Parith Plans Chicken - Supper Social Victor—Plans are now being matts by weiubew of gt, Patrick** \»«ri«S here to hold * chicken supper in tb» Town Hall. Thursday evening, 4»«i#^ J&JLSt\ Th » <iowiwUt»« i* charg* it ««g-*«*«» every «««rt to nWe the, evening ot January in a nie- laorable one. The i*»tl<rUl«* wilt b#* gin with supper to be served fro*, 6\30 to 9HQ, and *tt patron* are. as- sured ot * tasty an* bountiful sup- per, .— An orchestra from Ttochestst. #ftt »«S^O»^§m,m^*Jej*ttrlft|t tha brt* •nee ofTEltt-^teiai; *hd 0td>tim« tuneii witf be Ofreredjby a yw *«U- »bl» *nde*pAble group from Vtcttf ano-VlclnHy, ^ — Th» fi^mtittoiss ifIU ~b« ffn«!aT»y *om* fcptcjflty nuimb*Vii, which th» oommittw promt** yUl b« * v«y b- terej»Un» u*A euterfafnlng (suture of the proiwii. The X(«x. K T, Dough- erty, mciln* pMtor o« St. l»»trIoli't. ext?t>djj^oTdJIl^aTimtion^o »U th« rHe*# lrg«t«»le, wmm Fr. Question Questions and Answers Ilroadcast Sunday, Jan. 8, on Rochester Catholic Hour E. H. KIRBY & SON DEALERS IN Meats,- Poultry* F\h 1358 Deway.Ave,^^ A IMS. 72 E. H. Knapp & Son ROOFING HEATING—VENTILATING SHEET METAL 384 8outb Ave. Stone ISi BURKE St McHUGH CARTING CO. Light Auto 0*r» for Ooneral Delivery 111 Ontmrlo St. Main 82M Van Hovenlng. administrator of the •llocese; two brothers, tho Rev. E. B ^callon and the Rev. B. A. Scallon associate editor and editor; respec- •ively. of The Catholic Herald: the Rev. C. I. Niedllng and Brother Lam •>ert, all of Alexandria, and Fr. Pat- rick J. Kolloher, of Shrovoport. The new hioh«r> will loftvn unnn f o take up his duties in the Louisiana Diocese. Bishop Desmond succeeds In the Alexandria See tho Most Rev. Corneltus Van de Ven. who died May 8. Bishop Desmond was born at Haverhill. Mass.. April 4, 1884. He attended St. James' Parochial School and St. James' High School In his na- tive city, and later was graduated from Holy Cross College. Worcester. He mado his theological studies at ^t. John's Boston Ecclesiastical Semi- nary. Brighton, and was ordained to the priesthood on June 9, 1011. On June 10. 1918. Father Desmond was commissioned a chaplain in the ''nlted States army with tho rank of <lrst lieutenant. In the course of par- ticipation by the United States in the World War, Father Desmond served at Camp Meade. Md., at Curtlse Bay Ordnance Depot In Maryland, and aboard the transport. U. S. 8. Martha Washington. Following his discharge from the serviee on Sept. 29. 1919, Father Desmond was assigned to St. Clem- ent's Church in West Somervilte, where he was also In charge of the Somervillo Catholic Charitable Bu- reau. o Edltor'8 Note: Questions we advanc- ed by the Rev. Leo 0. Moonoy and answered by the Rev. Dr. Gregory Folgo Question (1) Is not the question about tho nood for a revealed religion a purely acad- emic discussion and of no practical value or consequonco with regard to tho complex problems of our preient- day life? tlon is usually given in genejnl t o *U. that which publicly tranglajtea the tenets- of our revealed religion into; afiHon practice, in this w*y r*»Jl,4 glon> *ud hence reveajation, tjo'ei play* mh actlv* pwt In the solution- of the Droblema Qt, our times. But it is not falr^ for those- to complain of the relative failure of religion who them- selves lot all counsels of religion go unheeded. ....OAg&ojt. {$} ^ Can' you -give an example from ac- tual life which ahow*-th«t revelation makes a difference' 10 our conduct, based on common genie and common decency?. A. Later In the serlei I shall give a number of such examples. For tho moment I may merely point out that in many cases It is only with the help of revelation that we knowr. at ail what constitute* 'common ifpe and common decency.* hel me, how ;tie!(pifei A''fery7i«af%' Significance Of Ffcfe Nam* Ewft (Coatlnutd from Pas* Oae) their heard la Urwi that win sta- ple yet eloquent that faith la 1 ?5 • '•'• Q- »li5)i.i nukt play la tbjlr DTM TJMV broucht to thin the vain* at clrlttl prlnclplM la UM aolaUoa of tbalr dallr phy.ical ae^ *\h$ *»*SL to their h0m«« with a r*aew*« spits. Uual strtngti »«»ha. oa^ % MUgiMi «tr«at or Bilatloa ceald air*. ^ imannatton to }&%&• i*t \-••* * auch a* -saMHt»hir,<m ' WeofthaSaawnq - lfh*tiu>uQ*£A& 4« _ _ ,_, „. „... nrMUw, wh»a they ret»r« ti taWr kid v dual patisheato exerelie alp. Hlrat«ly tha. faith IwUU«^ru.u3& their hattaij *IlM*»« a. n« w \ ™ of n.ItMborly IbUrMt la tbt , il«3itEwh^tth¥v^*ubb^^iko»iJ«i.i: Ui> f ea»hmUoa, The eaaaay:«,-««.. ' 3-Act Comedy oftd. ,^Mmi|Mn|,ot-4ha . fHaM anua^y t§ and l»t;af;-i$* -••patliK all, rt? he Where Quality HEATS come frees FAHY MARKET 54 Andrews St, Bishop O'Hern Commends Holy Name Societies (Continued from Page One) A. On the contrary. I consider! ever, cite one example which is par- tho question of recognizing the fact tioularly appropriate tod»y-rtlnce-*fco* day is the toast of the Holy Family. Tho baste unit of society, the cell of tho organism, so to speak. Is tho fam- ily. Socioty is In that state of health or decay in which this unit, the fam- ily, is. Tho Catholic doctrine which Is the revealed, doctrine, Is, that a family is built upon a sacred, oven a Hacramontal union of two persons only, having for its,purpose the pro- creating and raising of children and to provide for both parties as a help- ful, loving companionship. - J Fho main points, therefore, are sacre* ness of character, monogamy, faith' fulness, and Indissolubility. The nart of woman in tb© family is «* important as that of man, and their mutual relations have never been more aptly and clearly characterised as by the words of the present Holy Father Pius XI. In his encyclical let- ter on marriago, where ho states that man should bo. the head and woman the heart of tho family. It needs but a glance at all other attitudes, whether religldus or rational, to dis- cover that they differ vory seriously tastvlfiif that we stand In need of a Divine Guidance, of a religion founded on God's revealed Truth, of far-reaching consequence for all our problems In life. It is. therefore, eminently prac- tical. For one tiling, the motlvos of our human actions, the reason why we choose to do this rather than that, lie, to a srreat extent, deeply em- bedded and rooted In our moral* con- victions, our belief and religion. For. before we undortake to do many thinks we consult our moral belief, our religious teaching or training, it is. therefore, a very vital matter to know and to be sure on what such beliefs really rest. Such an Inquiry into the foundations and safeguards of our Inmost beliefs is necessarily a slow and laborious process. But this is the case with all pursuit Of knowledge and with every educa- tional measure or program. True progress, however, can only bo ac- hieved along such lines. Pla>-' wate''*rtttlf'-h,r-WU«». Itoftl The east Includes tltt mtmbers-of Vorndran, tm Cottiisp.; Oeortianna Prinslnji\ -. >:;..,..,.. ..- Sl ;; Thr-pWy Is \Mini -pVoJultd andtir the auction of JoaSwc^ furhht -iM- listed hy«C^Ua,q. i 4|6|S«ftW..- ThV ,.4o^..pW^tft^ci»h : .^: looklnr .tmw &k*Mm *tt#»£ ent«ttainmiiif^nfr-i^rr»f^:tortSf church treasury... v 3rha jtir; g i. Church, herai <,->,••• •:;.| lt ,;';M,v-6°,^Ti'r.„a, l l l r *\ ••••) ' % wc~ la tali ya«\ S'^'\\\ •j?s Question (2) Since there is no specific rovola' tlon regarding our Btrciitt. economlcjand vitally ffWTmTWS; and political problems, how can re- the reverence of Christ and His Holy Name. - \With this semi-annual regional '•ally, and with the great mass meet- ing which will follow in about sis months, the Holy Name Society of the Diocese of Rochester is destined to go forward with leaps and bounds unto every mail ia all the parishes will have been enrolled under its ban- ner. All this Is according to the mind of the Church and the wish of the Holy Father, \Moreover we look upon these gatherings not only as a public pro- fession of faith, of belief in Ood and of respect for His law, something so lacking in the world today, but also as a public protest against lawless- ness, crime and the multitude of dis- FRED BAETZEL 438 Exchange St COAL and COKE PfeoAe Main 1508 COAL AND COKE AT BEDtTCED PR1CK8 S ~ afcty crvice atisfnetion I C. CLANCY CAETBlG CO Furniture Moved, Packed Stored Local and Umg Distance Traekinjt \SERVICE gfifCB IMS\ 9 GRAND AVE. Bos. Phone—CULVER 2D14 Bat, Phone—CCLVKB ITU . WILLIAM J. MEYER CO, Inc. Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor* J^aXkiiltftJStreiBl ...._ -Stone 133 1 .'' /!•<•- Fresh Home Meats ANDREWS MARKET =c Boy ROCIKS** Pro*sc*»_ . - . K Omaraatoes KnMkw Qssulty THE NATIONS HOME-MADE EGG NOODLES Are Use best oa ttie isMkrtet Mafe • trtid aa4 b* eMvtaotd. ' Ask r«wr iroc* «lsrt«»kr ^ • Musde by ttBuV' a^Jk^CffinMbii, nKi^aEtPOIHLii' O0Ma*JtJnf-' Ay, Bssastsr, W. T. PlMss STOia 1*M '- •'• I\ i':. -;• '.v ' \'••'• J• • '' • I-.'.: '•';• ' ,.mt' velatlon or religion play an Import' ant part In the solution of such problems? A. It Is true to say that there Is no divine revelation for any given human problem, such an expecta- tion would be an Insult to human in telllgence. But there are a great many circumstances In life In which certain definite doctrines revealed by Cod can be and must be applied. The moral teaching contained in the ten commandments is not restricted to the moral conduct of the Individual; U holds good as well for the social, economic and public life. This is known as Social Justice and it Is the proper subject matter of s special science which deals with all such human relations, the science of ethics and moral theology. Just as the so- called positive Law, the criminal law or the civil law has Its principles and cases, so does the science of moral philosophy and theology deal--with principles or rules of actios which are derived from revelation and In the light of which It discusses speci- fic cases, tt is quite undeniable that religion exerts & strong and visible Influence In this Held today. Church leaders of an denominations haye be- come more or less sociologists as Well as teachers of religion. The religious press in general devotes much space to problems of Social Justice:. We Catholics bare special institutions dealing with this subject; the Social Action Department of the Catholic Welfare Conference, the Peace or- ganization, the Temperance Unions, the Central Vereln, the Industrial Conference and many cies. But most of all, there are the special Encyclicals of various Popes on these subjects. Encyclicals are open letters addressed to all Chris- tians, and the more important ones of recent date are well worth study- ing. These are the ones dealing with the labor-question, education, Chris- tian marriage, international Peace* and others. The name Catholic Ac- aside tho primitive people with their open and concealed polygamy, we find In Japan no conception of a last- ing bond, its high dSvorefl rale tea- tines to that; In China, tho hushartds fidelity Is not taken seriously since society permits concubines: the In- dian conditions are even worse apd Mohamedanlsm IS officially polyfa- mous. As for those peoples and countries that have no public worship or have taken up an attitude hostile to religion, the first blow is usually struck against the family. Easy di- vorce laws attempt to do away with revealed obligations which alone can really guard the welfare of the weak, namely of women and children, Rus- sia with Its correspondence divorce, Spain with Its imitation thereof, and the United States with its rapid In- crease of divorces, all foiter sinis- ter forces thereby which are sub- versive for society} which ultimately spell a wide disruption of family life, 'PSls-meas-that we cannot disregard or throw overboard a revealed troth and duty without paying the penalty for it. Those who* can easily dsflda ^__^ tlons for others, can isldom comt'to a decision In natters of tlwlr own,\* lot us serve Gk>4; He will jfto|i assufedir talcv «amarchly and' w«i shall be in want of nothing. ; If Jesus Christ has teitlUd-Hls lovo for us by works and such cruel lufrerlngr,-how.canws. think toisltls- fy anu\ \correspond tfiTfflit left hy, words alone? i JlHil.fft \ % Ar^dht thU ^»» ' m,0mm. \\\\ alltheh«ir». -,^^ a ^fP% / ^: *i fys) iini tig&mzw tw^mmm^mm orders from which our helovod coun- try is suffering. \We feel and know that every gfoly Name man, at He novBB: and' worships Ood, as be lives the life of a father, a husband, or a son in his own family circle* stands ready like- wise to obey the laws of the land, and.respect all civil authority, \Again congratulating our Holy Name Director, Kev. William -F. Stauder. M.B*, our priests and the Catholic manhood in the Rochester Deanery for the good exansple they have given to the community, grate- ful to God for the many personal blessings that must flow upon their j families and parishes, and extending: f&TiSffcfc *&*§&. IfoSano^of more men who lent himself to this historic celebration, I remain Futthtully your 8h«pherd JOHN TBXN -\-'• Bfsttea DISCOVERY OF SWISS PRIEST BRINGS .RELIEF TO THOUSANDS Thirty years ago a Swiss priest. Father Keunsle, discorered WPI- nmrvelons he?b remedy of harmless lsates, owers and roots from ths high pa. Remedy s o helpful, Father eunsle was released by the Catholic Church to give all his time to the relief of suffering through L A PI DAB. Amsslng remedy purifies Blood, corrects Circulation, therefore helps Stom- ach and Kidney Ofouhlisl, relieves Limbs, Gout, Hardening of if \ teries. Skin Diseases, Abscesses, GanstOttjBS. Used and endorsed ffionaangs the woHd w 12,60 tfODA? for guaranteed la- troductery treatment. Or irrite us your trouble and we will mill complet) i facts FREE, EE^TniONIAMFROMLKTTItBS Ail M! BECKIVKD THEM! (1006) \Enclosed find money order for $5.00, for which please send mq two bottles of tapldar. The Cast bottle has helped me so much for my dropsy, ao I wish to continue taking Lnpldar. It has taken most of the watar out of my body. Please send as soon as, pos- sible.\ *— Mr*. Oeorg* Kodanke, ; Sister B*y,;Wisc,- > ---.\/. fw^m^n^

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