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N«. ifF & ^^^^glgj Sf 4 $.?&; 4 g?fP^ saM WiPftffWiiilli M W« e*n»ea*ly recommend The CWhoJle OHOM? Md Journal to on M «oiA)i^ their patron* we'wotld urge all-to be —Bishop OTBero. Offiaa| Newspaper ^tBft Rochester EXotae H Volume V. Five Cents per Copy Biskop OHern Commends Holy Name Parish Groups On ouccess of Rallies j*. ' . •The following communicatioa_fi3ctending congratulations to all who had * part in the Holy Name Rallies, Sunday was received this week from His Excellency, the Most Rev. John Francis O'Hera, Bishop of Itochester. Appointed Bishop , I •www^win^w^w^i iii.im 'irii^yMWWjwuntn r^i J: \It gives me great pleasure to con gratulate tbe Diocesan Director of ti.e Holy Name Society. Rev William F. Stauder, M.R., the committees In charge, the pastors and the Holy Name men of Rochester and vicinity on the great Holy Name demonstra- tion which -took placo on last Bun- day. I feel that the warmest con gratulatlons should be extended to all who helped to make this first re- gional Holy Name Rally such a suc- c 'SB and credit to the DioceRe of Rochester and to our churches of Monroe County. \The occasion had a double sig- nificance: In the first place the Ff\uj Hundredth Anniversary of the found- in e of the Holy Name Society, the most Important men's canonical so- ciety In the Church was commemor- ated. Secondly, because this rnlly toot; place on the Feast of the Holy f'n'-'iy- and nr> to* day on which the puhl'e solemnity at the Feast of the Ho'-- Nnme is observed. Moreover., (the Lord deigned to blesa the day and the occasion with splr vdld weather, and from private rep jits as well aa from the press, t'>« various centers were filled to ovi rflowlng with Catholic men from Pc -Lester -and vicinity who came to tat \ part in these* public exercises and to listen to special sermons preached on the occasion. In the early morning hours this great army of men had received at the altar rail, HIM. Whom they promised to re- spect, reverence and love, in Holy Communion. 'Therefore the entire Say was set apart and dedicated to (Continued on Page Three) MwgtmmMHnmiiiHUimwmniHmininimwmHiHMiHf The Catholic World Over ^l,WIII»lll«l,l,IWM»Mlt,<Wl,,lllllll|l|IIIIM»Mn«l»ljyl*IHlM - ' Rome—W^ltli the purpose of work- ing towards a better understanding of the races and to - make education*.! and medical foundations in mission lands, a group of university pro'\\ sore and students under the presiden- cy of His Eminence Cardinal Llenart has l >rmed at Lille, France, the \AP sociatlon for the Fraternal Union P* the Hares.\ Its briefer title is \Ad Lucom,\ using the first two words >•\ its motto \Ad Lucem Per Caritatem.\ Rosenberg, Texas—Walter Wwr*.' Wllkenson, a teacher of the pub If high school of this town, became n Catholic at the Holy Rosary Cbufi^ recently. Mr. Witkenaon who was long Interested in the Catholic faith is now daily attending Mass and re- ceiving Holy Communion. His brother, a \student in England, is also a convert. Cape To*«K--Tbe first Mission ever held in Bethlehem, a CaMnHft stroia. hold in the Orange Free State, has just taken place, ^e preacher was Father Doyle, G. SS. R.. and the** •were large congregations at all the services. •-.-%••' Detroit—Mrs. Helen Collom a Catholic laywoman of this city. haF taken over one of the many deserted houses here and has transformed it. into a religious school -where • in- struction is now being given for Catholic children attending public schools. Tslngtao, Shantung Province, C*Uta=aBsM»Bse many Japanese live in the, Vicariate of Tsingtao. the {Continued dn Page Twoi Only Holy Name Church in Diocese Holds Services Nunda—In the small parish of Groveiand. consisting of thim 'amities, in which is located the only church dedicated to the Holy (fame In the Diocese, special serv- ices were held Sunday evening commemorating the 5Q0th anniver- sary 6f the Holy Name Society. The Rev. Jacob Rauber, assist- ant pastor. St. Mary's Church. Dansvllle delivered the sermon, stressing the honor and respect due to the Holy Name. Services were In charge of the Rev. Raymond W. Lynd. pastor of Holy Angles Church here, and of Holy Name Church. Oroveland. Fr. Stauder Sees Significance Of Holy Name Event Diocesan Head of Holy Name tJnion Praises Showing Sun- -day; Asks for Continued Fervor In Cause Commenting upon the successful Holy Name Rallies held Sunday, the Rev. William F. Stauder. MR. diocesan director. Rochester Dioc- esan Holy Name Union, under whose auspices the rallies at the direction of His Excellency, Bishop 0*Hem, were held, said in a statement Issued following the rallies, this week: \This religious demonstration had a far-deeper significance than the mere observation of a notable event. g&]*W M$m ^Bto^yu 5. in Engliuici See ation in Godless Schools •v Anglican Chvutfc &MW9 Follow' GaiclH&l 'Bourne. In plea ff^.ii»i^%.^ : m&§ #*?% ?*\\ * ' m London—Sodn,^) Francjs CarnWal.,!* of Westminster* fi speech show*! th|.J|ftl»|^|taRtaa£ ifWfyi Eminence! W9m, Afhtyshop Boston—rMost Rev. Daniel F. Des- mond,. formerly aiaistant pastor of St. Olenwrnt's Church* West^Sosae*- ville. was consecrated Thursday of The* ffiarreloOT history of the growth I last week** .Bishop of the DioeiMbnif- ,nr a society of-men- .banded together to honor the Nam*- of- Jesusr the 1 The-ceremonies, in Holy Cross-Ca lower for good that it has been in days that are gone; the influence and charm it still holds over so many thousands to-day, all thosp are rea- sons sufficient and Justification for the efforts expended by those who planned and carried out the details of the celebration. But back of all this there is the deep religious add social value of last Sunday's rallies. -*-er. with auxiliary Bishop Francis J \Assembling In the center churches. Catholic men heard the fundamental truths of their religion stressed by preachers who knew the problems of the men on the streets. h -A <K V; '»-';' Each WeeJr-a Tour of the World THIS WEEBP»fe-eall oqr read- ers' attention to The Catholic World Over column whicirnT starts eaclt^week 011'Page, one. Catholic happenings In.; •various parts of. the universe appear under this heading. Special can* is given to selec- tion of these items to bring, the greatest amount of-inter- esting tofofB&atton to readers —from far anC near. IT IS AMASSHjflt 0 « s in-ti»< editorial department td *tft** Hie great ainttunt of Catholic actt*iM«* fhft &e ia e»aJ6i|oe in even the ilaost remote pans of the Wo.' hemispheres. Through all litis new* ttins tte general themrof.thftpr.fn. cipiesi and practice of the CatlioHc CbUtJCh. The Catho- lic Church is the same hete, there and\ everywhere. Tffli\ iSOiMSkMiB of' worjd event* in tbe-CathoHc mom » bat another of j the.mapy ft*tures that we are inserting Into this papef to wake a s«b- scriptton waft worth the cost. • If yon Hk* these features, write your ojpinjon on Jhem to. - \the frMSW* of «* # ri • > as*s Francisco, will be ^gttres 6f the =niain building. (Continued on Page Three) — o Million Dollar Women's College To Be Dedicated San Francisco—Completion of the first three unttsv of the li.OOO.000 'San Francisco Collegs for Women, on historic Lone Mountain, the geograp- hic center of <San Francisco, has re- sulted ill the announcement of the formal dedication of the school on Sunday, January -22* The college wltT be conducted by the Religious of the Sacred Heart.. The completed units of the city's first women's college have been con- structed in Spanish-Gothic style, featuring a high central tower and the giant cross that has been a San Francisco landmark since 1862. The famous cross will ne raised more than 200 feet to surmount the central tower. Side by side, the Rev. Daulrl K. Desmond, assistant pastor of St. deim-nt's Church, west KoiiHTMllr, Mass., who has Just bet-n naiiiVd l>> the Holy See ' aa bishop of Hi*, tiiocfsc of Alex- andria. La Bishop fli-<;l Desmond was born In Massachusetts 18 >»<ain ago, and wa> ordatn«d In 1911 at the Cathedral of th** Holy Cross. Boston, where Ills coimecra^lop will take place in January. Father Desmond, a World War chaplain. Is prominent in veteran circles. He succeeds the late Bishop Van de Ven. 0 „ i • t Bishop Desmond Is Consecrated In Boston Cathedral New 8ish0p of Alexandria, Louisiana, Formally Elevated In Presence of Cardinal O'Con- nel and Large Congregation religious le»deii;tW§ '*•••>*- tlon to the niatterail letter to \Th* imm<,%' a represstatjv^^ari^ili^ommu* nlst moventeM^ajf;if4Ba*|!i' «o«|V thihg in the n*t^A.ot- c «ffll8trelK«U? pious tea*hragir»$Wey Uli^ fifth dren we must,\-'Ift.Wi end^M *gM(hg a loHlng battle 1 \*' \ -••--«- MllUons l^V.,Wnomi«6tf i ' '- CarainaV kjlfwb iMfrmw» I •«« . Ml 'ltli^i«lw' • 6 '1sah .si i—^trit m r.' rftill 1 . Tho of cHlldr«n Alexandria, La. tHedral. at which his Eminence Wil- liam Cardinal O'Connelf presided, were attended by large numbers of the hierarchy throughout Masspohu- tetts and neighboring states. More than 500 members of the clergy also attended. Consecration was by tho Most Rev. John B. Peterson. Rishop of Blanches Spellman Of Boston, and DIShop Jo- seph E. McCarftTy~of Portland, Me. HreHlstliTg. -\ - — \ Impressive Profession. Members of the hierarchy and clersy made up the impressive pro- cession, which filed to the church behind the cross-bearer and two acolytes, followed by the master of ceremonies, the assistant cbneecra- tors, the consecrator, the bishop- elect, accompanied by his chaplains, and the visiting bishops and cardinal. After-the reading of the Papal bull <*opointinn the new bishop, the oath was administered, followed by cele- bration of the Mass. At the close of 'he Mass came the recessional from the sanctuary, after which the new Mshon was greeted In the sacristy by members of bis family, the clergy and friends. The first to receive the blessing of jtfie new bishop were members of his htmlly., wh<r Included his nephew, Gerald DesJmnJ& of Roxbury, a semi- narian, who wjas cross-bearer at the consecration; his three brothers', Jo- seph Desmond, of Lebanon. N. H.; Jonn Desmdhdj, of Arlington,\ and Leo Desmondi of, SpSton; his sister, Mrs. James Sullivan, of .Cambridge; her husband, andi-hrer sister-in-law, Mrs. WillianiJ. Diamond, of Roxbury of their- religion Is^strietly-siMrtklnt something which, fM Jsnr does, 1M aiiow.\ .:,: #*,. * ,.;,,,;> ^- ; Of .course no speclie T*f«r«ne*;ib the Cardinal ls,in»4* in iHe lettaV which la signed pxjtbf. Archblikona of Canterbury aodif-Jxjlt** f Ir Henry Hadow, tho R«f, f.^itedtt Ltfiett, Methodist head, in*' othari. Ttisy say: • • .- ..'* •\ '\ '*. \In view of the twn* 1»,»ifMy eoantries towards .tk«*«p4'r*Uon^f m. Boalfact Ckurckt tha ^«v. mt: Ham B. CbBBSH-i »*v JMIy- (ConUnued oh^Kate^te) Declare Pt mtgttmm mfSSm BBS A Gatfkjic Hour i i$M$ffijK&ib(&t j ••• >4«ii*da>, Jafiuarr in, .'tk*^»fr.'-', ««^c*y ii 1 ^*!^' PM>.r *w^ • '» ««H«« if' tatkavott; :««M(' -IfiftMv tof a.I»*vmWd Hemrloa,' 1 j.^v i^ . ^tVl\\\' 1 ^ r-r* mmkMm* *3M m$ml 4 j.^^ • •/•J^ptC^aLl ••h, :,. ..'.''• 'Jm'i*.' ~-~- cept; {feed . for Atdnwmsflf _ajidJ^xpiation-S«en Necea**^ »..*••» .- s '.<- W ,.111,11.1 V«'ir;. toYtot has %ow;,bfSw desl^iii^lfef: Succeeds Bishop Van de Ven Bishop Desmond was greeted by a crosganda heroic statue of St. Fran-! delegation ftspm his new diocese in . cis de Assisl, patron saint of San Louisiana, ittjeluding the Rev. Francia rn^»Amjit*wivi^Hoi» of «,.—,„.. -\'»-• the outstandingf •-..-,-,., f- »--eom«ettO»*uon of tCJolKiirued on Page Three} New Literary Journal Launched by Poetry Society Contain* Notable V**** Washingtejj—^The Gerard Manley it is not a college majgazine but one Hopkins Society of GebrgetoVu Uni- that is the organ.of a society within versity Has jusl issued* tjie firs! JRum- ber of its new biennial literary jour- nal', which contains; notable verseTiy many: outstanding; Gathelio poets. . The society, organised at, George- [l^wn about :a>-sear, ago and called Measure, Js,,afMiate<Lw'th the Catho* 1rV-Ptt?f ry Sdciety of America and in-, cluoles*'lh its .memoership tncbjacele- brated CatholW writers as His Excels iency\ M. Paul Claudel, Ambaasadoj 0/ -Ffknce- to the- United- States, Oil-? ttheoaore May the UBivetsity.'and it is devoted enr tirely to poetry. We shall print twice a year, at Christmas and Raster, tt is intended that each issue contain, primarily, our own poetry. \We snail however give some pages to critical articles, to reviews, to pur chronicle, or to a brief editorial.\ berj&JtC CPIteTffar. nard, head of the Department of English at GeorgetoitH University, and the Rev. FranciirBurke. S.jf., of the jJenattmeBt M ^JPhUoaophy, Georgetown*' '„.\' * .-„ } - The Gerard Manley Hopkins So- dety^s'no^.-«Mctly *»\ «o>jfejse group, but a unit Hf the' <2at$oHje Poetry Society of -America within George- town University. -As explained in the editorial in the current issue of Meawure, th* Journal iMfts* not an-; chestecton are; Padrlac Cojunii dis-. the Key. Thomas A. Sulkie, s:j„ of the Kngllsh Department, and. Father Bursal Tse first of these three wished to have the Catholic poetry Society of America represented at Georgetown, the second desired to bring students and members o,f the faculty together for poetic discussion and creation, while Father Burke \wished to present an aesthetics based upon Augustine and Upon Paul Claudel.\- Other honorary members of the so- ciety besides M. Claudel and Mr. *SiS **_^ ? yjr^* r ?^- ! f i, f ^Sig^ae?^ \i\i^^^\^%/j^^^^0^[^i^p, \\%\ r ,„~ -*m «Tl||sBOc|»t«d^ M it, a:nderT.tan. i JpTeacb Catholic irriter; Viitm jptadnates, gfiiduat««> and professors Meynell. English mystical poet. »nd *5nif,\ the Mlpttmi add*. *4»4ar Edwin AWngtbn Hoblnsflii, cel«h *i-Mfr-\n<*Wmwmt*°4* -,!»• ;.nrst brated Amerl*In poet. who.U the a« r «kgmslnt of lUsktnd t%fj»wr. *Forjtkofi<* «*Whrtr«^n.*-, , \ ' •:••,: ' \..:'; Augsburg, Germany ~* Rumors which were recently given credit In certain non-Catholic |Germ«n news- pspers to the effect thai the Holy Father was about to adopt measures against rellgkms Orders which si's supposed to be gUldsd'Toyv SSceedlng* ty strict rules are emphatically de- nied In high Vatican quartern, ac- cording to the Bome correspondent of The Augiburger Postxeltung, lead- ing Bavarian Catholic dally. In the press statements referred ts by the correspondent It was said that the Holy Father did not look ufon \extravagant piety and religious' hy- steria\ and waa opposed to \fah»t<cnT ascetiim and- mysticism.\ Special reference was made in this eona'ee- tion to the Carmelite Sisters. Not only, tba corresp0Bdent «*«- ports, is there aot the slightest basts of fact for th*s* nhcontrolabls ip- mors, but he was suthoriaid to-say that In the hightrt chnrJoo. Watttri satiifacUon Is expressed o*«?th« ex- alted religious llfS'Ol tha. Carmelite Order which is taft td he lialte In ac; cordanc* with the. »l»J|Eit of-the great if^ra^%Jf;Mop^(i^ whli* In nil' -tJMakJttJHatiam jthis„ character to «a«h 3aW.yekr.MiBf} PanTHInt*70to^achfrtR.' ; -«., Thus it has slnco remained, al- though from 1685, during 1 ta4r*ifr<. of sixtufl V, Popes hjive> on their,Ate ceaajon\. gi'knted.special iBdUi*»t«i# \itt tfis forhl ofatuhih*,'! bhtilnliflf over a' period of tJtite;' Bxt¥iordinp# years\ of Jubilee have alio, at tips* veara 1881 knd ljgg fey t^s^XlU, '|t BnnTrpranHcenpIinPXpfirr c»Hing .upfifl tfis faithful tp ohi«»rvn # the* year^ begJnBlng: 'JttUBT I ,^rftM \prayer* •xplat!dh,;tjr6|Tltlstl6n, ;*#J reforta of life,\'-AnnotiRcfiljrjii^ sencei ihat mky be oVtalnsd bBIfuJ- S^llnaent of \*%* eaaditI«B* at^h*0& their attaiBlment. ' *.* * '•> ^ • n?;;< r it iA«irit!6BiAd(E--w*the '•pemi Serious <WBcj>al n^t. 6Biy_ fo'r tfOfti. , . „.. ,„„ r „, ;oribe>tntte«f poor M9^r^iH#^9li#.IM^ ibyu • J ...-a>^ : k»,-i ^*^*«#*, : s- , **>) '-\fe&XP • Tift fife f#^:^i^s^h^ h&. thing exclusively AmerJea^.- rhl/osi^ :Am*»-t(S.t A -#Jok^,'it lI -«„, WranytfiTOg^fll'^sdi^ih-pjh^ ~ l sely under prel^Bt. eoBdftloBs'oif ailfc order to 1 *Hr Btit *<ift,fbr that brth*|itrlel||fc fim^M * 4a3 cofifltetlag aattdns, that M ? i«% iuf|a**T*7c|W1 .. leets thb ye*|- 1933*34 »s'the'cenf«H^ , *|0t*l>^;JPjMiei.tt^«6] i --.-. - _•- ., ary bf rWSavlor's^past^^dea^-aBdT\*'— *^- Jtiii mystics of the ordfr, SaMfc*h*r*i« ofVesttrredtidn as a ftoly tear; -* \- •'. Avlla and St. J'oh*. «f t^Crosi. . « T h« 0 Md is dire', atonement Wd The-eoRW^Bde&t:iM^::titet:»ie'^ X pUfjoa' ar¥ ieceaiaryy* refdrai -* eonsUtuttoniofthedtffareBtjrelJglottlt \\ ' orders and- coogrsgations are st ent being: revised mae4o«4aa«i wiinithe events tha^ Wrought ptfr iM«ra«i«»»f the new-Code of C^nonJc^ Law. B tiQB durng a'•y««r-' , ^ecofalae^--W*Jl»K__- wllltake maByyear»Wfoi»tkls-Worfc|, 0] pnrkr codient *ai _-tt^he^i^nh'mi^PW^Wi:M* is completed. \ • \\ -•' J \~''—=•*'••••-••' •--=•' -•-- - .1 ..-.i.^<t.,. t .,.^. Federations Attend Fr. Staub Memorial the tjnth anniversary oi the death dl the j^ev^ ,_. ., .,^. _ „ ^ M _ . „ Jacob Stano. former pastor of -fioiy rCftntlniied on PagryoaW, Redeemer Church, atld &$#.*& *&•> exact yekf of tt&miMfr.4mK<fflffiR^Wbj^^ fojlowft thecohtmfin conception. 1*04 ^W^sp(^WfWPM# ^#1^1 Sav46r-'d/ed at the a&-dr.*^;ftt*$'iM^t^ the'ChHstWB &k;t» the «iiBdM'«»* aidCn**,- ;-jmW$$k^$JL&* 'mmSM jfcess. dates' frem . the- yet* mm - *^e v ^%trp^^.«fedir;-'« birth, the -yefcir 33 \hiark# the year ;of \ r \ -•-•-•\• -* * ^ - * T \- 1 \ - tlon and Ctthoile Women's '• Federa- tion menibers'of these two-speietis*'^ will attend Mais in a body uUmiiS o'clock, Sunday morning, Januaj;yH6v at Holy Redeemer Church, *ad v will „„„„„*,, nM „„ 4 -„ , m ^^. A meet Jointly in the afternooB kt Si. •,L3SS?S^SH8S^ : ^KW^ Joseph's Han. at 3 p. m. ; •figS* ^JS^S^- Air the <fteraoon meeting, Father W&.% £*&*£ Staub's wbrvifor the two WW»fi*SSl i r?Ldi; ,: will be reeifiel by the ttevi -rranelk !l*j^: ™£'W!*^>^JjL*zi^ X, Kua*, pastor of St. FVaaetSi 3Ckrr ier Chifreh, who at the tiaj \ \ therstatfS'sileatb, Janoary --• was his assistant at Holy ' Chureh.\ \ The society wa \ orgahlzed by-three profeMdni of the Georgetown ColIege\i^^S^-\LS^Vw«*wwSlI^* of Arts and Sciences-^Or. Maypard.\ *SSS2JSSi?SSS? S^LSSSSSS^ of (he late-Rev. Joaepfc Schrafd e. S3. Ki, wilfr-He celebratea' ehntidt, JR ^s?* «ffSfiH«MBif : 'W!;-.-i , : * Paleoopoll aad noted pfejatte-aili«| A jjt^the-jjojlirj* «* aary f ptiftti sionary, has returned from Hal* an Will undertake missions }n yariout ,^^se»»t.,-..,, . . • •*,.'* mlfiiin 111, iiri-Q • .in . -1 j,<i«i' 8t?«rK?<D CATWKLIC PAMBB ' or#r 4.M0, m •lie'piper,'hM sdftSiliWI^ JW '\' '\\'•• by order,p* ; t*«anth»rt«««. yx± '& • 't^.'^ ?:?&•*\• His death; and 1»35 cOn»«quei)tly th* versary-. mil eHMt a^idy^resp*Bi*|l|^*\J 4*«#i^B^*«WHiMy^i? with many, he-pa**'** evet, the #h^; iiHi4^«f, a whiKe.#/ •cusslpnsjf:hi*torian», tor^p|nlf|fc ^pr»fe|(Wp|§|r^^ and 'maineatattelii-. eprtcorhinf ••#ffl$imiti&^^ m*i Officers of the Catholic Mftt^JPetf*!-' ttmh announced this week thit »r aBBlveraalryrMalrIB_ ceiB»eB>«gtioa ^^^^:s^s^ljfm^;% . ....„-_ ^'j^mM^'AM'M^.. Churck.. ,-. Both . glty peasanU seem, to appreciate a* neverj JrS'i SS: mmm; ^ Wry 'before r the staW)p-»«aabiSffiM^\ All M*hf)i»M of firtth soetttt^ft are' aesa-oif.>C|ithpUcliy, in contrast sirtm, l&h-^Mi urged ^15 ScS^SK fJl S^ ' three e*%.. ; - .;. ; ^r^|nW^SaS» . and^ Slsteri OB^*« ihe'>nl*^i»al«i|i'aJtaii. ^' Ceiaaikas^ Haayaaf, • says 1 1 ,Ji,H t*^mp-' St. CetBwkaa^ Has^ag, says' tW>l W&^W^UtiW**, ieV'::Bish*ip: .Cu'ie\ ^Seie^***'^* v ; ^^ •\«*** g T8PL A**; ,.4.-'.-S j^iiiMiP fr' <i,«>r\*'v#ft-. ]fh ' :'- •' , tt>.f\ ; \-|j*J •T^~ ^••yfe ; .. : «v r Z&:\ pi 1 '. M^ti fag_ *§$& • • 5*fc\r.n* -*»^«^^/)^--I^^»1®«^-»W«I^,,«B4J-SJ. :

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