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PAGE 4 SLU News THE HILL NEWS, April 25, 2008 Johnny Chestnut The majority of the First Year Council members addressed their respective colleges, gathered opinions and any ideas that their peers had about the pub. This information was presented to Dennis at a later meeting and in a letter to the Board of Trustees. The first year will probably be more or less a test period. In the second year changes will be made based on how well things work out. It is understandable that , upperclassmen want to have a say but this is our alma mater too. _ Charlotta Chung x While I can 'appreciate that underclassmen are affected most, I am upset that more students were not included. As an alum, we will be expected to donate to support the school, and I think it's a fallacy to consciously exclude those whose dollars will, in one way or another, help to support the pub in the future. Rachel Lim Some people do not realize it but Hulett-Jencks Common Area is utilized 24 hours 7 days a week. You may aslchow it is being utilized, so here are some examples: 1) Center of Civic Engagment and Leadership is located in Hulett-Jencks Common Area 2) Occasionally clubs and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity hold meetings in the lounge 3) Spring Break Trip meetings are held there 4) Classes often held there 5) Department of Social Service Supervised Visitation is,held there 6) Informal gathering of friends to chill and/or study ...and this list can go on. Yes, we can study in our rooms, Student Center/ libraries, and in classrooms. However, these places may not be optimal places for groups to-work on their projects, exams, presentations, etc. So where is another place groups can meet? Hulett-Jencks Common Area! It is an informal gathering place where people can watch sports and scream at the opposing team or sit quietly by thejireplace and get work done. Michael Crankshaw-Bierce There is an intent to fundraise both the initial and ongoing costs of the pub as much as possible, giving is totally optional and the choice is often to have money coming in from alums earmarked for a specific purpose or not to have that money at all That means that the incoming money will not be allocated however the school chooses. Charlotta Chung How can anyone ensure that students will not go to the bar to get heavily intoxicated' For many SLU students it seems that the objective of going out on weekends is to heavily imbibe, and making this option even more easily accessible seems to imply that this may be an acceptable outcome. Jessica Pefia I think the money that has been fundraised should be used for something better than the pub. Why do we not 1 have enough money to keep the tuition down yet we have a million to build this pub? Michael Crankshaw-Bierce Membership of the Facebook froup supporting the pub peaked between 900 and 1000 people which demonstrates that this idea has relatively broad support compared to many other initives undertaken by Thelmo or the administration. Ashley Cutler As a senior, I have seen the struggle St. Lawrence has faced regarding social spaces, and I am entirely in favor of additional student space. I think that at this point it would be most useful to discuss not the existence of the pub, but the programming that will be associated with its operation. I think that in a discussion of programming we might be able to find more middle ground. We should be working together to find a fuction for the pub that will work best for all students. SLU DISCUSSION Do YOU Want a Pub on Campus? These excerpts have been taken from a forum on the SLU DISCUSSION facebook page. To see the debate in its entirety logon to Facebook and search for \SLU discussion.\ James Pinkham A University does not just have academic responsibilities. We live here and in order to continue to grow we can not just focus on the academics, while still not forgetting their importance. We have the new Johnson Hall of Science but we also are renovating freshmen dormsoverthe summer. Social opportunites are just as important as we are a community within a community \This is a classic case of SLU students being lethargic regarding campus issues. Students have a responsibility to take advantage of the opportunities to learn what is going on with their campus.\ Charlotta Chung The offices that will be eliminated are the ones that facilitate MANY students and all Community-Based Learning classes. The offices were more than mere administrative space. By offering spaces for faculty, staff, and students to mix, the CCEL encouraged healthy dialogue and community development. The pub would eliminate this. By moving them to a place where they will potentially not have adequate office space, a huge lounge, and the ability for people to take ownership of the space, the CCEL stands to love the very things that made it most valuable. , James Pinkham It's the responsibility of people on campus to stay involved and not expect all the news to be delivered on a doorstep. There's a reason why Thelmo meetings are open and there are minutes for those who cannot attend. Also I seem to remember STUDENTS, not just thelmo or any of the individuals highlighted in that letter, meeting with architects to design and plan for the Pub plan. Students will still go to the Ticker on the weekend (when they normally do) because they can dance there. I was under the impression the pub will be a little bit more mellow. Also I don't see this pub being able to replicate the tradition of Senior Blues. Some things are too entrenched to be undone by a little competition. Charlotta Chung It's unfortunate that there has been little public discourse between those who are NOT in favor of the pub being built on campus, or at least the decision being made without sufficient input solicited from students whose opinions differed from those in favor of the pub. I find it unfortunate that it was always assumed that a pub was desired by students on campus. This is happening despite the fact that numerous dorms need renovations, we have lounges converted to living spaces, there are fewer class options, and costs continue to rise. Does the allocation of money for a pub in light of other vital campus needs not bother anyone? Zach Graham With or without the pub, costs are rising across the board. Whether or not we have this pub on campus plays an extremely small part in a very large picture of increasing costs. Johnny Chestnut The theme of the pub is of a relaxed atmosphere. The Tick Tock is by no means on the same level as the pub, so there shouldn't be worry about it losing patronage. I cannot make a statement concerning the Hoot Owl, as I've never been there. But I have the feeling that Cantonites will be able to keep the Hoot Owl in business. Also, just because there is a place to drink on campus does not mean that students will always want to drink there. The Pub could be a welcome change of scenery for many students, but will not become their only watering hole.

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